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Making it easier to hit your Daily Goals 


Hi everyone,

In this post, I will be sharing four (4) ideas that we have learned from you...

        ... that may help you to increase and accelerate your cash outs.


We need your feedback on those ideas...

        ... and if you would like them applied to your October and September AMCOs...

        ... which will have an effect on the timing of your October AMCO.


As a reminder, we are all on a mission to create an entirely new world using technology…

… a democratic social economy that utilizes some of the brightest minds around…

… to attempt to learn from what went right in democracies throughout the world...

… and especially what went wrong

… in order to create a new and improved democracy for the people of the world.


Our path to success very much depends on building a strong economy that can support millions and eventually billions of empowr citizens…

… so that we can maintain open doors and citizenship to anyone that’s willing to work hard and contribute to the community.


Recently, empowr has been blessed with growing revenues

… and together the community had the idea to start accelerating the maturity of your earnings…

… the process of which we have called AMCOs (Accelerated Matured Cash Outs)…

… to continue to ensure as much cash as possible is going out to the community, as quickly as possible.


We asked who should get the most acceleration and cash outs…

 and together we decided the biggest beneficiaries should be the people that contribute the most to the empowr economy…

… because building the empowr economy, we all decided, is the activity that would most ensure the continued growth of empowr revenues and cash outs. 


Well, the obvious question that, together, we then needed to answer, became:

What is the best way to measure any person’s contribution to the empowr economy?


The answer the community came up with, was:

Hitting the Daily Goal

The Daily Goal is where an empowr citizen hits their posting, sharing, bidding and product listing goal for any given day. 


Hitting Daily Goals should be fun 

Towards the objective of ensuring that hitting Daily Goals is fun, we would like to share the following ideas…

… that originated from you, the community, mostly via the comments you left in earlier blog posts.


The objective of these ideas…

… is to make hitting your Daily Goals easier…

… and therefore more fun…

… while minimizing any negative effects on the empowr mission or the growth of the empowr economy. 


If you like one or more of the following ideas…

… empowr’s engineers will get working on designing and implementing them into the empowr platform…

… so they are functional and working for you, as soon as possible.


Therefore, at the end of this post…

  I will ask for your feedback…

… so we can gauge whether or not one or more of the ideas are worth investing engineering resources into, starting today and continuing this weekend.


1.  Rolling your actions forward

If on any day, you did any of the (posting, sharing, bidding and/or product listing) activities that it takes to hit your Daily Goal…

… but did not finish them all…

… your activities could roll forward…

… so that the next day you sign into empowr, you already have credit for 100% of those activities.

Now, you would just need to complete the remaining activities, and your Daily Goal for that new day will be hit.


Now, your actions won't go to waste

After such an idea is implemented, if you become very busy one day with things in your life outside of empowr

… and are therefore unable to complete all the activities required to hit your Daily Goal, your actions will not go to waste.

They will be carried forward to the next day. 


2.  Bonus actions roll forward too

As you may know, after hitting your Daily Goal, the system gives some empowr citizens Bonus actions…

… which they can perform if they choose to.

NOTE: To receive more Bonus actions, AND also increase your daily earnings, simply slide this control to the right, from the top of most profiles and emails you receive from empowr:

                          Making it easier to hit your Daily Goals

Now, imagine if you choose to use some of your Bonus actions on any day…

… that those extra actions could automatically roll into the next day…

… so that you’ll be closer to hitting your Daily Goal the next day, the very moment that you sign in.


          Hit tomorrow’s Daily Goal today

With this idea, you can actually do enough Bonus actions today, to ensure that your Daily Goal is automatically hit tomorrow.

(empowr citizens that have chosen the Silver, Gold or Platinum options, using the slider at the top of profiles, should have enough Bonus actions to do that).


Got a busy day tomorrow?

Doing some traveling?

Not sure if you will be able to sign into empowr tomorrow?

With this idea, you can actually hit your Daily Goal tomorrow, by utilizing your Bonus actions today.


3.  Help with your product listings goal

Some of our newest citizens have been learning what’s OK to sell in the empowr marketplace…

… and what’s not allowed.


It has taken some of them time to understand that, for example, digital items (such as photos, recipes and e-books) should not be listed as products…

… but can be sold as Premium Blog packages instead.


