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Why empowr? (Part 3)

by Johnny Cash on January 27, 2017

Why empowr? (Part 3)

Hello everyone,

Together, we've been reading the Why empowr book, written by one of the empowr founders.

Just joining the conversation? You can read the earlier parts here:  
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As always, many thanks for your thoughtful comments that you left in the earlier parts.

I can promise you that each and every comment, each and every word that you leave is being carefully, read and digested by empowr's team and management, the founders and myself. Thank you!

I'll try and post a new part every day when there's not another announcement.


Part 3: What this book is all about


Two of the most important things that contributed to the success of First World countries (democracy and education) have eroded over the years, with dire consequences. My team and I have a few ideas about how to fix these broken systems—using technology. I write about it on the following pages.

Even if you disagree with us and believe the system is working as it should and that our world is heading in the right direction, I hope to convince you that improving and expanding these pillars of civilization is still a worthy endeavor.


This book is about why and how my team and I are creating a business that we hope will do its part to help foster a new online culture, one that uses some of the most powerful wealth-creating forces in our world (democracy, education, and network technology) to help fight the biggest global problems we face (poverty and inequality; extremism and terrorism; and instability of every kind through the unraveling of democracy in numerous countries).

So that you know where I’m coming from, I will begin by telling you briefly why I think democracy, western education, and network technology have “saved the world”; and how each of them is now in big trouble, resulting in serious, undesirable consequences for all of humanity.

I pepper these analyses with a few of my own experiences. While I know these additions challenge my objective to keep this book short, I hope that the inclusion of these stories will answer some of the questions many people have when they learn about us:

      Who are we?

      What are we passionate about?

      Why do we believe what we do?

      Are we all nuts?

(Spoiler: we’re mostly not, but, admittedly, we are motivated and optimistic to a perhaps nutty degree.)

After that, the rest of the book is dedicated to explaining how the empowr platform will leverage each wealth-creating force to create a new web-based Democratic Social Economy—or DSE—that will improve the lives of millions of people around our world. Or so we hope.

And finally, we’ll wrap up with a discussion on how you can join the effort via a number of avenues, including by easily becoming an empowr citizen and participating in any number of earning roles in the empowr economy, as well as helping some of the world’s leading thinkers (in the areas of political science and economics) draft our genuinely democratic—inclusive and participatory—crowdsourced constitution. When we’re finished, together we will have created democracy 3.0.

With that laundry list of goals in mind, let’s dive into the heart of my message.


How democracy saved the world 

Democracy improved the world by ensuring that leaders aren’t left in power so long that they and their cohort become too comfortable or complacent.

By periodically refreshing governments with new people and new ideas, democracy has facilitated many peaceful revolutions that have helped countries worldwide become more prosperous.

Democracy has also created a culture of nonviolent conflict resolution, making international cooperation much easier, and has improved relationships between countries along with the global economy.


On a mild summery morning, a small group of seemingly ordinary men woke up and jumped out of bed. To the casual observer, it appeared to be a morning like any other, as people all over town woke for breakfast and a morning cup of coffee or tea then went about their usual business. But this morning was different; different in a way that would make headlines across the globe. Rather than pack a lunch or grab a drink for the road, these unremarkable men awoke and then loaded their backpacks with volatile explosives. They then proceeded to carefully selected destinations and boarded vehicles according to plan, brushing past women, children, and other commuters.

Once in position among the many human beings they had planned for months to murder, each man detonated his explosives. As the bombs’ powerful blasts ripped through inanimate objects and innocent people alike, they took a bloody, devastating toll. When the smoke cleared and the shrapnel settled, the lives of many dozens of people had ended violently. One thousand others lay injured.

               Why empowr? (Part 3)


Bombing aftermath in London

People around the world looked on in shock as their television screens filled once again with acrid smoke, agonized faces, broken bodies, and myriad victims of yet another terror attack. Just a few years before, our world had seen the monstrous new face of modern barbarism. Still, none of us had been truly prepared for the next round of atrocities.

