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New Features and more

by Brian C Woosley on October 08, 2017


Hello empowrians!

It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke, so I wanted to provide a quick update on some new features that are now live, while also receiving additional guidance and details from you on an idea you have brought up previously.

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

New citizen and country leaderboard
Cash for shipping
Getting paid when your posts are “Liked”
empowr blockchain coin offering

First, an update on what’s new:


New step forward for empowr countries 

As you're all aware, for the past several months we’ve been putting the steps in place to enable the creation of empowr countries so that more power and control can be put into the hands of the empowr citizens.

As a next step towards making that a reality, a new mission points leaderboard has been launched allowing everyone to now see how empowr pre-countries (and citizens) are doing based on their 30-day mission points:

 New Features and more

The leaderboard allows both individual empowr citizens and empowr pre-countries to compare how well they are doing in a variety of ways:

Empowr citizens can see how well they are doing:

·         In their geographic country

·         In the empowr pre-countries they are a citizen of

·         Worldwide

Citizens can also see how their own geographic country and empowr pre-countries are doing based on:

·         Total 30-day mission points of all citizens in those countries

·         Average 30-day mission points of all citizens in those countries


What’s next?

As a reminder, empowr pre-countries that have the most 30-day mission points (based on the total 30-day mission points of their citizens) will be the first eligible to become official empowr countries and receive a growing number of features and controls to self-govern.

With literally hundreds of empowr pre-countries to join, many citizens will decide which country they want to join, based on how productive they are, exactly like what happens with real countries (the countries with the highest Gross Domestic Product figures have the most people wanting to go there). 

So, if your pre-country is among the most productive (as measured by its the Mission Points its citizens are generating) it will benefit from both an abundance of resources as well as an abundance of citizens wanting to join it.

With the new leaderboard in place, we now have the visibility we need to determine which pre-countries will be the first to become fully-formed empowr countries.


Need a reminder on how to earn mission points? Go here


Cash for shipping

One of the biggest marketplace pain points you’ve raised is that the cost of shipping can be quite difficult to manage when selling products to empowr citizens around the world.

I’m happy to announce that ALL sellers now have the option to require that buyers pay cash for their shipping costs – which will allow them to immediately recoup their shipping expenses after the buyer marks “item received”.


Here’s how it works:

1)      When listing any product for sale, sellers can choose to require buyers to pay cash for their shipping costs:

New Features and more

2)      By requiring their shipping costs to be paid in cash, buyers will be able to see this before they bid or buy on everything:

New Features and more

3)      When a buyer chooses to bid on or purchase a product that charges cash for shipping, they will be prompted to pay the shipping amount prior to completing the bid or purchase.

By default, the shipping price will be paid for with the buyer’s empowr reserves first, and then charged to their PayPal if no reserves are available:

New Features and more

4)      Once the shipping has been paid for, the buyer can complete their purchase and wait to see if they have won the auction and/or received their product after it is shipped.

In the event that the buyer is outbid, marks their purchase as an unpaid item, or disputes the item (and wins), the shipping fee will be returned to their empowr reserves.

5)      After the sale has been completed successfully and marked “Item Received”, the seller will have the shipping fee deposited into their reserve account, which they can then immediately cash out so that they can recoup their shipping expenses.

In addition to enabling sellers to require buyers pay cash for shipping, soon Mission Founders will have the opportunity to accept cash for the products and services they are selling (in addition to any shipping costs).

In doing so, Founders can replenish their inventory of products they sell even faster – enabling them to provide more goods and services to the community --- while also earning more themselves.


More value for your posts

As you know, you earn from your posts (photos, videos, blogs and status updates) each day based on the number of views the posts you've made in the past 24 hours receive.

While this approach has worked for quite some time now, after hearing your recent feedback, we thought it was about time that we found a way to enable the most popular posts to earn much more than ever before.

New Features and more

Paying for shares instead of views – starting today

By paying for your posts based on the number of shares (likes, comments, and reposts) they receive (instead of the number of views they receive) we can ensure that the best posts earn much more than the average post.

