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New to empowr?

The empowr coin is live!  Now what?

Congratulations to the entire empowr community!


This is what you have accomplished:

1.  You came up with the concept of transitioning to cryptocurrency.

2.  You then completed the research, devised the strategy, wrote the whitepaper, recruited the personnel, architected and completed the execution and re-engineering of the empowr virtual currency, products and methods.

3.  You funded the entire process without a penny from investors, “crypto whales” or any of the many other (sometimes shady) crypto characters.

4.  You educated yourselves and the community on everything from blockchain, to Ethereum, to how to operate an exchange.

5.  And yesterday, you ensured the empowr coin had a successful launch on the currency exchange.


A big congratulations on a job well done:

empowr is now the first fully-encompassed democratic social economy with its own tradeable currency.

And empowr still belongs to the community, not rich investors.


This was a truly historic accomplishment given all the variables, moving parts, selfless decisions and sacrifices that were required by everyone. 


The coin launch was the beginning, not the end.

What do we need to do now? What is the plan?


We have a lot of new members with us, so let’s start with a high level reminder of what we’re trying to do.

Then, we’ll drill down to what each of us can do to succeed.


1.   The community’s mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence for them.

Our goal is to serve half the world’s population – including those currently living on $2 or less per day -- by the year 2025:

           The empowr coin is live!  Now what?


2.  To serve that many people, we must grow our coin supply as follows:

                       The empowr coin is live!  Now what?


3.  To successfully serve 4 billion people with that more limited coin supply as shown above, we’ll want to grow the value of our coin approximately like this:

             The empowr coin is live!  Now what?


I am confident that we can accomplish the above, given all the years (nearly 2 decades) you’ve already invested in building the platform, techniques and community.


Everyone’s interests are fully aligned

Based on everything that has already been accomplished, we are now in an incredibly fortunate position to say:

For the empowr mission and platform to succeed, you – as an individual -- must succeed.

That is, your success and the mission’s success are now one and the same.

empowr cannot succeed unless you are succeeding.


So, what’s the best thing YOU can do – starting RIGHT NOW -- to succeed?

I believe your success boils down to only three (3) things:


1.  Every day, hit your daily goal

By simply doing that, you’re growing a network of trust and reciprocity.

Big success requires the help of others. Hitting your daily goal ensures that others will always be there for you, to help you earn.


2.  Earn mission points

The more mission points you earn:

A.   the more you’re earning from your activities such as providing products and services to others, and helping others succeed.

B.  the more coins will be provided to you by the mission wheel. The purpose of the wheel is to encourage and amplify (reward) your success, by appearing each time you hit your daily goal.

C.  the larger your power (your influence) to create positive change and progress in the empowr democracy.


3.  Protect your reputation and ratings

Work hard to earn and maintain high ratings as a provider (seller), buyer, success coach and the other roles you play in the empowr economy.

I cannot stress this point highly enough

Your high ratings significantly increase your ability to earn and succeed, in more ways than most people will ever fully understand.

The empowr marketplace, earning and other algorithms work openly and, in many cases quietly, to encourage and boost the success of empowr citizens with high ratings; as well as to slow down and block those with the lower ratings from participating in the economy.

On the darker side, empowr is unique in that cheaters usually don’t get their accounts immediately deleted when detected. Bad actors often get no visual signs whatsoever that they’ve been caught.

Instead, the system works quietly to give them hope in the short term, while enforcing maximum frustration on them in the long term.


Please, I hope you are hearing me on this point

You really, really want to ensure your ratings and reputation are maximized.


And that’s it.

Do the above three (3) things and your success will take care of itself

Yes, that success will also include a growing ownership of empowr coins.

And as the number of people -- that understand and follow the above simple formula -- grows, so will the value of the empowr coins.


What NOT to do

One of the worst things you can do, is to now waste your limited energy focusing on the price of the coin. In the short term, the coin’s price will go up and down, based on all sorts of factors.

By investing your valuable energy or emotions thinking about (or worst, worrying about) the price of coin from one moment to the next, you will miss out.  

On the other hand, if you develop the ability to have faith in the process and focus your limited time and energy on the three (3) steps mentioned above, your success will follow.


Like anywhere else, in empowr success is about the ability to focus

Do you have the ability to focus on what matters the most in your life...

... that is, those things that YOU have decided make the biggest difference AND you've got the most control over?

And do you have the ability to ignore the things that matter the least in your life...

... that is, the things that YOU have decided make the least difference OR you've got the least control over?

If so, you will be just fine.

