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Update on the vote (regarding the next billion coins)


Hello everyone,

A few days ago, in our last discussion we carefully examined 2 very different options for how to best utilize our next billion Coins to accomplish our goals.

Many thanks for all your ideas, positive energy and encouragement.

As a reminder, our objective as a community is to find which approach(es) will best serve our objective of creating demand for the Coin and building our economy.

In moment, we’ll discuss the results of the voting (the pledges)...

... and if you can believe it -- discuss some additional bonus (incentives) ideas from the community.


A quick recap and summary of the discussion:

We can sell most of those Coins to investors and use those funds to buy advertising (to acquire new empowr citizens)...

... or we can give them to our community based on performance (for acquiring new citizens).

You cast your vote (for which approach you prefer) by clicking the link near the top left of any profile and entering your pledge:

                  Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)

Option A
If you pledge is greater than 0, you believe most of the Coins should go to the community.

Option B
If you don’t set your pledge (or if you set it to “0”) it means you’re in favor of selling most Coins to investors.

Thanks for your pledges – they are still coming in by the minute!

I will give you an update on the vote in a moment, below.

Summary of bonuses for inviting consumers

If Option A wins, you’ll earn 100 Coins per new citizen you invite to empowr.

In addition to 100 Coins per citizen, the following bonuses will be added at each milestone:

If you invite this many new citizens            You earn this additional bonus (in Coins)
3                                                                                       300
6                                                                                       600
12                                                                                    2,000
25                                                                                    5,000
50                                                                                    12,500
100                                                                                 25,000
250                                                                                 75,000
500                                                                                 125,000
1,000                                                                             250,000

That’s 595,400 Coins you’ll earn for inviting each batch of 1,000 new citizens.

Important terms:

·       Only invitees that become productive count towards bonuses.

o   IE: They must earn 100 mission points within 60 days of registration

·       All Coins earned will match your Founder Coin vesting schedule

o   IE: 1% per month

·       No limit to how many Coins you can earn

o   IE: You’ll earn an additional 100 Coins for each invite over 1,000


Why are suggesting giving away such a large amount of Coins?

We want to maximize motivation in our community...

... to create maximum action and collaboration.

The most important result is to discover the best way(s) to:

1.  Introduce new citizens to empowr, and
2.  Ensure they become engaged and active


We are NOT competing with each other

When any one of us succeeds -- we all succeed -- because each person’s success is building up the demand (and the price) of our Coins for everyone. 

Therefore, our main objective and approach should be to collaborate and share our success tips and discoveries with each other.

As we share our findings with each other, and improve on each other’s approaches...

...  together we will end up with the very best ideas, tips, approaches, messages, designs, assets (such as handouts and flyers), videos, webinars and more...

... which can be translated to every language so even the newest of citizens can take these ideas, tips and assets, and run with them to immediately achieve the same results.


What is the ultimate goal of this program?

Why is it so critical to find the ultimate tips, approaches and assets?

Here’s why:

We want to bring in 100,000 new empowr citizens by Feb 15 and ensure they become productive in empowr quickly.

Those new citizens will also be provided with incentives (compensation in Coins) to invite more new citizens.

We will share our success tips and discoveries with them to ensure they too can succeed quickly.

If our tips and tools that we develop together become good enough...
... such that those 100,000 citizens can, on average, invite 20 people...
... who invite 10 people on average...
... who invite 5 people...
... who invite 4...
... who invite 3...
... who invite 2 new citizens...

... we will have changed the world.


Very specifically, by accomplishing that “20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2” goal:

1.  empowr will have TWICE as many users as Facebook or any other tech or web product

2.  Our mission and overarching goal will be accomplished

3.  Our Coin will have massive demand and will the top currency of the world – with more people using it than the U.S. Dollar, Chinese Yuan or any cryptocurrency.

4.  Because of the demand and usage of our Coins, many of our citizens – those of you that earn the most Coins through this effort – will become millionaires and billionaires.

Why is having hundreds or thousands of millionaires important to the future of empowr and its mission?

To find out why, please read the last post.

Here’s a summary of why: 

Because of your unique BATTLE-PROVEN psychological characteristics (optimism, empathy and vision)...

... our hope is that YOU become the pillars of the empowr community...

... with more power and influence in empowr than others...

... because that will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE when it comes to keeping empowr on the right track...

... in our inevitable fight against the dark forces that will surely attempt to stand in our way...

... when the difficult and important junctures and decision moments arrive in our democratic economy.

More specifically:

This world – and empowr -- needs more influential people...

... that have vision – meaning they are able to see what’s not right in front of them at any given moment.

For example, people with vision can more easily understand how global warming might be a real thing even though it happens to be cold outside at this moment.


The planet needs more strong leaders...

