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New to empowr?

Marching forward towards empowr beta

Hello empowr citizens,

We’re at a critical juncture now, as we near the end of empowr’s alpha testing phase and look to the empowr beta launch.

We’ll need to make some big decisions together today.


In this post…

I will review empowr’s strategy for our newest citizens…

… meaning discuss what we’re trying to do and how we’re attempting to do that…

… and discuss empowr’s market position within that strategy.


Then, after we’re all on the same page as to our objectives…

… let’s discuss the next big challenge standing in front of us.


We need your ideas as to how to solve it.


To get the ideas flowing…

… I’ll attempt to focus the conversation…

… by suggesting a general framework or approach to solving the challenge…

… and then open up the discussion for everyone’s input.


Specifically, in this post:

A.     Our strategy: The world we’re trying to create
B.     Our position: Why empowr?
C.     Your Mission Points and ownership in empowr
D.     empowr intends to become a public company
E.     The next challenge?

F.     Potential solution?
G.    The Mission Goal


Let’s get started.

A.  Our strategy: The world we’re trying to create

For the benefit of the newest empowr citizens, let’s start with discussing the future we’re working to build.

Recently, we’ve all been witnessing a new “sharing” world where software is enabling people to share their cars (via apps like Uber and Lyft) and their spare bedrooms (via apps like Airbnb).

empowr success coaches, citizens and employees have been working towards a world where [software + humans working together] will enable nearly everything to be shared.

The promise “sharing of everything” is that…

... practically everything you want or need…

... will be in your hands fast

… for virtually free. 


We call this vision “Everything, fast and free”.

Here’s a (not yet released empowr video) that attempts to explain this future:


This is a draft video; expect to see an updated version later this month on empowr’s homepage.


Aside from the obvious benefits of people everywhere having immediate access to nearly everything for virtually free…

  what other positive outcomes might reasonably be expected?

1.  Poverty and inequality are significantly reduced 

Think about it for a moment: 

If virtually everything we want or need is available to us for free

… what do the words poverty and inequality even mean?

I submit for your consideration that Everything, Fast and Free – enabled by hyper-efficient and hyper-convenient sharing -- marks the beginning of the end for poverty and inequality on a global scale.


2.  Reversal of global warming and climate change

Most of the things we buy are hardly utilized over their lifetime.

Think about it: 

·       The typical car is parked and not used for over 95% of its life.

·       Tools we purchase are used for an average of 10-20 minutes in their lifetime.  We buy them in a big hurry when we need them and, after a quick initial use, throw them in a garage, closet or drawer.

·       A luxury purse spends 99% of its life in the closet.

·       A lawnmower spends 99% of its life parked in the garage or shed.


To understand the magnitude of the opportunity, multiply those examples by millions and millions of other products to easily see how…

  if we could effortlessly (and safely, and profitably) share things when we’re not using them…

… and we could instantly (and painlessly) use the things others are sharing…

  there would be a *severe* drop in the need to buy (and hence, manufacture) things…

… and therefore, we’d witness a collapse in the consumption of earth’s natural resources by factories…

… leading to a significantly lower carbon footprint for humanity going forward…

… and, therefore, a reversal in the direction of the climate crisis.


As if a dramatic reduction in poverty and global warming wasn’t enough -- believe it or not – there seems to actually more good that would come out of Everything, Fast and Free:


3.   Replacement of jobs

As you know, software and automation are wiping out millions of jobs.

But did you know that (due to Moore’s Law and the network effect) the pace at which good jobs are being wiped out is accelerating

… meaning the job-eliminating impact of technology is only speeding up as opposed to slowing down (IE: growing exponentially) …

… such that the good jobs will be wiped out at a faster pace than good jobs will be created?


As that process continues to unfold in the coming years, what will happen to all the workers?

Aside from declining income (which will be offset by Everything becoming Fast and Free)…

… what will happen to people’s sense of purpose and dignity that is derived from work?


What is needed is another process…

… one that’s also aided and accelerated by Moore’s Law and the network effect…

… a process by which millions of people can become highly productive…

… and achieve purpose and dignity.


empowr’s platform is intended to be that process, as I’ll explain in a moment in a section titled “The human factor” below.


And yes, there is one more thing:


4.  Reversal in the decay of democracy

Turn on the news.

Are you noticing that democracy is eroding – decaying – all over the world?

As people become more and more insecure about their economic futures…

… as huge swaths of jobs are unceremoniously destroyed by wave after wave of new technologies…

… the people become increasingly vulnerable to power-hungry charlatans that (in order to grab power)…

… promise things they cannot deliver…

… and then proceed to erode people’s belief in the democratic institutions, free media and the other critical gears of democracies…

… the establishment of which came at a cost of trillions of dollars and over one hundred million (100,000,000) lives over the span of the last century.


If you, my brothers and sisters in arms, succeed at delivering to the people of the world an economic platform that is truly owned and controlled by the people…

… and if you succeed at establishing the democratic institutions that will required to fend off powerful forces and power-seeking pretenders that will seek to control the platform…

… you will successfully reverse the decay of democracy that’s unfolding right before everyone’s eyes all over the world.



An impossible goal?

To our newest empowr friends:

I fully realize and admit that, at first glance, Everything, Fast and Free -- or ANY -- vision of rapidly diminishing poverty and reversing global warming sounds implausible.

However, as many empowr citizens and success coaches will be quick to remind you, it was not too many years ago that the elimination of polio and measles sounded impossible…

… as did the idea of traveling from one side of the planet to the other in just hours (and for a meager few hundred dollars)…

... as did instant text, audio or video communication with anyone anywhere in the world -- for free

… or safely taking humans into space and back without it even making the news anymore. 


Even the curing of cancer seemed so far from reality even 2 or 3 years ago…

… but now appears to be unfolding right in front of our eyes.


Please let no doubt enter your mind that the [software and human enabled] sharing of everything is absolutely possible…

… and it most definitely WILL be accomplished by one or more companies that figure out how to bring all the required parts together.


