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Hello empowrians!

I know everyone is very busy closing loops, hitting goals and providing products and services, but I wanted to borrow a few moments from your time to:

1.  give you a quick update on what we’re working on, and 

2.  get your thoughts and guidance, so we’re prioritizing our work based on your feedback

First, an update on what we’re working on:

Expanding empowr countries

As you're all aware, last month we introduced the concept of empowr countries so that more power and control can be put into the hands of the empowr citizens.

Based on your feedback, these powers will include, but are not limited to:

Voting and electing your country’s leader(s), representatives and judges

Creating community and commerce rules and procedures

Deciding how cash outs will be distributed

Choose what opportunities should be opened to new citizens at various stages of their citizen process

Control Success Coach hiring, training, managing and auditing

Launch and control billing platforms

Enforce citizen penalties, suspensions, and removals

Since we last spoke, hundreds of empowr pre-countries have been created, and there are many that have begun to gain traction among large groups of empowr citizens.

Soon, every empowr pre-country will have important statistics and data added to its profile page, showing things such as number of citizens, how productive its citizens are (that is, average 30-day Mission Points for its citizens), how much production overall its citizens have (that is, cumulative 30-day Mission Points for all citizens), etc.. 

A country leaderboard based on Mission Points will also be launched – so all citizens can compare countries (and pre-countries) based on their Mission Points and other important metrics, as they decide which one they want to be a part of.

From there, the countries with the most productive citizens (measured by 30-day Mission Points) will achieve official empowr country status and will then gain access to the features mentioned above and much more.

As a reminder, citizens earn mission points by hitting their Daily Goals and successfully selling products and services (that are marked as “Item Received” or “Service Received” by customers) to a wide variety of citizens. (Citizens earn much less points when selling to the same people over and over again).

You’ll want to focus on earning more Mission Points to ultimately strengthen the country you decide to create or join.  

Mission Points will be the most important factor in determining when a pre-country qualifies to become a country. 

Also, many citizens will decide which country they want to join, based on how productive they are, exactly like what happens with real countries (the countries with the highest Gross Dometic Product figures have the most people wanting to go there). 

So, if your country or pre-country is among the most productive (as measured by its the Mission Points its citizens are generating) it will benefit from both an abundance of resources as well as an abundance of citizens wanting to join it.

To see your current Mission Points, just roll over your all-time Daily Goals badge on your profile:

What are we working on?

If you haven't already created your pre-country, there's no better time than the present; simply visit the Communities page, select “empowr country”, and then click “Create your empowr country” to get started.

Improving citizen experience

While we're working on providing more control to all empowr citizens, we're also working on several areas that will help provide a better overall citizen experience for everyone.

For example, ensuring that every empowr citizen has the knowledge and support to be successful within empowr is crucial for us in achieving our mission. 

This is made possible thanks to our amazing Success Coach team, who make themselves available around the clock to support their students as best as they can.

We’re currently working on 35 new features for Success Coaches, who have been waiting patiently for a long time, for improvements to the tools they use to serve the community.

For example, in an effort to ensure that all empowr citizens receive the help they need in 24 hours or less, soon student messages will be escalated up to a lead Success Coach when your own Success Coach is unable to respond quickly enough or cannot address a certain question to your satisfaction. 

Another example is a redesign of the entire Success Coaching “client center” platform in order to improve their visibility and quality of service to their students. That redesign includes the removal of outdated items and addition of new items that they have been asking for. 

And yet another example is a feature designed to make Success Coaches (and while we’re at it, everyone) more productive via the launch of empowr Inbox Folders:

Improving your empowr inbox using folders

As the most active empowr citizens will tell you, navigating through the empowr inbox can be quite inefficient, given all the different types of communications you send and receive.

Soon, all empowr citizens will have access to a folder system within their inbox where they can automatically route, sort and store the various type of messages (earnings reports, marketplace alerts, Success Coach messages and more) they receive: 

What are we working on?

Success Coaches have been requesting and waiting a long time for this feature, and we cannot wait to launch it, at the very moment it’s ready and tested.

empowr transport layer (ETL)

We've recently discussed our vision of offering "everything fast and free" in the very near future by adding just a few additional functionalities to the product suite.

