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My fellow empowrians,

As you may remember, when the empowr community decided to move forward with launching the empowr coin, the empowr engineering team provided an estimate of March 2018, as to when it would have everything ready to go.

Well, It’s March -- and time to get everyone up-to-date on:

1.  The state of the empowr cryptocurrency

2.  The empowr platform’s readiness for infusion of the empowr coin

3.  The cryptocurrency market, industry and landscape

4.  The empowr Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

5.  The empowr founder coin giveaway and auction

6.  How can you help and earn more coins?


Let’s get started.



1.  The state of the empowr cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency is coded and can now be launched upon request from empowr’s management.



2.  The empowr platform’s readiness for infusion of the empowr coin

As you’ve been noticing (on the empowr website as well as through a variety of community announcements) the entire empowr product, including the marketplace, balance, maturation, mission wheel, success coach program – everything – the entire product suite -- has been re-designed and re-engineered to work with the new empowr cryptocurrency coin.

I’m sure there are, and there will be issues, bugs, opportunities and missing functionality. 

And of course, as we always have, together we’ll knock down the issues and bugs – and chase the opportunities and missing features – one after another – until we’re where we want to be.

Today, empowr citizens are already:

A.  Earning pre-coins from their posting and sharing

B.  Having their pre-coins converted into coins by spinning the mission wheel

C.  Earning coins directly from their product and service sales

D.  Having their coins mature, with maturation different for each individual based on their power level, overall 30-day mission points, and how many months in-a-row they hit their personal performance goal

E.  Able to spend their coins that are not mature in the marketplace.


In addition:


F.  Success Coaches are being compensated with pre-coins, with 30% being converted to coins

G.  empowr citizens are earning coins when their invitees (people they invited to empowr) become productive (meaning they’ve earned 100 mission points) and even when their invitees earn coins

H.  And as of March 1 , as recently reported, empowr countries will be earning coins based on their ability to educate their citizens and help them become successful and productive



Summary of engineering efforts

The empowr engineering team has done their part to ensure the empowr coin is ready for launch on the blockchain, and the empowr platform is working with the empowr cryptocurrency coin.

I commend them for completing this massive effort on-time.

Exchanging your coins

The next major step is to enable you to take your mature empowr coins to a currency exchange, so you can convert them to other currencies.

In order to discuss the details around currency exchanges, we’ll need to discuss the rapidly evolving state of the crypto industry.


3.  The cryptocurrency market, industry and landscape

As many of you have been witnessing, the cryptocurrency environment is changing by the week – even sometimes by the day.

Almost every day a new announcement comes out from the governments of many countries – with the price of all coins shooting up or down based on the news being perceived as “good” or “bad.”

Some of the highlights:

·         Lots of new coins have been launched in the last couple of months

Almost all of them are for projects that have no product built yet.

The landscape has become littered with hundreds of new coins.

·         The regulatory landscape is rapidly changing

The governments of China, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, India and many other countries have been making various statements about cryptocurrencies, and whether or not they should be legal.

The lack of certainty they are creating, is generating a lot of confusion and fear for companies looking to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

·         The price of coins have remained very volatile

The price of all coins, starting with bitcoin, have been moving up and down very rapidly – based on the news coming out daily.

During the last 90 days, the price of bitcoin has risen to as high as $20,000 and dropped to as low as $6,000. Today, it’s just over $8,000.

·         The currency exchanges are feeling pressure and opportunity


The bad news for currency exchanges:

Some countries have outlawed cryptocurrencies.

But those counties have had a hard time stopping the cryptocurrencies, as many of them are offshore and run by companies that are relatively decentralized and difficult to stop.

Given the difficulty those governments have had stopping the cryptocurrencies, they have decided instead to go after the currency exchanges.

In the last few months, cryptocurrency exchanges have been outlawed and shut down in China, South Korea and a few other countries that, just a few months ago, were among the leading cryptocurrency markets.


The good news for currency exchanges:

Many exchanges have found a way to stay alive – by innovating or by moving to crypto-friendly countries.

Today, there are a smaller number of exchanges, with an exploding number of different coins asking to get listed.

This large influx of new coins means that the exchanges have had to become picky, as they cannot list every new coin that asks to be on their exchange.


So, how are the exchanges deciding which new coins to support?

Two ways:

A.  The companies that will give them lots of money up front

Now, top exchanges are asking for money up front – some up to millions of dollars – simply for the opportunity to be listed on their exchange.

Some of the companies can afford to give them this money. Which companies? The ones that did a successful ICO – and have raised millions.

Why would any company pay the exchanges millions up front?