But, in my humble opinion, it will most likely be dominated (IE: monopolized) by a single company that gets there first, due to the forces created by the network effect.

For a quick refresher on what the network effect is, read this post or, if you prefer more details, read the empowr book.

If you study up on the network effect, you’ll agree that speed is everything as it is almost a certainty that the first company to enable Everything, Fast and Free

… will fully monopolize the industry and effectively lock out (block) all would-be competitors.


Speed is everything.


B.  Our position: Why empowr? 

So, does empowr have a chance of getting there first?

If so, why?


It appears that empowr is best positioned to enable Everything, Fast and Free before any other company. 



Three (3) reasons:

1.   Technology: 

empowr is the only company to have completely and seamlessly merged a social network into a full-fledged product, service and sharing marketplace…

… and then fully integrated the combined technologies directly into a banking (micro-billing and virtual currency) system…

… with the resulting mega-platform further fused into a series of other systems, not the least of which is the massive upcoming empowr transportation layer (ETL).


But even if another company had been able to build all of that, they still would not yet be able to offer Everything, Fast and Free to the world.


Why, you ask?


2.  The human factor:

The second reason that empowr is incredibly well-positioned to get there first, is that Everything Fast and Free also requires a massive human force to work hand-in-hand with the technologies…

… to educate, handhold and interact with customers, moderate their listings, manage and arbitrate their disputes…

… as well as lead, audit, train and intelligently accomplish a multitude of other critical tasks that only humans will be able to do for decades to come.


I’m specifically talking about empowr’s success coach team - comprised of nearly 500 professionals across 75 countries – growing at a rate of 75 new professionals per month.

empowr’s global success coach organization…

… and the highly-patented technologies… 

… are being developed together -- piece by piece -- in a coordinated effort…

… with the objective of enabling the empowr platform and the “sharing of everything”.


Because of this unprecedented marriage of technology and human power, empowr is currently best positioned to disrupt the commerce and social networking industries.


3.   Value to customers:

Before I explain this, please examine this statement:

If empowr gets there first, it could become a more valuable company than Amazon and Facebook -- combinedeach of which just last week exceeded a value of $500 billion (U.S. Dollars) for the first time.


What was that?

How can empowr become more valuable than Amazon AND Facebook?


To answer that question for yourself, simply compare empowr’s customer value proposition to that of Amazon’s and Facebook’s:

Amazon’s value to customers: Everything you can think of, delivered in 2 days, for full price
empowr’s value to customers: Everything you can think of, delivered in minutes, for free
Facebook’s value to customers: For free you can communicate, post and share
empowr’s value to customers: You are compensated to communicate, post and share


As anyone can plainly see from the above, what you are busy building truly changes the game (meaning it disrupts) the value that Amazon and Facebook can deliver to their customers…

… just like how Facebook disrupted MySpace’s value proposition to its customers…

… and MySpace disrupted Friendster’s value proposition to its customers…

… and Amazon disrupted the value offered by various sellers to their customers.


It’s becoming more and more evident to any experienced business person that takes a closer look at empowr that…

assuming we move incredibly fast and get there first 

you are building -- in essence -- a better “combined Facebook and Amazon” because of the value this business model can deliver to customers…

 and therefore it is not unreasonable to expect that empowr can be valued by the marketplace more than those two companies combined.


Wait a minute.

Are we saying that empowr has the potential of becoming the first company in the world to be valued at over $1 trillion U.S. dollars?  ($1 trillion dollars = $500B + $500B)


Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that this is absolutely possible…

… and that the power to make it so is completely in the hands of this community…

… if (and only if) we truly put our minds to it and commit to quickly doing what it takes to capture the opportunity.


Now, let’s bring this conversation back to empowr’s marketplace positioning:

If the value of empowr can become so gigantic…

… it stands to follow that empowr will be able to tap the public markets for massive amounts of capital…

… and proceed to quickly use that capital to further accelerate its progress and solidify its position.

More on tapping the public markets in a moment.



But we must increase our speed of progress.

(Also in a moment, we’ll also discuss exactly what that entails)


But first, a question for you:

If empowr does become massively valued by the marketplace, who will that value belong to? 

In other words – and to be blunt -- if we do succeed to even 5% of the amounts discussed above… who will “gets rich” here at empowr?

Your guess please:

Who will own 100% of empowr when it becomes a publicly traded company?

A.  empowr citizens, success coaches and employees?
B.  Powerful investors who risked their capital when they funded empowr?

What is your answer?

Of course, if you guessed A, you are correct.  

empowr is unique in that it continues to be 100% owned by the people that built it – empowr’s citizens, success coaches and employees.


empowr has never taken a single penny from investors…

… an approach that has come with incredible challenges.

Together, we have continued to succeed in keeping this a true and current fact…

… all so that empowr could continue to belong to the people and stay true to its mission.


C.  Your Mission Points and ownership in empowr

As a reminder, your All-time Mission Points determine how stock options might be distributed when empowr becomes a publicly traded company.

The simple concept is the higher your All-time Mission Points, the more options you’ll receive. Go here for a refresher and disclaimers.


By the way, your All-time Mission Points are visible at the top right of your profile and are recalculated at the end of each month.

As promised earlier, it now includes bonus multipliers that earned from April through June.

Simply go to the top of your profile, and click or rollover the Mission Points badge to see your new All-Time Mission Point calculation:

                       Marching forward towards empowr beta


How Mission Points are earned:

·       Every time you provide (sell) something to a fellow empowr citizen, you’re helping to build the empowr economy, so you earn Mission Points.

·       When you invite others to empowr, and they earn Mission Points, you earn Mission Points equal to 50% of the Mission Points they earn during their first 6 months in empowr -- because you’re succeeding at building the empowr economy.

