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6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs 

Hi everyone,

As you know, everyone’s earnings must mature for 90 days before the profits are available to be fully cashed out or spent without any restrictions.

In this post (and ones to follow) I’d like to discuss six (6) new ways to accelerate the maturity of your profits, so they can be spent or cashed out more quickly.

Before we do that, as always, let’s use the opportunity to ensure our very newest citizens are caught up.


MATURITY:  How do you benefit, and how does the empowr community benefit, from maturity?

The purpose of maturity is to give everyone’s earnings a chance to be spent in the empowr economy before being removed from empowr. Watch quick video about maturation?

As a result of maturity, when you have something to sell, you’ll almost always find many times more customers in empowr…

… and, you’ll get a much higher price for your items or services…

… than if you had listed them to sell outside of empowr…

… which motivates everyone to sell their items in empowr.


And as discussed at length, all that buying and selling helps all of us achieve our mission…

… because the most important factor for the long term survival and success of empowr and its mission, boils down to the strength of the empowr economy

… as measured by the quantity, and the dollar amount, of quality products and services being provided, distributed and consumed by empowrians on a monthly basis.

As I reported in my last post titled “Happy birthday to you, together we are succeeding in our goal of rapidly growing the empowr economy and marketplace sales.


The “97% goal”

Along with growing its economy, empowr has another goal, which is to ensure as much cash as possible is being provided to its citizens.

Specifically, our long term goal is to return to empowr citizens 97% of all cash that enters empowr in any given month…

… from all sources, including the sale of advertising to outside corporations, licensing fees for using empowr’s inventions (patents), transaction fees on goods sold, power user subscriptions, etc.

We are hopeful and optimistic that, as and if empowr’s revenues continue to grow, that we will be able to achieve that 97% goal and -- during some months -- even exceed 97%.


empowr’s revenues have been growing very nicely

Thanks to all your hard work and efforts, empowr’s revenues have been growing steadily.

And since empowr is always working to keep its operating costs very low, lately it has had more cash available to return to empowr citizens at the end of the month. 


To continue towards the achievement of our 97% goal…
We need new ways to rapidly return cash to empowr citizens

A few months ago we introduced AMCOs (Accelerated Matured Cash Outs).

As the title suggests, when someone receives a $100 AMCO, what’s really happening is that $100 of their empowr earnings are getting their maturity fully accelerated

… meaning that the $100 in funds are being made (forced) to be fully (90 day) matured, regardless of their true maturity level.

The result of that acceleration process is that the $100 in funds are all-of-a-sudden immediately available for cash out or shopping.



Which empowr citizens should get the largest AMCOs?

Meet Sally and Henry – two different empowr citizens.

On most days during October, Sally almost never signed on to empowr.

Henry, on the other hand, not only signed on daily during October, but also hit his Daily Goals on most days in October.

Therefore, it appears that Henry did much more than Sally did in October, to build the empowr economy and help the empowr mission succeed.

As a result, it would make sense that Henry should earn a higher AMCO than Sally does, at the end of October.

In other words, it follows that AMCOs should be distributed based on performance

… based on whichever activities are most responsible for building the empowr economy.



Well, together we decided that we would award AMCOs to empowr citizens in direct proportion to how often they hit their Daily Goals.



For the benefit of our newest empowr citizens:

You hit your Daily Goal by sharing, posting, bidding and listing a certain number of times each day.

To view how far along you are in hitting your Daily Goal today, simply look to the top right of any profile:Part 1:  6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs

And click anywhere within that area, to reveal more information, including how often you’ve hit your Daily Goal (your recent history), how you can score bonus shares, posts, bids and lists, and more:

 Part 1:  6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs


I have some good news… and some great news!

As you know, thanks to all the Daily Goals everyone has been hitting (which includes listing products in the marketplace)…

… the empowr marketplace has been growing rapidly.

IE: BOTH the quantity and the quality of products have been growing very nicely.


As a result, many empowr citizens are choosing to spend their AMCOs in the empowr marketplace instead of cashing them out. 

This is fantastic news, because it means that even more earnings are available to anyone looking to sell something…

… driving up the price you’re earning on the things you’re selling.

Indeed, selling things in empowr is becoming more and more lucrative for sellers!


Ready for the great news?

Here it is:

For the first time, over 50% of empowr citizens have chosen to spend their entire AMCOs in the marketplace instead of cashing them out!

As a result, empowr is now able to double the amount of AMCOs being provided to you, our dear empowr citizens, each month!

