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A little story to help understand AMCO Cash Outs

In my last post we attempted to answer questions about cash outs.

I promised that, in the next 24 hours, you’d be seeing another post, as we move forward with the next stage.

However, based on some responses, I can see that a few people may be confused about how empowr works.

In this post, I will:

1.   attempt to explain what I see as a major area of confusion

2.   ask some citizens to consider whether it’s time for them to leave empowr

Let’s get started.


For this post, I’m going to use an example of a hypothetical country. (All the numbers mentioned are simply examples too).


1.  A group of people are worried about where the world is headed

They see that half the world is living for $2 or less per day, while the 8 richest people have as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire human race.

They see that the problem is only getting worse, with more and more of the wealth going to the top people.

They understand that the underlying reason is that there is a network effect in motion…

  that is now accelerating (getting worse, faster) due to network technology.

That means that, as time passes, the scales will continue to tilt…

… ensuring that the rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will continue to get poorer.


They worry that, as time passes and more people join the ranks of the poor…

… that eventually the masses of people will have no choice but to rise up and destroy the very democracies that, in the last century…

… at great expense to the human race (millions of lives & billions of dollars)…

 … the world had succeeded at establishing…

… overcoming the fascist and communist governments that had created so much misery for people around the world.


2.  They decide to form a new country

They have some experience and understand what can be done with technology.

Their idea is to use technology to create a better, more equitable and fair country…

… where the hard-working people will be rewarded for their efforts…

… but where new network-based mechanisms can be installed…

… to ensure the network effect is working for the many, not just the few…

… in order to stop half the country from becoming slaves to just a handful of citizens.


Using nothing but a boat, a pump and their bare hands…

… they start pumping dirt up from the bottom of the ocean…

… to form an island in the southern Pacific Ocean, about 800 miles South East of Hawaii.


It’s a long and laborious process.


3.  As the years go by….

… and little by little…

… a pile of dirt finally starts to appear on top of the ocean.


4.  Some people hear about the project.

A few even decide to move to the pile of dirt, to join them and help them dig.

When their friends and family members ask why they would go to the trouble, they say:

“It’s not every day that we hear about a group of people trying to create something as complicated as a country…

… one that’s being built from the ground up to attack the growing inequality issue… 

  all the while saying NO to banks and investors so that the country can stay true to the reason it’s being built.

I want to join them and help them succeed”.


5.   Nearly 20 years after they started, an island country is starting to form

They have a currency.

A small economy has formed, with people buying and selling thing to each other.

Despite the lack of infrastructure…

… and with so many everyday things still missing…

… more new citizens are arriving.

They too, are concerned by what they’re seeing in their own countries and around the world..

… that is, growing inequality…

… and are ready to help make a difference.


Some volunteers are even acting as teachers, helping new citizens get situated and become productive in the economy.


6.  The new country has revenues

Some people that move to the new country, bring a little money with them (let’s call that money Euros) from their old country, which they are able to convert into the local currency.

The new country uses that outside (Euro) capital to pay for things it cannot produce on its own; things like nuclear reactors (to create energy), water pumps (so citizens can have running water and sewage) and light bulbs (needed to light up the streets). 

But for the most part, the incredibly creative, motivated and hardworking people of the new country are able to build and maintain most of what they need…

… without needing to go outside and purchase many things from the outside.


7.  The country is generating more cash than it spends

Thankfully, the government’s employees have all signed up to work for very little money, because they all truly believe in the country’s mission and reason for existence.

The government is also able to keep its costs low because those same government employees are willing to work double shifts.

Some act as construction workers in one of their shifts…

… followed by another role in their 2nd shift – working as police, judges, garbage collectors, and/or office clerks.

Because of its low cost structure, the country has more Euros coming into it from the outside, than it is spending.  Let’s say that “profit” amount is $100,000 (in Euros).

The government is eager to distribute that extra cash to its people, which is the spirit of why the country was founded in the first place.

After discussing the opportunity with its citizens, the country decides to provide that cash as rewards to its citizens for doing certain types of activities that would most help the community.

The activity that makes the most sense to reward, seems to be the providing (selling) of items of value (products) to each other – in order to accelerate the growth of the local economy.


8.   Together, the citizens of the country rise to the occasion

In one month, they successfully sell $50,000 in products to each other!

That means that citizens (buyers) pay $50,000 (in local currency) for all the stuff they buy.

And of course the citizens (sellers) receive $50,000 (in the local currency) for the stuff they sold.

(To be more precise, the government collects a tax of 10% on sales -- or $5,000 – but we’ll ignore that in this example, to keep the math simple).