(a     And since the people you invited also earn 50% of the Mission Points of the people they invite, that means that you're earning 25% of all the Mission Points those 2nd level folks below you earned (and so on and so forth down into more levels). That means you can earn a massive amount of Mission Points from inviting people, and teaching them how to earn Mission Points, which includes them inviting their friends.

·       When you are successful at coaching other empowr citizens (by being a success coach) you earn Mission Points (again, because your efforts are helping to build the empowr economy)

·       When you use your outside payment method (PayPal or credit card) to pay for anything in empowr (including any fees and even marketplace purchases) your Mission Points go up with each dollar you spend.  (Why? Because your cash helps to build the empowr economy).

o   This is in addition to receiving 100% matching earnings


Did you catch that last point?

That means that using your PayPal or credit card to pay for things on empowr is now the easiest way to earn 30-day Mission Points and All-time Mission Points...

… and as you’ll see in a moment in this blog post…

… it may turn out to be one of the smartest decisions you ever made for yourself and your future, if you believe that empowr will succeed in accomplishing its mission.


An upcoming (different) blog post will soon give you more details on your Mission Points and how they are calculated.

Stay tuned for that post in the coming days.


D.  empowr intends to become a public company

empowr’s intentions are to bypass (skip) Wall Street and become a publicly traded company via a “direct listing”.


What’s a direct listing?

That’s where the company goes directly to the public markets…

… enabling everyone to buy and sell its shares on the open market…

… bypassing Wall Street and investment banking firms.


You can learn more about Direct Listings by Googling “Direct Listing” it or even via this rumor floating around that Spotify is about to do a Direct Listing.

A direct listing seems near-ideal for empowr, as it is completely consistent with our democratic tradition and time-proven desire to be controlled – and owned -- by everyday people as opposed to rich investors.



When tech companies go public, usually many insiders become millionaires and some even billionaires.

·       At all those tech companies, the “insiders” that become millionaires and billionaires are investors and employees

·       At empowr, the “insiders” are empowr citizens, success coaches and employees


Will empowr make you rich?

If our primary reason for participating in the empowr alpha phase is to get rich, I think we’re approaching it the wrong way.

Our top reason for utilizing empowr should be to help make the world a better place, by creating value for customers.

If we approach it that way, we’ll be much better able to psychologically and emotionally cope with all the issues, growing pains and changes that are always coming our way…

… especially as we continue to build empowr without the big resources that companies like ours typically have at their disposal (since they almost always raise a lot of money from investors).


If we succeed at creating a platform that makes the world a better place and creates value for customers, it is reasonable to expect that the money (wealth) will follow.

However, if we focus primarily on the money, we’re less likely to get it.  Why?

In my experience, people motivated mostly by money don’t have the staying power -- the perseverance and patience – that’s required to stay focused long enough (in a big and complicated project like empowr) until success is achieved.


Because we’re always being tested by a new shiny object – a distraction that offers a quick way to have some fun and/or make some short-term money -- that takes us away from the hard, long and often difficult labor of love a grand mission like this typically requires.


On the other hand, if we’re able to avoid those shiny distractions and maintain our focus on creating a platform that will serve and create value for customers and the world at large…

… we have many times greater chances of creating a highly valuable company and, as a result, wealth for everyone involved.


My advice?

Do you believe in empowr’s long-term vision and what we’re trying to build…

… and in addition, the will-power and ability of the empowr community to get there?


If NO:

We’re sorry about that and we hope to change your mind.

As you meet or speak with success coach after success coach, empowr citizen after citizen, and hear their stories…

… and how long they’ve been working on this platform and why…

.. and hear about many of the challenges we’ve all faced over the years that we were eventually successful at putting behind us…

… you just might decide to change your mind.

And, if YES
(meaning you DO believe in empowr’s vision and community’s ability to get there): 

Then, if I were you, I would work hard to get my hands on as many Mission Points as possible

 as it continues to be one of our greatest desires to see the many thousands of empowr citizens, success coaches and employees…

… that have worked on this project for months or even years…

… and even -- in a growing number of cases – for well over a decade now…

… it is everyone’s hope that you and they will generate millions of dollars in personal wealth because of that incredible hard work, selflessness, patience and perseverance.


I can tell you with near-zero hesitation that the first thing most of these amazing people are planning on doing with their wealth …

… is to find even more ways to help the people they love

… in addition to helping many others that are less fortunate than themselves.


The bottom line is that:

·       If we don’t succeed at getting there first, no wealth will be created at empowr for anyone.

·       And if we do succeed, you won’t see just one person or just a few people getting massively wealthy (like what you typically see in tech companies). 

o   Instead, you’ll probably see a community of thousands of people becoming wealthy – and those will be the empowr citizens and success coaches that earned the most All-time Mission Points.


Summary of impact

The enablement of Everything, Fast and Free could be the single most impactful event that could reverse the tide on the climate crisis, as well as on poverty and inequality on a global basis.

It will even deliver opportunity, hope and influence to millions of people…

… folks that would otherwise lack the purpose and sense of dignity that comes from meaningful work, as technology wipes out jobs “en masse”.

And it may even be the last great hope for democracy

… helping to make it so that we won’t need to spend another century and millions of lives earning back the democratic institutions that are eroding right before our eyes.

(I do believe that many of our friends from Eastern Europe know exactly what we’re talking about here)


Everything, Fast and Free has the almost unbelievable potential to serve great value to millions of people as individuals, as well as to humanity as a whole.


Therefore, I believe Everything, Fast and Free is an outcome that’s worth pursuing with everything we have.

On behalf of the team here at empowr, I can continue to promise you that we will continue to sacrifice anything and everything we have to get there.

That’s how much we believe in the importance of the future that we have discussed.



And finally, as if we needed another reason to push hard to make this vision a reality…

… it just so happens that Everything, Fast and Free has the potential of creating thousands of millionaires out of our well-meaning and deserving success coaches, citizens and employees…

… the people that are giving this effort, in many cases, virtually everything they’ve got to give.


