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Where’s my cash out?

by Johnny Cash on April 11, 2017

Where’s my cash out?


Hello everyone,

Some people are asking “Where’s my Cash out?” and similar questions.

Rather than answer such questions on a one-off basis, let’s discuss it together here so that the newest community members can benefit and learn.

(And then let’s get back to the incredibly busy month that’s coming everyone’s way).


In this post:

What are AMCO cash outs and how are they determined?
What kinds of activities trigger maturity acceleration, and which are prioritized higher?
Where’s my cash out?
Why am I not notified ahead of time?
What AMCOs can empowr guarantee me in the coming months?
What can I do to maximize my AMCOs in the coming months?
Why should I hit Daily Goals?
empowr is on your side
Are you ready?


Let’s get started.

What are AMCO cash outs and how are they determined?

Before we can discuss AMCOs, let’s quickly discuss:

What is maturity and why do we need it?

As you know, all earnings must mature for 90 days before they are eligible for cash out.

The purpose of maturity is to give everyone’s profits a higher chance of being spent on the things YOU’RE providing (that is, YOUR products, services and blogs). 

When more of the things you are providing are being purchased, the empowr economy is stronger.

Definition of economy: Production, distribution and consumption of products and services.

Building a strong economy is a critical component of our mission “to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence”. 

The stronger our economy, the

A) more people we can help, and the

B) better we can help them

Summary: Maturity is one of empowr’s many inventions – and its main purpose is to empower you and make you stronger.


So, what is an AMCO?

AMCO = Accelerated Matured Cash Out

Every time the end of the month arrives…

… if empowr’s bank accounts have cash left over…

… empowr needs a way to get that extra cash to its citizens…

… in accordance with its mission.


To meet that need, not long ago (not even a year ago) empowr invented a way to accelerate the maturity of earnings in your balance...

… so that some of your earnings act as if they are at least 90 days old.

That’s why they’re called Accelerated Matured Cash Outs.


How are AMCOs calculated

As a community, we decided that, instead of simply spreading the cash to citizens equally…

… it made more sense to provide AMCOs to the citizens that were doing the most to build the empowr economy, based on what the economy most needs at the time.


When launching the new feature called AMCOs, we tried very hard to make it very clear that “what the economy most needs” will constantly change, as the empowr economy grows and matures… and faces challenges, opportunities and obstacles.

The first thing the economy needed was for citizens to start listing products (for sale).

As a community, we came up with the idea of “Daily Goals”.

Those goals included listing products for sale, as well as buying (IE: bidding).

The result?  Product listings doubled, then doubled again.

Then, they doubled again, and again and again.

In fact, in the few months since we launched AMCOs, product listings have doubled 7 times…. which means they’ve grown over 100 times in just recent months.


Next, we noticed that some people were listing products, but never actually selling any of them.

Therefore, along with simply giving AMCOs for hitting Daily Goals, we started carving out some of the AMCOs to reward you when your products actually sold.

The result? The sale of products doubled in the month that followed.

Then, they doubled again. And again. And again.


Next, we noticed that while sales were growing like crazy, the amount of sales actually being delivered to customers were not growing as fast.

So, we drove more AMCOs toward the sales actually being delivered (that had shipping tracking numbers) and that were marked as “Item Received” by the customer.

Once again, we are seeing the number of product sales that have been delivered and marked as “item received” by customers doubling month after month.


What kinds of activities trigger maturity acceleration, and which are prioritized higher?

So, which activity does the AMCO algorithms consider higher priority:

·      -- Item Received and delivered sales, or

·      -- Daily Goals hit

In other words, which (sales or goals) should get an AMCO first?

The answer is simple: 

Whichever activity most shows positive proof of helping the empowr economy grow.

Let’s think about it:

If I hit my Daily Goal today, that’s helpful to the empowr economy. 

It’s helpful because I have further built out my network (circle of trust) which will ensure that tomorrow more people will be more motivated to help me succeed (which is how the empowr economy succeeds).

