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The next billion coins

by Johnny Cash on January 09, 2018

The next billion coins

My fellow empowrians,

I hope your year is off to a great start.

In our last discussion, we discussed how Coins would work within empowr.

As always, many thanks for your many thoughtful and passionate comments.

As they usually do, your thoughts have materially adjusted the way we are thinking about various elements of the strategy and approach.

Apologies, by the way, that it has become difficult to respond to all thoughts given the large quantity of comments. Rest assured that your time is not being wasted; most everyone at empowr is reading all your comments.


In that post, we mentioned that in our next discussion (today) we will have a critically important decision to make...

... one that, years from now, we may find was one of the most important decisions we made together.


The decision has to do with how to distribute our next billion Coins.

There are two (2) very different ways to go with this, which we will discuss today.

Then, so that we can be confident of the community’s wishes, we’ll need to cast our electronic votes given the importance of this decision.

Let’s get started.


As you know, our mission and overarching goal call for helping 4 billion people in only 7 years from now.

Hopefully it’s clear to all that, to achieve our mission and goal, we should set our sights on the empowr Coin becoming of the world’s most successful in the world.


We must set a goal to make the empowr Coin very successful, very quickly.

The higher the value and price of our Coin, the more people we’ll be able to help...

... so driving up the value and price of our Coin should be considered a necessary step to accomplishing the mission.


Where do we start?

Here are 3 things I think we can all agree on:


1.  Innovate, build, test: 

There’s simply no way around investing significantly into building the knowledge, methodologies, technologies and product features needed to build and retain DEMAND for our Coin. 

Status:  Done!

Together this is exactly what we have been doing for many years.

Are you new to empowr?

Watch this to learn all about everything the empowr community has developed to build and retain demand for our cryptocurrency Coin. 


Rest assured that we will continue to work hard to improve EVERYTHING...

... but, as of today, together this community has already invented, developed, tested and deployed more technologies to drive demand for virtual currency than any other company in the world.


2.  Bring millions of new citizens into empowr:

The more people that want or use (= demand) our Coin, the higher its value and price should go. 

Why? Any coin price is based on Supply and Demand.

Since our Coin has a fixed Supply, its Demand factors are what we should focus on.

Let’s talk about our options in a moment.

By the way, do you know how many people actually currently own any Bitcoin?

Only about half a million. 

We could surpass this number soon after officially launching our Coin.


3.  Bring thousands of merchants into empowr:

The more places that our Coin can be utilized to purchase products and services, the higher the demand (and price) for our Coin.

                  In a moment, we’ll discuss our options to do this, too.

                  Question: How many merchants accept Bitcoin?

                  Not many. Perhaps as few as couple hundred or a thousand


Given everything we have already built together...

... it’s clear that we have the opportunity to have our Coin utilized by many times more consumers and merchants -- than Bitcoin – THIS YEAR – in 2018...

... and then hundreds or even thousands of times greater than that, within just the next few years.


So, what are our options to quickly bring in millions of new citizens and merchants?

We have two (2) very different options available to us:

A.   We can utilize outside resources:

Marketing to consumers

As discussed at length, the company is preparing to sell its Coins on the open exchange or directly to investors...

... and use the funds to pay for user acquisition and marketing -- such as buying advertising from Google, Facebook or hundreds of other ad networks.


Marketing to merchants

The company also plans to use some of the funds from selling its Coins, to hire firms with local representatives, to visit local merchants and sign them up.

As a reminder, the process of “signing up” merchants is incredibly easy because...

... unlike most offers merchants are presented with...

... with empowr’s offer merchants need to pay nothing, risk nothing, and even sign no contract to achieve their #1 top objective...

... which is to receive new customers that have funds they are able and eager to spend.

By the way, here’s a sample sticker that will go on merchant’s windows - in the local language:

                             The next billion coins


B.   We can utilize the empowr community:

If, however, together we decide that utilizing our community should be our primary approach for attracting new citizens and merchants...

...  the main benefit would be that most of the next billion empowr Coins will end up in the hands of empowr citizens...

... as opposed to outside investors with little interest in our mission and goals.

This approach has some incredibly consequential long-term benefits that we’ll discuss in a moment, other than the most obvious one (which is more potential wealth for our citizens).

We can pursue both A and B approaches simultaneously, but realistically we’ll need to decide which approach we prefer, so that we can invest most of our focus and resources (including most of our Coins) into ensuring our preferred approach succeeds.

To keep this post from getting even longer, for those of you that have an interest in the science of economics, I will point you to an article on Wikipedia on the topic of Import substitution industrialization – which discusses the pros and cons of using inside vs. outside resources to build an economy:

A small excerpt from the Wikipedia article:

Import substitution industrialization (ISI) is a trade and economic policy which advocates replacing foreign imports with domestic production. ISI is based on the premise that a country should attempt to reduce its foreign dependency through the local production of industrialized products. The term primarily refers to 20th-century development economics policies, although it has been advocated since the 18th century by economists such as Friedrich List and Alexander Hamilton.

ISI policies were enacted by countries in the Global South with the intention of producing development and self-sufficiency through the creation of an internal market. ISI works by having the state lead economic development through nationalization and subsidization of vital industries.


The case for utilizing outside resources

There are very clear advantages in using our next billion Coins to hire well-established outside firms.

The main benefit to utilizing outside resources is that we can move fast – very fast – which should all but guarantee that we’ll soon have more owners, consumers and merchants utilizing our Coins than Bitcoin or any other coin that we are aware of.

That is a big deal that is well within our grasp.

In contrast, if we utilize our community for the acquisition of consumers and merchants, the process will, at best, be slower than using outside resources that are already set up and operational.

For example, many investors are already very excited about cryptocurrency so the timing is great to quickly raise millions from them.

Then, using those funds, Google or Facebook advertising can start delivering new citizens to us literally within minutes.

