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Education, education, education

My fellow empowrians,

Today, I’m honored and delighted to announce a great new way to earn empowr coins...

... a really great opportunity for all citizens that have chosen to join or create empowr countries.


The topic today is: EDUCATION

In case you hadn’t noticed, in recent weeks everyone is becoming more and more focused on education.

In a moment, I’ll provide the details about this incredible new bonus idea that I am fairly confident most citizens will become big fans of – especially after everyone has had a chance to review and improve the ideas discussed in this post.

But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page regarding the (education-based) objectives behind these ideas.

 I could discuss our educational objectives from the perspective of the success of the empowr mission or achieving empowr’s overarching goal.

But instead, I’m going to discuss our educational objectives from the perspective of the empowr coin, since I know many empowr citizens are very excited about the opportunity the empowr coin represents. 

(By the way, an update for you on the empowr coin is in the works; stay tuned for that).

Growing the price of our coin

To accomplish our mission, and help billions out of poverty, we want and need the price of our coin to continuously grow with the passing of time.

The price of anything -- including a cryptocurrency like the empowr coin – depends on its supply (in this case, how many coins exist) and the demand for it (how many people want the coin and how much they want the coin).

Since cryptocurrencies like the empowr coin will have a limited supply – meaning the total number of coins will grow at a smaller and smaller rate until the number hardly grows at all...

... the price of the empowr coin will very much be a factor of the level of demand that will exist for it.

That means that for our coins to succeed, we must continuously grow the demand for the empowr coin.

Growing demand for the empowr coin

The more people use (utilize) something, the more of it they want ( = demand). Of course there is little demand for things that people have very little use for.

Getting more empowr coins to be utilized means growing the number of products and services that are being bought and sold using empowr coins.

Therefore, to grow the price of the empowr coin, we want to grow your sales of products and services -- to and from each other.

The two (2) steps to growing everyone’s sales in empowr:

  • To grow sales, we must first educate non-citizens on the reasons to join empowr. By joining empowr, they then become potential buyers and sellers (meaning potential users of our coins).
  • After they join empowr, we want to further educate new citizens on how to use the various features of the empowr platform to provide products and services to other empowr citizens. That is, we want to move them from being potential buyers and sellers – to becoming actual buyers and sellers – which should increase the usage (and demand -- and price) of our coins.


 Note: For the purposes of this post, every time I say someone is “productive”, I specifically mean that they “have earned at least 100 mission points in the last 30 days”. To learn how to earn mission points, and see how many points you have earned, visit your mission points page.


As I hope you can see, EDUCATION is the key to the success of your empowr coins

And that’s why we’re all becoming more and more focused on education.

Some examples of how this is happening:


We’ve added a link to our new Quick Start Guide, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to the top of every page...Education, education, education

... and to the homepage of the site – so citizens can educate themselves:  

   Education, education, education


To reward our citizens that are becoming educated and productive, we’ve redesigned the Mission Wheel to provide significant amounts of coins based on each citizen’s level of success.

Your wheel prizes can now grow to be exactly 200 times larger: Up to 20 times larger based on the citizen’s mission points; and 10 times larger based on their mission role:

20  X  10 = 200 times larger


Education by inviters

Virtually all new empowr citizens first learned about empowr from a friend.

Indeed, many of you have become quite focused on inviting others to empowr, and educating them on how to become successful and productive.

Many of you are even selflessly shared your success tips with each other, including the details of what’s working best for you when inviting others – using this centralized communication hub.

Everyone is now being rewarded with a minimum of 100 empowr coins for each of their invites that becomes productive.  Full details here

(Again, by saying someone is “productive” I mean they have earned at least 100 mission points in the last 30 days).


Education by Success Coaches

Last week, the Success Coaches learned of a significant update to the way the compensation engines will now operate for compensating educators (Success Coaches). 

Now, Success Coaches will become more focused than ever, on educating their students on how to become productive and successful in empowr.

Indeed, they’ll now be earning upwards of 10 times or even more, for each of their students that is productive – starting from $120/year all the way up to $480/year for each productive student they have.

(No better time than now to become a Success Coach. For details on how to do this, ask your own Success Coach)

To assist coaches with this effort, last week empowr launched the ability for empowr citizens to view their Success Coach’s live calendar, and schedule a time slot with their SC to use live video to learn how to become more successful and productive.

