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Hello everyone!

First off, thank you for the incredible support in the last blog post. It’s simply incredible to see how, every time the community is asked to come up with ideas or overcome a challenge, we always rise to the occasion. 

You communicated so many great ideas; you’ll be seeing some of them live soon. 

In fact, as you’ll see below, some of them launched this morning; and some others have completed development and are undergoing testing.

Based on those ideas, we’re adding more benefits to the new empowr mission roles, as well as continuing to clean up the marketplace and enable empowr countries.  

Today, let’s discuss:

1.     The new mission point calculation

2.     Mission wheel frequency and prizes updated today

3.     Pro-rated credit for mission roles

4.     Cleaning up the marketplace

5.      What’s next?
   Cash for shipping
   Cash for selling
   empowr country leaderboard
   Free targeted advertising


1.  The new mission point calculation

For the benefit of our newest citizens:

This community is working to accomplish a very specific mission, which is to enable opportunity, hope and influence for people around the world.

We believe this mission is an especially important one because of a number of trends happening in the coming years, including the wiping out of millions of jobs by technology and automation…

… where those technologies are all owned and controlled by small number of super-rich individuals – a scenario that increases inequality and poverty on a global basis.


Now, there can many approaches and strategies to accomplishing any mission.

In our case, the approach we have chosen is to:

1.   Work to build a robust economy

  and keep improving it until all hardworking people can more easily uplift themselves.


 2.  Make the platform democratic

… so the platform’s users (called empowr citizens) can govern themselves and continually bend the rules and policies in the ways that best serve their needs…

… as opposed to how almost all companies operate, where the shareholders elect the leader of the company to serve the needs (profits) of the shareholders.


 3.  Have the platform be financially owned by the citizens

… which means not accepting money from investors…

… otherwise the company will eventually not remain democratic…

… because investors will naturally attempt to move the company away from being democratic so that they can focus it on serving their profits motives.


In summary, we are on a MISSION to build a democratic social economy that’s

·         created by the people

·         developed for the people

·         controlled by the people

·         owned by the people

OK, so how do you build a large technology platform and economy starting with nothing?

Of course, such an approach would require incredible motivation and execution from the people – the citizens of the platform.

 Together, we have witnessed amazing sacrifices from our citizens.

As an example, our original success coaches have worked tirelessly for years – teaching students how to do the best they can within the platform, which, as you can imagine, previously lacked most of the features it has today and had many times more issues and bugs than it does today.

Those success coaches worked under those circumstances -- for many years -- without receiving a single penny in cash outs.

Another example:  Our citizens did the best they could for many years, in many cases giving all they could (in time and resources) to working within the system.

This was not easy – in fact many times harder than today – because of all the missing features that had not yet been built, plus the bugs and issues that stay with us for much longer because of the lack of resources and not being able to hire a large workforce.

Another example:  empowr’s employees had no paychecks for many years.

In fact, the government attempted to shut empowr down because it’s against the law for people to work for less than minimum wage (even if those employees are willing to work for no salaries).

In that case, empowr’s lawyers fought the government and succeeded at keeping empowr alive.

Did you know? All of those lawyers also did their work without compensation, because they believed in the mission.

Even today, empowr’s employees are working for the absolute minimum wage allowable by law, as reported in the last post in order to do their part in overcoming the next challenge successfully.


 Updated calculation for rewarding citizens that are working to accomplish the mission

Given the incredible sacrifices so many people have made—and continue to make – we launched mission points as a way to measure everyone’s contributions -- and ultimately reward everyone for their contributions to the mission.

Please play close attention here as these have changed:

Mission points are now earned when you contribute to the empowr economy by:

Being productive: Providing products, services and transports to your fellow empowr citizens

  • Purchasing anything with your PayPal or credit card: You earn 1 mission point for each dollar you spend

  • Inviting your friends and helping them succeed: You earn 50% of the mission points they earn. (So, if you invite someone and they earn 1,000 mission points, you earn 500)

Which also means that you earn 25% of the mission points your friends earn when they invite their friends; and 12.5% of the mission points of friends of friends of friends, and so on and so forth (no time limit; no levels limit)

Teaching and helping empowr citizens succeed:  Success coaches earn 2 mission points for every $1 in success coaching (base and bonus) compensation they achieve


The more mission points you earn, the more the empowr platform gives you back, and the more potential ownership in empowr you will receive.

