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Part 3C: Accelerating & securing the win for the empowr coin

What’s incredibly important for us to take note of...

... is that when the empowr coin catches fire...

... it will single-handedly ensure ALL our wins WILL take place. 


Are you just joining this conversation?

Are you wondering what we mean by our coin ‘catching fire’?  Find out here

Or here’s a quick summary:

As word about the empowr coins spreads...

... because of how uniquely stable its price has been:

       Guide: Part 3C: Accelerating the win for the coin

.... as compared to all other coins and even stocks:

                                                          ETHEREUM                                                                                                                                                                    Guide: Part 3C: Accelerating the win for the coin



                       Guide: Part 3C: Accelerating the win for the coin


As that stable growth continues, the demand will keep growing to buy our coin.


The more people buy our coin, the more they will tell friends...

... who will buy coins and tell their friends.


And with all of them...

... with each passing day...

... as the coin continues on its growth trajectory and path...

... belief in the empowr coin will keep growing...


... with more people buying coins...

... telling friends...

... who buy coins and tell friends.


And so on, and so forth.


With each passing week...

... as the number of coin owners grows...

... and the stable growth continues...

...  the demand for empowr coins keeps growing.


And that’s what we mean by the coin ‘catching fire’.


Given the variables involved, it’s only a matter of time until the coin catches fire 


Therefore, with growing demand ...

... to make sure the coin’s price stays stable ...

... we will need to increase the supply of empowr coins in circulation on the blockchain.


To increase the coin supply, empowr citizens will need to sell some of their coins that are maturing (such as the coins you’re earning daily)...

... and some of their coins that are vesting (such as founder coins and legacy coins).

In order to ensure that happens, we will keep accelerating the maturation and vesting of coins until our citizens sell enough of their coins to stabilize the price.


If not enough of our citizens choose to sell their coins...

... then empowr will need to sell some of its coin reserves...

... of which it currently has approximately 600M...

... a number that is growing by 3M more coins each day.


Think about this:

As pressure builds for the coin’s price to move upwards...

... along with faster maturation...

... empowr will be able to easily pay more coins to empowr citizens for all their activities...

... including for simply posting and sharing.


Word will spread far and wide that there’s a new “Facebook” available...

... that not only pays very nicely for doing the exact same things they’re doing on Facebook....

... but in addition, unlike Facebook and all other social platforms, empowr:

1.  Doesn’t sell ads or customer data to corporations

2.  Never took money from Wall Street or other investors so it isn’t beholden to them

3.  Is democratic - its leaders are elected by its users (called citizens)

4.  Is working on making “everything fast and free” by enabling the ‘sharing of everything’ – which will make a massive impact on poverty, inequality and climate change


Those things – but especially the compensation – will drive millions of new users (citizens) to empowr.

Of course that will make the empowr economy explode, which in turn brings more upwards pressure for our coin.

Of course I’m describing our virtuous cycle:

                                Guide: Part 3C: Accelerating the win for the coin

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go here to catch up.


If there are two things you take out of this entire guide, it should be the following:

1.  One singular thing...

... that can, by itself, turn empowr into the number one most valuable technology company on the planet...

... bringing massive opportunity and billions to the people of the world...

... and even make most of YOUR dreams come true...

... is our coin catching fire.


And perhaps this next point, is the single most important of this entire guide:

2.  Making our coin catch fire is completely, totally – And I mean 100% -- within the control and abilities of the empowr community...

... RIGHT NOW...

... without anything else or anybody else needed.


We LITERALLY have everything we need to ensure the coin catches fire right now.


So, how do we do it?

Here’s how:

We start a thousand brush fires.


To absolutely ensure the empowr coin catches fire – NOW – we need to use our most potent, most powerful and unique asset:  The strength of our community

Here’s what I am suggesting:

Let’s each of us reach into our address books and contacts. 

Who do we know that would appreciate the opportunity to potentially turn $100 into $1,000 by the end of this year...

... or $100 into $100,000 in less than 2 years from now?

It’s safe to say that, from our contacts, nearly every single person that we know would appreciate such an opportunity:

·           --- If they are rich, they’d surely love the opportunity

·           --- But if they are poor, they should love and appreciate the opportunity much more!


Imagine if 10,000 of us reach out now to all our contacts.

We would show them how the coin is doing, thus far...