To see if your Success Coach has enabled this feature yet, simply click “Ask me” at the top of any page and, if they have enabled it, you’ll notice this link:

               Education, education, education

Remember, you’re always free to compare Success Coach performance and even switch your Success Coach by visiting the Success Coach Leaderboard.


It takes a village

As the old African phrase says, “It takes a village to raise a child”

Along with the direct compensation that’s earned by an empowr citizen when they succeed in empowr, we’re further encouraging and rewarding citizens for their success using the Mission Wheel.

In addition, we’re rewarding the citizen’s “parent” – meaning their inviter – the one who “brought them into this world”.

And of course we’re rewarding their teacher (their Success Coach).


So, why stop there?

Today, we’re suggesting that we add an additional focus and bonus:

Education by countries

As you may know, empowr countries are forming to help empowr become a better economy and social network – by allowing the empowr experience to be tailored to the unique needs and wants of our different citizens.

Which countries will be the most successful?

We think that, as empowr’s capabilities grow and it’s able to provide more and more features to empowr countries....

... allowing them to tailor their offerings to their citizens...

... it will be like having thousands of “little empowrs” -- all experimenting to find what works best for the needs of their citizens.

Our belief is that many of those experiments will result in something better than what empowr can come up with, or provide, on its own.


To help get the process started, we propose the following approach and rewards for empowr countries and their citizens:

Starting this week, empowr will keep track of all the coins (from the Mission Wheel) earned by each country’s citizens on a daily basis.

When the month ends, empowr will reward the top countries – the ones that were most successful at educating their citizens – as follows:

We will count how many citizens each country had that were NOT productive the month before (February) AND became productive by the end of this month (March).

The countries with the most “newly productive” citizens win.

Note: In the coming days, empowr will launch a new leaderboard that will reveal the current rank of empowr countries based on this approach: Which country is 1st  which is 2nd etc. in this effort.


So, what does 1st place win?

The country that comes in first, will get a HUGE bonus of coins!

The bonus will equal one and a half (1.5) times (that’s 150%) of ALL the coins that ALL its citizens earned during the entire month of March.

For example, if Country A wins 1st place, and its citizens won $100,000 in coins in March from the Mission Wheel, then an additional $150,000 in coins will be provided to Country A to utilize and/or distribute as it wishes.


What about 2nd place? Does it win anything?

Yes, 2nd place wins a bonus of 125% coins!


What about 3rd place?

Our suggestion is for the top 12 countries to win coins, as follows:

1st place wins 150% bonus coins

2nd place wins 125% bonus coins

3rd place wins 100% bonus coins

4th place wins 90% bonus coins

5th place wins 80% bonus coins

6th place wins 70% bonus coins

7th place wins 60% bonus coins

8th place wins 50% bonus coins

9th place wins 40% bonus coins

10th place wins 30% bonus coins

11th place wins 20% bonus coins

12th place wins 10% bonus coins


The idea is that, as countries get better and better at this – moving up the ranks -- their prizes grow substantially.


Five (5) country tiers

Some countries will become larger than others, and therefore will have a bit of (what some might say is) an “unfair advantage”. 

Therefore, we suggest that countries be divided into 5 tiers by size (their number of citizens) and be labeled as follows: 

·      Tiny Countries

·      Small Countries

·      Medium Countries

·      Large Countries

·      Super Countries


Each tier will have its own ranking and winnings.

In other words, five (5) countries will receive 1st prizes (150% more coins)...

(that's one country in each tier)

... and five (5) countries will receive 2nd prizes (125% more coins)...

... and so on, and so forth – so that a total of 60 (=12 x 5) countries are being rewarded each month.

Countries will be automatically assigned to their tiers on the first day of each month based on the number of citizens they have at that moment.


How will the winning countries distribute their coins?

That’s not for empowr to decide; it’s for the countries to discuss and decide with their citizens.

I can imagine that the countries will want to take into consideration that their rank, and the size of the pool (the number) of coins they won were based on at least 2 factors (and quite possibly more):

1.  Who most helped them to win – meaning how did they go about educating non-productive citizens to become productive?

Perhaps countries will want to “hire” some of their citizens to assist with educating their non-productive citizens. If so, they’ll naturally want and need to use some of their coin winnings to reward those “hired” people.

They can then distribute the remainder of their bonus coins to the rest of the country’s citizens.

