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Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

As you know, thanks to your hard work, the empowr economy has grown 100 times larger in the last few months.

Along with 100 times more earnings for sellers, and 100 times more purchases for buyers, this growth has also, naturally, meant 100 times more disputes.


The dispute process has been frustrating for everyone

We’ve heard your frustrations - and our engineers have now launched an entirely new dispute system.

But first….


When should you dispute a transaction?

While the empowr dispute system is in place to help mediate any sale made on empowr, it's important to realize that filing a marketplace dispute should be a last resort – after you’ve done everything in your power to ensure a successful transaction.

Of course some situations are unavoidable, and in those cases a dispute must be made.

But as a buyer, or seller, you should always do your best to communicate with the other party first, to see if you can remedy the situation to the satisfaction of both parties…

… and provide each other with a strong (5 star) rating.

As a reminder, Ratings about about to become everything in empowr.


Only after you’ve exhausted your ability to reach a conclusion with the buyer or seller:


As a buyer, you should dispute a transaction when: 

•  the seller has failed to ship the product (or provide the service) to you within the agreed upon amount of time, but you still would like the product or service

•  the seller shipped a product (or provided a service) that was not as described and you'd like a refund

•  the seller will not fulfill delivery of the product or service and you'd like to cancel your order 


As a seller, you should dispute the transaction when: 

•  you have successfully delivered the product or service and want to be paid for it, but the buyer has failed to mark the item as “Item Received”.

•  you cannot successfully deliver the product or service for whatever reason, and want to cancel the sale


How does the process work?  

Every empowr citizen has the right to dispute marketplace transactions (as a buyer or seller) if they are not satisfied with the outcome of a sale.


Once you've determined that a dispute is necessary, you’ll need to visit the “Marketplace” tab, and go to your I’ve Bought page (if you’re the buyer) or the I’ve Sold page (if you’re the seller):


Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

Note: If you’re using the empowr Android app, click “menu” in the navigation bar, and under the “More Features” section, click “I’ve Bought” or “I’ve Sold

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute systemImproving the empowr marketplace dispute system

From there, locate the purchase that you want to dispute, and choose “Dispute this transaction” in the “Actions” dropdown menu.

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

To initiate a dispute, you must wait at least 72 hours after the product or service was paid for. This is to ensure that both the buyer and seller have enough time to communicate and come to a resolution on their own before disputing.

Should you attempt to begin a dispute prior to 72 hours after the payment date, you will be shown the current status of the item, and how much time remains until you can begin the dispute.

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

From there, you must select a reason for the dispute from a dropdown menu:

Dispute reasons for buyers:

        Item not received: I still want the item

        Item not received: I want a refund

        Item received: Refund (Doesn't match description)


Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system


Dispute reasons for sellers:

        Item delivered: Buyer hasn't marked "Item Received"

        Cannot deliver item: Refund buyer


Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

As the initiator of the dispute, you should only provide information that relates directly to the dispute; information that may help with resolving the case quickly and correctly.

Once a transaction has been disputed, an inbox message is sent to all parties involved, including the buyer, the seller, the buyer's Success Coach, the seller's Success Coach and an empowr representative.

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system


Your Success Coach’s Role

Upon submitting the dispute, both the buyer and seller will have the opportunity to add details regarding the transaction and why they feel they should win the dispute.

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system


During this process, the buyer’s Success Coach and the seller’s Success Coach are responsible for reaching a decision based on the information presented before them.

Each coach will then make their final decision regarding the dispute – siding with the seller or the buyer. 


Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system 

In order for a final judgement to be made, both Success Coaches must agree on the same outcome.

In the event that both coaches do not agree on a final decision (or if a decision is not made by both coaches within a week or less), the case will be escalated to a top-level Judge who will make the final decision.

Improving the empowr marketplace dispute system

And that’s all there is to it – with a more streamlined dispute process, you should have be able to resolve any issues you come across in as little as 24 hours.


Democracy and the Judge

For now, May Ram, the leader of the SC program, along with several empowr representatives are acting as the Judges, residing over disputes when the two Success Coaches cannot agree on an outcome.

Soon, the judge will be an elected position, where you, using your democratic vote, will elect the judges locally, so that our community will have the final say in the judicial process.