And thankfully, because of the community’s hard work, intelligence and perseverance, we are now closer than ever – we now have nearly everything it takes -- to bring that future to life.


I personally believe this is all going to happen very quickly…

… relative to how long it has taken us to get to where we are now…

… if we put our heads together and agree to tackle – HEAD ON -- the next challenge standing in our path.


E.   The next challenge 

Like all worthy accomplishments, the realization of our mission has had many challenges.


As we look forward to our next challenge, I believe that we can proceed with confidence that – yet again -- we will succeed…

… with that confidence logically stemming from having witnessed together first-hand…

 the quantity of seemingly impossible challenges we’ve already faced…

… and successfully overcome.


On that note, let’s discuss the next challenge. We’ll need your ideas on how to solve it.



As you know, empowr is unique in its refusal to take even a single penny from the investment community.

Of course that means that every penny empowr spends on anything must come from revenues.


Over the years, together we developed several revenue streams that have helped pay the bills.

One of our largest revenue streams became the ad platform fees paid by citizens.

The concern with this revenue stream is its growing nature, in that its monthly costs keep growing for citizens.  

Most new citizens enjoy the earnings but some don't necessarily realize the cost.


As we move forward and look to open up the platform beyond “alpha” citizens (people like you that have “early adopter” mindsets) …

… and look to attract and serve millions of new “beta” citizens…

… we’ll need to offer a more simplified product that’s easier for ALL new citizens to grasp and budget for…

… so that the monthly cost of any aspect of the platform is easier to understand and 100% predictable …

  making it therefore much more difficult for any customer to ever have different expectations or ever be surprised by a charge.


So how do we do that?

What changes would be required to ensure that no one can ever be surprised by a charge?


One answer appears to be straightforward:

Simply block future citizens from utilizing ad credits -- for now:

In that manner, new citizens cannot boost or use managed ad campaigns or ad credits.

And therefore, they can never incur an ad platform fee.

·       Yes, unfortunately that would also mean they won’t benefit from the earnings and profits that come from boosting and ad campaigns.

·       But it also means that they cannot ever be charged in a way that they cannot predict in advance.

Then, over time, we can design and launch another version of this product, that’s easier to understand and that includes a weekly or monthly spending cap (budget).


By the way, another product where a citizen’s outside costs can grow, is their power user subscription fees.

By installing a monthly budget feature into the power user settings, we can stop people from spending more than they choose to, using their outside payment source:

                  Marching forward towards empowr beta



By blocking use of the ad platform for new citizens…

… and by giving everyone a monthly budget control for power user fees as shown above…

… we can be assured that citizens won’t be confused by that product and will never be surprised by an ad platform fee or power user fee that can grow monthly.

Problem solved.


Yes. Problem solved. But wait...

Did we just create a new problem?

By fully cutting out ad credit and power user outside revenue from all new citizens, we are cutting out two large revenue sources for empowr which, in turn, will cut into empowr’s ability to pay for anything and everything.

Therefore, to be able to simplify the platform and ensure “no surprises”, we’ll need a new revenue source to take their place.


And we’ll need that source fast, so we don’t miss a beat.

As discussed, if we are to capitalize on this opportunity, we must move quickly and get there first.


To summarize the challenge, I believe we need to:

A.   Effective immediately, block all new citizens from using ad credits, as well as paying for power user subscriptions using their outside payment source.

Again, yes, they won’t get the benefits of ad credits…

… and they also won’t be able to get 100% matching earnings unless they visit their power user settings and enter something greater than $0.00 into the budget box.

But they also will never be surprised by a charge that can grow because its calculated based on usage.

B.    Simultaneously, we need to launch a replacement revenue model that is easy to understand, brings citizens great value, and has costs got citizens that are 100% predictable.


F.  Potential solution

We need your ideas quickly

Rather than just show up with the problem, and look to you for the solution, I’ve asked the empowr team to come up with a framework that the community can operate within to share their best ideas.


Our initial thoughts

We need a new, highly predictable revenue source (meaning its cost won’t grow for citizens).

First, let’s change the name of the “Earning Options” (which are currently called things like “Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)…

… to “Mission Roles”…

… and let’s name each role as follows:

Mission Volunteer
Mission Supporter
Mission Ambassador
Mission Visionary


Then, let’s add new and powerful capabilities to these options (roles).

We need the community’s best ideas on what features and capabilities should be part of these new roles.

Based on those ideas, in the coming weeks and months, let’s load up the new roles with as many powerful features as you can dream up.


Four (4) initial ideas to get the conversation started:


1.   Each higher role will be able to earn more and spend more

These roles would earn more from their posts and be able to spend more in the marketplace.

Simple, right?


2.   Highly elevated mission wheel frequency and amounts

Let’s have the mission wheel show up much more frequently for these roles when they hit their Daily Goals, so they have more chances to win cash, shopping sprees and earnings.

It would be a lot more fun and rewarding to see the wheel more frequently.


In addition to increased frequency, let’s ensure that the cash and prize amounts shown on the wheel are larger. 

Much larger.

For Mission Supporter citizens, we suggest 2 times larger (double!) the lowest level -- which is Mission Volunteer.

And for Mission Ambassador, 3 times larger (triple!) cash and prizes.

And Mission Visionary, 4 times larger.


As a reminder, your 30-day mission points are how the prize amounts on the wheel are determined.

Therefore, this would mean that, for the same mission points, Visionaries would get 4 times more cash, shopping sprees and other prizes from each spin of the wheel…

… however, since the wheel would also show up more often for Visionaries, the difference between Visionary and the lowest level (Volunteer) would end up being much more dramatic than that.

As you can see, this idea might make it a no-brainer for everyone to become Visionary if they can – as the cost of Visionary might easily help it pay for itself.


3.   Higher mission roles move many times faster and accomplish a lot more

Are you ready for this?

Let’s make it super-easy for each higher role to build their circle of trust.

