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New to empowr?

Hello everyone,


In our recent discussion, we concluded that, thanks to rapidly advancing technology…


… the future will be one where fundamentally


everything we want or need…

will be ours fast,

for virtually or nearly free


If you’re new to this conversation or need a refresher on the above, you’ll want to read this first.



Together, we then decided that, instead of waiting for the future to come to us…

     … we uniquely have everything it takes to make the future happen RIGHT NOW.


The game plan


1.  The first step we discussed, was to make it much easier to hit our Daily Goals, by removing the requirement to bid.

As you’ve noticed, that item is now complete:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

In the coming weeks, you’ll see a completely revamped Daily Goals approach, which will allow YOU to choose your daily goal, as well as what activities you wish to utilize to hit your goal.


Pretty cool, right? I love the idea of giving you choice!



2.  Then, we released a series of optimizations to services by enabling empowr citizens to:


•        List services easier than ever before

•        Sell services locally (to those in your circle of trust)

•        Secure payment for sales with in-person validation

•        Have your sales of services count towards your Daily Goals, AMCO cash outs & stock option points



3.  And today, we're excited to announce the launch of the first versions of Sharing and Transporting…


… which are the key to the future we’ve been envisioning.




Starting now, you’ll notice that when you attempt to list a product…


… you're given the option to either Sell it… Share it... or do both.


Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Sharing will allow us to generate repeat (IE:  recurring) revenue from the things we list…


… allowing each of us to earn more from each of the things we list.




It will also encourage us all to list more things…


…  because now we’ll want to list (to Share) many of the things we have that we don’t want to sell.



So, let’s discuss exactly what sharing means, how it works, and how you can start increasing your earnings by sharing TODAY!


What does “sharing” mean, exactly?


Let’s imagine you’re the owner of this drill.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

 You bought it for $50 at the store over a year ago, and since then, you've used it just a few times.

Fact: The typical drill is used for an average of 13 minutes over its lifetime.


Wouldn't it be great if you were able to share the drill with others so that your $50 didn't go to waste?

With sharing on empowr, citizens can “use” products (like, say, this drill) by paying a “daily use price” to the “product sharer”.

In the case of the drill, if you decided to share your drill for $5 per day, after sharing with just a few people, you'll not only recover the cost that you originally paid for the drill, but you can then continue sharing it with others (earning $5 every day) for as long as you’d like or the drill lasts.

Each time you share that drill, you’re generating recurring revenue.

This means, you keep earning every single time you share with someone else.

So, you can very clearly see how you could easily make that $50 back and MORE after just one or two shares, plus even MORE every additional time that you decide to share it.


Now let’s learn about how YOU can “share” on empowr:

To share a product in the marketplace, simply “create a listing” as you’re accustomed to doing:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


You’ll want to add photos, name the product, description of what it is, and then select a category that accurately illustrates what it is you’re listing.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1” Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


From the top of your settings, you’ll see a drop-down menu which gives you the option to “Share”, “Sell”, or do “Both”.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

If you select Sell youre choosing to list your product for a one-time sale (as youve been doing).

If you select Share youre allowing others to pay to "use" your product daily (but not purchase it).

If you select Both youre allowing others to either pay to "use" your product daily OR purchase it outright for your sale price.


If you've chosen to share your product, you'll want to set your daily "use" price, which is the amount that you'll earn each day someone uses your product.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

To protect your item, you’ll also want to specify a security deposit amount for the item. This is the amount that empowr will withhold from the product user, until the item is returned to you.  

Keep in mind - if you set your security deposit too high, many citizens may not have enough profits to be able to use your product… Or, even if they do have enough profits, they may be reluctant to use it because of the deposit being too high.

So setting your deposit too high may result in less customers for you!  Be sure that your security deposit is fair and reasonable, to attract more potential customers.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Perhaps you want to set it very high so that people won’t want to keep it for themselves? Don’t worry, we have a solution that we believe will stop people from doing that. More on that in a moment.


Lastly, don’t forget to select the shipping weight of the item (this will help us find the right empowr transporter for the job - more on that soon).

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Once you click “Save”, you’ll be able to review your listing details and then click “Sell it now” to officially list your item in the marketplace!

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Using other people's products

Earlier we explained how sharing enables empowr citizens to earn recurring revenue from things they’re not using all the time.

Now imagine, that instead of purchasing the drill in the example above, you simply use someone else’s drill for $5 a day on those few days that you need it each year.