That’s right!

Since more and more of you are deciding to shop with your AMCOs in the empowr marketplace…

… together, we must find new ways to distribute more cash back to empowr citizens!


So, the question is…

How should empowr distribute this extra cash to its citizens?

What other efforts should we, as a community, be looking to drive or motivate empowr citizens to do…

… to ensure we’re continuing to rapidly grow the empowr economy?



Another way to ask this question is:

What obstacles are we -- empowr citizens -- facing as we look to grow the empowr economy (and our own earnings)?

If we identify the top obstacles... 

… perhaps we should use AMCOs to reward people that are most successful in helping us overcome those obstacles.



So, how can we identify the top obstacles everyone is facing?

Well, as you know, every month we ask you to rate your empowr experience (0-10):

                Part 1:  6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs


As soon as you do that, we ask for details, specifically asking what you like, and what you dislike:

              Part 1:  6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs


Unlike what usually happens with customer surveys from most companies, empowr actually review every single person’s comments…

… and organizes your thoughts, ideas, issues and concerns into groups…

… so that we can count them up…

… and learn what the number 1 issue is…

… what the number 2 issue is…

… the number 3 issue, etc.



From this feedback process…

… we’ve learned what you see at the top obstacles to your success…

… which also means obstacles to the success of the empowr mission.


In order to help overcome those obstacles, I suggest that we focus new AMCOs to people that can be most instrumental in solving those issues.




Therefore, in this post, and in the following few posts, I am excited to announce six (6) new types of accelerated cash outs:


The top obstacle

From your feedback, it’s clear that the number one obstacle we’re facing as a community and economy…

… is that the empowr platform is quite complicated.

Just like any economy…

empowr can be difficult to learn…

… especially for new empowr citizens when they first join empowr.


So, what’s the answer?  How can we make it easier to learn how to utilize empowr?

Feel free to use the comments below if you have ideas you’d like to share!


Success coaches are a big part of the answer

Success coaches are at the heart of the empowr approach to educating new citizens.

NOTHING beats having someone to talk to, when you’re stuck and need answers.


empowr success coaches are outnumbered

empowr success coaches have been overworked – with some of them actually having tens of thousands of students assigned to them.


IDEA:  In order to significantly increase the number and quality of success coaches, let’s start paying our success coaches more…

… and giving them AMCOs equal to a percentage of those earnings.


Let’s call this new type of AMCO:  Coaching AMCOs – or CAMCOs.

How can you get some of this new type of cash?


Here’s how:

1.   As soon as you become an Orange Star Power User or higher, simply visit the Learning Center, and look for this image at the top of the page:                                                      Part 1:  6 new ways to accelerate your cash outs 

Click on “Details”, and follow the easy steps that open up to you.

Note: If you’re not yet an Orange Star Power User or higher, you won’t have access yet. You will not see the above image at the top of the page.

But don’t worry. Just keep posting and sharing, and before you know it, you’ll be an Orange Star Power User!


2.   You’ll get immediate access to the success coach training area.

In that area, there are training modules. You read a few pages, and then take a quick multiple choice test. When you pass the test, you move onto the next module. If you fail, you can try again in just one hour.

A highly motivated person could literally become a success coach in less than one full day.


3.  As soon as you become a success coach, you’ll get access to your own Client Center.

Almost immediately, new students start getting assigned to you, and others can ask to be your student from the SC Leaderboard page.

And as soon as you earn your first $0.01 (penny) in bonuses, empowr will add $1,000 to that, as your starting bonus.


4.   After the month ends, your compensation is added up, and provided to you.

And now, you’ll also earn an accelerated cash out, called a CAMCO (Coaching Accelerated Matured Cash Out).


Here’s exactly how you earn as a success coach:

A.  When your students earn, you earn. You get a % of what they earn, at no cost to them. That’s called your base compensation.

B.  On top of their base compensation, Success coaches also earn bonuses, as follows:

Bonus 1:  Student Success

If you were among the better success coaches, based on how successful your students were doing the month, you can earn a large bonus.


Bonus 2:  Student Happiness 

If you were among the better success coaches, based on how happy your students were doing the month, you can earn a large bonus.


Bonus 3:  Quality

If you were among the better success coaches, based on the quality of your coaching and answers to your students’ questions during the month, you can earn a large bonus.


Bonus 4:  Speed

If you were among the faster success coaches, based on how fast you responded to your students’ questions during the month, you can earn a large bonus.


