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Marching forward with democracy

Hello everyone,

As you know, our mission together here at empowr is:

To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence 


Lately, most of our features and work lately have been very focused on improving the marketplace and economy – attempting to enable more opportunity.

And with the upcoming launch of the empowr coins, it’s clear that – for most participants -- hope for a better future is increasing. 

(Stay tuned for empowr coin launch announcement at any moment now…
we are just waiting on engineering to give us the word).


But what about influence?

Today, let’s take a moment to discuss how we might increase the influence of empowr citizens. 

With the launch of the empowr coin, it seems like the timing is ripe for empowr citizens to start taking more power…

… over the rules and policies that govern the empowr platform, community and economy.

Today, let’s discuss:

·      -- Pushing power away from empowr (the company) towards its citizens

·      -- Empowering empowr countries

·      -- Enabling democracy to flourish in empowr countries

·      -- Electing empowr’s (the company’s) officials


Background and beliefs

Before we suggest some significant moves and changes, let’s first see if we can agree with the objectives behind these moves.

Perhaps we could summarize the empowr mission statement by simply saying that, together, we’re trying to build a better democracy.

What would make a new democracy better than what’s currently available?

We think the following six (6) improvements would make for a better democracy:


1.  A democracy where big money doesn’t control the rules and receive most of the economy’s gains…

… leaving the people – the 99% -- with less and less.

In other words, we’re seeking a better balance between the power of Labor and the power of Capital.

Unfortunately, this balance is eroding in many democracies around the world – as the influence of capital over democracies continues to increase, at the expense of labor.

Where’s the evidence of this trend? More of the wealth is going to the top 1%... 

… and the real wages of the other 99% hasn't risen in decades

Today, the top 8 people in the world have as much wealth as the bottom half of humanity.


Finding a balance between LABOR and CAPITAL

As you may know, Mission Points are empowr’s way of measuring and tracking value brought into the community and economy – from both labor AND capital.

The benefit of building this apples-to-apples method of comparing the value someone brings to an economy that, say, sells services or products…

… to someone that, say, is a success coach…

… to someone that brings money (capital) into the economy…

… is that it enables us to create a balance between the rewards generated from capital brought into empowr, and the rewards generated from labor that’s invested into empowr. 

In empowr, many of the benefits are distributed based on how many Mission Points you’ve earned – including cash outs and other prizes from the mission wheel. 

Even the empowr coins will be distributed based on your Mission Points. Read the announcement


2.   A democracy designed -- from the ground up today -- with the benefit of hindsight…

… that takes full advantage of the very best thinkers and knowledge of what went wrong – and of what went right -- with democracies around the world.

This is why empowr is guided by many of the world’s top political scientists from top universities such as Berkeley, Yale, Duke and MIT.

Lots has been happening around the world lately, however, that has people questioning whether democracy, as a form of government can or will (or even should) survive.

At empowr, we believe it must survive. Perhaps Winston Churchill said it best: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Those that believe democracy has seen its best days, and say that we would all be better off with some other form of government, are usually stumped when probed for a better approach.

While democracy is the best form of government, like all systems and processes it too could benefit immensely from some improvements and updates.

When was the last time a group of people took a bold look at democracy and what went right and wrong, and attempted to build a new democracy with all that information -- while also taking into consideration what new technologies can offer? (More on new technologies in belief #4 below).

We’re unaware of any real such attempts, outside of empowr, where the participants kept moving forward after the diffiuclties presented themselves.


3.   A democracy with real social mobility

Equal opportunity is the most fundamental of human rights

What’s needed is a democracy with true social mobility -- where people are free to move upwards and improve their lives to the same degree that they are willing to work hard.

There needs to be a clear path for everyone – no matter where they are in life – to achieve any socioeconomic level that they set out to achieve.


Perhaps it would better to not have any socioeconomic levels at all? 

Everyone would be equal.

What do you think?


Let’s be honest

There will always exist different socioeconomic levels. Rather than pretend like they don’t exist, let’s go the opposite direction – and acknowledge them -- and even name them.

Pretending like levels don’t exist has been tried…

… and it failed in the biggest of ways.

That’s called communism:

Communism created more “Haves” and “Have Nots” than capitalism in every place it was tried.

Communism eventually collapsed in every country – even in the most brutal of governments (Cuba and North Korea come to mind) that continue to pretend their system is working…

… without regard for the immense suffering of most their people.


