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Part 4: Conclusion and action items


Hello everyone,

Thanks for staying with me, right until the very last section of this guide.

Today, let’s summarize what we covered in this guide, and discuss action items.


How empowr citizens win

Citizens win by:

A.  hitting their daily goals

B.  hitting their monthly performance goal

C.  building and maintaining great reputations and ratings

Now, we’re looking to rapidly escalate citizen success by intensifying the focus on student education.

As empowr citizens win, the empowr economy wins.


How the empowr economy wins 

The more empowr citizens win via their A, B and C actions (above) the more the empowr economy will grow...

... as measured by the variety, quantity and quality of goods and services being bought and sold using empowr coins.

Now, the empowr community will attempt to accelerate its economy’s potential and growth by:

A.  exploiting collective intelligence via the next phase of democratic progression
B.  rewarding citizens
that are consistently improving their economic output with accelerated coin maturation

A growing empowr economy means greater utilization of empowr coins.


How the empowr coin wins 

Greater coin utilization means growing demand for empowr coins.

It also means a reduction in the supply of coins flowing out from empowr onto the blockchain. 

Greater demand AND lower supply BOTH produce upward pricing pressure for the empowr coin.


The mission wheel

In addition to coins earned by providing products, services and coaching, empowr citizens are receiving millions of coins from the mission wheel.

Each empowr citizen may spin the wheel up to 30 times monthly, with awards growing in size up to 200 fold based on citizen mission role and level of productivity.

In the coming days, coin awards from the mission wheel are expected to rise significantly, financed by the monthly dormant account fees generated from inactive accounts.


The virtuous cycle

As discussed, the more empowr citizens win, the more the empowr economy grows.

In turn, economy growth generates upward pricing pressure for the empowr coin.

An increasing coin price motivates empowr citizens to working harder and smarter to provide products, services and coaching, further growing the economy which pushes the coin price upwards even further.

Economists call this ‘looping’ business model a virtuous cycle:

                                                  Guide: Part 4: Conclusion and action items

Catching fire

In addition to the virtuous cycle where citizens winning -> economy winning -> coin winning -> citizens winning...

... the empowr coin has an entirely separate potential path to winning, based on its ability to ‘catch fire’.

‘Catching fire’ describes when a coin’s price growth and/or other desirable attribute(s) lead to positive word of mouth, generating additional price growth, spawning more word of mouth, pushing the price up even further...

... very much experiencing its own mini-virtuous cycle.


Stable coin

The empowr community has indicated a strong desire to prioritize stable coin growth over other priorities.

Accordingly, 6 weeks after launch, the empowr community and platform are proving to be highly effective at delivering a currency with the extraordinarily rare and desirable characteristics of stability + growth.

A picture tells a thousand words:

                    Guide: Part 4: Conclusion and action items

As the empowr community continues to prioritize stability + growth over competing objectives...

... given the tremendous attractiveness and scarcity of that combination of attributes...

...  it follows that it is only a matter of time until enough people notice and buy coins...

... then encourage others to buy coins...

      ... who proceed to do the same...

            ... so on and so forth...

... such that the empowr coin catches fire.


Scattered brushfires

The length of time from today until the coin catches fire...

... depends on the degree to which stakeholders spread their knowledge about the empowr coin opportunity and its incredible traits.

Many members of the empowr community are taking it on themselves to become arsonists, accelerating the speed at which the coin catches fire...

... by scheduling appointments with virtually all known contacts to spread the ‘stable + growth’ coin opportunity as far and wide as possible.


Accelerated Coin Maturation (ACM)

Even before it catches fire, the coin is already enjoying upward pricing pressure, which jeopardizes its stability.

The community will maintain stability by encouraging citizens to sell some of their coins...

... accelerating the maturation of coins belonging to the citizens most responsible for the coin’s upward pricing pressure, as follows:

Priority of acceleration

1.  First in line for acceleration will be the empowr educators most successful at enabling student productivity

2.  Second will be citizens educating their contacts to buy coins

3.  Third are citizens that are consistently improving personal production, based on their months-in-a-row performance indicators

4.  Fourth, empowr will sell some its reserves to generate funds to be used for improving products and marketing

5.  Fifth in line for acceleration will be citizens not contributing to or qualifying for factors #1, 2 or 3.

Likewise, citizens qualifying for more than one of the #1, 2 or 3 factors will have higher priority than citizens qualifying for only one factor.

