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Welcome to 2017

by Johnny Cash on January 01, 2017


Welcome to 2017


Happy New Year everyone!

This New Year, instead of looking at all we accomplished together in the last year…

… I thought I’d turn it around and ask YOU...

... empowr citizens and success coaches...

... for your input.


We need your guidance for 2017.

We need to know what YOU want empowr’s priorities to be.


“Show me an organization’s priorities, and I’ll tell you it’s future”.

                                                                                                       -unknown philosopher


First, for the benefit of our newest citizens

… and to serve as a refresher for our old-timer citizens

… let’s remind ourselves:

What have we been attempting to accomplish?


Together we
the citizens, success coaches & employees of empowr

are on a mission.


We’re attempting to use software…

… to build a place where people from all over the world…

… can find opportunity


… and the influence and power to change their lives for the better.


In fact, empowr’s official mission and goal reads as follows:

Our Mission
To empower people by enabling
opportunity, hope and influence.

Our Goal
To help half the planet (4 billion people)
earn $25 or more per day
by the year 2025.


Are we building a new nation?

Perhaps one way to think about empowr’s future, is that of a new nation.

A nation that people can easily travel to – using their smartphone or PC -- and easily become a citizen of -- just by signing up.


But is “nation” really the right way to look at what we’re creating?

Perhaps.  Let’s discuss: 

      These days, most of our communications, and our community, are happening online.

      More of our news and entertainment are now coming from cyberspace.

      Our shopping is rapidly moving to the Web and mobile.

      And now, more of our income potential and opportunity are manifesting via the internet.


Clearly, more and more of our time, money and life are being spent online.

So, where is that fine-line?

I mean, exactly when is the moment… 

… where we find ourselves more dependent on the online world, than we are on the actual countries where our physical bodies happen to be located in?

And as we find ourselves more dependent on various online places, aren’t those places (those websites, apps, companies that we use) also completely dependent on us

… for their content, for their revenue, and even for their reason to exist in the first place?



Over time, we have grown to demand certain things from the place -- our country -- where we have lived and built our communities; where we have worked and played.

Shouldn’t we be demanding more from the places where we’re now doing most of those things?


I submit for your consideration that it IS optimal and accurate to think about what we’re doing here together, at empowr, as “forming a new nation”:

      A nation that exists only to help make the lives of its citizens better.

      A nation where everyone (citizens, success coaches and employees) is doing their part to improve how it helps you and other citizens.

      A nation that’s accountable to you. That listens to you. That moves in the direction you want and need it to.

      A nation whose leader comes from the community; and is elected (by vote) by the community members.

      A nation where you have rights. 

      A nation that is inclusive – meaning that the income and wealth being generated flow to its citizens, as opposed to being extracted out for the benefit of a few billionaires (company founders and investors) and their friends.

So, as we go about building this nation, the question I'd like you to think about, is:

What kind of nation do you want?

      If you were choosing to move to a new country, how would you judge and compare countries?

      What factors would you most consider, as you look to make your choice?

      What things would make your move to a new country worth the effort?


For 2017…

… what important things…

… do YOU feel…

… should be in that very top…

… (2% to 3%) of empowr’s projects?


In a moment, please use the comments section below, to share your thoughts, your desires, your wishes.

But first, please consider that empowr is not an organization with the most resources in the world.

At any one point, together, we can only focus on about 2% to 3% of all the things we would like to get done.


Therefore, we must be very careful – incredibly methodical and specific – as we go though the process of determining which projects we will take on.

Welcome to 2017

To help get the conversation started…

… I’ll share how we have been attempting to answer that question during 2016.


Up to now, the following have been our priorities...

         ... and how we've answered this question:

What kind of nation do you want?


1.  A vibrant and rapidly growing nation

I’m sure most people can agree that a great nation needs to be one that is growing…

… so that it’s constantly getting stronger and more capable of helping its people.


But how should we measure empowr’s growth?

Most Internet companies measure themselves by the number of eyeballs hitting their pages, because it is the sales of those eyeballs (advertising) that ultimately matters most to them, as they work to enrich their shareholders.

And if they end up counting software bots, non-real people, fake accounts and people that have many accounts…

… creating a false sense of how many real eyeballs they’re delivering to the advertisers…

… well, so be it.

Those fake users help them seem bigger, which helps their revenues and so they’re generally fine with that.


As you may know by now, at empowr we believe the best nation will ultimately have the strongest economy.


Because the nations with the strongest economies have the most resources…

… and therefore they’re most capable of helping their citizens improve their lives using those resources.


So, rather than count how many eyeballs are viewing the empowr platform, instead, we need another way of counting our citizens.

We need a way to count the people that are really contributing to the empowr economy…

… as opposed to simply counting visitors or software bots or count fake accounts or people with many accounts.


Perhaps one way to measure the number of people truly contributing to the economy…

… is to count the number of people that are hitting their Daily Goals?


Counting the number of Daily Goal hitters

When someone hits their Daily Goal, they’re building and motivating their circle of trust (their network).

Those personal motivated networks are the key to each citizen’s income potential, as they represent the people that will be there for him or her:

-- To help them earn by viewing and sharing their posts

-- To help them earn by sharing, bidding and buying the things they’re selling

-- To help them reach an even wider audience with their listings and posts


So when a citizen hits their Daily Goal, they are building and motivating their network, which increases their personal economic potential.

