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Hello everyone!

As you know, the big day is almost here - with the launch of the empowr coin this Sunday (April 15th,  2018) there are some very exciting times ahead of us!

Note: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to learn how you can participate in the empowr coin launch and earn a bunch of bonus coins.

But before we get to the launch, there are several last-minute housekeeping items that we need in place first. In this post, we will discuss what each of those items are and how your experience on empowr will be affected as a result.

Here’s what you can expect to see changing within the empowr platform in the next 48 hours:


1) The “$” will be replaced with an “e͈̎” - which is the monetary symbol for the empowr coin

From the top navigation bar and your balance details page, you can choose to toggle between viewing your balance in empowr coins OR the value of those coins in US Dollars. You can also choose whether you want your balance to only show the value of your coins (instead of both your coins and pre-coins).

The empowr coin conversion

The price of your coins shown in dollars will be based on the current market rate that the empowr coin is being traded at in real-time, so you’ll be able to track how well the coin is doing throughout the day any time you check your empowr wallet balance.


2) Your currently maturing and fully matured coin balances will be converted from dollars to coins.

Soon, you’ll notice that the amount in your coin balance has increased significantly as your dollars are converted to coins. (As mentioned in #1 above, you can easily toggle back to viewing dollars to ensure you’re not missing a penny).


Why such a large increase?

As previously discussed, to thank all of you for the tremendous patience and support over the past several months while we focused on getting the empowr coin live, the final price of the coin was lowered all the way down to $0.10 – meaning that everyone empowr citizen will be getting 10 empowr coins for every $1 in their wallet.

To further thank anyone that purchased coins in the auction and/or had earned coins while cash outs were disabled, we then increased the total number of coins in your empowr wallet by 50%, making the total price of your coins $0.067 each.


A nice surprise

Instead of implementing the 6 months of maturity that we previously agreed to on these newly converted coins, you’ll notice that your coins will instead have the standard 90-days maturity assigned to them – which means the majority of you will be able to access your coins in half the time you previously thought.

To enable this reduction for everyone, we’ll need a short-term change in maturation, as I’ll explain now.


How your coins will mature

For the first month following the coin conversion, the lowest maturity level that anyone is able to achieve will be 30-days (instead of 0-days).

Why this change? Any dramatic increase in currency supply could be bad for the long-term value of the empowr coin. So, by reducing everyone’s maturation from 6 months to 90 days or less, we’ll need to temporarily remove the 0-day maturation.

To ensure a strong foundation is set for the coin’s value in its initial weeks of being live on the exchanges, this change will allow us to slowly increase the supply of coins on the blockchain at a manageable rate. Once that foundation is set, rest assured we will again lower the lowest maturity rates down to 0-days for the best performing empowr citizens. Learn how to reduce your maturity


3)      Your pre-coins will be converted from dollars to pre-coins

In addition to converting your empowr dollars to coins, you’ll also notice that your pre-coin balance will increase by 1,000% as it’s converted to the new coin value.

As a part of this transition, we will also be phasing out the managed ad platform that long-time empowr citizens have grown accustomed to. That means managed ad campaigns, ad credits and ad platform fees will no longer be a part of your empowr experience.

Here’s how that will work:

a)       Effective April 13, 2018, Managed Ad Campaigns will no longer be in operation

b)      Any ad credits utilized and ad platform fees that you owe to the ad platform will be paid off with your current pre-coin balance

c)       If you don’t have enough pre-coins to cover the amount owed, you’ll be forgiven for the outstanding debt and no longer owe anything, nor will you have any pre-coins

a.       You can earn pre-coins the very next day by simply posting

d)      If you have more than enough pre-coins to cover the amount owed, you’ll have the difference credited to your empowr wallet and then increased by 1,000% as it is converted into the new coin value

We understand that many of you have enjoyed the managed ad platform for many years, but as discussed earlier last year, due to the confusion it has caused for a small percentage of empowr citizens, we’ve been working to phase it out in favor of the new ad platform that was launched last fall.


4)      Your founder coins and coins earned from inviting will be added to your balance

Many empowr citizens have claimed a large number of founder coins during the empowr coin auction. You’ve also taken part in several activities (such as joining our social channels) to earn additional founder coins.

These coins will be added to your empowr balance page this week and will begin their 1% monthly vesting effective May 2018.

The empowr coin conversion

Additionally, many of you have earned coins by inviting your friends to empowr and helping them get productive. Those coins will also be added to your empowr balance page this week and will begin their 1% monthly vesting effective May 2018.


5)      The ability to transfer out your empowr coins will be live

With the empowr coin launching and the coin conversion process reaching its completion, the ability for everyone to begin transferring out their fully matured coins to their Ethereum wallet will now be available.

To transfer out your matured coins, simply click the “Transfer out” button at the bottom of the balance pop-up (which can be accessed by clicking your balance at the top of any page):

The empowr coin conversion

You’ll need a minimum of 25 dollars’ worth of fully matured coins to transfer out your coins, and an Ethereum wallet to transfer them to. If you haven’t yet created an Ethereum wallet for yourself, please follow the instructions here.

 The empowr coin conversion


6)      Bidding will once again be a part of your Daily Goals

In an effort to jumpstart the marketplace, we will be releasing the first of many features to help spur marketplace activity now that the empowr coin is going live.

The first of those features is adding back the bidding component to hitting your Daily Goals.

Why is this important? Just as a marketplace needs sellers to succeed, it also needs buyers and people actively promoting what is being sold in the marketplace.

Each time you bid on something, it helps spread that item around so that others in your circle of trust can see it – which ultimately means that sales will increase, and the economy will grow.

As a side effect of the growing economy, you’ll likely notice the prizes on the mission wheel increasing as well – so this will be a win-win for both buyers and sellers alike.

Just bid on a few items that you’d like to buy (or think you can sell for a profit by sponsoring) each day and we’re certain you’ll quickly notice the effects on the marketplace it will have.


So, what’s coming up next?

·         Coin distribution page for empowr countries

Once the empowr coin launch is completed this Sunday (April 15th) we will be putting the finishing touches on enabling empowr country admins to distribute coins to their citizens based on their achievements during the month of April.

To see how your country is doing so far this month, be sure to check out the new country leaderboard.

·         Expanding the utility of empowr coins

The empowr coin will be the default currency for power user subscription purchases and everything in the empowr marketplace. We will continue to work to expand the utility of the empowr coin so that it can be used to purchase ads, mission roles and much, much more.

·         empowr coin going live on the exchanges

Sunday, April 15th at 8AM PST (3PM UTC) we will be going live on the exchanges. If you haven’t already, be sure to learn how to get your share of bonus empowr coins on that day. More information will be coming soon!


And that’s it – if you have any questions on any of the items discussed above, please leave a comment below.

You can also join us on our next live stream today Thursday April 12th at 8AM PST (3PM UTC) and we can discuss it with you there.

Thanks again everyone for your support!


Your president,


May Ram

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Thank you, Brian, JC and the team.
I am very happy to see our citizens are excited for April 15th. 💕

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Sonia Madubuko

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Khaleeq Ahmed,

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