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Part 3A: Accelerating & securing the win for empowr citizens

Reading through your comments from the last post my immediate reaction is simply:  WOW!

It is clear that we are incredibly fortunate to have amassed so many incredibly articulate and intelligent people that care so much about the platform and mission. 

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your amazing brains with us and for caring so much.

And thank you for all your well-conceived and powerful ideas

This week I will sit down with all our product and engineering team members, and together we will read and discuss every single one of your pain points, ideas and suggestions.

We are all very much looking forward to digesting those and figuring out the right order in which to execute on them.


On that note, a quick message to our great citizens that are considering becoming the next president of empowr:

Presidential candidates

If you are considering becoming the next president of empowr, I hope you are investing the time to carefully examine each and every comment in the last post.

As you can see in those hundreds of comments, there are so many amazing ideas, and so many different points of view.

Of course to win the presidency, you’ll need to demonstrate to the community that you can represent the citizens better than the other candidates can.

That means that you understand the community’s biggest pain points.

It means that you have absorbed all their best ideas, and are ready, willing and able to work hard to ensure the best of those ideas come to life.

The comments in the last post are one of the very best places to start, if you want to be an expert at what everyone is feeling and thinking.


As early as next week, presidential candidates will want to announce their candidacy...

     ... what they represent and believe, and what they think needs to happen in empowr...

... so the timing for these comments coming from the community is perfect for you!


OK, so in the last section we discussed that, an amazing side-effect of our virtuous cycle business model is that...

... when we grow or strengthen any 1 of the 3 elements...

... the other 2 elements then automatically increase and strengthen too:

                     Guide: Part 3A: Accelerating the win for citizens


We concluded that, therefore, it would be incredibly optimal if we could figure out what the one singular idea is that...

...  more than any other single idea...

... might grow or boost, increase or ignite each of the 3 individual elements.


Today, let’s take a look at an idea that we thought would make the largest difference in ‘citizen winnings’.

Please keep in mind that what we'll be discussing today was put into motion about 6 weeks ago...

... before we had the benefit of all the amazing ideas and thoughts you shared in the last section.


So, today, let’s discuss what we thought would be the one, singular idea that could most single-handedly boost our ‘citizens winning’ element.

Of course in the next sections, we’ll want to find and discuss the singular element that might most boost the ‘economy winning’ and ‘coin winning’ elements.


Let’s get started.


What can we do to make it so our citizens are more likely to win?

One thing I believe we all can agree on is that, in economies, success starts with education.

The reason for this is that economies are complicated.

Becoming productive in any economy requires learning skills.

And that’s why all countries invest heavily in their schools and educational systems.


So, what makes the biggest difference in education?

In the last decade, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft...

... quit his job as the CEO of Microsoft so he could become very focused on making the world a better place...

... and spent billions of dollars attempting to improve the U.S. educational system.


He used his money to build better schools, and enabled those schools with all the latest technologies.

He made sure kids coming from poor areas had enough to eat, so they weren’t hungry while trying to learn.

He focused on creating better educational programs, books, teaching approaches and software to help teachers become more productive.


Overall, his efforts were widely considered a failure.

The typical student he helped did not do much better than students from public schools.


When asked what he had ultimately learned from all his efforts, he said:

“What we learned was that -- more than anything else -- the singular thing that makes the biggest difference, is the quality of the individual teacher.

It is not the school, not the resources available to the school, not the availability of technology and software...

... but the ability, motivation and skill of the individual teacher that makes the biggest difference in where a student will end up”.


So, how can WE learn from this lesson?

In other words, what can we do to:

      find the people that might be most effective as teachers...

... enable them with what they need to be successful...

... reward them very nicely when they succeed...

... and further empower them to continue improving everything so that, as individual teachers and as an educational system...

... we will always be getting better and better at educating?


Today, I am excited to discuss an entirely new approach to educating, that aims to do exactly that: 

Find, enable, reward and empower the best educators like never before


And, I’m proud to say that the capabilities I’ll discuss today have already been designed and developed...

... and will be live in the next 24-48 hours.


First, let’s discuss how we will enable our teachers, starting tomorrow.

Just a few centuries ago, most children in the world did not go to school.

As soon as they were able to, they simply got to work, helping their parents – usually on farms.

Eventually, it started to become clear to everyone that, in the countries where more children went to school, everyone’s quality of life was improving faster.


So how does this relate to empowr?

Today, many empowr citizens sign up, and never actually learn what it takes to succeed in empowr.