That means they have also increased the economic potential of the overall empowr community and economy, because they are doing that within empowr.


In addition, when an empowr citizen hits their Daily Goal -- along with growing their economic potential by growing their circle of trust -- they are also immediately:

      adding to the empowr economy because of the products & services they list and deliver to other empowr citizens

      helping other people distribute and sell their products & services, by bidding, sharing and sponsoring (IE: acting as distributors) for those people


And that’s why we think it makes sense to judge empowr’s growth based on the number of people hitting their Daily Goals.

If empowr is said to be “rapidly growing”, that means that the number of Daily Goal hitters is quickly growing.

And that’s why every empowr employees keeps a close eye -- each and every day -- on how this number is growing.


2.  A highly productive nation

We believe that a great nation needs to be a productive one, not just an active one.

For example, what if everyone is busy hitting their Daily Goals but, in the end, the community is accomplishing almost nothing.


Typically, nations compare themselves against others using their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – which is the amount of sales being made (money changing hands) within their economies.


In that same manner, empowr measures the productivity of the overall economy, by total dollar amount of completed sales of products and services…

… by citizens to other citizens, where profits successfully changed hands.

This measurement of productivity is also watched by every empowr employee daily.


3.   A nation with a high standard of living

For all the hard work (and Daily Goals hit) of our citizens, what do our citizens receive in return?

Nations often measure their standard of living by “income per capita”. How much is each citizen earning?

At empowr, we calculate that by taking the amount of cash outs, on average, our citizens receive…

… and we add to that the dollar amount of products and services they are purchasing and receiving, on average, via the empowr economy.


Adding those two (cash and purchases) helps us have a benchmark that all employees watch daily to ensure the standard of living, of empowr citizens, continues to grow.


4.  A great nation has happy citizens

What’s the point of empowr, if its citizens aren’t happy?

At empowr, each month we ask each and every citizen how happy they are in empowr (0-10)…

… and we watch your votes and read your comments very carefully…

… to ensure we have a constant eye on what you want us to improve, and what you’re totally loving and want us to do more of.


Like all the above factors, every employee of empowr views this info daily

… so that how you feel about how we’re doing, is always top-of-mind.


5.   A great nation has happy children

The future of every nation is its children.

And you can judge a nation’s future by the care it takes with its newest citizens; the ones that need the most help.

At empowr, our newest citizens are our “children”.  We are always focused on improving how we focus on the needs of our newest citizens.

Indeed, one of the ways that success coaches are awarded, is based on the results achieved with their newest student citizens.


6.  A great nation does a great job at educating its youth

Along with a focus on the happiness of new citizens, a great nation must invest heavily in the education of its youth. Why?

Well, because the greatness of nations depends on the strength of their economies…

… and because the strength of their economies depend on the productivity of their citizens…

… then…

… it follows that the nations that do best at educating their citizens to be productive and successful in their economies…

… end up becoming the greatest of nations.


Did you follow that?

The nations that do the best job at educating their citizens today

… become the greatest nations tomorrow.


In empowr, education happens through our success coach program.

Success coaches are judged and bonused based on:

      The quality of their teaching

      How successful their students become in the economy

      How happy their students are

      How fast they respond to questions from their students

      How fast they moderate the marketplace listings submitted by their students


Recently, empowr has been specifically focused on increasing the quality of education, in two (2) new and major ways:

1.  The first way is by “decreasing class size”…

… meaning bringing down the average number of students that each success coach is responsible for, so they can spend more time with each student.

This was accomplished when hundreds of you, our dear citizens, volunteered to become success coaches in just the last 90 days.

Thank you, new success coaches! 

You are an inspiration to everyone…

  and of great hope and assistance to the old-timer success coaches that have been over-worked and carrying the torch…

… some for many, many years.


Did you know? The number of success coaches has quadrupled in just the last 90 days – driving down the “average class size”.


2.  The second big recent push to increase the quality of education, is by opening up management positions…

… so Success Coaches themselves have help and guidance, as they look to improve how they educate and serve their students.


Of course, all success coaches can earn bonuses for doing a great job with their students…

… but now, also by training, mentoring and leading other success coaches to greatness.


It no secret:

empowr believes that if the future of an economy depends on its quality of education…

... then shouldn’t its educators be compensated as well as -- if not better than -- any other role in the empowr economy?


empowr has spent years studying and analyzing what went wrong in educational systems (like that of the United States)…

… and what went right (in countries like Finland and South Korea)…

… and the result of those learnings and implementations is that, now, in empowr:

      Success Coaches are free to try different approaches to educating their students: They are free to innovate!

o      (Learned by watching one of the most successful education systems: Finland – where teachers are trained well, then released to be creative and entrepreneurial).

      Success coaches are compensated based on merit – meaning based on their own performance as a teacher -- and are free to earn as much as they like without limits.

o      (Learned from South Korea’s educational system, where teachers can become millionaires).


Being a focused and dedicated success coach is one of the best ways to earn profits and even AMCOs in empowr…

… if you are serious about helping people succeed.

This is a still great time to become a success coach… learn how here


Our objective is for each generation of students to get better.

