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The definitive guide to winning & losing in empowr

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Part 1: Exactly how we win

C2.  Quantifying the empowr coin winning

Welcome back. 

 We have A LOT to cover today, so you may want to caffeinate up before you get started!


In the last section, we discussed that empowr citizens win in empowr...

... by providing valuable products & services and/or assisting others in doing that.


We then discussed that, as citizens become more and more focused on providing value to others...

... everyone will be able to extract more value from empowr, in terms of valuable products and services.


Citizens will be looking to fill underserved categories of products and services, which means that, soon, we’ll all be able to purchase most of what we need from the empowr marketplace and other empowr citizens.

The result is that, together, we will have built a robust economy that’s growing steadily in the variety, quantity and quality of what’s being produced, distributed and consumed.

We also discussed how, the more our economy grows, the more our coin grows in value.

The result is a virtuous cycle, with each of the three (3) elements boosting and growing the element that follows them:

                                        Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

Now, let's take a look at what the supply of empowr coins will look like on certain dates in the future, along with our goals for those same dates.

A.  The price of the empowr coin today is $0.96.  The total supply of empowr coins is 576M.  Multiply those 2 numbers by each other, and you get just over $550M.  That number ($550M) is called the ‘market cap’ of the empowr coin.

Visit https://coinmarketcap.com and you’ll see that, with a market cap of $550M, having launched about just over 1 month ago, today the empowr coin is already the 35th most valuable coin in the world.

By the way, why is empowr not listed in CoinMarketCap.com?

It will be soon. Listing the coin there hasn’t been the highest priority for us ever since the coin went live (because of the many other things we’re focused on) but we’ll make it happen soon.


B.  In a week from now (by the last day of May) we're confident that empowr will have 595M coins, and we expect it to have a price above $1 per coin.

That means that we expect to have a market cap of around $600M – with the empowr coin rising three spots to position #32 in the list of all coins.


C.  By the end of next month (June 2018), we expect empowr to have nearly 700M coins in circulation, and we’re shooting for a price above $1.50 per coin.

That would give EMPR a market cap of over $1 Billion (USD) – taking it up the rankings by about 8 positions -- making it coin # 24 in the world (again, based on where market caps are today).


D.  By the end of this year (2018) we expect to have over 1.2B coins in circulation and we have a target coin price of $10 per coin.

That would give EMPR a market map of over $12B – which -- with where other coins are priced today -- would make it the 5th most valuable coin in the world.


E.  By today’s date next year (by the end of May 2019) we fully expect that EMPR will have 1.6B coins and we have a target of $40 per coin for that date.

That would give it a market cap of $64B, making it the 2nd most valuable coin, right after Bitcoin and above the market cap of the current 2nd place coin (Ethereum).


F.  By the end of next year (2019), EMPR will have 2.23B coins in circulation, and it has a target price of $380 for that date.

That would give EMPR a market cap of over $800B – which would make it the #1 most valuable coin in the world.

That market cap would also make empowr the 2nd most valuable company -- of all companies in the world – behind only Apple.

With ‘old school’ or non-coin companies like Apple, you calculate their market cap by taking the total number of their shares – as opposed to coins – and multiplying that by their current price per share.

By the way, please take a moment to note that the word 'target' means goal. Of course goals are not a guarantee of anything. You should not go out and buy up as much empowr coins as you can, as -- like we've discussed numerous times before -- you should never buy any coins with money you cannot afford to lose given all the risks involved.

G.  And finally, following that same trajectory, we have a target for the empowr coin to reach $1,000 by April 2020...

... which is only about 13% of Bitcoin’s per-coin price today.

If we accomplish that goal, EMPR would surpass APPLE as the company with the highest market cap in the world – in less than 2 years from today.


Wait a minute!

Are you saying that empowr, as a company, could be worth more than Apple?

Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.


Look: One is a hardware company.

The other, a living, breathing economy...

... like that of a country...