If you cannot focus, however, like everything and everywhere else in life, you will also have a more difficult time in empowr.

The good news is that focusing on what matters (and ignoring what does not) is a skill that can be learned, practiced and improved on a continual basis.

When you find yourself focused on something that you have previously decided "matters less", simply notice that and move the camera of your mind back to what it needs to be focused on.


Make a commitment right now

So, starting today, with this massive project of moving to the empowr coin behind us...

...  let’s all pick up right where we left off 6 months ago – before we all got distracted by the important cryptocurrency project.

Starting right now, let’s get back to the work of providing value to our fellow empowr citizens in the economy - by simply following the 3 steps mentioned above.


What about the focus of empowr employees?

Relating to the coin, there are still a few loose ends we need to complete. We are focused on completing those items.

Aside from any upcoming announcements relating to those items, I can promise you that -- going forward – you will hear less from empowr employees about the coin.

Instead, we will be turning our attention back to listening to what empowr citizens most want – everything from new features, to bug fixes and resolving issues – and working hard to deliver those items to you.


Congrats again on a job well done.  Laughing 


Any questions?

We’re here for you.


Yours truly,



May Ram

Hi JC, Thank you for the information and congratulations. 💕
It was truly a great experience and Brian was amazing with carrying out our historical event. We had fun. 😍
I 100% agreed "not to waste our time and energy, move forward with focus and full commitment.".

19 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks for sharing with us the 3 ways to become successful here

18 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks JC,it wasn't easy carrying out such a huge task .. Finally we are done with it all thanks to everyone who stood by empowr making sure everything was in place,and for the three things mentioned above we all shall stay focus and work through it to ensure success,Brian Thanks for the Live stream it wasn't also easy to stay several hours making sure all questions got answered And Mum May Ram who always make sure that everything is in the right track We appreciate you always. Together we keep moving forward because we are unstoppable...😍😍😍😍😍😍

19 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you JC, we created history and very proud of Brian, he did an amazing job! Thank you empowr team!
More power to all!

19 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Working hard & Trusting the Process... Indeed the major Keys to uplifting and supporting our goals and Empowr Platform.

Let's move forward.

19 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks Brian. Lets refocus and Keep our eyes on the prize. Succeeding in the long term. Showing up daily to complete daily goals. Completing our Mission Performance goals. Way to go!

19 months ago
Austin Grady

With the launch of the coin, the game was changed. JC., thank you for reminding us that we still need to win the game by making our mission a reality. Brian was magnificent all day long! The coin launch was an exciting success and we are energized to make each of our next benchmark goals successful too. We're writing history here!

19 months ago
Ken Spence

I agree, Brian was a machine running on red bull - awesome work

19 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thank you, JC and Congratulations everyone. We had a great day, Brian was awesome and it's just the beginning. Let's move forward without losing focus.

19 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for your priceless work for us, Brian! Yesterday was a great day and we are ready to move forward together!

19 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Thank you! All very cool!

18 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks J C for update ,yesterday was really great day and great experience ,yes made commitment to do hard work to reach our GOAL by the year - 2025

19 months ago
Hesty Marsilina

Totally agree with you - Have faith with the process. :)
It was a great time yesterday.
Thanks JC, Brian, and the rest of the team <3

19 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

I have experienced yesterday as a great success. Because of the empowr coin I am now learning how to trade the empowr coin and I really like it. Thank you, Brian and empowr team to make this possible. The future looks bright :) when we work hard to earn and maintain high ratings as mentioned.

19 months ago
Debi Jones

Thanks for the encouraging post reminding us to focus attention on the 3 things.
The live stream was awesome! Thanks JC, Brian and Team!

19 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, JC,
Congratulations you too, we got this success because of your, Brian and the whole empowr team day & night hard work, we have not words to say thank you, Our commitment is with empowr always, and we will do what need to do for our coin and empowr,
Thank you,

19 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

The coin launch was amazing great work everyone and Brian what a machine. I hope your throat is all good due to such a long time in speaking. I like now that we return our focus back on to providing value to our citizens and our goals.

19 months ago
Anthony Onyia

I simply love this announcement, thank you J.C and all empowr citizens.

19 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks, JC , It is my first exposure to cryptocurrency that I never experienced before, Thanks for giving us live experience and we should be thankful for empowr and team those are doing best, day and night to make it successful.

19 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Job well done JC, Brian and Team! Thanks for the encouraging post!

