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Hello everyone!

Today, the community must make some decisions that involve everyone’s coins.

In a moment, we’ll ask for your vote. 

But first, some background information. As always, we’ll start from 30,000 feet and drill down

1.   The empowr mission is to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence for the masses.

Our goal is to serve half the world’s population – including those currently living on $2 or less per day -- by the year 2025:

The most stable coin on earth?

2.  To serve that many people, we must grow our coin supply as follows:

The most stable coin on earth?


3.  To successfully serve 4 billion people with the limited coin supply as shown above, we’ll want to grow the value of our coin approximately like this:

The most stable coin on earth?


Have you noticed how stable the “empowr coin value” line looks?

Have you wondered how we are planning to keep the price growing in such a stable manner – when other cryptocurrencies have shown extremely volatile prices?

For example, look at how volatile Bitcoin is:

The most stable coin on earth?


Or look at Ethereum – this graph shows how volatile the price has been in just the last 24 hours – dropping 15% -- from over $700 to $600:    (the green line show ETH to USD):


The most stable coin on earth?


So, how is it that we’re hoping – and working -- to have a very stable coin, when other cryptocurrencies experience so much volatility?

The answer is that, unlike most coins, together we have been building an entire economy behind our currency, meaning our currency has real use -- utility -- today.

Most coins only have speculation behind them, meaning people are only buying the coins because other people are buying the coins!

In other words, everyone is simply hoping that the price of those coins will go up, so when there’s even a hint of bad news, everyone rushes to sell because there’s simply no other reason (other than to make profits) for them to own those coins.

(If you’re worried that others will want to sell, you rush to sell before they do. That’s what is causing so much volatility).

In empowr, however, in the future if/when there’s ‘bad news’, there are many things that would stop everyone from freaking out and rushing to sell, including their marketplace sales and purchases that are in motion, the maturation of everyone’s coins in the empowr wallets, and a whole lot more. 

To learn about the empowr community’s innovations around stabilizing the price of the coin, you can watch this video.


Why does stability matter so much?

Having a stable coin price (that’s not going up and down by 20% or more every day like Bitcoin and Ethereum often do) allows our community to FOCUS.

In a very recent post, we discussed the importance of focusing on building the empowr economy and our personal networks in empowr.

If the price of our coin is going up and down by a lot all day long, it will make it harder for some our citizens to focus.

And it will certainly make it more difficult to know how to price our products and services that we all list to sell in the marketplace.

And that’s why stability is so important to the success of our mission.


OK, so our coin has been live on the exchange for 6 days.

So, how’s the stability been going so far?

We’re off to a good start. 

The first day was volatile, because our citizens were buying and selling a lot of coins, as we all set out to create some volume on the exchange. Nice work again on that day, everyone.

As the first day settled down, the coin ended up at 26 cents per coin.

Every day since, we've seen a nice and stable increase:

The most stable coin on earth?


So, what are the goals?

We’ve already discussed a community goal of $1,000 per coin for the year 2025.

But what about shorter-term goals for, say, 2018?

Or for next month (May)?

Or even for the end of this month (April)?

Our goal is to continue to grow the price of the coin smoothly every day and week, keeping it as stable as possible, with the following targets:

·         We would like to grow the value of our coin by about 33% (from yesterday’s price of $0.40) to around $0.53 by the last day of this month (April) – 4 days from now.

·         Our goal for the end of next month (May) is to be above $1 per coin. Yes, that’s more than double from where it is now.

·         We want to close this year (2018) above $5 per coin – over 12 times more than the current price.

We’ve built a lot of technologies and systems meant to stabilize the coin price.


Is there anything else we can all do to stabilize the price of the coins?

For example, can the empowr community sell more coins if the price starts to go up too high above our targets? (Remember, we don’t want volatility – up or down).

Yes, that’s exactly the idea.  empowr has purposely ensured that it will have a lot of coins to use in exactly that way.


But what if the coin prices go too low?  

Can the empowr community (including the company) buy coins to reduce supply and bring the price back up?

Yes, exactly.  We all benefit from buying coins when its price is down.


How do we benefit?

Not only will we all benefit by protecting the price and stability of the coin, but we also benefit individually by buying when the price is low and selling the coins when the price is higher.


Is this legal to do?

Absolutely.  We have been very up front and transparent about our need to mint more coins, and exactly how we will be using those coins.

There is nothing wrong with attempting to stabilize the price of our coins:

We can and should sell coins strategically, so that we’re not selling too many and pushing its price down below our targets. 

And there’s also nothing wrong with buying coins back to increase its price.