... except that empowr is electronically accessible -- meaning someone – everyone -- can travel to it and become a citizen, literally, in a matter of only seconds...

... and it’s the only such platform in the world to fully fuse a social network and community with a products and services marketplace, billing, cyryptocurrency, educational platform and political system – that...

... unlike Apple (that charges premium amounts for its products)...

...  empowr actually pays people starting on the very first day they sign up...

... attracting them because they can earn by simply doing that which they have become accustomed to doing for free:  Posting and sharing their thoughts, photos etc.


So that’s what the coin winning might look like, based on the expected coin supply and price targets (goals) for various dates, of course using today's market caps for comparing rankings with other coins.


OK, so of course we’ve already discussed at length that when empowr citizens are winning...

   ... it puts into motion a cycle that causes the empowr economy to win...

      ... which also causes the coin to win:

                                      Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

  Is there anything else, separate from this cycle and our economy, that can accelerate the ‘coin winning’?

Answer:  Yes, there’s actually one more incredibly interesting phenomenon in play, that’s very unique to the empowr coin.


For our coin to win – and hit the above targets – something else can happen:

Our coin could catch fire.

C3.  ‘Catching fire’

Let’s discuss what we mean by that.

As you may know, this is how the empowr coin has performed, since it launched one month ago:

                      Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

Notice how smooth and stable the line is. In other words, notice how little ‘volatility’ exists – meaning how little (up or down) the coin’s price has jumped on a day to day basis.

In contrast, compare EMPR’s line to that of Bitcoin and Ethereum for the last 30 days:


                   Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin



                        Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin


As you can see, not only did the price of the EMPR coin rise to nearly 4 times its first day average price....

... but it did so in a very stable fashion.


To be clear, this conversation is not focused on the growth in the price of the coin.

But that growth is, by itself, perhaps worth a mention:

Congratulations to those of you that bought coins at 26 cents.  If you kept your coins, you will have grown your money by nearly 4 times.

The same congrats goes to the rest of us, who’s coins are still maturing and/or vesting in the empowr system. Our coins have also grown by nearly 4 times in value.

There is no doubt that today’s coin’s price is much higher than if everyone had rushed to the currency exchange sell their coins at the same time...

... which would have increased supply = lowered coin price...

... so congratulations again on your -- the community’s decision -- that set the stage for the coin’s success thus far.

I am personally aware of a few people, that own few or no empowr coins, that are now kicking themselves for missing the opportunity to grow their money by 4X.

If they had just listened to their guts about buying coins one month ago...


But again, the topic here is stability – as in, the lack of volatility – in the coin’s price.

Look:  In the last 4 weeks, the EMPR coin has been the MOST stable coin on the market – with the least amount of ‘up and down’ swings that have happened with other coins.


With virtually all other coins, their owners go from excitement...

... to almost having heart attacks...

... from one hour to the next -- and from one day to the next...

... as they see the value of their holdings often drop in value by 20% or more in a single day.

Indeed, at the time of this writing...

      ... Thursday morning, Pacific Standard Time, May 24, 2018...

         ... Ethereum's down 31%...

             ... and Bitcoin's down 24%...

                 ... from where they were only two and a half (2.5) weeks ago.


Stability, as we discussed a few weeks ago, is one of our top objectives with the coin.

And it – STABILITY -- is something that virtually all other coins simply cannot achieve!


They cannot achieve stability because they don’t have the incredibly unique combination of attributes that the empowr coin has, namely:

1.   An economy behind the coin

2.   A very significant product (that enables the economy) already built – with nearly 2 decades and hundreds of millions (USD) already spent building it

3.   An incredibly vibrant community of citizens, success coaches, employees, founders and advisors...

... almost all of which are here, in empowr, for the right reasons...

... the proof being they have been willing to forgo short-term gratification...

... as they have done time and time again...

... so that the optimal paths always remain open for empowr and its economy, coin and mission.