And then, we’ll look to each new generation of students, for the next crop of success coaches to emerge…

… even better trained and equipped, on average, than the generation before them.


As a result, with each generation of students and success coaches, the overall quality of the education system will improve…

… creating better educated students that are even more prepared to be successful in the empowr economy.


Which ultimately means a stronger economy…

… that’s getting better and better at meeting the needs of its citizens…

… with each passing wave (or generation) of citizens and success coaches.


7.  A great nation has a currency that’s in demand

People want to have more of the currency of great nations.

In empowr, when you use your credit card or PayPal to pay for products and services, you are -- in essence -- buying into the empowr currency.

Therefore, one way to measure the demand of the empowr currency, is by tracking the company’s monthly revenues – meaning the amount of money flowing into empowr.

empowr is always looking for new ways to boost its revenues, because that’s the only way it can come up with more cash to pay out to its citizens…

... which is essential to pushing upwards the standard of living of its citizens.

Indeed, together we’ve been doing really well with revenues, as evidenced by the (rapidly growing) amount of cash outs lately.


And things will get a lot better soon:

As empowr continues to grow…

… it will become a much more attractive place for big advertisers to spend their money…

.. which, as a reminder, is how over 90% of the revenues of Facebook, Google and most top web properties are generated.


And so all of us at empowr simply cannot wait for empowr’s traffic to grow to a point where the advertising dollars it can earn are meaningful…

… so that we can get more of that revenue (billions of dollars annually, just like the other platforms)…

… and of course in empowr’s case -- unlike any other platform -- virtually all that revenue will be pushed to its citizens via cash outs.


8.  A great nation has great infrastructure

Great nations invest heavily in their roads, bridges, trains, airports and transportation…

… because they’ve learned that the faster people can get around…

… the more business they can do…

… which means the faster their economy grows…

… and the more everyone prospers.


In empowr, we think “great infrastructure” means that the empowr product must work faster and faster.

The platform must constantly become more stable.

All bugs must be eradicated. 

empowr must listen to its citizens as it looks to prioritize the new features, fixes and issues that it wants to attack using its limited resources.

This is a big part of why all empowr citizens are asked, monthly, to share their views on empowr…

... and why all empowr employees are required to view that information each day, before they start their day.


9.  A great nation is fair and secure

Great nations have laws and rules, and people are rewarded for following them.

Many of you have been complaining about the spammers around the site – spreading their garbage about loans and get rich quick scams.

And you’ve also pointed out that some citizens appear to be doing things that don’t appear to be “above board” and honest.

As a result of your requests, I can tell you that removing those that have chosen to cheat you will now become an even bigger focus for us at empowr.

It’s my promise to you, that you’ll be seeing new initiatives around this topic in the coming days and weeks.


10.  And finally, the citizens of a great nation are free

In a great nation, people are free to speak up and be heard.

They are free to change the system.

After all, if the system truly belongs to them, there should be free elections happening on a regular basis…

… where peaceful revolutions (known as democratic elections) cause the old leaders to go away…

… and make room for the new and passionate ones, as judged and “hired” by the citizens via their votes.


By now, empowr has had several presidential elections, where you voted to elect the company’s President.

In 2017, we’ll have our next empowr presidential election, where a few of you will step up and say “I’m running to be the next president of empowr”.

And then we’ll all vote, and – very simply -- the person with the most votes, will become the next president of empowr.


To become empowr’s president, you don’t need experience running a company.

empowr will provide you with full-time staff who will show you how things work around the office, and make you feel comfortable pretty quickly.


You just need to have good ideas, and a love for empowr and its potential. No one will vote for you if they sense you don’t have those two things.

The only requirement is that you need to be a success coach.

If you think you might want to give it a go, be sure to become a success coach now so you’re eligible to run, when the time comes.


Question: Why do empowr presidential candidates need to first be success coaches?

Answer:  Because in that manner, they will have already proven to the community that they will enjoy -- and be good at -- serving the community.  

Isn’t that what a president’s job description is… "serving the community"?

There are no losers in empowr’s presidential elections:

Based on all past elections, I can tell you that the support and respect you’ll feel for having put your name out there and run for president…

… whether you win or not…

… will be amazing.


So, this is the perfect time become a success coach:

      Do it because you love helping people

      Do it because you love seeing people succeed

      Do it because you love earning great bonuses

      Do it because you love AMCO cash outs

      Do it because you’d love to have the option to become empowr’s president in the future 

Simply go here to learn how easy, fun and rewarding it is to become a success coach.


And beyond the empowr presidential election…

  much, much more needs to happen to evolve empowr’s democratic process and institutions.


Specifically, the empowr constitution needs to be formalized, and all the rules better defined, so that senators, congressmen and women can be elected on a regular basis…

… and political parties are encouraged and enabled to form.

empowr’s board of advisors, comprised of some of the world’s best thinkers in the areas of political science and economics, are ready to get started on this process…

… and are waiting for the successful attainment of the many economics results, that we’ve actually been experiencing recently.


Our democratic hope for 2017

Our hope is that, sometime during 2017, the organization’s focus can become bringing together more of the full democratic process so that you are all truly free…

… and have more influence on the world around you and especially in this community and economy that you’re putting so much into.


By the way, I highlighted the word “influence” above to see if it caught your attention.