Therefore, hitting my Daily Goals creates the potential for economy benefit, because it makes it easier for a sale to be made.


If, however, my activities result in a successful sale and delivery to a customer…

… well, then, that’s no longer just potential for the economy to benefit … it’s actually fully-realized benefit for the economy.

Remember, the definition of economy is the Production, distribution and consumption of products and services.

Item Received products were clearly “produced, distributed and consumed” – whereas Daily Goals create the potential for that.


It’s easy to see how the algorithms view an Item Received sale as higher priority…

… for an AMCO cash out reward…

… than a Daily Goal hit.


So, as “Item Received” sales double yet again…

  the amount of cash the algorithms pay out (as AMCOs) for those sales also double.


This time, by the time the algorithms paid out the AMCOs for your Item Received sales…

… there was no extra cash remaining to provide to people that had hit Daily Goals but did not have any successful Item Received sales.


Does this make sense to you? And does that order of priority make the most sense to you?

Or do you think it makes more sense to take cash away from the people that hit their Daily Goals -- where those activities resulted in sales…

… and instead give the cash to the people that hit goals that DID NOT result in sales?

Hopefully you’ll agree that the answer to my question is obvious.



The empowr economy is growing rapidly – and the number of products available to you to purchase with your empowr earnings is growing rapidly.

And guess what?

The key to unlocking the marketplace…

… so you can use much of your profits to shop…

… is actually (and very specifically) by hitting your Daily Goals.



The more of your Daily Goals you hit, the higher the % of your profits you can use to shop


So, while (at first glance) it seems sad that AMCOs weren’t available last week to people that simply hit their Daily Goals (but didn’t succeed at selling anything)…

… because the cash needed to be allocated to product sellers…

… if you take a closer look, it’s actually very good news for both YOU, personally, as well as the empowr economy, community and mission:

It’s good news for the empowr economy because it means we are succeeding.

All that work you have done was not for nothing.


And it’s good news for you on a personal level, because it means that the amount of good products -- that people are actually willing to spend their earnings on -- is growing rapidly. 

That means that your empowr earnings are becoming more and more valuable (useful) for you.

All that work that you are doing is not for nothing.


Where’s my cash out?

Didn’t get a cash out? Perhaps you had only hit Daily Goals but did not actually provide a product that was marked as Item Received by a customer?

If so, after all the cash was distributed to the people that had Item Received sales, none was left for you. We are truly sorry about that.


Why am I not notified ahead of time?

As soon as the algorithms complete their calculations, after a quick review (by humans) the AMCOs are distributed. 

There is no time to notify you weeks, or even days, ahead of time.



What AMCOs can empowr guarantee me in the coming months?

If your plan is to hit Daily Goals but not actually have your listings result in sales (that are Item Received by customers)…

… then there can be no assurances that you’ll receive any AMCOs next month.


As I’ve said many times before, there can actually be no guarantees that AMCOs will be distributed to anyone…

… because empowr cannot predict how many people will do each of the activities that result in AMCOs ahead of time.


It is simply impossible for empowr to guarantee AMCO cash outs.

And even though we’ve always had the pleasure of distributing AMCOs every month since the month it started, if I were a betting man, I would predict that there will most likely be month(s) where little or no AMCOs can be distributed.

Hopefully everything will continue to get better and better, but there will be serious issues (and opportunities) coming our way that we simply cannot predict.

As an example of opportunities headed our way, just consider the AMCOs that will be needed to pay Sharers, Service providers and Transporters. 

This cash will not just materialize out of thin air.


I hope you are hearing me.

Please, everyone, remember that empowr is still an alpha phase start-up…

… one that uniquely is trying to do it ALL…

… with NO investor capital.



We can and will do this.

We can and will succeed.

But the road will surely not be as smooth as many are growing to expect given recent successes and growth – even though we will try as hard as we can to make it so.

And even though AMCOs are based on available funds and empowr doesn’t utilize any outside investor funding…

… there are plenty of reasons to believe that the upcoming features we’ve discussed are going to be yet another multiplier for the empowr economy.


