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Part 3:  How we accelerate and secure the win

Welcome back.

Thus far, in this guide, we discussed that:

A.  Citizens winning

      ... leads to

B.  The empowr economy winning

       ... which leads to


C.  The empowr coin winning

       ... which further amplifies and boosts


A.  Citizens winning

      ... and so on, and so forth.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks for staying with me in this conversation.

EVERYTHING we have discussed thus far, was purely background information...

... so that we could now, finally, have the opportunity to discuss what we really need to.


And with that, I’ll get to what I personally believe is the single most exciting point of this guide:

Here it is:


Given that we’re fortunate enough to have created a ‘virtuous circle’...

... we can now accelerate our speed and momentum...

... by improving ANY of the 3 elements of the loop:

                                                Guide: Part 3: Accelerating the win for citizens


In other words, everything and ANYTHING we do...

... that helps ANY of these 3 elements...

... will help accelerate ALL 3 of the elements...

... bringing us to our win faster.


That fact is music to our ears...

... 100% PURE MAGIC ...

... for any company that has limited resources.


We’re now able to kill 3 birds with each stone we throw.


That means that, if we’re really, really smart with how we use our resources...

... with just a few moves we will be able to quickly accelerate...

... I mean, completely ignite, almost overnight ...

... our virtuous cycle beyond the point of no return.


For example, imagine if we could somehow find a way to immediately grow...

... I mean instantly amplify....

... the element of citizens winning, like this:                                                                                                    Guide: Part 3: Accelerating the win for citizens


If we were able to do that...

...  the growth from that single (citizens winning) element would immediately pour into the next element...

... meaning instantly amplify the empowr economy ....

                               Guide: Part 3: Accelerating the win for citizens



And that would, in turn, cause the coin to explode in value as well:

                   Guide: Part 3: Accelerating the win for citizens


And we already talked about the first thing we’ll do when that happens: ACM – Accelerated Coin Maturation for our citizens...

... which would mean, of course...

... that the ‘citizens winning’ element would even further explode.


Is this making sense?

If somehow we can discover what the singular thing is...

... the very smartest thing possible...

... that can be done to accelerate our ‘citizens winning’...

... then we will have simultaneously ignited our economy AND coin.


If you agree, then it should follow that we must do what we can to find the one thing that would most help our citizens win...

... and then immediately get to work to enable and/or build that one thing as quickly as possible.


One thing our time in empowr has taught us

If history has taught us anything, it’s that almost all our best ideas did not, will not and do not come from the very smart, very motivated and very capable empowr employees.

Almost all our best ideas have always come from the mighty empowr community of citizens and success coaches.


Therefore, instead of using this post to point out the best idea we have come up with...

... let’s stop right now and allow you to think.


Having been an empowr citizen for as long as you have...

... please use your gut to answer this question:


What is the one, singular thing that we could do to -- almost immediately -- explode the success level of our citizens?

Please use the comments below to answer that question.


If your idea is only half-cooked – that’s totally fine.

Your half-cooked thought may be ALL that’s needed to spark something in someone else, and they can use the comments below to add to your idea.

And then someone else might add even more to the idea.

And so on, and so forth.


And that’s exactly how collective intelligence works.

By combining our thoughts and brains, we can achieve the equivalent of a super-computer...

... with the resulting thinking and ideas becoming better than what any single person could have achieved on their own – no matter how intelligent they may be.


To be clear, we will certainly communicate our thoughts as well...

... but before we distract the community with those thoughts...

... which might limit your thinking...


... let’s access everyone’s ‘stream of consciousness’ ideas...


By that I mean often the very first thoughts that enter your mind, when presented with a question, may be the best thoughts.

So please your idea(s) stream out from your mind directly into the comments below...

...  so that we may all benefit from them and build on them.


I promise you that empowr employees – especially the product and engineering team members – will read and discuss each and every one of them


Oh, and one more thing:

Why stop at finding our very best idea to amplify ‘citizens winning’?

The beauty of this virtuous cycle is that, by discovering and executing the best idea in ANY of the 3 elements...

... the idea that will most create instant or near-instant acceleration in that element...

... all three (3) elements will immediately benefit in the same proportion.


Therefore, let’s hear your best idea for any of the 3 elements.


So let’s get right to it:

1.  What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win – something that will make the ‘citizens winning’ element in the cycle instantly blow up in size?

2.  What is the one thing we could do, that would most ensure the ‘empowr economy’ will near-instantly explode?

3.  And what is the singular thing we could do, to light our coin on fire.... creating immediate and significant upward pricing pressure for the coin?


I’ll go silent for a while to ensure we leave ample time for all ideas to come in.

When the ideas stop coming, we’ll move forward again, and...

