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Part 3B: Accelerating & securing the win for the empowr economy


Welcome back.

I believe that if there’s one thing we can do...

... more than anything else to ensure our economy keeps growing the fastest...

... perhaps that one thing would be together figuring out a process so that we’re always...

... utilizing our very limited resources in the absolute most optimal ways possible...

... in order to always be improving the empowr platform and economy as quickly as possible. 


In other words, that one thing would be for us to become smarter...

... so that we’re always making better decisions.


So how do we get smarter?!?

I mean, is there really anything we can do to become smarter?




Imagine if we could somehow bring together – or merge -- the brains of our entire community of citizens, success coaches and employees...

... in order to find the very best ideas.


Then, imagine if – somehow –we could then force those best ideas into becoming real products and real results...

... by somehow ensuring the people with the fresh ideas and most passion for the job...

... have the most power possible to drive those best ideas into reality. 


Clearly for all of that to happen, it would probably mean breaking apart some of the current rules and policies ...

... and even breaking apart the existing leadership team of empowr...

... who naturally, might have other ideas that they think are better...

...  than those best ideas we found in the above manner.


In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be hearing from other empowr citizens that will be asking for your vote in the upcoming empowr presidential election.

They will be sharing what they think are those ‘best ideas’ that have emerged from the community.

They will be asking you to empower them...

... meaning give them the power...

... to become the leader of the empowr community and company.


They will have competitors that will also be asking for the same power.

Only one of them will ultimately receive that power.


You, and the other empowr citizens, will decide which person to give the power to...

...  based on which candidate you think did the best job of listening to all the ideas...

...  and chosen the ‘smartest ideas’ from the community that will make the biggest difference.


You will also decide which candidate will be willing to work the hardest for you...

... in order to make those ideas actually become ‘real’...

... in terms of real products, real policies and rules, and real results that matter for your life.  



Communities whose leaders are continuously changed in the manner described above...

... as opposed to other approaches where the leaders are not replaced periodically...

... are many times more likely to win.


Collective intellgence

There are a number of reasons why this happens.

As many of you know, scientists have studied why this happens in a field of study called collective intelligence.


For those of you that are interested in the subject...

... especially as it pertains to our mutual work here in empowr...

... you can read all about it (or listen to it) in the empowr book or audiobook.


But for now, before you get a chance to read or hear those details...

... instead of blindly taking my word for it...

... simply compare the economies of South Korea vs. North Korea:

                   Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy

... or that of East German vs. West Germany (before the two sides were reunited):

                      Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


... or USA vs. the Soviet Union (USSR) before that country broke apart:

                   Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


Do you think it is a coincidence that the democratic economies did so much better than their non-democratic counterparts?

It’s no coincidence.


Here’s why that happens 

Democratic governments allow for ‘peaceful revolutions’ at the top...

... breaking the web of relationships and ‘soft corruption’ that form at the top...

... that are the source of much of the stagnation of ideas, opportunity and people.


The longer people are in power, the more stale their ideas get.

Their energy and passion get worn down by all the difficulties of the job.


They get comfortable working with the same ‘favorite’ people...

... whose passion and energy are also getting worn down.


And since the people around them no longer have to compete as hard for the opportunities...

... like they did before they became the ‘favorite people’...

... they get more comfortable, which causes them to innovate less -- and listen less. 


Less listening means the great ideas – the pain points – everything --  from the citizens begin to fall on deaf ears.


When leadership is working mostly with the same ‘favorite’ people...

... that also means that everyone else...

... gets less opportunity.

That’s what I mean by ‘soft corruption’.


So, what’s the answer?

No matter how good the leader at the top is, no matter how honest and well-intentioned, there is only one solution to this problem:

Revolution at the top.

The leader at the top must step down or be removed.


That revolution can be peaceful, or it may take a bloody civil war.

Unlike bloody revolutions, peaceful revolutions allow for much more stability (remember that word?) and a quick transfer of power...

... so the economy doesn’t suffer while the old leader works to pass knowledge to the new leader before stepping aside.


And that’s why democratic governments...

... which best enable peaceful revolutions at the top...

... are able to innovate and move forward faster than dictatorships or any other structure where the leader isn’t replaced on a regular basis.


OK, but wait a minute

What about China?

