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Happy birthday to you!

by Johnny Cash on October 19, 2016

Happy birthday to you!



Hello everyone,


It’s been exactly one (1) year since the launch of empowr’s open-community alpha phase!


Happy Birthday to you!



Even though I may not know you personally…


… I can say, with a strong degree of confidence, that you have been working very hard for your success and – therefore -- the success of empowr.



So, on behalf of the entire community of empowr citizens, success coaches and employees…


… I’d like to take a moment to wish you a very happy -- and well-deserved & earned -- birthday.



Thank You


It is clear to anyone that looks carefully, that your efforts are resulting in the formation of a global platform…


… that will allow people from all over the world, regardless of what difficult personal situations they may be facing…


… to find the opportunity to learn and grow, work and generate meaningful income for themselves and their families.



You are building a global economy…


… for the people of the world…


… where they will not be judged and opportunities will not be kept from them…


… based simply on where they are from…


… or the color of their skin…


… or what they look like.



What you’re building will have no glass ceilings that will block people…


… based simply on what gender they were born with…


… or who they love…


… what ethnicity they were born into…


… or if, what, or who they pray to.



Without your hard work over these last 12 months…


… without your many sacrifices…


… without your patience and forgiveness… 


… for the many, MANY, things that are not yet right on empowr…


… empowr would have ceased to exist.



Without YOU and your effort over this year, without a doubt, empowr would have disappeared on the web and mobile phones.




Given the still early stage of this project, it has been a tough road, for sure…


… and there’s not a single person in empowr that has “had it easy” …


… or has been working here simply for their own benefit…


… even if they didn’t quite realize it at the time.




As a result of all the difficulties, the only people that are still here, working in empowr today, are of a certain mindset. 


YOU are a very special kind of person.




You’re the highly exceptional type of person that can forgo instant gratification…


… that can believe in something that cannot yet be touched or felt…


… that can see things that most others are unable to see…


… that can not only push forward without short-term rewards…


… but do so while staying positive and focused on the future.



YOU are the very unique sort of person that somehow manages to rise above the “me, me, me”…


… to show empathy and understanding for others…


… who can find the motivation to work to create something that will help others


… people that they don’t even know or have never even met…


… because of your own very personal quest for a better world.




You’re of that very rare type of person that has control over what they think and do…


… that has the ability to focus on the things that you choose to focus on…


… as opposed to being swayed and controlled by what everyone around you thinks and does.




By definition, because you’re still here on empowr (you couldn’t be reading this if you were not)…


… you are a very special kind of person.



You are the exact and rare kind of person that changes the world




There are not a lot of people like you, that share the above traits…


… but through whatever process attracted you here…


… you have found each other on empowr.


They say birds of a feather, flock together.




One of your traits is that of action.


Even as you read this, I know that you’re ready to take on the next set of challenges.




So, what’s next?


Before we discuss what’s next, it might be helpful to do a quick recap on the 12 months that have passed.





… as I look though the list of everything that happened in the last 12 months…


… it’s clear that too much has happened to put into one single blog post…


… without the post becoming way, way, way toooooo long.



So, instead, with your permission, let’s take a look at the last 90 days.





A lot of people joined empowr this year.


In order for these newer citizens to understand what they had joined…


… in the last 90 days we spent some time…


… discussing the reasons behind the formation of empowr. 



We started with WHY empowr was created… 


… how, in the coming decade or two, software and automation will be rendering many, and possibly most, current jobs obsolete


… and how, as a result, large segments of populations in most countries will lose their economic security…


… becoming hopeless, disillusioned and easy targets for charismatic power-hungry individuals that, in exchange for power, will promise what he/she cannot deliver… 


… using fear as their key motivator and promising to get back what had been “stolen” from them, usually from some “very bad people” – based on their ethnicity, religion or other general grouping. 



Does this sound familiar? 


Is something like this happening in your country or a country near & dear to you?



History has shown time and time again: 


A rapid erosion of economic security…


… creates a fearful environment that unfortunately enables the worst leaders (of the type I described above) to rise up and gain power…


… and those leaders will take us to an even worse place…


… much like what occurred in Germany last century…


… ultimately resulting in World War II.



To put WWII in perspective: 


60M people – a full three percent (3%) of the world’s population -- died in World War II.





