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A giant leap forward

by Johnny Cash on November 21, 2017

A giant leap forward

Dear empowrians, 

Many of you that have been with empowr for many years can probably remember where you were when certain big things were announced.

Today may be one of those unique days that many will remember years from now.

We have big news today.

The empowr community seems to have had another breakthrough.

The solution you’ve suggested appears to enable nothing short of a total game-changer...

… for the success of empowr and its mission…


… and for the future empowr citizens that we’ve all been working to serve.




Recently, our President (Brian Woosley) mentioned that we were following the community’s direction that we should carefully examine the idea of launching an empowr cryptocurrency.

To methodically analyze the prospects of launching our own ‘coin’, we have conducted a significant amount of research over the last couple of months.

Along with conducting our own research, we met with many of the world’s “Top 100 most influential people” in blockchain and cryptocurrency to understand their views, especially as pertains to the empowr mission and approach.

Additionally, we met or spoke with over 100 technology executives, everyone from small blockchain start-ups all the way up to top executives from the tech giants such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple, PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google's parent company).


The conclusion of our research phase

We’ve concluded that – once again – empowr’s community members are correct in their assertion:

It appears like the empowr mission would greatly benefit from moving to blockchain and cryptocurrency.


“Huh? What the heck is blockchain and cryptocurrency? And why does it matter?”

Some empowr citizens are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency; others are not.

Therefore, before discussing how launching an empowr cryptocurrency might help empowr’s citizens and the empowr mission...

… let’s start by discussing what blockchain and cryptocurrency are all about and the benefits they bring.

Then, let’s discuss how we could distribute the empowr cryptocurrency to empowr citizens.  (Spoiler alert: All current empowr citizens will get coins for FREE).


Today, we’ll cover:

1.   What is blockchain and what are the benefits?
2.   What is cryptocurrency and what are the benefits?
3.   How would the empowr community benefit from cryptocurrency?

3A.  The conflict

3B.  Citizens will be rewarded for their efforts in building the empowr economy NOW

3C.  Current empowr citizens will be provided free empowr cryptocurrency

3D.  How should we distribute currency to citizens?

4.   Timing
5.   Questions
6.   Summary
7.   And finally…


Let’s get started.

1.  What is blockchain and what are the benefits?

Blockchain is a relatively simple technology.

A good way to think of blockchain is as a block of information – a database – that instead of being recorded in one place (such as in one company’s database or server) is recorded and copied many times on many, many different computers around the world.

In that manner, the data being recorded is decentralized – with no single computer acting as ‘the’ authority. If one or more of those computers where the data is stored is somehow taken down, the data remains accessible from all the other computers.

This result is called high availability since the data will always be accessible from one or more of the computers that are still active. As more computers participate, it becomes near-impossible for anyone – even the government of any country -- to take down all the computers where the data is stored, producing an incredibly reliable way to store data.

Each block of data contains a link – kind of like a link in a metal chain – that connects the current block of data to the block that was created right before it. Hence the name ‘blockchain’.

Once recorded, the data in any block cannot be altered without altering all the other blocks that are chained together, because it would require participation of all the computers in the network.  

This means that, as more computers join the network, it becomes near-impossible for anyone to alter the data, as original copies of that data (the blocks) are stored on all the other computers.

This approach makes the data very resistant to modification – a concept called immutability -- which makes blockchain a safe and secure solution for important records that should not be altered, such as financial transactions or anything else you want to ensure won’t be changed by anyone.

In addition, the data in the block can be encrypted – meaning scrambled mathematically so that only someone with the password (called a key) can unscramble (or decrypt) the data. Of course encryption makes the contents of the block (the data) even more secure.

Up to now, the world has been accustomed to centralized data – such as the data saved in a bank’s database -- which is very easy to manipulate or change by whoever controls the data, or vulnerable to hackers that might find a way to access it.

In a centralized approach, as a customer you are required to trust the person, company or entity that controls the data; you must believe that they will successfully secure it from hackers, and also trust that they, themselves, will not do anything with it that you may not be happy about.

But with blockchain, since all the data is decentralized -- copied in many places –the use of the data is transparent to everyone involved. No centralized “official” copy exists and no user or computer is trusted more than any other – which actually builds a greater sense of trust around the data because no one entity or computer can decide, on its own, to change or manipulate that data.