As you may remember, you have asked us to complete a series of improvements (which we are starting to roll out now) before turning our focus to installing all the democratic mechanisms that will accelerate empowr down the path towards a true democracy.

Before we leave, I’d like to provide you with a few tips on how to avoid disputes:


As a seller, always do your best to:

        Make sure your listing information is as accurate as possible

        Ship your item as quickly as possible

        Communicate with your buyer throughout the transaction process

        Provide tracking information


As a buyer, always do your best to:

        Always read product and service descriptions before bidding or purchasing

        Only bid or purchase items that you actually want or intend to purchase

        Communicate with the seller throughout the transaction process

        Mark the product or service as “Item Received” or “Service Received”


As I mentioned in my last last post, Ratings are about to become EVERYTHING in empowr

You should be doing everything you can, to bend over backwards for your customers, in order to achieve and maintain a 5.0 rating.

By doing that, you, your profile and your products and services will be seen many times more in the marketplace and feed stories.

And as a customer, you should be doing everything possible to make the sellers, providers, sharers and transporters super-happy as a result of working with you.

Why? Soon, buyers with anything but a steller rating will be blocked out of many, most or virtually all marketplace opportunities.


It should be our common goal to ensure every transaction on empowr results in a positive experience for everyone.

In the rare times when that doesn’t happen, we want to make sure disputes are resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

With the new dispute process now in place, you can expect the resolution time for disputes to drop significantly, to as little as 24-48 hours.

Indeed, now that the new process is live, we’ve already seen the average resolution time drop from 25 days, to less than 2 days.


Now, let’s all focus on SUCCESSFULLY buying and selling products and services from one another in the marketplace.

If you have any questions about opening a dispute, ask your Success Coach and they would be happy to help.


Any questions? We’re here for you.


Your President,

Brian Woosley


P.S. For everyone that is asking what to do with previously created disputes, a software update will be released within the next 6-12 hours that will allow you to resubmit those disputes in the new system for a much faster resolution.

Thank you for your comments! Stay tuned for an update after the release is live.

Update: You may now re-dispute outstanding disputes that have not yet been resolved. We thank you for your patience! 


Надежда Sibirskaya

Wonderful post! Thank you for your hard work! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day! I wish you success!

31 months ago
Noshin Naz

Thanks for sharing

29 months ago

Great way and quick responding with the solutions in the new feature. And citizens are becoming more satisfied now with the quick refunding or releasing for both buyers & sellers :))

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Ayman, that was our hope! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your continued support of empowr.

31 months ago
Noshin Naz

Nice information

28 months ago
Bismark Fresher


31 months ago
Nataliya Gashevskaya

Может быть в балансе будет добавлена какая- то строка для отражения возврата денег на баланс, чтобы пользователям было проще следить за решением вопроса?

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Наталия, если вы покупатель, у которого первоначально были изъяты деньги и теперь они были возвращены. Возврат будет отображаться там, где элемент был изначально указан (например: если спор был возвращен сегодня, вы не увидите возмещение спора сегодня, оно будет появляться всякий раз, когда элемент первоначально был заявлен). Если вы продавец и вам были предоставлены средства, и теперь они возвращаются, линия просто исчезнет из вашего баланса. Надеюсь, это поможет объяснить!

31 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

Real disputes are resolved faster now. Thank you!

31 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Thanks for sharing. The new dispute resolution feature is just awesome indeed. :)

31 months ago
nina vu

That is great news!! Thanks!!

31 months ago

Good decision

31 months ago
Animesh Garai

Great, Thank you Brian

31 months ago
Dragan Bavarcic

Animesh Garai...respect to you ...but you should urgently translate into Bangla language this post and explain to Hasan Toukir that He must quickly changes his bad behavior regarding our multiple DISPUTE processes ( Case about even 8 Mobile Phones ) because very soon Empowr plan to incorporate stricter MarketPlace Terms and individual Ratings....nothwithstanding all I mentioned here ...give my Regards to him also....

31 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

Excuse me, I don't think Animesh knows Bangla language because he is from India.

31 months ago
Dragan Bavarcic

Hi Nasa ...Animesh Garai is Success Coach of Empowr Citizen names Hasan Toukir from Bangladesh. I HAVE SEEN in DISPUTE section that Animesh comunicated to Hasan by using Bangla language !!