Imagine it never taking more than 6 shares from you, to close a loop with someone else, if you’re a Supporter.

That would mean you can enlarge your circle of trust many times faster with the same amount of time and shares (your “Likes”) …

… bringing many times more people back to your profile to help you earn.


In other words, it currently may take someone 10, 20, 30 or 50 -- or more shares to close the loop with you.

But if you’re a Mission Supporter, you’d be able to reciprocate almost instantly (with a maximum of only 6 shares)…

… which instantly puts the ball back in their court…

… for them to come back to your profile again – and help you earn.


And if you’re an Ambassador, let’s make it a max limit of 5 shares to close a loop.

And Visionaries would be able to close loops with only 4 shares maximum – allowing them to bring many times more people to their profiles than Volunteers.


As you can see, with these new roles, empowr citizens would be able to:

1.     do what they’re trying to do (close loops) with much greater ease and speed

2.     build much larger networks (their circle of trust) in the same amount of time as before

3.     bring back many times more people to their profiles, to help them earn

4.     increase their earnings and profits much more easily, and

5.     traverse up the power levels much more quickly

On top of that, they’ll be guaranteed many times larger cash outs and prizes.



4.  Targeted advertising

Based on your role, you’ll be guaranteed targeted ads – to further promote your listings and postings.

Imagine that Mission Supporters will receive 5,000 ads per month.

Mission Ambassadors will receive 10,000 ads per month.

And Mission Visionaries will receive 15,000 ads per month.

                 Marching forward towards empowr beta


These ads will be auto-generated by your listings and postings at the very moment your success coach approves your listings…

… so you don’t need to lift a finger to design or launch the ads…

… and the ads will be geo (location) targeted at the people in your circle of trust.


OK, so how would Mission Roles generate revenue for empowr?

The idea is for citizens to pay a fixed monthly price for any option, so there would never be a surprise, as follows:

Volunteer:            free
Supporter:           $9.99/mo.
Ambassador:       $19.99/mo.
Visionary:            $29.99/mo.


Two things to consider when thinking about price:

1.  The higher the revenue from this new revenue source, the more cash can be paid out to empowr citizens of course.  

Remember that empowr keeps no profits – it all goes back to citizens – a lot of it via the mission wheel.

2.  And the higher empowr’s revenues, the sooner empowr can get to the public markets and the higher empowr share prices will go, of course – so everyone benefits from more revenues.


Your thoughts, please.

To focus the conversation, here are some questions:

1.     Do you agree that to get to accomplish our mission, it is time to evolve our platform by simplifying and making the platform easier to understand for ALL new citizens as they join…

 including a new requirement that no product’s charges should ever grow, under any circumstances, so there cannot exist the possibility for a charge that surprises anyone?

2.     Do you like the new Mission Roles?

a.     If so, what feature ideas do you have that we can include in each of the new roles?

b.     What do you think about the monthly prices?


One more thing:

As a special THANK YOU to the citizens that came first to empowr or chose to work the hardest and contribute the most to the empowr mission, we are suggesting that we launch another role, and call it Mission Pioneer.

Details on Mission Pioneer:

1.     Earn more from posts than all the other earlier roles

2.     See the mission wheel more often

3.     Wheel cash and prizes 5 times larger than Volunteer

4.     Build circle of trust even quicker by closing loops with a maximum of 3 shares

5.     Price it at $49.99/mo to help pay for the 5 times larger cash and prizes

6.     Pioneers receive 40,000 ads per month

Purchase of Pioneer limited by All-time Mission Points

Given the huge difference between what Pioneer receives and the lower level roles, we suggest that this role should only be available to empowr citizens that have previously achieved 5,000 or more All-time Mission Points.



And finally, while we’re at it…

Let’s launch one final mission role, for the benefit of our longest and hardest working citizens that have given the absolute most to the empowr mission.

Naturally, we’ll call these incredible souls Mission Founders.

Details on Mission Founders:

1.     Earn more from posts than all the earlier options

2.     See the mission wheel more often

3.     Wheel cash and prizes 10 times larger than Mission Volunteer

4.     Build circle of trust at hyper speeds by closing loops with a maximum of 2 shares

5.     Price it at $99.99/mo. to help pay for the 10 times larger cash and prizes

6.     Founders receive 100,000 ads per month

Founder limitation

Like the Pioneer role, unfortunately we will not be able to offer the Founder role to most people. It will be limited to citizens that have previously achieved at least 10,000 All-time Mission Points.


3 month free of any Mission Role

We suggest that the community should offer three (3) months free to anyone that takes on ANY mission role and pays the annual rate upfront within the next two weeks (up to August 31).


F.   The Mission Goal

I believe that the time has come for this community to set a measurable and transparent goal for what needs to happen…


… for us to complete the Open Alpha testing phase…


launch empowr Beta


… and begin the process of moving towards becoming a publicly listed company


… so that empowr citizens, success coaches and employees can convert their Mission Points into empowr stock options…


… so you can have access to cash whenever you need it.


As importantly, becoming a public company will mean that empowr, the corporation, will be able to tap the public markets to raise millions -- and eventually billions -- of dollars directly from citizens around the world…


… people that believe in the empowr mission and wish to help it – while helping themselves – by investing in it (buying its shares on the open market).


Bringing in millions and then billions of dollars into empowr will, in turn, mean that empowr will be able to hire many more engineers and employees…


… so it can improve its products and services for you much more quickly…


… and rapidly bring you all the features and reliability you deserve and have been waiting for.


It should go without saying that bringing in large sums of capital into empowr by becoming a public company…


… should also translate to higher earnings, profits and cash outs for empowr citizens.


And finally, and most importantly, it would mean elevated chances of success…


… at accomplishing our mission


… and bringing all the desired benefits to our planet and its people. 


Setting the Mission Goal

Very soon after you share your thoughts below…


… so we have all the community’s best ideas gathered and analyzed…


… together we will set and announce the Mission Goal so that everyone can work together to achieve it. 


