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Hello everyone,

We have VERY BIG news that we’ve just be dying to share with you.

As you know, a few days ago, we launched Services. You can read about that here.


And this morning, we launched the first version of product sharing & transporting. Please stay tuned for a post about those in the next 24 hours.


A key aspect of these new ways to earn is that they are local in nature.

That means that to maximize your earnings – to benefit from these new ways to earn…

… you need to have enough people around you locally.


Now, many of you do not live in areas where there are lots of empowr citizens… yet. 

So, what can be done to get your services and shared products in front of lots of people – to bring you lots of paying customers?


Are you sitting down? J


empowr has acquired a massive marketing budget to promote your services and product sharing, to the people in your community.

We’re talking about many millions of dollars from a highly interested party…

… someone we all know, that wants to do good with his money and success…

…  that’s become very impressed with what you’re trying to accomplish (the empowr mission)…

… and even more so with your recent successes in growing the empowr economy 100 times…

… he’s SO confident in the future success of our marketplace in fact, that he wants to help it grow even further…

… and believes that with a bit of marketing help, it will do just that.


In fact, he has not asked for, and will not receive ownership in empowr (we didn’t sell your soul and future to investors)…

… and there’s no interest payments (this won’t eat up your AMCOs).


Don’t worry. Our community is not giving up its soul or anything else.

He doesn’t even want recognition for his assistance.


Just like you, he’s simply worried about where the world is headed, and – also just like you – he wants to do all he personally can, to ensure we continue to succeed.



So, how will all of this work?


Here’s how it works:

A.  List the services, and the products that you want to share

B.  empowr’s marketing team will immediately get to work, using the marketing budget to promote your services and shared products to the people in your area, using a variety of global marketing mediums that they have been very busy securing over the course of the last 6 months.

C.  As all those new people from your area join empowr in order to utilize your services and shared products, treat them well and welcome them to your circle of trust.

Keep in mind that these people will, at first of course, be new citizens to empowr. So you’ll want to be a extra communicative and help them succeed.

These people are, quite literally, your neighbors. As they succeed, so too, will you.


D.  As those new people launch their own services and shared products, even more of the marketing budget will be applied to your area, bringing even more customers to you and your circle of trust.

Simple, right?



So, what can YOU do to get the lion’s share of that marketing budget now – and tons of new customers?


How to ensure more of the marketing budget is spent on YOUR stuff:

Maximizing YOUR marketing budget boils down to doing only two (2) things:

1.  List tons of stuff

The more things (specifically services and shared products) that you have listed, the more marketing dollars will applied to promoting your stuff, naturally.

To get the marketing team and budget working for you, I would simply try and get 30 to 50 (or more) services listed quickly.

(To be clear, that’s 30-50 or more listed, as opposed to sold. I’m saying simply have lots of services or shared products available for sale).

Millions of $$$ to promote your services & sharing

The Hot Stuff page lists the best selling products and services – the things that empowr citizens are looking to spend their earnings on!

If you think you can offer the same service too, simply click “List It”…

Millions of $$$ to promote your services & sharing

… change any settings (such as price) and, voila!  Now you’re offering the same service too (but to the people in your area).

2.  It’s ALL about your Ratings, Ratings and Ratings!

You want to absolutely make sure that each customer you receive gives you a 5 star rating.

To be clear, the ENTIRE marketing budget will only be spent on the citizens (service and product sharers) with the best ratings.



It makes no sense to spend any marketing funds on anyone that doesn’t make customers happy.

Some citizens will notice that, if their ratings drop, they will have less new customers from all sources:

·         From the empowr marketplace

·         From their profile feed

·         From the new marketing mediums that empowr will be using to bring them new customers


I cannot stress this point enough.

It’s ALL about your ratings.

We have heard your guidance and feedback:

You have made it 100% clear that you want participation in the empowr marketplace limited to only the very best sellers, providers, sharers, buyers, users and transporters.

Tip: The very best thing you can do to satisfy customers – and gain their 5 star ratings – is to communicate:

Truly listen to them, especially when they’re not totally happy.

Let them know you care, and will do everything in your power to make it right.

If you blow them away with your RACE (radically awesome customer experience), they will be disappointed that there’s no 6 or 7 star option to rate you with!


