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Cash outs, frustrations and democracy


Hello everyone, a few words about:


1.  Record cash outs

2.  Frustration

3.  Democracy



1.  Record cash outs

A few days ago, empowr distributed the largest amount of AMCO (accelerated maturity) cash outs in its entire history, very nearly doubling the previous record (which occurred only last month).

In fact, for the first time, cash outs provided to citizens exceeded 100% of all cash coming into empowr the month before.

Wait. How is it even possible for empowr to provide more cash outs to citizens than the cash it brings in?  Here’s how:

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, the empowr marketplace is exploding with products for sale. As a result, many citizens are choosing to use some, or even all of the cash out amounts they have been provided, to shop in the marketplace, or to pay their ad platform fees or their power user subscriptions.

When they do that, their cash out doesn’t leave the empowr economy….

… which means empowr can then distribute even more cash outs to other citizens…

… pushing up the total amount provided to citizens (that they could cash out if they so desired) to above 100%.


OK, so record cash outs were provided, but some people were not happy. Why not?

Well, of course cash outs are not distributed evenly to citizens.

That’s because cash outs are based on many factors, including:

·      -- If product sales that were marked as “Item Received” by customers

·      -- How well distributed those sales were (all to a few people, or to different people)

·      -- Their number of daily goals hit

·      -- Their reputation score (how customers rate them)

·      -- Their legitimacy score (which is based on many – literally hundreds of different behavioral and usage patterns, such as whether a citizen has multiple accounts, had “fake” transactions, etc.

·      -- How often they associated with other citizens with low legitimacy scores

·      -- How much cash they had brought into empowr for any reason, such as to pay for marketplace purchases, power user subscriptions, ads or ad platform fees (this is new)

·      -- How many friends they had brought into empowr that were succeeding


And these are just some of the factors considered by the empowr algorithms, when deciding which and who's earnings maturity to accelerate.

Since these factors differ greatly with each citizen, each person’s cash out amount will differ greatly too, of course.

There are other factors that play a big part in determining cash outs, that are not based on the specific citizen’s performance, such as:

·      -- How much cash is available for distribution

·      -- How the mix between the above factors is changing from month to month.

For example, just a few months ago, most of the cash was distributed based on Daily Goals hit, with a smaller part based on sales, because sales volumes were low. Now, as sales volumes are growing rapidly, the system of course values sales (which are results) over goals hit (which are activities that lead to sales).


The frustration on the part of some citizens, as best I can understand it, is that some of them had higher expectations (for larger cash outs) than what they ended up receiving, because:

·      -- They received larger cash outs in prior months, for the same or greater level of activities or results

·      -- They had previously made certain assumptions or calculations about what amount would be “fair” and that didn’t materialize

·      -- They had certain personal expenses that they hoped the cash out amounts would exceed

·      -- They compared their cash out amount (and activities and results) to that of other citizens, and felt like their cash out amount was unfair


2.  Are YOU frustrated?

Are these or other things in empowr frustrating you?

Are there things that you would do differently with the platform?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, you’re not alone.

empowr is a complicated economy and platform, and there are many, many things and features, that need to be improved, added or fixed.

Since we can only work on a few items at a time, the question is…

    In what order, should we work on the issues and opportunities?

Ask ten different people what things they want worked on first, and we’ll get ten very different answers.

The right answer to that question doesn’t exist – in my opinion.

There is a right process, however, and that’s self-rule… also known as democracy.


Democracy works best locally

We believe that democracy is best if it happens at a local level.

We believe the right answer to the question of priorities, is for you to have the power at a local level…

… to elect your local leaders…

… to decide all the rules of the platform…

… to elect the local judges to arbitrate disputes…

… to launch billing partners…

… and decide how cash outs should be provided…

… to launch new features…

… and to tweak the existing features to your liking.  


What needs to happen for democracy to happen locally

Enabling the above to happen will take a lot of engineering work – so the platform can be modified and expanded on at a local level -- and we can’t wait to get to it.


So, what are we working on before we get to that?

As previously discussed, before democracy can thrive, we believe we first need to enable the empowr economy to thrive.


Towards that, we are currently working to relieve these pain points:


The hassle of listing products 

Very soon, forget about listing a product to sell.

Instead, simply snap a photo of that shirt, your old mobile phone or necklace.

People can click on the item in the photo, to start the bidding.


The hassle of packaging and shipping

When you sell something, you need to find a box, and then make the time to go to the post office.

We’re working on a solution so you don’t have to do that anymore.


The cost of shipping

When you sell something, you have to go out-of-pocket to pay for shipping.