9.  The country distributes the “reward” Euros to its citizens

As mentioned above, the country has $100,000 (in Euros) to distribute, so it is easily able to provide $75,000 to the sellers (as a reward for selling $50,000 to each other)…

… which means it can provide sellers a reward of $1.50 (in Euros) for each $1 (in local currency) of products they sold!

To be clear, for each $1 of goods the sellers sold, they have already received $1 in local currency, which they can spend locally.

So the $1.50 (in Euros) that the country rewarded them, for each $1 they sold…

… is IN ADDITION to the $1 in local currency they have already been paid by the buyer.

Think of this addition as an extra bonus or stimulus package -- a way for the government or community to say, to its citizens, Thank You for their support and efforts to make the country better.


Now, the country still has an extra $25,000 in Euros that it has not yet distributed.

Remember, it had a total of $100,000 to distribute, of which it distributed $75,000 to sellers. So it still has $25,000 more that it could distribute.

With those extra Euros, perhaps the country can pay some citizens that attempted to sell something, but failed?

The logic with that is that at least they are trying (and it really wants to distribute that extra $25,000 due to its mission).

After all, those non-sellers successfully got out of bed many times during that month (an average of 10 days per citizen).

Many of them even opened stores and put things on their shelf, even though none of those things actually sold.

So perhaps these people just needed to be encouraged. And that’s why the $25,000 is distributed to them…  Let’s call that $25,000 “encouragement funds”.

When the government has extra funds to distribute, it must make tough decisions on how to best reward its citizens.

As you can imagine, this can be a difficult process because the government wants nothing more than for ALL its country citizens to be happy and prosperous…

… as evidenced by the nearly 20 years they have invested to make this country a reality.

If citizens are not happy, that would suggest that they have wasted much of their lives…

… at great expense to their families and, in many cases, their health.


10.   The citizens work harder, and the economy grows

A few months later, the local economy has grown from $50,000 to $1,000,000…

… meaning that the citizens of the country are providing $1M in products to each other…

… which means that they are also receiving $1M in products from each other.

The people of the country celebrate their victory:

They had set out to build an economy, starting with nothing.

They are so excited to see that their hard work is paying off!


In addition, they enjoyed $1M in products that they were able to buy (from each other) with their local currency.

And the country’s (Euros) profits have grown too!

The country has been able to increase its Euro “profits” from $100,000 to $200,000! 

Of course the country is eager to distribute this profit to its citizens again.

This time, in addition to the $1 each citizen received (from buyers) for each $1 they sold, citizens are given $0.20 (in Euros) by the government. 

(Remember, there were $1,000,000 in sales, and $200,000 in Euro profits – so that’s $0.20 that can be distributed as a reward, on average, for every $1 in sales).

A few citizens are not happy. They had grown accustomed to receiving $1 (from the buyer) plus $1.50 (in Euros) from the government (for a total of $2.50) for each $1 they sold.

In addition, this time every penny needs to go to the successful sellers.

There was no cash remaining for “encouragement funds” that could be distributed to support the citizens that were trying but not succeeding.


11.  The economy continues to grow

A few months later, the local economy has grown to $10,000,000

… meaning that the citizens of the country are providing $10M in products to each other…

… and also receiving $10M in products from each other!


Many citizens celebrate again.

Some recall how many years it took just to earn the right to call what they had built, a pile of dirt.

But now, citizens enjoyed $10M in products!


In addition, the country’s Euro “profits” have also grown:

The country has been able to increase its Euro “profits” to $300,000!

This time, in addition to the $1 each citizen is receiving for each $1 they sold, they are also rewarded with $0.03 (in Euros).

(With $10,000,000 in sales, and $300,000 in Euro profits –that’s $0.03 that can be distributed as a reward, on average, for every $1 in sales).


Some people are really not happy. A few had become quite accustomed to the extra Euro bonus on top of their selling earnings, seeing those funds as a basic “right” that they are entitled to.


OK, wait…. What was that?!?

Only a $0.03 (Euro) reward for every $1 they sold - in addition to the $1 they received from the buyer?


Who can ever be happy in this new country?

Let’s take a look at another real country, say, the United States. 

When someone sells something for $1 in the U.S., and receives $1, they don’t even think about the government throwing in some Euros rewards too.

They are happy with the $1 they earned, because they can turn around and spend that $1 on other things in the economy.

(There are a lot of things for sale in the U.S. economy – that they can buy with their local money).


But how does that relate to empowr?

It very much relates. 

If you cannot sell products in empowr, without requiring an additional $X in “Euro” awards from the government (in addition to the empowr earnings you gained from the sale)…

… then selling products in empowr (today, at this moment) may no longer be for you.


“But I have out-of-pocket costs!”

·      -- I need to acquire products from “abroad”. I need those “Euros”.

