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Hello everyone!

We have two exciting features to announce that have just launched!

These features that will help improve the marketplace as they will not only help sellers earn more, but also enable them to recoup their costs at a faster rate so that they can list even more items than ever before (making the marketplace more enticing for buyers as well).

Specifically, we’ll discuss:

1.  Cash for selling
2.  Targeted advertising


1.  Cash for selling 

In our last post, we announced how ALL sellers now have the option to require that buyers pay cash for their shipping costs – which has allowed them to immediately recoup their shipping expenses after the buyer marks “item received”.

Today, I'm happy to announce that sellers now also have the option to require buyers pay cash for the full price of the product (including shipping) they are purchasing as well.

Here’s how it works:

1)      To be eligible to require buyers to pay cash for your products, you must first be a Mission Supporter or above.

When listing a product for sale you can choose to require buyers to pay cash, and then enter in your fixed price/starting bid/reserve:


Hello everyone!

2)      By requiring that the product be paid in cash, buyers will be able to see this before they bid or buy:

Hello everyone!

3)      When a buyer chooses to bid on or purchase a product that requires cash, they will be prompted to pay the total amount (including shipping) prior to completing the bid or purchase.

By default, the price will be paid for with the buyer’s empowr reserves first, and then charged to their PayPal if no reserves are available:

Hello everyone!

4)      Once the product has been paid for, the buyer can complete their purchase and wait to see if they have won the auction and/or received their product after it is shipped.

In the event that the buyer is outbid, marks their purchase as an unpaid item, or disputes the item (and wins), the total cost will be returned to their empowr reserves.

After the sale has been completed successfully and marked “Item Received”, the seller will have their cut of the sale (90%) deposited into their reserve account, which will then be immediately available to purchase things on empowr or cashed out when it matures.


Maturation time has been reduced for Mission Founders, Pioneers and Visionairies

Maturation in empowr has always been 90 days. Now, with the launch of Cash for Shipping, maturation is being lowered as follows:

·              0 day maturity = Mission Founder

·              30 day maturity = Mission Pioneer

·              60 day maturity = Mission Visionary

·              90 day maturity = Mission Ambassador and Supporter

To view how matured your reserves from cash sales are, simply visit your cash out page, and then click on “Details” for your currently maturing reserves from sales:


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!


Why maturity? As you might remember from our last post, the idea was to allow only Mission Founders to have the ability to accept cash for their products.

Based on your feedback, many of you asked to allow ALL sellers to accept cash for their products, however, doing so would risk the security of the marketplace as it would make it too easy for potential fraudsters to game the system.

By adding varying levels of maturity based on your mission role, the empowr algorithms will have more time to completely verify all sales before they can be cashed out, which means legitimate buyers and sellers will be protected and the security risk discussed above is diminished.

For that reason, Mission Supporters and above now also have the option to charge cash for their products.

2 items to note:

a) Cash from shipping does not need to mature before cash out. Only cash from selling has maturity requirements. 

b) If your seller rating drops to 4.0 or lower, your listings will no longer be shown in the empowr marketplace and you will not be eligible to charge cash for your products until you are able to get your rating back above 4.0 again. Be sure to keep your seller rating as high as possible to make sure you don’t lose these privileges.


2.  Targeted Advertising

As discussed over the last few months, empowr has now launched a new targeted ad system that will provide all citizens FREE ads based on their mission roles.

Fully automated: Each time you create a new marketplace listing, an ad will be auto-generated so you don’t have to lift a finger to have your ads designed and created, launched, maintained, served or removed when your product or service is sold or no longer provided.

Hello everyone!

Geographic and trust targeted: The ads will be automatically targeted all over empowr to the very same people that you close loops with, which means the likelihood that your listing will be sold is much higher as the people closest to you are the most interested in what you’re selling.

An added benefit is that since the people closest to you are the most likely to buy the things you’re selling, the shipping/gas cost you incur on each sale is negligible.

Here’s how it works:

Each time you create a new marketplace listing, an ad will be auto-generated for you, and will begin being served soon after.


Based on your mission role, you’ll receive up to 100,000 free ads each month which will be equally distributed to all your active marketplace listings.

·         Mission Supporters will receive 5,000 free ads

·         Mission Ambassadors will receive 10,000 free ads

·         Mission Visionary will receive 20,000 free ads

·         Mission Pioneers will receive 40,000 free ads

·         Mission Founders will receive 100,000 free ads

Want even more ads?

In addition to ads for your marketplace listings, you can still manually create ads for your blog posts. Ads for your blog posts help generate more traffic and “likes” for your posts, which means more earnings for you each day.

If you wish to target more traffic to a specific ad/listing (in addition to the free views you’ll receive based on your mission role), you can do that by visiting your ads page, click on the daily budget for that ad, and then updating the budget from there.

You can set a daily budget of as low as $0.25/day and up to $100/day:

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

And that’s it!

Now, people see your marketplace listings when visiting your profile or searching in the marketplace…

… AND now they’ll also see your listings EVERYWHERE – in ads that appear on other people’s profiles, blogs and more!


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.



Your president,



PS:  Some big, BIG, BIG news to be announced soon… stay tuned…..


Ernest Pratt

These are all great adjustments. Thank you, President Brian, for the update.