The empowr dream, if you want to call it that, is to create a new place/country/world or whatever you choose to call it…


… using technology, where anyone with access to internet-enabled PC or mobile phone, can find opportunity and hope…


… a place where, if they are willing to work hard, they can help themselves and their families improve the quality of their lives.


A democratic place, controlled by its citizens, and ultimately belonging to its citizens




For empowr to succeed, as we discussed, we need to move very, very fast. 


The type of business model that empowr has, is such that it invokes the “network effect” – and that means that, in the end, there will ultimately be only one final company remaining from any number of competitors, operating the “economy” business model that empowr has.


If that “winner” company is funded by Silicon Valley venture capitalists or Wall Street investors, its main objective will naturally be to generate profits for the benefit of just a few major shareholders (its investors)…


… and therefore that winning company’s primary focus will always be to increase those profits, month after month, and quarter after quarter…


… in order to maintain and raise the share price and wealth of those shareholder investors…


… which eventually will mean that, after the platform has no remaining competitors, those profits will ultimately come from quietly reducing, month after month, what the platform’s users get paid



Does this make sense?


When revenue and profit growth ultimately start to slow down…


…  which is what happens to all companies as they grow and saturate their market…


  eventually the easiest, surest, and perhaps only way to produce more profits (a requirement for their share price to go up)…


… will be to gently reduce, month after month, the payments to the platform users.


Payments to users is a cost. By driving down costs, profits go up. 


(Remember, Profits = Revenues – Costs)


Those platform users have nowhere else to go, because the other competitors will all be gone. 



Along the way…


… we will all have become dependent on that winning platform for our income. 



Therefore, we will all, in essence, become slaves to the massive corporation that will own the winning platform:


A handful of investors will become mega rich…


… and everyone else will end up working and competing harder and harder for the shrinking compensation. 



Therefore, for empowr to have any hope of being around in just a few years, it must move very, very fast to exploit the network effect before any other company does.



To learn more about the why and how of empowr, if you haven’t already, why not invest a few hours to read the empowr book?


 It’s meant to be a quick and interesting read…


… and I promise that you will come away with a much deeper understanding of empowr and its strategies.




We just said that “For empowr to have any hope of being around in just a few years, it must move very, very fast…”


Exactly what does it mean to “move very, very fast”?


That means quickly growing the empowr economy.


We then discussed that the best way to measure the growth of the empowr economy…


… was by measuring both the quantity, and the dollar amount, of products and services being bought, and sold, by empowr citizens in the empowr marketplace.


For empowr to survive and win, its marketplace must explode with purchases and sales.




Therefore, together, we became very focused on growing the empowr marketplace.


In the last 90 days, we launched the circle of trust – where by clicking the right arrow, you would see the next closest person to you (geographically) and be able to build two-way reciprocal trusted relationships with each other:

                         Happy birthday to you!


When you click right, and close the loop, you are helping people by:


--  Bringing more views to their posts (which brings them more profits)

--  Purchasing things they are selling or sponsoring (which also brings profits to them)

--  Promoting (liking or bidding) what they are selling, so that other people (in your circle of trust) will see and buy from them (which also brings profits to them)


In exchange for helping them earn, they do the same for you. 


Over time, your trust level with each of them will grow:

                     Happy birthday to you!


As the weeks and months pass by, you will have many valuable relationships that – you can know with growing certainty -- will be there for you in the future, to help you earn.



The empowr platform now keeps track of how much you help each other…


  making sure the relationships stay balanced…


… and ensuring your valuable time is always being spent in the most optimal fashion…


… by always showing you the next person that is most beneficial (for you) to help. 



By keeping track of all the people you have helped… 


… and the results that you have brought to each other… 


… and by organizing your workflow for you…


…. helping you focus on exactly which people you help every day, how many people, and in what order you help them… 


… the platform now allows you to focus your highly valuable and limited time and energy on only those things that require your mental input…


… and in the right priority (order) and quantity.




In the meantime, we launched a vigorous attack on a group of fraudsters, ensuring they could no longer steal from all the legitimate empowr citizens working hard to make this mission a reality.


Indeed, hundreds of people have had their accounts marked for future deletion…


… although, I am happy to report, we are continually removing a number of people from that list, after seeing them visibly mend their ways and become valuable, productive empowr citizens, focused on doing good for everyone.