So, let’s prepare for the worst… but then hope for the best…

… as there is A LOT to be optimistic about.


What can I do to maximize my AMCOs in the coming months?

As you know, in the coming days two (2) new earning roles are being rolled out:

1.  Sharing (of products)

2.  Transporting

(Expect a post on the above, in as early as 24-48 hours from right now).

In addition, recently we announced that AMCOs will soon be provided to people offering Services.

That has not started but will in the coming days. Expect another post on that topic too, momentarily.


You can naturally expect these new roles to get a seat at the front of the AMCO line

… as together, we look to do everything we can to ensure these roles also succeed…

… so that great products become available for empowr citizens (YOU) to Use -- in addition to Buy…

… and so that Sharers, Sellers, Users and Buyers (YOU) can enjoy super-fast and near-free transportation of goods -- as opposed to slow, expensive and cumbersome shipping…

… and so all empowr citizens (YOU) can use their empowr profits to enjoy all sorts of services (Massage? Car wash? Cooking? House painting? Babysitting?.....?)



Expect more AMCOs (cash) to be go to Sharers, Transporters and Service providers… as these new activities join the AMCO payout queue. 

(You might also expect that these things will result in more new citizens, bringing more cash into empowr… cash that, in turn, is spent for -- or goes out to -- YOU).


Oh, before I forget: 

Next month (May, 2017) the 6th and 7th of May fall on a Saturday and Sunday.  With all the new things rolling into the AMCO process, we want to be extra cautious and ensure that the empowr analysts and engineers are carefully examining the AMCOs before they go out.

So therefore, next month (May) only, please expect AMCOs to be late (Weds May 10th, please). 

I can assure you that if empowr can beat those dates, it will.



So, why should I hit Daily Goals?

1.  Daily Goals are how we gain access to all those goodies (that the AMCOs are enabling)!

Each day you hit your Daily Goal, the % of your profits that can be used in the empowr marketplace increases.

And each day you miss your goal, that % decreases.


If you’re not enjoying (shopping in) the empowr marketplace, I can assure you, someone else is.

How do I know this? 

Because, like I said, shopping is doubling monthly.

A lot of people are not missing out on all the good stuff being listed in the marketplace.


If you’re not shopping, you’re leaving it all for others to enjoy.

So, instead of just waiting for cash outs, why not make a point to also enjoy the fruit of your labor?

When you don’t, others appreciate that, of course, because it means more products (and soon, services, product uses and transports) are available for them.

So, don’t miss out. Hit your Daily Goals to enjoy the rapidly expanding empowr marketplace.


2.  Hitting Daily Goals is much easier

Did you notice that the bidding section of the Daily Goals is missing?  It’s simply much easier to hit your goals now.

And it’s about to get even easier, when your Service sales, Transports and Coaching – and even your product Sharing -- begin to count towards the listing portion of your Daily Goal.


3.  Stock option points

I cannot stress this point enough. If you like cash, and if you believe in empowr, you’ll want to get your hands on as much empowr shares as possible. Use your vision to understand what can happen.

As announced last week, all Daily Goals hit in the months of April, May and June will have their stock option points tripled. And that number will be further doubled if you hit most of your Daily Goals.  Please refresh yourself on the details near the bottom of this post.



Like in any economy or situation, of course there will be times, when you don't feel like you're getting as much out of empowr as you’re putting in.

I would ask a person that feels that way:  Do you feel that way because of the cash outs alone?

Have you attempted to buy products and services -- and what happened?

If you’re not shopping, of course you're not going to get anything out in terms of products and services.

To get the most out of the growing empowr economy, be sure to hit your Daily Goals, and shop. 

Is there not enough stuff for sale in empowr, that you want to buy?

Look again: it’s getting better and better by the week and month.



empowr is on your side

I know it can be frustrating to expect and hope for lots of cash, and then not receive it.

My advice:

1.  Focus on the future, lower your short-term expectations and you won’t be disappointed

We have many issues, bugs, body blows and difficulties ahead of us – as a community and as individual citizens going through our own challenges.