The concept is called “reciprocity”:

As human beings, we cannot help ourselves but want to do good back to people that we think truly care about us.

If you sincerely care about your customers, they will feel that, and the rest will take care of itself.

 And that’s it. 


Many millions of dollars will now be spent for you, promoting your stuff, to people in your local community.


List as many things (services and shared products) as you can…

 and when a customer comes your way…

… think of how you like to be treated as a customer…

… (you like to be treated like a king or queen: “The customer is king”!)

And with that thought in your mind, you should have no problem truly satisfying them and scoring a 5 star rating from each of them.


NOTE:  Even one or two poor ratings will drop your overall rating enough to dramatically lower your customer flow.

So, what if your ratings do drop?

If that happens, you’ll need to focus and work harder to get new customers.

But if you ensure that they are all super-happy...

… so that they give you 5 stars…

… you’ll be able to get your ratings back up to the top.

When your ratings get back to the top, the marketplace, profile feeds and marketing budgets will all start working for you again.


Quiet before the storm

The marketing push will begin in the coming days, in a small way, and then will start to gently ramp up to a higher level every few days…

… until it’s going at full steam.

Within just 2 to 3 months from now, it will be going at full speed, at the rate of many millions of dollars being spent each month…

… promoting the best empowr citizens, as determined solely by their ratings, number of successfully sales, and their number of available services and products shared.


So, this is the quiet before the storm.

This is your chance to get your services and product shares live…

… and earn as many 5 star ratings as you possibly can from each other…

… to unlock the marketing budget for you and your area.


As marketing effort and budget ramp up, you’ll already be at the top of your game:

·         You’ll already know how to totally satisfy customers and get 5 star ratings every time

·         You’ll know which services and products work best for you

·         You’ll know which services and products DON’T work great for you


What does this massive marketing effort mean for the big picture of empowr?

The objective of the huge marketing push is for the empowr economy and community to continue to grow and succeed.

That means more of everything, including more products and services available for you to purchase with your empowr earnings, more AMCO cash outs, and more citizens that live closer to you.

It will also mean more resources for empowr – so we can hire more engineers and attack all the bugs, issues and missing features that you deserve and have been so patiently waiting for.

Together, everyone has worked so very hard for success of the community, economy and mission — and this should help accelerate and solidify those gains.

And finally, it should help generate more value for your stock option (ownership) potential in empowr.

As you can imagine, keeping this news quiet has been really, really hard for us. 


We are so excited to open up this opportunity to everyone.

The bottom line is that you have worked so very hard, and, based on the incredible results (100X growth!) you’ve achieved, you have earned this opportunity. 

We’ll do another post on this topic in just a few weeks, as I’m sure by then you’ll have more questions, ideas and feedback. 

Any questions?

We’re here for you.


Your President,

Brian Woosley


Lloyd Baltar

Ambot ninyo. Hehehe... ako una nagcomment.

32 months ago
Adewole Rowaiye

Services at last and more great things to come on Empowr.com This gets more interesting as the playing field gets more even. No more excuses on not having something to List. Everyone sure have some kind of Services to render and have more fun doing what you like best. Give more in Service than you could ever be paid for and like Mr. President pointed out, communicate well and be cordial to your :client". Thanks, Brian and the rest Empowr Team.

32 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello Brian,

This is simply amazing! Who is it? That is the big question. I did not need to know but just give that person a big THANK YOU!

32 months ago
Delilah Jones

Bob, it's a secret! Shhhh! :) In all actuality they just do not want credit. Thank you for your continued support!!

32 months ago
Marina Lobova

Wonderful post! I like it!
Thanks a lot for that You have shared with us. :)

32 months ago
Delilah Jones

Marina, we're so excited for this amazing growth opportunity! Thank you for your continued dedication and kind words!

32 months ago
Vladislav (vl)

Good post! Thank you for sharing. :)

32 months ago

Hello Many thanks for explaining the very impressive post, I will be glad to take advantage of all the tools of this project and try to attract all my friends and acquaintances. I'm with you. Sincerely, Alice.

32 months ago
Delilah Jones

Alice, we're so excited that YOU'RE excited! Definitely invite your friends, it can only help! Thank you for your continued support!