19 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you for this inspiring and educational post. One of the things empowr enabled me to learn in the past 26 months is to focus on what is important and what is not. I am still amazed how partaking in empowr has changed me personally in a way I couldn't have imagined. And the new lesson is right there. Not comfortable with matters financial, I now feel the want and the need to find out much more about it. A hurdle to take again, but with the reward of being able to help others when I make the effort, I have also the key in my hand to unlock the willingness to learn that. I think that's what my life is all about. Learning to extend my limitations and at the same time find myself. Thank you, JC, Brian, May, Edward, Hesty (to name the biggest influencers) but of course all of the team and the community as well.

19 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thank you, JC, Yesterday was a great day for us. Now looking forward................What's the next :-)

19 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you Brian and empowr team. Thanks to all users.
We did it. Great news

19 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the update and excellent explanation comparing both empowr and personal life how to get success, I really and really like your post.

19 months ago
Kvvinto K

Thank you, JC and empowr team! Congratulations everyone!

19 months ago
Anum Mehreen

Thank you , looking forwards

19 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you, JC for this announcement, it is clear that we have completed one big task "launching coin" now everything will be normal again. Good luck to all for the coming days.

19 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

JC, thank you so much for the information and all news . Yesterday was really great day for all of us! To our success!!

19 months ago
Surya Gaire

Thank for this historic accomplishment. We are always with Empowr.

19 months ago
Luningning Saguil

Thanks JC, Bryan and Empowr team for great day! More Power to all of empowr team for nice updates!

19 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC, thanks for the information and congrats to the community. We made history, all was fun and greater things are coming ahead of us in the long-run. Long live empowr.

19 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Great achievements indeed. Thanks and congratulations to everyone! :)

19 months ago
Catherine Sandiford

The coin launch was a wonderful experience, and many people learned about empowr, cryptocurrency, blockchain, exchanges, ethereum, MetaMask and lots more. It is truly only the beginning and I am looking forward to the future with empowr!

19 months ago
Sandra Coetzer

Thank you Johnny! Exiting times ahead!

18 months ago
Sandra Coetzer

Thank you for all your hard work. I am exited about the future of empowr!

18 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thank you very much JC! We will all focus on these three things. Thank you, empowr team, for all the work you have done for us. I am pleased!

19 months ago

Great work and wonderful moment moving forward in empowr history
Congratulations to our community

19 months ago
G Chandra Kumar

Yes, it's an excellent start to rule the crypto world in future.
Thanks, everyone.

19 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for the update on how the coin launch went. I am glad it went well. I look forward to what's next and am working on doing the 3 things that matter most. Thanks for all of your hard efforts to get us this far.

19 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hola JC, Brian y todo el equipo de Empowr quiero felicitaros a todos , ha sido un gran exito y espero y creo que podemos llegar a mas, mucho mas, sabeis que soy una trabajadora nata y participo activamente Enpowr, solo quiero deciros que por favor las tareas diarias son terribles en mi caso, no tengo vida familiar , no tengo vida social , ahora me paso desde la mañana a altas horas de la noche haciendo las tareas y aun asi no puedo terminarlas , os ruego por favor considereis mi peticion de reducir algo ya que necesitamos atender a nuestras familias y relacionarnos . Por lo demas nada tengo que decir , solo gracias , gracias , gracias


19 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thank you JC and empowr team. We are ready now

19 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thanks for the update

19 months ago
Pete Moss

thanks so much JC and all the empowr team - I think you guys actually did all of that ! - thank you very much - I look forward to carrying on

19 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi JC, it was fun indeed with our amazing Pres. Brian for long hours making it lively all throughout. Such a wonderful history making empowr coin the number one in rank during the first day only. We have a strong community with great support of my fellow citizens. The agenda was awesome and bonuses are great. Definitely we should move on and continue what had been started. Congratulations to all who did the hard work. Empowr rocks! Pres. Brian you are awesome and proud of you as our President. Thank you JC, empowr employees and to all.

19 months ago
Peter Bechtold

Yes, absolutely getting a 5.0 rating is truly prime to being a marketing entrepreneur here with empowr. We now have our own currency, and there is no way but up now. Thanks to Brian for that wonderful job that he did yesterday, and the true grit shown in that live and truly historic day.

19 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Kudos to you guys also. It was our (Empowr Citizens) wish but we needed a gentle nodge here and there, you gave us that nodge. Thank you. It wouldn't have been a success, which i believe, it was. All thanks to your hardwork and patience with us. Well done JC and the entire team

19 months ago
Regina Talamor

This is a great update and information given to us. It's really an amazing esperienced a truly Historical event. Thank you all to the whole empowr team. More Power to all of us!

19 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Great News! Thank you, JC!

19 months ago