We installed Daily Goals, which created an even playing field, so that everyone knew what they needed to do, and no longer had to compete with people that were (literally) sharing, posting and bidding thousands of times per day:

               Happy birthday to you!


That means that now the quality of your work means more than the quantity of your work.


And it also means that, after hitting your Daily Goals, you have time left over to spend on activities and people outside of empowr. 


What was that?


A company and product that actually wants you to have a life, instead of measuring its success (and actually providing bonuses to its employees) based how much more of your time and life their product can suck up?!?




Together, we then got focused on other marketplace tools…


… so far fixing 75 issues that you have reported…


… then adding Search and so you could more easily find desirable products and services…

                   Happy birthday to you!




… and a marketplace newsletter, delivered daily by email to you….

                         Happy birthday to you!


… so that directly, from your email inbox, you can view (and bid on) newly listed items -- by the people in your circle of trust – the same people you are building trust with each day.


The empowr engineers continue to work down a long list of items, bugs, issues and ideas that you have submitted to us, through your success coaches and monthly customer ratings:

                      Happy birthday to you!





Many of you reported that your ad platform fees were too high. 


If you didn’t pay them, your account was no longer optimized for maximum earnings. 


So we launched the Gold Daily Earnings Option, where for only $19.99 / month, your account remained optimized.


A few still felt like that price was too much for them, and so a number of weeks ago, we launched the Silver option, for $9.99/month.


As a reminder, empowr needs revenue so that it has cash to give back to its members, as well as pay for computer servers and other operational costs.


Now, empowr citizens can choose from four (4) Daily Earnings Option, and easily see approximately how much they will earn daily, using the easy slider at the top of every page and most emails (which leads to this page):

                  Happy birthday to you!





A few weeks ago, the marketplace purchasing algorithms were updated…


… so NOW everyone can use their empowr earnings to shop in the empowr marketplace…


… not just those people that were current on their ad platform fees. 


This is resulting, of course, in higher sales for the things you are selling or sponsoring.





As a result of your efforts, the empowr marketplace is growing at a very rapid pace.


Listings, bids and sales have all doubled, then doubled again, then tripled, then tripled again.


                     Happy birthday to you!




One of the top obstacles that you reported, that was standing in your way of selling in the empowr marketplace, was your out-of-pocket shipping costs, that you need to pay, when someone purchased a product from you.


Therefore, together we launched AMCOs – Accelerated Matured Cash Outs…


… where people that were bringing the most to the empowr marketplace, could have the maturity of their purchases accelerated...


… so they could immediately use those profits to buy things or cash them out.


As you may remember, approximately half of AMCOs at the end of July and August were funded by the voluntary refusal of most empowr employees to take a paycheck…


… so that more funds would be available to go out to the hardworking empowr citizens like you.


Thank you empowr employees – for once again putting your money where your mouth is…


… and proving that we’re all in this together. 





In the last year, out of the millions of websites available on the world wide web…


… empowr (thanks to the closed-alpha usership it started with) was the 100,000th largest site on the web…


… and in just 12 months, together we flew past ALMOST ALL (about 97,500) of those 100,000 larger sites..


… to become the 2,587th largest site as of this morning:

                   Happy birthday to you!



Congratulations on that rapid growth. 


That growth is exactly what, together, we discussed and decided we needed.


None (0%) of that growth came from advertising and marketing.



In fact, all (100%) of that growth came from your efforts…


… inviting your friends and contacts…


… and then hand-holding them within empowr until they learned how to navigate the platform.





Perhaps the best part of all of the above is that, together, all of us empowrians (empowr citizens, success coaches and employees) have accomplished all of the above, without taking one single penny from investors…


… ensuring that empowr, uniquely, will be able to keep the interests (and earnings) of its citizens as its top priority…


… as opposed to ensuring that profits to investors keep flowing and growing…


… which is the primary objective of every entity funded by Wall Street investors or Silicon Valley venture capitalists.



Thanks to you, empowr can continue on its path to being the only such platform in existence that is controlled and owned by its users (called “citizens” in empowr).


And thanks to the empowr attorneys (who, by the way, I should add have contributed all of their time to this effort without compensation to themselves or their law firms)…

… we now have a legal path and plan to provide ownership (stock options!) to our hardworking empowr citizens and success coaches.