32 months ago
Somulu Arikrishnan

president sir. to make services a success please allow plants and vegetable materials to be listed. People witih in our neighbor hood will easily buy our products as we can deliver without much expenses on service and transport. Presently plant material is not allowed to list

32 months ago
Delilah Jones

Somulu, you are more than welcome to list plants and vegetables! Make sure to find the most appropriate category though! Thank you for taking the time to share.

32 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

Delilah, plants and seeds are not allowed. They were just added to the prohibited list after I listed dahlia tubers a couple of times last week and lost my auto-approval for a week!

32 months ago
The Fritz

Really great, I'm excited to get started.

32 months ago
Hendra Suregar

I am very curious to know who HE is. Thanks for him and the Empowr team.

32 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Wow! Simply loving this! Really excited to list s as much as i can. Thank you Pres. Brian, Empowr and to all.

32 months ago
Tara Jantataeme

Thank you for sharing.
I will study for it sirs.
Have a nice days. :)

32 months ago
Imad Nissan

Great news, can't wait to see how the Transporting procedure work, I am so excited about that, because I see many citizens are very live in my area!

I am just worried of being behind of delivering the ordered items, my sales are growing fast, I hope I won't be short in funds!

Kudos to the hidden awesome person and to you empowr team, lots of people are willing to help others but they don't know how, he/she may got his/her chance, and we are "for sure" very lucky :)

Have a wonderful night!

32 months ago
Adrian Cooper

This is VERY cool to hear!!! Thanks for the awesome news Brian!
Just a few quick questions that may be of interest to the community at large (so I will ask them openly):
a) You said that we should be listing many services (of course- empty shelves leave little to choose from). What would happen if a citizen has such a popular service that he or she can not keep up with all the sales (due to time)... wouldn't not being able to provide the service in a timely manner affect that citizen's rating? Is there a way we can protect citizens from being overloaded from having to provide too many services, too quickly due to heavy listings?
b) I understand that the focus is on local services. I have a service that is better offered remotely (Language classes). Now, since contact via Skype is going against the TOS, and the included services must have both people in the same location (ideally), can people who wish to offer online instruction and/or tutoring look forward to a tool that will make it possible?
c) In order to help promote locally (and perhaps even garner in-person contact), would there be any wisdom to citizens organizing meetups, not only to share ideas and experience, but also to pique the interest of other locals who may not have otherwise heard of Empowr? Just floating the thought. :)
There is a lot happening now, and I believe that though this is the prime time to make some shifts, many of the citizens could have problems (due to heavy or irregular schedules) How can we make this transition as smooth as possible, with as much support for citizens as possible, without overloading them? Certainly, if I figure out the answer, I'll share it... in the meantime- the brainstorm is brewing.

32 months ago
Lloyd Baltar

Great news but there's no option in the marketplace to tag as received item. Kindly fixed it. Thanks

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Hi Lloyd, you are able to mark the item received after you have paid for the item, I just wanted to confirm are you not able to receive the item even after paying for it?

32 months ago
Lloyd Baltar

Im not new here and ive been tagging as received items since then and its just today that the received item is no longer showing as an option when you click the action dropdown. Go ahead and please check. Thanks

32 months ago
Sasha O''Neil

Thanks Lloyd, I will report this to the team to look more into this!