While we make available to citizens the opportunity to speak to a success coach at any time -- for free -- and get their questions answered, many never do.


In contrast, as you know, in real world countries teachers are not just ‘made available’ to their newest citizens (children)...

Instead, countries make it mandatory for young people to go to school, sit in classes and learn how to read, write, do math and become productive members of their economy.


Perhaps it’s time that we do the same in empowr.

What does that mean and how do we do it?

I mean, how can we ensure that new citizens will definitely get the information they need to succeed in empowr?


Here’s what we’re thinking:

First, beginning tomorrow, when new citizens sign up, we will require that they provide their mobile phone numbers.


A1. Securing mobile phone numbers

This is incredibly helpful for reasons relating to security:

When it’s time for these citizens to transfer out their coins...

...  we can send them a security code...

... which they can enter back into the empowr to confirm that it’s really them and not a fraudster attempting to transfer out their coins.


In addition, their phone number enables their success coach to be able to contact them and give them the information and education they need to succeed:

                Guide: Part 3A: Accelerating the win for citizens

Making sure their success coach can contact them is just the first step in our taking control of our educational process...

... and ensuring our students are getting educated.


Next, we’ll want to set a time – an appointment -- for the first step of their education to occur.


A2. Securing appointments

                Guide: Part 3A: Accelerating the win for citizens

As you can see in the above image, we’ll now be making it near-impossible for the new citizen to NOT make an appointment with their success coach.

Look: The new citizen likely heard about empowr from a friend.

They went out of their way to show up, sign up and are ready to learn about empowr.

We must take that investment of time on their part very seriously, and do everything we can to ensure they succeed.

And of course given that our experience in empowr is obviously much greater than theirs at the moment they sign up...

... we know – much better than they do -- what they will need to succeed.


And what they need is some good old fashion hand-holding.

Hence, we will be much more assertive in giving them what they need, which is: 

A quick and painless lesson in how to succeed in empowr


OK, so now that our educators are enabled to contact students and even have an appointment set for when to do so...

... how can we ensure that teachers are fully enabled to effectively teach students what they need to know?


A3. Presentation system

We must enable success coaches to easily show and teach concepts to their students...

... without students needing to subscribe to, or download, any other service or product (such as Skype).

If students are required to download or sign up for other services, that creates an opportunity for some of them to miss -- or be late to -- their appointment.


Therefore, we are building our own simple but very powerful presentation platform...

... that will enable success coaches (SCs) to simply point their student to a short URL...

... and immediately know -- for certain -- that the student has joined the presentation and is seeing what they SC is showing them.


So, what will they be showing and teaching the students?

Along with presentations that are created by empowr, success coaches will soon be able to upload their own presentations...

... share the presentations they create with other teachers...

... translate presentations created by others to their local language...

... and even view statistics around each presentation...

... showing how successful or unsuccessful any presentation has been in helping students to become productive.


By enabling presentations to be uploaded, downloaded, modified and shared...

...  we are facilitating ‘collective intelligence’ to grow our teaching capabilities as quickly as possible.


So, beginning tomorrow, we will be enabling our success coaches as discussed above...

... with confirmed appointments...

... and confirmed phone numbers...

... and a presentation system that every student can start utilizing in less than 2 seconds.


OK, so what can we do to continue to encourage our citizens...

... the ones that most have what it takes...

... to be the very best teachers?


We’ll accomplish that by further empowering and rewarding our citizens to become success coaches, as we’ll discuss next:


A4. Empowering the very best success coaches

Starting tomorrow, nearly all new citizens will flow to those success coaches...

...  that are the most successful at helping new citizens become productive.


Up to now, citizen-to-coach assignment has happened based on location...

... where citizens being assigned to the coaches that lived closest to them geographically.


Effective tomorrow, that is changing so that almost all new citizens will be directed exclusively to the very top coaches that speak their language...

... specifically those coaches that are most successful at helping students to become productive.


I believe that this singular policy....

...  directing most new students to the very top success coaches that are the most effective...

... can and will, by itself, ensure our ‘citizens winning’ element will accelerate like never before...

... on top of enabling our educators as described above.


There's more:

Let’s make sure those top performers are being compensated like never before.

As I’ll detail more fully later in this guide, we will not only ensure that the top educators are receiving the most students...

... and earning bonuses when their students succeed...

... but we’ll also ensure that some of the coins that those top educators are earning are having their maturation accelerated...

... so they can transfer them out on the same day they were earned...

...  to even further reward them when they are succeeding.