What’s that? empowr wants you to have more influence?

Influence on what?

Where did you hear that, before…?


Perhaps you remember it from empowr’s mission:

To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.


Based on what you’re telling us via your feedback, in this last year most of you are receiving much more opportunity from the empowr economy (than you did before)...

… which is making many more citizens hopeful about their future.


And with opportunity and hope on the rise, we’re even more eager to help get you more influence

… meaning more power to change the things, rules and leaders…

… that most matter to you…

  and most affect your ability to create & live the life you choose and dream of.



Here comes 2017

I can tell you -- with much pride -- in 2016 there has been significant and measurable progress in points # 1-9 above…

… some of them progressed more than others, of course.


Specifically, the empowr team and engineers successfully completed nearly 10,000 new features, bug fixes, algorithm and infrastructure improvements…

… with almost all of such product ideas, suggestions and bug/issue reports coming to us directly from YOUR input through:

      Your comments in blog posts like this 

      Your feedback via the monthly survey (where you vote 0-10 and then give your comments)

      and through your trusted success coaches


A big THANK YOU, from all of us, to the incredible success coaches…

… who work harder than most of us will ever know…


… and to all citizens, success coaches and non-coaches alike…

… for doing everything in your power to push & pull empowr up higher and higher…

… to where your vision wants it to go, and you believe it should be.


And a big thank you to the employees of empowr, who work harder than any other tech company out there…

… and who give up more of their lives – in terms of time, focus, money/income and benefits...

… in order for this mission to succeed…

We are all appreciative of their belief that the world needs this project to succeed, and it needs it so badly, that all their personal sacrifices that they make are worth it.


Being one of those employees myself, I can tell you that without the community’s (your) support…

… without all the encouragement you – our citizens -- always shower us in…

… without all the forgiveness you afford us every time we drop the ball…

… without this constant reminder, though your actions, that we’re not alone: 

… that you value this mission and believe it as much as we do.


I can tell you that without your incredible, unwavering and unrelenting support…

… there’s no way this grand and gigantic moonshot experiment would have endured and continue to grow and expand.


And so it is with that sense of humility to you…

... this sense of reciprocity and love that we have for you, our citizens…

… that feeling that stems from realizing how lucky we are, to have received so much from you…


… it is with that mindset that I can tell you without any doubt whatsoever…

… that the team, founders and management of empowr are -- now as much as ever…

… committed to serving you…

… and committed to giving this project everything we have until…

… together…

… we have achieved our mission and goal.

Our Mission

To empower people by enabling
opportunity, hope and influence.

Our Goal
To help half the planet (4 billion people)
earn $25 or more per day
by the year 2025.


Thanks for listening. So now, please, answer this question:

Welcome to 2017

Are we focused on the right things? What are we missing, that you believe should be one of the top 10 things we focus on?

      If you were choosing to move to a new country, how would you judge and compare countries?

      What factors would you most consider, as you look to make your choice?

      What things would make your move to a new country worth the effort?


Please use the comments section below, to share your thoughts, your desires, your wishes.


And once again, welcome to 2017



great information !! thanks !! good mood))

35 months ago
Mohammed Ali

It's a grate news for us, hope for the best and wishes our business will be rise up to the sky , I am being with you.thanks.
Mohammed Ali

35 months ago
Habarurema Andrew

Thanks,It is a great information .
God bless us
I wish everyone a happy new year 2017

35 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Welcome Year 2017 with a BANG!
God bless us all and SUCCESS to all of us!

35 months ago
Angel Luis Barrera

Great information.
Go Empowr!!!

35 months ago
David Bruyland

Very good post. Thanks, Jonny!
I'm looking forward to all the things that empowr is able to accomplish this year.
Let us all work together to accomplish the empowr mission.
I wish everyone a happy, successful and productive 2017.

35 months ago

Great Stuff Empowr! Moving forward can we focus on our "communities?" I have a number of students who work hard in them and they don't "reap" the benefits like we do on our own personal profiles, can the communities be "Re-vamped?" Thanks for all you do Empowr! "You Rock!" :)

35 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks Evelyn; and agreed. There's a lot on the list that needs to happen, to improve Communities massively. We cannot wait to get to that.

35 months ago
Nourein Mohssein

Hello, I am sorry If I write my problem here, but I have no choice, I had US PayPal I used it since I joined Empowr before 5 years Now, lately PayPal blocked my money there... So I did refund of my money to empower again.
I have a screenshot (Date +time) I have been trying to Empowr support time for a month now, but none understood my problem, I talked to my Coach (Meliha) Thanks for her she created Ticket for my problem but unfortunately, none also replied her. So I am here now writing to you my issue, hoping you give me a helping hand..
Best regards.

34 months ago
Nourein Mohssein

Hello JC... I have a problem.. Would you give me a helping hand?
I wrote a comment before, but I don't know why it does not appear.

34 months ago
Abdul Ghaffar

God bless us all and SUCCESS to all of us!
Let us all work together to accomplish the empowr mission.
Very good post. Thanks, Jonny!

35 months ago

Thank you and Happy New Year

35 months ago
Alex Nik


35 months ago

Better detail information of the managed ad campaign and it's daily earnings for each power user though the maturing processes in learning video.