4.   Revenues – which enables the all-important point #5

5.   Unlike virtually all other coins, the empowr community decided to NOT sell most of its coins to “crypto whales” and investors via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which would have easily brought in a lot of quick cash.

If together we had decided to do so, by definition, there would have been a large supply of coins in circulation outside of empowr (on the blockchain)...

... and the coin’s price would now have been subject to the every mood of those investors, exactly like what is happening to every other coin.


It is the incredibly unique combination of those 5 attributes that is the reason why the empowr coin has been so stable.

But there’s actually a lot more to it than that:

To learn more about empowr's unique innovations that enable stability in its coin...

... including a detailed discussion of some of the technologies, know-how and techniques it employs...

... you can watch this video.


C4.  Stability enables focus... and a whole lot more

Of course a stable coin means we can all focus on our work here in empowr, instead of having our emotional state go up and down daily with the price of the coin...

.... always wondering if we’re optimally pricing our products and services, bids and purchases.


But what about outsiders, that are not in the empowr economy hitting daily goals, coaching, and providing products and services?

In other words, what about the motivations of the people that might want to simply purchase coins?

Look:  There are millions of people in the world that have money in their wallets and bank accounts. They are always looking to grow their money.

Money in wallets and bank accounts doesn’t grow very much. The bank pays virtually no interest. They pay just enough to make you angry.

Therefore, people with money are always looking to buy stocks, coins, real estate, art and other things that they hope will grow in value.


C5.  A key criteria they look for is stability   

Here’s the thing:  If the value (price) of the things they buy (in order to grow their money) are going up and down like crazy every day, it drives them crazy.


They have a hard time enjoying their lives when the direction of their wealth is headed to the stars in one moment; and to zero the next moment.

Imagine, at the moment I am writing this, the panic that's happening in the hearts of everyone that owns Bitcoin:

                       Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

Yes, hopefully for them, the price will likely rebound...

... but since they cannot be very confident about that...

... they are not sleeping well or enjoying their lives...

... as they are left to wonder if they'll come out of today's nose-dive alive.

Can you see the incredible value of stability?


C6.  There’s a massive and growing interest in cryptocurrency

As you know, lately there has been a gigantic interest in cryptocurrency. Indeed, people today hold nearly a half trillion dollars more of cryptocurrency than they did just a year or two ago.

Like all other products, for a cryptocurrency coin to successfully compete against its competitors (which are the other coins) it needs to have differentiation. 

That is, to successfully compete, a coin needs to stand out in some way – to be unique in some way – for it to be desirable for people to purchase.


As discussed above, with every passing day, the empowr coin is proving that it is a truly incredible and unique candidate to compete for their money in the category of stability.

And for the next few years – if the empowr coin can also compete in the category of growth – as well as stability...

... well, that would means that the empowr coin has the incredibly unique makings of an explosively desirable product that can ‘catch fire’.


C7.  Further defining the phrase ‘catching fire’

Pay close attention, folks:

No other coin (that we’re aware of) has had the growth and stability that the empowr coin has shown in its first month.

The longer the coin continues with its growth and stability, naturally the more people will learn about it.

Who doesn’t want to see their money grow – in a stable way -- with less or no heart attacks (volatility)?


When people learn about our coin (and how it’s different) some of them will want to buy some coins.

After they do, they’ll want to share the information about this jewel they’ve discovered...

... this unique coin with its unique differentiation of stability AND growth...

... with the people they care about.


Some of their friends will buy coins, and proceed to tell some of their other friends.

Many of those people will do the same – buy coins and tell friends. 

And so on, and so forth.


With each cycle of ‘friends buying coins and telling friends, who buy coins and tell friends’...

... and with each passing day where the coin continues to build on its history of proven, stable growth...

... the momentum keeps building.


And that’s exactly how the coin ‘catches fire’.

Isn’t ‘catching fire’ how the price of Bitcoin grew by 200,000 times -- from $0.05 per coin to where it has been lately (nearly $10,000 earlier this month)?

