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Hello everyone,

There are only a few hours remaining until the big moment we’ve all been waiting for:  The launch of the empowr cryptocurrency coin

Just us tomorrow (Friday, April 20) at 7am PST (2pm UTC) for our live stream:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzzr0M7jCQE


Reminder of objectives

It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement, so before we get started, let’s quickly remind ourselves of our objectives.

As you know, the empowr community has always been committed to growing its capabilities so that by the year 2025 – only 7 years from now – empowr can serve half the world’s population:

Where shall we start?

To grow the number of empowr citizens by a factor of 4,000 in the next 7 years, we will need a lot more empowr coins:

 Where shall we start?

So, how do we serve 4,000 times more people with our coins?

By focusing on growing the value (price) of the empowr coins, in approximately the following way:

Where shall we start?

As you can see, the successful accomplishment of the empowr mission and overarching goal depends on the success of the empowr coin.


Question?  So, how can we grow the value of our coin?

Answer:  Together, we have spent 18 years building much of what it takes to grow demand and value for our virtual currency.  How does empowr do this? Watch the video


So, what is the main objective of tomorrow’s event?

Tomorrow is the day we introduce our coin to the world. We want to ensure our coin has a critical mass of transactions on the exchange. Learn what this means


The question we must think about now is: Where do we want our coin to start?

 Where shall we start?


That is, at what price ($X) do we want the empowr coin price to be at, when tomorrow is complete?

By the end of the day tomorrow -- with our actions – we will have very clearly answered that question.




Tomorrow, we’ll start the live stream at 7am (2PM UTC). 

Join us then.  If you haven’t already, go here to learn how to prepare yourself for the big event.


The plan

I am thinking that we keep the plan simple.

We will start the bidding at 8am (3pm UTC) sharply, and for the first five (5) minutes, the first bidders will receive a large bonus in coins (tune into the live stream to find out how much).

While that amazing deal will be gone in just a few minutes after the launch, we will have a lot of fun...  

... all sorts of exciting offers and events during the day -- so stay with me in the live stream all day!


So, where do YOU want the coin to end up, when tomorrow ends?


Radhika Purohit

Thanks for the update and we all want to see the coin value as much as high its possible

19 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks Brian for always keeping us updated ,in few hours everything will be happening so excited...Success all the way, together we keep moving forward and higher because we are unstoppable

20 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian, this is so exciting, I cannot wait!
I want to see the coin valued at as high as possible!

20 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks Brian for the update, we are really excited as few hours are left in launching our coin. We are eagerly waiting to participate in launch to make our coin valuable.

20 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Thank you for the heads up!We'll succeed.

20 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you, Brian! Cant wait to start and I believe in a great success of the empowr coin!

20 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

Thank you, Brian. a really exciting day. I'm ready for trading. Good luck to all of us :) and enjoy this day :)

20 months ago
Debi Jones

Thanks for update! All so very exciting!!

19 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, Brian,
Thank you excited about the launch of the coin, we will be there with you and we all want to see our coin end with high values as possible today,

20 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

thanks for update its all very exciting and I believe we will achieve as we are all behind this great move. I too cannot wait to see wher the coin ends up by tomorrow

20 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thanks for the update .Happy Airdrop

20 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Thanks for the update Brian, can't wait till morning as this is so exciting! Really looking forward to the live stream, it should be awesome!

20 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thank you Brian, We are very eager to see and participate in our coin's launching, Best of luck to all my empowrian brothers and sisters :-)

20 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you Brian and empowr team. We are ready now

20 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the update, we are waiting for the launch .

20 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks for the update Brian.
Very excited about the launch, can't wait for it.

20 months ago
Said Rahman

Thank you Brain for update and fully loaded to join the live stream.

20 months ago
Said Rahman

Thank you Brain for update and fully loaded to join the live stream.

