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Hello empowr citizens,

As you all know, establishing a strong democratic social economy that is owned and operated by its citizens is key to achieving our mission. Electing the company’s president from among the citizens of empowr is just one of many ways that democracy is enabled.

It’s time that we begin the process of choosing who the 4th empowr president will be.

In this post, we’ll review:

  •  The qualifications for empowr president
  • How the president is compensated
  • The election timeline
  • How to announce your candidacy for president
  • Next steps for the community


What qualifications are needed to become the President of empowr?

As a reminder, to be the empowr president you must:

A.        Currently be a success coach

By being a Success Coach, we can all be more assured that the president fully understands the empowr product platform, as well as the needs, concerns, hopes and ideas of empowr citizens.

B.  Speak and write English

Given that empowr is based in the United States, and all its employees speak English, it’s critical that the president be able to communicate with their staff to be successful at their job.

C.  Move to and live in San Diego, California USA while you are president

empowr is headquartered in San Diego. To effectively communicate the needs of the empowr citizens to the employees of empowr, the president will need to work in the empowr offices daily.

The term of the empowr president lasts for 24 months. The position is not eligible for reelection.


How is the president compensated? 

As the leader of the Success Coach program, the empowr president earns monthly leadership compensation based on the overall success of the Success Coach program. In order to assist me, the current acting leader of the Success Coach program is May Ram.

As a reminder, Success Coaches are compensated based on (1) how productive their students are (2) how happy their students are (3) how quickly they respond to their students’ questions, and (4) the quality of their responses. The better a Success Coach is at doing those things, the more the coach earns in monthly compensation and bonuses (all paid for by empowr).

Each coach has 1 or more leaders that they report directly and indirectly to, who also earn compensation and bonuses based on how well each of the Success Coaches that report to them are doing with their students.

As the leader of the Success Coach team, every Success Coach reports directly or indirectly to the president, which means that the more successful the Success Coach team is at helping all empowr citizens, the more the president will be compensated.


Election Timeline: 

June 13th – Candidates begin to announce their candidacy

July 12th – Final cut-off date for candidates to announce their candidacy

August 1st  - Initial voting begins to determine top 5 candidates moving into the 2nd round

August 6th - Initial voting ends and results are released

August 16th - Second round of voting starts to determine top 2 candidates

August 21st - Second round of voting ends. Top 2 candidates are announced and invited to the Presidential Debate

September 5th - Candidates arrive in California for Presidential Debate

September 11th - Presidential Debate will be broadcast over the web to the community

September 17th - Presidential Election Polls are open

September 21st – Presidential Election ends and winner announced

October 15th – The new President begins his or her first day on the job at the empowr headquarters in San Diego, California


What’s next for presidential candidates?

Effective immediately, all Success Coaches that wish to announce their candidacy for president should create a 2 to 5 minute YouTube video announcing your candidacy and send it to TheCoin@empowr.com 

In the video, please detail:

·         How long you have been an empowr citizen and Success Coach

·         What the empowr mission means to you

·         Why you want to be president of empowr

·         What you would like to accomplish as president

·         Why the community should choose you over other candidates

As we receive your videos, we will post them on the community announcements blog for all to see –the sooner you announce your candidacy, the more time you will have to promote yourself before the first round of elections begin.


What’s next for empowr citizens?

Even if you are not running to be the next empowr president, there are still several things you can do now in preparation for the upcoming elections:

1) If you believe your coach would represent the community well, encourage him or her to make their candidacy know before the deadline of July 12th.

2) To ensure your vote for your favorite presidential candidate counts as much as possible, be sure to maximize the number of mission points you earn before the voting happens in August and September. Remember, your vote is weighted based on the number of mission points you’ve earned in the last 12 months.

3) Get ready to vote! Don't just vote for someone because they are from your country or others are voting for them. Vote for them because you believe they will best serve the community and advance it closer to the attainment of its mission of helping billions of people.


Exciting times are ahead as it will be great to see the next group of leaders emerging from our community to step up for the position of President.

I am sure the next President will take everything in empowr to the next level, and everyone at empowr is excited to find out who it will be and what we can do to support her/him!


Your president,


Patric De Nooijer

Thank you Brian and the Whole Empowr Team, to make the time and effort for a Presidential election, in this exiting momentum of the Coin ignition and introducing New People, this will be a real challenge for the achievement, Brian did. I hope that there are enough people with the same knowledge and patient, he showed, us all, Thank you Brian for this achievement.

18 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Good one Brian. Seeing that the mission points for the last 12 months count so much here, this will be the time for the empowr engineers to work on updating the all-time mission roles. Can't wait to see who the nominees are.

18 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Patrick - we have that data, just need to make a fix to what you are seeing on your end. Should have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.

18 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Dear Brian,
Val Here... I will Miss You Like Hell""(...The Next One, Has To Be Incredible, To Replace You!!.. Thank You So Much, For Everything!!... Don't Go To Far!!...

18 months ago
Jo Mas

Great ,
Wishing to EMPOWR democracy to take it's place.!
I will congratulate the NEW president as soon as he will be elected.
Special Thanks to YOU BRIAN, of course to all the management too.
We were in a great period of Changes that you made it possible to see a new 2018 a great year of an advanced ,up to date/successful EMPOWR , with the introduction of the EMPR COINS that make us between the greatest companies in the cryptocurrency. ! And the structure of the New way on implementing the COUNTRIES that we wish to see these already 100% functionals before the end of your mandate.

AGAIN and AGAIN Thank you BRIAN and all of the EMPOWR TEAM>

18 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thank you Brian for the update. we can't forget your leadership, contributions, best of luck to all candidates.