            Bonuses can get quite large

Many success coaches earn thousands of dollars in bonuses each month, because their students were either successful and/or happy…

… and/or their responses to their students were of high quality and/or fast.


Your success coach base and bonuses are then added up…

… and your total SC earnings will be applied to your empowr account.

(You’ll be able to see what each coach earned, and how you compared to them, for inspiration).

Then, between 10-20% of your TOTAL success coach earnings (base + bonuses) will be converted into a CAMCO...


... meaning they'll have their maturity fully accelerated, so you can cash them out or spend them, immediately.

(The 10-20% range depends on empowr’s cash flow during that month).          

These earnings and special cash outs are on top of your other types of earnings and AMCOs, of course – meaning that you are not limited to only being a success coach.


So, if helping others succeed sounds like fun to you…

… why wait even another day before becoming a success coach?

Already, many success coaches are earnings thousands of dollars in SC earnings each month…

… and receiving hundreds of dollars in additional cash outs, each month.


Ready to become a success coach? 

Well, then, what are you waiting for?


You can become a success coach very quickly.

Not only will you change lives each adn every day...

... and benefit from waking up every day with purpose, knowing you're doing so...

... but now, finally, if you dedicate yourself to your students...

... you can actually make it a full-time career that can start to pay your bills almost immediately.


In the next post, we’ll discuss more new ways to cash out… more new types of AMCOs.

Any questions? We’re here for you.


Angela Jurmoni

Great news! Thank you for your sharing!

38 months ago
Bob Poster

Another great post as always. Looking forward to the other 5 types of accelerated cash outs. Learn before you earn!

38 months ago
Lori Mooney-Taylor

I think empowr is great & growing right a long with its goal. My only issue is the marketplace which I know you have been working on very much. My issue is that I get some many things approved but then get more rejected this month than ever!! I literally hit all my goals everyday this mont atleast 20 I know, just to have 17 of them rejected in one day then more the next. The only thing that I can figure that I did wrong was not put ups or fed x in the details of my listings. I have been on here since April & this is the first time I had all my stuff reject just bc of that. So now, I only have 8 approved days of all goals, so my many hours of work to help Empowr is all gone..... I understand you have to have rules but I can't list for 7 more days now so more goals I am missing out on now. Can there be a system of maybe 1 to 3 days wait period & if all sales good then they can continue to list & if they get rejected again in same month add days as necessary. I don't know the solution but I do know the frustration first hand & I would love to be a success coach but not until I understand it all myself too I thought I did but now I'm discouraged myself. Thanks for all your blogs & effort to make this possible for all of us!! I am really trying to help make this a success for all!!.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Lori, you're correct that we have indeed been working hard on making marketplace improvements- in particular, ironing out any listing issues. We have heard very loud and clear the frustrations within the marketplace listing issues, and we are determined to get the friction removed, I have taken your suggestions down and will be sure to discuss with the team. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling discouraged about becoming an SC, but once you're ready, please feel free to reach out and I'd be happy to assist! Thanks!

38 months ago
Lori Mooney-Taylor

thank you Mila I appreciate it. I might just take you up on that assistance for being a coach.

38 months ago

Same thing is happening to me with the listings.....

38 months ago
Samuel Apau

Thanks a lot for the update

38 months ago
Martin Binnington

Hi JC,

Firstly, it is a privilage to work with so many people in the community and the company who are so dedicated to making our shared dream a reality.
It's amazing that 50% of citizens have already made the decision to spend their hard-earned money in the marketplace - a true testament to how well we are doing in building our market economy!

We are desperately in need of people in all Success Coach areas (the cmmunication side and the moderation side) so it is great to see that SCs are starting to get the recognition that they deserve.

I think that another way we could increase the quality of the marketplace and meet the aim of 97% is to accelerate marketplace earnings... so if someone sells $1000 of products in a month, the transactions are all completed, a percentage of those earnings could be made available for the seller to cash out at the end of the month. This will allow sellers to purchase their quality products from manufacturers and sell more on empowr as a result.

*It would also be helpful if we recruited more marketplace moderators... I am sure that you and the team are aware that there is currently a backlog of listings which are taking frever to be apprved/rejected, which is not a good thing for the marketplace or the economy).

My regards and best wishes to you and the team over in the sunny SouthWest!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Martin, thanks as always for your dedication and support! You are right- we need more Success Coaches helping us in all areas. We are working hard to grow the program with top quality coaches, who are dedicated and passionate. We are also working diligently to push the moderation process forward and are making good progress on that front. I've noted your suggestion in regard to accelerated marketplace earnings, and will discuss with team. Thanks Martin!