As so many of you know very well, whenever we have set a goal together and put our minds to it, we have eventually always accomplished it.

By hitting the Mission Goal that we will set together, it will mean that we will have reached a level of customer satisfaction with our platform’s features, capabilities and policies…


… and will have therefore have achieved a level of maturity that should enable the company to move forward with a Direct Listing.


Let’s go through this with our eyes wide open

To be clear, it’s not easy for any company and community to rip out and replace two of its core revenue streams virtually overnight.


Many smart people would call that an impossible challenge.

But those people don’t know you.

They don’t know what we’re capable of.

And they simply don't understand our commitment to creating the future a better future for everyone.


Despite the size and scope of this challenge, I am confident we will pull it off.


But, I am also quite sure that:

·       There will be issues

·       There will be pain

·       There will be frustrations

·       There will be delays

·       But -- as we always do -- we will get through this


There’s no time to lose

I hope you agree that, to get to the next level in our evolution as a company, we need to commit to paying this price and make this investment – before it’s too late – and so I don’t believe it’s wise to wait much longer. 


And yes (and apologies for being repetitive) upon making these changes, in the short term there may be some pain…

… but in the medium and long term – it will surely result in even higher levels of customer happiness…

… with empowr becoming even more of a platform that everyone can be proud of…

… and more happily invite their friends to -- knowing their friends will never be confused or surprised by a charge…

… a platform that everyone can depend on to improve their lives.


empowr employees are putting their money where their mouth is

To enable this immediate move, ALL empowr employees have voted to cut their salaries to the minimum wage allowable by law -- effective immediately and for the foreseeable future.

Our objectives are to ensure that if there are any reductions in revenues as a result of the above moves, that available cash can go out to our citizens and success coaches first and quickly.



We’re moving fast.

As I write this, empowr engineering is telling me that they are almost ready to launch the first version of the Mission Roles – and then move on to work on your best ideas to put into the next version.

Update:  The new mission roles are now live!

Try it for yourself to see how much fun it is to close all loops with just a few shares…

… and how quickly you can build a larger circle of trust – along with all the other benefits including the mission wheel with much larger frequency and prizes.


Note: A few days ago, the engineers launched a temporary role to gain some test data…

The temporary role was code-named Diamond – allowing the bravest of you to experiment with it.

·       If you had subscribed to Diamond, you’re now a Mission Visionary.

·       Old Gold accounts are now Mission Ambassadors.

·       Those with Silver accounts are now Mission Supporters.

·       Old Bronze accounts are now Mission Volunteers

·       Old Platinum accounts remain Platinum even though the option will no longer exist for anyone to sign up for or switch to. Given the huge new benefits the new roles bring, I imagine you’ll want to get as high a role as you can, but of course that depends on how many All-time mission points you have achieved.


In the coming days, Mission Supporters and higher roles will start noticing the mission wheel showing up more often (upon hitting their Daily Goals) …

… with the numbers on the wheel also starting to grow nicely (which of course are based on each citizen’s 30-day mission points and the Mission Role they chose).



By simplifying the empowr platform…

… including the immediate removal of the ability for new citizens to utilize ad credits until a next version of the product can be introduced…


… we can now invite our friends and family members with confidence…

… knowing that they won’t get confused by the platform or ever be surprised by a charge on their credit card or PayPal.


As a result, we will be much better positioned to grow, serve and delight everyone – many, many times more customers.

And, therefore, empowr will much more likely to successfully exploit its first-mover advantage and the network effect…

….  to capitalize on the opportunities that lie before us…

… opportunities to do good for the people of the world…

… in addition to our families and loved ones.


To enables these moves, we are launching new “Mission Roles”, which will not only reward citizens based on their contributions as measured by their 30-day mission points…

… but also, based on their past contributions (as measured by their All-time mission points).

And finally, make no mistake -- because of these new revenue streams, we will now be able to deliver more value to the people that can only afford to use the empowr platform as (totally free) Mission Volunteers.


As always…

Thanks for this opportunity to work with you on this mission...

… and for your support and ideas every time we need to make some tough decisions.


We’re all looking forward to your thoughts and ideas…

… followed by setting the Mission Goal…

… and moving forward as rapidly as we possibly can. 


So, what ideas do you have? What else can we add to these new mission roles?

As you think about new ideas, a quick reminder of the objectives:

1.  Provide great value to empowr citizens
2.  Enable us to immediately terminate the use of ad credits or payment by new citizens – to block any chance whatsoever that a new citizen will ever be confused or surprised by a charge
3.  Bring in new revenue to offset the loss of ad platform fees, so we don’t miss a beat as we look to accelerate down our path to becoming a publicly traded company
4.  Communicate the community’s gratitude (with more than just words) to those that have done the most, for the longest, for the empowr mission, while also giving everyone else a chance to achieve the same benefits


Yours truly,


PS: As a courtesy to my readers, I will be deleting any and all comments that do not specifically relate to the topic of this blog post - which is to discuss the new mission roles and obtain ideas relating to those ideas.

Yes, that means even your amazing comment about this topic or that topic will be deleted if it is off topic. Thanks for your undestanding and if you have other important topics to discuss, please don't hesitate to post your own blog post on that topic.


Md. Ariful Islam

Thank you so much..

27 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

Good and great thinking. I welcome this.
For eliminating ad credits may be a problem for new citizens, but if they will be guided and convinced about the benefits then definitely they will take more interest.

27 months ago
Noshin Naz

Thanks for such informative blog. Best of luck

27 months ago
Babar Rajput

Have you get any payment..??

13 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, JC and the team.
I am here with all of you, as always. :-)

27 months ago
Johnny Cash

I think you are officially the first Mission Founder, May... In every sense of the term! :)
Thanks from the entire community (employees, citizens and success coaches) for being so incredible!