18 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian, it is exciting, though sad at the same time as you know how much we all appreciate you and love you for all that you have done as our president. We are forever grateful.

18 months ago
Angela Fanache

Alex, I want you to run for this job. You are smart, you like what you do, you are authentic, I have hundreds of reasons to justify my proposal!

18 months ago

Thanks for the update Great news

18 months ago

Thank you for the update. Look forward to seeing the new candidates videos.

18 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thanks Brian for all the hard work! Looking forward to seeing the videos of the presidential candidates ^_^

18 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Thanks for good news, We are wait for elections.

17 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks, Brian we appreciate your effort so far

18 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Thank you Brian for the update and announcement for the elections.
I am not qualified to vie for the Presidency at this time. However, I will use my votes well to elect the man or woman that will take empowr to the next level.

18 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Thanks for the explanation, Brian! Your contribution as president is a hard act to follow for the new President! Thanks for all your leadership! I am so pleased that you will be staying on to help the new President. It will be an exciting next couple of months as the candidates come forward.

18 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thanks for the update. Good job Brian

18 months ago
Lana Ferra

Dear Brian! Thank you for announcing the next presidential election terms. You have done an amazing work as a President of empowr in a very hard period, please let me say Thank You from my heart. I believe the next elected president will continue to work so hard as you did, so our lovely empowr community will grow, develop and prosper and each and every empowr citizen will be happy to belong it. Cant wait to see new candidates!

18 months ago
Kelly Baker

Brian, we are all sadden by you leaving and very happy you will be staying to help our next president elect. I will be watching candidates closely for those with the best qualifications for our community. Love the process and Happy to vote again this year in September. Thank you Brian for all your hard work!

18 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks Brian for the update on empowr president election. All the best for those who are applying for the next president election.

18 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the updates.

18 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks Brian for the update. :)

18 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

great news and thanks for the great explanation of the procedure. It will be my first time voting i beleive.

18 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Good luck to all candidates.Thank you Brian for the update.

17 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you Brian. I appreciate all that you have done so far and all that you are continuing to do, of that I am sure. You are eating, breathing, sleeping empowr and I don't think that will ever stop. I am looking forward to the candidates that will come forward. I know one thing for sure, it will not be me. But I have every confidence that with you at his or her side to take over the batton, thinks will go forward as they have been going forward under your presidency.

18 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, Brian, Thank you for the update about Presidential Election and Schedule, I believe in democracy and empowr community will elect his president in between the best candidates, the most important thing is the weight of vote base on mission points,

18 months ago
C J Jacob

Hi Brian, Thanks for giving us the detailed information about the next empowr Presidential election process. Anxiously waiting for the videos of the presidential candidates, so that I can select and vote for the best one.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent leadership that you have provided so far. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors in empowr.

18 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Thanks Brian for details explanation that how will select our president and thanks for your hard work.
Waiting for YouTube video

18 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks for all your hard work and contribution, Brian. Good luck to all the participants.

18 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Good luck to Candidates. Thank you, Brian, for announcing the schedule of elections

18 months ago
Tam Dieu

Thanks Brian for the update on empowr president election.

18 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you Brian for your whole hearted as being very supportive, efforts and hardworks you shared with us, is so much appreciated. Even we have elected to be the next new President, we know your support is being with us, the only President until now. Thank you and to the whole empowr team!

18 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Though we are really missing you for the next president candidature , but we are in a democratic economy and going for elections, hope and wish the next who can bring empowr in very higher levels and will support the candidate accordingly.

18 months ago
Shatrudhan Gupta

The best of luck to all candidates.Thank you Brian for the update.

17 months ago
Shatrudhan Gupta

I will give a vote first time in empowr. Good luck for the new president.

18 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you, Brian for the update. Look forward to seeing the new candidates videos.

18 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Waiting eagerly for next election at the same time it feels bad that you will be no more president now because you have done a great job rather say revolutionary job! Really great! A big thanks to you and your team!

18 months ago
Nahid Hasan

Thanks for the update and guiding us who to vote Brian.

18 months ago
Anum Mehreen

good luck for candidates of empowr ... from the day first i see Brain as president .. we always got great info trough Brain,s blogs. we are thankful to you for your guideline.

18 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Thanks Brian. We will remember your contributions. Looking forward to the candidates. Best wishes for everyone!

18 months ago
Animesh Garai

Great, will be waiting for the candidate's videos.

18 months ago
Anthony Onyia

thanks President Brian for all your efforts so far. I believe we will elect a better person for the post through democracy

18 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thanks for the update. And thank you for your time as our President Brain. I have surely learned a lot from you!

18 months ago
George Oliveira

Latest news, I would like to participate, but my English is not good. I'm sure we will have good candidates involved with our project. Good luck to all of you.

18 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thank you, Brian, for announcing the schedule and how to vote wisely!

18 months ago
Radhika Purohit

Thank you Brain for the update. This time it will be my first vote for the presidential candidate.

18 months ago
Sandra Coetzer

Thank you for keeping us informed. Thank you for being such a great president. We will surely miss you.

18 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Hi President Brian thank you for this exciting announcement and can't wait to see the nominees to start my campaign for my favorite nominee if I see the name on the list. Secret for now :) Hope to see the great contribution of the upcoming President though the term is only for 1 year. Good luck to all the candidates and hope to pick the best for the benefit of all. You're an amazing President , Pres Brian with so many changes in place. Thank you.

18 months ago
Marilyn Trabaccone

Thank you for your hard work. I am very happy you are staying on to assist the new President. I look forward to seeing the new candidates videos and voting for our next leader of Empowr!

18 months ago

Thanks for the information, great to see the elections are coming soon

18 months ago