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Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I gave you an update on the empowr coin.

I promised I would keep you posted on the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape and empowr’s market entry details.


  1. Let’s share the empowr announcement (press release) with you before anyone else
  2. Next, let’s give you first access to the empowr whitepaper
  3. Then, I’ll explain what may not be immediately clear
  4. And finally, let’s take your questions to make sure everything is even more clear


Let’s get started.

1.  Here’s the press release that’s going out on the news wire tomorrow:

Inventor of Virtual Currency Pays It Forward with Record-Breaking Airdrop

100 percent of initial coin supply to be delivered to the people for free beginning on Tax Day, April 15

SAN DIEGO – March 21, 2018 empowr, the inventor of virtual currency, announces a coin distribution event unlike any other. Starting on April 15, 2018, empowr will distribute 500 million coins, which is the company’s entire initial supply, through an airdrop on the Ethereum blockchain and a bounty program. Starting on March 22, empowr founders and democratically elected president will appear in a weekly live stream on YouTube to discuss the historic event and answer the community’s questions. 

“Airdropping our entire initial supply of coins is fully aligned with our core beliefs, which is putting the power back into the people’s hands,” said Brian Woosley, the democratically elected president of empowr. “Without accepting a single penny from corporate investors and advertisers, the empowr platform was built by sacrifice and dedication by generations of users. It is with that same spirit that the community has voted to now pay it forward to the crypto community – on a day where they’re spending money rather than earning it – Tax Day.”

The community’s 800,000 active alpha users are already earning by posting and sharing content; selling and sharing goods and services; or helping others do the same.

Users can spend coins in the platform’s robust marketplace and on advertising, subscription and other services provided by empowr.

The empowr community invites supporters to become holders of the empowr coin:

  • Active Ethereum blockchain wallets will receive the empowr coin airdrop beginning Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • Each month, empowr will distribute 10 million coins through its Bounty Program. Those interested in earning stakes can find more information here

For questions, watch the weekly live stream on YouTube, starting on Thursday, March 22 at 8 am PDT (3pm UTC).

For the official live stream schedule, visit www.empowr.com/LiveStream later today.


2.   The empowr whitepaper

In cryptocurrency ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), the main document that details everything about the opportunity, is called the whitepaper.

Here’s the empowr whitepaper for you to read through.


3.  Some questions and answers to make things more clear.

Question: Why does the announcement and whitepaper mention 500 millions coins, when the empowr community is being provided with a larger number of coins ( = 1 billion coins)?

Answer: 500 million coins is the initial circulating supply. That’s the number that we’ll start with on April 15.  Then, starting 2 weeks later (May 1st) each month a shrinking number of coins will be made available to the empowr marketing and compensation engine, which is the source of your coins.

As a reminder, all the coins that are going to the community (empowr citizens, success coaches, advisers and employees) ...

...  in addition to all the coins going to empowr (to use for marketing, user acquisition, posting & sharing and the mission wheel) ...

... are all vesting (distributed) at a rate of 1 percent monthly.

All the coins going to the community will begin to vest (become available) in May, which is coming from the non-initial supply.

Hopefully this is clear but let me know if it isn’t and I’ll help you understand.


Question:  The press release and whitepaper talk about an “airdrop.”  What is an airdrop?

Answer:  An airdrop is a very interesting marketing approach that’s unique to the crypto space. I’ll explain.

The blockchain is completely transparent – everyone can see all the accounts that exist and can even see how much currency each account owns.

Note: People cannot see the names of the account holders, just the account number – called wallet addresses – plus, they can see the amount of currency held by each account (wallet).

So, yes, we can see all see the account numbers and which accounts are “real” – meaning which hold some currency – as opposed to wallets that merely exist but don’t have any currency.

So, an airdrop is the process of actually sending a small amount of coins into ALL the “real” accounts on the blockchain.

Wait! Why on earth would anyone want to send free coins to people they don’t even know?

Well, when the owner of the wallet receives these new coins, he or she is tempted to say:  “What a nice surprise! Someone sent me some coins! I wonder what these coins are all about?!”

They then often take it upon themselves to learn more about the new coin and the company behind it.

Thus, by distributing coins – “airdropping” them into all the “real” wallets on the blockchain – we have an opportunity to reach out and wake up many crypto enthusiasts that have already, educated themselves about cryptocurrency and have a much higher chance of becoming interested in new coins like ours.

Think of airdropping as an incredibly well-targeted marketing approach that reaches the precise people we most want to reach – those most likely to be interested in our coins – those that already own cryptocurrency.


Question:  Will I receive an airdrop too?

Answer:  Yes, if you have an Ethereum wallet that has a bit of currency in it.