The case for utilizing the community

The main benefit to utilizing our community for the acquisition of consumers and merchants is that we’ll end up distributing most of our next billion Coins to our current active community.

Our Coins ending up in your hands instead of investors benefits the long-term viability and success of empowr because it results in a much stronger cultural foundation for empowr to build its democracy and economy on top of.



I will attempt to describe how and why.


Please try and stay focused with me here, as I attempt to explain this concept

I promise that you won’t regret the investment of time and focus – as you look to cast your vote after reading this post.

In the years and decades to come, empowr will surely face some critical junctures and decision moments.

It has always been the case that the rich and powerful – the influential -- in all societies have most of the power to decide which way to go in important community decisions...

... for example, whether or not to make certain short-term sacrifices in order to create a better future for everyone. 

And since the rich and powerful often have the most to lose (in the short-term) from making decisions that are painful in the short-term (example: increasing taxes)...

... usually the societies that end up making the optimal decisions for the long-term...

... the societies that end up surviving and thriving...

... are those whose rich and powerful were, overall, more willing to pay the required short-term price in order for society as a whole to reap the long-term benefits.


When the big decision moments arrive in the future:

If the darker forces prevail – the forces of pessimism, selfishness, lack of empathy and care or long-term vision...

... the community is more likely to go down a wrong path...

... a path that’s less likely to result in the long-term survival or success of the community and economy. 


If, on the other hand, the forces of light prevail

... that is, when the big decision moments arrive...

...  if the most influential people are, mostly, able to overcome short-term selfish needs in order to push themselves and others to do what’s better for the long-term viability of the community or economy...

... that society will be much more likely to survive and grow stronger.


We have this one chance to get our cultural foundation right

Many people left empowr in the last year, for a variety of reasons that I don’t fault them for.

The largest reason, by far, was a lack of short-term monetary rewards.

We were all sad to see them go.



Would you say that on average the people that left cared less for the empowr mission than you did?

Of course the more a person cared about the mission, the more likely they were to stay involved despite any monetary challenges – on average.


Another question: 

Can you say that they were on average less optimistic people than you are?

That is, were they less able to keep their cups half-full (as opposed to half-empty) than you were?

There are exceptions, of course, but -- on average -- I think that is a fact.


My belief is that the more a person cares about money -- with little or no regard for building a better world or helping others...

... and the less optimistic they are as a person...

... and the less ability they have to see what’s not directly in front of them...

... then the less likely they are to focus on a mission like empowr’s.

And the opposite holds true too.


The amazing place we now find ourselves

It is my opinion that all of this means that...

... as a result of the events of this last year...

...  the current empowr community much more closely matches what we will need...

... when the difficult decisions come our way in the years and decades to come.


Why this matters

Great societies have succeeded or failed...

...  based on which side prevailed in their big decisions:

Their Optimists or their Pessimists


Their big decisions, such as whether to invest (or not invest) in social programs such as education, social security or care for the young or elderly...

... those decisions generally went one way – or the other -- based on whether their most influential people generally had more empathy -- or less empathy for others.


Another example: 

Historically, societies chose to invest into future technologies based on whether their most powerful and influential people had vision or lacked vision...

... that is, whether more of them were able to see (and be motivated by) what’s not right in front of them...

... or, rather, if more of them could not believe in what they could not immediately touch and feel.


What I know about YOU

You have vision 

You are here because you can see and believe in what’s not directly and immediately in front of you.

You would not still be here, actively participating in empowr, if you lacked vision.


You have empathy

You may care about success and monetary gain but you also possess the ability to empathize with – to feel for -- the fate of others.

Even when you talk about money, you often talk about it in terms of what it can do for your loved ones.

Therefore, even your desire for monetary gain is coming partially, or mostly, from a place of empathy.


You are an optimist

When things are not going perfectly, you’re more able than most people to conclude that, soon, things will be better.

If your brain worked differently – if you were a pessimist – you would have left empowr by now.


These things about you are evident because there are many things competing for your time and attention and yet you’ve continued to choose this mission and effort as one of the few recipients – the winners -- of your scarce time and attention.

You are EXACTLY the person that I hope will be the most influential of citizens in the empowr when the big decisions of this community arrive in the months, years and decades to come.


A foundation of 10,000 pillars

Using your imagination:

Are you able to visualize empowr as a massive building...

... an incredibly stable structure that’s being held up by 10,000 solid marble pillars?


It is those pillars that... 

... will maintain the structural integrity of the structure....

... keeping it standing upright in the stable times, of course...

... but also when the earthquakes are shaking the structure to its core...

... or when the hurricane winds are howling...

... attempting to bring it down.


For the highest chances of ultimate long-term success, this mission needs a FOUNDATION of 10,000 people...

... scattered all over the world...

... that happen to have very strong personal traits in the areas of 1) vision, 2) empathy and 3) optimism.


And it would be VERY HELPFUL if those 10,000 people were millionaires


To be the most influential, they will need time to think about the consequences of the big decisions in front of them...

... and they’ll need time to educate and influence others in the democratic community...

... as opposed to needing to be mostly focused – at every moment...

 ... on making a living or where their next meal will come from.


If the next billion Coins are distributed to you....

... as opposed to nameless and faceless investors that have no knowledge or care for our mission...

... and no particular strength in the 3 relevant psychological characteristics discussed above (vision, empathy and optimism)...

... the decision to drive the potential wealth to you could be one of the very best decisions that, together, we have ever made...

... for the long-term viability and success of the mission, economy and company.

And that is why we’re having this discussion today.


The cost of getting this decision wrong

If, however, by choosing this path, we do NOT end up achieving the results....

... the number of new citizens and merchants that we need to rapidly explode adoption of our Coin and the platform we’ve painstakingly built together...