... that happen to be optimists.

Optimists can more easily visualize a future where things will be better than they currently are...

... and can therefore help and lead the others to see and be motivated by that future...

... so that they will vote and take action towards that future.

This world needs more powerful people that also happen to be empathetic...

... meaning they are able to feel what someone without their power, without their resources or without their good luck is feeling and/or living with.

For example, they can truly feel what a mother feels when her child is dying but simply doesn’t have the money to pay for the surgery the child needs.


This is YOUR moment to become that person

You have already proven – by the sheer fact that you’re here -- to have the specific psychological characteristics described above.

Now it’s time to step up and take action – and create that wealth, power and influence for yourself...

... by helping the community discover the optimal approaches, methods and assets needed for ANYONE -- from any background -- to easily:

1.  Introduce people to empowr, and
2.  Ensure they become engaged (active) in empowr


You have everything you need to make this a reality

If you simply help your fellow empowrians figure out how to accomplish that 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 goal...

... you will have ensured that:

A) you’ll own a lot of Coins and
B) the Coins will be worth a lot


Our path to success

Assuming the community votes for Option A (distributing most of the next billion Coins to the community, as opposed to investors)...

...  the next step will be to get to work together as a community to come up with the ultimate and optimal ideas, approaches and assets needed to succeed.

As a community, we’ll need to put our heads together to discover how to best reach out to potential new citizens:

What messages, approaches, flyers and handouts, videos, blog and webinar content and other methods work best?


We need to get SO GOOD at this..

... so proficient at the process of inviting new people and helping them become productive...

...  that we’ll be able to provide incredibly simple tips to any new citizen and be confident that, if they simply follow those basic instructions, they too will succeed (and be rewarded very nicely for doing so).


Thanks for your ideas

In the 4 days since our last post, you have been sending us your ideas, and we’re already working on them.

In fact, engineering has just launched a few of those ideas:

A.  Calculating your bonus

Now, as soon as you enter your pledge, the total number of bonus Coins you’ll earn will be instantly calculated and shown to you...

... along with how much those coins will be worth based on where you think the value of the coins will end up:

                       Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)


B.  Enabling collaboration

How do we best enable everyone in the community to communicate their best ideas with each other...

... and build on (improve) each other’s ideas?

We suggest using a simple blog post as the Central Collaboration Hub (CCH)-- the main hub for discussion around this topic. 

Here’s how it could work:

1.  A single blog post can act as the CCH.  (If we like this approach, I’ll publish the CCH in a separate post, after we surpass 100,000 pledges).

2.   When anyone has an idea to share, they first post full details about their idea in a blog post of their own.

3.  Then, they provide a short description and link to their post in the comments of the CCH.

4.   Let’s make it easier for readers to quickly get to the newest comments in blog posts, by adding the ability to sort blog comments by Newest first:

                   Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)

This new sorting feature will be live on Monday:

By the way, all new blog posts, going forward, will have their comments sorted by Top Performers by default.

That means that the people with the most 30-day mission points will have their comments at the top.

We’ll also be able to change the sort order of comments to Newest first, or Oldest first.

4.    Let’s make it easier for readers to visit each other ideas quickly - with only one click - by having the system automatically linkify the URLs injected into the blog comments.

This feature is now live:

                           Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)

Now when you add URLs in your comments...

... assuming those URLs point to pages within empowr such as blog posts...

... those URLs will automatically become links.

(Only applies to the first few URLs in each comment)


With these improvements, we should be able to more effectively collaborate.



Do you think this collaboration approach is effective and how would you improve on it?

Anything else come to mind that we can add or modify?


C.  Quick Start Guide

When your invitees arrive in empowr, they must be able to quickly learn what they need to do and get started.

Given how much the product has been changing and improving, our learning tools (such as the videos in the “Learn How” section) are already outdated. 

We are removing those videos and replacing them with a simple Quick Start Guide.

The Quick Start Guide can be more easily (and instantly) updated as the product evolves, and can be easily translated by new citizens to their local language.

It can be accessed by clicking “Learn How” at the top of any page:
                        Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)

This is live now.

D.  Simplified homepage for empowr

When new citizens (your invitees) first arrive to empowr, they should be greeted with a simple homepage that clearly and quickly communicates only our key value proposition and differentiation – which is to earn by simply doing what they already know how to do – post and share:
                 Update on the vote (re: the next billion Coins)


This is also now live.


Update on the pledges

As a reminder, the pledges from the community must add up to 100,000 before we go with Option A (Coins going to the community instead of investors).

Thus far, the community has pledged to invite many millions of new citizens.

Billions, in fact.

However, some of those pledges do not seem credible.

For example, we don’t think we should take seriously the citizen that signed up just yesterday, that has pledged to sign up 98,000 new citizens on his own.