                        Guide: Part 3C: Accelerating the win for the coin

... and explain the plans we have for the empowr economy and future.


We must explain our goals and why they matter.

If 10,000 of us are able to convince 10 people on average, to each buy an average of $100 of coins, we will have started 100,000 small brush fires.


Surely that’s sufficient to burn the whole forest down! 

How and why is that sufficient?

As they buy $100 (or even $10) in coins...

... and as the weeks go by, and those people see the coin performing for them...

... the following will happen:


1.  First, they will wish they had bought more coins. 

As more days and weeks go by, that regret will grow even further.


Eventually, as that regret grows and grows...

... it will become not 100% -- but 100,000% -- clear that you were right...

... about empowr and its stable coin.


Therefore, in order to stop that regret in their stomach from growing larger with each passing day...

... they will want and need to buy more coins...

... creating more demand and upward pricing pressure for the coin.


2.  Having learned their regret the hard way...

... they will waste no time in telling all the people that they care about...

... to not miss out like they did...

... and instead, to do like they now just did again...

... which is to buy some empowr coins.


Of course, this creates even more demand and upward pressure for the coin.


3.  As the coin continues on its path...

... not jumping up 20% in a day...

... and not dropping down 20% in a day...

... but just marching forward in a stable and consistent way....

... all of the people that have purchased coins will be motivated to:

A.  Buy more coins, and

B.  Tell more friends, family and contacts about it


4.  The rest, as they say, is history:  Our coin has caught fire.


That’s all we need to do.

And we have everything we need to do that RIGHT NOW.


And with the coin catching fire, we will move to accelerate the maturity of your coins...

... starting with those you earned recently...

... followed by your legacy and founder coins, including those you purchased at only 6 cents each...

... which, by the way, is exactly $1 less than today’s price, in case you hadn’t noticed.


But let’s not stop there. 

Let’s pour flammable gasoline over everything we just discussed above...

... to create the loudest, more ferocious and out-of-control fire imaginable.



For a limited time only...

... until we’re 100% certain that the coin has caught fire as described above:

For each coin your contacts buy, let’s also give them 1 coin for free.

That’s 2 coins for the price of 1!


I suggest that we make it so that the coin they purchase is fully liquid...

... meaning they could save it or sell it the very next minute if they so choose.


And the other coin would be a founder coin.

Of course the founder coins act like a long-term investment, because they can’t transfer them out immediately...

... but that’s even better for them...

... because it ensures that, no matter what, they’ll be able to benefit from their coins if -- or when -- coins hit, say, $1,000 in April 2020.


And one more thing:

Let’s make it easy for them to earn even more free coins, by further spreading the word to their own friends, family and contacts:

For friends that they introduce to the empowr coin: 

For each coin that their friend buys, let’s also give them (the inviter) 1 free coin...

... along with, as discussed, 1 free coin to the friend (the invitee) that’s buying the coins.


Does all of this make sense? 

Let me summarize before moving forward:

For a limited time (until we’re sure the coin has caught fire)...

...  let’s reward ALL empowr citizens (including all current citizens, success coaches and employees)...

... with 1 free founder coin for each coin that they purchase...

... and 1 free founder coin for each coin that their friends (invitees) purchase.


As soon as our coin catches fire, of course we’ll need to end this crazy giveaway. 

Oh, and one more thing:


Accelerating the maturation of your coins

And finally, given how this process can single-handedly create the win for the entire community, mission, economy, coin and individual citizens...

... I suggest that the first 1,000 people to invite friends that buy coins, should get to the front of the line for having their maturation accelerated.  


Since you will have been instrumental in our coin catching fire...

... which is the singular thing that can cause all our other goals to be hit...

... including citizens winning and our economy winning...

... I think you deserve to have your coin maturation accelerated before everyone else.


And within that 1,000 first people, let’s order (prioritize) the list in a ‘first-come first-serve’ manner.

That is, if Sally invited contacts that bought coins before Jim did, she will get her coins accelerated before his. 

And if Sally’s contacts bought more coins than Jim, that will also count proportionately.


So what do you think? 

Look, I know this will cause a lot of founder coins to go out.

And I also know it takes effort (in contrast to doing nothing) to reach into our address books, and speak with -- or much more importantly -- meet with our friends, family and contacts to show them this opportunity.


If we believe in where empowr is going, don’t we owe it to our friends, family and even old contacts to tell them about it? 