The result? With blockchain, humanity appears to have a way to store data that will be always accessible and unable to be manipulated or changed by anyone, not even the best of hackers or most powerful of governments…

… and how the data is being treated or manipulated is transparent to everyone, creating a strong degree of trust. It can even be encrypted so that it is difficult to view the specific contents of the block, making it even more safe and secure.


Many smart people are arguing that due to the positive implications that result from blockchain, this new technology will have a greater impact on the world than the internet itself.


Of course that is a really big claim that they are making, that time will prove true or false.


What I can tell you is that I haven’t seen the tech community more excited about the potential of a new technology than they are today about blockchain. It reminds me of the early days of the Internet and World Wide Web.


2.   What is cryptocurrency and what are the benefits? 

Cryptocurrency is electronic money -- also known as virtual currency -- that is encrypted so that only someone with the key (password) can access it.

Cryptocurrency can be deployed on top of blockchain, so it gains the benefits of blockchain discussed above -- such as becoming decentralized, always accessible, more securetransparent and trusted.

There are many different cryptocurrencies, the most famous of which is bitcoin.

Bitcoin, created in 2009, was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, although it was not the first virtual currency.

You – the empowr community -- invented the first virtual currency a few years before that, as evidenced by the patents awarded to empowr by the United States government for the invention. 

You can view the official patent here in Google’s patent search tool…


… or learn WHY the empowr community needed to invent virtual currency by watching this documentary.


3.  How would the empowr community benefit from cryptocurrency?

As discussed, cryptocurrency is simply virtual currency.

empowr citizens are no stranger to virtual currency:

From the very moment when new citizens join empowr, they start receiving virtual currency.

empowr citizens uniquely earn virtual currency from posting and sharing photos, blogs, status updates and videos…

… as well as from several other roles such as providing or sharing products and services, success coaching, transporting and more.

In empowr, the virtual currency is called “empowr dollars”. 


An idea from the community

Many members of the empowr community have been suggesting that empowr should convert empowr dollars into a new empowr cryptocurrency.

With their idea: Instead of storing the virtual currency in empowr’s centralized databases like empowr currently does, it would simply save the currency onto blockchain.


Why are some empowr citizens suggesting this idea?

In other worlds, what are the benefits (to empowr’s mission and citizens) of moving empowr dollars to cryptocurrency?


The same benefits described above (about blockchain) would apply:

      More secure   

It would be harder for anyone to hack, gain control or modify the currency


     Higher accessibility

If something went wrong with empowr’s servers, your currency would still be accessible to you


     More transparency

Everyone would be able to see everything, such as the total amount of currency in circulation and the total number of transactions happening daily, weekly or monthly


     Higher trust and belief

Since everyone can see everything, plus no one can hack, modify or take down the currency, people will have more trust in the currency


Those are clearly great benefits, all by themselves.

However, as we started to look deeper into this, other benefits begin to surface.


First, some background info:

As you may know, empowr is different in several ways, one of which is that it has never accepted a penny from investors.



So that it would never have to prioritize shareholder profits over the prosperity of its users (called citizens in empowr).


We all really believe in the empowr mission. It’s not just some words in a framed plague on the wall.


Everyone in the community (of citizens, success coaches and employees) has contributed a little or a lot to the success of the mission, with their time, money, belief and/or patience.


And another way that empowr is different from most companies is that it has always tried to give as much cash as possible to its citizens.


To help them earn, as its mission calls for.

Those two (2) differences create a big cash flow conflict for empowr and its participants.


3A.  The conflict

The conflict between the following three (3) objectives has always made life more difficult for everyone:

Objective A)  the need for cash to fund the operations

Objective B)  the need for cash to reward citizens

Objective C)  the need to not bring in cash from investors

Virtually all companies don’t have this conflict, because they don’t bother having objectives B and C.


This conflict has represented the largest pain point for many empowr citizens. 

The issue is that of course empowr can only spend 100% of the revenue it brings in – never more than 100% -- so it always feels to everyone like there’s just not enough cash to go to both (A) operations and (B) cash outs.

In the past, for some empowr citizens, employees and success coaches, this conflict made life so difficult that they needed to leave empowr.


How great would it be if this conflict didn’t exist?

Wouldn’t it be game-changer for empowr citizens…

… if empowr could compensate empowr citizens in an additional way?  


This lack of enough funds has always been the most difficult part of the empowr project.


Fixed supply

The empowr currency will have a fixed supply – meaning its supply will never increase after its launched.

By the way, this concept of ‘fixed supply’ can and will be guaranteed on the blockchain.