38 months ago
Lin Simonoh

Hello Mila, can empowr also look at deducting money from the winner immediately after winning instead of waiting for the sponsorship period because in most cases the sales add up being unpaid after the person has been sponsoring thw products for days.

35 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

Great post! Thank you very much for the updates.

38 months ago
Md Nur Islam

Many many thanks for sharing helpful post and it's a great news for us.

38 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

This is really motivated post that I've ever read.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're glad that you're feeling motivated, Le Thanh Kong! Thanks for your hard work!

38 months ago
Rajendra Shukla

It is a great move as Step I for AMCO.Let me tell you that you must remove restrictions on Listing of Items.I lost almost 7 days hard work just because some wise person did not approve my listing after slumber of 8 days?
Allow 3-4 listing and make minimum 1/2 correct listing mandatory for AMCO.Becuase that will more money in circulation and you will motivate even an idiot who is not able to do few correct listing every day.
If I don't buy/bid of 50 items as I was doing before EMPOWR restricted my listing for 7 days,I not giving any Cent in circulation in Economy.Must not have Restrictive Trade Practice.If I work 100% why should I be debarred just because some listing was incomplete.
I will become a Success Coach in one day but is the Aim?Aim should be to gain knowledge and use it guide Ne Empowrians.Earning Pass certificate should not be only aim.That will be bye product once you render service to bring up members who require help.

So improvement should be towards Win Win for both Members and Empowr.I expecte few more positive steps.
Rajendra Shukla

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Rajendra, are you receiving reasons as to why your listings are being rejected?

38 months ago
Rajendra Shukla

Very silly observations for rejection.But it amounts to strangulating some one after 3-4 days of hard work and 5 th day EMPOWR rejects your listing,pulling rug under my feet.Don't know where to go and earn?Earning after 90 days maturity is fools paradise.I know not realistic.Ad Credit is so much that you can hardly get a Cent or two after few years of hard work,time and money invested leave aside Internet expenses etc.Is it Democracy?SOme smart Alec desides and scuttles your earning just like that.I am pained.

38 months ago
Adrian Cooper

Great news indeed.
I understand that the success coaches are greatly outnumbered at the moment... and I have something that might work as a stop-gap solution (if not more permanent)... To help alleviate the load of the success coaches, why not have a mentorship program? This being a program in which citizens who have a)reached a designated powerlevel (I suggest blue or red start), b) have reached a certain level of consistent success c) have successfully used the marketplace and d) have demonstrated that they have an on-going positive attitude... why not give them say, 100 slots in which they can 'mentor' those citizens who are eager to learn and grow.
The idea here is not to replace success coaches, but rather to divert the workload of the success coach by helping to answer some of the more common questions of new users that seem to come up again and again. That way, the SCs will be able to deal with more pressing issues in a timely manner.
What I suggest for this as well, is that users who would like a mentor indicate interest to be with a certain mentor via a small checkbox or write-in application, and the potential mentor may accept or reject the application (plus have the ability to drop or graduate 'mentorees')
What do you think? would this work in helping alleviate the workload from SCs, or will it in turn simply create more bureaucracy?

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Adrian, we love helpful ideas! We also love that you spent the time to share an idea that's geared toward helping our lovely Coaches :) You are right - they are currently outnumbered, and we need to find ways to help balance the workload for them. I really, really like your idea...I think we may be able to take an actionable idea here. It would also be a great way to get users more involved, and help to build social interactions and connections with other users as well. Not to mention, the education factor that would be happening. Thank you Adrian- we sincerely appreciate well thought out and creative solutions to some of our biggest issues. Thank you!

38 months ago
Illi Mai

This is a great idea Adrian Cooper! I would love to see a mentorship program within the SC system.

38 months ago
Ms N Wow

What a great idea. I think this could alleviate some of the pressure from coaches and citizens. Thank you Adrian.

38 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Thank you for such a great post. I love the way you write. :) Your clarity and intention is very refreshing. I hope it will inspire many others to join in leading others with this wonderful project.

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We hope that others will join the awesome SC program also! Thanks for your hard work, Dez :)

38 months ago

what is the SC? thank __raymond le mineur https://bitminer.io/1039051

33 months ago
Aniekan Imah

Success Coach(SC)!

30 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Một tin tức thật tuyệt vời, cảm ơn đăng của bạn JC!

38 months ago
Leo Taylor

Really great news! The community is developing daily and making it more motivational to spend our time here, as we are sure it's worth it!