... then the decision to not primarily use outside resources will have been a suboptimal decision – perhaps even a fatal one.

The empowr mission will be much more likely to fail.

Yes, you will own lots of Coins...

... but they could very well be worthless.


Of course you would rather own less Coins that have great value...

... than more Coins that have little or no value.


And this is why the decision of what to do with most of the next billion Coins is such an important one...

... so important, in fact, that it must be made as a community together...

... as opposed to left to a small number of people at empowr’s headquarters making the decision by themselves.


Your vote

We need to put our heads together now...

... and make a very sober and thoughtful decision on which way to go. 

In a moment, we’ll vote.


My opinion?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

As we’ve moved closer to signing documents to deliver Coins to outsiders, I’ve spent a good amount of time tossing and turning on this decision.

I have thought back to our past -- to the similar decisions we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned.


Looking back...

Every time the moment arrived – and we needed to make a decision that involved short-term gains vs. the long-term viability of the mission....

... together we seem to have always decided to bet on the community. 


And that bet virtually always turned out to be the right decision.

When push comes to shove, this community steps up and does what is needed.


Which way am I leaning?

I think it must be your decision.

If you decide to go one way... or you decide to go the other... either way I think the community’s decision will be the right one. 

Why? “Collective intelligence” - more on that concept in a moment.


If you decide (vote) to bet on the community:

1.     We’ll shoot to distribute the next billion Coins into your hands quickly

I say quickly so that we can be assured that most of these Coins end up in your hands....

... the people that have the psychological factors discussed above...

... as opposed to the many thousands of new citizens that will soon be joining empowr...

... to ensure we’re ending up with the right pillars.

2.     Let’s distribute all Coins using a performance (merit) based approach

... so that we’re confident that we’re hitting our primary objective...

...  which is to drive up the value of our Coin by generating (consumer and merchant) demand and usage for it.


3.     But first, let’s agree to only go down this road if, together, we can be confident that we can and will accomplish our goals.

If, together, we determine that we currently do not have the community size, capability or motivation required to generate massive usage of our Coins...

... then we should instead immediately focus on selling most of our Coins to investors and use the proceeds to pay for advertising and other outside resources.


Let’s get specific

First, let’s remind ourselves of our overarching goal:

By the year 2025, we want to be helping 4B people to earn $25 or more daily.

We must ensure that any plan or direction we choose keeps us on track to reach that goal.


How to reach 4B citizens in 7 years

Starting with 500,000 citizens today, we need to add 100,000 new citizens in the current quarter, and increase that number each quarter, as follows:

Year         Quarter    New sign-ups       Total citizens

2018        Q1              100,000                  600,000

2018        Q2              200,000                  800,000

2018        Q3              300,000                  1,100,000

2018        Q4              400,000                  1,500,000


By accomplishing those numbers, we will have added 1M citizens to empowr in 2018.

Rest assured that, in 2018, we will also be very focused on improving the platform, removing bugs and roadblocks – to enable the next phases of growth.


Then, in the following two (2) years, we’ll add more new citizens, approximately as follows:

Year                           New sign-ups         Total citizens

2019                          10M                           11M

2020                          50M                           61M


By the end of 2020, of course we will have invested lots of time and resources into improving the platform...

... adding anything and everything you want and need – making it much easier for new citizens to become productive more quickly, including offering empowr in every conceivable language.


We can be confident that the platform will then be more than ready for continued massive expansion.

In the next two years, we’ll add even more new citizens, approximately as follows:

Year                           New sign-ups         Total citizens

2021                          200M                        260M

2022                          600M                        860M


By then, we will have added many data centers around the world, ensuring our platform is lightning-fast for citizens in every corner of the world. 

Word about the opportunities provided by the platform will be spreading far and wide, allowing the platform to grow approximately as follows:

Year                           New sign-ups         Total citizens

2023                          1.2B                           2.1B

2024                          1.8B                           3.9B

2025                          2B+                             6B+


Note:  We’ll want to far exceed 4B citizen sign-ups by 2025 because the above numbers don’t acknowledge the fact that some new citizens, especially in the very early months and year, won’t stay active and may even have their accounts deleted...

... returning later when the platform is improved and better able to serve them.


The process:

1.   Soon, we’ll get busy signing up new empowr citizens using whatever means we individually prefer, including personally reaching out to friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc...

... or contacts in our email address books...

... or printing out flyers and handing them out in busy places such as shopping malls...

... or by writing blog posts or creating and posting videos online.

Or even by using marketing and ads online and offline.

Each invitee (new citizen) that signs up as a result of our efforts will automatically receive 1 free Coin

That will allow us to introduce empowr to people as way to get a free Coin just for signing up...

... and of course on empowr they’ll uniquely earn Coins just for posting and sharing...

... something that well over 2B people already know how to do....

Using the Coin to introduce people to empowr can be very helpful if they’ve started to hear about Bitcoin and are aware of its rise from just pennies to $16,000.


2.  Let’s reward our citizens (YOU) one hundred (100) Coins for each and every citizen that sign ups from your profile link or invitation!


Have we lost our minds?

Look:  If we’re serious about driving the next billion coins to our active citizens quickly...

... and if we’re serious about rapdily creating 10,000 pillars right now...

... perhaps we must make a bold move like this right now.

In fact, we are going to suggest that the bonus of 100 Coins (per new citizen sign-up) be only the beginning.


3.  Let’s drive even more Coins to citizens based on performance:

·       If any citizen signs up three (3) new citizens, let’s give them a bonus of 300 additional Coins

o   That’s a total of 600 Coins earned for signing up only three (3) new citizens:

--  The math:

·       That’s 100 X 3 new citizens (=300 Coins)

·       plus an additional bonus of 300 Coins for reaching three (3) new citizens

·       = 600 Coins total


4.  To help reduce fraud and anyone creating “fake” accounts, let’s focus on not just acquiring a new citizen, but ensuring the new citizen understands empowr and becomes successful.