If we believe that top educators are the key to our economy’s success...

... then it follows that our top educators must be among the very best compensated citizens in our community and economy.

Do you want to become an educator?

As you can see, there is no better time than now.

To get going now, simply ask your own success coach -- don't take 'No' for an answer -- or ask May Ram, the head of the success coach program.

Are you already an educator (success coach)?

This is your moment.  

Starting tomorow, those of you that are most ready to focus and work hard to ensure your students are succeeding...

... will be rewarded with receiving most of the new citizens, very nice bonuses and coins maturing on the same day they were earned.


But let’s not stop there.

We must not stop looking for ways to ensure that many of our most capable, motivated and successful citizens...

... are more enabled, empowered and rewarded than ever to help others...

... to become as successful as they are.



How can we ensure that our educational tools, policies and programs...

... keep improving in the future...

... at a faster pace than ever before?



By ensuring the most successful educators become the most powerful people in empowr.


A5. The new most powerful people in empowr

I am convinced that by driving most new citizens exclusively to the very best success coaches...

... we will witness the rise of the new most powerful people in our growing economy and community.



Because these same ‘most successful coaches’ will now automatically become empowr’s Senators...

... because student success level – not citizen voting -- is how Senators will be automatically elected as discussed recently.


That means that the most successful educators will now, by definition...

... become the most powerful people in empowr...

... with the most power to:

·      help you make your ideas become reality

·      bring their own best ideas to life

·      ensure the obstacles in front of all students are being removed as quickly as possible


And since the requirement of becoming the democratically elected president of empowr is to first have been a success coach...

... our educators will, in essence, have control over 2 of the 3 branches of government...

... with the 3rd branch being controlled by empowr countries via their elected congresspersons.

In a moment, we’ll discuss our democratic processes a bit more, but you can also review our recent discussion on that topic.


OK, so we’ve discussed how we intend to find, enable, reward and empower our educators.

What can we do to assist them, in their efforts to motivate their students?


A6.  Encouraging and motivating students

To further encourage our citizens, effective tomorrow we’re increasing the amount of coins awarded via the mission wheel.

Be sure to hit your daily goal every day to see it for yourself!


A7.  Ensuring new students become successful  

It’s no secret that the rewards provided by the mission wheel to our citizens...

... can grow very nicely – up to 200 times larger to be precise --  

... as students improve their productivity -- as measured by the number of mission points a citizen earned in the last 30 days.

You can view how many mission points you have and how to earn them


As you may know, together we devised an incredibly easy way for new students to start earning mission points and get motivated.

By purchasing a Mission Role, citizens instantly earn mission points.

More importantly, they become, on average, 25 to 30 times more likely to become productive...

...  as measured by hitting their daily goals, and providing valuable products and services to others.


Here’s why the simple act of buying a mission role works so well to motivate citizens:

As soon as a student purchases a mission role, they become focused on doing what it takes to never miss a spin of the mission wheel.

Of course that means hitting their daily goal every day...

... which of course requires listing (providing) products and services...

... as well as building a network of people that will help them earn (closing loops by bidding and sharing).


In other words, one of the best things a success coach can do to ensure their new student becomes productive...

... is to simply encourage them to advance their mission role.

That simple act has shown to be an incredibly effective tool to ensuring the student builds the daily success habits required to become productive in the empowr economy.


Wouldn’t be good if we could find a way to help new citizens get started with a mission role...

... without needing to pay for it?


Yes, that would be great, but unfortunately we have tried but have not been able to find a way to make that happen, given the cost to the community of supporting mission roles.

In other words, while the various mission roles costs an empowr citizen between $10 and $100 per month...

... they cost empowr (via coins provided to citizens by the mission wheel) up to $2,000 per month as the citizen becomes productive.

Even for the citizen that does absolutely nothing but hit their daily goal, the mission wheel is very nicely profitable.


Mission roles and the mission wheel are, by far, the largest single expense for empowr...

... larger than the cost of computer servers, payroll or any other expense.


So, especially now that we’re even further increasing the winnings provided by the mission wheel...

... it is impossible to provide mission roles for free...

... even to new citizens to try them out during their first month.


Having said that, we realize the power of being able to try something at a substantial discount.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, success coaches will be enabled to allow their new students to try any mission role of their choosing with a 50% discount.

This will be enabled using the new presentation system that is going live tomorrow.

Only during a presentation, will coaches will be able to enable the new student to receive a discount.

In that manner, we can be more confident that this gesture from the community is not abused.