The platform currently gives you cash and rewards via the Mission Wheel. More on that in a moment.

And the manner in which you might gain ownership in empowr, based on your mission points, is detailed here – but of course the way mission points are calculated has been updated since that post, as I just detailed.


 Tracking your mission points

When counting your mission points, there are two (2) ways to track your mission points:

1.  Your all-time mission points:  This obviously counts how many mission points you’ve earned EVER.

All-time mission points matter because:

·         That’s how ownership in empowr (stock options) will almost certainly be distributed, if or when the company becomes publicly traded and the lawyers bless the approach.

·         Also, becoming a Mission Pioneer and Mission Founder are limited to citizens based on how many all-time mission points they have earned: 5,000 to become a Pioneer and 10,000 to become a Founder.

2.  Your 30-day mission points:  This counts how many mission points you earned in the most recent 30 days

30-day mission points matter because that’s how cash and prizes (via the mission wheel) and the marketplace opens up to you for shopping, among other benefits.

Starting today, your 30-day mission points are now visible to you, as follows:

Simply go to the top of your profile, and click or rollover the Mission Points badge to see both your 30-day and All-Time mission point calculation.

Your 30-day mission points are updated daily and your all-time is updated once a month, on the 1
of every month.


 What we’re working on 


2.  Mission wheel frequency and prizes updated today

Mission Wheel Frequency

Starting today, many of you should already be noticing that when you hit your Daily Goal, the Mission Wheel will pop up much more frequently than ever before.

Mission Wheel Cash and Prize amounts

When the wheel pops up for you, the prizes are calculated in the following manner (by looking at your 30-day mission points, and your mission role):

1.   30-day mission points: First, prize amounts are calculated off your 30-day mission points. 

That means that if Sally has earned double the 30-day mission points as Henry, her cash and other prize amounts shown on the wheel will be twice as large as Henry’s – assuming they both have the same mission roles.

2.  Mission roles: Finally, the cash and prize amounts calculated off your 30-day mission points, are multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 10 – depending on the mission role you play.

In other words, for two people that have the same 30-day mission points:

·         Mission Supporters receive exactly 2 times larger (double) cash and prizes

·         Mission Ambassadors receive 3 times larger (triple) cash and prizes

·         Mission Visionary 4 times larger

·         Mission Pioneers 5 times larger

·         Mission Founders receive 10 times larger cash and prizes



3.  Pro-rated credit for mission roles

In the last post, you asked to get credit when you upgrade to a higher mission role.

This morning, your idea has launched. 

Simply slide the earnings slider (at the top of any profile to the right) … 


What we’re working on


When upgrading, you now receive a credit for the unused portion of your most recent mission role.

For example, if you purchased the Visionary role for $29.99 and have only used it for 10 days, you will have a credit of $19.99 applied to any other mission role purchase you wish. 

You can apply it to any role; and to the monthly or yearly option. If you choose the yearly option, you receive 3 months free (a 25% discount).

This credit will automatically be visible to you at the time of purchase for any other mission role:


What we’re working on




4.  Cleaning up the marketplace

Shopping based on 30-day mission points

As you may remember, the main that empowr citizens have been able to access products and services from the marketplace were partially based on the number of Daily Goals hit in the past 30 days.

By rewarding citizens for hitting their Daily Goals, every citizen was incentivized to do the activities needed to help the empowr economy grow.

Unfortunately, a small number of citizens purposefully set up “fake” listings that they had no intention of selling, just so that they can hit their Daily Goals and access the marketplace. This was not only harmful to buyers, but it also has enabled these “fake sellers” to deplete the marketplace of the items that everyone else would like to purchase.