If the pain of being in an alpha-phase experiment like empowr is too much to bear, I can completely understand that.

Over the years we have lost many really amazing and talented employees who reached the end of their ropes. 

We get it… this is hard.

If you keep focused on the long term, if that’s possible for you to do, you’re much more likely to not be disappointed.


Changing the world is always difficult – just read the stories of any group of people in history that ever did.

But it is the difficulties that, in the end, define your accomplishments and make your life one that was worth living. 

You’ll look back at these times with the most pride and with the fondest memories, specifically because it was hard.

Hard as it is, let’s try and enjoy this process, as someday…

… when, together, we’ve built empowr to be a very successful entity that is fulfilling its mission…

 … we just might look back at this stage, and wonder why (as hard as what we’re facing currently is today) we weren’t taking a moment to enjoy the journey more.



2.  Try and remember that empowr is on your side

We’re right here with you.

Like many of you that have worked so very hard, for months or for years…

… all of us employees have also given up the good life, in exchange for months or years of working for no or low pay…

… all for the privilege of working with you on this mission to make the world a better place.


We feel your pain.

And that is why we’re very focused on bringing all this change:

It’s all meant to address, and turn around, your and everyone’s top pain points.

We won’t stop until that pain is turned into joy, opportunity and power.



Are you ready?

A revolution awaits us. And we're ready to go. 

Are you ready to go? 



Any questions? We’re here for you.

(After we're finished discussing and digesting this topic, let’s get started with what might be our craziest month of product launches in empowr’s history).


Valentin Beşliu

Merita citit de cateva ori acest post.
O simpla intrebare:cum se procedeaza cand in acea Notificare primita la AMCO apar zero produse vandute cu o luna in urma ,desi produsele au fost vandute si au feedback dat de catre cumparator :)
Revin dupa ce voi citi despre noutatile inserate in acest blog,multumesc.

Worth reading this post several times.
A simple question: What to do when in the notification received from AMCO show zero items sold with a month ago, although the products were sold and were given feedback by the buyer :)
Back after I read about news inserted in this blog, thank you.

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Valentin, have you spoken to your Success Coach about questions regarding this email? I've ensured that someone has contacted you directly to better assist with understanding your AMCO email that you received. Thank you!

31 months ago
Hanna Rietdijk

i have the same issue: i sold products in february, above$5 each, marked as item received, but did not get an amco. I told my sc.

31 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Corect ar fi ca aceasta intrebare sa se regaseasca intr-un coment la acest post.
Fata de altii care sunt intr-o mare graba, eu mai si citesc comentariile altora,probleme sunt si vor fi...asteptam nu numai rarspunsuri ci... rezolvarea lor.

Right as this question to be found in comments of this post.
To others who are in a hurry, and I still read the comments of others, matters are and will be ... wait for it ... not only rarspunsuri solve them.

31 months ago
Russ Toews

Thanks. Your posts are always enlightening

31 months ago

how i withrow this amount

31 months ago
Randy And Riza Paul

Just one question, concerning this delivery thing...what happens the first time a crime is committed by one or the other, associated with Empowr Delivery, or a serious vehicle accident occurs and Empowr is held responsible?? Bye-bye Empowr???

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Randy and Dennis, as you know, there are many issues/questions/obstacles that need to be considered with ALL features and products. People and companies around the world do it every day. These are examples of great questions that we should be asking ourselves (along with 1000 other questions that also need to be addressed). Not to worry - we're thinking ahead, and are ready to tackle whatever is necessary to make these features happen successfully. Thanks for voicing your concern!

31 months ago
David Darwish

I agree with Dennis. Also, it will be more money out of pocket for us and it sounds really dangerous going to meet up with strangers u meet on the internet. As well as, if you get sued we wont get paid.

31 months ago
Uzair Sidhu

Thanks a lot.
This blog is very informative.

31 months ago

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31 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

An interesting information! Thanks for sharing. Good day, my friend!

31 months ago
Deokie Birbal

Informative and interesting!