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks for your hard work, Leo!

38 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thanks Empowr for always finding new ways to reward us. Looking forward to the other new types of AMCO's.

38 months ago
Doina Hrincu

First of all, I didn't receive my AMCO for September, I have two announcements, but received none and I didn't made an option to reinvest it.
Second, the rules are changing on the way, and due to that, from my 18 Daily Goal I remain with only 8 for not providing shipping details.
Where in the learning center is mentioned this, and when did this shipping detail became obligatory?
Of course due to this rule of rejected products, I'm forced to stay apart, can't list product => October = 8 Daily Goals.
As Deanna said, I've spent a lot of time on site, I neglected some of my family duties, I hoped that the earnings this month will be an argument to the time spend on computer.
Not to mention my eyes problems.
I spend 7-8 hours a day till now and as much I would want to help other, time and health are against SC program for me.

Didn't count personal issue here, only the Empowr mission?

38 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Again thank you, this post has make us proud and more trust and pleasure. Thanks JC and empowr.

38 months ago
Ermes Monti

ok grazie della bella notizia avevo già pensato di fare il coach ora parto grazie ancora

38 months ago
Tawi NoLastName

How much salary will I get each month by becoming a success coach?

38 months ago
Kati Kover

Jó hír. Köszönöm.

38 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you JC for your efforts :)
My regards and best wishes to you and the empowr team :)

38 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Good news has started to arriving and the first drop is 6 more type of AMCO and I agree with Martin, Thank you for CAMCO, will motivate the empowr citizen to become success coach and help others to become successful, we need a lost of success coach to help the growing empowr population, Bundle of Thanks,
Waiting for other 5 AMCO so guide our client about them and them to get Cash-Outs each month,

Khaleeq Ahmed

38 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Hi Ab,
My 20000 balance has gone with out reason and notifying, I have already issued the ticket, but still 18 days gone and no further update. Also May put out this in the PC meeting. Please if you can do I will be more thankful.

38 months ago
Sabina Bhele

Thanks for this great post.
Six? That's a wow! Can't wait to know the other 5 but, I am so excited with this CAMCO since I just joined the SC Program. Hoping more citizens will be encouraged to join us.

38 months ago
David Bruyland

Very good initiative. I'm happy to see that the community and marketplace keep growing, and the goal of empowr is closing.
Let's keep this up. Thanks.

38 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Motive de incurajare de munca pentru noi totii imi place o comunitate plina de idei o munca mare pentru ingineri nostri doamne si mai mare munca pentru antrenori de succes .Pacat ca mai sunt si oameni intre noi care iau totul in joaca ,licitezi si platesti produsul ca apoi sa ti se spuna in mesaj lam vindut pe alt website ,pacat bani ramin blocati si tu faci ,,produs fara plata,,cistigul din septembrie amco nu a intrat nici acum in PayPal a intrat doar rectificarea care era fara putere de a acoperi licitatiile mele nu stiu dar cred ca pina la maturizare in balanta ramin produse fara plata pentru ca am licitati multe daca se stie ceva de ,, cash out,, sau vinovat se face PayPal astept un raspuns de la voi .
Multumesc pentru inbunatatirile facute informati foarte bune sper sa fie din ce in ce mai bine

38 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Good night, thanks for the reply, but AMCOs didn't made it in the PayPal, is this an error at PayPal or the money got into the empowr bank? I made the delivery to PayPal and everything seems alright. I would ask you if this is possible to verify, if my AMCOs is alright. The rectify had brought me $3 that i made to cash out... What was before the rectify, I couldn't find them in PayPal. Thanks. (The message was written by my grand son.)

38 months ago
Richard Burger

Very good blog I loved it very much and I been here 9 months today also, but I am face with
another obstacle again now I am not able to talk to my success coach, reply to emails, make
comments on blogs, send out emails to my success coach, I hope you all get this I also sent
out a email to support over this matter waiting on a reply back it all started on last system update
and I know of alot of others is having this same problem also. I know from time to time I wasn't
able to mail my success coach over the pass 8 months it would just think so I had to go to there
web site to send them a support email. Please help me as fast as you can please. Again I love
this new blog and what empowr stands for. :)

38 months ago
Catharina Claessens

I can only say that I did not regret a minute that I joined the SC program a few years ago. Being in contact with clients also helps understanding much faster how the features work and how to use them efficiently. I hope more citizens will be encouraged to become a SC, not only for the AMCO, but because they love helping other people and that is the greatest satisfaction of all. Thank you JC for this announcement.