Recently, we released the first phase of this initiative with the introduction of sharing, where sellers on empowr can share the products they own (instead of selling them) so that citizens near the seller can access the products they want for a specific period of time and then return those products at very little expense.

We're now very close to releasing the next phase of ETL (empowr transport layer), which includes 23 new features to enable empowr citizens to transport products (shared and sold on empowr) to empowr citizens that live locally.

Through transporting, empowr citizens will be able to view all of the products that have recently sold, and can then earn by picking up and delivering the product for the sharer or user:

What are we working on?

The empowr app platform

We’re also working fast and furiously on the empowr app platform, designed to enable hundreds and eventually thousands of software developers to dream up and launch countless new ways for everyone to earn, work, play, communicate and be informed or entertained.

We've already received many inquiries from app developers anxious to get started, and are currently working with several that will be releasing the first few apps on the platform.

For those of you that have yet to reach out with your ideas, it's not too late to be among one of the first developers.  Go here to get started or learn more 

Solutions in the works

We’re constantly pausing our work on all the above items to fix and improve any issues that you report to us, as well as improving our infrastucture so that your empowr experience is fast and seamless. 

As many of you have advised, we need to always prioritize the fixing of current issues above launching new features, and we continue to do that, which slows down production on the newer items but ensures many of the obstacles you face daily are fixed as soon as possible to help reduce frustrations.

The 2nd half of 2017 

In addition to the above, the team is very focused on coming up with ideas for the top 10 things that you tell us you want (using the monthly customer feedback voting system) and solutions to the top 10 things you don’t like or frustrate you about empowr.

Based on the various stages of these items, and how close many of these solutions are to being ready for engineering development and testing…

…  I can tell you with confidence that by the end of this year, 1) virtually all of what frustrates and/or confuses both new and old citizens will be history forever, and 2) most of you will be very, very pleased with how far we will have come together in the 2nd half of 2017 (which starts today, July 1st). 

Stay tuned for announcements on those items.

But what are we missing? 

Got any strong opinions about what we should focus on next? If so, please let us know in the comments below so we’re always prioritizing our work based on your guidance.

Thank you again for all of your support!

Your president,
Brian Woosley


Anum Mehreen

Thank you for up date.. i am looking forward to a new app.as empower offer us in today's blog too.

29 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

I would like to ship more items being ordered but due to financial problems, I myself already paused shipping items.
There is a negative net income after I delivered many items for the last six months that's why I made a decision like that.
Empower must give some extra funds so that more shipment of products can be done.
Since I am here more then a year but unable to cash out a single penny from here.
Hope the plate form go better and full fill our dreams. good luck to empowr and good luck to team.

29 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

We're with you Anum Aftab, looking forward to seeing just what apps they are working on. It would be great to know if they're working on a similar app like the one we're working on for our country so that maybe we could share data to make the apps the best they can be on both sides.

29 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Thank you for the update, we've been working hard to create the largest country.

We have 2,967 amazing citizens that I'll pass this info onto and get back to you with our feedback.

💕 💙 \ (•◡•) / 💚 ❤️💜 (?=Smile=Heart) 💛

29 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks Brian for the great plans and improvements you and the empowr team have been doing for us. I see a greater future on empowr.

29 months ago
Ernest Pratt

Thanks, Brian. These are all great features which we have been looking up to.
Good Job!

I would just mention this, maybe it is in the pipeline already - To have a sort feature in the "I've Bought" Page and the "I've Sold" Page so that we can easily switch between to see what products need to be paid for, what products need shipping address and the various categories on the pages mentioned.

29 months ago
Brian C Woosley

That is definitely in the pipeline, but very helpful to hear what everyone's priorities are so that we can shift things around if need be. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

29 months ago
Ciordas Lucia (DANUBIA citizen)

Thanks Brian!!!!!!!!!!!

29 months ago
Irena Aisha Shahzad

Thank you for great update!

29 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Can anyone see this post, it seems only certain people can see my post on this blog?