31 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Excellent! I love the new dispute system. :)
Thanks for your greatness!

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Dez, thank you for the support! Keep doing a great job! :D

31 months ago
David Bruyland

Very good changes for the empowr marketplace.
Thanks, empowr!
And thanks, Brian.

31 months ago

thanks again for your help

31 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

It's really excellent as I want until now. And it helps us a lot in reducing someone who abuses the dispute for their own purpose.
I love this new feature.

31 months ago
Russ Toews

I love the new system

31 months ago
Sharif Uddin

Wonderful.......It will help.....Thanks

31 months ago
Wilyn De Las Alas

This is great news to all! Thanks. I love this new feature.

31 months ago
Aleksey Lipatov

Thanks for the good news! Work on empowr every day is getting better and better

31 months ago
Said Rahman

Very good to see this and i request the empoqr team to provide some of cash out to maximum citizens to be true in their missions for example
Plz pay attention to this.

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Said, this is great feedback and I'm happy to see you feel this way! I will bring this up to the team on your behalf.

31 months ago
Bob Poster

I do love this the new dispute system as they can be solved in minutes now in some cases.

31 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I´m cool with that, we actually tried to dispute an item that causes the glitch and it really works fast.
Hopefully, all Empowrians will read this post and understand not to misuse the DISPUTE portion and hope that both parties will cooperate or else both will get consequences and will say goodbye to the marketplace.

31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Katherine, could you go into what the glitch was a bit more if you do not mind? Also, you are absolutely correct! The dispute system is a necessity as everyone has a right to dispute a transaction if they feel it was not handled well. However, communication is key! There is no need for a dispute as long as both parties talk! :)

31 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I have some items that cannot be paused.
• One of the items is the jewelry set. There are 3 of them managed to buy bellow $1 or $1 because the reserve price won´t show out after I click publish. I edited it but it is the same, the reserve price still on the $0.00. So I delete the listing instead.
I disputed only 1 of them yet. I still have 2 that actually need to dispute.
I also ask 1 of the buyer to cancel her purchased to prevent dispute but she paid the item instead.

• The other item is the Ulefone Smartphone.
This item is always active in the Marketplace no matter if I pause it, I cannot even delete it.
I tried to edit it now before I write a reply to you. I clicked SAVE again to pause the item, in case it appears a delete button after the SAVE option but still, there is not and still remain ACTIVE until now. I even edited the description to "Please don´t buy" but even the description won´t replace the old one.

There will be more dispute for me that will come but my SC said not to dispute yet since she will hear more details about it. Mind to help resolve this issue?

31 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

I also totally agree!! COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!! .. But, i personally have many issues with glitches, and citizen who never border to answer any messages.. it't sad :(... m also really looking forwards, on the new disputes system :0... thanxs all. Val.

31 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Great news today. I do not like to make a dispute. But there are situations ...
Excellent! Now there is the possibility of a quick solution to the dispute.
I wish everyone inspiration. ♥

31 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

This counts for new disputes, but what about all the old disputes i still got disputes from august 2016, are we able to resubmit them or will they be taken care of automatically, it's only for approximately 10K in dispute.
Just pointing out a solution and a point.


31 months ago
Delilah Jones

Patric, great question! Any dispute initiated BEFORE March 31, 2017 please go ahead and RE-DISPUTE this/these transactions. Thank you for asking!

31 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

I only can see the message, "Send seller a message" there is no button open that was taken away a week or 2 ago.
If they put it back, i'll be happy to do the work, last week i already gave my SC a hearth attack, because to bring them up, you have to put a small message in the original dispute message, but the new dispute system won't see them. Maybe put the dispute button back, if possible or a lot of work for the SC's
Maybe there is a smart tech that can think of a solution, i know i am not the only one with disputes from people who did not deliver.

31 months ago
Boy Julito

This is a big improvement in the marketplace. Thank you Brian!

31 months ago

The new system of disputes is very fast, as practice has shown, but what will happen to old disputes, when the turn comes to them, they also have to be solved among them there are those who have no solution for 2-3 months already?

31 months ago

Thank June and all of Empowr for the great news and for your not easy but all the work we need!

31 months ago
* Will Chappell *

I love it. While the marketplace is BY FAR my favorite part of Empowr, it is also one of the most challenging. Time to weed the garden and focus on good buyers and good sellers. Love Empowr. I am here for the long haul!