Timing of acceleration

empowr engineering is reporting that the acceleration process has launched as of the time of this writing (on June 4th, 2018)...

... with coins now transferring out to the first and second priority groups.


Action items

So, what are the top three (3) things each citizen can do -- right now -- to maximize their personal benefits from empowr AND do their part to advance the overall success of the empowr community, economy, mission and coin?


1.  Immediately advance to the Founder mission role

Mission founders are automatically awarded 1,000 mission points each month, considerably helping their ‘months-in-a-row’ performance goal to be hit.

1,000 mission points also dramatically increase coin awards from the mission wheel.

As much as $2,000 (USD) worth of empowr coins are awarded by the mission wheel monthly to each mission founder.

As the coin price continues to achieve targets, EACH month’s winnings of coins could be worth $2 million (USD) in less than 24 months from today. 

Therefore, at a price of only $100 (USD) per month, the founder mission role represents an unbelievable offer for anyone that’s serious about their success.

For a limited time, citizens can now have the price of mission roles discounted by as much as 25% or even 50% by speaking to their success coach.

Mission roles can now be purchased using Ethereum, Bitcoin or matured empowr coins, in addition to U.S. Dollars or local currency via PayPal or credit card.


2.  Introduce contacts to the empowr coin 

All citizens now have the opportunity to ‘Buy 1 coin, Get 1 free’, an incredible ‘50% discount’ offer for a coin that’s proving to consistently gain value week after week.

In addition, citizens that introduce contacts are now receiving matching coins plus acceleration of the maturity of their coins.


3.  Consistently grow your ‘months-in-a-row’ performance

When your production is consistently growing each month...

      ... meaning your 30-day mission points are growing...

         ... you are:

A.  Earning more coins by delivering products, services and coaching
B.  Receiving more coins from the mission wheel
C.  Having the maturation of your coins accelerated 
D.  Safeguarding the success of the empowr economy, coin and mission


What’s the fastest and easiest way to hit your ‘months-in-a-row’ goal? 

 Advance your mission role.


Along with rewarding and motivating you to build daily goal-hitting habits...

... and instantly amplifying your mission wheel awards by up to two hundred (200) times...

... mission roles automatically provide you with up to 1,000 mission points, which...

... in many cases ...

... is what you need to surpass your ‘months-in-a-row’ goal.


In closing

Thanks to this community’s many years of hard work, tremendous sacrifices and innovations...

... each and every empowr citizen is now staring at virtually unlimited potential...

... to enrich themselves, yes, but also to make a life-changing difference in the lives of millions of people all over the world.

This potential is unlike anything possibly witnessed historically by any community anywhere.


It seems like we may be – quite literally – no longer limited by our own imagination.


The big prize belongs to you, your family and all of us – as we:

1. stay committed to stability + growth...

       ... while doing all we can to:

2.  increase our personal intensity and production, and

3.  expedite the coin’s ‘catching fire’


With a strong commitment to #1, 2 and 3...

... it’s becoming more difficult to formulate convincing arguments around how we CAN’T or WON’T succeed.


On behalf of the entire empowr community...

... a big thanks in advance to each of you that has now made the decision to make #1, 2, and 3 a reality... 

... and are already giving everything you’ve got to those 3 items.


In the next post, we’ll be posting and updating a sorted list of citizens most responsible for getting results in #2 and 3, so we all can recognize and thank them, namely:

·      -- The top educators, most successful at helping new citizens become productive

·      -- The top improvers, based on their months-in-row indicators

·      -- The top arsonists, who’s invitees purchased the most coins


The only question that matters

The opportunity in front of you...

... to make a difference in your life, in the lives of the people you care about, and in the lives of millions of people that currently have very little opportunity...

... is nothing short of miraculous.


If you're not already doing all you can...

               Will you now seize the opportunity?


Thanks for listening. 

Your truly, 



You can visit the guide's table of contents here


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