Does empowr guarantee that the price of the coin will grow by 33% by 4 days from now, and more than double to $1 by the end of next month?

empowr can make no such guarantees. As a community, all we can do is use some of our coin supply, resources, and efforts to keep the coin’s price stable and growing per our goals.

But given that the empowr community can sell millions of coins (thus helping ensure the price of the coin doesn’t go or stay above the goal)...

... and can also buy back supply (thus ensuring the price of the coin doesn’t fall or stay below the goal)...

... doesn’t that mean that empowr has 100% full control over the coin’s price?

No, because the resources available to empowr (coins to sell -- or funds to buy back coins) will never be unlimited.

That’s one main reason we will never absolutely 100% guarantee the price of the coin will grow exactly along the goal line.


So, you mentioned that we had decisions we need to make. What are they?

Now that a starting price has been established (26 cents ending price on launch date) and therefore it is now possible to set a daily goal by drawing a line from the starting price to the $1,000 per coin goal, we can now more closely analyze the supply and demand factors.

Let’s take a look:

As a reminder, as a way to say “Thank You!” for bringing empowr this far, the community decided to give away -- for free -- hundreds of millions of empowr “founder” coins to everyone involved (citizens, success coaches, employees and advisors).

Those coins will soon begin pouring into the circulating supply.

Analyzing those numbers, and looking at the coin’s current price and goals, we feel confident that we’ll be able to achieve our stability goals, if the community agrees to the following suggestions.

(Note: These are just suggestions. If the community decides against these suggestions, we will NOT go forward with them).


We suggest:

1.  We suggest that dormant accounts that were given founder coins, will need to have 1-year maturation.

In other words, for our members that are no longer active, but showed up just to get their free founder coins, we think asking them to wait one year is a very fair request.



Because it benefits them (as well as everyone else) because if they don’t agree to doing that, and the price of the coin collapses to near-nothing, there’s much less benefit to them in having these coins anyway.

We can define dormant accounts as those that are inactive, meaning not hitting their daily goals the majority (over 50%) of the time, causing their power level to drop.

We also suggest a 2.9% monthly fee on coins and pre-coins on dormant accounts. This is to encourage everyone to be productive members of the empowr economy. Taxes collected will be used to increase the size of prizes on the mission wheel, further rewarding the citizens that are productive.


2.   In the short term, we suggest placing a cap on the total number of coins that vest monthly – but only for the top 1% of the top 1% of our citizens – the ones that received the absolute most coins for free.

Here again, these are the citizens that have the most to gain (or lose) by the coin’s value rising to high prices (or sinking to low prices).

It does them no good if everyone rushes to “transfer out” their coins, only to see the price of their coins collapse to the floor.

Specifically, we are suggesting:

A.  For May 2018, placing a cap of 500 coins per month for Founder Coin vesting

Because founder coins vest at 1% monthly, this 500 coin monthly cap only applies to the top 1% of the top 1% of empowr citizens by founder coin ownership: Those that own 50,000 or more founder coins.

If you have less than 50,000 coins, then this cap has no effect on your vesting.

B.  Placing a cap of 500 coins per month on the other (non-founder) coins that were provided as part of the 1 to 15 coin conversion.

Those citizens with less than 500 (non-founder) coins in their wallets would not be affected, obviously

So, as an example, if someone has 1,000 (non-founder coins) those coins would all be vested in only 2 months (May and June).

C.  Those two (2) 500 coins caps would increase each month going forward.  We suggest that the caps be raised by 100 coins each month, in perpetuity. That means that June’s caps would be 600 coins; July 700 coins; August 800 coins; etc.

So, if you are subject to both caps, you could vest 1,000 coins in May, growing to 2,000 coins each month by October (1,000 coins for each of the 2 caps) and further up each month.

Of course if there’s an opportunity to increase those caps more quickly (if the coin price and supply are showing that it’s OK to do that) we will do that.  Conversely, if we see a need to lower the caps (for the same reasons) we’ll always discuss that with you before taking any such action.

To absolutely ensure we are very strong on the supply front, the numbers strongly suggest that vested coins must go through maturation. This will make a world of difference in the number of coins that get consumed in the marketplace by everyone buying each other’s products and services.

Again, the objective of all these suggestions is to have our very best shot at growing the value of the coins in a very stable manner, to maximize the value of your coins for both the short and long-term.

And to be super clear:  If the community agrees to these suggestions, these rules will only apply to founder coins as well as coins that got the 15 times “Thank you” multiplier.

Going forward, ALL new coins earned in every possible way would have no limits, caps, vesting or any other such rules outside of normal maturation.