We’re working on a solution to eliminate that out-of-pocket cost for you.


Much more revenue for your products

Imagine being able to earn over and over again, using the same product.

We’re working on a solution for you to earn recurring revenue from the things you list, as opposed to sell each item once and it’s gone forever.


Don’t have products to sell?

We’re getting ready to unleash Services, so you don’t have to just sell products to earn AMCO cash outs.


The hassle of listing Services

As soon as you can earn cash outs from Services, you’ll want to eliminate the hassle of listing a service.

See a service that someone else is offering – that you think you can offer too?

With only one single click, now you’re offering it too.



The variety of products available to you (as a buyer)

Imagine having ten, fifty or even one hundred times the variety of products for you to access, as a buyer, in the empowr marketplace.

We’ve got a solution in the works to make that happen.


The cost of products you want

At the same time, imagine the cost of accessing the products you want dropping by as much as 80, 90 or even 95%?

Believe it or not, a solution that will do just that is in the works for you.



Hundreds of new ways for you to earn

Now imagine hundreds of new ways for you to earn.

With the launch of our app platform, developers will be able to dream up new ways, and compete with each other to bring you new ways to earn.



Making it easier to learn

Let’s face it, empowr is complicated. We’re working on solutions to make it easier for the newest citizens to learn and get going.


Making it easier to invite your friends

Simply take a photo of a friend, and let the community start bidding on her shirt, his bike, her old cell phone.

What better way for your friend to get introduced to empowr than to see its members wanting to help them earn, even before they’ve joined?



Making it more efficient to teach

A number of tools are in the works to make success coaches more efficient and capable of helping their students.



Less frustration with empowr’s decisions

Along with our president continuing to be elected by you, with think enabling you to elect your local leaders is the way to go.

Your local leaders need to be able to modify the platform in all the ways that matter to you.

And of course all the above is happening simultaneously to all the other issues, bugs and improvements you are reporting on a daily basis.


3.  Democracy now?

We feel and share your frustrations. We don’t think we have all the answers; not even close.

We don’t even feel like the answers that will satisfy some, will satisfy all.

There’s only one way forward, and that’s to empower you to make decisions and take actions at a local level.

Empowering you to do that is a massive project that takes a lot of engineering work, which we are 100% committed to doing.

Let us know if you feel like the list of things we’re working, above, before getting to that massive project, is optimal…

…or if you would rather we stop working on those things and get focused on bringing local democracy and empowerment to you sooner.


We look forward to your thoughts.


Md. Ariful Islam

Thanks a lot for nice information. Again thanks Empowr Team.

32 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

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32 months ago
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Wish you a great day ahead :)

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Rom Ned

Good post! Thanks for good news! Good luck to you in advance and development!

32 months ago
Adnan Smith Became Fan

1. Become fans
2. I like your post
3. U like to my post.
4. i comment your post
5. u comment my post
6. keep posting every day
7. Bid / Buy Sponsor/Sell
8. Close circle
9. Tomorrow we repeat the same
I will close your loop every time you..

29 months ago

Good news. The successful implementation of planned!

32 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello JC,
Another great blog. I agree with the above improvements. I am looking forward to marketplace enhancements. That will make selling easier. Also, looking forward to more tools as a SC.


32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks for the great support Bob! We are all excited too for the enhancements being done to the marketplace too! :)

32 months ago
Ńáśĕĕŕ Ąɲƨąʀȋ

Thanks for gud news

32 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Bune idei pentru munca mai usoara aici in comunitate ,sunt multii utilizatori care nu stiu inca de cind cu schimbarea unde trebuie sa treaca produs primit sau detali cu adresa la produse .Este foarte greu ca vine o intrebare pe care tu in limba ta trebuie sa o traduci sa vezi ce vrea utilizatorul ,apoi sa ii explici pentru traducere cu imagini copiate ce si unde sa intre dar de cele mai multe ori sunt explicati care nu pot fi intelese in limba lui .sa nu fie ca suparare dar ar trebui la fiecare schimbare un blog explicativ cu ex ,,exemple,,pentru a lamuri utilizatorul ce are de facut de aici se fac foarte multe greseli care nu se pot remedia comunicarea si explicatia mai pe larg aduce foloase multumesc de informatii bune pentru noi

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Apreciem timpul și că ne cum te simți aici Tita! Limba este un factor de limitare aici pentru învățare platforma !!! Voi lăsa echipa știu să lucreze cu privire la eventualele actualizări pentru a ajuta la această problemă.