32 months ago

Everynow and then empowr is upgrading, good. But
As I had written in the dispute improved blog, I didn't get any answer for this. So I am writing again here.
Why empowr is not making easy for its citizen to work smoothly? Anytime I am putting a like the window is coming up to the top again and arrowing to post even after the daily goal achieved. Again I am scrolling down to the bottom of fans page and putting like. Again it's coming back to the top and arrowing to post. I am tired of doing this. If you are understanding my question, good. Otherwise, I have to provide a screenshot for this. Or you can ask any new citizen about this problem. The daily goal I can complete within 30 minutes, but it's taking 2 hours for this scrolling down from the top again and again. In short, if I have put 10 likes to close the loop then I have to scroll down 10 times on the same page. First I was thinking it's' teaching me to post. But as it's not stopped till today, I think there is some software related problem. Hope you will understand this problem.
The website is not reloading, but it's reaching again to top after putting a' like'. This screenshot will help you to understand step by step regarding the problem. Look, here I opened one fan's page http://prntscr.com/eyimlu correct? Now I have to scroll down to put a 'like' as http://prntscr.com/eyimy8 and I click on 'like' Now the page reached again to top as http://prntscr.com/eyin81. OK? again I have to scroll down fo complete the loop http://prntscr.com/eyinj6 correct? See, it again reached to top http://prntscr.com/eyint7. If there are numbers of like to close loop I have to scroll down to put like and after every like it's taking me to the top again and again. So, how I shall be able to complete for my 300 share goal? The page will take me back 300 times after putting 300 likes. The problem is more when there are more numbers of like to put to close a loop. I need to go to the extream bottom of the page to search for a like and the page brings back to the top again after putting the like. This is the way I am facing trouble to complete the daily goal. it's very time taken and tiredness also. Hope you have understood the problem now. And I am sure it's with every new comer's page. How you have not got the information till I surprised for that.
Please solve this problem, or it will be difficult for me to close loop more in future.


32 months ago

Hi Michelle
Though you have got my point, but not completely. Yes, June had caught the point exactly.
It's not with me only. Many newcomers, I have contacted and found the same problem.
I also contacted to my SC, he replied as of you.
Even after posting a photo it's not stable. Even after completing the goal it's not stable. All the time I am to scroll down and after putting a like the page brings in a fraction of second to the top.
I am feeling fear to put a like of any. Working with fear? In empowr?
Please solve this issue for the benefit of all new citizens. If you want you can open a new account and check also.


32 months ago
Amy Maria Talledo

I am very eager to implement the srvices.
Thanks Brian and Empowr.

32 months ago
Talgat Bakhtiyarov

This is very surprising news. And there are new opportunities ahead. Many thanks to the one who has a lot of capital and believes in the mission of Empower and helps us to go forward and develop. Forward I am with you. However, I have one question on the work profile when my goods sold and services performed are offered again without my confirmation this creates a problem for me. Because I do not have the product, I sold it. Because I can not do a favor today, but someone bought it and this leads to arguments and can influence the rating. And it seems to me necessary to add an archive where you can remove the goods or services that are in the past. Thank you for understanding .

32 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

I will be very glad to learn more about this and utilize right away to achieve more earnings and help on the success of the citizens. Thank you so much Empowr.

32 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Cảm ơn bài viết mới, thật tuyệt, tôi sẽ trải nghiệm và tìm hiểu hơn nữa!

32 months ago
Sudhir Singh

I will be happy to learn about new way of earning by servicing.I am not clear about some points but slowly slowly learn all points.
Thanks to all hard working and progressive empowr team.

32 months ago
Светлана Плешакова

Hello! Why can not I permanently delete the item? The product has been sold for a long time, but it automatically restarts. People buy goods that are not available. Fix this problem please

32 months ago
May Ram

Светлана Плешакова: We are aware of that issue. Please contact your Coach, provide them your product links and explain hoe you try to delete step by step. Your coach will organize your issue and add it in the list to fix.

32 months ago
Светлана Плешакова

Please tell me when this error is deleted. Already two months ago I applied to the coach, the problem has not been solved yet. Sincerely, Svetlana

32 months ago
Сергей Назаренко

Ok, thanks, very good and informative post

32 months ago
David Bruyland

Very exciting news. Can't wait to see all those new possibilities.
Thanks, Brian, and the empowr team!

32 months ago
Aman ArorA

Its hot stuff ! I have some talent but need to built more of that. But really amazing work on part of growth of community and also some help to those who lack skills and knowledge and surrounds you.

I have still one bug which is while listing the product and allow it for sharimg, I did not get the 'ship to', option and default is united states. So, looking for a reply to sort out the issue. And also how users would be able to know that If a product is allowed for sharing and how much money can be deducted if sharing amount is only the approximation of total product cost..

Looking for post on Transport as well !

32 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Dearest Pres. Brian and empower staff,

Good afternoon!

I like this new announcement.
The main problem is personal touch of the the seller to the buyer.
I think on my part, I won't be able to render services because we are on rural areas and I have my three kids with me that I am taking care of.
Honestly, I cant be able to render services, I am very sad.