... along with our community members reading your ideas here...

... I will personally ensure that each and every one of your ideas is read, understood and discussed by all empowr product and engineering team members during the coming week.

Based on all the incredible goodness -- innovations and breakthroughs -- that have come from you in our previous such discussions...

... I, for one, simply CANNOT WAIT to read your ideas.


Next: Part 3A: Accelerating and securing the win for empowr citizens


Ayeni Femi

With me everything is fine thank you

18 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks for providing an opportunity to give suggestion can we introduce a system where posts violating empowr TOS are blocked automatically.

18 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thank you for giving an opportunity to the empowr community to provide the viewpoints for empowr future.

18 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks for this great opportunity JC.
1. We need to revive the marketplace by making sales to be in coins and take-able .
2. Sharing should be a productive part of our activities resulting in mission points. That is how to make everything fast and free possible
3. Release the coins for inviting productive citizens and keep releasing more coins as citizens hit new milestones of number of citizens are now productive.
4. To show you believe in the coin for true, then allow mission roles to be purchased in coins right now.
Way to go JC.

18 months ago
Alex Aurora

To explode the success level of our citizens main focus must be on the marketplace including every new citizen coming in should immediately know benefits of buying within our ecosystem - bringing more awareness will lead to more purchases.
We are already triggering by introducing bidding goal back (thank you team) and now we need to trigger all citizens into a buying mode.
Perhaps buyers (asides getting 2MP for each $1 spent on marketplace purchases when using PayPal) can be stimulated with a small 'instant purchase coin discount' (small %) when they pay in coins too - again, just an idea to ignite sales even more.

18 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hello JC, very good Step to ask the people for ideas, i waited a while to read reaction what others think and feel. And yes I got like everybody a bunch of ideas.
1 Coins: I can see that the majority want their earnings released to their Ether-Wallets .
I understand that the Empowr team wants to have a certain control so that they can regulate and Guarantee the STABILITY of the Coin, Let's see what happens if the Empowr team releases the coin and allow all to release it to their Ether wallet.
A: IF Everybody trying to sell, the Value of the coin goes down and we got very little in return of investment.
B: IF We keep the Route the Empowr team has set and planned, the coin stays STABEL and rises as planned.
Resulting in A: Lower price pro coin, but everybody has coins in there wallet and talk about them to others, but since they only think on having the coin in their Wallet and didn't look to the near future, they got nothing to tell to new people, Why because they will disappoint themselves.
Resulting in B: Yes we need to find a WAY to Trust The Empowr team in Bringing STABILITY and a Higher price for our Coins, Till now the have made the right choices and the results show a STABLE Coin.
And let them release the coins in an exceptional way, that everybody can made their dreams comes true, Mine is on My page (A Lagoon 560 Catamaran, price $ 1.7 M)
Now Then the Question is, " What can we do with a Stable coin.
What if we talk about it and show as proof the coin Graph to New people, and just ask the question, would you, with in your mind that your bank is charging you interest instead of giving you interest. Buy 100 coins and check they value again after 1 month from now. Then Let the Empowr Team do their part and keeping the coin on track, you will be surprised what their reaction is at the end of that month. I personally would not sell the 100 coins after that month and tell it to everyone i care about.
If i would talk about it then everybody i speak would buy the coin.
Ok enough about the coin.

2. Market place:
People who sell and deliver need to be treated with the respect they have earned and be rewarded for that, they were that important part that build the marketplace, their investments in products and shipping cost, came and still come out of their pockets, so, yes, please reward them with AMCO's.

Also i am missing the one thing that can be add to the Marketplace
A product REQUEST.
It is based on I am in NEED.
When someone needs a product, they can place a product Call in the marketplace. Sellers that have such an item available can make an offer to person in NEED (the buyer)
Just a thought.

This is my important rule to Succes
3: Work and do your Part take your responsibility for your sales and Train your People by DUPLICATE YOURSELVES

Patric de Nooijer

18 months ago
Dan Wilkinson

I agree that we need a system of knowing what is in demand. It is not enough to view the Marketplace Hot Stuff page.

18 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan


18 months ago
Jo Mas

JC, Brian and all of the Empowr Team,
1- I already suggest what Empowr NEEDS and you said you heard ME.
2- I don't think I should say what TO DO again to make ordinary people understand YOU when you talk business and changes .
I guess there's 80 % of the citizens who do not read anymore your ANNOUNCEMENTS.
THEY DON"T understand what we ARE dreaming about?!!
3- I suggest to READ ME BACK in the announcement YOU already wrote and GIVE ALL CITIZENS what they need .