As a result, they have had some of their product listings rejected by the moderators...

… who, by the way, like everyone else, are themselves empowr citizens.

Indeed, the moderators have also been learning the correct way to moderate items…

… so it’s safe to say that, as a community, we are growing and learning together.


Well, as a result of all the learnings we’re experiencing together, two (2) of the frustrating things you’ve reported have been as follows:

Frustrating situation 1:

Yesterday, Sally accomplished all of the (posting, sharing, bidding and product listing) actions required to hit her Daily Goal.

Then, today, her listing from yesterday got rejected, so her Daily Goal (for yesterday) is now shown as Not Hit.

Of course Sally doesn’t own a time machine and therefore has no opportunity to go back (to yesterday) and list something new for that day.

So her Daily Goal for yesterday will remain “not hit” forever…

… despite the fact that she had hit ALL of her other (posting, sharing and bidding) actions yesterday

This is frustrating for Sally, obviously.


Frustrating situation 2:

Betty has only one thing to sell: Delicious chocolate chip cookies -- which she bakes daily.

Betty would like to list her cookies only once

… so she can spend her day doing what she does best…

… baking her cookies…

 instead of spending time each day relisting the same product (her cookies)…

… every day…

… in order to hit her Daily Goal, every day.


It is simply not optimal that Betty must relist the same product, every day, to hit her Daily Goal…

… because the time it takes her to do that, is taking away from her doing what she does best…

… baking her cookies…

… and therefore that is not helping the community’s key objective…

… which is growing the quantity of quality products available in the empowr economy.

Quite frustrating for Betty, of course.


A solution to both of the above frustrating situations

Imagine if together we decided that three (3) product sales of $5 or more…

… equals one (1) product listing


In other words, on any day, if you accomplish all your action goals…

… but for any reason do not accomplish your product listing goal…

… regardless of whether your product listing was rejected by the moderators -- or you simply didn’t list anything on that day…

… but you have three (3) product sales:

Those sales can be substituted for the missing product listing.


Does this make sense?

As soon as you accumulate 3 sales, the system will get busy looking for prior days -- ANY prior day during that same month -- where you hit all your action goals except for the product listing goal…

… and will use those 3 sales as a substitute for the missed product listing…

… ensuring that you get credit for hitting your Daily Goal for that day.


In this manner, you can make up for rejected product listings…

... because the empowr platform will replace those rejected product listings with three successful sales…

… so your Daily Goal can be considered HIT for days that would otherwise not be hit.


And in this same manner, you won’t need to invest valuable time creating repeat listings…

… since the empowr platform will be busy using your actual product sales to fill in those missing product listings for you…

… to ensure your Daily Goals are HIT.



And guess what?

By doing the other things you’re doing to hit your Daily Goal (sharing and bidding)…

 you happen to be closing loops with the people in your circle of trust…

… which is motivating them to bid and buy the things you’re selling…

… and therefore you’re already doing what’s needed to increase your sales…

… so that you can worry less about the product listing portion of your Daily Goal.

Just remember that, to keep it fair for everyone, only product sales with a final sales price of $5 or more will count.




And finally, perhaps the biggest idea of the bunch:

4.  Rewarding you AMCO cash outs regardless of Daily Goals

Before we discuss this idea, some background information for our newest empowr citizens is required:

As discussed, the most important objective we all are focused on, is building the empowr economy.

 What exactly does that mean?

Well, according to the dictionary, the definition of the word “economy” is:

The production, distribution and consumption
of products and services


In the above definition, there are three (3) activities mentioned:

A.  Production     

B.  Distribution

C.  Consumption


Of course when you successfully list and sell something…

you’re helping the empowr economy via activity A (Production).


And when you purchase something…

you’re helping the empowr economy via activity C (Consumption).


But what about activity B (Distribution)?

How does distribution happen in empowr, and how does it help the empowr economy? 


Well, when you Like something that’s for sale in empowr…

… or you Comment on it…

… or you Repost it…

… or Bid on it…

… or Sponsor (resell) it…

… the empowr platform creates a feed story, and makes it available for others to see:

            Making it easier to hit your Daily Goals

In other words, the action you took has shared – meaning it has distributed -- the item directly to the eyeballs of others…

… making them aware that the item exists…

… and since they’re all in empowr…

… they can easily bid or buy the item -- directly from that feed story  -- using their empowr earnings.