·       We suggest that only sign-ups should count if the new citizen earns 100 mission points

·       In this manner, someone attempting to steal from you -- the empowr community -- by creating “fake” accounts – won’t work



Does ensuring that your invitees become productive (earning 100 or more mission points) sound difficult?


I submit for your consideration that: 

A.  Doing most things the first time, or first few times, is or sounds difficult

B.  Like everything else in life, if you’re motivated and keep trying, you’ll figure out the “tricks of the trade”

C.  We’re in this together. If we all help each other learn what works and doesn’t work, we’ll all learn incredibly quickly.

The more everyone else succeeds, the more the value and price of YOUR Coins increase.

Notice that this approach is NOT competitive in nature:

·       There are NO benefits for citizens to keep their discoveries to themselves

·       There are HUGE benefits for sharing innovations so that others can succeed too

Therefore, everyone will be highly motivated to share their learnings, ideas and breakthroughs.


My prediction

I predict that – if together we vote to go forward with this approach -- the community will be quick to try different approaches and learn what works and what doesn’t...

... and will be quick to share everything we come up with each other – whether it’s:

A.  Flyers or handouts that describe empowr and motivate people to sign up

If your handout is effective, distribute the file so others can translate it to their own language and get similar results to what you’re achieving

B.  Blog posts and videos that work

Teach others to do the same, so they can benefit from your innovations and even improve on them...

... bringing you and everyone else their additional improvements so you and everyone can get even more successful

Again, each person’s success is everyone’s success – we are not in competition with each other AND we all benefit (from more demand being created for our Coin) which increases the Coin’s value and price for everyone.

C.   Effective messages that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, email invites or other communication apps

One you find a highly effective message, it will likely work for others too.

D.  Text or banner ads that can be published on any of thousands of websites around the world

There’s nothing stopping you from acquiring thousands of new empowr citizens PER DAY if you’re willing to spend some money to purchase advertising

You can then spend time working with those invitees to ensure they become productive.

Remember, your Mission Points page shows you everyone you’ve invited and everyone that signed up after using your profile URL – so you can communicate with them.

E.  Methods or approaches to ensure our sign-ups become active and productive

For example, some might find that the easiest way to ensure new citizens earn 100 mission points, is to simply show them how the Mission Wheel rewards them with much larger prizes if they just step up to ANY Mission Role (even the lowest role they can buy – Mission Supporter -- which costs only $10)

Even with that lowest mission role, they’ll earn 100 mission points.

And others will find that the key is to quickly teach invitees to do exactly what you’re doing...

... which is to earn Coins by signing-up new citizens.

If your invitees get focused on doing just that, it will soon occur to them to step up and become a Mission Supporter or higher themselves...

... not just because of the prizes on the Mission Wheel but also because that’s what they’ll be teaching their own invitees. 

Indeed, signing up new citizens and immediately teaching them to do the same might be the smartest way to go.

And yet others might find that immediately (at the time of sign-up) securing a meeting (offline -- or online using Skype, Google Hangouts or other) with your invitees is the best way to ensure you’ve got their attention after they sign-up...

... at which point you’ll show them your top tips for success.

I am sure many of you will create webinars, as a way to teach your sign-ups how to succeed.

It’s not hard to imagine a webinar series that invitees can look forward to that, step by step, handholds them to success.

Some of you might partner up with each other....

...  with one or more of you focused on sign-ups...

... and the other focused on ensuring the sign-ups get productive.

When you find what works, my prediction is that you’ll waste no time distributing your breakthroughs with the community...

... so that everyone else can succeed too...

... and build on your ideas and distribute their own innovations to the community.

We are quite literally all in this together – as in All for One and One for All

It’s not hard to see how, with this approach, we will quickly move to a place where everyone is signing-up lots of new citizens and ensuring they become productive.


Did you know?

The idea that together our combined intelligence is many times greater than any single person’s intelligence – this concept is called “collective intelligence” by scientists.

In fact, one of our close advisors, Dr. Helene Landemore, Professor of Political Science at Yale University has a written a ground-breaking book on the topic, which you can check out here on Google, Amazon or Princeton Press. 

Larger bonuses

5.   Next, let’s bonus even more Coins to our most dedicated citizens:

·       Upon reaching a total of six (6) sign-ups, let’s bonus them an additional 600 Coins

·       That’s a total of 1,500 Coins earned, for only six (6) sign-ups


6.  It’s clear that the number of Coins distributed to our current active community will be quite large – which is exactly one of our objectives as discussed above – creating pillars.

We’ll want to ensure these Coins don’t end up being dumped onto the currency exchanges, diminishing the value of the Coins.

·    Therefore, it seems logical to decide that Bonus Coins should be subject to the same vesting schedule as the Founder Coins distributed (1% per month)


7.   Let’s keep moving as we have a lot more Coins to distribute.

Let’s distribute more Coins by adding an additional bonus for successfully signing up twelve (12) new citizens:

·       When 12 sign-ups are achieved, add 2,000 more Coins to the total bonus

o   That’s a total of 4,100 Coins earned for only twelve (12) sign-ups!


Look, I know some of you are starting to get concerned about the number of Coins being distributed.

I promise that we’ll have a chance to discuss the merits below...

... as well as cast your vote to communicate your approval – or disapproval – for what’s being suggested.

8.   OK, we still have a lot more Coins to distribute quickly, if we are serious about creating 10,000 pillars.

·       For 25 sign-ups, let’s add 5,000 more Coins

o   To be clear, that’s 10,400 Coins for 25 sign-ups

·    And upon achieving the 50 sign-up milestone, let’s add 12,500 more Coins

o   Now we’re at 25,400 Coins for a total of 50 sign-ups


9.  We full recognize that many of you have big ambitions.

You are, after all, optimists with big vision...