2.   How effective was each of their citizens in growing the SIZE of the bonus pool?

In March, if Sally won exactly twice as many coins on the Mission Wheel as Joe did, it means that she was responsible for exactly twice as many coins coming into the country’s bonus pool as Joe was.

Clearly, she accomplished that by doing a better job than Joe with her mission role and mission points (along with hitting her daily goals) because that’s how the wheel’s prizes (and whether it appears or not) are determined.

Therefore, it probably makes sense that – all else being equal -- Sally should receive (from the bonus pool) exactly twice as many coins as Joe.  I hope this makes sense to everyone.

Countries are free to make their own choices

Having pointed out the above obvious points, we want to reiterate that each country should be completely free to reward their citizens as they like.

By enabling countries to be free to innovate (by the empowr community not forcing any rules on the countries) we can be very confident that many countries will invent smarter solutions and achieve better results than a group of engineers at empowr could ever do on their own.

I highly recommend to countries to be transparent – meaning telling your citizens exactly how you will go about compensating them if your country wins – so there is less chance that they are disappointed later because they may have had different expectations.

And in being transparent, remind your citizens that you also want to be free to learn from your moves, so they should expect that your approach will change over time.

On that note, everyone please note the same message from empowr:  This program, like everything we’re doing, is experimental and, as we learn together, we should expect a few things – or a lot of things – about this effort to change or even cease to exist if it’s not working out and hitting our the intended objectives, as detailed above.


In a moment, I’ll ask for your comments to ensure your best ideas are being incorporated into the process.

Before we do, a couple more thoughts / ideas:

1.  People can be a citizen of only one (or zero) countries at a time

2.  When joining a country, citizens might be asked to agree to having their email address provided to the country’s administrators.

If they do not agree, citizens can choose to not join the country:

                            Education, education, education

Why is this functionality and data being provided to countries?

This is so that the countries can reach out to their citizens, using the empowr platform and/or using their own email application, to work with their citizens and help them to become productive.

I imagine many countries will want to create email newsletters, webinars, training modules, and/or create or utilize other assets that require communicating with their citizens outside of empowr.

A quick note to the admins of countries

Dear country admins,

We cannot wait to give you more and more functionality and power, including additional abilities (email addresses) to communicate directly with your citizens.

Please keep in mind that any abuse of email addresses, including not opting citizens out of your communications when they ask you to do so, or continuing to reach out to them if they have departed your country, or promoting any product other than empowr, will be considered a severe violation of the empowr terms of service and will result in immediate termination of the country AND all the empowr accounts of all the offending country’s admins.

So, choose your admins wisely, as they can single-handedly cause your country and account to be removed from empowr.

I hope you can understand how risky it is to provide this data to empowr countries. Therefore, we must be very serious about enforcing the rules around it.


Limited access to email addresses

We think that access to the email addresses of country citizens (that have opted in to allow this) will be limited to country admins that have personally achieved at least a red basic power level, 10,000 all-time mission points and 500 30-day mission points.

Of course each citizen must agree to have their email address shared with the country’s admins, before empowr will share their email address. 

If a citizen previously joined a country, before this opt-in process existed, their email address will NOT be viewable by the country’s admins. To make it viewable, they can simply leave the country and immediately get back in, after agreeing to the country’s terms.

Countries can choose to turn this functionality off if they like – so people joining will not see the opt-in text and they will not have access to their citizens’ email addresses.


One for all and all for one

As you can see, together as a community – now more than ever.

... we’re all in this together:

   We are all part of the same mission and going after the same overarching goal

·      We all have the same exact type of currency: The empowr coin

·      The price of everyone’s coins will always be the same, of course.

·      The opportunity to earn empowr coins is simple, fair, transparent and open to everyone.

·      We are partnering as a community – a “village” -- together accepting the responsibility for educating our “youth” very seriously -- and enabling / rewarding:

Citizens to educate themselves
:  We will continue to improve our tools that allow our youth to self-educate.

Inviters to educate their invitees: Each of us is taking it upon ourselves to educate the people that we have invited to empowr.

Success Coaches to educate their students: Coaches are significantly increasing their focus and availability to their students to ensure each of them becomes productive and successful.

Countries to educate their citizens: And now, countries and their citizens should become more and more focused on educating the country’s “youth” and helping them to become successful and productive.