32 months ago
Adil Nadeem

Thankyou JC, i see a good future, The marketplace is so full of products i get tired searching, their must be a criteria to sort wrt 100% sellers rating and a criteria to sort w.r.t a persons name, if i like a seller i want to buy more from him , i should have the option to find his listings in the marketplace.

32 months ago
Atif Ali

Good point to be noted by Adil Nadeem ,becuase of such idea work will find real seller.

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

I agree with you Adil! That is a great suggestion to make the marketplace better. Sorting through criteria would be more helpful. I will let the team know about this suggestion.

32 months ago
Ahmad Ramdono

100% Agree!!

32 months ago
Yura Mashkarynets

Hi my friend! Very good post! Have a nice day.

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks for the support Yura!

32 months ago
Sudhir Singh

thanks for new new additions

32 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Very exciting !! Thanks for this great update.

32 months ago
Animesh Garai

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32 months ago
Madonna Marie Perez

Great news! I hope the marketplace enhancements will be our key to success!

32 months ago
Atif Ali

Thanks for good news!

32 months ago
Katy Tanase

Thanks for this new useful informations!

32 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

This is great!!

32 months ago
Angel M-c

please put some feature or add a seller category...from top seller to new seller.so that we are not having a hard time looking for our favorite seller..And also please improve marketplace and fix it right then because we are having a hard time completing our goal because of bugs..Thanks for the update..I am one of the frustrated citizens here when i got my amco this month but i still keep positive because I believe for your long term goal..i hope someday my hardships will be paid off.More power!

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

These are all great suggestions for the marketplace Angel! Thank you for taking the time and letting us know how you feel, this is how we are able to make things better for everyone! I will let the team know about your suggestions.

32 months ago
Indra SiGe

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end."
-- John Lennon

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Angel, can you please specificy what type of bugs you're experiencing? Thank you!

32 months ago
Kati Kover

Nagyon jó blog. Nagy remények...... jobb lesz???? .......reméljük. Köszönöm JC:

32 months ago
Jo Byers

Thank you for the update JC and I know that as citizens we should be doing our part to make the economy grow and flourish by selling and don't forget Buying in the marketplace. I can't wait for these changes but I know patience is a virtue and we all need that. I sincerely thank empowr engineers and Brian for working hard to make this all come together.

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thank you Jo, for your support! We are also excited to see all the changes coming and hope to see the economy grow even faster and greater for everyone on here!

32 months ago
Jurij Onishchenko

I have a suggestion !!! I propose to make some of the money from the sales of goods was included in the AMCO. And the other part of the money left on the balance. Then there will be more sales, and people will be interested in selling ...

32 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

I believe citizens that actually sold items in Dec and had them marked received got bigger AMCOs. I know a couple of people who were greatly and pleasantly surprised by the size of the AMCO who had many sales marked as received in Dec so I believe that was part of the sales included.

32 months ago
Syed Shejeel Ahmed Naqvi

Thaks for this post,but we already keep patience about new payment method and we use empowr sincerely previous 3 month so please kindly solve our payment method problem?

32 months ago
nina vu

Great news, I support every new idea and improvement that will help everyone along in the growth of the economy, and where everyone will be happy and motivated for further work!

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks for the great support on here Nina, we really appreciate it!

32 months ago

Thank you for the interesting news !!! We should all get
Good luck to all citizens Empowr

32 months ago
Imelda Buyayo

Thanks Sir JC for addressing our concern. This clarifies our questions in mind. Looking forward to all the Empowr plans.

32 months ago
Aleksey Lipatov

Thanks for the good and helpful news!!!

32 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thank you JC for good news. Now future is our :)

32 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, JC,
"Let us know if you feel like the list of things we’re working, above, before getting to that massive project, is optimal" Yes, continue your work, we are moving forward quickly and on right direction,
Thank you,
Khaleeq Ahmed

32 months ago
Manish Jain_Crypto_Reporter

This is awesome and great efforts and bright future planning that will make happy everyone , live and let other live haapy is Empowr : Great work done Thanks All

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

The future is bright Manish! Thank you for the support and kind words :)

32 months ago
Kushal Sengupta

Great news JC.....feeling exited!!

32 months ago
Jenni Barley

This is great news. Thank you!

32 months ago
Yaroslav Novak

Great news! Thank you!

32 months ago
Gregory W

WOW! this is Amazing I agree with all that was stated above 100%. Mr. President, Thank you!

32 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

You're Welcome. Mr. President l, empowr team look forward to continue making things as easy as possible moving forward.