China is not democratic.

So why has it done so well over these last couple of decades, moving the average income of its citizens up from near-zero as shown here:

                                                       Annual income per person

                       Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy

The reasons for the “Chinese Miracle” are:

1.  China’s people had been held back for such a long time by its government that, finally, when people were allowed to do business, it had something to offer the world:

Extremely cheap labor (and lots of it).


2.  Even though China in not democratic, in the last couple of decades (while its economy has been growing fast) its leader has been changed periodically by the ruling party.

But now, only 90 days ago, the current Chinese president Xi Jinping decided that he would remove the rule that limited presidents to 2 terms, so he could become “president for life”:

               Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


I believe that history will show -- as the years go by – that China’s economy will begin to stagnate in the coming years, as a result of this move.

Without peaceful revolutions at the top – shattering the web of relationships at the top -- all organizations and governments stop listening, innovating and solving people’s problems.

And that is why we should not lose focus on pushing forward with items that advance our progress towards becoming a better and truer democracy, as discussed recently...

... events such as electing our Senators, Congresspersons and President.


Breaking it apart

By breaking apart our power structure...

... and pushing that power outward to the community...

... we will be quicker to identify the best ways to improve each of the virtuous cycle’s 3 elements, prioritize them for execution, and get those ideas live and working for us.

And that’s how we become ‘smarter’.


Closure to our last conversation

A few weeks ago, we asked you about your preferred timing for the next election:

It became clear that most of you preferred to provide more time to the next candidates.


Therefore, we will move forward with asking presidential candidates to identify themselves in the month of June...

... with the empowr presidential election happening in September as requested by the community.


If you are considering throwing your name into the hat...

... and becoming a candidate to become the next president of empowr...

... get ready now...

... as you’ll be asked to identify yourself in just a week or so from now.


RIGHT NOW is the best time to be speaking with your family and loved ones...

... so that you can throw yourself into the process with confidence in June.


By bringing in fresh energy and ideas into the empowr leadership...

... I have no doubts whatsoever that we will be accelerating the growth and success of the empowr economy.


And for those of you who communicated your concerns around losing our incredibly knowledgeable, focused, talented and dedicated current president (Brian Woosley)...

... let me reiterate what he personally communicated in last week’s live stream event:

Brian will stay on with empowr after the new president comes on board...

... to help with the transition and ensure the new president becomes successful as fast as possible...

... so that there will be no interruption or issues caused by a lack of knowledge on the part of the new president.


After the transition is complete, Brian and the new president will be sure to discuss possible roles in empowr for Brian, if he is willing to continue to contribute...

... as he has become an incredibly knowledgeable powerhouse that knows the workings of empowr inside and out...

... that has worked towards the success of the empowr mission for many years, wearing the different hats of citizen, success coach, president and employee of empowr.




The 2 things

So, what can we do to amplify – explode – the ‘economy winning’ element of our virtuous cycle?

The two (2) things that most come to mind for us are:


1.   Democratization

Let’s move forward immediately with the next steps in our democratization processes.

Yes, moving forward means moving away from the familiar, the comfortable.

But for the reasons described above, it must be done.


We must have faith in the concept of democracy.

It is, after all, a strategic differentiation that’s incredibly difficult for competitors to copy.

Why? Investors want control! The last thing they (or most founders) would want to do is give up control over their investment.

This incredible differentiation is something that we have all paid dearly for, as we gave up significant benefits such as paychecks and cash outs.


So, what can YOU do to help the empowr democracy succeed?

It’s simple:


Are you passionate about empowr, its mission and community?

Do you care about people? Would you derive immense happiness from helping people improve their lives?

Only if your answer to those questions is Yes, then should consider becoming a leader in empowr now.

Why not become a success coach, a senator or congressperson?

Why not become the president of empowr?


As a citizen, we need your brains

We need your ideas – your intelligence – your smart vote...

... when it soon becomes time to vote for congresspersons --  and the new empowr president...

... so please pay close attention to the candidates to ensure only the best of the best become our leaders.


There’s one more really important thing you can do towards ensuring our economy wins:

2.  Keep improving and growing your productivity. 

Have you noticed numbers such as ‘1’ or ‘2’ or ‘3’ at the top (or near) some citizens’ photos?