20 months ago
Animesh Garai

waiting for the event, Thank Brian for this update

20 months ago
Jo Mas

Dear President Brian,
I am ready to be at the first 5 minutes for BE sure having my BIG part of COINS. Already all my wallet was ready for the 15th and still in the same health for FRIDAY the 20th .
Thank you for all you've dome also my thanks goes also to our great EMPOWR TEAM who was working days and nights to be achieve where we are now in these great changes , finishing the last touch for great AIRDROP and the LAUNCH for our EMP ERC22 with it's nice monetary signal e͈̎.
Live to EMPOWR >>>

20 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Thanks Brian and Empowr team for a wonderful updates! We are waiting for that launching!

19 months ago
C J Jacob

Looking forward to the great event and sincerely hope that the empowr coin supply and the coin value would be at a high level soon.

20 months ago
Jenni Uzzell

Thank you for the update - It is all very exciting, I pray that tomorrow empowr will achieve all that it has set out to achieve and more, with the Launch surpassing all expectations.

20 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi Pres. Brian. We wanted the coin to end up in a very reasonable price in order to reach more mass who can participate in buying empowr coins and become more in demand Bidding must be fun tomorrow. Can't wait for the live stream and hear the good news ahead. Am not a crypto person but this really excites us many empowrians for sure. Thank you Pres. Brian and to all.

20 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thanks to Bryan and the empowr team. Now we are ready. I want our coin to rise in price to $ 6. Everything will be fine. I wish all a successful start.

20 months ago
G Chandra Kumar

Thank you, for the updates

20 months ago
George Oliveira

A very important update. Goals must be met. I love being part of it all.

19 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for helping us to get ready for the coin launch!

19 months ago
Dr. Mahavir Prasad Bhambhu

Thanks For Update

20 months ago
Pete Moss

thank you very much Brian , very exciting, can we get the coin value up to $10.00 worth by tomorrow? good luck everyone

20 months ago
Peter Bechtold

So all know we can see the opening suggested orders in Token Store and we simply want to see those digits moving up all day. Where do I want it to go? Well the market is open tomorrow and I will be spreading the news as much as possible there. Friday afternoon, all the investors that have had a good week, starting about noon, start to count their money and then look for a great investement. All traders have some ethereum as you can see it going up right now. Critical mass could happen at any time. I want it to go just as high as possible!! Let's do some trading and make that baby go up. Free coin!! Do not hold on to it. Buy it sell it, but simply don't let it just sit there. Go empowr and this is going to be so good!

20 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thanks Brian for the update! Great news!

20 months ago
Olga Puchkova

We are waiting for this exciting event.

20 months ago
nina vu

Thank you Brian, we are ready :) and very excited :) Waiting for launching to start :)

20 months ago
Zhulduz Abitova

Thank you very much Brain and empowr team for your update! We are all waiting with impatience!

20 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Thank you for this grandiose event! We all together will support the value of our coin!

20 months ago
Daryl Robinson

(Smile) Be Blessed. God is good. I will remember this day.......Thanks Everyone!!!

20 months ago
Chandravathi Devi

Thanks Brian , waiting for the launch eagerly.

20 months ago
David Bruyland

Thanks for the wonderful updates, Brian. I'm all set-up, and ready for this crucial day in 'empowr" history!

20 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thanks for the update. We are all excited to the Launch.

20 months ago
Bob Poster

Hello Brian,
When the launch day ends I want to see the coin valued at $3 to $4 or higher. That would be amazing!. empowr coin One Coin to Rule Them All!

20 months ago
Richard Mark Maritz

I am so excited, I will be there and I know of many others that will be there to, We are doping everything at that time and will be concentrating on doing our part in making today historical :)

20 months ago
Eduardo Orpilla

Thank you for the update Brian!

20 months ago
Katy Tanase

I will be live for Airdrop and I will try to buy more coins on the first minutes. Thanks for update! :)

20 months ago
Nirmesh Kumar Tarar

Thanks for The Update We Are Waiting

20 months ago
Leanier Carter

The world is in need of a new paradigm in Global economics, for we see that democracy is threatened all over the world
the Empowr coin launch could not have come at a better time in the history of world, thanks Brian for all of the updates and
keeping the community informed, as we are all looking forward the launch of the empowr coin, much success to all.

20 months ago