They may thank us now, but they’ll especially thank us later.

I mean, imagine if you had told them about the empowr coin when it was at $0.26. 

Now that the coin is worth 4 times more (it’s at $1.06 today) -- if they had purchased $100 in coins, they would now have over $400 – and a special place in their heart for you.

(And if they had purchased $10,000 in coins a few weeks ago, today they’d have $40,000).


Well, imagine for a moment if they buy coins now – while it’s around $1 – and we hit our $10 target by just a few months from now (the end of this year).

How big will your spot in their hearts be then? 

And what about if we hit our target of $1,000 per coin in less than 2 years?


Look, there are 2 ways we can do this:

A.  We can sit around and look at each other, hoping and praying that the coin will catch fire. 

Have you ever tried staring at a piece of paper with your eyes, to see if you can make it catch fire? 

If not, go ahead and try it now.

     (Here’s a hint to save us all some time: For the vast majority of us, it doesn’t work)

B.  Or, instead, we can put in the effort, and create the future we want – helping our contacts while securing our own future too.

Which path is more likely to lead to success?


I hope you’re with me, and see the potential and benefits of marching forward now...

...  to show everyone we know – even contacts that we haven’t spoken to in a while...

... an opportunity that they’ve most likely not heard of but would appreciate hearing about.


Speaking for myself, when an opportunity like this is teed up so nicely in front of us...

... and we’re the ones that worked so hard to tee it up and we all have the most to gain from it...

... I’d rather seize the day than sit around, hope and pray.


Like many of you, I’m already kicking myself for not telling all my contacts to buy coins when it was 26 cents. 

This time, I’ll do better. 


Here’s the process I am suggesting:

1.  Contact each and every one of your contacts using email, telephone call, Facebook, WhatsApp, text message (SMS) or any other platform you use.

2.  Explain that you’re sorry you haven’t spoken to them in a while. Explain that you’ve been very busy with a project you’ve been focused on.

But, you’d like to make it up to them. You’d love to meet up so you can catch up.

3.  Make an appointment to sit down with them in-person -- at the park, a café, your home or theirs.

If they don’t live close enough, set an appointment to meet over Skype, Google Hangouts or your favorite similar video-chat platform.

4.  When you meet, reiterate that you’re sorry you haven’t been in touch as much as you would have love to. You take full responsibility for that. But you’ll make it up to them now.

5.  Ask them if they have noticed in the media, all the trouble Facebook keeps getting into, by selling their customer data.

Whether they have or have not heard of those troubles, explain that – as you mentioned earlier --  you’ve been working on a huge project as an alpha user. You’ve been helping to build a new ‘Facebook’ that:

A.    Doesn’t sell ads or customer data to corporations

B.    Doesn’t take money from investors so it doesn’t become a slave to them

C.     Instead, it’s democratic with its leaders accountable to its users

D.    Instead of the ads/data business model, it’s enabling the ‘sharing of everything’

a.     If you find it helpful, play this quick (90 second) concept video so they see what you mean

Then, simply show them the empowr coin chart. Show how the coin price has grown in a steady way since it was launched -- from $0.26 to where it is at the time you sit down with them.

Also show them the Ether and Bitcoin graphs for comparison, so you can make it clear how EMPR is different:  Stability 

Explain to them that because of your knowledge and involvement in the alpha project, you can get them 2 coins for the price of 1.

Explain empowr's goals and targets, and why you’re confident about our plans.

Explain the risks as well. They do not need to purchase a massive amount of coins. For example, $100 (or $50 or even $10) is sufficient to get them involved.

Strongly recommend that -- if they are interested -- that you make this happen for them right there and then, because you don’t know when the “Buy 1, Get 1 free” offer will be removed.

In addition, with the coin’s price moving higher and higher every day or two...

...  the sooner they get in, the better price they get.


The above process – reaching out to everyone you know... or went to school with... or once worked with...

... is a great way to rekindle your relationships.


If you believe in what we’re doing – and I know you do or you wouldn’t be here with us now...

... then you can be confident that, using this process...

... you will be renewing, reviving and strengthening your relationships...

... as your contacts watch their coins continue to move up in value.


Imagine if they do buy $100 in coins. Imagine if those coins do become worth $100,000 in less than 2 years.

Imagine if, along the way, as they watch the coin double, then double again, that they buy another $900 in coins – because they see their original $100 growing and growing.