Now, new students will be able to try a mission role for themselves and see for themselves how rewarding it can be...

... and how helpful and motivating the roles can be especially at the time when they most need the help building daily habits...

... which is the moment when they first get started in empowr.


A8.  Enabling existing citizens too

What about existing (non-new) citizens that have still not tried a mission role? 

Should we also do everything in our power to allow them to test a mission role, get off the sidelines and instantly accelerate their personal earnings?

And, can existing citizens also secure their accounts with their mobile phone numbers, and set up appointments with their success coach?

The answer to all of these questions is Yes. 

Starting tomorrow, when you click to go see your balance, you’ll be prompted to secure your account using your mobile phone number, and set up an appointment with your success coach.

And if you’ve never tried a mission role, your success coach will be able to provide you with the ability to do so...

... with a 50% discount...

... so that you too can begin to enjoy those features and see, for yourself, the difference they make in your coin earnings.


Why can’t we provide a 50% discount for everyone?

Again, as discussed above, the empowr community loses money – lots of money – on every mission role sale.

If empowr were to discount the roles further, we would definitely need to reduce the coin prizes coming out of the wheel.

As just discussed, even as we provide this new 50% discount for new citizens and existing citizens that haven’t tried a mission role yet...

... we’re now further increasing...

... not decreasing...

... the coin prizes coming out of the mission wheel.


If there was ever a good time to commit to a mission role, this is that moment.

If you believe that this community will succeed in its efforts at growing the value of empowr coins from where it is today...

... $1 per coin....

... to $1,000 per coin in less than 2 years from now...

... then you might want to view EACH $1,000 in coins rewarded to you by the mission wheel today as $1 million in coins (in less than 2 years from today).

$100 per month for $1,000,000 in less than 2 years?

How anyone can afford to NOT buy a mission role is the question everyone should be asking.

For those citizens not eligible for the 50% discount, you can get 25% off when you purchase an annual mission role. That provides you up to a $300 discount! Just follow the steps and easy instructions

But I do know that some citizens haven’t been able to purchase mission roles, because until now, they’ve needed PayPal to buy them.

Let’s fix that -- effective immediately.


A9. People without PayPal finally empowered

Starting immediately, everyone will be able to purchase mission roles with Ethereum and Bitcoin, along with PayPal and fully-matured empowr coins.

Note: You do not currently have fully matured coins unless you purchased them for full price on the currency exchange or from empowr after the founder auction.

To make it incredibly easy to do this, simply send an email to: TheCoin@empowr.com from the email address you use to sign into empowr.

In your email, simply tell us:

1.  Which role you want: Supporter, Visionary, Founder etc.  See all the roles here
2.  How you wish to pay (ETH, BTC or EMPR that you have in your external wallet)

We'll get back to you quickly with further instructions.


Now, not having PayPal is no longer a hindrance for anyone to be able to purchase mission roles and get ahead much faster.

Yes, until this is automated, this approach will take a lot of manual work on the part of the team at empowr.

But hopefully, you're seeing that we are ready and willing to do our part.


Are you ready to do your part?

If so, it simply makes no sense whatsoever to be active in empowr and not taking advantage of a mission role. 

Commit to mission role, and you'll find yourself much more motivated to do everything you can to earn thousands of dollars worth of coins each month from the mission wheel.


With the above new approach and features:

Can you imagine what will happen now....

.... to the ‘average production level’ of new empowr citizens...

... now that our educators will be empowered, rewarded and enabled...

.... in so many ways...

... to ensure our students succeed?


I believe this is a complete game-changer for empowr.



In comparison to this new approach, up to now it’s been like, together, we were just hoping and prayed that new empowr citizens would become knowledgeable and self-motivated...

... and eventually find their way to their success coach to ask questions when they had any.


That is exactly like, in a real-world country...

...  if the youth were just set free...

... with the adults in the country simply hoping and praying that the new citizens would be self-aware and self-motivated...

... somehow magically already knowing what they don’t know but should know...

... so they could come up with their own questions...

... and then eventually find their way to a local school somewhere to find and ask teachers those questions.


Isn’t that beyond ridiculous?

And to make things worse in that comparison...

... imagine all of that was happening in a country where teachers were all provided with the same number of students...

... regardless of whether they were succeeding – or failing – as teachers!


The difference between the old approach and new approach...

... as far as effectiveness in ensuring our citizens become knowledgeable, productive and motivated...

...  is like the difference between night and day.



Just imagine...