Every time a student becomes productive, WE ALL WIN 

Everyone in the “village” should “feel the win” every time the win occurs.

Remember, the “win” happens when a new (non-productive) citizen becomes productive (earning 100 mission points or more in the last 30 days).

Each time that happens, not only does the empowr community move closer to the realization of its mission and overarching goal...

... but with each newly productive citizen:

...  the citizen is directly compensated...

... their “parent” (inviter) is rewarded...

... their Success Coach is compensated...

... their fellow countrymen and women are rewarded.

            Working together, we cannot fail


Your input please

What do you think about this new approach?  Do you like or dislike it?

What are your ideas on how to improve it?

Let’s take a couple days to hear your thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Assuming most everyone ends up in agreement (after we adjust the above details based on your thoughts) we’ll consider the process and competition started (as of today, March 1 , 2018). 

(You’ll be able to see your statistics in just a few days, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming organized and getting busy working on educating your non-productive citizens to become productive).

Everyone, if you haven’t already, please ensure that you are in only one (or zero) countries. In about 48 hours from now, empowr’s engineers will be looking at anyone that’s in more than one country, and removing them from all but one of their countries (chosen randomly from the countries they are in).  That means that by this weekend, everyone will be in at most one country.

We are looking forward to your thoughts.

Your truly,



Alex Aurora

Thank you JC, the 'We all Win" approach is clear, I agree and we can only move forward and maximum focus on continuing and improving and helping new citizens become successful / productive.

20 months ago
Noshin Naz

Many Thanks Jc. New updates are just impressive. I like New ideas related to the progress of empowr specially countries rights... Hope now every country in empowr ll do it's best to get more and more success and in such compitition, Empowr ll get success fast.
Best of Luck

20 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you, JC for the update. Another load of exciting information. The division of coins across the countries as you describe seems the right way forward. Curious to know how it is going to work out once implemented. The train is rolling on, unstoppable in my opinion and I hope we will be able to get all the new signups productive so they will reap the rewards as well.

20 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Good idea now everyone will work to create productive new citizens .' Every time a student becomes productive, WE ALL WIN ' - its great .Thanks JC for update

20 months ago
Umair Siddique

I love the ideas and I believe we should go for it. Everyone super focused on education and making new citizens successful is exactly what we need and the way to go! The email database idea is excellent since the citizens would be in total control if they want to share the email or not, I believe this will work well and create an environment of competition and every country striving to do their best. I'm very excited and can't wait to see all that happening already!!

20 months ago
Austin Grady

I am most excited about the 'We all Win" approach. It is clear we are looking for the best ideas to help new citizens become productive and successful. When all parts of our community are supporting this, we cannot help but have a lot of happy new citizens and we all benefit in the rise in the value of our coins.

20 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks for the update as education is very important to achieve any success. We all will work together to succeed and fulfill the empowr mission

20 months ago
Kelly Baker

I am totally excited about the new approach. I am very proud to part of the new processes. The new assessment approach to the countries by size will be effective. I do not have anything to add to it at this time. Thank you very much empowr team for all of your efforts! Keep up the awesomeness!

20 months ago
Lana Ferra

Great approach, great ideas to make all empowr citizens more productive and help to achieve our common goal! I am totally with you, empowr!

20 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Great update covering a variety of subjects! Education is the most important. Thank you JC and empowr team.

20 months ago
Mohammad Awais

That is good news "WE ALL WIN".
Thanks for this update.
Thanks, Brian & whole team.

20 months ago
Anum Mehreen

great new up dates... Success Coach compensation, inviter reward, new citizen rewards..most of all 5 categories countries ans top 12 from each 5 category reward ll motivate them to work better and better every day. ...
we are trying level best to motivate our senior or new invites . hope for the best... as march starts citizen may be waiting for block chain

20 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Educating citizens in the Countries as well as SC is a good idea to become them productive.Thanks JC, for Exciting Update.

20 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Great ideas.
Education is power and those who are educated about empowr achieve more.
Let us all join hands to educate empowr citizens starting with ourselves.
It shall be well with empowr.

20 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Absolutely great step forward. Countries have now the facility to grow in relationships and most important at all to encourage new empowr citizens to become successful and also to make rest of citizens to be more involved with the future of the community-based in the empowr coin success.
I am sure people will understand how important is to teach everybody about the empowr environment and the opportunity this represents for the future of the total community.