That $50 that you spent on purchasing the drill, would have only been $15 - freeing up your earnings for a wide variety of other things.

By having access to anything you could ever want, when you want it, your options will quickly become much greater than you could have ever imagined.


So where do you find items that you can use, and how do you go about using them? 

From the marketplace, you can view listings that are specifically available to “Use”.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Don’t see that many items available to use in your area? Don’t worry, the number of items available will be growing rapidly in the coming weeks and months.

How do I know?  Already, every minute hundreds of new items are being listed to share!

If you find the product that you’d like to use, you can simply click “Use Now” to see all the details about it...

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


... including more photos, a description, the use price per day, and what the security deposit is to secure the use of the item:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Why the need for a security deposit? 

By using products that other empowr citizens are sharing, you're responsible for the safe return of the item so that the product sharer can allow other empowr citizens to use the product after you. As a product user, if you were to ever break or lose and item, your security deposit will be used to pay the product sharer so that they can fix or replace it.


What if I don't have enough profits to cover the security deposit for a product I want to use?

When attempting to use a product, your security deposit can be covered by reserving a portion of your empowr profits, which will be returned to you as soon as you return the product back to the product sharer. 

To make sure both product user and product sharer have an awesome sharing experience, citizens that don't have enough profits to secure an item will be unable to use it at this time:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Does distance between the product user and product sharer matter?

To ensure fast delivery, to use or share a product with others, the product sharer and product user must be located within at least 20 miles (30 kilometers) of each other.  In fact, the sharer can shorten this distance even further when listing the item.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Before you get started sharing and using products on empowr, you'll want to first set your location where empowr transporters can meet you to deliver or pick-up packages.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Now that I'm ready to use a product, how do I receive my item FAST? 

Once you find exactly what you’d like to use, just click “Use” and confirm that you’d like to use the product.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


From there, the system will look for eligible transporters in your area that can drop-off the product to you.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

If a transporter is available, you'll be notified that they're on their way…

            … and most likely it will be within less than an hour!


But… how will you be notified when a transport has been initiated?

We’ve come up with an easy, convenient way to make sure that you’re notified the moment a transport is initiated.

As you’re going through your Circle of Trust, the moment the transport is initiated, we’ll notify you with a bright green banner at the top of the page, which will appear on any profile that you’re visiting.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

You can act directly from the green banner to arrange the transport, confirm the pick up or drop off, or contact the other party.



And what if there are no transporters available?

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Why wouldn't there be any transporters available?

Being a transporter is a big responsibility. We want to ensure only the best folks are allowed to take possession of citizens’ shared products and deliver them safely and punctually.

Therefore, to be eligible to earn from transporting, you’ll need at least 10 transporter ratings of 4.0 or higher. This is to ensure that only the best, most trustworthy transporters can pick-up and drop-off products to other empowr citizens.  


Question: How can I get rated at least 10 times as a transporter, before being allowed to earn from transporting?

Answer: You can transport for yourself – when you’re the user of a product. The product sharer will be able to rate you as a transporter – both when you pick up the item, as well as when you return it. In that manner, you’re only being entrusted with a product that, as the user, you would be handling anyway.

And soon, you’ll also be able to transport the items you’re sharing, in order to get 10 good ratings under your belt.

And that’s why, at first, no one will have enough transports (and a high enough transporter rating, based on at least 10 transports) to be able to transport items for others.

As soon as many of you have reached 10 transports with good (4.0 average or higher) ratings, we will open up transporting and you'll be able to start earning from transporting immediately.

(And to make it even more fun, at that time we’ll list the top rated transporters, that have surpassed 10 transports, so we can all congratulate them!)


Transporting the stuff you’re using 

As discussed, when picking up or dropping off an item that you're using, you'll have the opportunity to be rated as a transporter.

That means, by transporting the first few items you've decided to use, you should focus on doing an awesome job so that you receive a 5-star rating every single time.  The more 5-star ratings you receive as a transporter, the more transporter earnings you can earn later.

We’ll discuss why else ratings are so important in just a little bit.



The different roles in the transportation process

To make it easier to discuss this, let’s agree on some terms.

Let’s say that Joe is sharing a product with Sally, the user:

        Joe is the product sharer

        Sally is the product user


When the transporter is going to pick up the product from Joe…

… along with being the sharer, Joe is also the sender.


When the transporter is delivering the product to Sally…

… along with being the user, Sally is also the receiver.


Now imagine that Sally has finished using the product, and requests a transporter.