Because if they do not – if they don’t get on the top exchanges (where lots of people have wallets and lots of trades are taking place) their coins might have less value.

Does this make sense? If no one can buy or sell a coin, there will be much less demand for it, which lowers its value.

As you can see, suddenly (because many of the exchanges have been shut down – and many new coins are coming out) the remaining exchanges have quickly become important players in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


OK, so, as a reminder, we’re talking about how the exchanges decide which coins to support.

We mentioned that they are deciding that in two (2) ways – the first being to charge a lot of money up front.

So, what’s the second way?


B.  They attempt to predict which coins will have lots of trades

Exchanges make money every time someone buys or sells a coin, by charging a transaction fee.

So, if a coin appears (to the people that are running the exchanges) like it will have a lot of buyers and sellers, the top exchanges might make an exception and charge them less – or even nothing – up front for “the opportunity to be listed on their exchange.”

But, given that most coins don’t even have a product yet... they are simply raising money using an ICO so that they can then get started building the product....

... how can the exchanges attempt to figure out which coins will eventually be very successful (and have lots of trades)?

The answer is:  Based on the strength – or weakness – of their ICO.

In other words, the exchanges look at the strength of the coin’s ICO (how much money was raised) to decide which coins will have lots of trades in the future.


So, what does all of this mean for the empowr coin?

Here’s our opinion, given the best information available to us at this moment:

This new landscape (where exchanges are becoming important) suggests that empowr should probably conduct an ICO – as opposed to simply opening our coin on the blockchain, which we are ready to do.

Why? Because for our coin to be very successful, it needs to be available for buying and selling, on the top exchanges.

To be on the top exchanges, we need to either:

A) Pay lots of money to top exchanges

The best way for empowr to get lots of money, is through an ICO.




B) Show exchanges that we’ve had a very successful ICO –lots of coins were sold in an ICO -- hence lots of coins will be making their way to the exchanges for trade. 

Based on recent events, where the currency exchanges are becoming super important players in the industry –both options (A and B) are pushing empowr to conduct an ICO.

So, what does it take to do a successful ICO? 

That question takes us right into the next section of this post.


4.  The empowr Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

OK, so what does it take to do a successful ICO? 

Conducting a successful ICO requires the following:

A.   The right story

The more of the following story elements a company has, the stronger its story:

1.   A business model that is interesting to coin purchasers

Investors are looking for business models that have a platform and network effect – where (as the company’s customer base grows, it becomes more difficult for competitors to compete with them)

2.   A well-written “whitepaper” – or document – that successfully explains the opportunity

3.   Lots of media (such as videos) that help explain that story

4.   Experienced management that can lead the project to succeed

            Many (most) ICOs don’t have impressive management team members

5.   Product and technology that’s already built.

Almost all ICOs don’t have their product built yet, and therefore, no matter how much money they raise, they will likely fail before ever having their product built

6.   Patented technologies

Patents prove that the team can innovate, and have defensible technology that helps protect them from competition

7.   Revenues

            Most companies conducting ICOs don’t have revenues yet

8.   A community

            Most ICOs don’t have any or much of a community


We’ve talked to dozens of cryptocurrency experts, and I can humbly tell you that after they learn about us, they generally say that “empowr has the strongest story of every cryptocurrency in the market.”

We can say with confidence that, relative to the other opportunities available to cryptocurrency coin purchasers, empowr is strong in all eight of the above categories. 

That is really good news, but perhaps should be expected given that...

... after actually inventing virtual currency, together as a community we’ve spent 17 years working very, very hard on the above things...

... and have found a way to maintain progress despite not accepting a single penny in investor capital.

Wait a minute! If we have never allowed investors into empowr, by bringing in coin purchasers now, aren’t we going against our objectives?

The answer is NO. 


Unlike traditional investors that would buy a piece (shares) of the company and therefore have certain control over the company...

... coin purchasers will have no control over empowr.

But don’t people get to vote on who runs the company -- based on the number of empowr coins they own?

The answer is NO.

Votes (for example, in our upcoming empowr presidential election) will depend on your mission points, not your coin ownership...

... in accordance with our desire to balance the power that money will have in our democracy, with the power that labor will have...

... which we believe is a critically important ingredient to building a better democracy.


OK, so we were talking about what it takes to have a successful ICO.

We said it takes a couple things – the first of which is the right story elements.

What’s the 2nd thing?


B.  Exposure to the large crypto coin purchasers

Most of the dollars pouring into ICOs are coming from a small and hidden group of crypto coin purchasers.

These are often people who believed in cryptocurrency when no one else did.