       ... so let’s add even larger bonuses when higher numbers are achieved:

·       Upon signing up a total of 100 empowr citizens, I suggest that a bonus of 25,000 Coins be added

o   That’s 55,400 Coins for a total of 100 citizens


10.  There is no doubt in my mind that MANY will argue that the number of Coins being distributed has grown too large, but again, that is the purpose of this push.

As a reminder, our objective is to help create 10,000 millionaire pillars.

I say help because not one single Coin is being handed out without performance (except for the 1 free coin to each of your new citizen invitees). 

This suggested opportunity will be equally open to everyone on empowr right now.


11.  On the other hand, I know MANY of you will like this approach and will want even more Coins.

Therefore, let’s keep going:

·       At 250 sign-ups, we’ll add 75,000 more Coins (totaling 145,400 Coins)

·       At 500 sign-ups, an additional 125,000 Coins – for a grand total of 295,400 Coins earned


12.  And finally, for anyone that introduces 1,000 new citizens to empowr, we suggest adding an additional 250,000 Coins – for a grand total of over HALF A MILLION Coins earned.

595,400 Coins, to be exact.

Those of you that exceed 1,000 new invitees will receive similar bonuses as if you had started the 2nd 1,000 from scratch. That is, the same bonuses will apply to your sign-ups after your first 1,000.


Is this sounding ridiculous?

Now, some of you will say that this has become ridiculous.

You will say that the sheer quantity of Coins distributed will devalue our Coins.


There’s no question that you very well may be right.

This is why I am so glad that Brian, our President, myself and other employees at empowr are NOT making such a big decision by ourselves...

... and that the decision is YOURS to make.

And since many of you already have earned and own a lot of Coins – you can absolutely be trusted to make a good decision on this subject.


Please consider that:

A.  If the community is bought into the objective and importance of driving the next billion coins into the hands of our optimistic, empathetic and visionary community members...

... in order to create 10,000 empathetic, visionary and optimistic millionaire pillars...

... this is as good a way to do it as any -- because it is fully performance-based.

Yes, the numbers grow to be very, very large.  But it is all performance-based.

B.  Given the monthly vesting requirement, we can be assured that the Coins will not be earned by people that don’t actually care about the mission and are only looking for a quick way to earn and exit.

C.  Anyone attempting to defraud the community (by creating fake accounts themselves) will risk losing their empowr account and everything they earn here and even have previously earned.

We are confident that we will catch them and remove them from the platform.

D.  As soon as 100,000 citizens are signed up, together we’ll evaluate what has been accomplished, and decide (vote) whether to open up a second phase (for the next 200,000 new citizens) of this approach – to drive even more Coins to our community.

                  And then we’ll do it again for the 300,000 new citizen phase...

... as well as the 400,000 new citizen phase.

E.  What about signing up merchants?

In order to focus as a community, we suggest that we temporarily hold on the merchant program until we sign up our first 100,000 new citizens – at which point we’ll launch the merchant program.

Why wait? 

Without a growing number of citizens to visit your local merchants, doesn’t it make more sense to first focus single-mindedly on starting the ramp-up of new citizens...

... and ensure those citizens are quickly shown how to succeed in empowr...

... so that they will, for example, have lots of Coins to spend at the local merchants that you sign up?

Personally, I CANNOT WAIT to open up the merchant sign-up opportunity as I think it can be even more fun and rewarding than what’s being discussed here today.

Waiting will also give the empowr engineering team a few more weeks to improve all the merchant tools and pages they’ve been building.


The case for becoming a success coach NOW

People that are serious about achieving the most in life, usually find that the best way to do that is to do it with and through others -- by building their own organization.

 When you become a success coach, your invitees will automatically be assigned to you, as students.

That means that YOU will earn even more when your invitees earn by:

·       -- Inviting new citizens

·       -- Signing up merchants

·       -- Even becoming success coaches themselves

You will, in fact, earn up to 50% of what they earn as success coaches...

... so if I were you, I would plant a seed with your invitees within a few weeks of their signing up, about them becoming a success coach.

If you end up with just (4) success coaches reporting to you, and teach each of them to do the same...

... before you know it, you could be leading (and earning from) an organization of hundreds of success coaches...

... serving tens of thousands of students.

You might even try your hand at becoming an empowr senator or congressperson (an opportunity that's reserved for success coaches) or even step up to become empowr's next president in the empowr presidential election later this year.

To become a success coach now, simply speak with your own success coach.


GOAL: 100,000 new citizens by Feb 15th, 2018

This goal might be accomplished by 100,000 citizens signing up an average of one citizen each...

... or 10,000 current citizens signing up an average of 10 new citizens...

... or 1,000 citizens signing up an average of 100 new citizens...

... or 100 people signing up 1,000 new citizens each.


We suggest that the sign-ups need to happen by Feb 15th...

... but let’s allow more time for those citizens to become productive (100 mission points). 

That is, we suggest that the above compensation only counts if your invitees earn 100 mission points on or before March 15th.


Start thinking about your vote

As a reminder, there are two (2) very different ways to go – and we need your vote on which way to go.

Specifically, it makes no sense to go this way if we don’t believe we currently have what it takes...

... such as the number of active citizens willing to step up, or the motivation or the ambition...

... to sign up 100,000 new citizens.

If we don’t currently have the capability to pull this off now, it clearly makes more sense to instead focus our resources on selling our Coins to outsiders and simply purchasing advertising.


On the other hand, if we decide to pay the price of learning how to do this within our community...

... that is, if together we quickly develop the skills of how to interest a new person in empowr...

... and learn how to quickly teach them to succeed in empowr...


... and if we then we transfer those skills to the new citizens joining empowr...