We don’t need a society without socioeconomic levels

What we need is a democracy where the socioeconomic levels are fair, transparent and accessible – meaning:

A.   Socioeconomic levels clearly identified:  First, the levels must be named so they can be referenced.

By actually identifying and naming the socioeconomic levels, we can start an honest discussion about them.

And we can do a lot more than discuss them: We can actually open the levels up to everyone.

B.   Transparent requirements: The requirements to achieving any level must be stated transparently for all to view and understand.

C.   Transparent benefits: The benefits and powers that become available to citizens at each level must also be transparent and understood by all.

D.   Accessibility: The activities and results required to achieve any level must be accessible to all citizens equally. In other words, the system must be fair.


In order to enable the above four requirements (A-D) the empowr community of citizens, success coaches, advisors and employees have been designing, testing and cultivating a solution for many years:

In empowr:

a)    Socioeconomic levels are called “Power Levels”

b)    What it takes to achieve any power level is simple and transparent

c)    The benefits unlocked at each power level are transparent – and are about to become much more powerful – as we’ll discuss soon in an upcoming post

d)    Everyone can participate and achieve any power level, if they are willing to work hard


Again, equal opportunity is the most fundamental of human rights.

But for access to opportunity to truly be equal, equal access to education is also needed. 

Why is that? 

It's because life is short.

Without learning from those that came before us, it’s near-impossible to be very successful in any area in a single lifetime.

This is why our Success Coaches -- and what they do -- are provided completely free of charge to all empowr citizens from the moment they join.

For our economy and democracy to survive and thrive, the community must take responsibility for the education of our citizens.

And that’s why the compensation and power of Success Coaches will continue to grow, as will be happening today -- if you approve of our suggestions below.

To be clear: To grow the success level of our citizens, we need to continue to attract and retain some of the smartest and most capable people to the success coaching program.

In other words, for equal opportunity to be real in empowr, success coaching must continue to become more and more rewarding.


4.   A democracy made for today and tomorrow -- the 21st century – taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies

Technology is changing everything in our lives – and our political systems need to be updated to reflect the power and opportunities, and the perils, that come with these new technologies.

By uniquely integrating a social media platform, with commerce/marketplace, education, virtual currency, transportation, apps and political systems…

… and with each of those systems taking full advantage of what we could learn from the very best of breed platforms in each category…

… and with this community inventing many of the missing parts ourselves…

… together we have stayed on the cutting edge of using technology to build a better economy and democracy.

(Just imagine what can and will happen now, as resources allow)…


5.    A democracy with term limits for all politicians

The longer a person is in power, the more connections they make, naturally – and the more “soft corruption” happens – even with the most honest of people trying hard for that to not happen.  

Why? Because human beings become more comfortable working with people that they’ve worked with before.

One unfortunate side effect of that aspect of human nature, is that…

… the longer a leader stays in power…

… the more the power and opportunities will flow to a limited number of people and companies – those closest to the leader and people at the top…

… leaving less opportunities for everyone else.


There’s only one solution: Periodic revolution at the top

Revolutions can be violent

Revolutions can also happen peacefully and without bloodshed:  A peaceful revolution is also known as an election.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”.
                                                                                                               - John F. Kennedy


6.    A democracy that pushes power away from big centralized government, taking it closer to the people

One approach doesn’t fit all.

Different people want different things from their government. Sometimes what various large groups of people want in a democracy are exactly opposites.

Here in America, as well as in many countries in the world, politics are tearing family and friends apart.

It seems like half the people are forced to temporarily give up on their hopes and dreams, when the other side wins the elections.

But now, with empowr countries, switching (virtual) countries is as easy as one-click of your mouse. Or start your own country.

Earlier this year, together we started empowr countries.

Now it’s time for the next big steps with countries…

… further empowering our citizens (increasing their influence) by pushing power away from empowr (the company) towards the people and the empowr country of their choice.


Summary of the six (6) objectives with our next democratic moves:

1.  Keep working to achieve and maintain optimal balance between labor and capital

2.  Don’t reinvent the wheel: Learn from mistakes and successes of past and current democracies

3.  Ensure equal access to opportunity and education

4.  Take advantage of, and avoid pitfalls, of latest technologies

5.  Enforce term limits for everyone in power

6.  Push power away from big centralized government and closer to the people


What’s next for empowr’s move towards greater democracy?