Based on your feedback, starting today all marketplace purchases are based on your 30-day mission points.

That means that:

A.  Starting today, everyone’s ability to purchase products and services from the marketplace are based completely on the prizes that they win from the Mission Wheel (which are based on everyone’s 30-day mission points, as discussed above).

B.  Then, in the coming days, the marketplace algorithms (for purchasing with your empowr profits) will also be updated to use your 30-day mission points -- so that you can use your empowr profits (that were NOT earned from the wheel) to shop in the marketplace.

Starting this morning, fake sellers are effectively blocked from committing the fraud they were previously committing on the community.

Now, all products and services available in the marketplace will go exclusively to the people doing the most for the marketplace and economy – as opposed to the small number of fraudsters that care for nothing in this world but themselves.

A number of other fraud-busting items also went live today, but I am not at liberty to speak about them, as they are designed to create a false sense of success among fraudsters, and maximum frustration for them. As a reminder, when someone is caught committing fraud, we like to not always alert them immediately, so as to maximize their efforts and frustrations before realizing they have been busted.

Again, to make all of this happen, in the short term all shopping is based on the prizes won in the wheel, but then, in the coming days, the algorithms will be updated to ensure that you’ll once again be able to use your empowr profits to shop.

Just remember, from now on, shopping will be based on how many 30-day mission points you have.



5.  What’s next?

Aside from the above (that have all launched) the following items have been developed and are undergoing testing:


Cash for shipping

In addition to blocking fake sellers, another marketplace pain point that you have brought up is the need for cash to pay for your out-of-pocket shipping costs when selling products in the marketplace.

I’m happy to announce that very soon, anyone that is a Mission Supporter or above will have the option to require that buyers pay cash for their shipping costs.

Sellers can then cash out the amount that was paid for shipping once the item is marked “item received” so that they can recoup their shipping expenses immediately.



What we’re working onWhat we’re working on


 Cash for selling

In addition, Mission Founders will have the opportunity to accept cash for the products and services they are selling (in addition to any shipping costs).

In doing so, Founders can replenish their inventory of products they sell much faster – enabling them to provide more good and services to the community --- while also earning more themselves.


empowr countries leaderboard

With 30-day mission points now being calculated for every empowr citizen, we can now begin to take the next steps towards expanding empowr countries.

Next week, a new leaderboard will be released that shows how empowr pre-countries (and citizens) are doing based on the 30-day mission points:


 What we’re working on

As a reminder, empowr pre-countries that have the most 30-day mission points (based on the total 30-day mission points of their citizens) will be the first eligible to become official empowr countries and receive a growing number of features and controls to self-govern.

The new countries leaderboard will allow everyone to compare and contrast both empowr countries, as well as geographic countries, based on the productivity of their citizens (total 30-day mission points) as well as their average citizen’s productivity level (average 30-day mission points per citizen).

The new leaderboard will also list the most productive empowr citizens (based on their 30-day mission points).



Targeted Advertising

And finally, empowr engineering has developed and is testing the new targeted ad system that will be provided to all citizens based on their mission roles.

Fully automated: Ads will be auto-generated when your product or service listing is created, so you don’t have to lift a finger to have your ads designed and created, launched, maintained, served or removed when your product or service is sold or no longer provided.

Geographic and trust targeted: The ads will be automatically targeted all over empowr to the very same people that you close loops with.


Each month:

·         Mission Supporters will receive 5,000 free ads

·         Mission Ambassadors will receive 10,000 free ads

·         Mission Visionary will receive 20,000 free ads

·         Mission Pioneers will receive 40,000 free ads

·         Mission Founders will receive 100,000 free ads


Some basic math

Doing some basic math, it’s very easy to see how these ads are worth more than the price of the mission roles, making it very easy to justify the cost if the roles.

For example, Mission Supporters receive 5,000 free ads for their $9.99/month – which is a rate of only $2 for every 1,000 ads  

… a much smaller price than you would pay on any other site for such targeted ads.