NO more on it : PRE_COINS. TAKE THIS OUT of EMPOWR. TAKE the GOOD LUCK for the NEXT time.
(Both are RIDICULUS)
Why ? : (Reasons)
We work so hard to be paid like BEFORE. Right?
The NEW type of leaving on EMPOWR should be as BELOW:

A- TO PAY all people who is investing money and time.
B- NO MORE >>>FEES /MONTH , forget It,
C- YOU WANT US to hire more NEW arrivals, DO THIS. >>>>>>
WHEN WE ARE PAID we will workMORE and MORE. BUT a BIG BUT : We are not PAID at ALL>>> SINCE an year ago.
I and others like me are tired from your way of management and this is not the real life we ALL wanted.
If you are at my place you may understand better what I am saying because you will send for 10K US dollars each month as merchandise worldwide and with this amount you have to pay a shipment of EACH ITEM SENT another $50 to $180 US dollars to send with tracking NOs and insurance to the citizens who is ordering your items. AND WE ARE NOT PAID BACK.
Forgive ME , Dear JC, BRIAN, and all of the EMPOWR TEAM who is in management . This is TOO MUCH.

WE need a BIG change of decisions that you are doing.(Tired of promises not accomplished)
My best regards to all citizens who is so patient like ME yet.

18 months ago
Tom Feeney

I have had some old baseball cards in my collection. They included 2 Babe Ruths. Time to sell to cover some of my selling costs at Empowr. Found someone on Ebay who would take them on consignment for around 15%. I was required to send them away to be graded. They came back and I had to send them to the consignment guy. He put them up for a 10 auction. My net was $4200. Within 10 days the money was in my paypal.. I used some of it to buy a lawnmower. At no time did the proceeds of my sale become the asses of the consignment man. He did not reqiire that he hold my money for any time until he could pay me.

That's the way our Marketplace must work if we hope to compete.

Right now Empowr is holding over $3500 of my assets that were sold Iunder a maturation program with no certain date it will be released to me. If we are serious about our economy we need to pay our obligations to sellers.

Jo Mas is one of my good buyers and I think him for his business.

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Yes, Jo & Tom! If we had any part of the program that would allow someone t do what you did with ebay it would make a massive difference.

18 months ago
Francis Opiyo

I totally agree with Jo Mas and Tom Feeney.

Something needs to be done for Empowr citizens to start smiling to the Bank.

18 months ago
Gupta Sri

First of all, I really appreciate you reaching out to citizens for ideas, making it a real democracy.

1. What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win – something that will make the ‘citizens winning’ element in the cycle instantly blow up in size?

>> I would say the basic thing is to create more buying and more selling. Reward citizens who buy more products from Marketplace (something like a discount or more mission wheel earnings or more mission points). Ensure that citizens who sell products will get their sale amount (or major portion of it) with lesser maturity (may be as less as few days. Instant cashout of coins (upon implementation of necessary controls) will be very motivating too. This will encourage more sellers and would increase their turnovers. Other earnings can be maturity based.

2. What is the one thing we could do, that would most ensure the ‘empowr economy’ will near-instantly explode?
>> I feel what I mentioned in point 1 will create more marketplace transactions. It's enough to make the empowr economy explode. Additionally can we have more ecommerce platforms integrated with empowr currency. More applications which can be integrated with empowr?

3. And what is the singular thing we could do, to light our coin on fire.... creating immediate and significant upward pricing pressure for the coin?
>> I feel listing our empowr coin in several exchanges can really help. There are millions of people (outside empowr) who can buy lot of empowr coins (once they hear the strong foundation and background we have on our currency). I did notice you mentioned somewhere that listing coin in different exchanges is not a priority at this point, but I sincerely feel that will really light our coin on fire. Also will create more empowr citizens (new joinees knowing our platform from coin)


18 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

Excellent ideas!

18 months ago
Umair Siddique

It's good to see so many people sharing their ideas and suggestions. Here are my two cents:
1) Anything we can do to entice and facilitate people in buying and selling on empowr. Some changes which would help:
a) Improving the search tools in the marketplace, making it even easier for anyone to find something they want. Some additional and advanced filters for the price range, condition, key-terms and more like there are on eBay => http://prntscr.com/jn8i6i
b) Success stories which pop up on winning coins: More like that for other activities such as every time someone sells something successfully, buys successfully etc. This will make a positive boost of encouragement when everyone would be seeing how others are benefitting by selling, earning coins which are growing in value, and at the same time quality and top sellers will be promoted with those success stories. Others will feel encouraged to do the same.
c) Videos to promote some precise topics, example: How does selling on empowr would help you or is better than any other place or platform? Perhaps a weekly bounty campaign in the community for the best video to win a small amount of XXX coins decided by the popularity (likes, views, shares) of their videos on the youtube. Each week a new topic can be given to the community and the top 1 or 2 videos; win the price at the end? Imagine hundreds of people making videos on why selling on empowr is better than anywhere else, why using empowr as a social platform is better than anywhere else than promoting those videos to get views, likes to win the bounty prize... I think it would be great!
Thanks JC, Brian, May and the team for all you do!