OK, so with those objectives in mind…

Today let’s discuss:

·       -- Pushing power away from empowr (the company) towards its citizens

·       -- Empowering empowr countries

·       -- Enabling democracy to flourish in empowr countries

·       -- Electing empowr’s (the company’s) officials


Let’s get right to our suggestions:

1. As a reminder, empowr will have a total of 10 billion coins.


2.   Anyone that signed up to empowr prior to now will be recognized as an empowr founder, since – as founders often do – our community members have faced significant difficulties and barriers involved with building something from nothing…

  and they have not only survived but have succeeded in so many ways.

They therefore deserve both recognition and reward.


3.  To reward our founders for their successes, 1 billion (10%) of the coins will be provided to them (you) free of charge -- hopefully starting in the next 48-72 hours. (Just waiting on engineering to give us the thumbs up).


4.  Any unclaimed founder coins will be auctioned off to empowr founders -- at a discount.  Read the announcement


5.  Each month, 1% of empowr’s remaining coins (from its 9 billion coins) will be released to empowr to compensate empowr citizens as well as pay for operations and marketing.


6. One of the most important set of decisions that can be made in a democracy, involves economics. That is, how its citizens are compensated.

Therefore, we are suggesting that empowr countries should decide how their citizens are compensated.


7.   Approach:  We suggest simply taking all of empowr’s coins that will be distributed monthly, and giving them to countries proportional to the number of 30-day mission points the country achieved in the month.

As an example:

If in February 2018:  

Country A’s citizens generated 100,000 mission points and Country B’s citizens generated 200,000 mission points.

Country A and Country B will both be given empowr coins that they can distribute to their citizens during the month of March 2018….

… with Country A receiving twice as many coins as Country B receives, to distribute to their citizens.

Both countries will be able to decide exactly how the coins will be distributed.

Why do we think this is a good idea?

We think this is good because it pushes power closer to the people. 

If you don’t like how Country A is approaching its economics, you are free to tell them, and help them improve their approach.

You are also free to leave Country A and join a different country.

And you are equally free to start your own country, and try your hand at a better set of rules and approaches.

Where is this headed?

The best approaches will eventually attract and retain the most productive citizens.

And the rest of us will benefit from their learnings – which we might want to utilize in our own empowr countries.

Within weeks from today, you’ll be able to think of empowr as no longer just one experiment…

… but as hundreds of separate experiments happening in parallel…

… all working hard -- even competing -- to find the best ways to assist their citizens in their individual and collective pursuit of happiness and prosperity.


As with all such experiments, there will be winning approaches and some that don’t do as well. 

We will learn from all participants and we will salute them all, as there can be little progress without the willingness to experiment and face risk.

Just as much as the winning approaches, the methods that don’t succeed as well will teach us valuable lessons, that will help make the economies of the surviving countries stronger and better.

The result will be an overall stronger empowr economy, in which everyone benefits.

As a reminder, the key to the success of the empowr mission, and to the prosperity of its citizens, is our ability to grow a strong economy.


8.    As you know, empowr citizens are currently able to join -- or create -- pre-countries.

Thanks for all your work in building up your pre-countries:

In recent months, you have created nearly 1,000 empowr pre-countries – each with members that are producing an average of hundreds of Mission Points monthly.

To see the top empowr pre-countries, visit the country leaderboard.


9.   On the 1st day of every month, any pre-country that meets the following criteria will become an official empowr country:

A.   The pre-country’s citizens must have a combined W or greater 30-day Mission Points

B.   The pre-country must have at least X citizens that individually have Y or more 30-day Mission Points

This conversion from pre-country to country will officially begin on Feb 1, 2018.

Note: Rather than pre-subscribe the values of W, X and Y above (and Z below) let’s use this blog post to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what those variables should be set to.


Pushing more power and control to the people

So, if the first priority is to push economics power, control and influence to the people…

… what’s the next set of powers that should be pushed to the people?


We think it may be the power for empowr citizens to:

A.  Control their countries

B.  Control empowr (the company)


Therefore, we have the following suggestions:

10.  Countries will each have one (1) congressperson per Z citizens.

This is to ensure that as the number of citizens in a country grows, so does its number of representatives, and the country’s overall power within empowr.

Again, the value of Z needs to be decided as a community.


11.  Countries will each have two (2) senators.

This is to bring some power back to the smaller countries, to help avoid “the tyranny of the majority– an inherent weakness in democracies where larger groups of people can end up oppressing those in the minority simply by outnumbering (out-voting) them.