Now they’ve bought a total of $1,000 in coins.

If or when the coin’s price reaches $1,000 per coin (our target for less than 2 years from now) their $1,000 in coins will become worth approximately $1,000,000 (1 million dollars).

Can you think of any better, easier or quicker way to rekindle your relationships and create a sense of reciprocity and respect for you, than the above process?

My point is that, perhaps you should look at this process as a way to revive and refresh all your relationships...

... along with other objectives such as doing your part to ensure the coin catches fire.

And as the coin catches fire, well, great – that’s like the icing on the cake.


Of course we’ll need to end the ‘Buy 1, Get 1 free’ offer as soon as our coin catches fire...

... but buying and owning empowr coins will still be a great thing – even without the ‘Buy 1, Get 1 free’ offer...

... because of the stable price growth that will be continuing, by definition, because the coin will have caught fire.


So, what do you need to make this happen?

1.  You need access to your contacts – everyone you’ve ever met.  You already have that.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT blast out an email or message to all of them at once.

Here’s why:

Coins and the empowr story are complicated and need to be communicated in an eyeball-to-eyeball manner.

Along with all the information they will need to learn, and random questions they may have, they will also need to see and feel your passion, your sincerity, your belief in the project.

Those things will not jump out of an email, text or voice message like they will in a face-to-face discussion.

2.  You need the ability to set up an empowr account for them, and ensure their account is linked to yours.

You already have this ability. Simply visit your empowr account settings and create a nice and short profile URL, if you haven’t already.

Then, when you sit with them, start by visiting your profile URL. 

When you start your session like that, and sign them up from there, your account will be automatically connected to theirs as the inviter.

That means that, within 24 hours of each coin they purchase, you will receive 1 empowr coin for each coin they purchase.

Of course if you have any issues, write to us at TheCoin@empowr.com

Of course they too will receive 1 free coin for each coin they purchase – in essence giving them 50% off on something that is growing in a stable way.

3.  You will need an updated empowr coin chart. The good news is that’s at the top of each profile, the top of every email, even at the top of the empowr site homepage when you’re not signed in.


As you can see, we all have everything we need, right now, to make this happen. 

We have everything it takes for our coin to catch fire.

Therefore, let’s start this process – start reaching out to all your contacts – without wasting another single moment or second.

I’ll bet you can reach out to over 100 contacts in less than 20 mins from this very moment...

...  since all you’re doing in that communication is simply asking for an opportunity to meet up and catch up (in person, or over Skype, depending on their location).


Do you need anything else? Let us know and we’re on it.


Along with seeing our coin catch fire as a result, I am looking forward to seeing 1,000 of you at the front of the ACM (Accelerated Coin Maturation) line. 

May I suggest that, before you allow procrastination, ‘analysis paralysis’ or life’s many distractions get in the way...

... that you get started on this RIGHT NOW?

Simply type out your short message – and send out your first message in the next 2 minutes without missing another singular moment.

Take a look at the clock on your PC or phone. What time is it?

Give yourself exactly 2 mins to type out your message –no more than 2 mins – so you don’t overanalyze this or allow procrastination to occur.

Your only objective with this message is to set a date and time to catch up with each contact, friend or family member.


As you review each contact:

Do you hardly know or remember them? Who cares? This is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone new or catch up!

So send out your first message in 2 mins.

Then simply copy and paste the message – and send it out to everyone you know or ever knew...

... adjusting the message only slightly for out-of-town people.


You’re using up your 2 mins...

Why are you still reading this?






If you’re still reading this, then you may be allowing yourself to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Look – thanks for all the positive comments that you all place in these blogs.  They’re really nice and encouraging. 

May I suggest that, today, you also leave a comment, but make it either:

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now


I’m not on it. I’d rather sit around, stare at my coin balance in the hopes it catches fire by just staring at it.

Looking forward to your thoughts, below, and seeing who’s in and who thinks their only path to success is by staring, hoping and praying.


Either way and whatever your approach to your life and success are, here’s what I can tell you with ZERO doubt or hesitation:

1.  Everything discussed in the ‘citizens winning’ section of this guide just rolled out in the last few minutes and is live

2.  Our success coaches have been notified privately that the most successful ones will begin receiving ACM (Accelerated Coin Maturation) within the next 24 hours...

