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The definitive guide to winning & losing in empowr

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Part 1: Exactly how we win

C.  The empowr coin winning

In the last sections we concluded that the more empowr citizens win...

... by earning, hitting goals, providing value to others and building great reputations...

... the selection, quality, quantity and sales of products and services in the empowr economy will grow.

Therefore, empowr citizens winning leads directly to the empowr economy winning:

                                            Guide: Part 1C: The empowr coin winning



We also concluded that the more our economy wins (grows)...

... the more people will value the empowr marketplace for what it can provide to them.


Therefore, the more our economy grows...

... the more people will hear about and join empowr...

... generating more demand for its currency (the empowr coin) that's powering and enabling the economy, marketplace and earnings.


Also, of course, the more valuable products and services there are to purchase...

... the happier everyone is to shop (with their coins) in the empowr economy...

... which means less supply of coins are getting transferred out to the blockchain.


More coin demand + less coin supply = the price of the empowr coin moves higher


Therefore, the more the empowr economy wins, the more the empowr coin wins:

                                                 Guide: Part 1C: The empowr coin winning


Now, keep this in mind:

As the coin’s price moves up, our citizens are winning even more...

... specifically because they are holding coins (either matured, still maturing or both) that are growing in value.


Realizing that their coins are growing in value, citizens become even more motivated to provide more value to other citizens...

... meaning list, sell and provide more quality products, services, coaching, etc.


In addition, a higher coin price also attracts more citizens to empowr...

... because as the coin price rises, everyone is earning even more from their posting, sharing and all other roles.


As more citizens come into empowr, they’ll be looking to fill underserved categories of products and services in their area...

... helping the empowr economy to grow even further....

... which, as discussed, further pushes up the price of the empowr coin.


Wait a minute.

This feels like we're repeating ourselves.

It's like we're going round and round.

Yes, and that's exactly the point I am trying to make:



As the coin’s price moves higher...

... our citizens are winning more...

... leading to the empowr economy winning more...

... which leads to the coin winning EVEN MORE...

... which loops right back to citizens winning even more...

... and (round and round and round)...

... and so on, and so forth.


As you can see, what we have achieved is called a ‘feedback loop’:

                                  Guide: Part 1C: The empowr coin winning

C1.  The virtuous cycle

Economists have a name for this incredible "looping" business model.

It's a model that every company hopes to one day establish.

It's called a virtuous circle because each of the three (3) elements boosts...

... meaning it strengthens and increases...

... the element that follows it...                    

... with that next element, as the above image shows, boosting the element that follows it...

     ... which, in turn, also boosts the element that follows it...

          ... with that third element looping back to boost the initial element...

               ... which now even further boosts the second element...

                    ... and so on and so forth.


Economists call this loop a virtuous circle ...

.... because with each cycle of the loop...

... each individual element is getting larger and gaining strength.

With each passing day and cycle...

... the momentum keeps building...

... with each element growing and feeding the one that follows it...

... until the whole thing has progressed beyond the 'point of no return'.


This is like a train that reaches 100 miles (or kilometers) per hour...

            ... and becomes incredibly difficult to stop.


Perhaps a more useful analogy is that of a forest fire that reaches a very specific stage....

... the point where it becomes 100% evident, mathematically, that the fire cannot be stopped and will, for sure, engulf the entire forest.


Congratulations, by the way. 

Together we just absorbed a couple semesters of microeconomics. :)

Understanding the mechanics of how empowr's virtuous cycle works is an important step to the remainder of this guide, so thank you for paying such close attention.


Next, we'll stay on the subject of the empowr coin...

... as we'll want to quantify some of the targets (goals) we have for the coin...

... as that information will also prove very useful in our upcoming conversation.


Next: C2: Quantifying the empowr coin winning


You can visit the table of contents here.


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