12.  All politicians must first be Success Coaches for at least 1 year.  During 2018, let’s bring this down to only 6 months to give more people a chance.

As discussed in the past, this is to ensure people that wish to serve others by becoming politicians, have first demonstrated that desire by serving a smaller group of people.

Doing that helps create a transparent apples-to-apples comparison between candidates, since success coaches are measured by the quality of their work, their citizens’ success level, their citizens’ happiness level, and the speed of their work.

That performance comparison data is always available to the public on the success coach leaderboard page.


13.  Country politicians (senators, congresspersons and the country’s president) are elected by the country’s citizens by voting.


14.  The length of a country politician’s terms will be set by the country’s Founders, and can be changed in the future if they like.


15.  All politicians have a term limit of 1. That means no reelection possible.

Do you think this rule is unnecessary?

We believe that this is one of the two (2) biggest problems in some democracies (the other being the loss of balance between labor and capital).

For example, in the U.S., senators and congresspersons can be reelected as many times as they like.

The result is, well, no matter what your political views are, you probably agree that Washington (congress and the senate, in particular) have been failing the nation.

Fact:  Over 90% of Americans have little to no faith in those politicians, but 85% of those politicians keep getting reelected.  

Any idea why that is? (Answer coming in a moment)


16.   Founders of countries (up to 10 per country) will keep their Country Founder title permanently, so long as they had it when the pre-country became an official country.


17.  A Country Founder can be self-selected as its first president. As President, they are also subject to a term limit of 1.


18.  Country Founders will be like the Queen of England – always important to the country even without elected powers.

A Country Founder’s job is to set the culture, remind everyone of their country’s mission and purpose, and help citizens and politicians work through important discussions and topics when they get stuck.

They are the keeper of the country’s purpose and reason for existing. They act like a guiding light to ensure everyone is more likely to stay on the right path, even as – and especially when - they go through difficult times or work to overcome important challenges.

Let’s make sure of Country Founders’ continued importance by promoting them on the country’s homepage and via other ways that together we come up with – such as an “Announcement” bar (like the yellow bar that is used for new company announcements) that can light up for the country’s citizens anytime a Country politician or Founder makes an announcement.


19.  The next empowr (company) presidential election will be on June 21st, 2018.


20.  In the past, each citizen had one vote.

We suggest that voting power should be based on each citizen’s “12-month mission points” – which is the number of mission points they earned in the last 12 months.

For example, if I have 1,000 12-month MPs and you have 2,000, your vote counts twice as much as mine.

By making votes count based on mission points, it helps:

A.  Fight fraud: Opening new accounts just to vote no longer sways the vote

B.  Balance labor and capital


Question:  So, if 90% of Americans have little faith in congresspersons and senators…

How come 85% of those politicians keep getting reelected?

Answer:  In America, big money is deciding who gets elected - not the people. Which means the people have lost control of their democracy.


In empowr, by using mission points for voting, we are rebalancing the power of labor and capital:

Those that bring capital (money) into empowr, gain voting power, influence and control.

They deserve it because their money helps the empowr mission, economy and community succeed.

And those that, instead of their money choose to invest their time and hard work – and achieve results from their work – are also rewarded with power, influence and control.

They also deserve it because it is only with the results derived from their work that the empowr mission, economy and community can succeed.


For those of you that are convinced that capital is more important than labor, I will remind you that empowr was built without a single penny of capital.

I would challenge you to build an empowr using tons of capital but without dedicated and caring labor – the kind of care that cannot be bought.

Consider for a moment that all the mega-billion-dollar tech giants have tried to build and integrate all the components that together we have succeeded in building and integrating -- and thus far -- they have all failed.

For example:

Why does Facebook’s marketplace (reengineered many times) still have no transactions?

          It’s not because they haven’t tried.

They have tried and failed numerous times.

Why does Google’s social network have no marketplace?

            They can’t even get their social network to succeed, so why bother adding a marketplace?

Why do Amazon, eBay and Apple have no community / social network?

          All three have tried and failed.

Watching Google fail repeatedly has added to their reluctance to even try.


Want even more proof of how capital cannot succeed without labor?

Take a look at the economic production of countries (like the U.S.) where the balance of capital and labor are being lost. 

Their lackluster economics speaks for themselves.


When a balance of rewards from labor and capital is achieved, economic production is optimized.

This is why democracy – when done right – ultimately produces higher economic production and prosperity for its citizens than other forms of government.