                                                      Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy 
That ‘1’ means that Lucky Okubor, above, hit his monthly performance goal last month.  


And so did Angel:

                                                    Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


Liaquat Ali Mirani, on the other hand, hit his goals 2 months a row:

                                                    Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy

And so did Sonia:

                                                  Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


Congrats Liaquat and Sonia!  


Even more exciting -- Sabina hit her goal 3 months in a row: 
                                                   Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy 

And since the colorful ring around her photo is green...

     ... it means that she has already hit her performance goal for May...

... which means that on June 1st, she will be showing off a '4' to the world.

Congrats Sabina!


By the way, the dark blue arrow shows their 30-day mission point goal (relative to everyone else).

Lucky (above) has one of the toughest goals, with the most mission points.

The colors around the ring, indicate where they are, as a percentage of their goal:

If their ring is  Green (like Sonia and Sabina)....
      ... it means they have already surpassed 100% of their goal.

If  Blue (like Lucky, Liaquat and Angel, above) they are currently above 75% of their goal.
If  Orange, they're above 50%.
Yellow? Above 25%
Gray? Above 0% (but below 25%)
White? They have earned 0 mission points in the last 30 days

Hitting goals for 2, 3 or more months in a row means they are constantly growing...

      ... progressing forward...

... figuring out how to provide more and more value to the citizens of empowr.


        ***** Here's why this is pure mathematical magic *****

If a growing number of empowr community members...

... keep doing better and better as individuals within the empowr economy...

... then the empowr economy will be growing exponentially – as opposed to linearly:  

               Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy


Does this make sense?

If not, please trust the citizens here that are more mathematically inclined.

But I’ll do my best to explain why this works:

Exponential growth (as opposed to linear growth) is explosive in nature, as the graph above shows.

Exponential growth happens when two (2) things that are both growing...

... are multiplied by each other.


Remember, our economy’s strength is calculated by taking:

A.  The number of citizens participating in our economy...

... and multiplying that number by

B.  The average economic output (earnings) of each citizen


If both those numbers (A and B) are growing...

... then when you multiply the two numbers by each other...

... as in C = A x B ...

... the result C will be growing much faster than A or B are growing individually.


And that’s why as more and more empowr community members (A) ...

... have, on average, growing productivity (B) ...

... the empowr economy (C) grows exponentially.


As discussed, exponential growth in our ‘economy winning’...

... means exponential growth in the price of our coin...

... and it also means a similar growth curve in the quality of life for our citizens.


Can you see how magical it is...

    ... for our virtuous cycle...

... if we can get our economy to grow exponentially?


That very one thing can and will,

     ... all by itself...

... make the other 2 elements of our virtuous cycle explode.

Therefore, we should all be asking:

What can we do -- as individuals -- to NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY...

    ... from here going forward...

... to grow that number on our photos?

                                              Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy

By the way, nice going, Jo Mas and all others that are about to get a '4'!


And similarly, let's ask, what can we do, as a community...

... to celebrate and reward those individuals that are adding exponentiality to our economy? 


Given how important this is, I recommend that we should create a special reward for our citizens that are growing their ‘month-in-a-row’ number.


Accelerated Coin Maturation

I suggest that, when the opportunity presents itself...

     ... when we start our new ACM (Accelerated Coin Maturation) process...

... another group of people that should be added to the front of that line...

... should be those citizens that are growing and getting better...

... month after month...

... as shown by the ‘months-in-a-row’ number above their photo.


I hope you see why we believe that, and I hope you agree.



The very best things you can do to ensure our economy grows and wins, are:

1.  Use your brains and energy to truly engage in the democratic process, as a leader and/or as a citizen

2.  Keep growing your ‘months-in-a-row’ performance number



Simultaneously and separately from everything else we’re doing...

... let’s see what we can do to accelerate the next element of the virtuous cycle...

... which is our ‘Coin winning’ element:

                            Guide: Part 3B: Accelerating the win for economy

You can also visit the guide's table of contents here


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"By dismembering our power structure ...
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... we will be quicker to identify the best ways to improve each of the three elements of the virtuous cycle, prioritize them for execution and get those ideas live and working for us.
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I have 344.62 fully matured coins but when i try to buy mission role this message will appear. https://prnt.sc/jpfc5n

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