I will just focus on Sharing since it is the only thing I can do best!
With this, you fully understand reasons why I wont able to do that.
Good luck, good health and success to each one of us!

May God bless us all!

Thanks and take care - mady

32 months ago
Prashant Dimri

Thanks for the new exciting feature.
I am trying to list a service but the page is not moving ahead.
The above Screenshot is from Empowr's 'Popular item list'.before this i was doing own car rental services but its the same error..

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Prashant, thank you for sharing this issue with us. The team was notified first thing today, and they are currently working to resolve that issue as quickly as they can. Apologies for any inconvenience! Thank you!

32 months ago
Osvaldo Daniel Sanson Garrido

Esto es algo muy bueno y se puede apreciar el desarrollo que podemos alcanzar en empowr, porque cada día somos capaces de generar mas confianza en el mercado.
Desearía sugerir tambien que debemos tambien pensar en el futuro como realizar ventas con altos valores como por ejemplo ventas de apartomentos, terrenos, equípos, etc. que en el mercado no son de valores pequeños
gracias Brian.
This is a very good thing and you can appreciate the development that we can achieve in empowr, because every day we are able to generate more confidence in the market.
I would also like to suggest that we should also think of the future as sales of high values ​such as sales of apartments, land, equipment, etc. Which in the market are not of small values
Thanks, Brian.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Osvaldo! It's extremely encouraging to hear that some of the more recent marketplace developments have increased your trust and confidence in the empowr marketplace. We really do believe that these features are economic game-changers. We look forward to watching the economy grow, with citizens doing their part by listing more and more products and services every day. You also bring up a good point (it's impressive to see that you're thinking ahead, too :) ). As the marketplace continues to develop, we will eventually need to reconsider our approach on higher value items, such as the ones you mentioned. Good thinking, Osvaldo! Keep up the great work, and all the best!

32 months ago

Hi Brian,
Great post and great new possibilities! :)
It will not be possible for everyone though, but let's see how will people handle it!
I am so happy for Empowr moving forward! <3

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Alexxia, of course with the features that we've just launched (and are continuing to launch) it may take a little time for all of them to fully take hold (although with the marketing mentioned in the post, we hope to accelerate this process quickly). We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the empowr marketplace and economy, given that we're introducing more and more ways for citizens to earn. For example, sharing is great way to earn and NOT have to sell a product (stay tuned for more on this soon!). Our intent is to give citizens diverse options on how to earn, rather than say, just by selling products. We look forward to hearing more community feedback. Thanks Alexxia!

32 months ago
Animesh Garai

It is really great, Thanks to that person for believing in our mission and obliviously thanks to the promoter of empowr and all empowr citizen.

Thanks Brian for sharing this.

32 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

An interesting and varied information. Thanks for sharing.

32 months ago
Illi Mai

I hope empowr continues to attract more altruistic and philanthropic people onto the platform who believes in the mission!
I was thinking someone who is a marketing professional should manage all of empowr's official social media pages (facebook, Twitter, etc) and start to use Facebook sponsored ad advertising to attract more people so that empowr can reach critical mass faster locally and globally! empowr should have a page on ALL the other social media pages including an active YouTube page to have more presence and reach worldwide! :)

32 months ago
nina vu

Great news again!
I have questions, Can I offer service like promoting someones links or Websites on my social networks like twitter, linked in etc. and in which section should I listed it?

If I offer service like baking cakes or making flower arrangements by order, can this be delivered trough Transporting service, not by me, because I am not mobile all the time, means I do not have car available all the time, also I have little child so it is kind a problem for me to delivered by my self...

Thank you!

32 months ago
nina vu

Thank you very much dear! You are helped me a lot with your answers!

32 months ago
Dubere Emilia

Wonderful post! I like it!
Thanks a lot for that You have shared with us. :)

32 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Great news. Thanks for the update.

32 months ago
Gennadiy Beloglazov

good post

32 months ago
Sofi Stojanovic

Hi, Brian and all Empowr team.
Thank you for your new opportunities for us :)
I am looking forward to trying some of them :)
The citizens will enjoy in providing services :)
Thank you team, keep up with good work:)

32 months ago
Vitaly Vyacheslavovich

Хороший пост! Спасибо, что поделились. :)

32 months ago