20 months ago
Anthony Onyia

1) The Approach is good, please move on with it.
2) Since empowr won't enforce any laws to any country, that's good, but what if a country founder decide to keep the bonus coins won for him/her self, what should the citizens do?
3) i hope it will also be possible for countries to hire success coaches who are not member of there country if needed.

And a great thanks for you JC, for all your efforts in making empowr a better place.

20 months ago
Brian C Woosley

2) If the country founders are not doing what you'd like them to be doing, you'll want to leave that country for another one.
3) While citizens in a country can choose who their success coach is - everyone is still free to work with any success coach (even those not in your country)

20 months ago
Jo Mas

Well first of all, I wish to thank, from the bottom of my Heart , Our president Brian, you JC and all who was involved in making the big touches of this great program that needs an inventors well "Educated" , to make what we see right now , done already.
I have 2 countries built since the countries started to exist on OUR EMPOWR.
1- My 1st question is: Do a country could be a citizen of the other country? If yes , I May keep both working as they are in a good shape, If not? Comes my second question >>>
2- Could I merge (MAKE A FUSION) between them, because they may have the same citizens in each of them and may not?

Again , I will thank you if I have an answer.

20 months ago
Brian C Woosley


1) You can run multiple countries, but there is not really any benefit to being a citizen of your own country as another country.
2) All citizens need to choose 1 country to be in. We’re not able to merge countries together, since the reasons for why someone joined each country may be different. If you want to focus on one country over another, my suggestion would be to reach out to your citizens and let them know which one to choose, as they may be removed from both within the next 24 hours if they are in other countries as well.

20 months ago
Jo Mas

Dear Brian, our president,
Thank you for your clear answers,
I understand so well your recommendation and I know that I can't be a citizen for more than one country but my question still to be cleared more and more , I am running 2 countries, one of them is really the one that I wish TO KEEP , and the second I need to move their citizens to the one I am talking about , BUT a big BUT, the issue is : How Can I reach citizens in that Country ? Because I do not have yet the WAY to reach them.
1- This is my first step to do. Can you tell me HOW? No e-mail address yet obtained as JC suggested.
2- I should erase or stop the country's account , and to be honest, 24 hours is not enough to do all these steps, especially because of being not capable to make any changes on COUNTRIES YET. It still missing OPTIONS like adding ADMINS, stopping account and so on , in Countries section.
3- In the country I should stop it's account I have already Data (Citizens who joined to), and not only that , the most INPORTANT issue is : There's MISSION COINS (EMPOWR COINS ) that belongs to it (In another words , belongs to ME, that I invested by selling and earning ) . The question is Dear Brian, How can I get back these FOUNDER's Rights ? Any ways to review my case ?
BY the way "I wish to keep" : EMPOWER IN CANADA MY COUNTRY,
The country that I should stop is: EMPOWR IN CANADA The LOVELY COUNTRY.

Thank you so much if you can help me in this issue?

20 months ago
Jo Mas

And to be more clear in my issue I made this Screen shot below, please take a look at:

20 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Education indeed is the key to success. Can't wait to see the stats of each citizen by March and ow our Empowr coin value will become. I should leave the country now and get back in to have my email address view able. Learning never stops and these changes makes our platform better and better each day. Democracy is the best indeed to get the most advantage ideas for the benefit of all. Thank you President Brian, JC and to all. Excited to hear the upcoming news again.

20 months ago
Yulia Baikov

It's great that we have more opportunities to teach our new citizens. It is very important to start to work right so that do not correct errors later. Often mistakes are very expensive. Thank you, President Brian and empowr team for the introduction of progressive methods.

20 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Great news! We are moving forward towards the goal and fulfillment of the empowr mission. It's great!

20 months ago
Yuliana .

Interesting update. Thank you, JC!

20 months ago
Praveen Emmanuel Sakilay

Good news and great approach. thank you team

20 months ago
Catherine Sandiford

We are making a giant leap in the right direction. All of the processes are great, and I think it is important for the Admins of the countries to be able to communicate with the Citizens of the country all at once. This is also a feature that was mentioned for Success Coaches to be able to email all of their Students all at once through empowr email. My only suggestion is that the Success Coach of the Country be a Citizen of that country, and I agree that each Citizen should still be able to choose their Coach whether they are a part of their Country or not.