27 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

She deserves it, she works 24/7

27 months ago
Carmen Green

Indeed May, you have been an inspiration to a lot of us :)

27 months ago
Barbara Atkins

Thanks :)

27 months ago
Sheryl Woodard

Thanks for the update JC and the team.

27 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Yes, thank you for the update. Love the new direction in how you're going to make sure the foundation is solid.
Just at our 3,649 citizens know to share this post http://posts.empowr.com/vtc29 to let everyone know you're making changes to make sure Empowr countries will succeed.

27 months ago
Mark Bone

Thank you

27 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Thank you for the update!

27 months ago
Godfred Darkmens (Oly)

Good to hear new features have been introduced..... Moving in the right direction

27 months ago
Sakura Cy

Thank you for the update!

27 months ago
Yaroslav Novak

Thanks for the news!

27 months ago
Austin Grady

Absolutely Brilliant! Timely. The perfect antidote the evening news both real and fake and a shot in the arm for those who have been saying empowr always delivers more than anyone suspects or imagines! I'm all in and looking forward to becoming a Mission Founder!

27 months ago
Johnny Cash

Austin, thanks for the vote of confidence!
And congrats on your 44,000 all-time mission points!! You've given this mission a lot - the Founder doors are wide open for you! Thanks for your hard work!!!

27 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello JC,
The direct listing option looks great from what I see looks empowr meets all the qualifications. I think that should be implemented as soon as possible. As for new ways to bring money a digital currency or cryptocurrency would be a good idea. Then the higher mission role you have you can more of the empowr coin.
What happens with citizens who already utilizing ad credits? Will that be going away?
best regards,

27 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hello Bob,
Those utilizing ad credits can continue to do that. I'll let Brian update us if there's more to report than that, but ad credits will be unavailable to new citizens just signing up.
Thanks for your continued ideas and hard work, Bob.

27 months ago
Bob Poster

Thanks for your reply JC. Also, I want to give a big Thank You to the empowr employees for giving up part of their pay working for minimum wage says a lot. Thank you again! I know San Diego is not a cheap place to live.

27 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thank you Bob -- they are no different than the selfless SCs and citizens like yourself. I will pass your words on to them!

27 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

An interesting and varied information

27 months ago
Elena Berngardt

Really nice, not only one letter, about the change from Platinum for free to Diamond for 29,99$ / Month. Very fair methods !!!

27 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC,
Great plans and great achievements. Let's keep moving forward. I see greater future on empowr day after day. Thanks a lot! Long live empowr!

27 months ago
David Bruyland

Thanks for this great news, J.C. I'm looking forward to seeing the platform expand even more. I just read the blog, and it has to sink in before I'll have any suggestions.

27 months ago
Qadri Adinoyi

Another good news for us David. Truly another good news !!

23 months ago
Regina Kogan

Thank you JC and the team for an inspiring message I will share the news with my fans.

27 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, JC & Team
I'm here with you and empowr, as always, empowr is my love and never disappoint me,
Thank you,
Khaleeq Ahmed

27 months ago
Keep Sona

Hello Thank you so much.

27 months ago
Sarah Shez

Hi JC & Team thank you for the good news we are proud of you and will proceed with confidence to our next challenge in order to successfully overcome and for the digital currency or cryptocurrency's idea I agree with Bob Poster.

27 months ago
Imad Nissan

Thank you JC for news,

I believe the prices are fair for each mission role, just liked to know the mechanism of the monthly payment, does this going to charge the PayPal automatically on the same date on every month, or we need to make the payment manually every month on same date?

27 months ago
Indra SiGe

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

27 months ago
Martin Binnington

That's a good question. I asked my Success Coach about this, and he said that this is not a subscription... however he was sketchy about answering when I asked if this means there would be no further payment taken from my PayPal account.
The payment information in PayPal doesn't make any mention of a monthly recurring fee either, and unlike the Power User page which clearly states when the current subscription ends (so that we know when the next charge will be taken), I find no such confirmation about the mission role fee.

27 months ago
Indra SiGe

Imad's question was the root of the problem that occurs to some users. If we scroll below, some users claim that they have been charged twice or have not made a choice but were already charged. So, we must understand why some SCs hesitant to answer it. They consider what should happen and what really happened. I think, the best confirmation will come from users who are already in their mission role.

27 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova

Thanks you!

27 months ago
Jackie Tubos


27 months ago
Ermes Monti

Tante belle parole e tutto molto bello ma una domanda sorge spontanea, che fine hanno fatto i paesi che dovevano nascere? sono quattro mesi che non ci sono + AMCO soldi spesi per spedire e i soldi dei prodotti venduti mai ritornati e ora ci chiedi una tassa mensile potrebbe anche essere giusto pagare per avere un servizio ma se pago devo avere anche subito i soldi dei prodotti venduti attendo una tua risposta Presidente che fine hanno fatto i paesi? Dove sono finiti i soldi dei miei prodotti consegnati? Grazie della risposta.
So many beautiful words and everything is beautiful but a question arises spontaneously, what did the countries that were to be born had to end? There are four months that there are no + AMCO money spent to ship and the money of the products sold ever returned and now ask for a monthly fee might even be fair to pay for a service but if I pay I must also have the money of the sold products wait for a Your Answer President What Ends Have Made Countries? Where are the money of my products delivered? Thanks for your answer.

27 months ago
Brian C Woosley


To the contrary - empowr countries are not dead, but instead based on the feedback that all empowr citizens have provided us, it became clear that if a country is going to thrive, it needs new citizens joining it regularly. This post and the set of features that have resulted from it are to make this platform more welcoming to new citizens so that the entire empowr platform (and all countries within it) can grow exponentially.

We're taking longer than we anticipated, but with your help, we will be well on our way. Please let us know what we may be missing so we can further excel the mission - thank you for your passion!

27 months ago

Day 97 and counting....