    Done right

    = balancing the influence of labor and capital

    = voting based on mission points


21.   For new empowr policies and rules to be enacted, we’ll need a majority of senators (51%) plus a majority of congresspersons (51%) plus the company president to approve. 


22. New laws begin as ideas:  

A.  First, a congressperson sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended.

B.  If the bill passes by simple majority, the bill moves to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill is assigned to another committee and, if released, debated and voted on. Again, a simple majority, passes the bill.

C.  Finally, a conference committee made of House and Senate members works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

D. The resulting bill is presented to the President – who has two (2) weeks to sign or veto the bill.


23.  The above rules are simply a starting point – not an ending point.

The empowr president, country presidents and politicians will work to update and improve the rules, with the help of the empowr political science advisors.

The empowr constitution will need to be written in 2018, and many new laws will be created in our new democracy.


24.  Along with the power for countries to decide how their citizens are compensated, even more powers need to be pushed to the countries.

Our intention is, as the new year arrives in two weeks, that we will be doing exactly that. 

empowr country founders and citizens:  Thanks for your patience and not giving up or losing faith along the way.




Do the above ideas seem like the next most reasonable steps to pushing control and influence of empowr to its citizens?

What would you add, subtract or modify?

We are looking forward to your thoughts, ideas, complaints, suggestions etc. 

Yours truly,



Valentin Beşliu

...noutati benefice venite in prag de sarbatori .
Voi citi,reciti ,incerca sa inteleg si a le pune in practica.
... beneficial news coming on holiday.
I will read, reread, try to understand and put them into practice.
Back, thanks.

23 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

Glade to know that coins are going to live. More people will now come here to get chance to complete their dreams. Especially the people who does not have PayPal account.
Thanks for updating.
Optimist for empower future.

23 months ago
Bob Poster

Great news! It would be great if we could start using the founder coins to buy things in the marketplace right away that would be great. Also would be good to get founder coins for items sold. Maybe even have our own founder coin exchange here.

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Love the idea Bob of getting founder coins for stuff sold and I think there should be coins as well for the buyer when their using their reserves or paypal.

23 months ago
Oliver Jacob

You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.. Always on progress empowr..
God bless!

23 months ago
Farooq Jan

Thanks for the Updating JC.

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Trever McGhee here, The W,X, Y, Z formula should take into consideration that people from certain real-life countries can't earn the same number mission points as others due to restraints on the system that empowr is working really hard to fix but it will take time. Plus there are people with real-life financial situations around the world that holds them back from earning mission points until empowr/the countries can help them move forward.

A lot of these people have started countries with extraordinary ideas that can really benefit empowr as a whole...I know this as this country is a citizen of every country and I share their posts, answer their questions, send people their way as I've been inspired by their ideas.

Join this country, has the largest number of people with zero mission points, for I go out of my way to fully accept everyone, for we all have a gift to share that can be extraordinary when we work together because of that, we have the second highest total of mission points out of all countries as there's power within the numbers.

We should all make sure that no one is left out of the loop because they have no mission points today because once these people have access to the right tools and resources from within a country, they can easily succeed everyone's expectations.

******The first thing here is I would suggest that empowr creates the ability if they haven't done so already for 3 or four or more countries to come together to form one new country, that will meet the minimums.

The W should be total mission points for everyone in the country 50'000 (in my opinion)
*X* should be *12 *citizens with at least *Y* 500 active monthly mission points that month- if you have 500 active mission points each month, it means that person is actively building and supporting empowr.
Z should be 1 congressperson per 1000 citizens - so they can fully interact within their base

Then I would also recommend to create one more factor ***V*** which stands for victory, for true victory comes from growing our countries large enough that we acheive empowrs mission of helping 4 billion people break free from extreme poverty.

So V stands for the total number of citizens in a country, which be set at 100 to start.

Small countries can do amazing work for the interactions they can have within the core to get things done.

****Term limit should be up to 2 years based on the performance of the country growing in the number of citizens and mission points.

In other words, if someone gets voted in and their performance/actions move the country backwards then they should be replaced sooner, even if it's only two months in.

23 months ago
Radu Ghitescu

Foarte interesante noutati si benefice in acelasi timp. Multumim!

23 months ago
Prashant Dimri

This is what exactly all citizens were awaiting about empowr countries formed few months ago.Its nice to know that mission points have proved the solid criteria what an individual is performing to participate with the economy. Thanks.