20 months ago
' Trever McGhee Join Www.empowr.com/JoinThisCountry

Great point Catherine

This has been one of my questions for a while as I've been torn about becoming a SC coach again in order to better help my citizens and have gone through everything again and was down to the last step to being reinstated but now with the ability being given to the admins to email their citizens, I can't become a success coach now as their not allowed to email all their students.

Everything happens for a reason and I think this is perfect for me not to become a SC at this time to better support my citizens with these latest updates. In the future who knows.

Within my country, I have several SC's that can help me, so with the new updates, I can email my citizens on behalf of the SC's that are helping them for right now to help maximise that's SC's ability to make that citizen productive, which in turn will drive up that SC's bonuses, which will, in turn, encourage them to do even more with the extra bonuses they earn.

I agree Catherine, SC's on their own should have that ability to email their students that are spread among multiple countries in a controlled environment that's restricted in the way they do it so that their students don't think they are spamming the students.

I know it's against the rules that a SC can't add a tag to their name that they are a coach but I think that should change for SC's that want to help more people. It would make them really easy to find within any country when you scroll through the list of citizens to see who is a SC or when you come across great posts from SC's helping citizens. Maybe the tech department could put a symbol/icon by their name or even change their background color.

This could be a toggle switch for each SC to decide to use, as some don't are not in a position at the moment to take on new citizens in their ability to be fair to everyone.

20 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Very good idea. I think every country try to help its citizens to be successful.
I agree that video lessons can help us to educate our new users. If video will be on users language that we'll be great.

20 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Another awesome update. Education is the best approach as everybody aware, it helps and encourage empowr citizens to be more productive. Thank you JC.

20 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Great news about the countries. We continue to work on what will help increase the value of the coin empowr.

20 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks for update JC. Great going!

20 months ago
Vitaly Vyacheslavovich

Thank you, empowr team for this update

20 months ago

Thanks for this information, good ideas to have productive citizens

20 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Exciting news JC. I agree with all the new inventions. I see greatness ahead of us. Long live empowr!

20 months ago
Sudhir Singh

Thanks for this update

20 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

Great news! We are moving forward!

20 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks to our able leaders for the update. Surly education is a good key to success and we shall do our best to get the new citizens well educated and productive as well.
Long Live Empowr!

20 months ago
Maria Hrabovszki

It's great and wonderful to hire students to become productive so they can connect to others who can also become productive and get 100 points.
It's great for countries to go, and everybody can only be a citizen of a country, and reward will be how well it can serve the country and how it can cooperate, which brings money to the country.
Thank you, Brian and JC for this update and the empowr team who are working feverishly for the empowr to be worthy of its name.

20 months ago
George Oliveira

Educating students to accomplish a task is really a challenge that surely everyone can. The Learn How link became more visible and easy to access. The awards on the Wheel so, wonderful. Compensation for coaches is a great incentive and motivates us to work productively in every way. Congratulations to the team.

20 months ago
Roy Mitchell

Thanks Empowr team the progress to countries is great

20 months ago
Oksana Harbin

Great news! We are moving forward towards the goal and fulfillment of the empowr mission. It's great!

20 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

This is a very interesting approach to the activities of countries.
Thank you, empowr team for this update!

20 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

i like the idea of education and educating everyone will only do us good. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL I s a greatr way to look at it and with thi sattifutde we will go far.

20 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Great new step forward. I see countries forming good trade pacts with other countries and also among their citizens. Compensating educators is a bold new source of building the marketplace. Great work JC

20 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thank you JC. We all win.

20 months ago
Thea S.

I am very excited about 'We all win" approach. This is great way that we are looking for the best ideas to help new citizens become productive and successful. Learning never stops and these changes makes our platform better and better each day. Learning is something that always leads to Success!

20 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Good update. An interesting new way of earning extra coins. Thank you, JC!

20 months ago
David Bruyland

Interesting update, this one. Many people are waiting for this, and we keep evolving at an accelerated pace in the right direction. Can't wait to see the countries live, and teaching citizens in their own inventive ways.
Thanks, J.C.

20 months ago
Elena P.

Education indeed is the key to success.Thanks for this information

20 months ago
Sathya Kumar B

Thanks empowr for coaching us the importance of education. I like the idea of creating 5 tiers of Countries according to their size! Way to go.....

20 months ago