Again, these suggestions only came about due to the nearly 1 billion coins that are going to the community -- mostly for free – so they only apply to the past.


Would these suggested rules apply to everyone?

If we agree to these terms, would the rules apply to everyone, or would there be an exception made for anyone -- such as for empowr success coaches, advisors, employees or founders?

Of course not.  As always, we’re all in this together, and the success coaches, advisors, employees and management would not suggest anything to you that they are not willing to do themselves.


What else can everyone do to help stabilize the coins?

It depends on how much you believe in this community. 

If you believe in the future of the coins, and have the ability, buy coins! 

The more you buy, the more you benefit, especially as (if) we hit the goals stated above.


The more people that buy our coins, the better. Why?

The more people that buy our coins, the easier it is to stabilize the coins, as we’ll have more funds to buy back coins when needed.

And the more stable the coin, the more people will want to buy it. Who doesn’t want to grow their money in a stable, stress-free way?

That means that people buying coins leads to stability; and stability leads to people buying coins...

...  a beautiful self-solidifying upward cycle that takes us all the way to accomplishing our short-term, long-term and over-arching goals -- and mission.


Tell your friends

So tell your friends that have money, to buy empowr coins. I’ll bet that they would love to double their money by the end of May, or grow their funds by 12-fold by the end of this year – but again, that is not guaranteed.

Again, to reiterate, there can be no guarantees, and I hope that, by now (after all our discussions) you’re aware of the risks. Please make sure that they too, like yourself, know that they should never purchase coins with money that they cannot afford to lose.

But now that, in this post we have published our short-term (April, May and end-of-year 2018) goals for everyone to see, we should all be rushing to tell our friends about this opportunity.

Why should they rush? 

Because the coin price growth rate (as set by our goals) will of course be slowing down in the weeks, months and years to come – meaning (If you believe we will accomplish our goals) the best time to buy the coins is right now – before the coin price is hopefully higher -- much higher.


I understand that empowr cannot guarantee any future price for the coin.

But how confident do you feel that, for example, the price of the coin will rise to, say, $1 (more than double the current price) by the end of next month (May)?

We feel confident that, given the low supply of coins currently in circulation and the resources currently available to empowr (to buy back coins if the price sinks below targets) that we can hit the $1 price.

To be clear, as many of you are witnessing on the exchange, the vast majority of offers to sell coins are already priced well above $1.  It has been taking a lot of selling coins (by empowr) to keep the coin’s price on the target line.

(That fact says a lot about you and this community, by the way. It says a lot about your belief in empowr and the coin).

And congratulations to those of you that have been buying coins starting at the end of day 1 ($0.26)... you’ve already seen your coins appreciate by 50% in less than a week.

(Of course many people bought a lot on launch day and are receiving a whole lot of founder coins, which helps drive down their overall blended price. A big thank you again for your belief and contributions to the mission and health of the coin)!


The future is bright

According to Coinmarketcap.com, assuming the goals mentioned above are achieved:

By the end of next month (May 2018): the empowr coin will be the 35th most valuable coin

By the end of this year: the empowr coin will be a top 10 coin

By next summer: the empowr coin will be a top 5 coin

And in less than 2 years: the empowr coin will be the 3rd most valuable coin after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

That's comparing their current value to what ours will be as we achieve the goals mentioned above, taking into consideration the circulating supply of the empowr coin on those dates.

Keep in mind that, by those dates, the value of those other coins will be going up or down; if you ask me, it will be down for Bitcoin given the technical (lack of scalability) and logistics challenges (such as the transaction fees) in front of it and the fact that there is no company responsible for addressing those issues.

And there's nothing stopping us from revising our goals upwards as we succeed by successfully exploiting the decade and a half lead we have over those coins in building the technological elements, success coaching program, community and political system required to foster a cohesive and comprehensive democratic social economy.

As discussed in the post "The empowr coin is live - now what?" our success will depend on our ability to get and stay focused.



Our coin is live and off to a great start.

Everyone should be very proud of how the community came together to ensure the coin had a great launch day, and your efforts to push the price of the coin higher and higher are very clear on the exchange.

In analyzing the millions of coins that have previously been (fairly, and in a well-deserved manner) provided to our mighty citizens, it’s clear that – to maintain the stability of the coin over the weeks and months ahead – we all need to make some decisions as suggested above.

As mentioned earlier, we are in no way forced to follow these suggestions. If the will of the community is to not be as concerned about stability and supply and demand – especially as the millions of founder coins begin to pour into circulation, then we will do exactly as you wish. 

Again, we are all in this together, so let’s all vote and agree to go forward with the majority sentiment.