And that was at a time before anyone even understood coins and cryptocurrency, and what can happen.

Now that people have understood how a coin can grow in value, even many grandmothers are becoming interested in cryptocurrency.


C8.  Another difference between EMPR and Bitcoin

We’ve talked about stability as a differentiator.

Another big difference between the empowr coin (EMPR) and Bitcoin is that we are building an entire economy behind our currency...

... whereas Bitcoin has only one distinct trait – that it caught fire first.

It’s really easy for people to sell their Bitcoin and use that money to buy another thing, especially when that ‘other thing’ uniquely offers something that they desire, such as stable growth.

My point is this: Their interest in buying that ‘other thing’ – the EMPR coin -- will further grow if it makes more sense to them at an intellectual level...

... when they learn that EMPR has an actual thriving economy behind it...

... with lots of people buying and selling millions of products and services using the currency.   

Isn’t this EXACTLY why the U.S. Dollar is the currency with the most demand -- because it has the largest economy behind it?


C9.  Intellectual PLUS emotional

In addition to ‘making more sense’ to people on an intellectual level, the EMPR coin will also resonate more with people more on an emotional level, because of the empowr vision and mission.

Take a moment to remember where the empowr economy is headed:  As it grows, it is gliding smoothly into our ‘Sharing of Everything’ business model – which we call Everything, Fast & Free.

For a reminder of the concept, you can watch this quick concept video.

Then, to see how the empowr community of citizens, success coaches, employees and advisors are working to make that concept come to life, watch this video.

What I'm saying is, if people have any interest in the planet on which they live – more specifically the climate change issue...

... or if they are in any way bothered by the incredible levels of poverty in this world – where half of the entire human race are living on $2 or less per day...

... with just eight (yes, just 8) single individuals together having as much wealth as the entire bottom half of humanity....

... then, when they learn that -- by simply owning EMPR coins...

... they can do their part in making the world a more fair, just and secure place...

... even while they enrich themselves...

... well, that speaks to them on an emotional level too.


When a product can talk to peoples’ heads and sense of logic...

... while also connecting with them on an emotional level...

... and it also makes sense from a financial perspective (meaning it offers a way to grow their money)...

... well, it has all the ingredients it needs to ‘catch fire’...

... in the same exact manner as what happened with Bitcoin and many other coins and products.


C10.  A concept to have faith in

I will now submit for your consideration that it would benefit us all, if we can have faith in the following statement:

It's only a matter of time until our coin catches fire


I'll explain:

Since we have already decided to do everything in our combined power to keep the coin growing in a stable fashion...

... meaning with little volatility over the coming days, weeks and months...

... it is only a matter of time until word about our coin spreads far and wide enough for it to catch fire...

... meaning to achieve a state where people are buying the coins -- and telling friends who buy coins and tell friends (with that process repeating and accelerating).


Catching fire will happen by law and not by accident

In other words, to catch fire, given the incredible demand in the world for an opportunity that grows your money in a stable way...

... ALL we need to do in ensure the coin keeps stable and growing, exactly like it’s been doing.


       We must have faith that

               IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME

                                                        until our coin catches fire


How much time?

Is there anything we can do to make it catch fire fast – super fast – as in only days or weeks from now -- and not months? 

Yes, there is.

And it’s a very simple mathematical fact:

The more word about the coin spreads, the sooner it will catch fire.


It is really is that simple. 

The faster we teach people about our coin, the sooner it catches fire.


C11.  A thousand small brushfires

Look -- heaven forbid – but if we were a bunch of arsonists...

(arsonists are people that light things on fire)

... and we wanted to ensure our forest had the largest chance of catching fire...

... we would go to as many different spots in the forest as we could, and start as many small brushfires as we can.

When two or more of those fires meet in the middle...

... the whole forest would soon erupt into a massive blaze.

                  Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

So what can we do to start those brushfires?

Patience, my friend.