These July 2005 London bombings (often referred to as the 7/7 bombings) were tragic almost beyond words, but they could have been even worse (more people dead and injured) had it not been for the fast action and cooperation between the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and empowr’s phase 1—code-named “SMS.ac.”



Looking forward to your thoughts and comments. 

I'll post the next part tomorrow... 


Amada Marcelino

Oh, I love reading it!

34 months ago
Mohammed Ali

Oh lots of thing I have to know to your book, let's see find out the time to read those stuff.

34 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Care dintre membrii fondatori,din surse sigure stiu ca au fost 4 la inceput.
Cati au mai ramas ?
Which of the founding members of reliable sources know they were 4 to start.
How many are left?

34 months ago
David Bruyland

Very interesting post.
Can't wait for the next part.

34 months ago
Padmaja Panchakarla

Great post i am waiting for the next part

34 months ago
Oleg Schischkov


34 months ago
Personlab Yb

Thank you
The whole world theater, and people in it are actors
Ignorance is the worst enemy of peace.
And people who do not want to tell the truth, deliberately conceal it, because not all of the leading roles in the play

34 months ago
Personlab Yb

Thank you June Hinton
I believe in the empowr, best product to do, I found what I was looking for 10 years, thank you friends

34 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

These chapters are so short. I'm hungry for more. Thank you very much.

34 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

It´s too scary to think of what a real world we live in. It´s very unsafe.
But hey CIA and SMS.ac I'm now getting curious, intrigued and eager to read the next part.

34 months ago
Elena Martinova

Thanks for the info!

34 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Unfortunately sad... Anyway next day we all expect news.

34 months ago
Bob Poster

Yes, Leverage for wealth creation to All in all aspects of our lives. Truly grateful to empowr team.

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Gregory W

Thank you for sharing with us...I would love to read more thanks :)

34 months ago

Thank you very much! It's a very useful story for every empowr citizen, I think.

34 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Really intriguing SMS ac. Truly indeed that democracy, education and network technology are vital for success.Living in unsafe world is scary and glad that being with Empowr who gives us shield and be a part to accomplish the mission. Empowr team is awesome indeed with the great unbelievable idea of Empowr founder. Can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you JC and to all.

34 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

Interesting post,I can't wait for the next.Thanks.

34 months ago
Illi Mai

Just discovered a new social media platform today that reminds me somewhat of empowr but uses the blockchain technology just in case the empowr team is interested to know about their competitors and what they are doing: They are also in beta phase: https://steem.io/

34 months ago
Olga Trunova

Interesting blog! Thank you.

34 months ago
Rom Ned

Thank you! It is really interesting to read and know a lot of things. Excellent blog!

34 months ago
Isabel Darlerbe

Dynamic Interesting and Tantalising! I am looking forward to the next Chapter. Thank you!

34 months ago
Life Is Everything (faith)

Empowr is really here to bring global democracy, global economy and global unity. Educating leaders that can help anyone globally.. May its goal and dream be fulfilled. Thanks Johnny for everything.....

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nina vu

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34 months ago
Hammad Ahmad

A Very Interesting Post. I Would Like To Know More :)

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Anum Mehreen

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34 months ago
Dezarae Ali

You make me feel speechless, so I sit in front of your posts always trying to figure what I can say :D
You have my heart <3

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Jelisavka Pudrlja

Hvala za ovako divno pisan tekst, pravo je uživanje čitati. Ohrabrujuće za Empowr gradjane. U svijetu u kome živimo ovo je zaista osvježenje. Želim da uspijemo svi zajedno.

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Prashant Dimri

Quite interesting all about but last 5-6 lines forced me to think about "SMS.ac"......And I went back to history of....
"At the time of its public launch in 2002, SMS.ac made history by signing up "nearly 6 million users in its first six months – making it the fastest product launch in Internet history",
And me or anybody can Imagine that during the July 2005 London Bombing, how CRUCIAL role they (SMS.ac.) would had played while cooperating CIA.....INCREDIBLE..............
Now,when I Imagine of EMPOWR, I clearly see the SKY meeting the EARTH somewhere ...................Big SALUTE...

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Татьяна Вишневская

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