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LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveaway + auction


Targeted ads

Several weeks ago, we launched our new targeted ad system that provides all citizens FREE ads (up to 100,000 views per month) based on their mission roles.

As many of you have noticed, since then we’ve progressed the ad system to enable everyone (even citizens without mission roles) to start receiving the benefits of ads for as little as $0.25 per day by setting a daily budget for any ad promoting their blogs or marketplace listings.

We’re now happy to tell you that these updates to the ad system will be launched within the next 48 hours, and those of you that have set a daily budget for your ads will begin being served those additional views (the larger your daily budget, the more views your ads receive).


How do you set a budget for your ads?

Each time you create a new blog or marketplace listing, you’ll have the ability to create an ad for that item.

If you wish to target more traffic to a specific ad/listing (in addition to the free views you receive based on your mission role), you can set a daily budget between $0.25/day to $100/day:

New Features: Cash for selling + Targeted Ads

New Features: Cash for selling + Targeted Ads

If you already have ads that you’d like to set a daily budget for, you can do that by going to your “My Ads” page.


Why set a daily budget for your ads?

By setting a daily budget on ads for your blogs:

Your blogs will be specifically targeted to people interested in what you’re writing about (based on the search terms you set for the blog) – which means highly engaged people “Liking” and sharing your posts.

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

The more “Likes” you receive, the more you earn from your posts, so creating ads for your blogs may be the easiest way to increase your earnings.

Want to see ads based on your interests? Simply update your interests here


By setting a daily budget for your marketplace listings:

Your ads will be shown more often to the very same people that you close loops with, which means the likelihood that your listings are sold is much higher as the people closest to you are the most interested in what you’re selling.


How to turn off any ads or hide them from your list of ads

If you’ve set a daily budget for any ad, you can edit your daily budget to $0 by visiting your “My Ads” page, and clicking on the ad you wish to edit.  And if your My Ads page is getting too busy (with too many ads) you can “hide” any of them from being shown to you in your My Ads page – by clicking “Hide this Ad” link:

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa


Mission Points and coins?

And finally, YES, your Mission Points go up with each dollar you spend in ads – leading to more rewards and coins – so purchasing ads also has that huge benefit. 

Be on the lookout for continued improvements to the new targeted ad system in the near future!


empowr coin giveaway and auction

As discussed recently, empowr is launching its own coin. For details, you can read the announcement here

At the top of every profile, you’ll notice a ticker that displays the recent bids that have been placed by empowr citizens in the coin auction:

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

By clicking “Get your free coins”, you’ll be taken to the coin page where you can claim any free coins granted to you.   

As a reminder, instead of selling coins to investors at a discount before offering them to the empowr community, the community of citizens, success coaches and employees have decided to reverse the process by:

1. Providing 10% of all coins to ever be created to the community for free.

These coins are called Founder coins because you, the community that worked hard in this crazy alpha project, are its Founders: 

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

Remember: the amount of free coins you received is based on your all-time mission points. The more value you provided the empowr economy, the more free coins you received.

2. Any coins that go unclaimed by the community founders will be auctioned off to active community founders (and at a discount to investors – as you’ll see below):

Participating in the coin auction

After claiming your free coins, you’ll have the ability to participate in the coin auction and earn even more bonus (free) coins by placing your bid.

To place your bid, simply enter your:

A) MAX BID: the highest price you're willing to pay (per coin), and

B) TOTAL SPEND: If you win, what's the total amount you want to spend

  LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

For the coin auction, we’ve added several new payment options for your convenience including PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin and Ether:

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

Each payment choice comes with specific instructions, so be sure to follow each closely to ensure you’re credited for your bid as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve placed your bid, you’ll see it added to your bid summary at the top of the page:

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa


You can edit your bids at any time during the coin auction by clicking on the ticker at the top of any profile:

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

When the auction (bidding) ends:

The list of bids will be sorted by highest max bid price, to lowest.

Starting at the top of that sorted list, each bidder's order is fulfilled until the available unclaimed coin supply is exhausted.

The last person to win coins, sets the price for everyone above them.

Tip: Your max bid should be the highest per-coin price you're willing to pay – but not more -- to push yourself to the front of the line and ensure you don't miss out.


This is fair because:

·         Everyone gets the same final price

·         Everyone gets an opportunity to receive bonus (free) coins

·         The final price for everyone is set by the lowest (max bid per coin) price set by the last person that got in

·         Almost everyone will get a lower price than their max bid. (Only the last person pays exactly their max bid).