Additionally, to give the best posts more time to be shared, each day you’ll now earn from any shares made on a post that was made in the past 7 days (instead of the past 24 hours).

Mission points give you more value

All shares are not created equal. The more value an empowr citizen brings to the empowr economy, the greater the value of their shares.

You earn many times more for every share you receive based on the 30-day mission points of the person who shared your post. The more 30-day mission points someone has, the more you earn.

That means that you should place much higher value on the time and attention (and shares) of the empowr citizens with the most 30-day mission points.


In summary, you’ll now earn from posting in the following manner:

1)      Each day, the empowr algorithms will count the number of shares (comments, likes and reposts) that your posts (that you posted in the last 7 days) received in the last 24 hours.

2)      Each share you receive is worth the amount of 30-day mission points of the sharer (the person that liked, commented on or reposted)

Earn more from comments?

Initially, the value of shares given will be purely weighted on the 30-day mission points of the sharer. In the future, additional value may be given to comments (more than likes and reposts).

Why? When a well-thought out comment is added to a post, it starts a conversation – opening the door to more comments and shares on that post and creating more value for the empowr economy.

More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please make sure that the comments you leave are well thought-out.

Tip:  When you leave generic comments (such as “Nice post” or “Great photo”), you are not adding value, you are taking away value. Please do not leave comments unless they are thoughtful and demonstrate that you care about what the post is about.


And finally…


New empowr coin possibility

Recently, many of you have suggested that empowr move towards creating it’s own blockchain cryptocurrency, which would not only be used within empowr, but also have the ability to be exchanged with non-empowr citizens on a wide variety of other sites online.

As you may know, all ideas you bring up are put up on a list, and despite the very long size of the list, we eventually get to all ideas.

We are now seriously considering this idea as the next evolution of the empowr platform. Many details that need to be worked out including how the cryptocurrency would integrate into the empowr platform.



We need your ideas

1.  How do you see cryptocurrency integrating into the current empowr offering? The more details, the better please.

2.  Who should get priority (discounted pricing) if empowr were to do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)? Should it based on all-time mission points, 30-day mission points, roles, length of membership… ?  What is the most fair approach?


empowr’s best ideas have always come from you -- the community – so we’re excited about learning more about what you’re thinking so we can give your best ideas to the engineers to launch for you.


Your thoughts and ideas please


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.


Thanks again for the amazing level of support you’ve provided; many more exciting things are on the way!


Your president,



* Will Chappell *

Love it. Sounds great, especially the cryptocurrency bit. I would like to see the distribution based on earnings! The earnings are directly related to role, mission points, and longevity!

Cant wait to see how the new earning options work out.

Will Chappell

26 months ago
Bob Poster

Wooooow! I am amazed. The new empowr coin is super awesome! It should be based on all-time earnings. I agree with you Will. That would be fair.
As for getting more coins, you can use your empowr profits to buy them. Each mission role would get a discount. Founder 75%, Pioneer, 50%, Visionary 30%, Ambassador 20%, Supporter 10%.
Thank you empowr team.

26 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Love your ideas on the coins Bob

26 months ago
Myriam G.

I like this :)

26 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Wow day by day update. Thanks our president.

26 months ago
Maphalle Lipson Malatji

Awesome post, like it!

26 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Sounds like great ideas on the engagement on posts.
My thoughts around the distribution of future cryptocurrency would be to reward people on their all time mission points and all time earnings which is a good measurement of the value that the citizen has brought to empowr over the time of their membership.
Looking forward to seeing these changes unfold to build the power and strength of empowr!

Thanks for the great update!

26 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

I agree Sharlene, that the future distribution of the cryptocurrency should have levels built into it to reward citizens on all levels.

26 months ago
David Bruyland

Great progress. We are moving fast forward, and I can only be incredibly happy with what I'm seeing.
Thanks, Brian!

26 months ago
Greg O

Thanks for the update.

26 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Wow,Great thank you

26 months ago
Sharif Uddin

Great. It would be great if the distribution based on 30-days mission points. Thanks for updates.