After we launch the currency, fixed supply is a fact that we can all feel sure of, because that’s one of the capabilities that blockchain brings with it.


3B.  Citizens can be rewarded for their efforts in building the empowr economy NOW

Citizens will no longer need to wait for the company to become a public company, so they can legally be given shares in the company that they can hold onto, or sell.

Instead, empowr citizens will soon be able to earn ‘coin’ by doing all the things they’re currently doing to earn empowr dollars: Posting and sharing, selling, coaching and more.


Think back for a moment:

Do you remember how most of the hundreds of ideas and products features we came up with together and launched over the years…

… almost always started with a discussion of the objectives behind the new features?


And do you remember how, almost always, those objectives related to “building the empowr economy”? 

“Building an economy” is simply another way of saying “getting more products and services bought and sold”.

The more people earn and spend – and buy and sell -- the more transactions are happening…

… meaning the more the currency is utilized.

What I am saying is that all of that time and focus you put into “building the empowr economy”…

… from building and improving product features…

… to coaching, moderating, auditing and answering millions of citizen questions monthly…

… to listing and selling your products and services…

… to building your seller reputation, to hitting your daily goals, to closing loops and building trust with hundreds or thousands of citizens in your area…

… to convincingly your empowr friends to be patient, ignore the short-term issues and focus on the big picture...

... and so much more…

… those activities have created the knowledge, tools and capabilities -- and the momentum needed -- to create an economy. 

The great news here is that, after inventing virtual currency, together we then spent 18 years quietly working to create everything needed to create an economy. 

As a result of all our work together, we have the most momentum of any company in building the tools, technology, know-how and even the human organization needed to build an economy in a social network.

And that means that we are in an amazing place to ensure our economy succeeds.

As a result of all your ideas, hard work and sacrifices, empowr may be the best positioned company in the world to create a social network economy.


3C.  empowr citizens will be provided FREE empowr cryptocurrency

As many of you know, we have always dreamed of the moment when the company could become a publicly traded company…

… so that its shares could be legally distributed to the many empowr citizens, success coaches and employees that have given so much to this effort and mission.

This is that moment!

By providing empowr citizens cryptocurrency for free, we believe we have found a way to reward empowr citizens for their contributions NOW.


3D.  How should we distribute currency to citizens?

Who should get how much?

Should every member get the same amount of free coin?

Or should different people get different amounts?

This is a question we asked the community recently. Thanks for all your comments and answers to those questions.


Most of you believe the amount of free coin each person receives should be based on how much time, effort and/or money they have contributed to the empowr mission.


Don’t we already have a way to measure that?

Yes. It’s called mission points.

As a reminder, everyone earns mission points when they… 

·       Sell: The greater your product and service sales, and the more customers you serve, the more points you earn. You earn when they click "Item (or service) received" on the products and services you list

·       ShowInvite a friend and show them how empowr works. You earn matching points: 1 point for each point they earn

·       Coach: Become a success coach and earn 2 points for every $1 in coaching bonus you receive

·       Shop: Pay for anything in empowr using your PayPal - earn 1 point for each $1 you spend

·       Step up: Take on any non-volunteer mission role

To help you track your mission points, we have launched a new mission points page, that shows how many points you have, and how you’ve earned it.

This new page even shows all the mission points that you earned from the people you invited to empowr.

Remember, whenever someone you invite to empowr earns mission points, you earn matching mission points.


(And you even earn matching points for when your friends earn points from inviting their friends)!

Check out the new page here

So, empowr citizens will be rewarded with their share of empowr’s new cryptocurrency – for free.

By the way, you now still have a short period of time to increase your all-time mission points, so you receive more free coin.

If I were you, I would visit the new mission points page to examine what you can still do to increase your mission points, as soon as you’ve finished reading this.


We are thinking that empowr will commit to releasing only and exactly 20% of the total remaining currency it holds each year… forever.

If we spend 20% of the remaining amount each year, the supply remaining will never actually get to zero.

I know math is NOT some people’s strongest skill, so if that last paragraph doesn’t make sense to you, ask a friend how that works.

The bottom line is that empowr’s supply of currency will never reach zero, if every year it releases exactly 20% of the amount remaining at that time.


Like many of you, I am feeling quite fortunate right now that – together – we’ve had the opportunity to get an 18-year head start and lead over other companies in building the knowledge, tools and products needed to build an economy.