We will get to topic later in this guide.


C12.  After the fire erupts

OK, I got it - but what happens after the coin catches fire?

So catching fire means that more and more people will want to buy our coins.

It means the demand for the coin would not just be growing, but accelerating.

Growing demand means growing upward pressure on the price of the coin: The price of the coin will be moving higher and higher.


But wait!

Do we want the price of the coin to move higher than the targets we have set for the dates in the future (as discussed above)?

The answer is NO. 



We don’t want the price to move higher than the targets –  for the same reason that we don’t want the coin’s price to move lower than the targets.

What is that reason?



C13.  Steady and stable

Remember, as discussed above, one of the key differentiations of the empowr coin is our unique ability to create stability.  

Question:  If the coin has ‘caught fire’ and its price is moving up, how can we stop it from going too high?

Answer:  We do that by increasing the supply of coins

Larger supply of coins = lower coin price


C14.  Increasing the supply

OK, so how do we increase the supply of coins?


We have (2) very powerful tools to increase the supply of coins:

   1.  The empowr community sells more of its coins

   2.  empowr, the company, sells some of its coin reserves 


Here’s how that works:

1.  The empowr community sells more of its coins

As the coin catches fire, we can accelerate maturation, so our citizens can transfer out more coins if they wish. 

(In a moment, we’ll discuss a mechanism we’re designing to do that – called ACM – which stands for Accelerated Coin Maturation).

As some of you will remember, this (accelerating maturation) is exactly what happened when the empowr economy took off about a year and a half ago – when marketplace sales were doubling month after month – which brought a lot of cash into empowr.

As a reminder, empowr’s cash flow was growing faster than your funds were maturing so we needed to find a way to distribute the cash -- millions of dollars -- to citizens faster than what was naturally occurring.

As a result, we launched AMCOs – Accelerated Matured Cash Outs – which allowed us to artificially accelerate the maturation of your earnings so that cash could be distributed to citizens faster.

Are you interested in the learnings and what happened during that period?

If so, here’s a quick summary: 

As the empowr economy doubled and doubled again every month, the currency we were using (called ‘empowr dollars’) was not allowed to grow in value. It stayed pegged against the U.S. dollar at a 1:1 basis.

In the real world, when an economy begins to ‘heat up’ – meaning ‘grow rapidly’ -- its currency begins to grow in value against other currencies.

But the empowr dollar was not a cryptocurrency. It was not available to buy and sell on an exchange. It’s value stayed pegged against the U.S. Dollar at a 1:1 basis.

If empowr’s currency was able to grow in value as the empowr economy heated up -- as more people poured into empowr and each person received less currency...

... people would have been perfectly OK with that, since the currency would have been growing in value. 

Instead, however, since we did not yet have a currency that was able to be freely traded on a currency exchange...

... we had to take big measures to cool off the empowr economy, including:

·      We removed bidding as a requirement to hit Daily Goals

·      We lowered the shares needed to close the loop with someone from a max of 100 shares to a max of 2, so that it would be easier to close the loop by sharing (as opposed to bidding)

·      We also killed all cash outs, and used the cash to fund the project to replace our virtual currency with the new cryptocurrency empowr coin

·      We moved empowr engineering’s focus from further improving the marketplace to replacing 'empowr dollars' everywhere in the empowr platform with the new 'empowr coin'


As expected, those moves successfully put the breaks on the empowr economy.

But now that the empowr coin is live – as you may know we’re quickly reinstating the above items that have been removed.

How to learn more:

For those of you that are interested in economics and some of the history of this grand experiment we’ve been operating...

.. and specifically, to learn more about what happened last year, you can read this post, where I used a fictitious story to explain to citizens what was happening to the economy and cash flow.

After that, you can also learn how moving to cryptocurrency helps solves that challenge and gets us back on track. 

Indeed, that is why the empowr community has almost finished investing 7 months and most of its funds to replace empowr’s virtual currency (called ‘empowr dollars’) with cryptocurrency (called the ‘empowr coin’).