18 months ago
Pete Moss

sound good

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Great suggestions Umair

18 months ago
Albert Koomson

Great ideas here Umair... especially about the videos!

18 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you for the great updates and for giving us the opporunity to voice out citizens opinion, thanks, we call empowr democracy. I will be also supportive empowr team guide will to win in any aspects of empowr coins to be stable. Thanks all!

18 months ago
Randy Smith

Here are some ideas:
What is the one thing we could do, that would most ensure the ‘empowr economy’ will near-instantly explode? You can have monthly contests where the top sellers in the month each get to spin the mission wheel. The top 3 or 5 or 10 sellers in a month could be chosen. This would be a everybody wins mission wheel only used once a month. Every slot on the wheel guarantees empowr coins. We are talking hundreds to thousands of coins that a citizen can win if they are one of the top sellers in the month. Just like with the old amcos, the sales only count in a given month, if they are marked as item received by the buyer. To make sure sellers are selling quality products, you could place a minimum sales amount for each sale to qualify. Also to verify that each sale is authentic, you could have the sellers upload their postal tracking number receipts. To make this more exciting you could let the handful of top sellers transfer their coins from the sales immediately to the token store exchange.

What is the singular thing we could do, to light our coin on fire.... creating immediate and significant upward pricing pressure for the coin? Empowr should buy up a significant amount of coins from the token.store exchange every month. I realize that monies would have to allow for this to happen. Empowr could then release the coins to buyers at higher and higher prices. When the price of the coin is at a much higher price after a year, there may be enough of demand from outside investors who want in to push the price of the coin higher. So at some point Empowr would hopefully not have to spend as much monthly to accumulate coins.

What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win – something that will make the ‘citizens winning’ element in the cycle instantly blow up in size? I suggest the monthly sales contest that I mentioned in the first paragraph. It sort of applies to assuring the economy will explode as well as that our citizens will win...

Excellent announcements the last few days, JC and the Empowr Team.

18 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks for the privilege JC
I will have to suggest few things about the market place
-The empowr market place is unique and to maintain its beauty uniqueness, success and growth of the community ,buying and selling must continue to flow positively every seconds non-stop ,come to think of it without buyers sellers will have to make little or no sales ,and if buyer can be motivated or should I say appreciate by earning at least 1Mp for each sales marked as received with coin just as we earn 2Mp for each sales marked as received using PayPal then buyers will not only feel happy buying but for the mission point as well.

-Yes just as some List in order to hit daily goal ,they are not helping the community to grow because they end up disputing for buyer to be refunded and mind you they have already spun after goal hit and probably earn coins\precoins yet they didn't contribute to the economy so for that there should be a fee of 2% why because some real sellers might also dispute probably because the item is out of stock or any other reason and we can't differentiate them to levy this on those not ready to ship for real if not the fee should be at least 5% just like marking item unpaid so because of the real sellers let it be 2%.

-As few complain about bidding ,let there be two options ,either you buy item worth atleast e͈̎100 or total of e͈̎100 daily to hit your bid goal or you bid to hit it probably this will make it easier for them at the same time marketplace will keep flowing .

-Real sellers with total of at least 30 or more items sold\item received over the month should have maturation reduced to 15days item sold not up 30 should endure 30 days ,this will attract more sellers and make them to be serious to ensure that they ship out as soon as the item is sold before the month runs out if they fail to ship that month it won't count rather for the next month .

-Just as empowr welcomes new citizen ,always stated give a warn welcome to Mr Z thanks to P Let's say an item was marked received by buyer ,a pop up says Congratulations Mr A Just received his item all thanks to Mr C the seller ,please thank Mr C for shipping ,now through that means many will identify real sellers and will love to purchase from them being very sure that their item will be delivered.

I only made a suggestion if it will be looked into either to adjust it in a better way that's fine
Thanks once more Jc for giving an opportunity to hear from us we really appreciate 😍😍😍😍😍😍

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

I love the idea of a coin value goal each day in place of the # of bids

18 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hello JC and Community....

I've been cooking some ideas about our marketplace. There's no doubt that empowr's marketplace is the heart and engine of our economy. Here are some ideas on how we could boost it and help our community grow beyond imagination (these ideas have been pouring in my mind but not yet 100% settled).