 Building our economy means empowering more people


… enabling more opportunities for them…


… helping to generate more hope for them…


… and ensuring they have more influence over their lives.


As a reminder, empowr’s mission is

to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence


4.  Timing

empowr’s engineers have already begun working on all the technical elements needed to move the empowr currency to cryptocurrency.

We’re working with industry experts from around the globe to build out the necessary elements, as well as establish the best practices possible to ensure the integration of the new empowr coin will be a smooth one.

Important decisions still need to be made

We still set exactly how many coins there will be. (Remember, the supply of coins will be fixed).

And we need to commit to exactly how many free coins will go to current empowr members.

However, I can tell you with certainty that:

A.   Many millions of free coins will be distributed exclusively to empowr citizens


B.  The distribution of free coins will be based on all-time mission points: If Sally has exactly twice as many all-time mission points as Joe, she will receive exactly twice as many free coins as he will.

In the coming days and weeks, we will keep you posted with each step as we proceed.

We hope to be fully functional by the end of next quarter (Q1 2018). Of course stay tuned for updates as nothing is fixed in stone.


5.  Questions: 

What if someone previously left empowr? Can they participate in the free coin offering?

We think YES.


We believe that everyone gave to this mission what they could. Some survived a few days, others well over a decade.

Everyone has mission points, even if they deleted their account. We will work on creating a way for them to get their free coin.

But “Is that fair?” some will ask, to share free coin with someone that deleted their account, or for them to receive the same amount of free coins as someone that kept working for the mission?

They won’t get the same amount. They’ll get an amount that’s equal to their relative contribution to the mission while their account was open. Isn’t that fair?

Look, if they worked hard while on empowr, or provided funds, or invited friends, or provided coaching to others -- they helped us all get to this point, so they too deserve to be rewarded – up to the amount of their contributions. I think this is something we can all believe in.

For now:

A.   Earn as many mission points as you can. The more all-time mission points you have, the more free coins you receive. Visit the new mission points page to get started.

B.  Read more about cryptocurrency and blockchain. A good book: The blockchain revolution

Are there downsides to moving forward with cryptocurrency?

Like any new complicated project, feature or product, there are any number of issues with this effort that can and will come up, many of which are difficult to predict ahead of time.

In order to do our best to dodge most issues, we are reaching out to many "experts" that have already gone down this road. We are hoping to use their experiences to avoid some of the mistakes they and others made in the past. Some of these folks are consultants and need to be hired temporarily.

Let’s go into this optimistically but, as always, with our expectations under control.  

Many of you have tremendous experience at building complicated products and organizations (at empowr and elsewhere) that you can use to help others understand that “things nearly always go wrong in the beginning; and nearly always go great in the end if we are persistent and resilient”.

With our expectations set accordingly, we cannot fail. 

In addition, having smart expectations also means that, as we work towards our success, we won’t drive ourselves and others crazy -- as some of newest citizens tend to do before they gain that experience.

Also, this is an expensive process to get going. We have more upfront legal, marketing and many other fees and costs that are placing even more pressure on our already super-tight cash flow that’s been delaying cash outs and payroll these last couple of months, while we’ve been going through this process.

Let’s hope that all of this will be worth it, as it’s an incredibly difficult, expensive and time-consuming process that is taking much of our focus and resources away from the product, citizens, success coaches and employees.

So far, we have every indication that it will be worth it but we must keep our expectations low so we won't be disappointed.


Got more questions?

Please use the comments section below and we'll do our best to answer them.


6.  Summary

A.  empowr will soon be converting the empowr virtual currency (called empowr dollars) to blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

B.  Objectives of this initiative include improving transparency, trust, immutability, availability and security of the virtual currency.

C. To thank the mighty, mighty empowr community (that’s YOU) for all their efforts in bringing empowr to this point…

  despite all the many hardships they have faced…


… empowr will ensure the very first cryptocurrency coins will be distributed to current empowr citizens free of charge.

Distribution will be proportionate to the amount of all-time mission points that each citizen has earned at the time the new currency launches.


7.  And finally…

What you have accomplished up to this point is nothing short of a miracle

To invent so many of the things needed to create an entire economy…

… starting with no money whatsoever…

… and to stay alive and continue to move forward, for so long…

… despite the incredible pressure on everyone involved…


This is simply unheard of in the history of companies or technology startups.

We accomplished all of that with nothing but vision, belief, hard work, sweat and tears.