31 months ago
Madonna Marie Perez

Thank you for the information and clarification.

31 months ago
Sharif Uddin

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Radii Giniyatullin

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Rajendra Shukla

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ღ DarkNymph Aka Cyndi ღ

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31 months ago
Rom Ned

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Oxana Rogutko

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31 months ago

This information is exactly what many were just needed. Thank you!

31 months ago
Mahendra Sharma

If empowr is on My side , then Where’s my cash out?
Only diplomatic answer received every time ,
Thank you for the information it will helpling and motivating for be positive hear .

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Mahendra, empowr IS on your side. As JC says, "I know it can be frustrating to expect and hope for lots of cash, and then not receive it."  We are asking for you to think long term with empowr instead of short term. We are still in the alpha phase, and we are working through all of the bugs, issues, and pain points to make the platform more efficient and profitable for citizens down the road. In this blog, as with the other recent ones, JC outlines all of the major upcoming features that we believe will have an enormous impact on the empowr economy. Remember, the more successful our economy is, the more everyone will benefit. If we can create a booming economy, it will benefit those citizens who are contributing. We do hope this helps motivate everyone to get ready for all the new and exciting features to come!

31 months ago
David Darwish

we don't expect or hope, we deserve.

31 months ago
Cha - Your Fan

Thank you for this information. Hope every sale may count and lead to success for each Empowr citizen.
Just a favor...
Please add JRS Express on courier and Lazada.
Thanks again!

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks for letting us know about more shipping companies Cha! We appreciate learning about more companies we can look into adding to empowr's list.

31 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks JC for the updates, and also thanks for making other citizens to understand that hitting only daily goals will not be eligible for AMCO and also they should make sales and the customers should mark item received to be eligible for AMCO cash out on every month..

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

We appreciate that you fully understand where we are trying to take empowr, Prabhu, and that you understand the need to bring in more economic value through the marketplace now!

31 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Trong tháng 2 tôi đã bán hàng và nhận được xác nhận của người mua với giá trị sản phẩm bán hàng không nhỏ chút nào, vậy mà tôi chỉ có 1 AMCO của tháng là 15$ như vậy?
Sản phẩm tôi bán được xác nhận trong tháng 2: http://prntscr.com/ev4sdq
Xin được hỏi các sản phẩm được xác nhận bán hàng của tôi là không tồn tại hay sao?

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Tuyền, để tối đa hóa AMCO của bạn trong tháng tới, hãy đảm bảo rằng các mặt hàng của bạn được bán và nhận không được đặt trong tranh chấp, điều này sẽ hiển thị giá trị kinh tế của bạn nhiều hơn và bạn sẽ có thể nhận được nhiều hơn từ nền kinh tế sau đó.

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Angela Jurmoni

Useful review! Thank you for reminding us all the news empowr brought to our life!
We are expecting for more and more information to motivate us going further with empowr.
Good luck and keep going!

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

We are happy you find the new information useful and are motivated for all the new features Angela, we are pretty excited to get your feedback on the new features we have coming out soon!

31 months ago
Evendi Evendi

thanks bro sukses

31 months ago
David Bruyland

Very inspiring blog!
Especially the new ways to earn AMCO, for me by 'providing services" is very motivating.
Thanks a lot 'Empowr"! :)

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

YAY! That's so exciting that you are looking forward to the new ways to earn David!! That's what we want to hear :) Can't wait to see the services you will be providing!

31 months ago
Wilyn De Las Alas

Thank you for this very informative announcement. It was exciting and interesting to understand more about AMCO. Great!!!

31 months ago
Priya Thombre

I hit the goals 30 times last month all my sales were marked as received by buyers the total sales were $445 I have received only $42 cashout. This amount does not cover my expenses. How can I make sales this month I have no cash left.