26 months ago

If you want distribution to be fair you have to go by all time mission points

26 months ago
Aleksey Lipatov

Great news! Thanks for the updates!

26 months ago
Kouontchou Cedric

Great announcement!

I think the priority for Initial Coin Offering should be given to citizens based on a combination of 30 days Mission Points and longevity because the early members should be rewarded for their loyalty but they need to still be active this is why the 30 days Mission Points are important.

Thank you president Brian

26 months ago

I think each country should decide on cryptocurrency or cash - this would be very fair

26 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

I like this part of that update,cryptocurrency, which would not only be used within empowr, but also have the ability to be exchanged with non-empowr citizens on a wide variety of other sites online.
If this cryptocurrency could be used for cash out too, it will solve the issue of cashing out like me person's countries where PayPal does not work. It was my ever green desire that empowr launch other cash out method other then PayPal.
Hope may be in this shape my desire will fulfill .
Thanks empowr thanks President Brian

26 months ago
Vladislav Legaciov

Thank you President for interesting updates!
1. Regarding the cryptocurrency, it's hard for me to advise, but I would like this crypto currency to be valued on the exchange and it could be sold expensive ...)
2. I believe that in the priority should be sellers and should be taken into account all sales, not only in the last 30 days, why the old sales are not valued, the seller on them also spent money and their work, thank you for your attention.

26 months ago
Ovidiu Coblis

Great news! Thank you very much!

26 months ago
Pete Moss

thank you - fantastic

26 months ago
Pete Moss

re ICO - priority should be given to empowr team, longest membership sc's, longest membership general members - first off the bat thoughts - need to think on other points

26 months ago
Riad EZ

Thank you Brian and to the empowr team. Great efforts has been put to the success of the empowr mission by you, SCs employers and citizens.

I have concern about the fund available now to citizens to be spend in the empowr marketplace. i can see things not like before in this Area . now many citizens find it hard hitting daily goals and this restricted them to spinning the mission wheel thus disqualifies them to have any fund available to spend in the marketplace. As we all know that now most citizens are sellers, who then want to buy products?.

My suggestion is to find another means to allocate fund for marketplace purchases, other than spinning wheel and hitting daily goal. we need to reduce the amount of ghost sellers dramaticaly in the empowr marketplace and also, enables sellers to get buyers easily products available for shipping are very hard to sell and to be shipped since all marketplace fund has been wiped out .

Can we have an index to see, how much money being spent and paid daily by citizens FOR BuYING PRODUCTS from each others comparing to last month and last year, so we can judge how market place is doing in empowr by real numbers.

Thank you all.

26 months ago
Jo Mas

Great view Riad Ezzat. I was to talk about me too. But I am a seller and a buyer at 100% as the Democratic Economy ask to be made on EMPOWR. There's a king of fear happening in buying on the Marketplace for some reasons that I don't discover yet. Last month I had more than 10 supposed sales on my I sold board and they've been sent to UNPAID item. It's out of our HAND as sellers to know why this flux of non buying?

26 months ago
Jo Mas

I would rectifie :"King" I meant "KIND". Sorry.

26 months ago
Jeannette Leduc

I am ready to buy in the marketplace but I refuse to pay the outrageous prices many sellers are asking that are 20 to 50 times more than the same item on other sites!

If sellers want buyers to pay cash for their items which is coming soon, they need to be satisfied with a 20% to 50% profit over their costs like regular retailers charge.

Also I am seeing a lot of buyers using bots that are placing a bid as soon as I do so I am outbid if one of the buyers is bidding on the same item as me over and over. I receive the message that my bid was confirmed but I was outbid no matter how soon after the first bid I did or if I add more than the minimum bid for my next bid. I will not try to outbid bots to pay a ridiculously high price that is much more than the value of the item.

26 months ago
Bernie Feodoroff

WOW ! It just keeps getting better and better! I agree with Will and Sharlene that crypto C be rewarded to citizens that built up there mission points Along with all time earnings, However I don't think the time involved element should factor in. As that would be a disadvantage to us new comers.

Great Update!