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

This is great news for the new countries

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Trever McGhee, I built this empowrs largest country above, "Join This Country"
What I can tell you is that I'm doing more right now as the creator for this country to help people/other countries than when I was a success coach.

I would suggest updating the rules to take in the value what new countries bring to the table just like success coaches.

I would recommend that time spent building and running a country can be used to fulfill the time required in order to run for office within empowr if that country has a proven track record of success that has contributed to empowrs overall community.

The demands are higher than a success as your responsible for more, you must have answers like a success coach, you are responsible for creating the new rules to blend within empowr base rules, to applying the rules, and most importantly adjusting the rules to maximise the results for everyone.

I talk from experience from being a past coach and from experiencing first hand the questions I've had received from building Empowrs largest country with 4,980+ amazing people. I not only answer their questions when their success coach can't but other countries as well, as we're venturing into an uncharted area that holds unlimited possibilities.

It's all about working together.

So to take it one step farther I recommend creating a support group for those that have or will create a country that just like the success coach model but more in-depth to how to create a country, how to implement rules, make changes in a way that brings value to the country that in the end will attract more people to that country, to empowr.

This model would be very easy to create as you can take what you've already created for the success coaches and just modify it to maximise the ability of all countries to move forward by freeing sharing what works, to helping each other, for when one succeeds we all succeed.

It's these new countries that will be the forefront to bringing in new people, which in return will allow empowr to grow faster from within with the resources it needs to advance.

Having enough people within the system is critical to keeping the system running without outside investors.

It's the main driving factor that will determine how and when the empowr mission we'll be achieved.

23 months ago

Hi Trevor, I have read your comment carefully, and I have to say you do have a point. Do you think that becoming the first president of your country will be moving in the direction that you are talking about? Do you think that being permanently honored as a founder, will compensate you for the effort? I am just asking the questions, I am not saying that anything is a certain way or not. By the way great work with your country, I see that it has a good rating on the leaderboard.

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

Good points, Trever. As always, you're giving us all a lot to think about.
Would love to see any other details that come to your mind -- such as mockups (hand drawn or other) of the tools / pages you'd like to see...
Many thanks for constantly being ahead of the game with your thinking and sharing those thoughts...

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Marching forward indeed, will put more thoughts here in just one moment

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

First thought on the one year term is that it would have the reverse effect of what you're trying to acheive if you find a person who is really great at their position. I'm talking about a person who really goes out of their way to help people from the bottom up rather than the top down.

These people shouldn't be penalized for someones else's bad judgment in the way they took advantage of the system.

Everyone should have a clean slate and the ability to go above and beyond without limitations based on flaws of another system.

In on year the person is still just learning and you won't see their full potential until two or three years down the road.

The system needs to allow for this, as well as offering people to come back into the fold, in that role 10 to 12 years or more or less down the road as the system grows and changes, just as these people will grow and change, as well as their abilities to really serve the community.

Which was the intent of the old system.

So we should look at the great people that came through the old systems and really take a hard look at seeing how we can support the best parts of that system by adding things like a performance scale they must meet during their time, where if they fail, their term can be cut short or if they're really excelling, it can be extended to benefit everyone.

In other words, if the empowr/the countries are growing in numbers, outside cash is flowing in to support the citizens, their approval ratings are over 80 or 90 percent and these scales/graphs show that their on an upward swing...then, by all means, we should continue to allow them to serve.

The scale/factors must be safety checks that can't be bought or corrupted.

23 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello Trevor, I agree with you mostly. Once you have a system in place earning citizens money it should not be changed unless approved by your country founders. Then you can have just one term for officials and it helps get more people involved to come up with more and better ideas. The problem in the US government the same people always there never any good ideas anymore. This is why new people should be allowed to serve.
Also, it would be great to help other countries struggling to earn extra money. So any countries that are doing that should share their ways with everyone here to make this the best community ever. I have a few ideas that need to be tested

23 months ago
Pete Moss

I agree with the empowr's team's analysis of the one term rule in the blog - as the blog says re-election ability simply leads to politicians who are useless - as the blog says , money is getting them elected and most of the community has no faith in tthem - so the system does not work - why repeat that mistake? Also I think it crystallises your focus and cuts complacency, that feeling that , 'oh well if I don't get it right this time, maybe i can get re-elected another time and try it then.'