Many of them simply purchased a few hundred dollars or, in some cases, one or two thousand dollars, in bitcoin just a few years ago, when the price of bitcoin was 5 to 8 cents each.

Of course, anyone who bought $1,000 in bitcoin when it was 5 cents each, now has 200 million dollars.

That’s not a typo:  Yes, $1,000 became $200,000,000.

These people were visionaries. At the point when they bought their coins, friends and family probably told them that they might as well flush down their $1,000 down the toilet, than buy some “virtual currency” called bitcoin. 

They risked their money based on a vision they had in their head for the future.

Today, the top coins are worth nearly 500 billion dollars combined.

That’s a half trillion dollars of wealth that’s been created nearly “overnight,” seemingly out of thin air.

Most of that wealth belongs to the kinds of people I was just talking about:

A relatively small number of people who have become incredibly wealthy as a result of their vision...

... and continue to believe in the power and future of cryptocurrency.

These people are looking for new opportunities to invest their capital.



To raise large amounts in an ICO, a company needs to somehow get these people to become aware of their story.

So, what does it take to do that?

The crypto world is still a relatively small world.

To ensure that the crypto coin purchasers have heard of empowr – we need to do two (2) things:

1.  We must find many of the top people in social media (the ones who have a lot of followers that are interested in crypto) and tell them our story.

These “crypto influencers” love using their social media accounts to tell their audience about the exciting new coins they learn about.

The good news is that empowr’s management has been quite busy, reaching out to crypto influencers, and is having success in this area. 

As we meet these influencers and tell them our story, and they then go out and conduct their own research, one after another they are becoming convinced that there is likely not another story out there that’s better than empowr’s – as far as how successful its coin could be in the coming years.

The good news is that the empowr story appears to be quite strong:

Even the naysayers out there (that might leave negative comments about empowr) do not hold much weight against the power of the empowr business model, network effect, community of citizens and success coaches...

... along with the product and technologies, patents (including virtual currency itself), plus the experience level of our management...

... plus our media (videos and posts) and other critical elements such as all the mechanisms we have been building together over the years with an objective of creating and retaining demand for our currency.

The bottom line is that empowr’s management is very busy these days speaking to crypto influencers and, one after another, helping them to fully understand the empowr story.


OK, we said that to raise large amounts in an ICO, empowr needs to get the large crypto coin purchasers to become aware of our story.

We were discussing that, we first need to attract the crypto influencers – the ones with large social media followings.

What’s the 2nd thing we need to do?


2.  We must rise up as a community and show our strength

If our community is strong, the experts say, then they will appear every time an article is written, or a social media post happens somewhere, and they will voice their opinions.

For our ICO to be very successful, we need a plan to use all our strengths – not just the empowr story and management team – but our community of citizens – YOU – to get the word out that we are strong, we are united, we care and are mobilized for the success of our mission and coin.

In the coming days, we’ll discuss the plans for this focus and – to make it fun – we’ll even tie-in some great coin compensation opportunities for our community members related to these activities.

In a moment, I’ll mention (below) the first step you can take, so you’re ready to go.

But first, to summarize what we’ve discussed thus far:

·         To ensure the empowr coin is successful, we want it to be listed on the top currency exchanges.

·         And for that to happen, we want to have a successful ICO.

·         For that to happen, we want our (very strong) story to get lots of exposure in the crypto world.

·         And for that to happen, as a company and community, we need to get very busy telling our story.



OK, so when will the ICO start?

Any moment now. Hopefully during or even before this weekend. We are busy getting the final elements in place, which include our mechanisms to reward empowr community members for their efforts in the ICO. More on that in a moment.

We also want to be very confident that we’re doing everything right, as far as all the latest laws and requirements in every territory, which are changing almost by the day.  We want to be very confident that we’re doing everything perfectly by the book, we’ll get going.

We will post full ICO details in the coming days.



When will the ICO end – and when will the coin be available on exchanges?

Based on your feedback, and the feedback we’ve received from our advisors, in our ICO, we will sell 400M empowr coins at a price of $1 per coin.

The ICO will end when those 400M coins have sold out.

With your help, which I will discuss below, we are hoping to sell the supply of coins quickly, so that we can be up on exchanges in as little as 30 days.


But what if the coins do not sell within 30 days? 

empowr will end the sale by a certain date (around 60 days or so).

We are awaiting details from advisors for when they think that end date should be, given the ever-changing state of the landscape.

If the market is bad, it will take longer. If it is good, the supply will sell faster, of course. 