·      -- And I need to pay “Euros” for shipping.

True, understood. And very much appreciated.

But that doesn’t change the math one little bit. 

In other words, just because you need to pay for the product, or have shipping costs, doesn’t cause money to magically fall out of the sky into empowr’s bank account -- that it can then use to reward you.


So, what can be done?

Here’s what we can do:

We can continue to work our butts off, to build the empowr economy, until virtually everything you want or need is available for purchase in the empowr marketplace.

And that’s exactly our plan:

A.   We can launch Services, so that we can provide services to each other. 

Providing services to each other can often be done, with less (or in many cases, with little to no) out-of-pocket “Euro” costs.

And with lots of services soon becoming available, that means that you’ll be able to buy a lot more with your empowr earnings.


B.  We can launch a new earning “empowr transporter” role.

That will help sellers cut their shipping costs…

… which means more products will become available for you to purchase with your empowr earnings.

It also represents a new way for empowr citizens to earn (both empowr earnings and AMCOs).


C.   We can launch product Sharing

Now, instead of selling (and saying Goodbye to your products permanently) you can earn recurring revenue from your goods – by Sharing them.

And yes, some of you have security concerns: “What happens if my item is damaged?”  This is fully addressed by the platform, as you will soon learn.

When people Share products, that means that you can Use their products (paying with your empowr earnings).


D.  We can open up our platform to thousands of application developers to create hundreds of new ways for empowr citizens to earn…

… and for others to receive products and services in exchange for their empowr earnings.

This means that soon, you (whether you’re an application developer or not) can use your mind and ideas to create opportunities for yourself and others.


E.  After those things are live (in just the coming days and weeks) we can continue to work our butts off, reporting and fixing bugs and issues, and building missing features.


F.  And when we’re done with that, we can continue to innovate & invent… and optimize & improve, like we always have.


G.  And in the meantime, we can ensure that community members get a piece of the country – ownership in empowr

… because isn’t that why empowr was founded in the first place?


Not good enough for you?

Not worth your time and effort?

I can respect that. 

Of course we are not where we want to be. Not even close.


Look:  When empowr started, it was not even a pile of dirt in the ocean.

Nearly 20 years later, we invented many of the things that enable social media.

This happened not by using a massive R & D (Research and Development) budget…

… but by the sheer willpower of citizens (employees, success coaches and citizens) working for mostly nothing for most of that time.

Blood, sweat and tears is how the empowr platform has been built, brick by brick.

Remember, AMCO cash outs didn’t even exist a year ago!


The bottom line is that, believe it or not, everything happening here is good news:

     Your success is overwhelming the stimulus (or outside capital) available to us. 

In reality, the stimulus (or outside capital) is going up nicely.

     But our economy is growing at even faster pace.

The amount of products, services and other things that you can get with your empowr earnings are not only growing...

     ... but they are now about to explode at an even faster rate...

... with all the new enablers that are launching in the coming days.


That is exactly what success looks like, when an economy begins to succeed.

(To those of you mostly measuring success by the amount of cash you can extract from the empowr economy, I understand that this may not be reassuring...

... but to those of you that primarily judge success here by empowr's viability and ability to satisfy its mission...

... so that it might actually be around to serve you and others in the long run...

... this is all simply proof that you are succeeding). 


Together, we’ve come a long way.

But we’re also not where we want to be yet. 

A few of you are very quick to point out that we have issues, bugs and missing features.

That’s great! It’s really good to hear that you care enough to use the products and notice these issues (most of which are painfully obvious to us).

There are literally thousands of such issues. And we’re running as fast as we can to take care of them.

But with a small staff…

purposely kept small so that funds can be pushed to you instead of more employees…

we can get less things done per month, than a company with a bigger staff (that has simply taken investor capital).

Did you know that Facebook received over $1B from investors (that’s $1,000,000,000) before it became profitable and didn’t need more investor capital?

As a result, Facebook gives you NOTHING…

… and their 30,000 employees work for a salary…

… and for a purpose (whether they realize it or not) of making about 5 people (but mostly 1 person) richer and richer:

Is empowr the right place for you? 

Good for him. Facebook provides a valuable product that benefits people and we wish them no harm.

But if you think that empowr couldn’t EASILY do the same thing…

… raise a ton of money, and turn its citizens all into slaves – getting them to spend all their time there, in order to create a handful of billionaires…

… you’re dead wrong.


So, your standing on the sidelines and yelling over and over again about this issue or that bug (that we already know about) is not always helpful.


So, what IS helpful?

Thank you for asking.

1.   Actions speak louder than words. Stop complaining and get to work, helping where you can!

Can you sell? Provide a service? Can you coach others? Share? Transport?