And Founders receive 100,000 ads for their $99.99/month – which is a rate of only $1 for every 1,000 ads.


But mission roles are much more than ads

Please remember that the ads are just one part of the many benefits you get from the mission roles. So judging the roles strictly by the cost of ads doesn’t really make sense.

Therefore, it should be very clear that the mission roles are priced to bring incredible value to empowr citizens, regardless of which role is chosen. 

To refresh your memory, here are the other benefits of the roles (with more benefits coming soon):


 What we’re working on


Your thoughts and ideas

We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.

Thanks again for the amazing level of support you’ve provided; I can tell you that your support and uplifting comments have made it easier for the employees to stay positive, focused and motivated despite their financial hardships on the home front.


Your president,



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Love the new direction of bringing power to the people so that we're building a strong foundation from the bottom up.

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Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

This is fantastic news for the 609 new countries that are being built, for it's going to allow us to bring them online in the future with everything we need to achieve the mission.

27 months ago
- Candace Regan :-) Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

This sounds amazing!

Thank you Brian and Thank you to all the amazing people working behind the scenes to make this possible.

27 months ago
Just A Dream Lt

I was in tears reading this. I love you empowr!! I am so grateful to you for so many positive changes ++++++<3

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Just A Dream Lt

Thank you to everyone working so hard!!! Grateful, Blessed, In Awe.

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Umair Siddique

These are some great changes. Thank you team for your hard work and sacrifices :-)

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Dearest President Brian,

I can't wait to make this announcement LIVE .. I am very excited and so happy for these new features!!!
Thanks for the EMPOWR STAFF and President BRIAN for all the efforts, patience and hardwork!

May God bless us all!--mady

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Great news, Brian. I'm looking forward to seeing all these innovations implemented. Empowr is really going in the right direction. Thanks!

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Permaculture, Nature Conservation And Organic Artistry

Thanks, Brian! These are fantastic days on Empowr and it gets better, giving everyone still more profound level-playing field to succeed. To the wonderful Empowr Team, and your humble self, beloved Mr. President; WELL DONE and more of God's wisdom & blessings.

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Joshua VoVillia

Thank you for the update! I'm really looking forward to Cash for selling feature, as I've been really hurting financially with the items I have sold and it's been costing me out of my own pocket to keep shipping out items to the point I can't even keep my account optimized right now.

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Amy Maria Talledo

Such an encouraging announcement, Thanks a lot Empowr!!

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Tara Jantataeme

Thank you so much for good News today. :)

27 months ago

These improvements have been well discussed and with clarity, depth and sincerity. We at EUTR (www.empowr.com/republic) give our full support to the improvements. Thanks to Mr. President and the Empowr Tea; may the Good Lord bless you all for your unparalleled sacrifices.

27 months ago

Looks like we are going in the right direction. Thank you

27 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, President,
We were waiting for the post, thank you for that, all changes empowr made voice fo empowr citizens need of time, they all are in the best interest of empowr citizens and economy which are giving sacrifices for the empowr mission, the changes already live is excellent and the upcoming feature is more interesting and will help us to accomplish empowr mission quickly, we know the problem empowr faced in the past and empowr did a great effort for his citizens, we have no words to say thank, But,
Thank you,
Khaleeq Ahmed

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Cảm ơn bạn đã thông tin!
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27 months ago
Yhsram Getio

Hi good day.. My concern is about validating the account.I hope I can validate it even in a small amount on my link card.Because $30 is very hard to reach for us. And also hope they can find some more solutions on cashing out earlier after 3 or 5 transaction so that we can continue on providing our product. I am afraid that I will be the one be blocked on your site. I want to provide all the product which purchased by my buyers but I dont have enough money to deliver it. The first time I'd provided them cost much . Please help ..I really loved EMPOWR ..I REALLY Want to earn for my daughter.

27 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello Brian,
Thanks for the update! These new features are steps in the right direction.