Either way, we will not let the ICO stay open too long

As a reminder, it does us no good to end the sale too early, if we cannot get the coin live on top exchanges.

But I think everyone can agree that we all want this process to be done as soon as possible.

Let’s hope that the market is good so we can be done with the ICO in just a few weeks.

If the market gets very bad, empowr will stand out even more -- from among the other coins -- given that our story, platform and community are much more evolved than the others out there.


5.  The empowr founder coin giveaway and auction

As you may know, empowr is giving away 10% of the entire future supply of empowr coins to its community...

... because of your contributions to the mission and movement.

empowr simply wouldn’t exist without your willingness to put so many years of hard work, patience, faith and incredible belief into this effort.

Not all people that contributed to empowr have claimed their founder coins, because many of them are no longer involved and some of their email addresses are no longer valid.

We have sent them emails, plus some of you are successfully reaching out to them, and every day many of them are returning to claim their founder coins.

Thus far, 80% of their 1B coins have been claimed. Now, empowr is doing one final large email blast that appears to be closing that gap.


So, what happens to the founder coins that, in the end, do not get claimed?

There is an auction taking place right now, for any coins that have not been claimed.

Here are the statistics for the auction:

The average max bid price for the entire duration of the auction is just over $4 per coin and is creeping up slowly. In March, the average max bid price is already over $6.50.

As always, thank you – everybody -- for your belief in the empowr currency and economy.

However, as a reminder, everyone’s final price will NOT be based on the average price, but the lowest max bid price that anyone placed (if they won coins in the auction).

Since the supply of founder coins is shrinking each day, and max bid amounts are consistently creeping up, it’s clear that the final auction price will mostly likely end up being a little over $2 per coin, and possibly as high as $2.50.

But a $2 price would mean that you will end up paying more in the auction than the price that coin purchasers will pay in the ICO – which will be $1. 

Of course that won’t work for us. Of course our community should pay less than the general public.

Therefore we think that everyone’s price should be lowered to $1 per coin.


But what if we could do better than that?

To thank you for being so patient and amazing – in every possible way -- we are suggesting the following:

Your final price from the auction will be lowered -- by 90% -- to 10 cents.


Yes, that means that you’ll get ten times more coins. J

Also, as reminder, to thank everyone that received coins instead of cash outs in the last few months -- as empowr spent its resources on the cryptocurrency process – our community will get 50% more free founder coins...

... meaning your final price will be end up at exactly 6.66 cents per coin. JJJ

The bottom line is that all community members – whether they bought in the auction -- or are waiting on cash outs – will receive their coins at 6.66 cents per coin.

(Yes, if you bought coins in the auction and expected to get a bonus of 10%, 20%, 30% or even 40% more free coins -- you too will get 50% more free coins).

Anyone that wants to cancel their bid, can do that, of course, from the auction page.

And anyone that placed a bid (at any price) can simply leave it alone and will automatically get coins at 10 cents each – with a 50% bonus = 6.67 cents per coin.

Sound good? J


A challenge

There is a problem with doing the above (giving you 10x more coins):  That total amount of coins being distributed will likely be too much to pour into the exchanges all at once. It might damage the coin’s price.

Remember, the price of the coin is based on supply and demand. So, if we push out too much supply, it will hurt the price.

Therefore, we suggest that 16.67% of these coins unlock each month, for 6 months. 

That’s one-sixth of the coins unlocking each month -- for 6 months – so at the end of the 6 months, they are all unlocked.

Does that sound like a good deal?

Remember, just your first month’s unlocked coins is a larger number than the full number of coins you would have received (before we multiplied it by 10)...

... so I imagine no one will have any challenge with this offer.

But please let me know if you have any issues with this.

Again, these policies are to ensure your coin’s price has a great chance to do really well, right from the beginning.

Note: As a reminder, any founder coins awarded to you outside of the coins you purchased in the auction will still be released at 1% per month once the coin is on the exchanges.


When will the founder coin sale end?

The founder coin distribution and sale must close before the start of the ICO – which means it must end in about 2 – 3 days from now.

That means that if you want coins at 10 cents – with 50% bonus coins – meaning 6.67 cents as your final price -- simply go to the sale page right now and place your bid (at any price) and 6.67 cents will now be your final price per coin. Period.

We hope that most everyone finds these suggestions (especially the price of coins) to be fair and representative of the spirit of this community’s relationship with each other – that of great respect, gratitude and trust.

By the way, if you do not feel like that spirit is represented in any of these suggestions, we most definitely want to hear your thoughts and logic, and of course are very open to hearing any and all suggestions.