... empowr can very quickly become, by far, the largest social network in the world.


Consider this:

If the 100,000 people we sign up, are taught and motivated with Coins...

...  to sign up an average of 20 people each...

... and if those people teach and compensate their own invitees...

...  to sign up an average of 10 people each...

 ... and those invite an average of 5 people each...

... and those people invite only 4...

... and those people 3...

... and those only 2...

... empowr will be over twice as large as Facebook.

We will have exceeded our 2025 goal of serving 4 billion people.


Each “generation” shown above could take a year to happen...

... or, each generation could happen in as little as a month or even a few weeks...

... depending on how good we get -- as a community – at simply:

1.  Showing new people why they should join empowr, and

2.  How to succeed within in it


Needless to point out, hopefully:

All of that activity will be driving up the knowledge about, demand and price of our Coins into the sky...

... with people selling their Bitcoins and other assets...

... to buy as much of empowr’s Coins as they can...

... and merchants tripping over each other to hook up to the empowr economy. 


This community just may have everything it takes to make this chain reaction happen right now.

Next, let’s find out for sure.


How to vote

At the top left of your profile, notice the new text: "Ready to become a big coin owner?" 

                        The next billion coins

Click it to pop open the pledge window.

There, you can make a pledge as to what you think you’ll be willing and able to step up and accomplish.

1.  How many empowr citizens are you pledging to sign up?

2.  How many merchants are you willing to sign up?

If you don’t believe in this approach – and believe empowr should choose the other option of selling Coins to investors and purchasing advertising, simply leave those fields blank.

Blank fields will indicate that you are voting to distribute most of the next billion Coins to investors.

If our consumer pledges don’t add up to 100,000 new citizens or more, then we know our best path is to utilize outside resources.

If, however, our credible pledges add up to more than 100,000 new citizens, we will take that as the community’s vote for moving forward with distributing most of the next billion Coins to the community...

... and starting the chain reaction discussed above.


What pledge should YOU make?

If you believe the community should move forward as discussed above...

... what numbers should you pledge?

I mean, how can you know NOW what you can accomplish until you get out there and try?


My short answer is that – as many of you know so well – you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to – if you just don’t quit along the way.

In other words: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

The community calls this concept W-TAW-TAW.

W-TAW-TAW is one of the core beliefs many here in empowr share.

This concept is the basis for how empowr – with its crazy goal of building all of this without a single penny from investors -- was founded and why so many people have stayed with empowr for so many years despite the hardships.

This shared belief is further evidence of a strong strain of optimism -- and optimists -- in empowr.


So, perhaps a better question to ask yourself is:

 “Knowing that whatever goal I set for myself, I WILL accomplish it if I just don’t quit when obstacles show up in my way...

... how much WILL do I have?

In other words:

1.  How much do I want this community and mission to succeed? 

2.  How much do I want to succeed personally?


Don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry.

When you first started out as a child, walking was difficult.

By deciding to simply focus on placing one foot in front of the other, you quickly got better at it; you got faster and...

... before you knew it...

... you were running forwards, backwards and sideways and jumping...

... soon even focused on a ball or toy without even thinking about what your legs were doing.


But it all started with the WILL for you to walk – on your part and on the part of your parents.

If the WILL is there...

... everything else will follow.


You even have your own success coach...

... plus an entire community cheering for you...

... all highly determined to see you succeed...

... and all of them going through the same learnings at the same time you are...

... with everyone motivated – even incentivized -- to teach you everything they hear or learn.




Just decide how successful you want to be, and set your goal.

And get moving – doing THE VERY FIRST that comes to mind.


The only thing you DON’T want to do, is think too hard

Emotion creates motion.

Motion creates results.

Just get going -- doing the first thing that comes to mind.

Listen to your gut and immediately do as it says...

... catching yourself any time you find yourself thinking too hard.


Avoid analysis paralysis

There are no wrong moves as failure is impossible -- because you learn more from what doesn’t work than you do from “successes” and what does work.

Remember, you have an entire community behind you.

Speak to your fellow citizens.

And get moving.

Together, we simply cannot fail.


Next steps

1.  Make your “New citizens” pledge:  How many citizens are you willing to sign up by Feb 15 -- and help them succeed by 30 days later (March 15)?

2.  As soon as we have credibly reached or surpassed our pledge goal of 100,000 new citizens, let’s make it official and charge forward together.

Keep in mind that there is nothing stopping you from starting right now.

Regardless of the community’s decision, anyone that signs up from your profile URL or invitation will show up in your Mission Points page and you’ll earn matching mission points – regardless of the community’s decision.

The Mission Wheel will then turn those mission points into more Coins – with more good things happening as your Mission Points increase.

Refresh your memory about how it all works by re-reading the last post titled How will Coins work in empowr

If the community gives this approach the thumbs up:

Your invitations from Jan 1st onwards will ALL COUNT for 100 Coins per sign-up + the other bonuses mentioned above for signing up new citizens.

But what if the community doesn’t approve of this approach?

If we don’t get the 100,000 credible pledges needed, that’s totally fine.

We will instead move forward with the process of selling Coins to investors and spending the funds on advertising to acquire new citizens.

It is GREAT to have that option as well, and, although it won’t as directly lead to the 10,000 empathetic, visionary and optimistic millionaire pillars concept discussed above...

...  it can certainly still lead to ensuring we have more Coin owners, consumers and merchants using our Coins (than any other coin) before this new year – 2018 -- is behind us.

3.  While you’re at it, please also make your “New merchants pledge” so together we can get a sense of what the community’s desires and wishes are in that area.

As soon as we sign up our first 100,000 citizens, we’ll launch the merchant program. I imagine we’ll want to compensate our citizens incredibly well when signing up merchants too – in addition to 15% of the future revenue from the merchants you’ve signed up.