35 months ago
Johnny Cash

Agreed -- absolutely needed, thanks Michael.

35 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC,

Happy New Year! , Frankly you have mentioned it all in his blog, a lot has been done in the year 2016 and indeed we are focused on the right things and I see a greater future ahead of us. I thank all the citizens, success coaches, empowr employees and engineers who contributed to the growth of empowr. God bless empowr!

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into helping the empowr community grow Edwin! Wishing you the best in 2017!

35 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks a lot Brian! Wish you all the best in this year. :)

35 months ago

If everyone is going to think not only about their own interests but primarily about the welfare of his circle of trust, and every citizen Empowr, Empowr our country will be truly unique and will give these people as much influence on their lives, as they truly deserve.
I am glad to be in such a family is like Empowr!

35 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

Happy New Year EMPOWR..Thank you !!!!!

35 months ago
Adam Smith

2016 was such a refreshing and energizing year for Empowr and probably the year in which I have personally seen the most positive change in the site and the morale of our citizens. I have personally taken advantage of the increased opportunities for success and I have been thrilled with the increased quality and levels of education and support for everyone. In my opinion, we have a wide range of tools and information available to us to succeed along whichever path we choose, which is liberating, to say the least. We have the freedom of expression and the ability to make decisions that are good for ourselves and that ultimately help Empowr as a whole. Although I have many suggestions, I think in the interest of this post I would put my priority at the Market Place, which is the heart of the Empowr Economy. The focus then would be on the quality of listings, because there are so many that are either misleading, incomplete or even of prohibited items. It's clear from virtually any search or browse through the listings that there are hundreds if not thousands of listings that do not clearly indicate the shipping details, and there are just as many listings for Ebooks, which are prohibited. I would respectfully request that some form of automated check be put into place to ensure listings have complete shipping details and that all listings with the words "Ebook" or "Digital Delivery" or "Delivered to your email" and other variations on these terms be tagged and sent to Success Coaches or Moderators for quick review before the listings are allowed to go active. So many of us are being credited for bids each day on items that are likely never going to be delivered, or items that are prohibited and shouldn't even be allowed in the Provide Market Place. This seemingly small tweak should have a very large impact on the quality of the listings and the overall satisfaction and productivity in the Market Place. That being said, I am still 100% full steam ahead on Empowr and have really been enjoying my time here, exchanging ideas and interacting with my fellow citizens. Empowr has truly become a place "to be," a place to be productive, entertained, friendly, helpful and successful and a place to be inspired.

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for these suggestions. I agree that getting the marketplace "right" is a major factor in the continued growth that we have been experiencing. We will be doubling down our efforts to keep the marketplace filled with quality listings and the ideas that you have proposed seem like very easy additions to the moderation process we already have in place.

Please do feel free to share your other suggestions when you have the time as I'm sure there will be valuable nuggets of information in them that we can use to further improve all aspects of the site.

35 months ago
Adam Smith

Hello Brian,
Thank you very much for your kind consideration and I will happily share more ideas in the appropriate forums. I'm very excited about Empowr as we move forward and I sincerely appreciate you allowing us all a voice and the courtesy of a personal reply.

35 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Hello JC and all other team members.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year with above all lots of inspiration to move this project further and further forward.
If there is one thing that I would really see improved it is the sponsored sale section. Right now when someone sponsors an item and sells it, the sale is registered in the sponsors 'I've Sold' page and not in the sellers 'I've Sold' page. The seller also doesn't receive a notification that their item has sold. It's up to the sponsor to get the address details of the buyer, by message or from the white box, and communicate those to the seller. As a seller, I want proof of the sale and I am asking for a screenshot of the product box in the 'I've Sold' page of the sponsor. When I have shipped the item I have to communicate the details to the sponsor again. I can tell from disputes and personal experience that this method isn't working. I think the seller should be notified with a sponsored sale box with the same options as the white box, with say a purple color, that the sale was made. The sponsor has to be informed as well with just a notifying box, say with the color brown, that his sponsored product was sold. I think it is really important to get this area sorted as a lot of sales are hanging in the air now and I have the feeling they hamper the growing process of the empowr marketplace.

I would also like to have the option to make a personal not in the product boxes in the 'I've Sold' page to keep track of what has been done with the sale.

For what it is worth. I love empowr and I spend almost all of my time here. I enjoy being a success coach so much and I am grateful for all the empowr has given me. Thank you for that.

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thank you for sharing this issue with us. Ensuring that the marketplace is working as efficiently as possible for buyers, sellers, promoters and sponsors will definitely be something we focus on in 2017. I'll be sure the engineering team looks into what you have reported.

Thank you for all of the time and energy you have put into helping empowr grow in 2016 - looking forward to seeing what we will accomplish together in 2017!

35 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you so much for your kind words, Brian. I am so motivated doing what I am doing and this just motivated me even more. Doing it together, that's what's the most important for me, working toward a better world. Thank you for your steady steering.

35 months ago
ღ DarkNymph Aka Cyndi ღ

You bring up an excellent point - I stopped offering my products to be sponsored just for this reason. You never know if someone buys and pays for the item because it always shows it's sponsored.

35 months ago
Nicolau Elena

Wonderful post, thanks you for sharing

35 months ago
Dhanendra Shah

Happy New Year to All Citizen! Here once more showing very Class & Mass Information.