And now, seemingly out of nowhere, the world is exploding with excitement about one of our inventions:

Virtual currency 

… which opens up this incredible opportunity for our mission.


Have you ever heard the saying:

Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity

:  After inventing virtual currency, we have spent 18 years working on everything around it.

Opportunity: Thanks to bitcoin, people are now understanding more about virtual currencies. 

Luck: And so it appears that our mission is getting lucky.


Just imagine how many people we will help pull out of poverty in the coming years.

I know so many of you are feeling lucky -- like I am right now…

… for having this opportunity to live a life of purpose.


Once again, this is all proof that…

… if we just keep marching forward, with passion and belief…


… people, events, situations and circumstances will -- often mysteriously …


… show up along the way to help us achieve our mission.


The road behind us

has sometimes been difficult.


But – if you are reading this – it means you persevered.


You got up every morning, took a deep breath, focused your mind on the positive, and got back to work.

Despite everything thrown at you, you kept marching forward.


With the launch of our new currency…

 let’s hope this helps increase the chances for the ultimate success of the empowr mission…


… and empowr’s overarching goal: 


Help half the planet (4B people)

to earn $25 or more

by the year 2025



As with almost all breakthroughs, inventions and progress that have taken place in empowr over the years…

… having the knowledge, path and confidence to adopt our own cryptocurrency...


… would not have happened without the passion and support that each of you has given to the empowr economy.

Together, we are changing the world for the better.

It is a great privilege to be working on such a grand mission with such incredible, selfless and giving people.

And to those empowr citizens…

… that have helped us see your vision for cryptocurrency: On behalf of the community, we salute you.

A very special shout out...

… to empowr citizen Neal Walters who wrote us a very thoughtful, detailed and helpful letter, summarizing his thoughts and vision.

Neal’s letter was the most actionable input that we received the from community…

… helping persuade us to make the very time-consuming research and analysis of cryptocurrency a higher priority than other items being requested by the community.


From everyone at empowr, a big THANK YOU to you, Neal. I think we all owe him some gratitude -- and coins. ;)

Yours truly,


Update (Dec 10, 2017):  In this next post, we dive into the details, such as exactly how many coins we'll have, exactly how many coins each community member (you) will receive, timing, and other specifics. 


Jorge Rojas

Great news. Thank you.

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Johnny Cash

Thanks Jorge.

18 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

I am very happy to listen this news. it was my all time concern to have other then PayPal, since I joined empowr,
I like most, (this option) the ability to exchange with local currency. Waiting for its launch........................
Thanks empowr thanks johnny cash.
optimist to empowr future.

18 months ago

JC, incredible things do happen here on Empowr. All thanks to the grace released to the Empowr Team. Thanks, Brian. And, above all thanks to the amazing Almighty God for giving all of us life to see these days. KUDOS! Empowrians!

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Johnny Cash

It sure sounds promising Trever - agreed.

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' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

How much currency to create.

Bitcoin will eventually have 21 million coins that have been time delayed over a 24 year period which is the key to their success in creating demand while still making more until 2033. The value has increased from the low of .008 cents to $8250 which equals 1,031,250 times its original value it traded at 7+ years ago.

Empowr should create at least two coins for every person on the planet where the majority of those coins are released down the road as new citizens join empowr uniting the world under one mission.

Use one coin to help fund the operations until empowr reaches critical mass/mission to reach out to everyone with one coin each.

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Dubere Emilia

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Dubere Emilia

Congratulations, for this program change in Empowr and for the whole IT team that works for improvement and change. We hope to be auspicious and benefit to all members of this program Empowr these significant changes. We look forward to enjoying the new changes and also to finalizing the TARILE situation in Empowr.
   Thank you President Brian, - when everything has finished you, as he writes in the message, it all becomes thankful for all who are here in this Empowr business program.
   Successes and many accomplishments.
Regards - Emilia Dubere.

17 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

This is a game changer for the new countries.

18 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yes, I agree. Cryptocurrency will fast-forward our ability to push power to the empowr countries -- giving them the ability to compensate their citizens -- as well as fast-track empowr's ability to build the missing product elements the countries have been waiting for.

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This is going to be fantastic! It is so wonderful to see that such progress is being made. A big thanks to all that made this happen and to our dear Team.

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Brian C Woosley

Big thanks to you Deborah for all the amazing work you have done on empowr for many, many years!

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Many thanks for your incredible energy and belief over the years, Edwin.