23 months ago
Noshin Naz

Many Thanks JC for all your efforts and ideas....We welcome all new and progressive changes on Empowr...Best of luck!!!

23 months ago
Mohammad Awais

Thanks for this updating JC.

23 months ago
Nadezhda Loginova

Good news. 6 goals are perfect. And of course great opportunities to work in the created countries. Thank you. We go forward and forward

23 months ago
Jojo Emoboye Emmanuel

Good one, thank you JC for this update.

23 months ago
Empowr XTe

I ardently hope that these beautiful words will become reality soon.
Who has no money in their pockets (poor !!) must be able to receive it through his work in Empowr, otherwise the capital will have the upper hand as usual !!
I wish you and all citizens the best Christmas possible !!!

23 months ago
Nataliya Gashevskaya

This is wonderful news. I'm glad to hear that the countries will become official. I am for democracy in society!!!

23 months ago
Amada Marcelino

Dearest Sir,

I am so excited on what you posted. I marked on my schedule December 23 for the release of the coins, lol.
IBitcoin 's value is $19,000.oo as of today. I am praying within a year, our Founder Coins will have at least $$2.000.00 per coin....May God help us!!!
Good luck to all of us.. Thanks to all the empowr for their untiring effort, time and all the technical know how.I know how hard to implement them all!!

May God bless us all!---mady

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

I fully agree with you Amada, if we all work together to highlight the positive aspects of what empowr has achieved so far and what it will acheive within a year, there's no reason why the coins values will not climb to over 2,000 within a year. The key to this rate lies within each of us working together to make sure the demand for the coins exceeds the total amount being released each month.

When the value climbs to a 1,000 to 2,000 we'll be well on our way to achieving the empowr mission to help 4 billion people escape extreme poverty, when it reaches 20,000 we'll know for a fact that it has the power to go beyond that goal and sustain it.

Trever McGhee

23 months ago
Inna Sokolenko

Wow, great news. We all have been waiting for her for so long!
"equal opportunity is the most fundamental of human rights" -supported for all 100 !!!

23 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Great news when approcahing 2017 and a bright new 2018 is nearly waking up.
More power to those who push forward will bring more value even for those who can't. This will help them climb the ladder to higher achiements and possibiities. Long Live Empowr!

23 months ago
Aleksey Lipatov

Thanks for the great news!!!

23 months ago
Aliya Arooj

Thank you, JC for giving news for countries.

23 months ago
Kvvinto K

Thank you for the wonderful news, JC! We have been waiting for them for a long time

23 months ago
Kashif Imtiaz

Great news JC my best wishes always with you and empowr i am agreed with those law's that are mention above for the countries.

23 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thank you JC for the good news. 6 goals are ideal. And, of course, great opportunities for working in the created countries. Thank you. We go forward and forward. We are looking forward to updates. Good luck to the team.

23 months ago
Olga Ivanova

Very interesting and important news! I'm really looking forward to their implementation on the site. Thanks to all the staff for the great work done!

23 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Very interesting and constructive information! Do you really need to limit the politicians by 1 period?
Thank you, JC!

23 months ago
Ogagavwodia Ejovi

Many Thanks JC for all your efforts and ideas.I am very excited about all these new updates can hardly wait it going to be awesome here on empowr. We welcome all new and progressive changes on Empowr...Best of luck!!!

23 months ago
Oxana Shabalina

Thank you, very good news. We have been waiting for them for a long time. Thank you

23 months ago
Salah Uddin

A great step to give control to the citizens and make them more power full thanks JC

23 months ago
Judit Gecse

I'm glad we're here a lot of people who trusted in empowr and did not give up or lose their faith along the way.
A wonderful future is waiting for us, thank you JC and everyone who has accomplished this, tremendous work and thanks to Everyone!
There is only one way forward!!! :)

23 months ago
Vigneshwar Asaithambi

Thank you for providing these wonderful opportunities. Looking forward to earn more from countries. Thanks.

23 months ago
Diane Liggins

Thanks for all your hard work JC and the team, this is a massive step forward, exciting times are ahead in 2018!!

23 months ago
Alfred Tswatswa

Its nice to know that mission points have proved the solid criteria what an individual is performing to participate with the economy and voting powers be based on all time mission points.

Thank you JC and all entire team we are moving closer for it

Marry Xmas and happy new year !!!

23 months ago
Valiantsina Tsupa

Very good news. We are waiting for further action. I wonder how the coaches will work in the countries?