In the comments below, please let us know your vote, as well as any questions you may have.


Thank you,

Your president,



May Ram

Good morning Brian. We want our coin to have a stable value and become one of the top 3 coins. We have read and re-read and discuss your explanation and proposals. We are with you. Let's get and stay focused to our coin's (our) bright future. Thank you. 😊

19 months ago
Andrea Melchiori

thinking the same!

19 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Great and frank disclosure of all options as usual.
I am all for it as it pays no one to have many coins with very little or no value.
Let us all grow our coins now and reap the benefits tomorrow.

19 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Hello Brain, I vote yes as we all want to see empowr coin in top 3 coins. We need a strong sustainable economy. Thank you

19 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Am totally in support of the decision, everyone whose purpose is to achieve success will understand the reason why we have to make good plans today against tomorrow we need the stability and growth of our coin we can't just showcase our coin and due to poor planning and end up disappearing ,empowr coin have come to stay ,we have to push it more forward we need to do everything possible to see that our coin is a total success and this can only be possible with the help of everyone ,yes we have been working together all this while and another time is Now let's do it again ofcourse we can do it ....Together we keep moving forward because we are unstoppable success is always ours 😍😍😍😍😍😍

19 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian, of course I vote a big YES, this is vital for our community growth, we always have to think long term and we want our coin to be the best!
Thank you JC, Brian and empowr team, we are with you 100%!

19 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Just what we needed. One step ahead in the name of the community, Empowr team and our President presented us with the Puzzle piece we needed to build a steady and strong economy based on our coin. The most stable coin ever launched! Yes!
Thank you Brian!

19 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks Brian for your best proposals to make our coin stable and most valuable in the market.
I am more than 100% agree with your suggestions so my vote is in favour of your proposals.
Please go ahead and take the measures which are necessary to make the better future of our coin.

19 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Way to go Brian, This is a spell binder. Classic. Empowr coin has a great future. Easy does it. We are in the best hands on cryptocurrency the earth currently has.

19 months ago
Umair Siddique

It's a very wise decision, I'd totally support and vote in favor of these suggestions. We want our coin to rise above and beyond any other currency in the world and we'd be doing everything needed to make it possible. Thank you -- JC, Brian and the team for always being one step ahead, making sure we are in the right direction.

19 months ago
Jo Mas

Hey Umair. If you are a great Performers? How come I didn't received yet my items yet?
Many of these here are like you . BUT not all of them.

19 months ago
Umair Siddique

Hey Jo, I'm sending you a message!

19 months ago
Lana Ferra

It is a very correct and wise decision, I agree completely, Brian!

19 months ago
Lina Tanase

The idea is great! We want our coin value to increase and to be stable so we will work together! That is a step in the right direction. Thank you empowr!:)

19 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Good Idea, you got my vote to go ahead.

19 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

My vote YES , I always in favor to increase the value of our coins and to reach the GOAL so I think its great idea .
Thanks Brian , JC and team :)

19 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

This idea is a very good and absolutely correct way, and I fully agree with this decision!
We all want our coin to grow in price and be stable.
Thanks to empowr team and thanks to all of us.
We are together :)

19 months ago
Debi Jones

Thanks Brian! I agree with the suggestion and your thoughts to stablize the coins. Exciting times to be part of the empowr community! :)

19 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

Yes, let’s help to stabilize the price of our coins, there is no doubt about it. I am 100% behind these suggestions. Thanks for these wonderful suggestions. The longer we wait to sell our coins, the better it will be for the community and for all of us. I will definitely spread the word and buy the coin myself.

19 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, President,
I have read, re-read and discuss, my vote is with you, I was expecting such suggestion because they are our need and they will help to stabilize our coin price, thank you for sharing the suggestion how we can stable the price of our coin, and ask for the vote,
Thank you,

19 months ago
Yuliana .

I vote Yes. Thank you, Brian!

19 months ago
Jo Mas

Dear president,
Is it time to vote?
About this below?
"We suggest that dormant accounts that were given founder coins, will need to have 1-year maturation.
In other words, for our members that are no longer active, but showed up just to get their free founder coins, we think asking them to wait one year is a very fair request."

We / YOU are working and they left us, and we invited them back because we are honest on EMPOWR.
We are now in a great "up going Graph " in the value of our coin EMPR. From 0.026 to 0040 in one week it's a stable performance .
They should work like any others who join back and are working as performers.

Thank you Brian.

19 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for the post in the first place Brian. I totally agree to the above. It is our economy and we all need to work as a team to make the economy strong. At the end of the day, the strength will be measured by the value and the beneficiaries will be us empowr citizens so it is absolutely great thinking.