29 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

Reading it Trever.

29 months ago
Anton Goronkov

This is great. Great News! Thanks for this announcement. Together, moving forward!

29 months ago
Manjot Singh

Awesome thanks Brian. Eagerly waiting for second face of transport feature

29 months ago
Ilya Berezkin

Great news! cannot wait for the all announced features!

29 months ago
Vitaly Vyacheslavovich

Thanks Brian for the great plans and improvements

29 months ago
Ben Shirida Da'aja

Good information.
I have some ideas regards spam and nice pics.
So this site is so clean and you can call it healthy, so we have to fight both to keep this site clean.

When you receive many spam every day it is anoging some people works while the children are near him/her and suddenly you see some nice pics which is not good .
My point is I should have a chance to block such citizen.

29 months ago
Pete Moss

Ben you can block - go to that citizen's home page - look in top left corner and click on ,' block' this person

29 months ago
Bismark Fresher

Wow! Quite interesting . I love this about empowr, always improving. but I wanted to hear something about adding one or More payment mechanism. It's sad that , PayPal has only been the way to pay us. Some of us are working hard yet, due to our country limitations by PayPal, we struggle to get payed

29 months ago

I support you! How can we sell goods if we can not get money for it? Many countries do not work PayPal and it is very sad for us. We work every day, and we can not squeeze money, many of us are disappointed that we are not heard. For us in the first place is the addition of a payment system!

Я вас поддерживаю! Как нам продавать товары если мы не можем получить деньги за него? У многих странах не работает Пей Пал и это очень печально для нас. Мы каждый день трудимся, а вывести деньги не можем, многие из нас разочарованы что нас не слышат. Для нас на первом месте стоит это добавление платёжной системы!

29 months ago
Lina Tanase

Thank you, Brian. Can`t wait to see the new features launched which, for sure will tremendously help the SCs everyday work. :)
I can see a bright future for empowr.

29 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

......sper sa fie si de bun augur aceste noutati !
Caldura de afara ne da batai de cap.
Voi vedea si alte comentarii,dupa care voi reveni cu cateva sugestii,neclaritati ,intrebari,solutii.
Sper ca voi primi si raspunsurile mult asteptate !
Mult spor in ceea ce faceti,multumesc.

... hope to be auspicious too!
The outside heat gives us the headaches.
I'll see other comments, and then I'll come back with some suggestions, blurs, questions, solutions.
I hope I will receive the long-awaited answers!
Much controversy in what you do, thank you.

29 months ago
Stephannie  miles

Thank you for the update.God bless empowr

29 months ago
Md Ashraful Alam

good jod!

29 months ago
Mona Tanneryd

hello team...i would be very glad if you can make a popup window that is remiding us on when a new message has arrived or when there is surge alerts available. That could be as a small windows like the same when I get messages on my mailbox from yahoo,com. Just a reflecting small window on the computer would help to never miss any new messages as beeing a coach and also never miss a surge allert. i know that comes on the mailbox, but they are oftenly getting on very late and so I miss for example the surge allerts. i am online all the day and checking messages very oftenly, but this tool could really be helpfull to all ot us.

29 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Mona, thank you for your suggestion - I'll definitely be sure to relay this idea to the team here.

29 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you, Brian and all of the team. A lot of information in a rather short post this time. It is very exciting information as well. So curious to see how it all is going to come together and work. This isn't an easy period for any of us and I am looking forward to all that is going to be achieved in the second part of this year.

29 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Please pass on my gratitude to all the amazing people working the front lines and behind the lines to make this possible.

it's thanks to you that I've created the largest pre-country with 2,967 people www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

I know coaches like May work 24x7 💕 💙 \ (•◡•) / 💚 ❤️💜 (?=Smile=Heart) 💛 that are working overtime to help fix issues within the countries while at the same time improving them.

One request is to see if they could set up the admins of the countries like a coach so that they have the same access to the coaching tools and the same ability to support their citizens in training and passing info to them and receiving info from them.

I'm dealing with questions on everything not only from my own citizens but from other countries as well.