38 months ago
Saad Al

Hey Catherina i m realy glad that you helped me in many ways, and its great to hear from you but as you know my case is still open(nearly 2years). I will assist you again to my SC. If you dont mind. Wish you and all Citiziens a nice weekend

38 months ago
Saad Al

By the way on one of the privious PA i have been mentioned that i m with empowr-fanbox-acs oder 10 years, but my Ticket takes over 2year to resolve. I should be Treated a bit with differnce

38 months ago
Koviljka Kosta

Hi JC !
I am pleased that progress, should be rewarded coaches.Thanks for the blog. I'm very shaken overnight my coach has changed, the super coach Marijke van Giffen .I wonder why more is not my coach.I think the coaches could not recommend someone for a new coach, cooperate with members, they have an image how clan capable, knows how much is dedicated to the community.
Thank you. Koviljka

38 months ago
Željko Sokol

Very good sharing my dear friend

38 months ago
Koviljka Kosta

Who can solve my problem Blog not published ?

Thank you- Koviljka

38 months ago

What is actual problem with the blog, Koviljka?
I can see on the picture that the blog is Published.

38 months ago
A. Y. Z.

I can see it too that it is already published.
But it is not available to all unless they will purchase your blog.
It is included in your Premium blog package in The Muppet Show. :)

38 months ago
Martin Binnington

Hi Koviljka,

If you need assistance regarding any issues you find in your account or on empowr, you can click "Ask Me" at the top of any page, of click "Coach" in your left navigation bar followed by "Send Message" on the page that loads.
This will let you send your question to your dedicated Success Coach, who will respond within 48 hours.

38 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Dear all,
What obstacles are we -- empowr citizens – facing
Here I am facing a problem to find a products that are shipped to my place, when you bid on all the products shipped to your country you have to find some other products, sometimes you have to check more than 5 pages to find a product that are shipped worldwide, this can make it easy for the citizens to avoid dispute with other citizens for the products that can’t be shipped there countries.
So to overcome this, there should be a category for this type of worldwide shipping next to my country.

Also if it possible to find another category for shipping cost or fee, some products have big amount of shipping, if we can categories them or a mark for this type it may make it easy for us as citizens to avoid cancelling.

Best wishes

38 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Hi AB,
I think worldwide category is most important, because it saves time for citizens while looking for items that can shipped them.
Ok have a look here, but if we try to find another command says
'only show if ships to worldwide'.

I am sure every one would like it.

38 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Motive de incurajare de munca pentru noi totii imi place o comunitate plina de idei o munca mare pentru ingineri nostri doamne si mai mare munca pentru antrenori de succes .Pacat ca mai sunt si oameni intre noi care iau totul in joaca ,licitezi si platesti produsul ca apoi sa ti se spuna in mesaj lam vindut pe alt website ,pacat bani ramin blocati si tu faci ,,produs fara plata,,cistigul din septembrie amco nu a intrat nici acum in PayPal a intrat doar rectificarea care era fara putere de a acoperi licitatiile mele nu stiu dar cred ca pina la maturizare in balanta ramin produse fara plata pentru ca am licitati multe daca se stie ceva de ,, cash out,, sau vinovat se face PayPal astept un raspuns de la voi .Multumesc pentru inbunatatirile facute informati foarte bune sper sa fie din ce in ce mai bine

38 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Tita, please see Coach AB's response above!

38 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thanks for this great opportunity for the other citizens.
I was been motivated once to join back as an SC because I realized that there are still keep asking me for help because it might be a reason that some SC´s are overloaded, that it might take time to response but sadly I got rejected for some reason, but that´s OK maybe this rejection is the one leading me to other opportunities.

… and I can suggest to other citizens to join the team, aside from helping others to guide their way in, on using Empowr, this will make you become an expert because you keep learning new things every day if you really want to study all the knowledge that Empowr give you there.

38 months ago

Thank you very much for this update! :) I am happy to hear news like that and I bet that everyone is!
I'm already on the way to think about trying Coaching myself. All thanks to my fantastic Success Coach Alex Aurora! She is always here for me when I need help. I learned a lot from this girl! :)
Also I'm glad that everything is going in a very positive way for whole Empowr.
Wish you all a lot of success in the future!
Best regards,

38 months ago
RadArt Now

same thing - when i go to cash out - my email is not listed in the long list of emails - hope someone that knows how to fix it will fix it - good luck - empowR/art

37 months ago