4.  In a few days, we'll be back to share the results of the vote.

If you've decided that the next billion Coins are going to you, we'll discuss a communication and information dessimination approach...

... so that we can all effectively share our ideas, questions and discoveries with each other -- and maximize the speed of our learnings and success.

Our hopes and wishes

As you know, very first billion "Founder" Coins are in the process of being distributed to a wide group of people -- some of whom are not even active in empowr anymore.

If we decide to go forward with the above proposed approach, I imagine this next billion Coins will go to a much smaller number of people -- citizens that are currently highly active.

Will any of these citizens actually become millionaires or even billionaires? That’s for you to decide, but by now I think you understand our goals, capabilities and tactics -- so it’s quite safe to say that the potential is very real.

There can be no guarantees of success, of course. But our dream is that together we will create our own version of the PayPal mafia -- these are all the people that became wealthy after PayPal succeeded and ended up doing amazing things outside of PayPal.

Our hope is that the “empowr mafia” becomes comprised of billionaires and millionaires – from among our pillars -- that end up doing even more amazing things than the PayPal mafia both inside empowr and outside of empowr.

If we succeed at making empowr’s Coin the most held and utilized Coin in the world, it’s not hard to imagine our own Henry Fords, Andrew Carnegies and others that will become famous...

... not just because of their wealth but because of their advocacy, charitable contributions and thought leadership in your country as well as on a global scale.

Pillars indeed. 

Starting inside empowr, and becoming pillars – the forces of light -- of the world at large.

You -- and your optimism, empathy and vision -- are not just what empowr needs, but what this world increasingly needs - now more than ever.


Thanks for listening. 

Now, please invest some quiet time to look deep into your heart.

Decide what you’re able and willing to do for this mission and for yourself and your loved ones.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your votes. 

Yours truly,


Yaroslav Novak

Stunning news and plans! For work friends!
Thank you JC!

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Trever McGhee here, Stunning news indeed Yaroslva, news that will help give us more tools that will increase the value of these coins for everyone faster.

My personal pledge to help everyone is to bring in 10,000 new citizens to this country, which is empowrs largest country, "Join This Country" by Feb 18th 2018.

The focus of this country I created for the next month will be helping every citizen to maximise their abilities to earn these extra coins so that they can become one of the founding pillars of empowr by 2020.

JC the elite team you asked me to form to bring in huge organizations, I took it to the next level and will make this country an elite team that will produce 10,000 pillars by 2020, that will not only support the citizens within this country but every country, for when you succeed we all succeed.

Despite the extra work involved, I strongly vote to build the value for these coins from within the empowr community to keep the power moving forward within empowr.

It's the best way to bring long-term value that the community can control from within by having merchants seek out the coins from empowr citizens.

I believe in putting faith in the amazing people I've met who have been with empowr through all the ups and downs on the front lines as well as behind the lines and reward them for the work they've done while giving them the tools and resources to be those pillars in the future.

By keeping the coins internally to start with empowr maintains control over the value of these coins through the people.

When we start selling the coins to outside sources, we're selling/giving up part of our power within the community to outside forces

The system is growing at an amazing rate that's exceeding all expectations when you really look at what it can do right now but with that rate comes the growing pains we've all been experiencing.

By building the value of these coins from within it slows down the rate at the start but it sets up for an extraordinary foundation that will exceed all growth expectations down the road while at the same time giving the system the time it needs to address these growing pains.

The majority of citizens that believe in the system need to work with those that have a doubt:

*** they need to show them how they can trust the system,
**** that they can trust the people running the system
***** that they can trust the community by focusing on the amazing achievements empowr has achieved to date
****** that their being given an amazing opportunity right now to become a founding pillar...which means the ability to become millionaires through these coins in the near future if they have faith.

I strongly believe that Together we can all become pillars of this community with the right tools and resources.

This should be the focus of every country to give their citizens just that.

JC once the countries go live in Feb/March the countries will have the power to reward their citizens for their efforts but before then, is there any way I take some of the 200,000 coins I'm receiving personally and give them to these amazing citizens within my country that are working hard right now?

I've asked May to share my other ideas with you so that we can move forward faster.

23 months ago


23 months ago
Nur Samsuri

go to pracoin word

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Habibur Rahman

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Yamilya Egorowa

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I read the post and I am glad that the project is growing.
Forward to the mission!
Thank you team, thank you Brian!

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Noah Adisa

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23 months ago
Alfred Tswatswa

Thank you JC and the entire empowr team , this update shows empowr we are going too far with the community we all have to encourage more citizens to join empowr as we have still have a room..personally will invite more until we are up and show them the way to succeed.

Great news indeed

23 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

I agree with you, Alfred, the best way forward is by working together to highlight what an amazing opportunity this is for people to join right now, to get in at the ground floor level before this explodes in growth and it will, as we have some pretty amazing people on the front lines and behind the scenes that will continue working no matter what until we do succeed...until we achieve the mission.

23 months ago
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G Chandra Kumar

Just completed my first reading,
The mean of 2 I S I are to be remembered as well-
import substitution industrialization (ISI) A trade or economic policy theory that advocates replacing imports with domestic production, on the principle that countries should reduce their foreign dependency through local production of industrialized products to create self-sufficient economies.
The infant industry argument is an economic rationale for trade protectionism. The core of the argument is that nascent industries often do not have the economies of scale that their older competitors from other countries may have, and thus need to be protected until they can attain similar economies of scale.
Very good post to be learned.
Let me go for a second read.
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I am happier and proud. I grabbed the opportunity to become Empowr Citizen and be in progress that is FUTURE.
I strongly agree, Empowr is for people with vision, empathy and optimist, that's how strong and leadership people grow.
Yes,we are forces of light - the pillars and 4B citizens in next 7 years. Yes!
Thank you for creating such a wonderful opportunity for the people, for the citizen of Empowr.