A special thank you to all the empowr attorneys and their law firms, who have provided nearly one million dollars in services – completely free of charge – to the empowr project.





Before we continue the super-fast growth, however…


… I suggest that we slow down a bit, and take care of some issues and opportunities:



A.  Bugs and issues: We’re continuing to work on issues and ideas that you are sending our way. It’s a very long list but empowr’s engineers are feverishly working down the list each and every day, seven days a week.



B. Success Coach platform improvements: In the coming days and weeks, many new improvements will be launched, to the system that the success coaches use to do their work.


From the training modules and tests that citizens utilize on their path to becoming a success coach…


… to the way new empowr citizens are assigned to success coaches…


… to the information available to SCs directly in every email from an empowr citizen to their success coach…


… to the “client center” where success coaches can view their students and their information…


… dozens of improvements are being worked on, and those improvements will start to appear as early as next week.


The objective of all those improvements is to increase the quality of coaching available to all empowr citizens.



C.  Easy Sell: The engineers are working on a feature we’re calling Easy Sell – which will take almost ALL the effort out of listing a product:


Simply take a photo of your product and -- just like magic -- people can start bidding on your item.


Nothing else needs to happen:


No name, no description, no category, no pricing, nothing at all. 


Just snap the photo and post it – exactly like you do when posting a photo of your cat to your profile feed.


When your friends and fans see the photo, they can simply click on the item in the photo, to start the bidding. 


(Please, don’t bid on anyone’s cat).


Easy Sell will launch in just a few weeks from today, with an objective of taking out friction from the sales process…


.. in order to further accelerate the growth of the empowr economy and marketplace.



D.  Services: Fast forward a few months, and I believe the very biggest category of your sales, for many of you, will be Services.


Services are already live on empowr, but will become a much bigger focus as more and more people continue to join empowr…


… because you’ll have a lot more people that live very close to you, to sell services to, and to buy services from.


But for Services to become a larger category, more engineering work is required.



Other issues:


E.  New empowr citizens still face a steep learning curve


For empowr to accomplish its mission, we must find and execute on ways to simplify the platform and the learning of the platform.



F.   Marketplace moderation times are unacceptable


As you know, from a post earlier this week, everyone is working fast and hard on this issue. 


Expect more news – and more importantly – expect to see results (moderation times getting much faster) in the coming days.



G.   New AMCO types


What about AMCOs to people who are not necessarily hitting their Daily Goals…


… but that ARE bringing other tangible results to the empowr economy?


We are working fast and furiously on solutions for this, and…


… I’m please to mention that, in my next posts, I will be announcing some new features (some new AMCO types!)…


… for other activities outside of hitting your Daily Goals.



Slowing down the growth for a short period


In order to allow our engineers the ability to focus on A through G above, and more…


… as opposed to working to enable more usership and growth…


… I’m suggesting that we slow down our growth for the next couple of months.



Remember, as the traffic on empowr grows, it takes a lot of engineering hours and focus, to ensure the platform stays responsive and fast.


And so we must always be making decisions as to where engineering focus goes.



I believe that by slowing down our growth for just a couple of months…


.. and allowing the engineers to work on those A-G (and more) items…


… we will ultimately be more prepared for rapid growth during 2017.



For those of you watching and enjoying the Alexa chart, do not be alarmed as you see the line taper off or even drop a bit…


… as we slow our growth down a bit so we can focus on A through G (as opposed to more new usership and traffic)…


I promise we will pick it right back up again in just a couple of months.





What will happen next year? 


Only after you give us your nod of approval – that the current marketplace, success coach program, and other features are meeting you needs…


… we will launch apps (applications) – so that application developers can build and launch their own apps within empowr…


            … so they can easily obtain both customers and revenues in empowr…


            … and can also easily pay earnings to empowr citizens…


… creating hundreds, and eventually thousands of new ways for everyone to earn.



Then, we’ll launch the empowr local merchants marketplace (so that success coachescan sign up local stores and shops in their area)…


... and everyone can use their empowr earnings – regardless of maturity --  at local stores and restaurants in their neighborhoods. 


Some of you that have been around for years, may remember that we have already beta-tested the local merchant platform and sales process, using a small group of success coaches.



Then comes the empowr music platform – so that musicians can offer their music to empowr citizens, and finally, have a good way to earn meaningful recurring revenue…


… which is also a platform that has been built and tested, a few years ago. 