27 months ago
Cristea Grigorie Daniel

.....frumos spus, greu de realizat......
majoritatea jucatorilor sant aici pentru un castig real , am asteptat patru luni , si ...primim promisiuni...
..muncim pe pamant si...primim plata in .....RAI...
EU SANT PESIMIST....banuiesc ca multi se vor ....retrage.
Dumnezeu sa binecuvinteze, EMPOWR.

27 months ago
Padmaja Panchakarla

Great Announcement Thank you JC

27 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Love the plans to rapidly grow and reach the goal. Awesome comparison of Empowr with Amazon and Facebook. Truly trust Empowr to be worth a trillion and there's nothing impossible indeed. Yes it is fair enough to have the monthly price to keep moving and to have a stable company. Simply amazing and looking forward for more upcoming exciting news. Empowr really rocks!!!
Thank you JC for the great news.

27 months ago

Hi President
It needs several reading to this blog to understand completely. For now, what I have understood that Empowr is planning to list in Wall St.
After Alibaba.com no such mega company have been ever listed in Stock Market. Empowr will be listed as a Mega IPO and the listing gainer will be visible on the first day of launching the IPO. Marchant Bankers will welcome this company with both the hands and the share value of empowr will be maximum in the grey market. Good and great thinking. I welcome this.
For eliminating ad credits may be a problem for new citizens, but if they will be guided and convinced about the benefits then definitely they will take more interest.
Keeping a nominal fee mentioned like above will engage every citizen to feel their contribution to the empowr. As now after red star, there is simply no such encouragement for the citizens to work with interest except to get a reward. The citizens, who are listing and not selling will think twice as they are paying ad fees for their listing. So they will take interest in selling their products and will reach out to their buyers.
Still, many more things are here to learn and shall read again till to understand it completely.

27 months ago
Cun Pham

$ 29.99 is the money you will be deducted every month when your paypal uses Mastercard . I think

18 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

How will this affect the countries, will they have to pay for these new roles?

Will they have to start selling more items to achieve more mission points for the country?

27 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Countries do not need to purchase these options if they do not wish to do so.
The number of mission points for a country are based on the cumulative number of 30-day mission points that all of the country's citizens have - so the more a specific country's citizens sell, the more mission points the country will have.

27 months ago
Syed Naeem

Awesome. Thanks

27 months ago
Adrian Cooper

This is brilliant and not a moment too soon!
There have been some 'growing pains' in the past few days, but This is definitely worth the bumps that we've had in the last week or so. Exciting stuff!
A question on the suspension of the ad credits: how will that effect the initial ad-campaign that was a big part of daily earnings in the Alpha phase? Is that going to continue to be a part of the earning landscape, or will it become optional?
For citizens who have been here awhile and racked up a sizable IPL- do I understand correctly that the suspension of the ad-credits will provide a gap of opportunity to pay down utilized ad credits without incurring new ad credit debt? If so- shouldn't we be highlighting this? Ad credits seem to have been a sore spot with some citizens as they felt they'd fallen into an endless cycle of borrowing and not earning enough to pay down (I know that wasn't the case)... but if this is the case, it could be a huge point to win some confidence back from skeptics... just a thought.
I'll think more on it, but for now, I have to give a class, then go to bed.
Brainstorming Cap on,

27 months ago
Serega Astrakhan

Одни жополизы:) Пусть сперва вывод денег нормальный сделают и уберут это гавно приложение которое не работает путём. Значить оплачивать и погашать кредиты через обычный ПК, а вывод через гавноприложение :)))))

27 months ago
Said Rahman

Thank you for new updates and changes go forward for succession

27 months ago
Empowr XTe

It is very beautiful and fascinating to talk about great achievements, great future gains, worth billions of companies !!!
It is very worrying to talk about sales activities that are almost non-existent as I see it every day. Of items that are put on sale only to reach the daily goals. Pencils that cost thousands of dollars, to give the idea..... Of personally spent money that no longer falls back in the wallet of the one who has spent them to procure the sold products.
Is my imagination, or is reality?
How can an organization live such a paralysis?
What concrete solutions do you have for solving this fundamental aspect?
I believe that only after solving such a fundamental problem we can speak about the development of democratic principles and other fascinating subjects that undoubtedly affect the citizens of Empowr.
Thanks for your attention and good work.

27 months ago
Dzack Co

I agree with you, these points you brought up is what I am also looking forward for solutions. Thanks Ilex 78

27 months ago
Надежда Sibirskaya

I do not know how this is possible for me

27 months ago
Isabel Darlerbe

Ditto - Jeannette Leduc!

Thank you for the announcement JC sounds fantastic! Still have a lot to take in though, however, looking forward to the changes. Many Citizens in my COT have been losing momentum, hopefully these News will renew all enthusiasm and faith in Empowr again.

27 months ago
Dezarae Ali

Wow!!! I am amazed and excited to begin sharing this great news with my students! Overjoyed to be given a chance to shine as a founder of such a beautiful project! I have no doubts we will succeed in the coming years with such great leader at the forefront of this experiment. Happy to be a part of this team and so proud of our engineers and coaches!! Love to all who are working tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

27 months ago
Brian C Woosley


It's people like you that make this happen - thanks for always helping us all move forwards to accomplishing the mission.

27 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

there are much more ""isabella"" here Brian?... do you realise that ? ;)

27 months ago
Albeiro R

Thank you for your blog Mr Brian, But....
- When I will receive the money of my sales, marked as received more than 90 days?
- Every day I see many(many people) leaving this platform for their frustrations. Empowr's credibility decreases every day for not seeing the fulfilled promises.
- Theoretically it sounds very nicely, but but money is received, there is no motivation.
- Do You imagine how many hours there dedicates a person to achieve their goals in Empowr? How much real money invests?
I have achieved many Daily Goals and have seen not even a dollar.
I would be grateful your comments on AMCO, reading this blog, You have ignored them.
Thank you.

Empowr system automatically charged in my PayPal account 29,99 without reason, I have not seen Mission Wheels 2 last weeks. I did not select anything.

27 months ago