1) It's my belief that Seller's (real sellers) should be rewarded with lower maturation time. This would help them keep supplying value to the community. There's a risk here - Price escalating draining resources from the platform and other citizens. Perhaps we could limit this risk by limiting the percentage of transfer out from each sale and based on the number of sales (not based on the sales amount as that wouldn't result in controlling the prices). This would promote competition and price regulation.

2) Empowr is selling coins and even some were distributed outside the platform during the Airdrop. That means that we have people outside empowr with coins that they might want to use inside Empowr's marketplace. This would require marketing effort that could come from the sellers and I'm certain that our empowr's advertising platform could help on that.

3) A few months ago empowr presented the opportunity of bringing merchants inside empowr. This has not been implemented yet, but I'm sure it will. Bringing external merchants to our marketplace would certainly help bring new customers (due to their marketing expertise) that could bring some coins back to the community and even grow our community base when they would become citizens. Another advantage would be the opportunity to bring new product categories inside empowr de to their financial ability. Risk: Draining large amount of coins outside empowr. I believe that if we balance #2 & #3 we could have an equilibrium of what is sent outside and what is brought inside (this is like having a trading balance like any common country - Export&Import).

As I said, these ideas are needing some "polish" to reveal the diamond inside, but it's my humble contribution to empowr's community. I will be happy to discuss and deepen these ideas if they merit empowr's recognition as meeting Empowr's mission and goal.

18 months ago
Debi Jones

The suggestion that Carlos made regarding bringing merchants into the empowr marketplace would be a great way to ignite citizen winning, coins winning, and economy winning.

18 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Jc ,My suggestion... since marketplace is the heart of empowr ,i will suggest we lower the number of bidding and implement monthly selling goal. What i'm saying is that goal guages will be posting, listing, bidding , sharing and selling. When goal hit on posting ,listing,bidding,and sharing the citizen will hit daily goal and spin as usual. But selling goal will activate maturation for that month. This means citizens must have number of ''item received'' for the selling goal gauge to load to complete maturation of coins for that month [30 days coin maturation ] . Meaning if selling goal not hit then coin maturation for that 30 days will not count. The number of selling goal which is monthly may depends on power level or actual number for every citizens

18 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks JC for giving us opportunity to express our ideas about three elements. I will suggest that 1- Small discounts should be given to the buyers on shopping. 2- On mission wheel specific marketplace prize (coins) should be introduced for specifically to spend in the marketplace. 3- To boost the empowr economy to bring the merchants in empowr ecosystem will extend the coins utilization.
I think above mentioned points will play effective role for citizens winning, empowr economy and to light our coin on fire.

18 months ago
Kelly Baker

Thank you for all your hard work JC and Brian and empowr crew! I have only one idea that might work for our empowr economy and our new and older citizens.
1.) Giving sponsors 1/2 of the mission points when item is marked received. Original sellers will get the rest. This will bring in more people to sponsor and give those without anything to sell or can not afford to more to look forward too when they advertise and sell others products. Extra incentives that is great for the ecosystem of empowr, and possibly bring in more new citizens.

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Interesting idea kelly

18 months ago
Orlando Rodriguez

i like this idea! is a good way to reward the sponsors as well as to improve the marketplace flow! definitively worth a shot. nice thought kelly.

18 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

1. What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win – something that will make the ‘citizens winning’ element in the cycle instantly blow up in size?

• For the citizens to achieve. They should earn more coins which are through selling things and services and as well as inviting new members that are motivated to participate in the empowr economy. It is challenging because most of them were occupied in asking have you receive your earnings? The old past proofs are not enough for them to get motivated to become productive either. So hopefully sooner we can able to show some new proof for them.

I know that it is not a way how to motivate people here in Empowr. It is only from my observation. For now, money is how it drives people to join and reason to do more especially those who can´t afford to pay extras and want to earn fast. We should do something for them. I shared some written ideas. I hope it reaches you out JC.

• The marketplace is also doing a significant role in the Empowr economy as well as the for the citizens to win. We should have another approach of cashing out so that we can circulate the capital and it will be a better price when the buying and selling flow circulate and the transactions moving faster. We should have a chance to choose if we want to our payment via Paypal or through coins (offers only in the Marketplace) so that the seller can sell more and at a better price.

New items are on listings because in the countries like Norway as an example that sharing is not their doing and there are only limited citizens if we are selling inside Norway. It is also a very long road to deliver things to someone. The reason that I usually sell new items. The option of sending a package from Norway to the outside countries are expensive too.

2. What is the one thing we could do, that would most ensure the ‘empowr economy’ will near-instantly explode?

• It will be all depend on the citizens on how motivated they are to do their work and become productive.

3. And what is the singular thing we could do, to light our coin on fire.... creating immediate and significant upward pricing pressure for the coin?

• I think the more popular the Empowr will become the more citizens will hold their coins and help the community by becoming more productive, and of course, new citizens will love to join Empowr and do their job.