The present form of communications and follow up is limiting my ability to do more to support my citizens, the other countries...empowr.

It would be fantastic to have access to these coaches tools, resources before the countries go live so that we can communicate our intentions for the country more effectively.

Thank you again,

29 months ago
Martin O.

Thanks Brian!!!! Long live Empowr

29 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

Thank you, Brian. I'm so happy to read the update. It is really exciting to be part of this great platform.

I am wondering if it is possible to also have a section in the marketplace where you can ask for something you need. And where citizens can react if they can help you and give you a proposal, which you can accept or change.

29 months ago
Mohi P

Thank you so much, Brian and the empowr Team!
It is absolutely amazing and I am so excited and so happy for all of the good news and the new features that I want to read the post again and enjoy it more. I'll be gladly sharing some ideas and I will work on them!
I really appreciate for all of your great works, Brian and dear empowr team!

29 months ago
Unlimitedme1 (Lisa)

Thank you for the update.. very interesting.
One major question I have had in the past 6 months is: Why is there so much emphasis on Sellers and NOT Buyers?
You can have a store, either online or brick-and-mortar with wonderful products, but if you have no customers / Buyers, your store cannot be a success.
I feel Buyers should be recognized just as much, if not more, than the Sellers on Empowr..... your thoughts, please.

29 months ago
Personlab Yb

Hello Unlimitedme1 (Lisa)
You have work tools, these are day-to-day goals, you just need to attract people with your tools, use them correctly

29 months ago
Unlimitedme1 (Lisa)

Thank you for your comment, Yurly... I use the Work tools on a daily basis, but as many others have mentioned, many Sellers are leaving Empowr, as they NEED some type of compensation to keep going, until all the new additions have been implemented.
I am very proud of my Buyers and would like to see them recognized, as well.

29 months ago
Personlab Yb

Contact your coach, he must teach you how to make money

29 months ago
Personlab Yb

Hello everyone, thank you for your work, team :)

29 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Which is the mysterious solution to and for gain, I would be interested

29 months ago
Personlab Yb

Hi Valentin, I did not understand the question? What mysterious decision are you talking about?

29 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

That's what I meant: Contact your coach, he must teach you how to make money .

29 months ago
Надежда Sibirskaya

Wonderful and interesting work! Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day! I wish you success!

29 months ago
Jorge Rojas

Thank you for your information. Selling without receiving money, we can not continue, I am on the verge. I have 221 items sold and marked as received, it is too much money. It is clear that we need money to continue in this process. The system is working wrong, since April 28th I have achieved all my Daily Goals but the system has not given 23 of my daily goals, I have sent some messages without solution, my SC works hard in that but the issue is worse everyday. I have listed numerous items in Auction and they never appear on the marketplace. So, I have put too much energy and real money here, I have paid everything, so I need my account working well and money to live.
All the best

29 months ago
Oleg Klyuyev

I propose to consider the question of introducing a crypto currency. You can approve one of the little-known crypto currency, which immediately rises in price if such a large community as empowr will start using it. This is a lot of money and a quick monetization of the company!!!

29 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello All,
Yes, a cryptocurrency is a great idea that can bring money into empowr now and for the future.

29 months ago

Я полностью согласен с вашим мнением. Это будет новый прорыв для empower.

29 months ago
Indra SiGe

I can not say anything but amazing.. But what are we missing? There are so many fake accounts with fake products .. We need a feature to recognize and avoid them.

29 months ago
Indra SiGe

And guess, many fake buyers

29 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi President Brian, wonderful features indeed and can't wait the beauty of ETL and other upcoming features. Amazing new for the issues that will be history forever. What a big work to those involved and we can't thank enough. Thank you so much Empowr and to all behind the scenes. Thank you Brian and to all.