26 months ago
Alfred Tswatswa

Thanks for the update
1. I think it may be distributed considering 30-day mission points for this motivates citizens to work towards that

26 months ago
Doina Hrincu

I think the priority for Initial Coin Offering should be given to citizens based on a combination of the longevity and 30 days Mission Points.
The early members should be rewarded for their loyalty, as the MP algorithm was changed
They need to still be active, so the 30 days Mission Points are important also.

Thank you

26 months ago
Kati Kover

Köszönöm a frissítést.

26 months ago
M LeRoy Davis

I like the idea of a cryptocurency and I think the priotiy in the ICO should be length of time one is a member of Empoer.

26 months ago
Tochukwu Ekwuazi

Wow!! This is great news!
empowr is the best!

26 months ago
Anderson Morethson De Oliveira

My suggestion is? to bureaucratize the part that most interests the majority at least. Money is not all the way but it's half the way, many new things always help us improve our performance!

26 months ago
Shivansh Singh

Awesome, and great effort by our empowr team and introducing blockchain will help a lot!cheers to the team for their hardwork.

26 months ago
Bernice Onyeka

Thank you our visionary president for this spirit uplifting post.

26 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Dear President Brian. This is quite amazing and so exciting. Empowr keeps moving forward every now and then.
Great features indeed and so helpful to boos the economy. Cryptocurrency as Empowr coin possibility has many benefits in and outside of Empowr which is really great. One of the benefits is Cryptocurrency use a “push” mechanism that allows the cryptocurrency holder to send exactly what he or she wants to the merchant or recipient with no further information unlike credit you give the merchant access to your credit line. Empowr rocks!!! Thank byou Brian, Empowr teram and to all!

26 months ago
Romuald. 2018

Thanks Amada, I'm totally on your side, I feel the same way, and I apologize to my customer for the slow delivery, since I have not even once deduced even 20 dollars from empowr to buy goods,. But I try to resist and work on my daily tasks. The mission wheels have not once brought money to the conclusion that I'm not so lucky? Thank you all!

26 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Wow, I love the coming soon – soon Mission Founders will have the opportunity to accept cash for the products and services they are selling (in addition to any shipping costs). This way, it will help lowering down the prices. That means it can give an idea to buy from the Mission Founder and resell it as their new items. A sort of dropshipping. I like it.

Secondly, I love that you are giving more value to the post. Back to the old days. More valuable post each day not just to share just to complete the daily goals.

Cryptocurrency sounds challenging and has not much idea. As I have observed that this will work and become successful when it is traded to the well-established coins like bitcoin. I will follow what will others say and what you can come up with it.
With regards to the shipping cost to cash. You mention it will be taken from a reserve account or Paypal. Do you mean we are putting an amount to a reserve account via Paypal or do we have other features on it that I missed not reading it?

I love updates like this. It´s very motivational.

26 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Katherine - for the cash shipping:
When you cash out, you have the ability to store your matured profits into your reserve account at the same time - so many people already have profits in their reserve account. For those that don't have profits in their reserve account, if they choose to pay cash for shipping, they will be charged to their PayPal since there is nothing available in their reserves.

Hope that helps clarify!

26 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thank you Brian, it helps =)

26 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

By the way, regarding the initial coin offering. I think this will be prioritized base on all 3 (30-day mission points, roles, length of membership) I think it is fair.

26 months ago
Anton Soin

Thank you for the great news! We are moving forward and I am very happy about this!
I think about the distribution of the future crypto currency to reward people for all the points of the missions, as well as on the basis of activity for the whole time working on empowr.
Very much looking forward to new changes to build the power of empowr!

26 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Great new update, especially on empowr's Coin. Thanks Brian and empowr team. We empowrian feeling rocks ;-)

26 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

This is an interesting update.
We look forward to good days ahead.
I will study the update a little more and make further comments if necessary.

Now I have to understand cryptocurrency I have been dodging from. All well and good.

26 months ago
Jorge Rojas

Thank you very much.

26 months ago
Pepa Organization

looking towards the reality

26 months ago
Albeiro R

Muchas gracias.

26 months ago
Mohammad Awais

Wow Good new for everyone...

26 months ago