... meaning they will begin “transferring out” coins as early as tomorrow -- and every day going forward, as discussed in the guide section titled 'Accelerating and securing the win for empowr citizens'

3.   Many of you have already gotten busy sending out appointment requests to all your contacts – and may never even read this.

To you, if you were listening, I'd say:

You too will start seeing your coins getting matured in the next 24 hours too – at the same time as the success coaches, as mentioned above.

(Engineering update:  ‘Buy 1, Get 1 free’ is now live. See it for yourself)

You deserve big success and everything that comes with it, because you have worked hard and continue to put out the effort when the opportunity presents itself.

Some others are still reading this, half attentive, with the other half of their attention on YouTube, Facebook -- or maybe even still trying to light their paper on fire by staring at it.

To those people, I say:

You will spend the next weeks, and then months, asking the same question over and over again, something to the tune of: “When do I get to transfer out coins?”

Every time you post or ask such questions, people will feel bad for you, because it will be clear you don’t have a clue. You’re part of a group that thinks they can just sit there and money will magically drop out of the sky.

What you won’t realize is that many others are growing their coin balance very quickly, with many of those coins getting accelerated so their owners can do as they wish with them – save them or sell them for their local currency.

As that happens daily, starting in the next 24 hours, YOU will not be notified. It is none of your business what others do, earn and have accelerated.

Our only commitment to you is that everyone had and has the very same opportunity; which everyone did and does.

And, that the opportunity is communicated to everyone at the same time.

Which, now, it has been. 

I hope you switch camps right now and join the other group.

But, speaking on behalf of the entire community of citizens, success coaches and employees, the people that have put years or even decades into this project, I think I can say with full confidence: We have tried. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

Or, perhaps you believe you've done enough already. empowr owes you. So, you will do nothing else until 'you get what you deserve'.

And to that, I say: 

Look, in a project like this, you don't win until you do. And until you win, if you stop trying, you lose.

Many of us have been doing this for many years. Myself for 18 years to be precise. The minute I start feeling entitled to success, because of anything I did up to now, well, I lose.

So, I have 2 choices:

Either I get up every day and give it everything I have - moving the ball forward one hard step at a time.

Or, I throw my hands up and just complain, tell everyone that empowr or the world or _________ (enter your favorite bad guy) owes me -- maybe even blaming others for why 'we're not there yet'.

Which do you think will serve me better?

And which approach will serve you better?


Using the comments below, please...

Please, just today, spare us all the "Nice post!" comment.

Instead, tell us, have you started? If so, how far along are you?



Again, very much looking forward to hearing from you:

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now


I’m not on it. I’d rather sit around, stare at my coin balance in the hopes it catches fire by just staring at it.


I hope almost all of you are ready for success and all it means for you and your loved ones.


Don't over-think it.

It's time.

Let’s light this coin on fire.





Next: Conclusion and action items

You can also visit the guide's table of contents here


May Ram

Hi JC, I was and am on it, as always.
First, we are making sure all the SCs are too. Let's catch the fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

17 months ago
Liji Abhishek

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17 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

I'm on it already. Got to get as many on board as humanly possible. This is my A project from now till its done!

17 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks, was already working on get my friends to join empowr and also buy empowr coins. I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now.

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Fantastic! Thanks from the community, Naresh!

17 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you JC - without wasting another single moment or second, I am on it!

17 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Thanks you so much Jc very good update for Our Coin

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Aakash,
May I suggest that, today, your comment either say:
I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now
I’m not on it. I’d rather sit around, stare at my coin balance in the hopes it catches fire by just staring at it.

17 months ago
Gupta Sri

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now

17 months ago
Umair Siddique

I'm on it already. Making a video for those friends I can't personally meet at the moment as well as reaching out to set appointments with others.

17 months ago
Regina Talamor

I’m on it! I am starting sending out messages to set my appointments now
Thanks all!

17 months ago
Lina Tanase

I'm starting to fire the "forest" now. I know exactly where to put the "fire.":)
We do not have to waste a minute.
Thank you, JC!:)

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks superstar Lina -- I am feeling your heat for sure!!!!

17 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Great JC this process to reach out to our contacts, will surely help because if we keep saying catch fire with mere words instead of putting it into action then we are not ready to move forward and have our dreams turn into reality so right away putting it into action is what matters most and that 's the step in action right now thank you 😍😍😍😍😍

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Sonia, good to hear from you - thanks for this and for being an example we all can point to!
Power to you!