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Priya, I am very sorry you are upset with the AMCO you received but JC did say in his post " This time, by the time the algorithms paid out the AMCOs for your Item Received sales, there was no extra cash remaining to provide to people that had hit Daily Goals but did not have any successful Items Received Sales" In order to ensure your AMCO is maximized make sure when you sell items they are marked as received. The good thing is that the more Daily Goals you do hit the higher the % of your profits you can use to shop in our marketplace, so the fact that you hit 30 Daily Goals you have more % of your earnings you can use to shop. Also keep your eye out for the new feature ETL to help with your shipping costs!

31 months ago
Pete Moss

hi Sasha - but Priya said that she did have successful sales where they were marked 'item received '

31 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Thank you for the post and all the new ways to earn AMCO, very helpful!

31 months ago
Magdolna Gyenesene

Köszönöm az információt!
Szolgáltatásokat nem tudom hogyan lehet majd kivitelezni.... autómosás Amerikába..... ki fizeti az utat?

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Magdolna, azt látjuk, szolgáltatások Amerikában, hogy ha valaki felajánlja, hogy tisztítsa meg a házat, mosni egy autó, tanítani a gitár. Remélem, ez segít megmagyarázni, hogy milyen típusú szolgáltatások, amelyek várhatóan kínált.

31 months ago
Murad Akm

Thanks JC for low AMCO information.

31 months ago
Manish Jain_Crypto_Reporter

Many successful sales with mark "Item Received " since last 3 months but not getting AMCO according sale , what can be the reason. even documents are submitted still no updates on that. Is purchase affect AMCO for Sale?

31 months ago
Asif Iqbal

Same issue with me

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Manish, for your next AMCO the best way to maximize the amount you receive would be to ensure all the items are marked received and not disputed. Having more completed transactions will help bring more economic value to the economy which will help you in turn receive more out of the economy.

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Manish, to add to Sasha's comment: For your April AMCO, the algorithms considered your completed sales in February, that have been marked as item recieved.

31 months ago
Dezarae Ali

So inspiring :)
Thanks for this!
I'm ready! <3

31 months ago
Oxana Altanets

This is useful information, I hope that this will help us in getting a good AMCO! Thank you!

31 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Oh, I am ready and willing to join the long journey.

Regarding the AMCO sharing.
Well, I am a true seller for sure, providing new products in the marketplace
I am just awakened on what Empowr is now on focus, promoting Sharers, Transporters and Service providers. I hope that there still a place to fit in AMCO sharing for the seller, I am an optimist and I´m sure you are counting the seller in aside from the (Sharers) and to be honest, I provide a lot of items on Empowr because of AMCO, this has to help me to roll up my capital to invest in the products.

Focus on the future…
I´ve been here for almost 7 years I think so bugs, glitches, and issues are a part of my Empowr journey. They are my companions, competitors, a challenger that helps me grow and be ready to face the Empowr future. I know it depressing and irritating but bugs and glitches can be gone but not the future I may become. Who knows? I, a stockholder? That´s awesome hehe.

Thanks for the encouragement post-JC.

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Katherine, you are such a staple here with empowr, clearly you are ALREADY on the journey with us! :)

JC does talk about the best way to maximize your AMCOS for next month is to focus more on sharing and transporting items in the marketplace. If you want to sell items you might want to try sharing it instead, that way you can have recurring revenue instead of a onetime payment. I really love your views on our future!! We really appreciate how long you've been around, you clearly are the past and future of empowr! :)

31 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thank you, Sasha, and by the way I review some of the frustrating comments of our fellow citizens.
I truly understand them because I was been on and off their shoes before. I did use to write a positive feedback because we have to move on. Let the negative heals and just work hard and learn more about the site, learn what went wrong or we have to ask ourselves why it doesn´t work so we can investigate and change it and so to move on.

I can feel your pain and frustration fellow Empowrians. Possible you might not believe me because I receive a good amount of AMCO but to tell you I invested a lot even though I have no guarantee that I might not be successful to get it back. I just put trust to Empowr community. No trust, No investment and it means no AMCO since I might not able to participate on Empowr economy.

Aside from selling there are so many things that I have considered since there are many successful sellers here too in from different Power Levels.

Gauge meter. Remember the gauge meter?