 .... what will now happen to the ‘Citizens winning’ element of our virtuous cycle:

                                     Guide: Part 3A: Accelerating the win for citizens


And, of course, ‘Citizens winning’ will accelerate the empowr ‘Economy winning’...

... which will accelerate the ‘Coin winning’...

... which, in turn, will ensure all our citizens are winning even more.


And finally:

A10. ACM (Accelerated Matured Coins)

Just like we did last year when we launched AMCOs – Accelerated Matured Cash Outs...

... we are working on the technical mechanisms needed to accelerate the maturation of coins.

We call this process ACM – for Accelerated Coin Maturation.


Stay tuned, later in this guide, for a discussion on how to get to the front-of-the-line for having the maturation of your coins accelerated.

I’ve already hinted at our opinion that...

... among the people having their coins accelerated...

... should be those success coaches that are the most effective at helping their students become productive.


I hope you agree that with this set of new features (A1 to A10)...

... we will make a world of difference in enabling, educating, encouraging, rewarding and ultimately making sure our citizens are winning.


And because we have a virtuous cycle, we will have also helped ensure our economy and coin will win.

Therefore, perhaps those items alone are sufficient to ensure our big win.


But why take any chances...

... or leave any stones unturned when it comes to your success or the success of the empowr mission...

... given how much is riding on our success?


I’m specifically referring to the fact that, as empowr grows...

... we will eventually be helping billions of people to uplift themselves out of poverty...

... and therefore we should be very motivated to do everything we can...

... separately and simultaneously...

... to also accelerate the next element of the virtuous cycle...

... which is the empowr ‘economy winning’.



Therefore, we’ll get to that topic next.

 Part 3B: Accelerating and securing the win for the empowr economy

You can also visit the guide's table of contents here


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17 months ago
Tam Dieu

Hi JC, the features A1 to A10 really are great updates. I'm sure that it will help empowr to move with super speed. Thank you

17 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

Thank you for the brilliant update, focused on education and productivity

17 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Empowr,
Thank You So Much, For Those Awesome NEWS!!!... Especially.. The Great News, To Be Able To Buy The Mision Role, in My Case With EMPR.

17 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you, JC for awesome news!
1. Absolutely agree that for the first place should be the education of our new citizens. Knowledge is power! Only through an absolute understanding of what empowr is and how it works, we can succeed.
2. The good news is that the Mission's Roles can be purchased not only through PayPal. This will enable many citizens to participate in the empowr Mission.
Thanks to everyone who constantly works on improving the empowr!

17 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Wow, extraordinary, amazing, outstanding and all the other words can not express what I feel now :)))) Thank you, for all these great possibilities!
Education is important and now we will have easy ways to do. New level for education!
Mission role with a 50% discount! Wow and again wow!
Thank you! JC and empowr team.

17 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thanks JC for the new ideas which greatly help our new citizens to learn fast and become productive here fast. Its a great opportunity ti buy the mission roles with different payment options

17 months ago
Animesh Garai

This is just wow, yes knowledge is the key to everything. Thanks

17 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Nice approach. Lets get going

17 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks JC for the idea of rewarding SCs along with the citizens. Citizens will be able to buy mission role as so many options are available now. Great idea!

17 months ago
David Bruyland

Great new features that are coming our way! This will improve many aspects drastically. Thanks!

17 months ago
George Oliveira

Great Ideas JC, I already consider myself an educator and now with opportunities of the student to have an educator who speaks his own language became more extraordinary. Educating the new citizen is very important so that they will understand how the platform works and who do not listen to slanderers and frustrated. Count on me always.

17 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

What a great features. Thank you, JC for giving us a way to teach citizens in more easy ways. And, what great opportunities coming up!

17 months ago
Marilyn Trabaccone

Thank you! This will be an amazing tool for success coaches to be able to share a screen and provide online demonstrations. I believe it will help people better understand empowr if they can learn one on one. I also thing it is terrific that empowr is providing discounts to new members on Mission Roles, it will definitely encourage people to try it. Thank you again for all you are doing. Let's keep growing!

17 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks JC. This is awesome post, while I was reading my fear was the issue of purchasing mission role in countries that cannot afford making use of Paypal, as I went on I saw the mountain of this burden suddenly leveled. Wow! You may not understand what the team has finally achieved until you begin to see the positive result. Thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase with Ether, Bitcoin or Matured empowr Coin, it is a problem solved.
I am also happy for the new features introduced to help everyone be successful especially the new ones. Thanks and God bless YOU and the POWERFUL TEAM real good.

17 months ago