2.    Can’t do any of that? Understood. Then LEAVE so that those of us that can, are able to focus on the things that you need fixed.

Come back in a year or two and, I promise, we’ll still be here, and we’ll be better.  

We’ll be MUCH better.

Don’t believe me?

Just ask anyone that’s been around for a year or two. Or five years. Or ten years… or more. Ask them about what we are able to accomplish, starting with nothing.


What’s it going to be?

Can you focus?

Or is this the end of the road for you, for now?


In my last post…

I attempted to make it clear that Sharing, Servicing and Transporting will go to the front of the AMCO line.

Did you catch that?

That means that, most likely, there will be no AMCOs for simply hitting your Daily Goals (like there wasn’t this month)…

… and probably less or possibly even no cash for product sellers – because cash will need to go out to people Sharing products, Transporting and providing Services.


For humanity’s sake, stop the complaining.  

If this is not the place for you, I can totally respect that.

What I cannot respect is you staying here, and complaining, complaining, complaining…

… because you’re not helping, and worse, you’re distracting the others that are trying very hard to stay positive and focused:                      Is empowr the right place for you?

So, take a moment to ask yourself why you're here.

Take some time to think about that...

    ... and then...

Please make your decision: 

1.  You can do this. 

2.  Or you cannot. 


Sticking around but continuing to complain – well, that’s just a “leave” decision without the courage to be decisive and make the decision.


I’m sorry if I sound irritated, but I wouldn’t be doing my part if I wasn’t being honest with you.

We’ve come too far to sit around and let a handful of people ruin the mood for those citizens that are very clear about the challenges…

 and simply want the opportunity to work on them, without having their energy, optimism and time endlessly drained from the small group of complainers.

Don’t these citizens deserve that?

I mean haven’t they earned that right?

Some of them have given everything they have to this project, and to you, our community, for half or more of their entire lives.

Again – trust me – we hear you. We hear your frustration and your paint points.

But now it’s time to make a decision for the benefit of the community.


I’ll hold off announcing what’s next and moving forward until the people that cannot be here, do the right thing for themselves and the community, and depart.

My respect, in advance, to those people, that raise their hand in the comments of this blog post, and say “I’m out. Goodbye”.

Your actions are highly admirable and we look forward to seeing you again in, say, a year or two.

You have got my word on behalf of the community, that we simply won’t stop until all the issues you’re aware of are overcome…

… and the platform has become everything you believe it should be.

Once the complaining has stopped, we’ll start moving forward again.


Olga Rakhimova

Thank you for creating a great blog. I like. I read with pleasure and gratitude.

31 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Cum ramane cu treburile nerezolvate din postarea : Uite AMCO, Nu E AMCO:)
Prea repede vin aceste noutati,n-au timp pentru a fi "digerate" !
Sa rezolvam intai treburile cu care ne confruntam pe aici(ca sunt destule si variate) si dupa aia aruncam doar cu coada ochiului in curtea vecinului.
E doar o parere,astept sa vad si altele,multumesc.

What about the unfinished business of Posting: Look AMCO, AMCO not :)
Too fast are these novelties have no time to be "digested"!
Solve first chores facing us here (there are plenty and varied) and then I only take sideways in the neighbor's yard.
It's just an opinion, and others wait to see, thank you.

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Valentin, thank you for stopping by the blog! JC already posted an AMCO related blog yesterday: http://posts.empowr.com/67gt8. Thank you again for your time! :)

31 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Eu cunosc aceste amanunte sunt primul care am comentat la acel blog referitor la AMCO .Asteptam inca un raspuns si nu sunt singurul .

I know these details are the first to have commented on that blog post still AMCO Wait for the answer and I am not alone.
Thank you.

31 months ago

Hello Vali , vrea sa te vad mai pozitiv.\
Noi suntem veterani pe aceasta platforma si trebuie sa fim un exemplu pozitiv.

31 months ago
Yaroslav Novak

Thank you interesting blog!

31 months ago
Prashant Dimri

Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful Destination...So keep moving forward..

31 months ago
Imad Nissan

Wow another important blog :)
I must find time to read it today

31 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Do take the time, it's an amazing time to be on Empowr as it switches gears to drive more people to start interacting with each other in a supportive way that will allow them to do more \ (•◡•) / as those interactions benefit everyone while generating the necessary revenue that Empowr needs to not only operate but take it to the next level with what your asking for.

Look past the growing pains that are appearing here and there to see the future where everyone is supporting everyone in ways that benefit everyone.

The New Share aspect:

Allows people to truly be supportive of another by sharing what they've been blessed with in a way to not only make money for themselves but to help another save money which they can, in turn, invest back into the system to do more.

It's a win-win situation that Empowr is creating as it will allow it to generate income from being the host that they can use to pay more people in other areas.