When people notice the feed story created from your action….

…. and purchase the item…

… you have contributed to the empowr economy…

… because you have successfully contributed to the distribution element (in the empowr “economy”): 

The production, distribution and consumption 
of products and services


And that’s how your sharing actions (Liking, Commenting and Reposting)…

… along with your actions of Bidding and Sponsoring…

… contribute to the empowr economy.


OK, so now that we’ve defined the word “economy”…

… and have carefully described how your actions contribute to the empowr economy…

… it’s time for us all to see if, possibly, we might be failing to provide AMCO cash outs to any empowr citizens that deserve them.


That is, are we not yet giving AMCOs to anyone that is clearly and measurably contributing to the empowr economy?


Hmmmm.  Let’s think about this…..

What if you only hit a few Daily Goals last month…

… or even worse, you hit ZERO Daily Goals last month…

… but you STILL contributed towards the empowr economy, because:

A.  You successfully listed and sold products

but those listings didn’t count towards a Daily Goal because you hadn’t completed the other required actions: posting, sharing or bidding

B.  You contributed to sales by being a distributor…

 … by Liking, Commenting, Reposting, Bidding or Sponsoring -- as described above

Surely, those actions were valuable, even instrumental, towards everyone’s goal of building the empowr economy…

… even if they didn’t count towards a Daily Goal somewhere, for whatever reason…

… and therefore you, too, should be rewarded with AMCOs.


To be clear, I’m suggesting that we should be providing AMCOs to people that:

Successfully list and sell products

regardless of when those products were listed and whether or not the listing contributed to a Daily Goal

Sponsor products

All that bidding and buying that you’re doing creates economic value, when you successfully resell (sponsor) the item 

Promote products

When you Like, Comment, Repost or Bid on someone’s product…

… even when your bid doesn’t win the auction… 

… you have contributed to the sale if the purchase happened from the feed story that your action created


Note: This new AMCO element (that doesn’t look at your Daily Goals) would need look at your actions from a month before to ensure you get credit for them all. 


I suggest that the marketplace AMCO that you receive on, say, the 7th of March, would give you credit for: 

A.   the Daily Goals you hit in February, plus

B.   your other economic activities from January


Your feedback is needed

What do you think about the ideas (1-4) above?

For each idea, do you think it will help -- or harm -- our community’s objective of building the empowr economy as quickly as possible?

Please use the comments section below, to say whether you like or dislike these ideas…

… have improvements on these ideas…

… or altogether have other ideas that would better meet the objectives described.


If you like one or more of these ideas, we would like to move on them very quickly.


Do you want empowr to retroactively apply these new rules?

If you like the above ideas, would you like us to apply the ideas to your October AMCO?

In other words, if you hit your Daily Goal actions during any day in October…

… but missed the Listing part of that goal…

… would you like us to count up your product sales and give you credit for those days…

… boosting up the number of Daily Goals you hit PLUS the size of your AMCO?


And, also, would you like us to further increase your AMCO by looking at sales that happened in September that you contributed to…

… that stemmed from your sales along with your Liking, Commenting, Reposting, Bidding and Sponsoring in September?

If you said “Yes” to these questions, please note that it will take our engineers a few more days to build that in.


Are you OK with adding further delay?

Remember that, in my last post, I mentioned that AMCOs for October would be a few days delayed…

… to ensure that the engineers would have more time this time…

… to test, retest, and test everything again, to ensure the massive issue that hit us last month, didn’t happen again.

The entire engineering team has volunteered to work without taking a single day off this weekend…

 and to keep working next week…

… so they can get these things done for you as soon as possible.


Looking forward to your feedback about ideas #1, 2, 3 and 4 above….

… and please give us your blessing to delay your October AMCO by a few more days…

 in order to give you credit for more Daily Goals hit in October…

… plus your economic contributions from September.


Your truly,


Naveen Santhapet

Excellent ideas JC. I agree with all of them. One thing that needs attention though is the time it is taking to approve the product listings. Sometimes it takes more than 24 hours to approve a product listing. This results in the citizen not hitting the goal for the day it was listed, but counts towards the day it was approved. Now if I know for sure the listing will be approved within 24 hours, then I can plan accordingly to list the products to avoid days where I don't hit the goals. Am I making sense?