31 months ago
Gene Aasen

I vote to continue working on all those incredible enhancements to the platform!! That way I will have the money I need to pay off the Local Officials when we get them. (I'm from Chicago. That's how we do it here :) )

32 months ago
Kelly Baker

This is awesome news. Looking forward to the future endeavors with empowr!

32 months ago
Abd Elmanam

Thanks for paying attention
We wish a good future for all
We will continue to work

32 months ago
( Will S )

Hi Johnny Cash
1. I Love Empowr and Mission!! These is blog filled with lot Great information. Think all Citizen of Empowr are happy with moving forward and plan you and Leadership have for future of Empowr.
2. Frustration , I think is that Empowr is growing so fast and changing the rules on how AMCO are distribute. Best way I can explain is : If two teams are playing game, and in middle of game one team change the rules that not really fair. Sounds like to me that in middle of month sometime Empowr change ways that it distributed the AMCO. May be I'm missing something, or do not totally understand. But that what it sounds like to me.Everyone was going off what prior blogs and information we had.
3. May be in future when Empowr change the rules on something that it announces it one month and implements it next month or 30 days later that give everyone chance to adjust.And would be more Fair to all the Citizen of Empowr. Just a suggestion..
4. One of first priority should be to figure out way that Seller can recoup the out pocket expenses, enabling to put more products out their.
5. Have a World Convention and allow Empowr Citizen to use moneys earned to Buy plane tickets and pay hotel expense. Have classes for Success Coach let Citizen meet Leadership, And Founder who helping change way world does business.Just thought.
Your Fellow Citizen and Friend Will S.

32 months ago
Umair Siddique

Hello Will,

It was previously communicated in one of the blogs that AMCO criteria, is going to be based more on the sales in the later months when the goals were introduced, if you have been following all the announcements, you'll realize that the rules hardly changed in any way being unfair to the citizens, however, there were improvements made which were needed to ensure that the people who are contributing more to the economy get more in return, wasn't the point of introducing AMCO was to reward the people who are bringing more value to Empowr?

32 months ago
( Will S )

Say agree that improvements are needed. I'm sure most Citizen would agree with that. But to point is that sounds like lot Citizen are going off older information. Just suggestion, when you change way Citizen earn money is that though change Do Not take effect for 30 days. I'm just ordinary citizen. Do read or try to read all New Announcement, and understand them, with little education I have. Yes if you go back read them you see that change is mention generally that they working on, not specifically. I'm very happy with Empowr way it's grow and charging for better. And I understand how Citizen feel about changes . It's mixed Blessing it need to be done. But the way it was done. Is the issue at hand. Thank you for all Empowr Team working to improve system and help us understand it and listen to are concerns.
Your Fellow Citizen and Friend Will S

32 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Whatever you do JC you can´t satisfy all thousands of members here. We have a different opinion, needs, and beliefs but I thank you so much and the rest of the staff for all your efforts to please us all.

I do agree that those who have high expectation will get hurt and frustrations especially that many of us are still facing financial crisis.I rather expect low revenues or (AMCO results) because it feels happy and glad when it turns out higher than expected. The reason I am unsure if there was a glitch on my AMCO amount because I didn´t expect that.

I am actually satisfied on the Marketplace. It works for me, it only need some adjustment like filtering the paid item, unpaid item, item waiting for the shipment, dispute transaction etc. on the "I`VE SOLD" page and sponsoring doesn´t work properly too but of course, whatever other new ideas as what's stated above are improvements and it possibly will work for mostly of us, so I´ll say go for it.

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Katherine, we appreciate your support and all your hard efforts on here with empowr. That is a great way to look at the AMCOs its a glass half full way of thinking. :) I agree the adjustments you mentioned are items that would be great additions to the marketplace, thank you for sharing your views and opinions.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Katherine, can you please specify what you mean by sponsoring not working properly? Thank you!

32 months ago
Wallace Johnson

Thanks for this update and especially the changes tat are in place. It is making Empowr easier to use and complete the actions involved for completion of selling.

32 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Great to hear that things are coming easier for you - we look forward to continue making things as easy as possible moving forward.

All the best!

32 months ago
Ahmad Ramdono

Brian.. actually i wanna ask you about Matured Cashout Feature.
Are these features are still available?

32 months ago
Catherine Ryzhkova

Excellent post! Thank you! Take, please, to bring more money Skrill! Sincerely, Catherine.

32 months ago
Svetlana Smirnova

Interesting post. Thank you.

32 months ago
Radii Giniyatullin

Valery. Really cool stuff for review, to get a clear picture and understanding to move forward. Just helping each other, we can make EMPOWR stronger in all respects.
Thank you.

32 months ago