Then the video platform – so that filmmakers can use their imagination and creativity, to bring short, medium and long films to you, everything from documentaries to webisodes to comedy clips….



And donations – so that you can easily donate some of your earnings to your fellow empowrians that find themselves hit by tragedy, as well as allow others to help you when you’re in need…. 


… and much, much more…


… giving you a near-unlimited number of ways to both earn and shop with your empowr earnings.



To give you even more ways to spend your empowr earnings, we will then approach virtually everyone else that has something to sell…


… from your local apartment complexes, to supermarkets and department stores, to educational institutions and universities, to electronics and car manufacturers, to... 


If you can think of them…


… together we will approach them – and negotiate with them – in order to accept your empowr earnings as payment.



Again, a big Happy Birthday to you and all empowrians…


... and a big Thank You for all your efforts…


… in making this year that just passed, a great first year for the empowr open-alpha launch.


' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Happy B-day today and every day going forward, for every day is a celebration for all the amazing people within empowr all working together to support one another. \ (•u•) /

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We love your enthusiasm, Trever! Thanks for celebrating with is :)

38 months ago
Illi Mai

WOW JC -- this is a huge blog update!!! Very excited for empowr in 2017!!!

Happy Birthday to you and all the hard-working and dedicated empowr employees, staff, attorneys, success coaches, citizens and everyone else who has contributed to the 16 year empowr project!!! When There's A Will, There's A Way! W-TAW-TAW

38 months ago
Imad Nissan

Happy birthday to all of us :),

Ok, a lot of promising amazing new features I already liked very much, I need to re-read this post again, came to say happy birthday :)

38 months ago
Stepan Medved

Happy Birthday! Valuable information, thanks!

38 months ago
Yves Johnson

I'll admit it, this is EXCITING!!! Lol

Cant wait for all these new features, HAPPY BIRTHDAY empowr and thanks to all the people that put years of hard work into this project.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're glad that you're as excited as we are :) Thanks for your support!

38 months ago
David Bruyland

Very interesting times are coming. I had chills reading some parts about the opportunity for everyone. I'm also looking forward to the changes, I would list them, but let's say all of them.
This will be a very exciting time. Thanks for this exciting news J.C.

38 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Very exciting times ahead David! Happy Birthday! :)

38 months ago
Richard Burger

Very good I been here for 9 months and have seen alot of changes and I love it
and looking forward to the future of Empowr. I am in another business that I have
been there for 17 long years and have seen Gery Carson have to prove it wasn't
a joke. I am going for Teal Star and who knows Empowr could even be adding more
levels to this like the other business did when it was 15 years old. So you all keep up
the great work at Empowr Office and lets focus on putting Empowr at the top.

38 months ago
Ryan Bauer

It was awesome to read how much growth has been made and some of the future endeavors. Thank you for your vision and leadership, I'm happy to be a part of this great community. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I'm only 1.5 months in so I can definitely help with how newbies feel about it.
Happy birthday everyone! :D

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks for being so enthusiastic about the platform, Ryan. We love hearing feedback from newbies, so that we know where and how we can improve. The blog posts and surveys are the best ways to have your thoughts heard! Happy Birthday! :)

38 months ago
Personlab Yb

I love #empowr, I #believe in empowr, it is the best #product and the #idea that unites #people, empowr #forever

38 months ago
Personlab Yb

With love from #Russia

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're so thankful for our diverse and global citizens! Thanks for your support, as always, Yuriy!

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Hi Mila , I sent message to your inbox , can you answer to it please ?

38 months ago
Lynda Rapana

A big a Happy Birthday Empowr. ..May your days be filled with future success! Empowr is awesome! NZ

38 months ago
May Ram

Happy Birthday!
Thank you JC, for the announcement. I am extremely amazed for how much have been done. successfully
The new features in 2017 are what we have been dreaming about.
Our great gratitude to the whole empowr team. We love you.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We are thankful for YOU May! It's hard to imagine that you've been along for the empowr ride since day one. You have such a dedication to the platform's success. It's inspiring! Thanks for being you!

38 months ago
Owen Livigha

I am happy with a lot of hope that Empowr will be the one of greatest platform in the world! ....... in fact I enjoy the achievements and promise to do all my hard work here empowr! Thank you very much Empowr!!