Since as usual our earnings being distributed by power level and that the Gauge meter tells your where your status on selling either you are 30% lower or 70% than the other. So the higher your level the more you have a chance to get AMCO and the higher your gauge possible the higher your AMCO too.

Questions that you have to ask yourself.

What about the fees? Did you pay my fees on time?
Which earning package did I choose?
Do I have enough revenues where the AMCO is being calculated from?
Remember that not all our revenues will turn into AMCO.
AMCO is just a part of the revenues, the rest must have to wait for 90 days maturation.
Or Maybe you have used all your revenues to buy products.

How about disputes, how many disputes did you make?

These are some factors that will affect your AMCO, if I understand it wrong then correct me but that´s how I did it.

31 months ago

Thank you, Katherine! :)
It's great to hear such advice from successful people on Empowr!
Wish you much more success in the future. :)

31 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Frumoasa lucrare da -Empowr este de partea unora care au motive de bucurie ,multi am pierdut timp pretios fara odihna pentru a atinge obiectivele de zi cu zi dar nu au valoare munca in gol,degeaba A fost un timp in care se vindeau blogurile ,-acest serviciu sa retras ,de ce ? nu era un cistig in economia Empowr? multi licitam ,primim produsul si il punem la vinzare ,asta este consum inutil pentru ca nu ai ce vinde ,sponsor trece perioada de sponsorizare si trebuie achitat de catre sponsor ca apare ,,produs neplatit si -il platesti,acum vine treaba cu inchirierea de produse sau schimbul de produse .Foarte bune rezista cei care au banii nu cei saracii .Empowr este o platforma care vrea sa ajute cat mai multi oameni de pe glob sa iasa din saracie cum ? -Am 4 ani aici ,vin din FanBox care la fel spunea ca va fi ..si asteptarile mele erau ca taxa de IPL care am consumato la inceput sa o cistig dar nimic .De ce sa mai muncim oare ?timp pierdut ,energie consumata nervi incordatii ,ani irositi care nu se mai intorc , trebuia lasat bloguri la vinzare care trebuiau calculate la servicii ,,din blogurii invetii,,trebuia o rubrica unde sa poti pune caut -cumpar -vopsea de zugravit,- lemn pentru acoperis -cuie pentru pantofii,-...cerere ,gasesti ce se vinde bijuteri ,haine ,accesorii dar uni vor ce ii doare sigur ca ce are un pret mare nu se vinde ,totii vrem pret nimic pentru a nu fi consum consumul este acum ,maturizarea peste 90 de zile consumul zilnic maturizarea o data pe luna
Sa fie bine si un Paste fericit la totii

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Bună Tita, îmi pare rău, dar traducerea ar putea fi un pic pierdut aici, sunt probleme la înțelegerea punctele tale aici. Dar sper că noile caracteristici vor contribui la promovarea mai multe profituri economice pentru toată lumea prin ceea ce face mai ușor de a cumpăra un produs și de a le primi mai repede!

31 months ago
Sudhir Singh

I hit the goals 31 times in march,and sales are all marked with item recieved by the buyers.total sales were of 1160.60$.I recieved AMCO of 29.82$.THIS AMOUNT DOES NOT COVER EVEV MY SHIPPING CHARGES..How can i make sale today onwards? ..Nothing left in my pocket.please explain my amco calculation.

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Sudhir and David, I am very sorry you are both upset with the AMCOs but JC did say in his post " This time, by the time the algorithms paid out the AMCOs for your Item Received sales, there was no extra cash remaining to provide to people that had hit Daily Goals but did not have any successful Items Received Sales" In order to ensure your AMCO is maximized make sure when you sell items they are marked as received. The good thing is that the more Daily Goals you do hit the higher the % of your profits you can use to shop in our marketplace, so the fact that you hit 30 Daily Goals you have more % of your earnings you can use to shop. Also keep your eye out for the new transporting feature, this should help with your shipping costs!

