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The definitive guide to winning and losing in empowr

Hi everyone,

It is becoming crystal clear that, in the coming months, empowr is incredibly well-positioned to win in the biggest of ways...

... with the potential to become one the most successful entities in the entire tech industry...

... achieving a total market value even greater than that of Apple, Google and the other tech giants in less than 2 years from now.


It’s time to discuss the exact details for how that might take place...

.... including time-based targets and goals...

.... and exactly what must happen -- and by when -- for that big win to materialize.


Losing is also quite possible

It’s also possible that together we will miss the opportunity in front of us and have little to show for our efforts.

We’ll also discuss exactly how that can happen.


We have lot to discuss

There’s a lot to cover, including a number of new product features most of which are now developed and going through the quality assurance process...

... all designed to accelerate our momentum to the win.


New features on the way include new coin earning opportunities and accelerated coin maturation functionality.

Table of contents


Part 1:  Exactly how we win

A.  The empowr citizens winning

B.  The empowr economy winning

C.  The empowr coin winning

C1.  The virtuous cycle
C2.  Quantifying the empowr coin winning
C3.  ‘Catching fire’
C4.  Stability enables focus... and a whole lot more
C5.  A key criteria they look for is stability   
C6.  There’s a massive and growing interest in cryptocurrency
C7.  Further defining the phrase ‘catching fire’
C8.  Another difference between EMPR and Bitcoin
C9.  Intellectual PLUS emotional
C10.  A concept to have faith in
C11.  A thousand small brushfires
C12.  After the fire erupts
C13.  Steady and stable
C14.  Increasing the supply

D.  Summary of how we win


Part 2:  Exactly how we lose

A.  So, what can go wrong?

     A1. Our citizens try hard but cannot succeed
     A2. Our business model is wrong; our economy won’t ignite
     A3. Our citizens don’t even try
     A4. empowr gets infested
     A5. Our coin fails      
     A6. Faster, more nimble competitors arise


Part 3:  How we accelerate and secure the win

A.  Accelerating and securing the win for empowr citizens 

A1. Securing mobile phone numbers
A2. Securing appointments
A3. Presentation system
A4. Empowering the very best success coaches
A5. The new most powerful people in empowr
A6. Encouraging and motivating students
A7. Ensuring new students become successful
A8. Enabling existing citizens too
A9. People without PayPal finally empowered
A10. ACM (Accelerated Matured Coins)

B.  Accelerating and securing the win for the empowr economy

B1.  So how do we get smarter?
     B2.  Collective intelligence
     B3.  So, what’s the answer?
     B4.  Ok, but wait a minute
     B5.  Breaking it apart
     B6.  Closure to our last conversation
     B7.  The 2 things
     B8.  Pure mathematical magic
     B9.  Accelerated Coin Maturation
     B10. Summary

C.  Accelerating and securing the win for the empowr coin

C1.  Single-handedly securing the win
     C2.  Completely within our control
     C3.  Currency exchange
     C4.  Climbing up the ranks
     C5.  A thousand small brush fires
     C6.  Accelerating the maturation of your coins
     C7.  Hoping and praying, or...


Part 4: Conclusion and action items

Summary of discussion
     Action items
     The only question that matters


Click the blue text (link) below and let's get started.


Next up: 

Part 1: Exactly how we win

A.  The empowr citizens winning


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Elena Grigorievna

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