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

You're making complete sense, Navraj.

As you may know, as of last week, your success coach is now your first moderator -- and they are required to moderate your listing in less than 24 hours.

So, if they are not doing that, they are failing you, and you should switch success coaches.

And rest assured that empowr is also busy removing success coaches that like the new compensation and AMCOs but don't like the service they need to provide to their clients.

Also, next week we will start showing everyone how fast, on average, each success coach takes to moderate listings, so you'll have that info in the very same page where you choose your success coach.

The bottom line is that you're in charge: Don't like your success coach? Fire them. And you'll automatically be rewarding the better success coaches, with additional earnings and AMCOs, by choosing them as your success coach.

Thanks for your thoughts,

37 months ago
Kelly Hopkinson

I love these leading edge ideas!! Definitely agree that rewarding people who may not hit their daily goals but who are still contributing is a great idea and that it would motivate people to be more consistent and not beat up on themselves - or complain and quit early. I had some listed items rejected for no reason and for not advising which courier company I was using even though it was free shipping so it's been disappointing not being able to hit my daily goal for the last week and have it count towards my AMCO - even though I'm hitting the goals and bonuses in the other areas. The marketplace seems to be the trickiest part for new people to get their heads around so good to see some solutions and incentives!
Would definitely love to have these changes rolled out as soon as possible - and applied to October.
Thank you to all the Empowr staff for working your butts off for us xxx

37 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks Kelly - everyone here definitely appreciates the kind words. We feel your frustration and are making great strides in ensuring that the marketplace and the economy at large are improving daily.

37 months ago
May Ram

Good morning JC. I had to read twice and again needed... Thank you so much for you and the team making our (humanity's) dreams come true.
If I say I love all of you, it wouldn't be enough comparing to how I fee. :-)
100% agreed.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

empowr wholeheartedly loves you too, May!

37 months ago
Florentina Popa

Really GREAT ideas here, thank you very much. I would have a remark however. Rolling some actions from a day to another is not so effective without stopping the use of the Ad Credits for the day when one cannot log in at all. Because, if one user has the possibility to post the double number of photos (for example ) the second day, the number of visitors being the same as usually, he/she cannot get double earnings, those visitors will not have enough time to look at a double number of photos. Do you understand what I mean ?

37 months ago
George J

Hear! Hear! This is a great concept which I have been looking for since I started working on the World Wide Web (WWW). Hence my concept of "The WWWFTP" -- "The World's Waste Will Feed The Poor". Empowr ties in perfectly with my own Vision of a Fair economy for ALL!!

37 months ago
Adil Nadeem

Excellent Announcement, very happy to hear, as i am rushing to post and share stuff even though i am very busy all day. Thank you
However a formulated method needs to be done for people liking and unliking then reliking the same post that closes the circle of trust, This is very frustating as this still makes u liable to their circle of trust completion..

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

We will look into that Adil... we were not aware that that is possible.

37 months ago
Imad Nissan

Fantastic and promising new features and updates, this need to be read thoroughly!
Just from the headlines I can tell this post is rich of news and surprises, way to go empowr!

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Many thanks Imad!

37 months ago
Adam Smith

I am in favor of all 4 suggestions and have no issue with a delay of October AMCO. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this decision making process.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Adam!

37 months ago
Sheryl Chaney

I am also in favor of all four suggestions although it is a bit much to digest all at once. I'm in favor of just about anything to shorten my time invested. I spend eight to ten hours a day on Empowr. Am wondering how that stacks up to time everyone else spends here. Thanks for all the hard work everyone puts into this democracy to make it work better.

37 months ago

Hit tomorrow’s Daily Goal today It seems to me a very good idea because there are days when it is very hard to reach the daily goal because of other everyday problems.
I think all these features are welcome,

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Fantastic, good to hear Andreea!

37 months ago

Вы совершенно правы, я сам уже несколько раз попадал в такую ситувцию, Обидно.

37 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Следите за большую рабочую Slava.orlov.1

37 months ago
Home Business Owners

Great ideas! They will result in more rewards for citizens and build more trust and crdiblity for the system. Which in turn will keep more people building their businesses till thay able to achive matured cash outs. I hope our system will be able to put all these comlpex info together withou a problem. Looking forward to hearing victory stories across board. Thanks.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Many thanks HBO!