This time, Sally (the user) will be the sender

… because she’s sending the product back to the sharer…

… and Joe is the receiver

… because he’ll be receiving his product back.


I know, lots of new roles/terms to think about (sharer, user, transporter, sender and receiver)…

... but that’s it!

Now that we’ve agreed to these terms, now we can move on.



If you need to pick-up the product yourself (acting as the transporter) you’ll want to select “Open my empowr inbox” to communicate with the product sharer and agree on a place and time to pick-up the product.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Once you’ve both agreed, you’re ready to exchange the product!

When you arrive at the agreed upon location and have picked up the item, you’ll both need to confirm the pick-up in-person with each other.

To confirm, you can both simply click the provided link in the inbox message:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

By clicking the link:

If you’re transporting the item (even though you’re also the user) you’ll be taken to the “I’m Transporting” page:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


If you’re the sender (you’re sharing the product, and you’re waiting for the transporter to pick it up from you), you’ll be taken to your “En Route to Me” page.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


From there, you’ll both click “Confirm Pick-Up” to confirm the pick-up:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Once the pick-up has been confirmed, you’ll both have the ability to rate each other:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1” Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

To rate each other, we’ll use a simple 5-star rating system (1 star being the worst experience, and 5 starts being the very best experience).

You may also choose to provide additional feedback, that may be helpful for the other person to improve.


And there you have it…

Congratulations! The product user has successfully received the product, and the product sharer is earning.


Now, just enjoy using the product!


Ready to return the product back to its owner?

Once you’re finished using the product, you can return it to the sharer.

As the product user, simply visit your “I’m Using” page and select the item you’d like to return.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Then, select “Return this item”:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Once you decide to “Return the Item” empowr will look for transporters in your area.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


If there are no transporters nearby, you will see the following message:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


By clicking “Open my empowr inbox” you’ll again be taken to an inbox message between yourself and the product sharer. You’ll want to confirm the drop-off time and location for the return.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Once you successfully meet up with the product sharer and you’ve returned the item, you’ll both want to confirm that the drop-off occurred. To do so, simply click the “Confirm Drop-Off” link in the inbox message:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”



Once you both click the link, you’ll both be asked to confirm that the drop-off occurred.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1” Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Remember – it’s important that you confirm the drop-off together, so that empowr can verify the transaction.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1” Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


Once empowr has successfully confirmed the transaction, you can rate each other:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1” Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Note: Leaving additional feedback is completely optional and is not something you need to do. The important thing is to simply rate the other person (1 to 5 stars).

Your rating of each other will not be shared with each other. Also, your rating will not take effect instantly, so they won’t be able to know how you rated them. That should give everyone the peace of mind to rate as honestly as possible. 


To view any items that you’ve successfully used or shared, just visit your “I’ve Shared” or “I’ve Used” pages.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


As a product user, you can also rate the product you used, by visiting your “I’ve Used” page:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”



As a product sharer, you can rate the product user by visiting your “I’ve Shared” page:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Be sure to provide honest ratings regarding the product, the user and your experience. 

The more accurate and honest your ratings, the better the empowr economy will become.



Earning from sharing

Once the sharing transaction is complete, visit your balance to see your earnings:

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”


As a product user, you’ll also see that your deposit was fully returned to your balance.

Now Launching: “Sharing v1” and “Transporting v1”

Always make sure that you return the product in the same condition that you received it, so that 100% of your deposit is returned to you. 


Sharing now counts toward your Daily Goals, AMCOs & stock option points

As you know, services now count toward your Daily Goals, AMCO cash outs & stock option points.

And now, so does sharing!

And very soon, transporting will count, too!


We’re working on integrating the new sharing features into the new dispute system so that any sharing disputes can also be handled as quickly for you as any other dispute.



Unreturned item


We’re also working on a new Unreturned item feature, so that sharers can block anyone from using their products that has not returned someone’s shared product in recent months.


Remember, if a user doesn’t return a shared item to the sharer, they will lose their security deposit, of course. Naturally, the security deposit will be given to the product sharer.


In addition, the platform will automatically give the user a 0 rating for the use of that item -- which will also make it difficult for them to use more products.


But soon, using this new Unreturned item feature, sharers will also have the ability to make it impossible for anyone that lost or didn’t return an item (from any sharer) to use any of their products.



As you can see, it’s really important that you protect the sharers’ items even better than if they were you own. Otherwise, you’ll easily get locked out of using more products on empowr, for months.

If I were you, and I accidentally lost a product, I would quickly purchase the same product from somewhere and ensure it gets delivered to the sharer.