35 months ago
Godfred Darkmens (Oly)

Great news for Empowr but my only issue is I am trying to link my account for cash out but I always see multiple emails which I do not know where is from http://files.fbstatic.com/images/mpa/66687dd777854bdc8b34865eec2927c5/75041738_1.png

Upon receiving the cash out key notification, I have tried on several occasions but same results, I uninstall the app and cleaned the phone as my SC advised but the problem persist. Any assistance? &

35 months ago

I have the same problem I was told that those other emails where from other accounts like people you know ? That has hit the cash out key while logged on from your current device that you use for empowr. They said you need to get a new device that has never had empower installed on it in order to cash out.

35 months ago

I did this process before and the overall response was "no" you can't cash out from a device that has been used with a previous deleted or another account correct ?

35 months ago

Great year was 2016 for empowr platform and us, with the big changes that are alive now.
And hope that 2017 would be great year on all of us.
Beautiful community we have to live in.

35 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks for the great support Ayman! We are very excited for 2017 and can't wait to see what happens!

35 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

Great information and I like the open communication...2017 will be great for all of us!

35 months ago
Albert Dodd

Thank you Johnny for all the hard work and devotion that you and the empwor team have put into building a great system. And thank you to all the many Success Coaches that have invested so much of their time and passion to help citizens learn more about empowr.
Your question was what kind of nation do we want? As a active member of the community and active in teaching other citizens as a success coach what is very important is our ability to be able to teach others what we know. Every Success Coach is different in that not anyone thinks alike and that is what makes everyone Special in their own way. What i feel is needed throughout empowr is a unified system for marketplace - success coaches - teaching - learning - growing - economy.
Our Goal has always been to Live by Standards and that is all that every citizen ask for is a Set Standard for empowr. I have recently submitted a plan for the United States that shows the Infra-Structure for Future Growth. And it is adaptable for all countries. When i joined that was the Goal to be able to have Leaders and Success Coaches working within their own community to bring in merchants and grow throughout the world one person at a time.
Lets please make 2017 a year that we work to Set Standards and Build the Infra-Structure starting with the Organization Structure. I am here to build and help empowr grow by teaching and learning what empowr is and how to be Successful on here.

2017 Empowr Your Dreams !!!!

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Good points - with the growth that we are experiencing, we're now finding ourselves in a great place to start working on the infrastructure of the platform (technical and non-technical) to ensure we can sustain the many new citizens that are joining us every single day, as well as the existing base of citizens such as yourself.

If you have the time and see any similarities between your plan for the United States and what we are trying to accomplish here, we'd be happy to hear them.

All the best!

35 months ago
Albert Dodd

Thank you Mr. President - I have left a copy of my submission with Miss May and PC Kong. I have asked if you would look over my proposal and ask me questions. Thank you for hearing me and I look forward to hearing from you.

2017 Empowr Your Dreams !!!

35 months ago
Dragan Vicovac

Greate news!
I hope that begin of 2018. will start like 2017.
And that percents of growing will be 50% of 2016.
It is enaugh for realy domocracy country!

35 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Dragan, we do too!! Lets hope 2017 is a big and grand year!! :)

35 months ago

Great blog! Thanks again for the vision always moving forward in empowr! Can someone please help me with something? Please message me! This is an ongoing issue, we need help to fix it so it can stop. This is the 4th time it's happened! I have messaged my coach and another person, but have received no answer as of this post. Someone please, please help! Thanks very much!

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Sorry to hear that you haven't been helped. You can expect to receive a message from someone on our team today to help resolve whatever you are facing.

Thank you for your patience!

35 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Beki, it's been confirmed that a support member has reached out to you directly to assist with resolving your pending issue. Thank you!

35 months ago

Yes, thanks! I've sent a response!

35 months ago
nina vu

Thanks Empowr for your effort!!

35 months ago
Umair Siddique

Wow, I read the whole post in a trance. A big "Thank You" and lots of love from my side to all the coaches, employees and citizens, I believe everyone reading this post can feel that we're flying in the right direction and how much mind work is there behind each and every decision Empowr makes.
Suggestions for Top Priorities:
1) I was checking the percentage of visitors on Empowr at Alexa just now and noticed that about 22% of those are from the countries where PayPal is not fully supported (Nigeria, Pakistan...) and I believe adding a payment solution for the countries where PayPal is not supported should be the top priorities, it will help boost the flow of cash into the platform.

2) Educating new citizens, coaches work really hard to educate new citizens but I still feel there needs to be something more to it. So I'd love to see some more videos in the learning center explaining more about some of the things, like AMCO; a point to explain how selling on Empowr is beneficial because I have seen many people thinking that earnings by selling would be directly available to their PayPal for cashing out so a pop up explaining to every citizen when they create their first listing "Please note that earning by selling is also subject to 90 days maturity and other cash-out conditions on empowr. The sellers are more likely to receive a higher accelerated matured cash out (AMCO) every month (depending on their sales, earning plan and feedbacks, they can even get more than 100% of their sales in the (AMCO)", some videos on case studies of the successful citizens and their approach to getting successful on the platform.

Let's see what others think and suggest :-) Many thanks again :)

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for your suggestions - both of your points are things that we plan to be working on in 2017.