37 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi George Šusta, je mi líto, Nechápu, co máte na mysli odstranění aplikace peněz? Mohl byste mi prosím vysvětlit?

Hi George Šusta, I am sorry I do not understand what you mean to remove the application of money? Could you please explain?

37 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC,
Thanks for this great post with quite great news. Awarding people AMCOs for their added activities on empowr. At least some people would see it fair. I have seen that most of the things you have already mentioned and I lack many words. Personally, I give empowr all my blessings to delay the AMCOs. As the empowr engineers sacrifice their days off just to make citizens happy, what else should I say? It's a great empowerment.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

YOU are great, Edwin. Thanks for your blessing!

37 months ago
Monique Armstrong

I think all 4 ideas are awesome and I am okay with our October amco being delayed for a few more days in order to give citizens credit for more Daily Goals hit in October and economic contributions from September.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for weighing in, Monique!

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Monique :) Great, your vote has been tallied! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

37 months ago
Cory Bishop

I too agree with all 4 with 1 exception to number 1. I would agree to rollover the bonus but lets not make it too easy. I would still say you need to hit daily goals with no rollover but rollover ok for bonus.

Also I am totally in favor of taking 3 of my sales to make up for lost days that I should have hit goal.

Thank you for all that you do for the Citizens.

37 months ago
Johnny Cash

Your vote is noted, Cory.

Thanks for all YOU do to make this possible!

37 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi yswayto, I am so sorry to hear about your frustrations. I do see you did receive a recent AMCO of $45.50 which is a Accelerated Matured Cash Out, this was sent over to your PayPal account. Please let me know if you have more questions or issue with cashing out.

37 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Simply amazing idea JC. Empowr never sleeps with unending AMCO features giving emphasis on every action we made and we missed or unable to accomplish. This is truly a great news again for everyone especially those who give their utmost concentration building the economy. Really love the idea and looking forward to hitting all my goals. Thank you so much Empowr for giving importance to our busy schedule at times and some urgent needs. Will make sure that I am updated with all the information. Always excited to hear these awesome changes and be ready for the marketplace to blast.
Thank you JC, hard working coaches, engineers, some of the brightest minds Empowr has and to all.
Empowr rocks!

37 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks Crispina! :) Your opinion matters a great deal to us all!

37 months ago
Dhanendra Shah

With these new Ideas # 1 to 4 would be game changer for Empower Citizens. Very Positive Picture built up & New Citizens will be more confident. All of us sincerely work more & Empower Mission can reach it's Goal fast. Thanks a Thinkers Team & Executive Team with Techno Engineers Team. I happily Welcomed all four Ideas.

37 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Really great ideas from everyone, that's how things are just improving all the time.
Yes, I agree with all the suggestions above :)

37 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

I agree too with all 4 great ideas.It's ok ,if there will be a delay about the October AMCO'S.
Thank you and God Bless Us all.

37 months ago
Cornel Barzu

Excellent Announcement

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks, Cornel!

37 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Hit tomorrow’s Daily Goal today
those extra actions could automatically roll into the next day…
… so that you’ll be closer to hitting your Daily Goal the next day, the very moment that you sign in.

This is a very good idea, this can help many to achieve there daily goals for more days during the month.
I am with the new four ideas to be applied.

Here is what I am facing
I am really facing a problem with daily goals.
I can hit 3 out of 4 daily goals, the one which I can’t do it is bid, every time I try to bid on any item
This message comes out.
“You currently have too many active "Pay Now $0" items, likely related to auctions that you're
currently the highest bidder on, and items that you're sponsoring that have not yet sold.

You'll be able to use "Pay Now $0" on additional items as soon as some of them are no
longer active, or when your power level increases.”

I think it is blocked, because it is been like this for quite some times, many items that I sponsor are on longer active but still I can’t bid.

Please advice on this and for how long it will be like this, and how to make some items not active?

Paused No longer active
Auction Complete No longer active
Rejected No longer active

Only 4 items are active out of more than 400 items.
This is not fair Please advice
This also creates a problem for me to close loops with the people in my circle of trust.


37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ben, I would be more than happy to look into this issue for you. I will contact you via direct message to follow up. Thank you!