Best Wishes.
- V.

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Ramakrishnan R

ऐक्यं बलं समाजस्य तद्भावे स दुर्बलः |
तस्मात् ऐक्यं प्रशंसन्ति दृढं राष्ट्र हितैषिणः || - संस्कृत सुभाषितानि

भावार्थ - एकता ही किसी समाज का बल (शक्ति) होता है तथा
उसी प्रकार दुर्बल व्यक्तियों का भी बल होता है | इसी कारण जो
लोग एक महान और दृढ (शक्तिसंपन्न) राष्ट्र की कामना करते हैं
और हितेषी होते हैं वे समाज में एकता की प्रशंसा (और प्रसार)
करते हैं |

(संस्कृत मे एक अन्य 'आप्त वचन ' में भी कहा गया है कि - "संघौ
शक्तिः कलौयुगे " अर्थात कलियुग (वर्तमान युग) में संगठन (एकता)
ही वास्तविक शक्ति है | जो समाज संगठित होता है वही शक्तिशाली
होता है | )

Aikyam balam samaajasya tadbhaave sa durbalah.
Tasmaat aikyam prashamsanti drudham Raashtram Hiteshinah.

Aikyam = unity. Balam = strength, power. Samajasya =
of the society. Tadbhaave =in the same manner. Sa = it.
Durbalah = weak person. Tasmaat = therefore, hence.
Prashamsanti = praise, admire. Drudham = mighty, firm.
Raashtra = a Nation. Hitaishinah = well wishers.

i.e. Unity is the real strength of a society and in the same
manner also of the weak persons. Therefore, those persons
whoaspire for a united and powerful Nation always praise and
propagate unity among the citizens

22 months ago
Ramakrishnan R

भेदे गणा: विनश्येयु: भिन्नास्तु सुजया: परै: तस्मात् संघातयोगेन प्रयतेरन् गणा: सदा

Whenever unity in gaNarAjya (These are small states in ancient India. These states did not have any king, and were governed by government similar to present democracy) is broken, they get destroyed, because if they are not united, it is easy for their enemies to conquer them. That's why unions (societies) should always try to be united.

22 months ago
Radu Ghitescu

This is very good news!
I read the post and I am glad that the project is growing.
Forward to the mission!
Thanks and congratulations.

23 months ago
Shahid Ijaz Shehdi

Thanks for the news thanks JC

23 months ago
Prashant Dimri

Yes,we are dedicated to introduce new citizens with exciting opportunity here.And We will exceed the target with the new approach of giving new comers a sign up coin.Thanks.

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Tatyana Sheveleva

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23 months ago

Wow, Wow, Wow, JC, Brian, this is brilliant. I am so excited to get going, I am thinking of leaving work early today, so that I can get home and start clicking. Very exciting stuff, I love it. I love the opportunity you are giving us to earn more coins. I love the opportunity that you are giving us to be part of the community that can bring $25 to 4 billion people. I can't wait for the merchant program, but know that we must wait. I am so glad that I found empowr, just over a year ago, and can now be a part of this dream, as it unfolds into reality. Thank you.

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

I am equally glad that empowr found you, Franz. You should seriously consider running to become empowr's president.

23 months ago

Hi Johnny, Thank you for your vote of confidence in me, I appreciate that very deeply. Thank you. I would only consider running for such a special position if I believed that I could add more value to empowr, than other candidates. Thank you.

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Franz. you would add amazing value, you should run!

23 months ago
Olga Schultz

Great news! Thank you! I am glad that the project is growing.

23 months ago
Yuvraj Singh

It's a great news for all of us !!!
I like the ideas and concept which is explained very well making our future more and more better.
Thankyou JC and the whole empowr community !!!

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Ludmila Alexandrova

Thanks for the news! I look forward to the opening of the trading program and I agree that it is reasonable - in the beginning to increase the number of active citizens.

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I have to say this about the coin the Founder coin - One Coin to Rule Them All. This will happen this year one way or another, so make your decision now. Remeber this "Try not! Do or Do not. There is no try!" Yoda
The word of mouth is the best advertisement but now we have the tech that can help us spread the news the greatest coin EVER!

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Johnny Cash

That is hilarious Bob! Thanks for the passion and humor too. :}

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Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Love it Bob,

Love Yoda and indeed its time to use the force of the system ;-) and we shall DO it

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Thank you for this. It is really a great initiative. With this system our hard work will be greatly paid. Everyone is given an equal opportunity to create a personal future and at the same time create the future of empowr and unfolding its vision.

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Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, JC,

Thank you for discussing the Next Billion coins distribution, just finish the first read, As always our community makes the
decision we will continue in the community to build our economy instead go to investors and involved outside sources, My vote is go to sign up 100,000 new citizens.

Thank you,

23 months ago
Johnny Cash

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May God bless our efforts as we collectively decide on the best way to go to achieve our objectives.

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Democratic Empowr Asia

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We are all with you and empowr team.
Thanks again JC

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Yes JC
I am an optimistic and I am sure about the bright future of the empowr. As you are spending all your time in thinking about the bringing up to this communities. I am with you. In fact, we all are with you. If the community grows, by default without knowledge we all will grow and your dream for the target 2025 will come true definitely. Empowr Mafia, I had thought about it also since my day of joining. And now you have marched ahead for this step. While our thoughts are same our intentions must be same. It proves that we are marching towards a bright future. Thank You Very Much.

23 months ago
Carlos Andrade

10,000 Pillars mean Teamwork. Together we're stronger. Alone we'll break. Let's work even more as a Team to build our community stronger and wealthier... And I don't mean just money.

23 months ago
Megha Ilake

Yes,We have big power and its strongest ever:)

23 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

I agree with you Carlos, the focus should be on longterm team building to create a solid foundation.

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Megha Ilake

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