The Transporter:

The transporter feature allows people to take the money they would have paid to a huge corporate entity and invest it back into the Empowr system that will create more positive revenue flow for them, others within the system while at the same time generating more revenue on the empowr side so that they can use it to pay more people in other areas.

The Service feature:

The service feature is huge in my mind for getting people to engage others within the system to stop going outside of Empowr so that those transactions that not only benefits both parties but Empowr system as well, for the revenues that are generated from those transactions on the Empowr side can be used for more programs within the system that benefit everyone.

The shift I see happening through all the growing pains is necessary if it's really committed to its mission of creating a society that engages everyone in supporting one another within the system in a way that benefits everyone \ (•◡•) /

It engages people like myself to come up with ideas that millions of people around the world can be engaged in all three areas at the same time.

Looking forward to hearing what you think, to hearing what everyone thinks good and bad for together we take it all and use that energy to support Empowr as it transforms into a reality that everyone loves buts it's going to take time and there will be more growing pains so hang in there \ (•◡•) /

31 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Dearest Pres. Brian and empowr staff,
Good morning!

I WILL STAY FOR LIFE, it has been my FIVE years here since I have been joining Fanbox up to present and I won't put to waste those years full of PATIENCE, STRUGGLE and HARD WORK into trash...
CONTINUE to POST what are the BEST to all of us!!!
I will follow and do what you intend me to do!!

Wishing all good health, success and good luck.
May GOD bless us!--mady

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks Amada!! You clearly understand you need to think long term with us instead of short term! :)

31 months ago
Aurora Cruz-Schertel

I agree with you Amanda.
Let's move on!

31 months ago
Vadim Shiryaev

Only forward! Not one step back! My ten fingers up) Let's explore new "horizons"!

31 months ago
Olga Kopteva

Все здорово и интересно,но хочется порядка на платформе и адекватного распределения заработков,наша русская ветка работает много и с удовольствием и всем хочется получить за это адекватное вознаграждение,хотя это мой глас вопиющего в пустыне,,,,,

31 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Đương nhiên tôi vẫn có những thắc mắc về AMCO, nhưng tôi vẫn đang ở đây và hãy cho phép tôi cùng tiến bước với các bạn!
Cảm ơn!

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Chúng tôi rất vui khi bạn chọn đi cùng chúng tôi Tuyền! Chúng tôi hy vọng bạn đang suy nghĩ lâu dài với các AMCO thay vì ngắn hạn!

31 months ago
Asrar Ahmad

Interesting post...

But I have a question.....👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Am selling to many thing in February and it's item receive mark in February but I can't receive any AMCO this month.
Tell me where's my AMCO..???
And why it's not received..??

Where's my AMCO...?????

31 months ago
Johnny Cash

You are simply clueless, aren't you, Asrar.

31 months ago
Asrar Ahmad


31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Asrar, keep in mind that April's AMCO is based off of sales made in February, not including Prem. blogs, and only counting sales of $5.00 or more (not including shipping). These sales need to be marked as "item received" in a timely manner - keep in mind that on your "I've sold" page - the "Updated" date displays the most recent status of your sale. For example: If a sale was made in January, and then updated as "item received" in February, it would not count towards your April AMCO. Now if that same sale would have been made/initiated in February, then it would count. We encourage you to keep it up focusing on completing sales in the marketplace, including shipping details when possible, and also ensuring that they are marked as 'item received' by your buyers. I hope this helps!

31 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Hello JC,
Yes I can Do this:)

31 months ago
The Fritz

Oh boy... more legit sellers are about to bounce.

31 months ago
Johnny Cash

If so, that would mean more everything (cash, product and services) for others.

31 months ago
The Fritz

Is it "negative" for me to report the news? I don't think so... yet it seems like legit sellers in the marketplace would be better than having scammers, and it's obvious for me to see who's taking over. Now, I'm not bringing this up because I think it's "one more thing I expect you guys to fix" because it's actually on the citizens to fix this one.... which they can do by simply: Paying attention, Becoming more aware, and Making better choices with their bids/buys. By reading descriptions, Google searching, and learning about things before they support these purveyors of polished turds, we all benefit.. As has been brought up MANY times - This is their empowr, but a little guidance for the overwhelmed, and encouragement for those who "get it" wouldn't hurt.