31 months ago
Sergiy Didyk

and me too

31 months ago
The Fritz

"Make sure when you sell items they are marked as received." ....Sellers CANNOT do anything in this regard. Only just now, there have been changes in the dispute process that seem to be working - but it is not retroactive, so all those disputes in my "I've Sold" are likely to stay orange. I mean sure, we have their addresses, so I guess we could hire a candy-gram company to go to their door and sing to them the instructions for closing out transactions. Doesn't mean they'll do it.

I'm one that was offered a very low AMCO (met daily goals, had sales, etc etc.) so low I didn't even bother cashing it out.. Many things have been wonky with my account since I had troubles with it back in January - Enough to where I think something is very wrong with it.. This month reinforces that. And like I've posted about many times before, and even contacted fraudbusters, there are several "sellers" who are intentionally breaking the marketplace for their personal financial gain, and getting very large cash outs - I know because I see their faces on my page, and it's an insult... worse yet, others are picking up their example and they're doing the same thing, and the marketplace is decaying. If I cared about the AMCO as much as some, I wouldn't still be here; what I care about is the overall success of empowr, because it has huge potential... but for it to be essentially just starting out, and to already be corrupted, that's not good..

31 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thanks for this announcement. I hope this will change all citizens mindset.

31 months ago
Rahaphey  lim-albasha

So good to know!.thanks for this!
I'm READY...

31 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you again for an inspiring and enlightening post. I understand the essence of it even better now.

31 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

я тоже готов работать с вами очень долгие годы. Я люблю Эмповр!!!

31 months ago

Thank you again, hope we Tanzania will get the solution of cashing out within this year to get relief of the pain. All in all we are together

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Hafidha, as you know our priority is it protect our citizens' earnings. We do our best to provide the safest and most convenience means of cashing out. If you review JC's previous blog posts, he discusses new features that the empowr team is currently working on that may be able to address such pain points. He refers to this as "Application Innovation Dollars" which you can read about here: http://posts.empowr.com/r9qs8
We will also surely inform the community, should any changes to current payment methods change. Thanks Hafidha!

31 months ago

Thanks for the article and clarification of amсo. And what should be the ideal ratio of purchases and sales?

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Natvi :) To clarify, April's AMCO was based on completed sales for the month of February that have been marked as item received. Your ideal goal should be to have completed sales, where the item is marked as recieved as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, you'll want to ensure that you're working with the buyer to ship the item as soon as its purchased, and always provide shipping information. You'll want to communicate with the buyer, provide an awesome customer experience so that they mark the item as received. If you do this, hopefully ALL of your completed sales are marked as item received, and you would be rewarded for those sales in your next AMCO. As a buyer, you are rewarded with an awesome product! Does this make sense?

31 months ago
Bob Poster

Another great blog that explains a lot. Thank you! I tell a lot of people ere we need to always be looking for what is next here. This is another inspiring post. Looking forward to the Transporter blog, services, Okay everything really.

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Hi Bob! As always we appreciate you weighing in and your kind words are truly felt. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

31 months ago

You need to specifically say one sells you've earned that amount, to simplify calculations, if you have to balance 10 000, on account really going that amount. Specifically with simple mathematics.

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Dijana, we definitely want to make all aspects of the platform as simple and straightforward as possible. So thank you for sharing your suggestion. As you AMCOs are based on a number of different variables (as JC discussed above) which can make it very difficult for provide a short and sweet answer upfront. Although, as the economy continues to develop, hopefully we can continue to improve this process. We've taken your suggestion into account, though. Keep focusing on selling items and working with the buyer to provide the best overall experience - that way the item is marked as received in a timely fashion. Thanks Dijana and all the best!

31 months ago
Massimo Marras

Hello Mila, I think the point focused by Dijana is important, me too I think is important explain matematically how AMCO has been calculated, I know not easy for many variables but a little bit more detailed could be better because some people that sold many items didn't see any AMCO. The most important thing is selling items but if you can't see results, maybe less trust at the syste, then explain more detailed manner could be more satisfied for all. Anyway thanks for the great work all Empowr staff are doing for us.

31 months ago

Great Post! Learning something new every time here! It's getting ecxiciting....

31 months ago