Lastly. I do support what will be the outcome of this sharing ideas. I am sure we come up with a better result. Thank you, JC for allowing citizens to share their ideas become you come up to a better conclusion.

18 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thank you for the update and I am always ready to do anything for the improvement of our platform and coins.

18 months ago
Oxana Rogutko

Great idea, JC and have great pleasure to read citizens ' thoughts.
I think we need to enter with EMPR coin to other crypto exchanges, do not just stop at one. Owing to this path, we increase the demand and, as a consequence, increase the cost

18 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for allowing us to make suggestions on what we feel needs improving. I believe that the marketplace drives the economy in empowr and as such needs to be more categorized than it currently is. I find a lot of items in the "everything else" category because there is no other place for them to be entered. Also sellers need to be able to have 0 maturation on coins earned from sales so that they can take the funds and pay for additional products to sell. Sellers motivated by such a system would provide more quality products knowing they can make money. Improved search tools also would help buyers find products they are looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to give my 2 cent's worth.

18 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

Hi team,
I have had to have a real good think about this and check all the ideas above. I believe for me not itemizing as 1,2,3
For me the buying of products from fake sellers is very frustrating if we can really get on top of that I believe this will do wonders for the marketplace. SO many bids I have won just end up being unpaid items and not on my behalf always sellers cancelling. This is highly annoying as I do my bidding and buying on here to give out gifts to others.
I believe the ive bought page needs a shake up now as it needs a split into ive won for bidding and ive bought for what you purchase through the sales page.
I like th eidea of George bringing merchants inhere as this will bring others in also and grow our economy.

18 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

In addition to my previous suggestion, If community can reward prizes for the top sellers and buyers on every month (either 3 or 5 top citizens on each category), then I suggest to have a "Wall of Fame" tab added in the left navigation bar, this page should reflect "Top sellers of the month" and "Top buyers of the month" along with their profile photo and the prize awarded for them as this - http://prntscr.com/jnl1aj
This will motivate many sellers and buyers to be active in the marketplace.
Thanks JC for putting more effort for our marketplace growth.

18 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks JC for allowing us to provide suggestions/ideas to make our citizens win.

1. What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win – something that will make the ‘citizens winning’ element in the cycle instantly blow up in size?

Citizens/Sellers are listing just for the sake of completing daily goals and not understanding the marketplace growth. At present citizens/buyers are able to create a dispute in 72 hours, it should be changed to 1 month effective from July 1st (after transfered out coins). Once the dispute transaction is processed, empowr system should charge 5% of product fee from seller's fully matured coins for not completing the sale successfully. By doing this, every citizens will be careful in listing a product and also they will contact their success coach and ask how to make a proper list and sell products to avoid charging a fee from fully matured coins..

Thanks JC, Brian, May and empowr engineers for your hard work.

18 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

Another great idea!

18 months ago
Dan Wilkinson

I think the increase in empowr's seller's fee was hard to swallow.

18 months ago
Tanamira T

instead of trying to make the listing/selling process easier, are we trying to put an obstacle, to scare the citizens and make them give up? The penalty system can't be functional when there are more attractive alternatives outside empowr: local markets.
We should think on a large scale, look for ways to make the market work, with lower prices than within the local markets to attract outside buyers into empowr. Then the demand would grow and diversify and obviously everyone will be interested in listing correctly to have as many sales as possible. And we would enter the virtuous circle.
But as a first step, I think that people who list with prices closer to real-market prices should receive cash as a bonus (either fixed or in proportion of the sales, from an external financing source, over a relatively short period, up to self-regulation of prices.
The source of external financing should be sought according to the strengths of empowr, at this time:
- a global network with a huge potential for growth but especially adapting rapidly to requirements
- a coin with growth potential
And more: buyers often do not pay attention when bidding/buying products that are not sent worldwide or in their country, and then the sellers are not to blame if the sales are not successful ... so once again the punishment system is not functional

18 months ago
C J Jacob

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our ideas and the promise that each and every one of ideas will be read and discussed.
1. Increase the prize amounts in the spin wheel and get rid of “Sorry” from the Spin Wheel.

18 months ago

I agree

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Yes, Sorry is very discouraging

18 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks J C to give opportunity to share our idea to increase our economy and citizens winning . Obviously marketplace is the heart of empowr .
To increase the interest of citizens to spend their coins in marketplace just an idea if citizens earn one mission points for spend each coin as we earn 2 mission points for each $1 using pay pal for purchase.
To make more interesting if buyer and seller both get a chance to spin mission wheel after click on ' item received' by the buyer .