OK, we were discussing how to increase the coin’s supply, in order to maintain stability.

We said the first way is to increase coin supply is for empowr citizens to sell some of their coins. We will create a new way to accelerate maturation, which we already have a lot of experience doing. More on that in a moment.

In addition:

2.  empowr can sell some of its coin reserves 

As a reminder, the total supply of empowr coin is growing from 500M (where it started just a month ago) to 10B in the coming decades.

                        Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

Those additional coins are being added to empowr’s coin reserves on a daily basis.

If needed, along with citizens selling coins, empowr can sell coins to increase the coin’s supply, and stabilize the price of the coin.

As you can see, we have a lot of power to ensure the coin's price does not exceed the targets:

First, we can accelerate the maturation of coins using a new process that we will discuss further in this guide.

Then, if that's not enough -- meaning if our citizens are not willing to sell most of their coins that are matured, we'll just keep accelerating everyone's coins until they are all fully matured.

 If that's still not enough, and we literally need to accelerate all of the community's coin -- basically ripping out maturation completely so all coins are always fully matured -- we can do that.  

And if that's still not enough to stabilize the coin, our final remedy is to sell empowr's coin reserves. 

And of course, if that's still not enough, then we won't have a choice -- we'll just need to let it go -- and let the coin's price rise as high as it wants to. 


The bottom line is that the empowr coin actually has two (2) different paths to win:

1.  empowr citizens win, causing the empowr economy to win, which causes the empowr coin to win


2.  The coin, by itself, can catch fire, given the incredibly unique potential it is showing to be, as discussed just a few weeks ago, the most stable coin on earth.

What's incredibly exciting for our citizens, individually...

... as well as for the success of our economy and mission...

... is that when our coin succeeds by path 1, or by path 2, it does not matter:

Either way, the coin's success will ignite and boost the success of our citizens...

... because our citizens own coins that will be maturing, fully matured or both.


When the coin succeeds (regardless of the path or reason):

Because of the incredible virtuous cycle business model that, together, we've so painstakingly worked to achieve over nearly two (2) decades...

... our citizens and economy will immediate benefit and the cycle will further accelerate.

                                       Guide: Part 1C2:   Quantifying the empowr coin

Does this make sense?

If our coin simply catches fire, that fact can single-handedly ensure our citizens win, which as the above image shows, ensures our economy wins (which further ensures our coin wins).


Therefore, if we are serious about the success of our citizens and mission...

      ... AND WE ARE...

... then we should leave nothing to chance.


We should do everything in our power to ensure our coin catches fire.

I promise that we will hit that topic head-on, in an upcoming section of this post.


But first, there's a few more important topics that we'll want to discuss.


Whew, that was a long post. Nice work staying with me until the end!

Given the length of this post, I'm going to give you a little extra time to digest and catch your breath before we move forward again.

When you're ready, next, let's review a quick summary of all we've discussed.


You can also visit the table of contents here.


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18 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks JC for your well explained post about our coin value. There is no doubt that with our planning we are going to hit our first goal in this month when coin value will be $1. I am fully confident that together we will achieve our other goals/targets related to coins value in the future too.

18 months ago
Orlya  C

This is really awesome! I am thankful to you JC and the whole empowr team for your hard work. We'll be doing everything possible to achieve all of our targets. <3

18 months ago
Kelly Baker

I am loving it more and more I read JC. This is very valuable information and I get excited every time we reach a milestone! This is and awesome mark for empowr here after!! Let's keep the coin moving forward to a better future for everyone. the coin growth is amazing to see. Thanks again JC for your great insight.

18 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

Very well explained about why it is important to have a stable coin for those people who are not femilliar with Cryptocurrency and why it is important to release the coin in stages to sell .i am convinced that our Coin will Catch Fire and that the Whole World will know who Empowr is and what she reperesents .