·         If there’s a tie between bidders, bids will be honored on a first come, first served basis. (IE: Bid date)

Suggested strategy:

Your max bid should be the highest per-coin price you're willing to pay – but not more -- to push yourself to the front of the line and ensure you don't miss out.

If you win, your price will most likely be below your max bid.

You'll pay nothing (and get no coins) if the final price ends up higher than you're willing to pay.


Bonus (free) coins

As a thank you to the empowr community, founders have the opportunity to earn 50% more (free) coins on every bid that you place in the coin auction!

LAUNCHING NOW:  Targeted ads + empowr coin giveawa

For the next 16 days, you can get 50% bonus (free) coins on any bids placed in the coin auction.

If your bid wins, you'll receive 50% more coins for free. For example, if your bid has a total spend of $1,000, you'll receive an additional $500 of coins based on the final price.

empowr promises not to approach or solicit large investors for its coin before this Founder 50% discount period runs out.

And finally:

Aside from the strong desire to use the coin as a way to thank our incredible community members, one of the other reasons behind the decision to provide coins to the community for free, was that by doing so, we could be confident that our incredible community members couldn’t and wouldn’t lose money.

Blockchain and related technologies are all new, and the price of coins are volatile. We strongly urge you to not bid on coins.  If you do -- only bid total amounts of money that you’re OK with losing.

As so many of you have pointed out, empowr has such high chances of success mostly because of the energy, optimism and hard work of its incredible community members. 

If our community members start losing their minds and focus, because of, say, the price of coins – it will have a negative impact on the quality of their lives and the quality of the work that we do together to make this mission a reality.

Therefore, since we are all receiving free coins, why not let others (for example, large investors) take on any risks with their coin purchases, so that we can all stay very focused on the success of the mission and platform?

Success Coaches: I hope you keep these thoughts in mind when answering questions from students. It does not help the empowr mission if our citizens are buying coins with money they cannot afford to lose.

Any questions? We’re here for you.

Your President


Johnny Cash

Thanks Brian!

Everyone: You – we -- all of us – are a bunch of optimists. That personal quality (optimism) is one thing we all share – it’s what allows each of us to go after this massive mission together. And so it’s because of your amazing amount of optimism that I feel like I need to emphasize some points:

The purpose of empowr coins is to be able to purchase things in the empowr community and marketplace. Buying it primarily in the hopes its value will skyrocket means you’re instead looking at it like an investment. And that’s not good. Why?

Coins are risky. They are volatile. You may lose money. Blockchain is new and has real issues. Like all such coins the empowr coins will be fraught will all sorts of risks that are outside of your and our collective control. There’s no guarantee of anything, not even that blockchain will be around next year or that the coin will ever be available to buy and sell on a third-party exchange. You do not need to bid – that’s why you’re getting free coins.

OK, but what about those empowr citizens that haven’t had a chance to earn as many mission points and coins as they would have liked? Don’t worry – that’s why empowr has retained the other 90% -- 9 billion coins – so it can reward you for all you do. This is just the beginning – not the end. Going forward, every day empowr and/or your empowr country will be rewarding you for your posts, coaching, sales and much more – based on your 30-day mission points. And we’ll have tons of coins to do that with. That’s what they’re for.

In addition, if too much of our attention goes to the coin – if we start caring too much about, say, its price -- we’ll each risk losing our ability to make decisions for the mission and the betterment of humanity. What’s the best way to avoid caring too much about the coin? It’s simple: Don’t buy any coin.

Let me remind you that if this was just a way for you to make some quick money, you wouldn’t be here. Please take a moment to stop what you’re doing and remember / internalize that fact, so you can more easily stay true to who you are despite the allure of seemingly shiny objects like this.

That's it -- and sorry for sounding like 'mom'. Thanks for listening.

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Thank you Empowr, 193,530 coins

23 months ago
Tor-Erik Breiland (Northern Lights Citizen )

Great news and I have already claimed my COINS! Thanks!

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

As Tony Robins put it when asked about bitcoin, only buy what you can afford to lose.

In other words, don't have an attachment to it.

Only invest what you can afford to lose so that no matter what it will be a win-win for you, for everyone.

As Johnny says the true value from these coins, in the beginning, will come from using them within the system... to hanging on to them for the long run to support the mission, to support yourself.

The best way to do that is not to have a financial attachment to them where you must sell them at x dollars.

It's all about working together to make these coins priceless in how they will support the system, the mission of helping 4 billion people escape extreme poverty within seven years.

23 months ago
Umair Siddique

AWESOME! So excited, thanks for all the hard work.