18 months ago
Ola Yinka

Yes, i support this

18 months ago
Austin Grady

What is the one thing we could do, to most ensure our citizens will win ...
Facilitate "pre-sold" listings. Create a space where citizens can register what they would love to buy in the empowr marketplace and how much they would be willing to pay and a way for sellers to commit to listing the item for those terms. Listings would be "pre-sold" before they were listed, buyers would be able to get things that they really want and know they would be delivered, sellers would have certainty about their profit, their mission points and a sale marked "item received' when they submit their listing. there would be reduced pressure to transfer coins out because someone would be willing to list anything you want to buy. Marketplace sales will explode.

18 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

Yes, seem great to me also.

18 months ago
Dan Wilkinson

I think 'Pre-Sold" items is a great idea.

But for your suggestion that there will be less pressure to transfer out coins does not apply to some sellers, because when the sale occurs, then the seller may need to actually order it and have it delivered from an external marketplace that does not accept empowr coins.

18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

I love this suggestion Austin

18 months ago
Ken Kerekes

Thanks for asking for ideas from the community. I think that we have what we need for the marketplace to explode with growth, and the citizens win in a bigger way. We just need to improve the functioning of the existing marketplace features such as:

1. We need to have a functioning sponsoring system, if we are going to continue with the idea of sponsoring at all. As a seller, if someone sponsors one of my items, at this point, if they manage to resell, the option for the final buyer to mark the item received is not working, nor is the option for the seller to enter shipping details at all. So as a seller and also a sponsor, you will have much difficulty in getting paid for the item. Sponsoring for blogs seems to be functioning well due to immediate digital delivery. I don't know about the functioning of sponsoring of services, as I have no experience with that.

2. It would be great to be able to search the marketplace by seller, so that we could find the items that a specific seller has on offer. It seems that a major hesitancy or deterrent for people to buy things is doubt about the likelihood of the seller actually providing the product. I have had a number of my buyers first contact me, and ask me if I am willing and able to provide the product if they buy, and I have personally experienced buying items that the seller seemingly had no intention of delivering. The sorting by top rated does not seem to function well. By selecting sorting by top rated, I can only bring up less than 200 items.

3. More detailed sorting on the I've sold page would be helpful. Even if the existing sorting between blogs, services, and products was working, it would help to be able to quickly find the items that need follow up, therefore making the seller's work easier, and more effective. It would be helpful to have the ability to sort buy - waiting for you to ship, waiting for buyer to mark received, etc.
Functioning of "waiting for buyers decision" is not working reliably. Some items are stuck in that category, (seemingly permanently) without the buyer paying for the item, nor it becoming an unpaid item.

4. The current maturity times, I feel, are sufficient for sellers to get their capital back in order to buy more stock. Once we get past the date of the first matured coins, June 30, I feel that sellers will be enabled to list and sell more items, and the marketplace may take a jump up.

I feel that we just need to continue to perfect the basics, and we already have the basics.

18 months ago

1. Citizen can earn money before many people work without any money earn above 6 month. When they are earn money automatically work efficient and work speed improvement allso new citizen can invite new people invite and the similar way citizen winning
2.Citizen who active earn money possible soon this is the way to achieve Citizen winning and economic winning and allso coin winning
3.EMPR Coin world wide many wallets include like token store and allso coin value increase automatically our coin higher like BIT Coin allso every coin like based on BIT Coin way like up the value or low the value. i say last announcement BIT COIN and ETHER coin alloso down the value But our EMPOWR Coin value increase. I search the Our Airdrop Coin transfer only Empowr coin transfer 1% only 99% Still having Empowr. the 1% transfer out value like 1$ so we can transfer out many coin our empowr coin reach 1000$ the end of the December 2019. Because our coin satiable so our EMPR Coin can reach many wallets and know the people world wide Cryptocoin user and our all citizen so we can reach our goal before December 2019.
Thank you

18 months ago

Thank you for the information i am waiting for next part

18 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Hi JC, Yesterday when I read the post one idea came to my mind that was there should be a monthly goal of selling and buying. It could be like this at least one buy and 2 sales in a month. It will help a lot to our economy.

18 months ago
- ! Šemso Hazirović !

I have long dreamed about it. Subsequently - it would be the regiment that awaken the "sleeping regime" of buyers and sellers.

18 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

I think that all the ideas given here- improve our site.
My ideas are as follows:
Citizens most often list items, only for the sake of fulfilling daily goals, but not for the purpose of selling items. Sales should be the goal of closing the goal.
And also increase the percentage for the unpacked goods, so that there are fewer failures. I'm not sure not bet, but won - buy or sponsor.
Exit coins - will revive the platform. All citizens will immediately earn, sales and economy will rise, and the price of the coin will also explode.