17 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Amazing news! let's start working, Thank you JC!

17 months ago
Orlya  C

Hi JC, I’m on it right now! I am sending out messages to set my appointments!!!

17 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

This post has primed me to go get them into empowr and to invest in empowr coins.
Together, we shall all succeed.

17 months ago
Carlos Andrade

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now

Thank you JC.

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

I just KNEW we could count on you Carlos!

17 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Jc , right now i'm gathering my contact from my emails ,facebook ,skype, linkedin and searching for emails from facebook search i can reach out to. I really love this coins catching fire

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Ola, many thanks for paying attention.

17 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for the updates and exciting news! I am happy to be together with the great community and great leaders!

17 months ago
Mohammad Imran

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now.

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Mohammad - fantastic!
Thanks for that -- and for your years of hard work and belief, sir!

17 months ago
Kelly Baker

I am on it! Sent out messages to old friends and colleagues! Thank you

17 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I’m on it! and I´ll try my best.

17 months ago
Edwin Edwards

JC, with how you have inspired me, I believe I will invite many to join the platform through my YouTube channel. I believe on the Mission and I will do anything to see us achieve our goal. Am gonna pour a lot of gasoline and ignite it and see how far the fire would go!

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Edwin, you are always inspiring all of us -- thanks for that gasoline!

17 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, JC,
Thank you for the guide how we can give fire to our coin, I'm on it prepared the list of my contacts for sending out the message to set my appointments, and set 3 appointments, Thank you,

Khaleeq Ahmed

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Khaleeq, I expected nothing less from you.
Always on, always dialed in, always ready to push this thing forward as hard as the very best of them!
Thanks for this -- and for all you continue to do - for so very long!!!

17 months ago

I’m on it! I am starting sending out messages to set my appointments now
Thanks all!

17 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks JC. I'm on it!! Sending messages right after I post this.

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Peter - that is fantastic!
I cannot wait to see your results!!!!!
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Thanks so much!

17 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

I'm on it I'm searching through all my contacts on diferent sites and will do my very best to get them to see as I see the great opportunity here.

17 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks JC for this post, I have a long list which were not yet contacted and invited to empowr platform. I’m on it! I will send out messages to set my appointments now..

17 months ago
C J Jacob

Fantastic post and fantastic offer!
I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now

17 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks J C for update ,working on it to set appointment with student

17 months ago
Austin Grady

Hello JC - I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now. Later I'll make a new splash page to give people a quick overview so they can go ahead and sign up and buy coins immediately.

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Austin, you're thinking ahead -- creating a whole flammable haystack!
Thanks for that!

17 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks JC, I'm on it

17 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I am on it and actively working on achieving a lot of fire.

17 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

17 months ago
Tam Dieu

I’m on it! I am starting sending reaching out messages to set appointments to my student. Thanks!

17 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now, I already fix appointments with my friends

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi - that is so good to hear.
Thanks for your help lighting this fire!

17 months ago
Debi Jones

I'm On It! Thanks for the guidance! :)

17 months ago
Omar Faruque Siddiki

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Omar,
On behalf of everyone - thanks!!!

17 months ago
Ken Kerekes

I'm on it! Sending out messages to my contacts, and use my social media to spread the word. Many will want this opportunity!

17 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now.
I am the spark that will light the dry forest :)
Good luck to all!

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for stepping up Erika.
I love that analogy!! 😀

17 months ago
Anum Mehreen

Thank you for more and more up date to make coin winner.. we ll try level best to invite more through our social accounts,

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks Anum! Power to you!

17 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

I’m on it. Engaging my contacts and explaining them to benefit from this great opportunity.

17 months ago
Daryl Robinson

I’m on it! I am sending out messages to set my appointments now. Great work everyone; "J.C." you are special and so are we all. (Smile) BeBlessed.

17 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Great plan!! I am on it, in a Big way! Looking forward to adding free coins to my balance, and for my contacts to profit with me and all of you! I know this will bring in tons and tons of new citizens to help us reach our ambitious goals. I am confident that we can double our community very quickly. I will add another comment here when I start seeing those Free coins in my balance!

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sharlene!

17 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

Thank you so much Jc very good update for our coins

17 months ago
Yulia Baikov

I’m on it! I am starting sending out messages to set appointments with me now.

17 months ago