To be clear, we do appreciate her confidence and optimism, but perhaps we shouldn’t count on her vote in making this important decision?

Therefore, for the purpose of this vote, we think we should only count pledges of up to a certain number.

For example, if anyone pledged more than 50 citizens – for the purposes of this vote only -- we think we should count their pledge as exactly 50.

If we approach it that way (counting no more than 50 pledges from any single person) then our total pledge count, so far, is 34,633.


We’re off to a great start

Even after limiting ourselves to only counting 50 new invites from any single person...

... we have already surpassed the one-third point to the 100,000 target needed to go forward with this approach (Option A).


I will add updated counts to this post (or a new post) on a regular basis -- at least once a day -- so we can all watch the latest count.


We don’t want to limit anyone

 Citizens and SCs are free to pledge larger numbers. This is a good thing!  

Setting big goals can be motivating. And if you accomplish those big numbers, that’s great for the community – so we will absolutely support you and take you seriously.

Let’s also keep in mind that, as people, we are often only motivated by goals if we believe they are achievable.

So, if you set a goal that is way too high (to where you don’t actually believe in it at all) you may have set yourself up for failure because your goal may not activate any motivation in you.


Effective collaboration

As mentioned, as soon as we reach 100,000 pledges, I’ll publish a new post that can act as the Central Collaboration Hub (CCH).

For now, feel free to share your ideas in the comments of this post.


First things first

But first, we need to increase our pledges from 34,633 new citizens, to at least 100,000.

I suggest we reach out to our fellow citizens that haven’t pledged yet...

... or have pledged very small numbers...

... and patiently help them to see the benefits to themselves and the community in truly participating in this effort.

What do you think?

Can you reach out to a handful of people in your circle of trust, and have a discussion with them over Skype, telephone or – more effectively -- in-person over a cup or glass of something delicious?


You’ll want to help them understand that, quite literally, virtually ALL we need to now achieve as a community...

... is to work together to find the simplest and most effective way(s) to introduce people to empowr and ensure they get engaged.

Show them how that simple accomplishment is, perhaps, the last big thing for us to accomplish...

... in order for the “20, 10, 5, 4, 3 ,2 process" to succeed.


Walk them through that math...

... showing them how signing up 100,000 new citizens...

... and equipping those new citizens with simple instructions and incentives...

... will motivate and enable them to invite 20 people on average...

... and teach their invites to do the same.


Perhaps you haven’t done the math for yourself...

.. to see how the 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 process...

... makes empowr twice as large as Facebook or any other platform or country on the planet?


If you have not done this, or could use some help with the math, please say so and I’ll or someone else will quickly break it down for you.

Additional bonuses

As if the incentives being discussed weren’t already large enough...

... you’ve now provided some ideas on how to even further increase the bonuses...

... which, believe it or not, we think we agree with.

Here are a few new ideas from the community:

1.   Helping you motivate your invites to get engaged

As you know, when someone signs up from your profile URL or follows your email invitation link, they’ll instantly earn 1 Coin.

How about we give them an additional 25 Coins automatically when they earn their first 100 mission points...

... as a tool for you to use -- to further motivate them to pay attention -- when you’re showing them how easy and fun it is to use and earn in empowr?


2.  Showing your invites how to invite

When you are successful at teaching your invites how to invite others...

... how about you get further rewarded for that?

That is, how about you earn 20% of all the Coins that they earn from inviting?

For example, if you invite Sam and he earns 1,900 Coins by inviting 10 others...

... you’ll automatically earn 380 more Coins.

(380 Coins is 20% of the Coins that Sam earned, at no cost to Sam of course).


3.  Earning even more Coins as your invites succeed

Going back to our example:

Let’s say that each of Sam’s invites also, on average, bring 10 others into empowr.

Given this new 20% bonus...

... Sam will earn 380 more Coins from each of them...

... meaning he’ll earn 3,800 Coins from their efforts in addition to the 1,900 from his own.

That’s 5,700 Coins to Sam for simply inviting 10 people...

... that on average, did the same as he did.

Here’s where it gets more interesting

Since you invited Sam, you are earning 20% of ALL the Coins Sam earns from this process.

You earn 20% of Sam’s 5,700 Coins...

... meaning in addition to the 100 or more Coins you earned for inviting Sam...

... you earn 1,140 more Coins for teaching him how to invite others.


There’s more.  Let’s keep going with this example:

If the people that Sam’s invites brought in, on average also invite 10 people, Sam will earn even more...



Because with this idea, you’ve suggested NO LIMITS to the generations.

For example, if Sam’s 10 invites each brought in an average of 10 people...

... who also followed the simple instructions to invite 10 people on average...