29 months ago
Mona Tanneryd

Hello again team...When getting a message that an auction is completed and will not be restarted again, (including the link for editing and restarting the auction), when I click the link in the message, it by faulties sends me to my site for my own products that i am listing....so the link is faulty as it should get me to "i am supporting" instead of "i am selling"

29 months ago

To be successful, you need to attract as many people as possible. And for this it is necessary first of all to resolve the issue of cash payments. And besides, I know a lot of people who have been blocking internal mail for a long time without giving reasons. This really hinders the work. And at the same time, I see a lot of profiles of people who violate the rules: there are links of other companies, pornographic photos, or posts with information calling for national strife. I think, first of all, you need to block such accounts. Those accounts that are locked, you need to check and release locks, if there is no reason. It is necessary to enable people to work normally.

29 months ago
Pete Moss

Thanks Brian and team - sounds great

29 months ago
*Blue *

It's been a while from the last update about new features..It's great to hear that everything is going in a good direction and that we can expect great news very soon .Thank you for the update !

29 months ago
Evelyn MW

I have given my views on many things on other Empowr blogs and wanted to write a very short comment. Sadly, it has become too long!
I am sad that so much is based on sales. When one has a small catchment area, like The UK, there are fewer citizens buying. I have listed all sorts of items to try and discover what people are interested in - but have failed to raise a single bid on the vast majority of them.
Is this my fault? It feels like it when i cannot earn many mission points. If they were based on the value of sales, and not just the number, i would have many more Mission Points. I cannot support high postage costs so selling items for more than $5 is really hard as these tend to be heavier and cost more to post. When i have tried to buy things i want from people who ship to the UK, every larger value item has been withdrawn from sale.
I have so many questions and comments i could write a novella! But i will stop here before i totally overload the readers.

29 months ago
Unlimitedme1 (Lisa)

I tend to with EvelynMW... I have done my best offering products and shipping them, only for the buyer to not receive them (or at least say they did not). And not one has ever been rated, even after messaging back and forth several times. It is difficult to move forward when constantly paying out of pocket and not receiving any "real world" compensation.... sad to say. I am not giving up, but look forward to an improved platform.

29 months ago

Maritopia is absolutely CRUSHING it! Looking for a PRODUCTIVE country with NOTHIG BUT productive citizens?? Check out Maritopia and IF we Admins find you to acceptable(productive and ACTIVE DAILY WITH SALES not just daily goals) you too could be a citizen of one of the most pre-counties out there. Both of Maritopias Admins have very high Pu levels and The creating Admin has SC experience and Admins a VERY SUCCESSFUL and WELL KNOW community Legit Sellers!!
Stop by and take a look for a couple of days and see what we are all about.

29 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Thanks for the updates dear Brian, I will patiently wait for all these new interesting features.
Due to the fact that "Citizens earn much less points when selling to the same people over and over again", I am just wondering if it is possible to prevent buyers from buying with the same seller. The sellers have no way of controlling this. There are buyers who buy more than 20 products at the same time and sellers can not do nothing to stop it. Maybe the system could limit purchases made from the same buyer!

29 months ago
 Zainab !

Yes, Especially when you deal with an honest seller.You love to deal many times with him because of his good past performance.

29 months ago
Melanija Kj

i agree ...especially now when its really hard to find seller who will ship....and than a seller who will ship to your country...everyone are selling in their country now...so i love to buy from same trusted seller...and its just not fair that seller get less points for that...i ship last week 24 items to a buyer...she just love my products ... and i cant do anything if she does...i wont tell her i wont ship cause i get less points...

29 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello Brian, it´s good having more earning opportunities here, like the sharing and ETL. The problem is, on how the way Empowr giving priority on a certain feature, it turns out to be unfair, every time a new feature comes up it will be a great advantage for them to get AMCO or whatever you call it next. Like the sharing and ETL features. It only works for the crowded countries, like US, Nigeria, UK, Russia, etc. where there are many people uses Empowr and their just living nearby. I can easily give an example, base in the city I live in. I can count on people living nearby me, who uses Empowr. 3 of us who are living nearby then it will turn out that our mission points will not grow or if there is, it will be lessened because we 3 try to share base from Empowr condition.

I also understand that there is an issue on direct selling because people are paying through the unmatured earnings and you have trouble coping up basing on the money cash flow in vs. AMCO, but there should be another solution on that.

29 months ago