By doing that, your Unreturned Item count will not be negatively affected, and also the sharer will gladly rate you 5 stars, I am sure.

What matters the most?


Perhaps the most important thing to understand about Sharing, is that now ratings will matter A LOT.


For example, as soon as your customer (the “product user” of the thing you’re sharing) is finished using it, you’ll be able to rate them:



Did they treat your item as if it was their own? 


If not, rate them poorly, which will help lock them out of the marketplace.




As a product sharer, you’ll control who (based on ratings) will have access to YOUR stuff, and who will not.


The product users that do not treat the product sharer’s products well, will quickly be locked out of using that sharer’s products…


… and with just 2 or 3 bad ratings, blocked from Using products from everyone else too.




As a product user, you can rate the product sharer's items, which in turn will also affect the ratings of the sharer themselves.


Those product sharers with the best ratings, will have their items shown:


1.   at the top of marketplace searches

2.   at the top of profiles



The lower rated items and people (product sharers) will have a hard time being found.


And even when they are found, most product users will avoid using their items, after seeing their poor ratings.



The very best thing you can do to succeed


To set yourself up for long-term success, you’ll want to ensure the algorithms show you and your stuff first, before others, at the top of marketplace searches, and at the top of profiles.


To accomplish that, there are only 2 steps:


1.  Prepare to share a lot of things fast…


… to ensure you get top placement in the marketplace.



Get into as many product categories as you can.


The more categories you share in, as soon as possible, the better. 


You’ll want the system to see you there quickly, so it fills the top spots with you and your stuff.




2.  Then, as always, ensure your customers (the product users that pay you) rate you well.


You already know what to do for that – which is to simply treat people like you want to be treated:







        Tell the truth about your product


        Demonstrate that you care about their needs, including showing a sense of urgency

        Always try and keep this thought in your mind: “The customer is always right”



If you do those things consistently, you and your items will grab the top spots – leading to many times more sales for you…


… which, in turn, will solidify you in the top spots even more…


… bringing you even more sales and “top spot stickiness” ….


…. and competitors will soon have a very difficult tough time unseating you from those top spots.



The winning game plan summary:


1.  Share as many things as you can, in as many different categories as you can.

2.  Focus on getting 5 star ratings from each “product user” (customer) every single time





Bringing you even more customers


As mentioned a few days ago, empowr has acquired a massive marketing budget to bring you local customers.


Specifically, empowr has secured millions of dollars that will be strictly used to promote your Shared items and Services.


empowr will start ramping up that marketing spend in the coming days…


… to promote your shared items and bring you customers.





What’s next?


Right now, all you need to do is start listing as many products as you can share, along with the services your think you can offer.


Check out the categories of products in the empowr marketplace…


… and do your very best to start listing as many products as you can.


Any big sales happening in your local stores?  Perhaps hit those up so you’ve got the items in your hands, ready to Share.


Need some ideas on services that you might be able to list? Check out the some top selling services on the Hot Stuff page, and list those too!


If you do your best to list as many products and services as you can, empowr’s marketing team will do everything in its power to start bringing you the customers.


Together, let’s watch the empowr marketplace explode, and become the greatest marketplace in existence.




Jumpstarting the future… now!


With this launch, I believe that – together – we are the first company & community to charge forward with what will likely become the largest single category of commerce in the world:  Sharing


(We’ve already seen two companies -- uBer and AirBnb -- become massive entities, worth tens of billions of dollars each -- by enabling the sharing of cars and homes).


And now, today, empowr is the only company & community on the planet that has built and integrated EVERYTHING it takes to pull off the “sharing of everything else”:


Social networking



Reputation management



Educational system

Arbitration and dispute management

… And so much more.


Yes, there are many companies in each of these categories, many of which are doing a good job in their category….




Not one of them has yet been able to build and integrate EVERYTHING it takes to pull this off.


Not one of them was built without a penny of investor capital.


(And therefore, none of them are able to organize their priorities around making your life better, as opposed to enriching their shareholders).


And none of them has YOU, this incredible community of motivated, selfless individuals that have proven, time after time, that you’ll stop at nothing…


… in your quest in this to make the world a better place, with more justice and less inequality.




Together, we’re not just sitting back and talking about the future, but we’re making the future happen NOW.


The people of the world will be better because of our efforts, as they gain access to an exploding variety of items -- quickly -- and for FREE (or for doing that which they’re already doing for free: social networking).


When half the planet is living on $2 or less per day, can you imagine the difference we can make in their lives?