23 months ago
Muhammad Sarwar

This is that for I am waiting for......
I have also design a symbol for empowr coin. as US dollar, bitcoin and other world currency have,
How can I put it forward to Brian or Johnny Cash for approval (if it is not decided yet).
Can I ?
Today, I am very glade to get almost 10k free empowr coins.
Now, I would have to invest more of my time into it. I truly believe it will pay off !
(For the coin auction, we’ve added several new payment options for your convenience including PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin and Ether: ).....................................................
Kindly also consider " Empowr reserves" as payment source for people like me who have not PayPal but have money available for cash out. So we can too take part in Auction.
Thanks, Brian, and the empowr team.
Optimist for empowr future.

23 months ago
David Bruyland

Great news! I'll go and claim my awarded coins right now. It's great to see these changes implemented at such a quick pace. This can only get better. 🙂
Thanks, Brian, and the empowr team.

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Trever McGhee here, I agree with David
*******Go and claim your FREE coins*****
***** Tell everyone you know ****
Especially those that have left empowr for various reasons, their more valuable than any coin than we could possibly buy in this auction.

The true value and worth will come from everyone using these coins within the system in a way that builds it bigger and better than any system before or after it.

The key to having value for these coins within this system is by increasing the number of people using them in the manner they were designed for, which will naturally increase the demand for these coins to be higher than the number of coins being released

****So please help me tell everyone that they need to claim their coins or else they could lose them after there's a gap of 72 hours where no coins have been claimed or if empowr has to close it early due to unforeseen circumstances, there's no guarantee when it will end.

This is our opportunity to help those that came before us, that gave up their time and money to help empowr get this far but had to leave.

Every month, empowr is going to be releasing more coins, so we'll have opportunities to earn more, so let us utilize these free coins to maximise our numbers so that we can move forward faster and stronger than before.

Use this opportunity to bring people together, to inspire others to get involved, to move forward on a long-term goal of achieving the mission within the next seven years.

One last note, take Brians, JC's, my advice and only bid/buy coins that you can afford to lose as there are no guarantees for the value of these coins today or tomorrow or down the road. What we have is an amazing coin with unlimited possibilities if we work together to acheive our long-term goals without the worry that we have to sell tomorrow in order to make our rent....

23 months ago
Qadri Adinoyi

Beautiful ...BEAUTiful..... BEAUTIFUL !!! A great news for we citizens indeed .....BIG UPS EMPOWR !

23 months ago
Peter Bechtold

Wonderful by all means!
Never did my wildest dreams ever hope for this, yet it is happening right here before my eyes! Optimists we are, but optimism has to be based on some true hope and we have always had it with empowr! Now hope springs forth as never before and I personally am probably the most excited person on earth!! Thanks for giving us first shot and rewarding us for work done. Awesome.

23 months ago
Umair Siddique

The risks involved are totally understandable and I'm sure everyone will be considering all the factors involved and make the best choice to purchase the amount they can afford. I'd say those who are willing to take risks are the ones mostly succeeding in the biggest of ways; especially those who can persevere and not give up, many thanks again Brian and JC :)

23 months ago

At last, we saw this day.This is the beginning of a flying start and I expect will march forward with a hyper speed. Great JC, Brian. Salute to your efforts.
Clarities of creating ads will be more helpful. And moreover, additional mission points for the ads will encourage us. Great, I am really speechless.

23 months ago

AWESOME...Launch of empowr coins i just got some 5k for free i am so happy for the free coins and i really like this strategy of empow "since we are all receiving free coins, why not let others (for example, large investors) take on any risks with their coin purchases" and i totally agree with this statement and now waiting for our vision 2025 to become reality(empowr coin to be the most expensive coin in the market).Move aside bitcoin...
Thanks Jc and Brian for the awesome news

23 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Great News! Thank you very much Brian and the empowr team!

23 months ago
Union - Empowr

Wow! it is awesome news! A new era of empowr has started. Good luck, empowr community!

23 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

Got it Sir, I am very happy for the launching of the new features; Targeted ads + empowr coin giveaway + auction. I am optimistic that this is the start of a new day for empowr.
Thank you!

23 months ago
Farooq Jan

Awesome news, thanks empowr for such a hard work to bring our lives better.

23 months ago
Marilyn Trabaccone

I am very excited to be a part of empowr! We just keep moving forward to greater things. This is a great business opportunity and the more we invest ourselves in it, the better we all will do. I have believed from the beginning that this was not a get rich quick scheme and knew I would have to invest my time and money into it. I truly believe it will pay off!

A very important note was made in this blog. Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose buying additional cryptocurrency. While I truly believe in us and our ability to make it successful, it is still a gamble so only invest money you have.

I am so excited for the future of empowr!