27 months ago
Yhsram Getio

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Hi President.
I was anxious for this good news for all Brian, just to continue with the fulfillment of this great Mission.
Thank you

27 months ago
Jo Mas

Thank you Brian,
Thanks to all the EMPOWR team for this great work. I believe in all what you are doing for EMPOWR. But I have to discuss about The CASH ONLY for FOUNDERS.
Why FOUNDERS only?
As I see there's other than "the" FOUNDERS who is putting in the MARKETPLACE a minimum of One ITEM a day and the cost for sending a sale is a lot more than $10.00 that you are allowing .
I believe that we , in all categories putting a great/good products to be sold and we are working to deliver as soon as possible to the buyers. We deserve to be considered AS A SELLERS as the FOUNDERS.
To tell you the truth , we are waiting to be paid for what we sold 90 days after.
The charge of $100.00 a month to be FOUNDER is helping EMPOWR, but not the seller in my opinion. Not all citizens could be paying that $100.00 / month including me. I 've invested in EMPOWR buying from suppliers to deliver to my friends worldwide the orders they wanted, and my world of shipment is "XPRESS", means "THE QUICKEST WAY", paying for the tracking N0, and sometimes a signature, and they are so expensive, and more than $10.00 .
I wish you revise this option please.
Thank you in advance.

27 months ago
Yhsram Getio

I also have a concern on that sir.

27 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you for your suggestions - we will definitely be speaking about them here internally.

Towards your point about Founders specifically, the important thing to remember is that we're working to add many benefits to every mission role - so you should consider them all when deciding whether there is enough value for you to purchase a specific role. There are many more benefits for Founders than just cash for sellers, just as there are many other benefits for the other roles as well. Given that this is a new addition, you can count on many more benefits being added over the coming weeks and months.

27 months ago
Martin Binnington

Thanks for the updates, Brian.
The "Cash For Shipping" and "Cash for selling" updates are particularly well-received. Legitimate sellers will be very happy to know that these features are coming very soon, and of course the quicker sellers can ship products and replenish stocks, the better it will be for empowr's economy too!
A question about this - will countries have the power to change this so that sellers can request shipping costs directly through PayPal BEFORE the item is shipped? This would be a great idea, because many sellers I come across are financially unable to ship products that they own or list.

The Country Leaderboard is also a good idea. Some clarification is requested again though - what exactly constitutes a "citizen"? Some believe it is a "fan" of a country, while others think only "friends" are citizens. We were advised back in May that this would be clarified but there has been no new information.
As always, I look forward to your response.

27 months ago
Yhsram Getio

Thanks for that queation. I also want to know about that sir

27 months ago
Brian C Woosley


Currently both fans and friends of empowr pre-countries are considered citizens. As we continue to expand that functionality, we will be making it more intuitive as to who is a citizen of a country.

27 months ago
Happily Married Couple (Fan Us)

Amazing. Thanks Brian. We're about to upgrade to Mission Founders. So Exciting!

27 months ago
Михаил Жубартович

Thanks for sharing. Good post, thank you.

27 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

I think That great development Empowr. Thanks for president and All Empowr team.

27 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

I am looking forward to the new features being implemented to clean up the marketplace of "fake sellers" as many items I purchased of greater value are not being shipped from these "fake sellers" . Some I cannot dispute as the option to dispute is not available that a success coach told me is because it still shows as being sponsored on the sponsor's I'm Sponsoring page! This is tying up over $2,000.

Another point to clean up is the sellers who charge extra for shipping than their costs or many time more for their items than they are priced on other sites.

To really succeed, Empowr needs to be competitive with other sites for product prices. No-one is going to pay 2 or 3 times more for an item out-of-pocket on Empowr than on other sites. It is by citizens paying cash for items that will grow Empowr faster and grow AMCOs!

I refuse to pay highly inflationary prices that are many times more than their actual value even with my Empowr funds let alone with out-of-pocket funds since this encourages these sellers to keep boosting their (reserve) prices higher and higher, many times the value of the product.

Sellers need to be satisfied with normal profit margins of 20% to 50%.