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

A very good question that, together, we should be thinking about.
In the future, can success coaches request to only help citizens of certain empowr countries?

23 months ago
Ken Spence

I think Scs should be dedicated to only 1 country, that way they can be trained more thoroughly and marketplace moderation can be more accurate. That way we will get rid of all the nonsense items like $100 toothpaste and genuine sellers within the country will be known to the SCs and moderators so minor errors in their listings will not be rejected out of hand

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Hello Valiantsina

JC's right, its a question that has come up before, one that I've thought about for a while.

With this new country, I would like to test out a new success coach program conducted and ran by this country.

I'm looking at training a team of success coaches that will be specialized for each of the major areas like selling in the marketplace, sharing items, transporting, blogs, moderating listings, contacting business and organizations to get them to inspire their databases to join empowr and more....

All success coaches would be rewarded on the success of the country as a whole, which would inspire them to work with each other to find the best possible solutions in all areas by directing people to the best person that can help them, that can be focused on them because that's their area of expertise.

These success coaches will have forums where you can freely ask for help, as well as give help under the guidance of the success coach whose total focus is in that area. Any questions they can't answer or is outside of their area of expertise, they'll have the tools to connect you to the ones that will.

In a nutshell, instead of having access to one success coach in this country, you'll have access to 5 or more.

23 months ago
Katy Tanase

Interesting and auspicious news. Thanks for information and support to everyone's work!

23 months ago
Asmaul Husna

"Finding a balance between LABOR and CAPITAL" this is a good point. Thank You.

23 months ago
Aileen So Yongco

So exciting news! I am waiting......
What a very good christmas gift to empowr citizens!

23 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Great. I think empowr should continue on the path to greatness and democracy as suggested above.

It takes a great deal of effort to put these though into words and to beautifully craft and present them as you have been doing over the years. Thanks to all those who are making them happen. They are so beautiful to read and easy to comprehend due to the manner they have always been presented.

Please, continue to carry out your plans for empowr and her citizens. We are the ultimate winners.

23 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you for a great new. We always surprised by empowr.
I'm so exciting. Wait for changing

23 months ago
Kalish Puri

OH! it's great. New countries on New Year. Gift from Brian, thx. Thx JC for your great explanation as usual. More power to SCs,most welcomed.

23 months ago
Kelly Baker

JC these are all wonderful ideas! I am very excited to hear about the Pre countries, the crypto currency, and how to manage the pre countries . These are all great ways to move forward and excited to see the out come! Thank you for your updates they are greatly appreciated at this time.

23 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Great news! We are moving forward towards the set goal and fulfillment empowr mission. It is great!

23 months ago
Gulzhan Altynbek

Many Thanks JC for all your efforts and ideas....We welcome all new and progressive changes on Empowr... Thank you!

23 months ago
Royal Democracy Of El Dorado (Love – Truth – Wisdom)

Hi JC, wow, I am literally jumping up and down I am so excited.
I have this one thing that I want to say about the democratic management of the countries and their distribution of wealth. Can the countries please have access to the professors of political science as advisors, to give them guidance on how to best implement democracy in their country. I want the countries, and especially my country to be able to tap into the accumulated knowledge, and to follow this advice, so that we can be the absolute best and most successful democracy that we can be, so that we can demonstrate to the world that democracy does work and very well at that.
Thank you for all your innovations, I am truly grateful that I can be a part of this remarkble process.
The Royal Democracy of El Dorado.

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

Very interesting request, Royal!
I will ask them! As you can imagine, they are crazy busy with their university responsibilities but I agree that it will be very helpful if they can find a way to assist individual empowr countries succeed.

23 months ago
Royal Democracy Of El Dorado (Love – Truth – Wisdom)

Hi Johnny Cash, Thank you for entertaining my idea I really do appreciate it. Can I please bounce this additional related idea around? You may have already thought of it and implemented. I fully appreciate the time constraints of the professors. However how about a series of white papers that the elected officials can follow, prepared by the professors. This may be one way of locking in democratic excellence from the start.
Warmest Regards,
The Royal Democracy of El Dorado.

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

That is a great idea, Royal!
I will be sure to share that with them later today...
Thanks for thinking - and sharing your ideas!

23 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks JC. I have no objection on anything. Let us keep moving forward to achieve our Mission.

23 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Excellent team work. I am for prosperity and transparency. Thank you.
I will give my voice to the worthy. Good luck and patience to all!

23 months ago