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Chris, what you're saying makes sense. This is something that's become incredibly apparent to us as well - how do we get rid of these "scammers" and people who are abusing the system merely to unfairly earn AMCOs (or, really, ANY earnings that they don't deserve). As you can see, creating a stellar marketplace is quite the undertaking. It's also clear that we here at empowr need to do something to help alleviate these more obvious marketplace issues. After much research, learning, debating, discussing - we truly believe that the new features that JC outlines will be the push that the economy needs to head in the right direction. You make a valid point, too - getting rid of the scammers and fake citizens is also a responsibility that citizens need to take some responsibility for. I'd also like to add that while there are "scammer sellers" in the marketplace, the issue is only amplified by buyers who are willing to go along with it. To sum up JC's post, we just want to be as transparent with the community as we can be - we don't want anyone parttaking in empowr under false pretenses. We believe that we will succeed in our mission, and we want to make sure that the community understands this. I notice that you're always participating in the conversation, and you and I have worked together on multiple occasions to resolve some issues. We always appreciate your willingness to speak up and share what you're experiencing. I know I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks Chris, and all the best.

31 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

good post

31 months ago
Oliver Jacob

OMG, I inputted more than 1500 USD lately in My account .. will you give me my cashout or WHAT?
It will be my first cashout I am afraid :(((

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Oliver, please see the AMCO blog posted yesterday detailing how they were distributed this time around: http://posts.empowr.com/67gt8. Make sure to really hone in on buying and selling in the marketplace, ensuring "Item received" is hit every time. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Sherry, marking an item as 'item received' means another human has gone through the effort of hitting that button which confirms it has actually been received. Please remember April's AMCO is based off of sales made in February that were marked "item received". I hope this helps clarify.

31 months ago
Liliana Varga

OK JC, but the sold products price will be cash out, right?
I wish you and the team many success! :)

31 months ago
Liliana Varga

Understand. Thank you, June.

31 months ago
Marcelina Abejero

It's been 4 years now on FANBOX/EMPOWR I do hope and Pray for the good of the community and be FAIR to
each other contribution...effort , time , and money.

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

We hope so too Mercy, we can only have it happen with you and others like you!! We need to focus on the long term vision of empowr and how to make it a better more efficient place for everyone!

31 months ago
Alexander Antonyuk

I've been working with you for half a year. I did not receive thousands of AMCO, but I really believed in the platform and its managers. I am sure that there are very great prospects in the future. And I am ready to work with you before the victory. And in joy and in sorrow. I love empowr !!!!!!!!!!

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Александр, your kind words and enthusiasm are amazing to read! Thank you for your continued dedication to empowr! :)

31 months ago
G Chandra Kumar

Excellent with Marxian thoughts.. Thank you JC,

31 months ago
Ken Kerekes

Sounds good. Can't wait for the changes!

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ken, loving your enthusiasm! Just to remind everyone - the features that JC discusses are not for the sake of empowr simply wanting to "innovate" and "add complexity" (in reference to some of the other comments asking "why is empowr introducing more changes?"). These features are solutions to top pain points that the community is currently facing. We hope that they will alleviate many marketplace issues, and bring down the out of pocket costs that are currently being incurred by sellers in the marketplace. Thanks again for your support!

31 months ago
Adrian Cooper

Thank You for the Post JC-
I'm glad that you touched on some of the points you did (and clarified where the biggest needs are, and the ramifications it would have for those focussing on more "traditional" areas. That heads up, and KNOWING- means a lot... and helps everyone prepare accordingly.
Also I had typed a letter to my SC, that sometimes- it's simply that one can feel a disconnect when there is no evidence of their input being considered. It's a temporary thing for most (and likely I'm a little crankier this time of year due to personal things)... but certainly we all need that encouragement from time to time, understand your frustration too... so please at the moment allow to to simply say 'Thank You" to you and your team for your hard work). Though I can't yet put in the time commitment to SC right now, I am more than happy to help out newer citizens when I can, and will continue to do so (hopefully, my situation will change in the near future to have me SC- I just can't responsibly commit to it at the moment). Also, once again- I am happy to help out the small team that you have as is possible in my position- and again, on a volunteer basis. I have extended that offer many times before, and it still stands: please simply just contact me.
You have touched on a few of my concerns today (whether by design or accidental- I see that my input was either in line with your thinking, or has been taken into account)... and for that I thank you as it is a huge help in reassuring me that my voice is valuable.
So with that, dusting myself off and moving forward. I likely will ask questions on new developments- but please don't take it as complaining... I simply believe that one SHOULD be involved in projects they are part of beyond simply agreeing... if the questions aren't asked (and haven't been addressed) then opportunities may go missed, or issues may set in.
I've said it many times before- I believe in the project, and am happy to be part of it. We all may get frustrated form time to time... but we also find ways to rise above them and the disappointments. If we didn't the ones who have been here a year and some *MUCH* longer... simply wouldn't be here.
Hats off to you and your team, and please, don't be afraid to let me know should you need an extra pair of eyes or hands.