18 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Anytime Johnny. Am with empowr, always and forever.

18 months ago

Bitcoins are interesting

Over 15 Million coins have been mined/made, with more being made. 12.5 bitcoins per block (approximately every ten minutes) until mid 2020, and then afterwards 6.25 bitcoins per block for 4 years until next halving. This halving continues until 2110–40, when 21 million bitcoins will have been issued.

18 months ago

Thanks Brian for such a new and revolutionary change to bring for empowr's citizens. This ICO will definitely show it's first day listing as listing gainer. It will bring a new spirit to the citizens. Thanks again

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When it wouild be materialize? Do it ASAP so that. Could experience what it could bring to all of us.…....
Thanks to all the empower staff for the untiring effort and creative mind they are putting on the development and improvement of our site.

Glory be to God and His Highness!!!
Thanks a lot. - mady

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Brian C Woosley

Great to hear your enthusiasm! There is a lot of planning and implementation that needs to happen, but we are working on this as we speak.

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Farooq Jan

Hello, Brian when empowr launch the empowr Country System.

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Brian C Woosley

Farooq - Cryptocurrency will fast-forward our ability to push power to the empowr countries -- giving them the ability to compensate their citizens -- as well as fast-track empowr's ability to build the missing product elements the countries have been waiting for. We're working as fast as possible to put that into place to enable further development on empowr countries.

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15 months ago
Aleksandr Mulin

Да это действительно прорыв я рад что присоединился к емповр и до последнего верил что всё будет и я не ошибся спасибо емповр.

18 months ago
Riad Ezzat

Thank you JC, Brian and to the empowr team. Great efforts has been put to the success of the empowr mission by you, SCs employers and citizens. i

18 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Great News! Thank you!

18 months ago
Gregory W

Right Timing!!

18 months ago
Bob Poster

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don't know what else to say right now. This is amazing!

18 months ago
Peter Bechtold

You know it Bob! Talk about perfect timing and having patents all in place!! Go empowr!

17 months ago
Md. Ariful Islam

Well done! It is so great to see that such improvement is being made. A major on account of all that got this going and to our dear Team. Thank you so much !

18 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Really great news! I have to read it again ....Thanks Brian

18 months ago
Tatyana Sheveleva

Great News! Thank you!!!

18 months ago
Yaroslav Novak

Super news! Thank you!

18 months ago
Said Rahman

Thank you JC with big changes, that will improve our practices towards to our mission

18 months ago
Yves Johnson

I will have to read this announcement over again and read more about cryptocurrency since its a new concept to me but so far it definitely seems very interesting! I am excited and cant wait : )

18 months ago
Animesh Garai

Wow! great going.

18 months ago
Qadri Adinoyi

A great and promising news. Congrats to all Empowrians !

18 months ago
Valiantsina Tsupa

Great news. It was worth expecting.

18 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

History in the making.. incredible development... great tanks JC.

18 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Great news! We are looking forward to launching a virtual coin! Thank you!

18 months ago
Umair Siddique

AWESOME, this fits so perfectly to be solving many of the pain points of the community and empowr in the near future as well as speaking of long-term, I'm so excited to read this update and see what's next :) Thank you for all the hard work and countless hours of efforts (JC, Brian and empowr team) you're putting in to empowr's mission daily to make it closer to reality every coming day :)

18 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Amazing and so EXCITING! THIS IS THE MOMENT INDEED! I truly believe EMPOWR from day 1 I joined. Hard work from everyone especially those who Empowr staffs with President Brian and JC really pays off. Hats off to all. This is quite promising! I want to read it again and again as it sounds so good and so inspiring. Thank you dear JC, PRES. Brian Empower staffs and to all! Empowr isn't sleeping and really rocks!!!

18 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Great to hear your enthusiasm Crispina! You’ve been a spotlight citizen for many years and this next step forward would not be possible without your great work and support as well. Thank you for continuing to believe!

18 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Great news. Thank you. Looking forward to updates.

18 months ago
Your Amazing Country Thats On A Mission To Help You Succeed

This will really help the countries support their citizens.

18 months ago
Amy Maria Talledo

Truly interesting and very exciting! .... Up,up,up and away... Thank you JC

18 months ago
Alexandr Zhubartovich

Thanks for sharing. Good post, thank you.

18 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Hello! Wonderful news. Thank you!

18 months ago
Massimo Amenta

This is the key for empowr success...thank you team

18 months ago