23 months ago
Meliha Colic

This is awesome news. Thank you Brian, JC and empowr team.

23 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, JC,

Good Evening, finished the first reading of post, understand and thank you for the Coins, as a success coach will keep those thoughts in mind, we all optimistic excited for our own cryptocurrency and finally, we have,, thank you for giving us the way to make some quick money,

Khaleeq Ahmed

23 months ago
Progress Chukwu

The mission and vision of empowr remains the true picture. The empowr coin is a compliment. We in our regular spirit of oneness of purpose will keep the vision and mission alive.

Thanks President Brain, Thanks Jonny Cash, Thanks empowr employees and engineers, Thanks Success Coaches of all categories, Thanks empowr citizens, and every other person who has been involved in one way or the other in achieving this milestone.

23 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww, am 100% happy on reading this post now, this is excellent everything is falling into place without waste of much time, Great work Jc,Brian and every other person working towards the progress and success of empowr.
Thanks very much

23 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

This news is great and I am so much happy to read this news today... this is more than wonderful

23 months ago
Richard Mark Maritz

Thanks Brain 🏆🏆🏆 This is the amazing 🏆🏆🏆 I love the new ad system and welcome the new improvements, thanks for that. The payment sources for coins are a good add, love it. Now I must go claim my free coins... And get my bids in... ( Not to worry I will only use money I can afford to use, will also share this important information with other citizens)

23 months ago
Muhammad Ijaz

O my God Thanks Empowr

23 months ago
Mjay Jacob

Wow, empowr is really on the go!...Great news for everyone. Thanks empowr team for the continuous development.

23 months ago
Nasir Malik

To All At The Empowr Team at the Top........This is fantastic news as itfels much more like an economy which also gives access to the outside world to interact with empowr. Congratulations and well done. Thank you for my coins and for allowing all of us to bid for additional coins at a discount.

23 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Thank you for such wonderful news! This gives hope and confidence to the inevitable success of the community.

23 months ago

Thanks, Brian, I have just claimed my free coins. What a lovely feeling. It is wonderful to see the running line with coin sale on the top. it just reminds us of the wonderful opportunity of getting additional coins for next to nothing. This is what we have all been waiting for, and now before Christmas, it has happened. Thank you for this amazing Christmas present. Regards, Franz.

23 months ago
Amada Marcelino

I already got my free coins. Thanks a lot. Praise the Lord!!!

23 months ago
Dubere Emilia

Thank you for such wonderful news!

23 months ago
Amy Maria Talledo

This is the moment. Great, great development of the platform, this a wonderful Christmas for all empowr citizens.
Thank you Brian!

23 months ago
Arriany H.

incredible, very good news. thanks brian

23 months ago
Valiantsina Tsupa

Thank you for the news! I'm glad that such hard work done by the empowr team is finally coming to an end. Good luck everyone!

23 months ago
Prashant Dimri

Thanks for the updates.Yes,time is directly proportional to COIN now.The citizens who witnessed the phases of development with ups and downs deserve the most and others who act and believe the sensitivity of mission deserve the best.

23 months ago
Spartak Sadullaev

Wonderful News! Thank you very much Mr. Brian and empowr team!

23 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Thank you for the wonderful news! This gives confidence in the success of the community. Thank you for your work!

23 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Empowr is Great!!!

23 months ago
Lyuba Kuzmina

Thank you for the great news! This will lead to the success of the community. Thanks for your work !

23 months ago
Yuliana .

Awesome news. I am very happy to read this. Thank you, Brian!

23 months ago
Revathi R

This is awesome news. Launching coin very fast its very good news.
Thanks Brian

23 months ago
Deddy S S

Very good news. I love breakthroughs and new programs from empowr.

23 months ago
Ju Idris

Thanks! this is good news.

23 months ago
Dirja Nur Ilham

Good news for all of us, thank you very much for your hard work to bring our lives better.

23 months ago
Vigneshwar Asaithambi

Excellent. Excited to get started with Empowrs coin. Thank you for all the hard works done in favor of it's Citizens.

23 months ago
Nathan Afum

Empowr team great job and welcome the new improvement system.

23 months ago
Andrea Melchiori

Thank you, already collected my coins!

23 months ago
Lyudmila Treschalova

Thank you, for the news, I'm very glad that we can already claim our free coins.

23 months ago
Shahid Ijaz Shehdi

thanks, this is really a good news.

23 months ago
Aileen So Yongco

Thank you very much Brian! I already claim my coins. I am so excited with this latest feature.
Cheers everyone!

23 months ago
Oleg Ossipov

A completely new turn of events. It's just super!

23 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

23 months ago
Brian C Woosley

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