25 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

In my opinion, cost for shipping and selling should be paid directly to seller's PayPal account. as well as there should no maturation time period . lets see what we hear from .......BIG, BIG news to be announced soon…
Any how, it is one step ahead from previous. thanks for updating,

25 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

If the money is paid directly to the seller's paypal account, what protection does the buyer have when there is a dispute?
What empowr has put in place protects both the buyer and seller and empowr as well.

25 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Day by day update Empowr ! Thank you, Our honorable President Brian !

25 months ago
Umair Siddique

Great features, already using the cash for sale and shipping feature, works awesome, I'm eager to see what's next :) Especially for the *BIG BIG BIG* News :)

25 months ago

Thanks for this new update. Reduced matured day for visionary onwards is a special gift for them

25 months ago
 Zainab !

Thank you Empowr .. Good luck with a bright and prosperous future.

25 months ago
Feroz Uahmed

Hi, how you identify prosperous future? Requested you to show me the shape of prosperous future! ok, thanks

24 months ago
Richard Burger

This is a great update looking forward to seeing how this will work out :)

25 months ago
Megha Ilake

Thats great features ,Thank you for update Brian sir:) Waiting for Big Big Announcement :) stay tuned !!

25 months ago
Said Rahman

Thanks for update

25 months ago
Rahaphey  lim-albasha

thank you for update.empowr God bless

25 months ago
Bob Poster

Great news. Looking forward to the big announcement!

25 months ago
Lebanon Raingam

Thanks for the update...!!

25 months ago
Oxana Shabalina

Thank you, President Brian, for the update.

25 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Love the new features, they will be a huge benefit for the new country in our abilities to support our citizens with cash Amco's.

25 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks Brian for the update. Looking forward to the big announcement.

25 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thank you, Brian. Good news is like vitamins to the entire Empowr community as a whole. I am already using the cash payment option, and it´s working fine but haven´t got any buyers yet. The price I give is almost the same price they can get in the store. Hope it will bring more customers soon. Looking forward to here the SOON announcement.

25 months ago
Tuyền Hai

Mong mọi việc sẽ tốt!

25 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

HI Pres. Brian, those features are just great ideas and truly agree it'll help boost the marketplace indeed! Thank you so much Brian,Empowr Team and to all Empowrians. Empowr rocks as ever!!!!

25 months ago
Valeria Rahmangulova

Thank you!

25 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks for the great information! Thanks, President Brian and the team for the update.

25 months ago
Anton Soin

Thanks Brian for the update.

25 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks for the update. Very nice!

25 months ago
Alexandr Kolomoychenko

Thank you for adding new interesting features to the platform.

25 months ago
Imelda Buyayo

Great and inspiring news President Brian. Thanks for the update. Waiting for the Big Big News.

25 months ago
Aliya Arooj

Awesome feature. Thanks for updating.

25 months ago
Animesh Garai

Great gift, Keep going. Thanks

25 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Awesome work to the whole team on the front lines and behind the scenes.

25 months ago
Bijan Nabavi

Thanks for this new update.

25 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks, Brian for Great update :)

25 months ago
Madonna Marie Perez

Thanks for this new update.

25 months ago
Albeiro R

Excellent. Thanks.

25 months ago
Stephannie  miles

Thanks for this new update.

25 months ago
Jorge Rojas

Muy bien, fantástico. Muchas gracias.

25 months ago
Pete Moss

fantastic stuff, many thanks Brian and whole empowr team

25 months ago
Valiantsina Tsupa

Thank you! I'm waiting for new messages.

25 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

♥ Great news! Thank you, Brian. I like! Everything is accessible and correct.

25 months ago
Margarita Karpova

Great update! This is very encouraging. Thank you!

25 months ago
Bernice Onyeka

Awesome update. Thank you Mr president

25 months ago
Leo Medricky

Skvělé ! Teď už schází pouze přidat platební platformu Skrill.

25 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Se pare ca sunt de bun augur aceste doua noi caracteristi,ramanem sa ne convingem ceva mai tarziu.
Astept (si nu sunt singurul )acea postare (promisa inca din 19 august) referitoare la modul de calcul al Punctelor Misiunii si numarul punctelor primite la vanzarea unui produs sa zicem de 10 $ (produs marcat ca primit de cumparator)ce strategie abordam:
- vindem "nimicuri " pe 5 $
- sau produse care au cautare cu preturi de peste 100 $ si mai mult.
Recitesc acest blog datator de speranta ,voi reveni,multumesc.

It seems that these two new features are auspicious, we remain convinced later.
I'm awaiting (and not the only one) that posting (promised since August 19) on how to calculate the Points of Mission and the number of points received when selling a product say $ 10 (the product marked as received by the buyer) what strategy do we approach:
- We sell "nothing" on $ 5
- or products that search for prices over $ 100 and more.
I reread this blog to hope, I will come back, thank you.

25 months ago

Thanks. A reply to this would be appreciated.

25 months ago

Just amazing

24 months ago
Richard Mark Maritz

Wow, thanks this is all awesome. I love the new ad service it looks good on the feeds when I close loops, Also makes me buy things, so it works, great Job empowr team, thanks for everything you do for the citizens.

25 months ago
Tara Jantataeme

Thanks for sharing sirs. :)

25 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Excellent update!

25 months ago
Mohammad Awais

Thanks for new feature update

25 months ago