... and so on and so forth...

... Sam will earn:

1,900 Coins from his own invites
and 3,800 more Coins from the next generation
plus 7,600 more the generation that follows
and 15,200 more from the next generation
+ 32,400 more from the next generation
... and so on and so forth.


Specifically, you have suggested that there should be no limits to how many people or generations anyone can earn from.

We agree.


As a reminder, our objective is to work together to arrive at the most simple and effective tips...

... that allow anyone to easily:

A.  Invite others to empowr, and
B.  Ensure they get engaged

... so that we can easily bring in 100,000 new empowr citizens...

... who invite an average of 20, 10, 5, 4, 3 and 2 with each subsequent generation...

... catapulting empowr and its community, mission, economy and Coins to the top.

If we allow everyone to earn not only when they personally succeed at bringing in new citizens...

... but also when they teach their invites to succeed with this process...

... without placing any limits on them...

... it seems like we will have even further motivated and enabled the success of the 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2 process.

And since all Coins from the invite process will have the same terms as your Founder Coins, we can be assured that they won’t quickly flood out into the exchanges and devalue the price of your Coins.


What’s next?

Before we get going, we must reach 100,000 credible pledges.

As we close loops, let’s pay close attention to see who has made a pledge, and who has not.


The people you are closing loops with are ALL active in the community.

That’s because the trust flow won’t show them to you unless they posted something in the last 24 hours.

And, so, that’s how we know they care

Why not communicate with them, and request some time, over the phone – or better yet, in-person – to discuss the opportunity that’s in front of them?

Let them know that they’re not alone

You’ll be right there with them, every step of the way, helping them succeed in every way you can.

If the people that have all made pledges are able to convince only two (2) other people, on average, to set their pledge, we will arrive at our goal of 100,000.


Already in 4 days, we’re over one-third the way to our goal

Let’s accelerate our pledges, by personally reaching out to our fellow community members...

... and discussing with them all the newest ideas including:

·       -- Simplifying the empowr homepage

·       -- Launching a Quick Start Guide

·       -- Turning the blogging platform into a Central Collaboration Hub (CCH)

·       -- Making it easy to find newest comments (sort order) in the CCH

·       -- Automatically linkifying URLs in comments for quicker access to each other’s ideas

·       -- Providing 25 more Coins to all invites when they get engaged

·       -- Earning 20% of all the Coins our invites earn

·       -- Earning from unlimited generations

·       -- The Dream Calculator

o   Note: It currently only calculates Coins you earn from your own invites, not from the people your invites bring in or other generations


Thanks again for all your ideas, positive energy, pledges and encouragement.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about these ideas, and as importantly how to improve them.


Yours Truly,


Sunday, 3:45PM PST (11:45pm UTC):   Total pledges are now 40K.  Keep up the good work! SmileMonday, 7PM PST (3am Tues UTC): Pledges (capped at 50/citizen) = 42K. Slowing down a bit...Surprised

Tuesday, 2PM PST (10PM UTC): Pledges (capped at 50/citizen) = 46K. 


' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Excellent news, let me read it one more time

22 months ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

Trever McGhee here, sending out an invitation to anyone, any country that needs help inviting people or just have questions or just want to share ideas, success, failures, it's all good.

Our first group share/online training kicks off on Monday.

I've been working with May the head coach to use the success coach platform to create the elite team JC wanted me to lead as the countries will be a bit before they go live as we direct all focus on this major move to bring in more people to secure the foundation so that when these countries go live we can accelerate the value of these coins going higher and faster on a solid foundation that will bring in even more people

The entire focus is to bring in new people, to help anyone and everyone that needs extra help in this area, that would like to brainstorm in this area.

The key to our success to increase the value of these coins faster is by increasing the community so that the demand on them exceed the number of coins being released.

To do that faster, JC is right we need to work together, we need to celebrate when people are successful in bringing in more people and then share just how they did it.

The goal here is to start creating the right tools and resources for everyone to share.

If you want to join me Monday, send me a message and I'll send you the invite link to the live blog.

I've set up three times,

These first sessions will be kept short but will cover a lot of info, so we must stay on point.

So Please note, these sessions will only focus on empowr, please do not send or attend to bring up any other topic outside of empowr.

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Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed

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That's our mission statement, that's how we became the largest country www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry with the highest mission points, that's how everyone can help make our empowr citizens millionaires and billionaires, pillars of the empowr community, as we're going to need them to help bring four billion people out of extreme poverty in a way that allows them to never have to go back there.

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22 months ago
Udofia Ernest Archibong

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Empowr President and his entire team for the bonuses to be released for inviting more members. With that, Empowr shall experience a rapid growth even beyond our expectation. Empowr has come to stay.

22 months ago