 And our planet will also be better. Much better: No longer will factories be needing to output massive amounts of things that will hardly get used.


Make no mistake: Global warming is real, and it’s almost too late to do anything about it.


But by moving fast & hard now, together we will have an answer when, in the future, we’re asked:  What did you do to make a difference, when scientists were all warning about this?



And, yes, of course there will be bugs, issues and missing features (don’t worry – we are always listening!)

 But as always, you can rest assured that, together, we will continue to overcome any and all obstacles in our path to enabling opportunity, hope and influence for everyone.



Any questions? We’re here for you.

Your President,
Brian Woosley


Legit Sellers

"Open Alpha"

32 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Love the direction of this phase \ (•◡•) /

It's a really huge step forward in how it's engaging people to interact with each other through sharing like a real society \ (•◡•) /

Thank you for never giving up and always moving forward to some better by engaging the base \ (•◡•) /

31 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Dearest Prrs. Brisn.
I found the post very interestng.
As to my case, I won' t be able sble to do this feature becaise it needs personal touch from me.i have three kids yo care of and I think, Selling products via Lbc is the best thong for me. With this, I hope you fully understand why I cannot be very actve on this aspect…
Success and good luck to all of us!..
May God bless us all!

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Amada, thank you for sharing. Our goal with all the new features (sharing, transporting, etc.) has been to give citizens "options." empowr is about freedom and choice, which is why we are doing everything in our power to give citizens like yourself the option to choose HOW you'd like to earn and contribute. We wish you the best of luck with selling in the empowr marketplace (as Brian reminds everyone - focus on listing as many products and services as possible, so that the algorithms favor your stuff). We hope that you'll have the chance to try sharing - with your busy lifestyle, with transporting, you won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to do so. Thank you, Amada, and all the best!

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Oxana Rogutko

Thank you, Brian for the updates!

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32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Elena, we'd love to hear feedback regarding which aspects of these new features are difficult (or, not user friendly). As Brian says; we're always listening! Once you get a chance to try the new features, please feel free to share what you like least/most, and we'll be sure to listen up! Thank you!

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Dezarae Ali

Woooo very exciting update!!
These are great times to be part of this amazing revolution!!!

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Hi Dez, you always have such an awesomely contagious attitude! We're glad to have you on the empowr team. We're excited to see the "revolution" too!!! :)

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Personlab Yb

I feel more and more confidence in the company, I found the best for my family
Thank you very much, Team

Thank you, Johnny, Thank you, Brian

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Yuriy, wow, you have no idea how encouraging that is to hear (I speak for the team, I'm sure of it). While we certainly recognize that empowr is not perfect (yet! ;) ) we're doing everything in our power to push empowr forward, so that the community's committment and hardwork pays off - and empowr is ultimately successful. Thanks Yuriy, looking forward to watching the community try out the new features! All the best!

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Mila Sorensen

Hi Aemie, we're looking forward to receiving the community's feedback regarding the new features. That way we can continue to improve, and ensure that the new features are as easy and user-friendly as possible. Thank you!

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You are Mila in your answers and explanations as always gorgeous. Thank you!

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Hi Алексей, it's extremely encouraging to hear that you feel every day, empowr is constantly improving. We hope that you have an awesome experience trying out the new features. We're looking forward to hearing the community's feedback! Thanks so much.

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I am sure that this feature will simply be a revolution and now you nobody can stop empowr grow at a faster pace. Best of luck!!!

With regards
Vikash Chokhani

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Vikash, we also hope that all of the new features that empowr has released (and is still working on) will indeed push empowr to the next level. Although, regardless of how great these (or any) features are, it's truly the community that will determine empowr's success. We hope that the community feels that the team is doing its best to constantly improve the platform. We hope that these features will make it easier and easier for citizens to contribute and therefore earn. Best of luck, Vikash! :)

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Very good news for the entire platform, can't wait to use these new features.
Thanks, Brian.

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32 months ago
Indra SiGe

Cool.. I think, the problem of this feature is only about "not user friendly yet".. I feel, It will be a common thing in the future.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Indra, I definitely want to be sure that I'm understanding you clearly. Are you able to clarify your question or concern? I'd be happy to help! Thanks Indra!

32 months ago
Prashant Dimri

Thanks For the exciting news.
But I notice that Listing service are not getting counted towards daily goals as I have been listing services for 3 days.

Above screenshot is just listed.

Now to complete my daily goals.. Again I need to list any product..