35 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

Thank you for this great post. However, I created a document on "how make empowr great", how can I share it with you JC?

35 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Sikhumbuzile!
Is it confidential? If not, and the community might benefit from it, why not post it as a blog post -- and send us the URL to the blog post? Looking forward to reading it!
Happy New Year!

35 months ago
Riad EZ

Thanks Jc for your post
to answer your questions
What kind of nation do I want?
and What things would make your move to a new country worth the effort?
If i am considering a similar move, here are some things to consider:

1. Language.
Communication is something we take for granted, but when you are in a foreign country you might not be able to walk right up to someone and express yourself... or ask for life’s essentials, like the bathroom, and beer. You’ll want to study and practice the language as much as possible before you go. Also, taking intensive language lessons once you arrive is a great way to meet people and ease the linguistic transition. since we are online we should consider auto translation to any language we choose so the empowr platform should appear to users in the language we choose.

2. Where to go?
There are many factors that go into your choice of a new home country: climate, political stability, crime, proximity to the for a quick flight home, cost, language and customs, etc. Many people chose to expatriate to other places for these reasons.we cannot live all one place , empower should be splitted in categories i.e virtual countries , so we have the right to choose in which virtual country we would like to live regardless were you are now.

3. Taxes, insurance, and other nuts and bolts.
Even when you’re living in another country, the IRS expects you to pay U.S. taxes as long as you’re a citizen and make income. You’ll probably also want to stay current with your U.S. health insurance, and many people conveniently forget to tell them that you don’t live in the U.S. any more so it doesn’t cause complications. You can bank online and pay bills online these days with e-statements, but you can also get your stateside mail sent to a relative or to a post office box. we need empwr to do the same build applications to pay our monthly bills.

4. Medical.
It’s important to be aware of the medical services available in your communities, and how they are rated for quality and consistency, as well as access to prescription medications. Many seniors who are expats want to live in countries with medical care that is much less expensive than in the U.S. Luckily, that is most of the world. so can empower raise a fund to help citizens in their illness.

5. Buying real estate and a car.
Your first instinct may be to plant “roots” by buying a home, a car, etc. but I’ve found it’s best to give it some time. Don’t make any major purchases for at least a year until you thoroughly learn the local culture, customs and business climate. There can be some complex and Draconian rules when it comes to property and vehicle ownership, as well as bizarre registration and paperwork demands. Basically, people get ripped off or make bad decisions all the time, so give it some time until you’re a seasoned expat and enlist the advice of a trusted local. You’ll also want to weigh out the import taxes and costs of having things like a car or furniture shipped down to you, or buying them locally.we expect such applications to be available to support in this matter.

6. Safety.
The reality is that you have to be careful no matter where you are in the world, but with some common sense you can stay safe.

7. Working, making money, and doing business.
Many expats find out that life isn’t quite as cheap as they anticipated and the savings goes fast, so you’ll have some decisions to make about earning money. But do you try and open a local business? Try to keep working in the U.S., doing your job remotely from your new home country? Or jump into tourism? Do your research and go for a low risk consistent paycheck, not a venture that requires a huge up-front investment of time and money. so shall we consider non working outside Empowr platform completely or still we have to work.

to be continued.

35 months ago
Riad EZ

8. Technology.
Technology will be an invaluable tool as you try to stay connected to friends and family, do business, and get things done from your new country. With some adjustment and planning technology will be your best friend. Get a local cell phone. Almost every bar and restaurant has Wifi, so iPads, laptops, iPhones (with your U.S. network turned off!), and e-readers can all be used as mini computers to keep you rocking and rolling. Applications like Skype, Netflix, WhatsApp, internet calling apps, language translators, currency converters, and GPS make your life easier. And a Go Pro camera is just fun!, so i am expecting to have state of the art technology in our new nation or nations

9. Blending into the local community.
Assimilating to the local culture is a long-term challenge, but also a constant source of beauty, humor and fascination. Be naturally curious and open to being outside of your comfort zone. Say hello and show respect to everyone, learn the local sayings, the customs, celebrate the holidays, make local friends, and even get in good with the police and officials. Attending religious services and volunteering to do charity work are great ways to foster good will and positive karma. Empowr should state clearly COMMUNICATE the values to EMPOWR citizens

10. Residency and Visas.
Some expats want to become citizens of their new nation, some are content staying there on extended tourist visas. If that’s the case you might have some shuffling to do over the border to renew your visa every 90 days, and be your ability to open a business or own property restricted. Sometimes there are huge benefits to becoming a citizen, sometimes no real difference, so do your homework and talk to other expats, because it could be a lengthy and expensive process to establish residency. Do we need our nation to think about this or as we live in virtual online space we do not need to think about this any more.

I tried only hereto answer your 3rd question about the future of Empowr without talking about the problems we face in interacting with empowr platform. which i believe every citizens trying to do in his answers to your questions , i hope i managed to give some thoughts to be considered by the Team.

Happy New Year to everyone.

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Wow - these are some very big concepts that you are bringing up, and I can see how many of them will play a major focus for empowr as we continue to grow as a nation.