Question:  What is Ethereum?

Answer:  It’s the leading blockchain operating system. Think of it as the Microsoft Windows operating system for blockchain.

People and companies can build applications (called “smart contracts”) and tokens (also known as cryptocurrency or “coins”) on top of Ethereum.

Ethereum makes it easier and faster to get coins live because many other companies have already created technologies like “crypto wallets” and “currency exchanges” that we won’t necessarily need to build ourselves.


Question:  Wait. We worked hard and/or paid good money for our coins. How is it fair that random strangers get coins for free?

Answer:  Airdrop recipients only receive a small number of coins. If or when they want more, they must purchase them, most likely through a currency exchange.

An airdrop is a cost-effective way – cheaper than buying advertising – to reach a large audience...

... the exact crypto people that we’ll need to ensure our coins will have lots of buyers and sellers...

... which (as you may remember) is what we need to get listed on the large currency exchanges.


Question:  Is there a cost to conducting an airdrop?

Answer:  Yes.  For each transaction -- each wallet we send coins to – empowr must pay a transaction fee. 

An airdrop can be quite costly because we’re looking to send a small amount of coins into a very large number of wallets – in order to wake a lot of people up.


Question:  What’s a bounty program?

Answer:  When a company does an ICO, along with an airdrop they often launch the ability for people in the crypto world to earn some coins for promoting the new coin. That’s called a bounty program.

For example, people can create videos or articles about empowr.

Or they can translate the empowr whitepaper (or any of our videos) to their local language.

There are several other promotional tasks they can do to earn coins. 


Question:  Does empowr have a bounty program?

Answer:  empowr’s bounty program officially launches later today, but you already received access before anyone else:  Bounty link


Question:  Why is the official airdrop on April 15? Why not before that?

Answer:  That date gives us some time to grow the number of bounty program participants and allow them to do their work in promoting empowr to the larger crypto community.


Question:  When will empowr’s coins be live on the currency exchanges? Do we need to wait for the airdrop to happen?

Answer:  We’ll be live as soon as possible. We have already started the process of reaching out to many exchanges. We will not wait for the airdrop to be live.


Question:  Along with getting coins for free (by airdrop) or by earning them by bounty, can people buy empowr coins?

Answer:  Yes, empowr is privately reaching out to many larger crypto investors. Their price is $1 per coin but can be higher or lower depending on negotiable terms such as how long of a lock-up (vesting period) they're willing to accept -- to ensure they’re not “pumping and dumping” – meaning buying coins just to turn around and sell them for a quick profit.


Question:  What about doing a public ICO?

Answer:  Rather than do a large, public ICO, empowr will be doing a private ICO sale instead (as detailed above).

Based on your feedback, it’s clear that getting on the exchanges as quickly as possible should be our primary objective. If empowr were to conduct a traditional ICO, our ability to get on the exchanges might be delayed by 60 or more days.

Rather than wait, we're now thinking that the best approach would be to get as much attention to the coin as possible (via the airdrop and bounty program) while working to quickly get on one or more exchanges so everyone can buy and sell as many coins as they wish.


4.  And finally...

We’re sure you may have questions that are not listed above. That’s why we’re inviting you to our first-ever live stream Q&A on YouTube! Meet me and one or more empowr founders in a live Q&A session.

It will take place on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 8 am PDT (3 pm UTC).

Exact instruction will be posted right here in the next 24 hours (instead of this line) as well as on our other social media channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpowrOfficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empowrofficial/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3011860
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/empowrcorp
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/empowr_official/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HSki9RFxH1fMpy4CESIfbw
Medium: https://medium.com/@empowr_official
Discord App: https://discord.gg/YXTmpHt
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3170283.new#new

Lastly, I encourage everyone to read the whitepaper. It’s always good to get a refresher on where we’re trying to go and the progress we’ve made thus far.

Any questions?

We’re here for you. I also look forward to seeing you on the live stream!


Your president,


May Ram

Thank you, Brian, for educating us about the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape and empowers market entry details.
We are studying the empowr white paper, and read again and again.
There are so much to learn and improve. We are with you all the way.
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Alex Aurora

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Here's a guy that Empowr may want to network with. He bought a ton of Bitcoin when it was cheap. The media even laughed at him. I think he may be involved with alot of cryptocurrencies. His name is James Altucher -- james@jamesaltucher.com. He could bring a lot of attention to The Empowr Coin...

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Update for anyone who uses Coins.ph:
They don't accept ERC20 for their Etherereum wallet. So use a wallet like Jazz to convert the Ethereum to Bitcoin then you can send Bitcoin to your Coins.ph account. Here is the link for Jaxx: https://jaxx.io/

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