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Adrian, you are absolutely right and thank you for your well thought out reply. Please do not think we consider your input or questions as "complaining" as we mention in this post. Asking for advice or clarification on a new feature that will completely upturn a lot of what we've been doing is perfectly fine. Please, continue to ask questions and provide feedback. We take ALL feedback seriously, we just don't always have time or the man power to personally reach out and thank anyone (as JC mentions, our team is rather small). You're always full of great thoughts that make us think! :) When you have the time to become an SC we look forward to it! Thank you again for taking the time to reply here and voice your thoughts! Your continued support is amazing to read!

31 months ago

Whoah... too clear and painfully honest! But that is exactly what people need here.
To be honest and clear so they can know what they can expect in the future, and what they can not expect!
Sounds like it will be a huge storm in here, but I'm prepared. <3
It is what was expected, anyways! I hope it will be for the best! :)

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Alexxia, our goal here is transparency. We want to do our best to communicate openly and honestly. empowr is a tough undertaking, and everyone involved should understand clearly what they're doing. We're extremely excited to provide the features that we feel are head on tackling the top marketplace issues we've been hearing about. Thanks for your support, and we love your enthusiasm! Thanks Alexxia :)

31 months ago
Leonides Sumayan

I will be here forever.

31 months ago
Centiu S

Hi Empowr,
Where is my AMCO?
Where is the notification about Cash Out?
Where is my VAMCO?
I report a cheater. Why is still in the sistem?
Why, some from other countries took Matured Cash Out and AMCO too and the romanians do not?
It is somehow about discrimination... or what?
What for I worked here two years?
Answer to me!

31 months ago

A low bow to the people who were at the origins of this platform and it is thanks to them that we now have this opportunity to work here. Thank you!

31 months ago

I applaud you JC - this is the most clear discription of what is being built. And it is ingenius. I get the concept of others moving to empowr by word of mouth - but to add to your analogy - I feel as if I was an adventurer who stumbled across this Empowr Island and want to stay - but cannot get a grip on the rules of the economy and the "government". There is no written information on how the economy actually runs - and no-one so far can communicate how the "taxes" or revenues are earned. My experience has been one of : selling products bought and shipped with external currency (a premium cost) and sold into the local economy - but not receiving the local currency as payment - so out of pocket on both sides. Even the items bought with the local currency have needed to be subsidized by the external currency (euro's as per your example) - and the seller not receiving their funds - and I have been told not to concern myself about the buyer not getting reimbursed. Being a loyal and faithful traveller - I would not like to see another short-changed or robbed.

I understand that "glitches" can arrise - and I am a team player who likes to report any possible problems - the more eyes the better to navigate rough waters. All reporting to the captain who makes the final decisions.

The other analogy about this island is that the "travellers" like myself seem to upset the locals - without intending to - being very keen to become a resident and not a visitor - I am keen to get the information to be a success coach and help to navigate fellow travellers - to whom I can communicate in "their language".

This has been an EYE OPENER for me - as this is not what I understood the platform to be - I was one who was confused as to how things were done - and this example has answered more questions than I even knew I had.

My only concern is that I feel at present I have been paying taxes without earning - and have put in hundreds of hours of effort into the community - and not even covered the cost of the "taxes" - so am out of pocket in many instances.

Is there no way that we can move forward earning more slowly and NOT have to pay the ad credits / platform fees? I have been bronze for most of my journey and was told this week that I should be on Platinum to expect to earn... this felt like a slap accross my face.

I budget time / money and effort - as I do have a full time job - but love to participate in upstart and love networking - so am happy to stay - but not happy to stay and pay. Please reply. Thanks.

31 months ago
Laurian Lenjo

I would like to withdraw my earnings changing them to hard cash, please advice me...

31 months ago
Enes Hurlov

I expect to get money for the things that I sold to my paypal, no matter if it's worth $ 1 or $ 5 or more, everything else is pure stealing, and I'm not the only one who has a sense of stealing.

31 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Ernes, I am confused why you have a sense of stealing here. Of course you do get paid for the items you sell - you can check out your empowr balance to see these earnings.  AMCOs are just an acceleration of your profits, when it has enough funds at the end of the month to reward those who contributed the most, a little extra.

31 months ago
Vikash Chokhani

Keep doing what you all are doing....its for a great cause....I can visualise your mission and I will try to be here as long as I can and also try my best to do atleast something for this great cause....

Further I also agree that who doesn't believe in the mission and who has any problem should leave immediately but empowr should never leave its mission.

Being a SC I will continue with my activities in a much more positive way after this post....KEEP GOING

Thanks & Regards
Vikash Chokhani

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Vikash, we appreciate your kind words of support! Your resolute and determined attitude is what allows empowr and it's team to innovate and continue to strive to do MORE for the community. Thank you for all that you do and we appreciate your dedication.

