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Good news about earnings

by Johnny Cash on November 18, 2016

Good news about earnings

Hi everyone,

As you know, empowr uniquely believes that the platform -- and the economic value that stems from the platform -- should belong to its citizens...

… as opposed to just a few rich founders and shareholders.


To ensure the above is not just meaningless words, but actually a reality that all of us can work towards...

... as you may know, the community has set a goal is to push 97% of all revenue that comes into empowr, back to its citizens.

To execute on that vision, everyone has worked very hard, and experienced great difficulty in the short-term…

… in order to keep empowr’s operating costs down, so we can maximize the earnings that empowr can deliver back to its citizens.


That 97% goal includes revenue from ALL sources, including advertising from large corporations, when that revenue begins to ramp up as empowr’s traffic continues to rise.

Accomplishing that goal will take some time, but we’ve been moving rapidly towards that goal lately.


Revenues are on the rise

Well, as I recently reported, empowr has been enjoying a very nice uptick in revenues, which it’s eager to push back to the community as quickly as possible, in order to inch closer and closer to the 97% goal.

Last week, I reported that the amount of AMCO cash outs doubled from the month before….

… and four (4) times as many people received an AMCO this month, than did last month.


Ready for more good news?

Your earnings from posting are about to grow very, very nicely

The empowr engineers have just completed an overhaul of the payout system that’s responsible for how you earn from your posts.

That means that you’ll immediately start generating more profits from your posts…

… profits that you can use to:

A.  Shop in the marketplace

B.  Move up power levels rapidly, further increasing your earnings

C.  Pay your ad platform fees

D.  Cash out


As someone who’s listing things to sell, this means that you’ll be able to earn more from selling…

… because everyone will now have more profits to pay for your products and services.

That means that there is no better time to list things to sell to your fellow empowr citizens, than right now.



The engineers are almost 99% done with testing, and so you should start noticing a nice and sudden bump in your earnings from posting within the next 24-48 hours.

Using the comments below, please drop us a line when you notice that.


What will this mean for AMCO cash outs?

As I mentioned, last month the total amount of AMCO cash outs doubled.

Now, the total amount of AMCOs that will be paid out next month (which will be paid by the 7th of December) are set to grow an additional 50% on top of the doubler that already happened.


I can tell you without any hesitation that nothing – NOTHING -- makes everyone at empowr happier than to see more money being paid out to empowr citizens…

… as we know how much it means to you and your families…

… and heaven knows you so very much deserve all the success and happiness possible…

… due to the incredible sacrifices you made, over the months and years that you’ve been involved with this mission.

So of course I feel a very deep sense of satisfaction at being the one to report such good news. 


We are a community, and together we will experience good times…

…. as well as hard and difficult times, as everyone who’s been here for years knows very well.


This is one of the good times

… and I want to take a quick moment – on behalf of everyone involved – success coaches, employees and citizens alike…

... to thank you for being an empowr citizen, and buying into this crazy mission and approach (of not raising money from investors, so that the platform can and will always belong to the community)…

… despite all the hardship that may have meant for you in the short-term.



Any questions?

We’re here for you.


Rajendra Shukla

Pleased to hear that.Let us walk together to new heights of Earnings and Innovations to earn Democratically.
Thanks a Tonnes
Rajendra Shukla

37 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Fantastic News JC.
Thank you :)

37 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Wonderful announcement! You really are like Santa Claus with the speed all these gifts are coming! Big smile and happy heart here! Always at your service and eager to see the new changes.
Warm regards,

37 months ago
Dubere Emilia

Thanks for all the messages and information provided.
But the situation with maturity not understand ???
Appreciate, further information received from you
Good luck to all who work here.

35 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks to entire Empowr team for their hard work.

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you, Rajesh!

37 months ago
Shailesh Lopez

Very true that I have seen so many citizens having much more than expected.
Happy to see this endeavour for many needy people.
I too had a cash out in previous months from "Matured cash out" & "Early cash out".
But this time I had a matured cash out whatever be the amount but AMCO was nothing.
Anyway let us see the next month's result.
Wishing a great success to empowr as a "Mission".

37 months ago
Shailesh Lopez

Thanks for the prompt reply and clarity and yes I got email exactly what you have mentioned.

37 months ago
Paul Vincent

How did you Cash it out. Mine is not accepting my credit card or debit card even through PayPal. Can I get it through Western Union transfer

36 months ago
Abdul Ghaffar

This is good news indeed. This is a great update! Thank you Empowr.

37 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks everyone! This is great news! We will keep you posted on the increases.

37 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC,
I also thank the citizens, success coaches, empowr engineer and all who have contributed to the growth of empowr. It's a great progress and I believe that the BEST is yet to come. empowr is the place to be!

Thanks to everybody!

37 months ago
Adil Nadeem

Excellent, working hard pays off, Thank-you Empowr
Excellent post.
Looks like Christmas came early.

37 months ago
Adil Nadeem

There is a system bug, i manually upgraded my power and it turned my yesterdays goal to incomplete. Please fix.Thank-you kindly for everything.

37 months ago
Albert Dodd

This is wonderful news and greatly appreciated. Thanks to all for their har work and contributions.

37 months ago
Russ Toews

It's such a wonderful thing when something you get involved with turns out to be even better than you could've hoped and wished for. Empowr is that amazing program and I'm so thankful that I got involved. The funny thing is that the person who got me involved then got cold feet and quit - he wanted me to quit too - but I didn't! :-)

37 months ago

Very exciting to see this kind of progress being made. All the hard work will pay off and payoff handsomely thnx everyone.!