31 months ago

Way to finish disputes very fast, mostly! I really love it!
Thank you Empowr Team! Much easier for us, SC's and for citizens of course. :)
Great job!

31 months ago
Aman ArorA

Thank you Mr. Brian for the valuable post. Is there any update about how previously pending disputes can be sort ? I would be waiting for mkre community annoucements for new features and how to make marketplace a quality place.

31 months ago
The Fritz

Thanks, Aman for asking, this was my question too.. For the answer, to my knowledge, as the last time I checked, previous disputed transaction no longer have the option to dispute.. So will going through old emails and commenting work?

31 months ago
Сергей Назаренко

Very positive and informative post

31 months ago
Madonna Marie Perez

Good job on this new dispute system! It is really easier and and faster..

31 months ago
Indra SiGe

How to re-dispute my old dispute transaction... There is no option to do that:

31 months ago
Medel Antiporta

Hi President Brian and empowr team!

Thanks for the hard work for improving the dispute system. This will really help both the seller and mostly the buyer who have some problems with their transactions. I encountered several sellers who does not communicate. Some sellers cannot deliver because they only depend on a fixed fund per month or the depend on the amount of AMCO they receive per month.

Anyway, I have already tried this new dispute system and the process is much faster and clearer now. Based on my observation, I have some questions:

1. After the dispute is done, I noticed that the item that the buyer bought becomes "Unpaid Item". Will this really count towards the buyer's unpaid item? I think it should be "Dispute Solved" or "Refunded"

2. After the refund, I noticed that there is no amount added to my balance and there is also no activity in my balance about the refund. Do we have to wait for sometime before the amount is added back to the balance?

I have some suggestions, I hope it can help:

1. Once the buyer bought an item, there should be a time limit or deadline on when the seller should be able to ship the item. If the seller cannot ship on the given time, the seller can ask the buyer for an extension and the buyer should have an option to extend the deadline. After the deadline and the seller wasn't able to ship, they can ask for extension again or if no extension requested then there should be an automatic dispute for the item.

2. Once the seller shipped the product, there should also be a time limit for the buyer to mark the item as Item Received. The seller will set a safe period where in the product should be delivered. Example is 30 days. After 30 days, there will be a grace period for 5 to 10 days where in the buyer can still dispute and say the item has not been delivered. If there is no dispute after the grace period, then the item will automatically be "Item Received"

Thanks and more power empowr!!!

Best Regards,

31 months ago
Kent Chiu

great questions.

31 months ago
Dragan Bavarcic

3) There is another Thing that makes me ANGRY on Empowr social network. Dear Empowr Citizen, I talk about the LONG-term (several months) DISPUTE processes and Empowr-protocols regarding restore of virtual dollars for the injured party. What makes this process so long ... why this process your better software woud not accelerate in a way that these virtual dollars directly would diverted to Shopping Cart whence they came ... or to deploy section eg. The title "Funds from DISPUTE processes - Pending status "where would be seen how much dollars are those funds, from which the dispute process they arrived there and, most importantly, an indicative date for fully restore these virtual dollars in favor to damaged Empowr Citizens ...?!?!

31 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Dispute system is fair enough to have a smooth sailing marketplace and makes the transaction more faster. Thank you Pres. Brian. Marketplace is getting better day by day. Simply amazing! Thank you all.

31 months ago

Awesome news but what about old disputes? I have disputes which are 3+ months old and both coaches have asked jonny to redund me but i never got my refund because jonny never replied and also i cannot open them again as dispute option is not available because dispute is already in process

31 months ago
Asrar Ahmad

Great post...
Good luck everyone
Thanks empower

31 months ago
Ovidiu Coblis

very useful, very ingenious.
nobody wants to get up here,
but sometimes it is unavoidable.

31 months ago

Thank you very much for this step.


31 months ago
The Fritz

We've had great success with the new dispute system.. Aman already brought up the question I had about previous disputes.

31 months ago
Lana Ferra

The new system works perfectly, thank you , empowr team! But the disputes initiated beforeMarch 31, 2017 impossible to resubmit, there is no option for that. Just give us a way to redispute it and everything will be just great! Thanks again!

31 months ago