27 months ago

We have been waiting for this announcement. Many things are cleared in this blog. I think Success Coaches work will be minimised gradually. Thank you very much

27 months ago
Yhsram Getio

Please give us a chance to provide the products before blocking on this site.
I am also one of the seller that cannot provide faster because of no money onhand to deliver .
It isn't our intention not to deliver the products . We love earnings and so I also want to provide the products but providing all we cant afford .Because of lack expenses on shipping . Buying from the supplier cost us much .We also pay for the shipping from the supplier . And delivering products to the buyers also need money in shipping . We are willing to wait for the earnings to cash it out .But we need time also to ship the items until we have money to shipped.

Buying from Supplier need some capital.
Shipping from suppliers need some money.
Shipping items to buyers also need some money .
All of it need some money in order to provide the items to the buyers.

Thats my concern I am looking forward for your reply
Thank you for updating your announcement .
Thank you Mr. President.

27 months ago
Dawn Dalyce

I don't think we should list anything, that we cannot ship , for sure, within a week or so. It is not fair to the buyers.

26 months ago
Sean Gaddis

Much in agreement with you, Dawn. If you can't ship it, please don't list it!

26 months ago

This we were experiencing and expecting an update. But one thing is not clear in this blog. Citizens who have been selling since March are yet to get and they are asking every now and then to us. Hope empowr will consider for their problem. And we will be able to answer them with a smile...

Thank you very much.

27 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

An interesting and varied information. Thanks for sharing.

27 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Mr. President,

Brian, these new and forthcoming upgrades and improvements to the MarketPlace will certainly boost the morale of Legitimate Sellers, who have to date had to shoulder the Cost of Doing Business, with No Cash Return.

I hope that being able to recover $10.00 Max for shipping costs as depicted in your graphics is not set in stone. http://prntscr.com/gduduw

As many of the established Sellers in the MarketPlace are well aware, the minimum charge by the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE for mailing a small package to an International destination is currently $13.50. My average International mailings cost me in the neighborhood of $25.00, which is one reason contributing to my sharp curtailing of listings. Lately I have had to apologize to many longtime customers that the cost of doing business with no return has taken the fun and incentive out of participating in the Marketplace.

I am certain that these long awaited, but soon to be well-received updates/upgrades will definitely be a “Shot In The Arm” that Sellers have been waiting for.

Much Continued Success to Y’all,

Wollf Tergus

------------------------------------ Hook’em Horns --------------------------------

27 months ago
Travis Reed

HI Wollf im currently waiting on 6 or 7 silver grams from you if you want to send them altoghter thats fine mate i wont be doing anymore shopping for abit so what you have ma have having bought from is it mate

27 months ago
Dan Wilkinson

I have also curtailed listing for these same reasons.

26 months ago
Madonna Marie Perez

Thank you for more improvements! I am really excited. More power!

27 months ago
Ovidiu Coblis

Congratulations to the Founder, congratulations to the technicians. The formidable idea, even put into practice here in Empowr, is a unique idea to date. Again, Congratulations
I love good people

27 months ago
Richard Burger

Well, it sounds great but The United States doesn't offer all them cheap shipping companies to do international shipping
like a lot of countries offer like China Post only USPS, UPS, or FedEx and people don't want to pay custom charges so why
would they want to pay shipping cost after they get the item. Remember there are more regulations here in The United States than any where else in the world for people to do local items no matter what it is. The world is more sue crazy like a slip and fall
or getting hurt that insurance is very high, have you check on them prices? California is the most expensive place to live in the
48 states and driving a car without that additional coverage to pickup packages like when they break aren't cheap
and regular car insurance doesn't cover them items or people outside of your family. Lawn care or even cleaning has to have
insurance here in The United States and if they don't they will come after Empowr just like uber transportation they did. Do you all got that kind of money or your lawyers? You all need to think before you all do anything I hate to see you all go out of business when people around the world depend on this site point blank.

27 months ago
Richard Burger

Now some of the changes going forward are great like for the marketplace :)

27 months ago