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Prashant, in JC's blog post announcing Services he states the following:

For now, your confirmed ("Service Received") service sales will count towards the listing portion of your daily goals, exactly the same as your product sales do.

For every three $5 (or larger) product or service sales that are marked “item/service received”, you’ll be credited with hitting your daily listing goal.

Note: In order for your service sales to count, you’ll need to confirm your sales with your buyer at the same time, and the same place.

Please let me know if you still have any questions regarding services or your Daily Goal.

Thanks Prashant, and all the best! :)

32 months ago
Prashant Dimri

I understood that Service listing will only be counted towards daily goal if delivered..
Meanwhile I notice that product received by buyers are not reflecting (marked as item received) in feedback panel.But counted over'Stock option'circle in profile page..
Thanks for kind reply.

32 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Fantastic work everyone, that includes everyone from the front to the back end to the SC's \ (•◡•) /

Love the transformation that's taking place to engage... to inspire people within this society to actually reach out to support one one another in a way that not only benefits them but the society as a whole, including this planet \ (•◡•) / through sharing resources at all levels \ (•◡•) /

Love the idea of being able to choose our own goals so that we can focus on what inspires us in that moment that suits our environment at that time \ (•◡•) /

* One question; with sharing and transporting will there be an option or a way to set up multiple areas to be a transporter for like Uber does, as I do a lot of traveling in my efforts to help different charities for free, so I'm in cities around the world?

With Uber, the driver just logs into the system when they are ready to drive and the system automatically detects where they are and then coordinates all pick-ups and deliveries for that area for the driver.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Trever, I love how you phrased the "transformation that's taking place." It's encouraging to see that citizens are feel that the current changes will have a powerful and positive impace on the platform. We're doing our best to really provide "options" for citizens - giving you choices in how it is that you earn, contribute, and even hit your goals (more to come on this in the near future!) Like most societies with an economy, citizens can choose how to be productive members of the society. We believe with these features, we're on our way to providing such choices. Great question regarding transporting; it's questions like these that will help us to continuously improve upon our features and make them user-friendly as possible. As we continue to get feedback, thoughts, ideas, and concerns from citizens like yourself, we'll be able to keep evolving our features. We will be sure to provide more information about transporting once it's fully live (provide more specifics), but I'll be sure that this question is answered. Great idea! Thanks Trever!

32 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Good luck for the Sharer and Transporter and for the future.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Thank you Katherine! Best of luck!

32 months ago

I dont think that this is such a good 'Idea'.
We have to invest a very large sum of money to cover all the states on the planet earth.
We have to be recognized as is DHL Transport Service in all around the world.
But, everything is possible, maybe for 25 years.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi M.Arsova, I'm sorry to hear that you're having doubts about the new features. I'm not completely sure I fully understand, but I'll do my best to assist :) We're dedicated to providing all citizens with options on how they choose to contribute and earn. This is why we're introducing many different roles - sellers, sharers, service providers, transporters, teachers etc. You'll be able to earn in a variety of different ways. You mention investing a large sum of money to cover various costs. This is the exact reason why sharing was created - you can earn by literally paying ZERO out of pocket costs. All you have to do is list something to share with someone (I bet that you own something that you wouldn't mind parting with for a few days), then sit back and watch the earnings pour in. I hope I've fully understand your concerns and have been able to alleviate some of them. Thanks M.Arsova, and we hope that you'll give the new features a try and then provide us with your thoughts and feedback. Thank you! All the best.

32 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thank you Brian for this new exciting feature!

32 months ago
Richard Burger

Glade to see it taking place and the future will hold progress of always moving forward :)

32 months ago
Sean Gaddis

you did not mention anything about transporting sold items is transporting sold items available

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Sean, we will definitely provide more details about transporting once the feature is fully live. This is something that will indeed be possible. Stay tuned on more information! Thanks Sean!

32 months ago
Owais Zargar

I think there is an issue regarding rating the purchases nowadays.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Owais, can you provide a little bit more information about what you mean exactly? I'd be happy to help! :) Thanks Owais, and looking forward to hearing back.

32 months ago
Hannah Mae Nemeno

I think what Owais is trying to say is that the number under seller information which I think comprises the purchased and sold items of a seller.Its not moving since the rating box has been updated.An image below so you can fully understand what I'm trrying to say.


And providing feedbacks still not working.