37 months ago
Padmaja Panchakarla

Thank u JC

37 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

I'm just delighted with this news. empowr pleases more and more with each passing day. I want to shout for joy)))

37 months ago
ღ DarkNymph Aka Cyndi ღ

Thank you for giving us even more encouragement that we'll eventually be able to make regular cashouts!

37 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

I've never seen such a good platform. This is the best, next to none. I enjoy reading this blog knowing that I will hear good news. I'm glad to be on Empowr and I'm here to stay. I've created a document on how to make Empowr great here in my country Zimbabwe I want to share it with the admin. what can I do?

37 months ago
Muhammad Arshad Niazi

Happy to read and see that empowr is growing more and increasing its revenues. I am seeing increase earning in my daily earning history from last 2 days as I am also completing goals now. Thank you empowr and JC.

37 months ago
Indra SiGe

Quizzical... Or maybe you're lucky 'cos JC said "...within the next 24-48 hours".

37 months ago
May Ram

Good morning JC, and the team.
This is one of many amazing times, and it reminds us that the empowr mission (A mission for humanity) is very much real and achievable if we work together as a team.
Thank you for giving us such endless opportunities to be part of the empowr mission.

37 months ago
Catherine Sandiford

This is great news for everyone!
Thanks you!

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

We're glad that you're pleased with the post. Thanks, Catherine!

37 months ago

Empowr introduces more new algorithms of the system, which improves not only the joy of working with this platform but also instills more confidence in its mission. And of course at times it increases so much that it is not enough such projects ... Trust. Keep the team, I'm glad to join you, and now I am a part of such an important mission as the Empowr

37 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

I've been here for just over two months and it amazes me how quickly empowr develops. Thanks for this great news. It is exciting to be part of it.

37 months ago
Martins .

This news just made my Xmass

37 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Awesome, Martins . !

37 months ago
Jon H

Remember. It's Christmas. . We must not leave Christ out of Christmas. After all, that's what it all sbout...

37 months ago

Grazie per la notizia e buon lavoro

37 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

An awesome news. I just always feel positive that more and more will be satisfied from being a part of Empowr community whose aim is more on the need of its citizen. Just hope more cash outs ahead. Thanks JC and the Admin as a whole...

37 months ago
Tania St. Iv

That's a really great update and news. Huge thanks to all the hard-working people behind the scenes who make this awesome development possible and the dreams of so many people around the world come true :). Go go empowr!

37 months ago
M Sajjad

I am so excited to be a part of Empowr's growth.Keep up the good work!

37 months ago
Khayal Gasimov

Perfect News !!!! The one more thing some citizens need is new payout system which works in every country . Go Empowr Go !!!

37 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

This is a good news for every one. Thanks to JC & all the team. :)
I've a suggestion to attract more ads from big corporations. Though am not sure if is possible or not but at the same time I think we may give our thoughts that may be some suggestion can be of benefit to all.
So, the suggestion is that is it not possible to make a separate bar for ads of big corporations to appear in a line on one side of the profile and every one is given a task to click at least 10 ads for 10-20 seconds per day. But please don't include it in MANDATORY DAILY GOALS, though it can be set as a daily goal without linking it to that MANDATORY goal to qualify for AMCO.
I don't want to be a culprit of everyone for being source of another MANDATORY daily goal. :P
Thanks a lot!!!

37 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Happy to learn that Empowr is increasing its revenue. Thank you to all citizens, success coaches, empowr team members.

37 months ago
Eva Kiss

Örülök, hogy nagyon sok Empowr polgárnak kedvezett ez az utolsó kifizetés. sokaknak háromszorosára nőtt. Csak én vagyok nagyon elkeseredve, hogy az én keresetem, meg a tizedére csökkent, soha ilyen keveset nem kaptam még. Aránytalannak is tartottam, nem tudom, mi alapján számoltak,de közel 3 évi munkám van benne, ami után nem ennyit érdemeltem volna.
Így most nagyon várom a jövő havi kifizetést, s remélem én is közte lehetek azon Empowr polgárok között, akik a 400-500 $ kifizetést megkapják,
Nagyon sok új Empowr polgár fordul hozzám segítségért, a segítséget, bátorítást megadom nekik, de ezek után meggondolandó!

37 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

This is good news. thank empowr team

37 months ago

This above said very good news indeed. What about the citizens of Ukraine? We can not remove the accrued AMCO to PayPal is not our fault. Can you think of an alternative way to get money from EMPOWR such payment system Payoneer US or cryptocurrency Bittcoin available for the Ukrainian?

37 months ago
Kouontchou Cedric

C'est toujours impressionnant pour moi de savoir que je fais partie de quelque chose qui est entrain de changer beaucoup de chose dans la manière avec laquelle est concue la plupart des modèles économiques. C'est très important pour chaque citoyen de Empowr de savoir qu'il fait partie de la communauté et que chacune de ses actions aura un impact sur le groupe. Je suis fier de voir la plateforme grandir et de faire toujours profiter ses membres en les mettant au premier plan. Merci empowr.

37 months ago
Anna Kundrat

Thank you for the wonderful news. I am very glad that I have the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your respectful attitude to all of us.

37 months ago
Lana Ferra

Wonderful news! I am very thankful to the empowr team and all hard working empowr citizens for their priceless efforts to improve the economy or empowr. Great job, my friends! Do not stop and lets together make even more for our common prosperity!

37 months ago
Horgan Okon

This is such a Great News, and It mean so much to us all. I pray that this community will keep on growing from strength to strength with much love.

Long live Empowr!
Long Citizens!!

God Bless Us All.

37 months ago