18 months ago

correct, best could be , goal will meet if you have at least one active item for sale at a given time, anyway people can still do it as of now , with 1 day auction option but then they have to do it for every day.

18 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

The empowr marketplace to be an entrance for new sign-ups:
Our citizens will win when the community grows and grows. We want a constant flow of earnings and the best chance to get a constant flow of earnings is coming from selling on the marketplace.
I’m sure there are many people outside of empowr who would love to start selling and buying on the empowr marketplace. Whatever reason there is for people who do not yet have an account on empowr, it could boost the marketplace sales when the empowr marketplace listings would be visible on Google or other search engines. When you think you need something, the first thing you do is to search for this product or service on the internet.
Suppose, our listing pops up on Google and a potential buyer clicks on it for more information, and then all the information of the empowr listing is shown => when this person wants to buy it, he first needs to register an account, then pays for the product and might start exploring what else is possible on empowr.
The success coach of this seller could be assigned to be his success coach, the seller could give more information to the buyer as well and receive an incentive for bringing in a new sign-up.
And automatically, only real listings with real prices will benefit from this => Citizens who are real sellers will gain the most.

18 months ago
- ! Šemso Hazirović !

In addition to this, make your browser and mobile application for the store.

18 months ago
Jose Luis Recio Perez

Annet... ¡¡¡ EXCELENTE ¡¡¡
* Pero y que de podría hacer con personas como yo...que... NO SOMOS VENDEDORES...???
Porque obligarnos a ser...ALGO QUE NO NOS GUSTA... ( lo digo porque amo no me gustan las ventas ) SE ME DAN MAL LAS VENTAS....¡¡¡ NO TODOS NACIMOS PARA VENDER ¡¡¡

18 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

You should not only think of normal sales. Perhaps you can offer any service, such as helping someone to learn a language or an instrument. You might have skills which you can share. :)

18 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the update, we can think to increase the coin wining of the mission wheel for all levels so that it will attract more people completing their daily goals and it will also help them to complete their bidding goal.

18 months ago
Anum Mehreen

Thank you for asking new ideas. .
new citizens are facing problems to hit 16 goal , some time they try to hit but because of bids and listing they miss.. if decrease 16 goals limit for new citizens , it ll motivate them..

18 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Now having our own trade-able currency, I think we need to focus on streamlining the marketplace. I would suggest having two separate sections in the marketplace,
(1) For Sellers. We already have it both for products as well as services
(2) For Buyers. Buyers be provided a separate section to list products / services they want to buy. In this case especially services can help empowr economy even more than the product section for it being a major part of online freelancing.

18 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Thank you JC for your explanation, everything is very clear and very detailed.

18 months ago

Thank you for sharing some god thoughts but i think we need to concetrate on the market place seller is all the ways win win position and buyer purchase costly product from market place which easily 10 time cheap then market place we and empowr Need and think about the buyers they need incentive may as around world has cash back some % are also equail mission points for buyers if they saw some more charm they will use more market place and also look towords multilevel marketing which is need of current time thank you i hope points will be considred for discussion.

18 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Reluctant to kill three birds, I will through my stone in this pool. I know from the many communications I have had with students during the last two years that being paid the costs of investment in products and shipping as soon as possible is holding many back to really sell products and those who do sell have to be careful with what they offer for sale. I think this also leads to very overprices items for not very valuable or needed products. A tea light being sold for $200 etc. I think that if we can find a way in which sellers get paid a percentage of the sales price right after a sale is marked as received while the rest is going into maturation, it would become more attractive to sell more interesting aka expensive items for which there will be higher demand. I know that when I could buy a good laptop here from a seller that is actually going to deliver it, I would not hesitate as long as the price is reasonable and I don't mean cheap. Say that a seller gets 33.3% of the 85% that is his gain right after a sale is marked as received and the other 66% goes into maturation, I think that this will make it more interesting for sellers to list and sell interesting products and for others to spend their coins in the marketplace on interesting products. My penny worth....

18 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan


18 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Something like this must happen

18 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Great idea to encourage more serious sellers!!!

18 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks for giving us the opportunity for sharing our ideas.
I think whenever empowr offers the discounts and bonuses then its citizens always work hard to get those discounts & bonuses for example the free coins/bonus coin for inviting citizens & making them productive or the airdrop offer.
So we can again create some offers for:
1) Selling product/services at empowr marketplace
2) Purchasing the product/services at empowr marketplace
The top 10 or 20 highest seller/purchaser will be eligible for that offer or bonus.

18 months ago
Tam Dieu

"What is the one, singular thing that we could do to -- almost immediately -- explode the success level of our citizens?"
I think now is the right time to empowr to advertise all our ideas on all channels. Let's the world know who we are.

18 months ago