31 months ago
Mikhail Kobets

Thank you very good your work and caring for your citizens! I really liked this idea of ​​sharing
But maybe I will repeat because the inhabitants of Ukraine are coming more and more difficult to remain with the payment system, and it would just be fine to solve this difficulty, I hope that soon everything will be better
And we, the citizens of Ukraine, with great gratitude for your work, hope for your understanding!
Thank you, we love you!

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Mikhail, we're glad to hear that you're excited about sharing! So are we!! :)
The team is very aware of its growing and diverse group of citizens. As JC mentioned in a previous blog (http://posts.empowr.com/r9qs8) we'll be working on a feature that will allow ANYONE with an awesome idea (an app or a website) to plug right into the empowr platform. This might be the perfect way to address this issue.
Keep in mind empowr's primary goal is to protect the earnings of its citizens. We will certainly announce should anything change regarding payment systems. Thanks, Mikhail!

32 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Exciting update. Thank you, Mr President.

32 months ago

Interesting, Thank you for sharing

32 months ago
Ernest Pratt

Thank You so much Brian for sharing this with us today.
Now, I fully understand the sharing and I think it will help a lot more people.
We all have a lot to share as compared to what to sell.
This is the future we were talking about. You can access whatever you need at any time.
Thanks to the e!power team.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ernest, awesome - so glad to hear that this post helped to clarify exactly how sharing works. It's also great to see that you're really getting the big picture of the features, as well. Best of luck, and we hope you enjoy the features! Thanks Ernest :)

32 months ago

Wonderful are the choices empowr make, the marketplace will explode with the various features it has.
I wish more progress to our community, and (to make the world a better place) :))

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Ayman, we're certainly pushing for a "marketplace explosion"! As I said in another comment above - regardless of how innovative the features are, empowr's success ultimately depends on its citizens. If the citizens believe in the features and put their mind to making sure it succeeds, empowr is bound to win. Why do we have so much faith in the power of the community? Well, the community has shown time and again that it will do whatever it takes, and that it always comes out on top. All the best, Ayman!! Thank you!

32 months ago
The Fritz

how will broken/damaged items be handled? ...accidents do happen, and parts do fail, capitalism relies on this.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hey Chris, as always, you're thinking and asking the important questions. Did you have a chance to read through the "Unreturned Item" section that Brian discussed? Really the key there is to 1. always treat others items as you wish yours would be treated but 2. in the case that you don't (accidents happen and things go wrong), the user will be held accountable. Brian mentions that your ideal option would be to replace the item (just like you would do for a friend if you borrowed something abd broke it). He also mentions that this is why the security deposit is important, and will be given to the sharer in the case that the item is "unreturned". Ultimately, those who have a habit of unreturned items will be locked out of the marketplace. Lastly, Brian also points out that the team is working to integrate the new sharing features into the new dispute system. Naturally, this will be a key ingredient to the sharing system. I hope I answered your question! Thanks Chris, pleasure as always!

32 months ago
Imad Nissan

Good news, Thank you very much for this announcement,

Is the transporting feature for now works only for sharing items, or we can take advantage of it to use it for delivering purchased items to local customers? If yes, do we get same benefits, regarding rating and qualification?

However, since April 20, the submitted feedback to the buyers and sellers are not shown in their products pages?

32 months ago
The Fritz

great question

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Imad, great question (I agree with Chris). The transporting is still in it's "V1" stage, and at this point, can only be used for sharing. But don't worry - it will be available soon enough for other things as well. We will provide exact details of how it works once the feature is fully live, so stay tuned! For now, we recommend that citizens start by trying out the feature when sharing, and building up their transporter ratings. Remember, you'll want to have 10 transports under your belt, with a 4.0 rating or higher. So now is the time to start, that way you're ready as soon as transporting is fully available. Thanks Imad!!

32 months ago
Marius Balsys

Wonderful update, thank you Brian

32 months ago
Zulay Ruiz

Estoy muy emocionada con estas nuevas caracteristicas de Empowr. Entiendo que estamos aun en construccion, pero con la firme decision de ser mejores cada dia... Gracias por el esfuerzo que demuestran por hacerlo bien y sobre todo que TODOS tengamos beneficios. Excelente post!! Seguimos adelante!! Bendiciones para el equipo. :)

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Zulay, I love the way that you put that: "we are under contruction"
This is so true: empowr is still undergoing changes (and at a rapid pace).
We appreciate your positive attitude, and we are excited to watch the community use all of the new features. Thank you!

32 months ago
Ron Tarlton

The plan sounds great . Let's see it in action. Thanks for sharing.

32 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks Brian for the updates. I love it.