19 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Thank you Brian, i know you have empowr best interests at heart, kindly proceed with the plan. It's a good ideas.

19 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks, Brian, we completely agree with the decision. So we have to build our economy to stabilize our currency.

19 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Hello Brian, I agree with your suggestion and we want our coin to be one of the most stable coin on earth.

19 months ago
Deborah Rolon

It is a great step to help build the coin and there is nothing wrong with attempting to ensure it's growth, you have my vote "Yes".
Good thinking as always!!!

19 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thank you, Brian & entire empowr team, It's a great idea and I vote for it for the stability of our coin's value in short-term as well as in long-term.

19 months ago
Kvvinto K

I think this is a good way. I vote for it. Thanks Brian!

19 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Great news. I'm absolutely agree.
Now we must to do everything to make the price grow.
It's a very good decision.
My vote is Yes.
Thank you Brian, JC and empowr team.

19 months ago
Said Rahman

we support our empowr coin to be valued in future, and the community is with President Brian and the empowr team.

19 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

It's funny to discover that being a bankers daughter is coming to the forefront in me right now. Who would have thought that? Not me! I am again in awe of all the detailed investigation in the subject of keeping our coin and empowr steady and on course. Makes total sense to me.
Yes, I agree that
- dormant accounts that were given founder coins, will need to have 1-year maturation
- a 2.9% monthly fee on coins and pre-coins on dormant accounts is charged
- a cap is placed on the total number of coins that vest monthly
and I will go on buying and selling coins as I really enjoy the experience. Onwards and Upwards all of us.

19 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks for the post, Brian. I'd like to vote in favor of your suggestions. The caps are totally justified and will help the coin's price to stabilize. We want the best for the coin and empowr's economy and these I believe are some great suggestions for our success.

19 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Great decision! we should wait our coin value to increase. Thanks.

19 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the updated information on how the empowr coin value increases over a period of time. We all support your suggestions and hope coin value will increase more and more for a stable empowr economy.

19 months ago
Anum Mehreen

Thank you Brain, yes we all want to see our coin in tops.... want to see its value increase and stable, as we all work hard and together, we ll succeed.

19 months ago
Animesh Garai

Like the idea, Supply must be in control there are lots of founder coins with very few citizens if they dump, the coin price will not be anywhere and the whole idea of building this new economy will collapse, so it is mandatory to take control on this. Thanks, Brian for coming up with this idea. I do support this

19 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

I agree we need to work together to increase and stabilize the coin value.
In 2010 when Bitcoin was at the start like us now, 2 pizza price was 10000 Bitcoin but until now the Bitcoin value increased and is the top cryptocurrency.
Now we can choose to sell our coin for $0.4 or to wait until increase.
I will wait!
The cap is necessary now and all will thank later, it is for us and for the coin the best decision.

19 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Great information about this news. We have to work on the stable coin. This has to be our obligations. Thank you, Brian

19 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thank you for the great information on how the empowr coin value can increase over a relatively short time. I give a hearty YES to your suggestions and hope everyone else reading the post sees the value in them. Thanks for helping us all to understand how the coin value can be stable.

19 months ago
Kelly Baker

Thank you Brian! I fully agree that the suggestions: 1.) dormant accounts that were given founder coins, will need to have 1-year maturation. 2.) we suggest placing a cap on the total number of coins that vest monthly, Should be implemented. Stability of empowr coins are vital to our community. Thanks Again Brian!

19 months ago
Randy Smith

Question to The Empowr Team?
"We can define dormant accounts as those that are inactive, meaning not hitting their daily goals the majority (over 50%) of the time, causing their power level to drop."
Does this mean that one's power level has to drop to be charged the 2.9% fee on the coin balance?
Or does it mean that a person has to achieve all their daily goals 50% of the time?
Thanks for the reply:)

19 months ago
Randy Willingham

I Read it like THIS: "You BETTER Hit All 4 Of Your Goals 15 out of Every 30 Days or Else be Punished for being Inactive!!! There are SOME of us Whether bc of a Disability or a Regular Person who works a Job 8-12/Hrs DAILY. Basically, THAT Dog Won't Hunt...

19 months ago
Emery Layton

Brian C Woolsey please read this. There are many considerations other that whats mentioned that you should take account of.. There is people having disability and a job that doesnt allow them much time to do Empowr...!!!

19 months ago
Kalish Puri

Thanks Brian, Nice post as usual. Yes, we need a stable economy and the coin value to be in rising trend and be the one of the most demanding one. For this great cause we have our full support to you. Thanks again :)

19 months ago