31 months ago
Oxana Shabalina

Very interesting post.Thanks

31 months ago
Lori Mooney-Taylor

AWESOME BLOG AS ALWAYS!! I totally agree with you & I appreciate all your honesty & I do see the future of Empowr & am & will continue to do what I can to help us succeed!! This is why I became a success coach to help us move forward & always try to help those negative one to see the big picture & have faith but some just don't want to you, they just want free money, period! Live on Empowr!! Thanks to all, including citizens, that help make this a better community for all so that one day we all can sit back & really reap the benefits of our blood, sweat & tears. I coach over 11 hours a day & don't get to fulfill my goal obligation a lot because of this, which is ok, but some don't realize how much us as coaches give up to help them as we do lose money from not doing certain things like goals & we only get some pay when our students succeed & we are fulfilling our obligations as a coach each day. If we don't then we don't earn at all for all our hard work that we do. I get tired of people always saying that we get paid anyway & that's not true at all, we even get money taken from us if we don't answer their questions within a 24 hour period & really don't earn if they are answered within less than about 6 hours & we thousands of clients which even more messages a day to answer plus listing mods, disputes, monthly surveys & much more. Please understand that I am not complaining one bit about the pay, this is not why I became a coach, I am simply saying that I get tired of people thinking that we have it easy & get paid a lot to do nothing. We work hard & yes, we are rewarded for that & I greatly appreciate it more than I say express. I just wanted to let all those negative people realize that we do work very hard as the Empowr team does to help make this community better for all with mostly blood, sweat & tears as well. Thanks for reading & thanks for building this great community for all of us!! Lori

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Lori, I don't know who is saying you don't work INCREDIBLY hard because it is surely no one on the empowr team. Maybe some of the more negative people? The empowr team is SO appreciative of the work the Success Coaches do. We keep our team small so that there can be an ample amount of quality coaches like yourself! In a previous blog post about the future of empowr (http://posts.empowr.com/r9qs8) JC touches on a little mor leniency with coaches as meeting your goals each day and ALSO being an awesome coach is not easy to do. Check it out! Thank you do much for all the work you do Lori and for taking the time to reply here. :)

31 months ago
Romuald. 2018

Thank you my friend, good blog post!

31 months ago
Jenni Barley

I am here to stay! Let's all get our hands in on this and build this country! I promise to do my best for Empowr.Let's .... Just Do It!!

31 months ago

Hi June

31 months ago
Ann Tanzi

I would relate but empowr doesn't have it's own currency, we use virtual dollars, can we get our own bitcoins? It would make sense, after reading that post
2.Since this is a democratic platform, why don't you be telling us how much empowr made every month, just like in your example above?

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Yegon, I'm not sure what you mean, we do have our currency its called empowr earnings. That's the whole point of having a successful economy -- creating a strong currency that can be used in exchange for goods (i.e. services, products, transport, and sharing). empowr's revenues are dependent upon the contributions made by its citizens.

31 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Hi Johnny,
Hope everyone will read this blog and understand fully what you have written! We are all working for a better future, so patience and faith is needed. Negativity won't bring us anywhere. So let's work all hand in hand to build the economy. I have faith that we will be rewarded for our work here. Some of us, those who are here since a long time, have seen all what empowr have accomplished throughout the years and I am happy to have been able to see all these changes. Thumb up for you, the empowr team and Brian for the huge work you've done. Let's continue in the same path!

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Sylvie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You're always participating in the conversation, and I know that I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. You're honest, and you always share your honest experience. I can't think of a blog where I haven't seen you participate! :) Committment like that is the only reason we were able to come up with solutions to current problems. We hope that you're excited about the features that Jonny has discussed, as they are all in hopes of fixing the top issues that you (and others like you) continue to share with us everyday. Thank you, and all the best.

31 months ago
Animesh Garai

I have joined just a few months back, and become a Succes coach almost within a month after my joining, for acquiring more knowledge about this platform sometimes argued and fought with my Leaders for not getting my questions answered but I was always positive about this platform. I am very happy that JC posted this blog. I believe it is the time for those who do not have faith on this platform can leave so others can do their work in peace mind to complete this great mission.

31 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Animesh, thanks for sharing your honest experience with us. As you know, the Success Coach program is rapidly growing and changing (as well as the rest of the entire empowr platform!). With both a positive attitude and the willingness to continue pushing your team leader and other coaches, we will only KEEP improving.
We're glad to hear that you agree with the post. Thank you!

31 months ago
Alex Aurora

We are able to accomplish things that we did not even dare to dream JC, I cannot wait to move forward, Godspeed!

31 months ago