32 months ago
Alex Kusov

It's good to open up new opportunities. But do not forget about old problems. Many of the empore members live in poor countries of Belarus, Ukraine, etc. We can spend less than $ 5 per day. The Internet and empor are giving us the opportunity to earn. And for me and my friends to work on empore, give us the option of another payment system. I have already mentioned. That the crypto currency gives us such an opportunity and makes us more and more popular all over the world. So give us the opportunity to work in empower. Or we will have frustration and go to another site to earn that much. Hear me and my friends. Thank you

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Alex, thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We're certainly listening; this is a concern that's been brought to our attention previously. As I said in a previous comment above, the team is very aware of its growing and diverse group of citizens. As JC mentioned in a previous blog (http://posts.empowr.com/r9qs8) we'll be working on a feature that will allow ANYONE with an awesome idea (an app or a website) to plug right into the empowr platform. This might be the perfect way to address this issue.
Keep in mind empowr's primary goal is to protect the earnings of its citizens. We will certainly announce should anything change regarding payment systems. Thank you, Alex! All the best.

32 months ago
Sikhumbuzile Ncube

That's clear enough. Thank you very much

32 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Hello team empor!
Wonderful opportunities for all citizens.
I have a question:
For example I want to share a product and I do not need transport
Since it is within 15-30 km
I could deliver the goods myself.
Can I be a conveyor in this case?
I read the entire blog, but maybe I'm something
I did not understand correctly.
Thank you.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Olga, good question! Yes, you may transport your own products. In fact, you'll be rated as a transporter in transaction as well (more details about ratings to come shortly!). As Brian says:

"As discussed, when picking up or dropping off an item that you're using, you'll have the opportunity to be rated as a transporter.

That means, by transporting the first few items you've decided to use, you should focus on doing an awesome job so that you receive a 5-star rating every single time. The more 5-star ratings you receive as a transporter, the more transporter earnings you can earn later."

We will definitely provide more detailed information regarding transporting once it is fully live, but for your now, your totally able to transport the items that you're using, and you'll be able to receive transporter ratings! That way, you can become a transporter once the features is fully live.

Thanks Olga! All the best.

32 months ago
Pete Moss


32 months ago

I like the way Empowr is progressing. Unfortunately for me I don't have a cell phone due to financial reasons. In time I hope to rectify that. Onward and Upward

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Lilian, I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefull you'll be purchasing one in the empowr marketplace in no time! Thanks LiLian and best of luck!

32 months ago

Thank you very much I liked everything

32 months ago

Might be to complicated for many empower citizens cause they can't even answer Messages about products there selling or even yet deliver it with out having to dispute it.

32 months ago
Evelyn MW

Until i manage to work out what citizenswill want to buyor use now that we only bid on or buy things that we really want or need; this is all in the future. Since bidding disappeared as a goal -none of my listings have had any bids, and I have seen the same on many other profiles. I am glad that bidding is no longer required but cannot help wondering how long it will take for us all to adjust.
We all (us citizens) need a new approach - to seek the things we wish to buy through Empowr and not from shops and other web-sites. We need to be able to place 'wanted ads', both for items to buy and use. Is this a feature due to come soon?
Once we can see what is wanted, we might realise that we have items to offer.

32 months ago
Mila Sorensen

Hi Evelyn, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the bidding goal was removed to reduce the number of citizens bidding on items for the mere purprose of hitting their goals (and not because they actually wanted to bid on or purchase the products). This should also reduce the number of disputes caused by this activity. The idea your presenting sounds extremely interesting - you're suggesting a page where citizens can post ads seeking say, a service ("I'm going out of town and I need a pet sitter" or "I'm seeking to borrow a drill"). Is this correct? Any other details you can provide would be awesome! Thanks Evelyn :)

32 months ago
Sheryl Woodard

I love the way empowr is progressing and I find the services part exciting. Evelyn's suggestion of a help wanted page is exactly what we need. Presently I need a plumber and also a yard man to take care of excess leaves. I have been asking on my page if there was anyone who could provide those services in my area. I have used 2 published services already and I was quite satisfied.

32 months ago
Evelyn MW

Exactly. If wanted ad is to be allowed, it must be categorised so as not to overload. Similarly the for sale and for use pages need categorising. Currently looking for something is very difficult. Listings are categorised, but it is not obvious that we can search that way. Make wanted ads match the categories and maybe increase the range and add a location option. We used to be able to search for items shipping to our country, but that has disappeared.

31 months ago