37 months ago
Gene Aasen

I like all 4 of the suggestions and am OK with a delay of the October AMCO. It seems the #1 question of new citizens or prospects is "Does this really pay?" so anything that can be done to "Prudently" accelerate payouts I believe would be beneficial to the growth of the community. The Rollover component may help with the quality of posts. Citizens that are pressed for time and put out one and two word posts just to hid their goal may be able to put more time into fewer quality posts if they know they won't lose them.

37 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for the feedback - we're definitely cognizant of both items that you've brought up, which is why we want to act quickly after getting the votes from the community on what they feel is best.

37 months ago
Ioana Dumitrache

Good news! thank you team !!!!

37 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

all ideas are very good. I like everything new that is done in Empowr.

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Aksana, we're glad that you enjoyed the post and the ideas. Thanks!

37 months ago
Sakura Cy

This is a great idea! This can help everyone to achieve their daily goals.

37 months ago

Great ideas JC : Here is my 2 cent agreeing and suggestions

When listing a product - if you have three (identical/similar) of them then it should count towards 3 daily listings instead of listing one each day. (when they sell?)

Product listing shares should be worth more than "naked women" shares? To encourage quality postings. Same as "product " share should be worth more than premium blog shares

Do you want empowr to retroactively apply these new rules? (yes)

1. Rolling your actions forward (yes -agreed)
2. Bonus actions roll forward too (yes -agreed)
3. Help with your product listings goal (sponsored listings -then rejected should be addressed) (yes -agreed)
Imagine if together we decided that three (3) product sales of $5 or more…… equals one (1) product listing (great idea)(yes -agreed)

37 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks for sharing your feedback. The idea with sales supplementing the act of listing is a way to ensure our marketplace is not filled with the same listing over and over again.

Imagine if you are a carpenter and make high quality chairs, if you're chairs are in such a high demand that you sell 3 of them a day, then you should have the ability to hit your listing goal daily without the need to list anything new at all. Ultimately, listing products is just a way to help people get more sales, so that is why JC has suggested giving you daily goal credit for sales in addition to the simple act of listing.

37 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

well it would have been to a vacation once a year. chtoy it was fashionable to go quietly. not Luhmann about empovr, about what my income will decrease.

37 months ago
Dezarae Ali

I'm blown away. Phenomenal.
You had me laughing and saying "Whaaaaat?" more than once.
Really speechless. My vote is yes yes yes yes yes. My vote will always be yes.
Love to all of empowr team.

37 months ago
Paul Sushobhan

Greetings from Canada.
Great ideas to build empowr economy and thereby helping all citizens not to miss AMCO in any way..I fully agree with all 4 ideas. Thank you JC and awaiting eagerly for the implementation.

37 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Hi Johny . very good ideas and I say yes to that questions . My suggesting and concern about 7 days blocking . It hurts citizens and empowr economy too . I was blocked in october and I am blocked in november for 7 days . It is not fair . My product was actual physical product , with clear photo , with shipping details which May Ram said it is ok and description was ok I think . But both 5 listings rejected and because i am blocked I can not edit my "mistake" and list again . So in result I will lost 7 days in november and empowr economy will lost sales . In recent post I read that in future to list a product we will only need take photo of product , then why now you are rejecting and blocking us for 7 days for a little mistake . I am not guilty if moderators racing for rejecting items . I suggest you to eliminate blocking citizens for rejection , instead the moderator can write reason and solution so citizen can edit and relist item . I hope you will consider this . Thanks for attention

37 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Yes , I did . But my SC is very slow . I will change my SC

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Khayal, thank you for taking the time to speak up and provide information regarding your experiences. Please be sure to speak with your Success Coach regarding any questions that you have about your listing (any questions regarding how to properly list, or why a particular listing may have been rejected). They would be happy to help you. Thank you!

37 months ago
Tetiana Parfonova

I believe that innovation in empowr should be! And the fact that you do only for the benefit of all!

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thanks, Tetiana - Good point, innovation is the key to success!

37 months ago
Adil Nadeem

There's another suggestion , one that i think is important to the "Daily posting", Some of the citizens "Like, Share or repost" the earlier posts "3-4 days" old rather than doing so with the posts done recently or done that day. It closes the circle but doesn't reward for the current day post, and as i understand that the posts done in the 24 hours will be rewarded ,"People liking the older posts will not count as a earning" .However it will complete their trust with me making me liable to them.