Again, expect the founder sale and opportunity to end in the next couple of days.


6.  How can you help and earn even more coins?

Along with the growing team of crypto influencers who are joining our team, we are building a public relations team that will be putting news out about once a week.

That process has already begun. Here’s our first announcement:  Inventor of virtual currency embraces blockchain

In the coming days, we’ll post details on how you can increase empowr’s ICO exposure in the crypto industry.

We need your help ensuring the success of the empowr coins -- and you’ll be able to earn even more of coins from this effort.

We won’t hold back at all in rewarding our citizens with a lot of coins for working together to ensure the success of the ICO and coin.


The first step

To get started, please create an account on the following social platforms (if you don’t have one already) and Fan/Friend/Like/Follow/Join these empowr accounts so you’re ready to go when we share the next steps in the coming days:

·         Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpowrOfficial 

·         Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HSki9RFxH1fMpy4CESIfbw

·         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empowrofficial/ 

·         LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3011860 

·         YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/empowrcorp 

·         Medium: https://medium.com/@empowr_official

·         Discord: https://discord.gg/YXTmpHt

100 founder coins to start

Anyone that has connected with all the above empowr social channels before this Sunday at noon (PST) -- 8pm (UTC) -- will earn 100 founder coins.

To ensure we’re crediting the correct empowr account, simply fill out this form once you’ve connected with each of the channels. 

Please do it now - or soon - so you don’t forget -- but definitely before Sunday when we pull the data from the form.

Your account will be credited within 7 business days from this Sunday (when we pull the data from that form). We will also add you to our email list so that you’re aware of all the additional things you can do to help and for you to earn coins.


Your thoughts, feedback and ideas

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions!

And as always, let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to get them answered.

We will keep you posted and ensure any changes to the landscape or strategy are discussed, and major decisions are decided together as a community.


Your president,



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Thank you for the updates and all is sound good, great work done by you and empowr team, all things are now on their ways and open to all empowr citizens, and I'm confident that the 400M coins will be sold out within a month,

The expertise opinion "“empowr has the strongest story of our of every cryptocurrency in the market" is our first success for ICO and we will show the world that the empowr is the one and the only cryptocurrency which has all things need for a cryptocurrency,

We are joining all the social media platforms and will participate in the empowr campaign, We are a community, We are united and we are ready to tell the empowr story to the world,

Thank you,

21 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

definitely exciting news and cant wait to see the closing on the ICO and where we will be by then. THis platform has been a great one for the launching of coins. And we are reday for this

21 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Hello Brian, JC, May, and Team. Thank you for such a clear explanation again of what we need to know about the development of our cryptocurrency adventure. The content of this post makes my heart sing. I totally understand what it is about, it confirms that I have placed my confidence in the right thing and I am excited about what the future is going to bring to so many. Looking forward to the next update. Somehow they always make my day. Chapeau to the team of engineers to pull off the changes in what drives this platform in such a short period.

21 months ago
Manjot Singh

Hello Brian, Thanks for exciting updates and working in great leadership.

21 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Thank you for the long awaited update on the proposed empowr ICO. It is readily apparent that you and the entire team have put much thought into forming the various strategies in bringing the Coin to fruition that will result in greatest return for the empowr population. We will all benefit when our Coins rise in value. Looking forward to a fast, profitable and successful closing of our ICO.

21 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

So amazing news. I'm very excited. Thank you empowr. We work and will work to help empowr become great.
Thank you for good news.

21 months ago
C J Jacob

Thanks for this update. Read, and re-read and digested. Happy to know that there is a bright future for our cryptocurrency.

21 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Extraordinary news for our entire community, all our efforts will be rewarded, we only have the final sprint, which is to spread the news about the empowr community and the great opportunity of the empowr coin.

21 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Great news! Continue our toil work, which in the end will be crowned with the success of our community. Thanks empowr team!

21 months ago

Exciting moments we are living with, can't wait for the moment of the launch of empowr’s ICO

21 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks Brian and the empowr team for the hard work and commitment towards making a better system. We are greatness! Long live empowr.

21 months ago
Pete Moss

Wow sounds brilliant - thank you Brian, JC and all empowr team

21 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Thank you for the great news and great work of the team. Our goal is already very close and we will do our best to achieve it!

21 months ago
George Oliveira

Great news. Once again, congratulations to the whole team. One more step forward and towards our success. I'm proud to be a part of it.

21 months ago
Roy Mitchell

Thanks Brian and the Empowr team for the great news and forward progress looking forward to the future

21 months ago
David Bruyland

Great and exciting updates!

21 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks for the update.

21 months ago