Given that empowr is an economy, many of the items that you have brought up such as health care, shelter, technology, etc. are all things that we fully anticipate will need to be offered to our citizens as we continue to grow. I'm not sure if we are quite ready to take those leaps yet, but with the perspective you have laid out, it will help us begin to think of how to lay the groundwork now so that we will be setup to offer those things in the future at the very least.

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts as they come.

Happy new year!

35 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello Brian and Riad,
As someone who has moved to another country, I considered all those that points that you made when I moved to the Philippines. One thing I love here is the truly free economy. There can be the same business on the same block. This actually helps businesses grow. The potential for the economy here is so great there aren't restrictions like in the USA. For empowr, I think we need to bring in more outside revenue sources. Like opening up the marketplace as soon as the bugs are fixed and some things added. An empowr payment card would be great and can be offered to people when they go to the marketplace from the public. Also maybe an empowr game to get people to join of they want. The stock should be a priority as it will bring in money from the outside. We need to bring more money to keep the economy going so we can accomplish the mission.

We will have a prosperous year!

35 months ago
Adil Nadeem

Amazing , Happy new year JC. Looking forward for the great changes and success of empowr in the near future.

35 months ago
G Chandra Kumar

Hi, very good concept and I noticed two of them important,

1. “Show me an organisation’s priorities, and I’ll tell you it’s future”. true any man works with economy and commerce of public interest should say that.

2. Are we building a new nation? No, We are building a new world, which provides opportunity, hope and influence to live their own way of life ( we have not to compel their way of life whichever they need)

Balance all, Excellent and meant a way to dream a new sociology.


G Chandra Kumar.

35 months ago
Adil Nadeem

I would like to make a suggestion though for the People i trust page, the people i trust page should be divided into several pages like the market place if you have like >3000 fans its hard to see as it loads and loads and slows down the browser, 2ndly it should have a sorting criteria such as who have been building trust each day i.e is consistently visiting my profile, and who has shared a lot etc.
Thank-you for everything.

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for the feedback - I can see how these would be valuable improvements to the People I Trust page and will be sure to share with others here at empowr.

Thank you!

35 months ago
Gregory W

I truly believe in empowr's mission and I do believe it is achievable. That is one of the reasons why I became a success coach, to help carry the torch to enable people with Opportunity, Hope, and Influence. All point that was mention in the blog post is definitely all prerequisites that are required for every nation to succeed.

If I was to move to a nation of choice I would Jude for these things:
1. A strong and improving economy.
1. How happy and productive the people there are.
3. How they value the concerns and well-being of their own people and how they value education and the future of the youth.

35 months ago

Wonderful Post. Happy New Year to all of you.

35 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm so grateful that I found empowr! and I look forward to a fun and successful year in the empowr community in 2017!

35 months ago
ღ DarkNymph Aka Cyndi ღ

I am hopeful that Empowr will continue to build and improve in the coming year and grow in leaps and bounds! My personal suggestion to focus on at this time is to

1: continue to improve the Marketplace - one suggestion is when someone clicks Buy item on a fixed price item, add a confirmation that they actually want to PURCHASE the item. I know I'm not the only one that has accidentally purchased some fixed price item as I was scrolling down a page on my cell phone! And too often people buy my fixed price items then never pay - I assume because they didn't mean to buy the item.

2: When there is a problem or an issue, there has to be faster response to getting the problem or issue resolved. I've had an issue I'm waiting to have resolved for nearly 3 weeks. My awesome coach has been working diligently on my behalf and keeps saying someone will contact me, and still I have not been contacted and the issue has not been resolved.

I do hope that Empowr will continue to elicit feedback from the community and include that in their decision making - too often I believe changes are made that we are not given a chance to contribute to the decision and it takes away from the power that a democratic platform offers to us all.

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thank you for the feedback - I'm sorry to hear that you've been waiting that long for an answer to the issue that you are facing. I'm following up with our support on your behalf right now and will make sure you get that response ASAP.

Thank you,

35 months ago
Martins .

Very interesting! Certainly a game changer

35 months ago
Ibrahim Mnzava

Happy new year,
Thank you so much for a great year 2016, I have so much hope 2017 will even be a greater year.
In 2017 I would like to see the following:
1. Reduced number of unpaid items. Many citizens win bids of products but term them as unpaid, I am not an economist but if we want Empowr to gain more revenue we need to MOTIVATE buyers that complete purchases of products in that way more citizen will complete their purchases and in-turn more Revenue. I do not know how but maybe collectively we can find a way.
2. Please add other methods for cash-out as country like Tanzania, we can't receive money through paypal we can only send money using paypal.
Methods that can be used here are:
a. World Remit (We can receive from Empowr through this system in our mobile money numbers).
b. Pioneer is also possible because they have Master cards.
c. Bitcoin wallet like XAPO has Visa/Master cards
d. Western Union
e. Money Gram

35 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Thanks for sharing both of your concerns - I'll be sure to share these with the rest of the team here so that we can see how to best alleviate them in 2017.

35 months ago
Maria Abdi

Hi Brian,
Sure this a problem of we Tanzania we do not got the fruit of EMPOWR cause the cash out payment method we will appreciate if 2017 will be a solution for us

35 months ago
Ngong Hedwig

Yeah. For us in Cameroon the only sure method of payment is western Union. Up till now I do not know how I can receive mine. This is greatly affecting my activities as I feel so discouraged.

35 months ago