37 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

All of these ideas are amazing and I, as all other citizens, will wholeheartedly say YES TO ALL.
But allow me to say that these ideas may now be implemented from the the next month instead of now. Why? Just imagine how much it will effect moral of many of the citizens that everyone was expecting AMCO on 1st then on 3rd or 4th Nov & now as 4th Nov is ending, it will be delaying further for a week or so.
Thanks JC & all the team. Stay blessed.

37 months ago
Victor Jacob

Good news finally ! Now I see that Empowr is moving forward and I agree entirely with all these new features to be.
Thanks for the hard working team !

37 months ago
Regan Jeya Antony

WOW...simply awesome ideas. I am 1000% sure this would work towards building up a healthy economy in empowr.

* How about simply calculating the unattained daily goals day's posting, sharing and bidding cumulatively as one unit and if that marks for 5 days, could be noted as one goal hit??? (only if on a specific day, all the other 3 tasks have been completed....likewise 5 x 3 tasks completed = 1 goal hit)

* Fixed day for AMCOs....may be 15th of every month...so that back-end people can work liberally to check twice or thrice (as time is needed when i glanced through all those above modifications and calculations)

* How about Auto-Relist? as you said when 3 sales happened, the product could be relisted automatically to complete the next day's listing goal?

* How about making a sequence of listing of all available products and takes one moderated listing automatically for every single day? so that citizens can list whenever they have something to sell and gets it automatically moderated and will be in queue to place them on the daily listing (one a day)?

* Finally how about AMCO for the buyers who contributes more than sellers??? sellers get the money to home and buyers invests in empowr...!!!?

NOTE: There have been a lot of sales but nobody is paying for the purchase....any use??? simply to hit their daily goal of bidding, they click on it and not pay for it....how about a penalty of 10% (automatically from empowr profit) of the actual price (excluding shipping) to pay the seller? this would avoid unnecessary bids and would help a healthy environment to build a better economy.

37 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Wow sounds great. Yesterday I was out of town and I drove 14 hours on road. I quickly ran home to manage to reach my goals. It would be great if this would happen. Now I will try to process all this information in detail.
Thanks Jhonny C and Empowr Team, you are just wonderful :)

37 months ago
Aura Gabriela Militaru

Now I reread carefully all information. Here it is late but I agree with all 4 proposals. Congratulations to Johnny C & Empowr Team, you have MY BELESSING. But please take care Empowr engineers and the whole team, to be rewarded royally .... they receive a substantial bonus to salary ..... they deserve. Congratulations to these wonderful ideas. You deserve my love and many hugs :)

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Aura! The empowr engineers appreciate the love they get from the citizens. We will be sure to share it with them!

37 months ago
Tania St. Iv

Wonderful ideas - all of them! And I personally think that delaying the reward (AMCO) for an even bigger piece of it is well worth the wait :) empowr knows how to turn good things into great things. Thank you, JC, hats off to the whole team!

37 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

Empowr is full of surprises there is no doubt that brains behind this platform are so brilliant, keep on doing good work guys. JC I have created a Document on how to make this platform great especially in my country. I'd like to share this document with you, what can I do?

37 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Great to hear - could you please forward me that document and we will definitely take a look to see what ideas you have.

Thanks again for the passion!


37 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

Thank you Brian. I have sent the document titled "Help to accomplish Empowr mission in Zimbabwe" to your inbox, please check. I would like to hear your feedback.

37 months ago
Aman Choudhry

Great idea indeed. I cant see anything better than this at the moment. Before voting the option among those 4.
I would like to say, i do not have any problem delaying my AMCO since i have firm confidence over empowr team and their Policies. Secondly though i like all 4 suggestions and have no issue with a delay of October AMCO.
But i would like to suggest 2nd and 4th can be much econimical for both empowr and their citizens.
Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this valuable decision making process.

37 months ago
Aman Choudhry

hi AB, well i do like 1 along with 4. but being a professional sometimes i failed to tackle my daily goals.
anyways thanks and i appreciate ur support

37 months ago
Joseph Owusu Yawson

Aman, I think I agree with you

37 months ago