38 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Chúc mừng sinh nhật 1 tuổi của Alpha Empowr!
Cảm ơn JC đã cho tôi thấy thông báo này!
Mong đợi 1 năm mới với nhiều phát triển hơn nữa 2017.
Cảm ơn các bạn rất nhiều :)

38 months ago
Bob Poster

Happy Birthday to all of us! All I can say is WOW with my jaw dropped!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Always loving your enthusiasm, Bob!

38 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

WOW, the upcoming features are mind-blowing! I am so happy I am part of empowr family. :) Thank you so much empowr!! Many many thumbs up :) This is great news indeed!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank YOU for your support!

38 months ago
Ken Spence

and that is why I love Empowr so much - excited? You bet I am

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks for being a coach, Ken! You have an important job, that's for sure!

38 months ago
Mary Jane Quirante

How about a Regional Representative aside from coaching because coaches are very busy helping their clients in the site, the main goal of Regional Representative is to educate people outside (not members yet) of empowr so that they will be interested to join in empowr with enough understanding what they can expect when they decided to join thus, becoming a more productive citizens. Regional Representatives may provide (organized) business seminars ....just a thought.:)

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hey Mary Jane - this is actually a really great idea. I will be sure to note this idea and discuss it with the team. Thank you!!

38 months ago
Ermes Monti

Buon compleanno a tutti grazie sono molto felice di essere su Empowr grazieeeeeeeeeeeeee di esistere

Happy birthday to all through are very happy to be on Empowr grazieeeeeeeeeeeeee to exist

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Happy Birthday to you as well! :)

38 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

Happy birthday to everyone!!! We looking for amazing future.We can do it together!!Thanks everyone for hard work and amazing success!!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We are excited as well, Irena! Are there any features you're most excited about??

38 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

Happy Birthday Empowr!!!!

38 months ago
Trung Dong Pham

Happy birthday empowr!!

38 months ago
Ron V

happy birthday empowr ;-) im looking forward to a great year ahead for all of us ;-)

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Happy Birthday Empowr . Live Forever . With love from Azerbaijan )

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Hi , Mila , I sent you message to inbox . can you look at it please ?

38 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Ok , I will send you the same message to inbox

38 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Happy Birthday to all. I am a very special kind of person.

38 months ago

Happy Birthday to all! :) WoW, I like those plans and big update! Can't wait to see all the things you plan to bring to all of us! Really amazing work, congratulations and a big thank you! Wishing a lot of success to Empowr in the future! :)

38 months ago
Evgeny Kiryushin

Happy birthday empowr and all empowrians! Good date, excellent results, great plans! Good luck to all of us!

38 months ago
Rajendra Shukla

Happy Birth Day to All Empowr Fraternity.Lord God Made Them All.
My respect for all those Unsung Heroes who conceptualised and brought Empowr to what it is today.My Good Wishes for Geometrical Progression of Empowr Business and Distribution of Earnings in the same Proportion.
God Bless
Rajendra Shukla,Life Coach

38 months ago
Tam Dieu

Happy Birthday to all! I'm really excited with the information in this article. Promised a drastic change for the economy in 2017. Thank you for sharing!

38 months ago
Tam Dieu

Happy Birthday to all! I'm really excited with the information in this article. Promised a drastic change for the economy in 2017. Thank you for sharing!

38 months ago
Parveen Kumar

Happy Birthday to all!.
Thanks JC.
I am thankful to all empowr staff who work day and night to complete these changes without paychecks.
Thanks for giving exciting news.

38 months ago
Sakura Cy

Happy Birthday to all! Thank you JC for this wonderful updates and to all empowr staffs,employees and success coaches for your hard works.

38 months ago
Marina Lobova

Happy Birthday, EMPOWR!!!

38 months ago
 Zainab !

Happy Birthday everyone. :))

38 months ago
Padmaja Panchakarla

Happy Birthday Empowr

38 months ago
Amy Maria Talledo

Happy Birthday Empowr!!!
I am very happy to be with all of you wonderful people

38 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Hello everybody!
I'm only three months working with Empowr.
I like the idea of this platform.
Thanks to its creators.
Makes 4 goals every day
!!! Happy birthday, powerful Empowr!

38 months ago
Natalya Petrovskaya


38 months ago