18 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Hello JC. Greatest post I have ever read. It's long! Yes! But it's worth our time. I just wanna read more of this! Keep going! Patient for the next post! Wooooh!

18 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

Great post! Thank you, JC.
So everything is clear and simple words told. Of course, we will work together to achieve what planned.

18 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the update. We can do all above you said.

18 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, JC, I have just finished my first read and a great post cover many points and explaining them in details, The EMPR reach to top place is every empowr citizen dream, this dream will come true as you have explained,
Later will read the post second time,

Thank you,

18 months ago
Ernest Pratt

We are going to leave nothing to chance and so our coins will surely catch fire, and that will in turn influence the economy and the value of our coin.
Surely, we head to the top in the coin market. Nothing prevents that.
All the way to the top, we go
Thanks JC for the update. A lot of work going on there.

18 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

I'm sure we will catch fire and move like a blaze

18 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

yes this is great and the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter and brighter as we reach our GOALS. I'm sure we will reach this and its amazing. We are all working hard to get there.

18 months ago
Peter Friesen

Great post JC. Thanks for the detailed explanation on the stability of our coin and how that can be maintained in an organized fashion. Looking forward to the next informative post!

18 months ago
C J Jacob

Great post, JC. Yes, the EMPR coin should “catch fire” then only there will be ‘Citizen Winning’, ‘Economy Winning’ and ‘Coin Winning’. But hard work is the key to this success.

18 months ago
C J Jacob

Great post, JC. Yes, the EMPR coin should “catch fire” then only there will be ‘Citizen Winning’, ‘Economy Winning’ and ‘Coin Winning’. But hard work is the key to this success. The future looks even brighter.

18 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks J C for great update ,great job team :)

18 months ago
Austin Grady

Thank you for this information JC! It is very gratifying to see the evidence that the careful planning of the empowr team and the work and patience of the empowr community is already showing an extraordinary success. Understanding the positive effects we will experience when the story of our coin "catches fire" is very inspirational.

18 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks JC, for valuable information about our coins and congrats for stable and 35th most valuable coin.

18 months ago
Debi Jones

Exciting information! Thanks JC! :)

18 months ago
Debi Jones

WOW! So exciting to see that our coin is already in the 35th position!! Awesome times!!!

18 months ago
Elena Mazepina

Good news, thanks for the update

18 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

The future certainly looks bright. Thank you, JC, for your excellent explanation. Looking forward to reading how we can help to get our coin to catch fire.

18 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Awesome to see our coin value steadily increasing, I believe we definitely will succeed to see more value of our coin.

18 months ago
Omar Faruque Siddiki

Can’t wait for the next section. Thank you for well explained post which reminding us everything from the begining.Thank you JC and the team.

18 months ago

Thank you for the information. we can do all above you said

18 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Thank you JC, for sharing these exciting plans with us. I'm "all in" and committed to going the distance to help these plans come to fruition. Much appreciation to you, and the entire empowr team, coaches, and citizens! It's a thrill to be on this journey with all of you!

18 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

We all together will make it catch fire. Well explained and thanks for everyone's countless efforts.

18 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Very interesting and useful information for all. Thank you so much JC.

18 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Living by the adage that what you focus on grows, I, for one, will keep my focus on the road ahead as pictured in this post. Thanks JC and all that make this possible.

18 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Its great and congratulations that today the empowr coin is already the 35th most valuable coin in the world. Thanks for the post and updating us also we can achieve the targets set for the coin price to increase all the best.

18 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

The EMPR coin will be one of the best! I have trust in our potential, EMPR will also resonate more with people more on an emotional level, because of the empowr vision and mission. Good luck to all, thank you, JC and empowr team!

18 months ago
Aliya Arooj

Thanks, JC! Great to know that our coin is the 35th most valuable coin. I appreciate the whole empowr team to make a to keep EMPR is the most stable coin growth in the world.

18 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you so much for very good and inspiring news!

18 months ago