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empowr update June 15, 2018

Hello everyone,

It’s been 10 days since we wrapped up our 12-part discussion about winning and losing in empowr...

... so I thought this is a good time to provide an update to you.

A quick summary before an update:

·    -- empowr citizens succeed as they earn empowr coins by providing products, services and coaching to other citizens, and by hitting their daily goals.

·    -- As more citizens succeed, and more of them are improving their monthly success level, the empowr economy grows and succeeds

·    -- As the empowr economy succeeds, more coins are being consumed in the empowr economy (as opposed to transferring out and being sold on the blockchain) pushing upwards the price of the empowr coin. That’s how the empowr coin succeeds.

·    -- As the price of the empowr coin moves higher, empowr citizens automatically succeed even further, because they own coins that are maturing or fully matured.

· ---- What was just described is a virtuous cycle where each of the 3 elements are accelerating the velocity of the element that follows them:

                                                            empowr update June 15, 2018


·    -- The empowr coin has an addditional, almost independent path, to succeed, as demand for it continues to grow as outsiders notice its stability and growth characteristics among a sea of volatile coins.

·    -- We’ve called this phenomenon -- where outsiders take notice of a coin, buy some and recommend to others to do the same: ‘catching fire’

·    -- The community has stated its desire to prioritize the empowr coin’s stable growth over many other objectives.

·    -- The plan to ensure stable growth calls for your coins to be worth $10 by the end of this year; $100 by 14 months from now (Aug 2019) and $1,000 in 22 months (April 2020).

--   Based on current prices:

--  Today, the empowr coin is the 23rd most valuable coin in the world

--  In 2 weeks, it will break into the top 20

--  By the end of this year, it will break into the top 5 of all coins


· -- -- In order to accurately meet those targets, we must quickly increase the supply of coins on the blockchain when the coin’s price moves above its pricing target...

... and successfully decrease the coin’s supply when its price moves below targets.

· -- -- Increasing coin supply happens when coin holders (such as empowr citizens and empowr the company) sell some of their coins on the exchange.

--   Conversely, decreasing coin supply happens when the anyone (such as empowr citizens, the general public and empowr the company) buys empowr coins.


·   -- As promised, to ensure enough coins are being sold on the exchange, empowr will be accelerating the maturation of coins held by those empowr citizens most responsible for accelerating the virtuous cycle and the coin’s catching fire

·   -- Based on their results in the last 10 days from one or more of the following activities:

1. helping citizens become successful by coaching them

2. introducing outsiders to the empowr coin

3. boosting their personal month-over-month performance

 ... the following empowr citizens have had some or all of their coins accelerated and transferred to their external wallets:

empowr update June 15, 2018


·   -- As a reminder, each empowr citizen has a little blue arrow on their profile photo:

                                                 empowr update June 15, 2018

That arrow indicates their monthly performance goal, measured by how many mission points they have earned during this calendar month.

As their mission points grow, the colorful ring around their photo shows how close they are getting to their goal.

For details on what the different colors mean, click here and scroll down near the bottom of the post.

Based on how many months in a row the citizen has hit their monthly performance goal, they automatically get some of their coins accelerated and sent to their external wallet.

As you can see in the above image, Patric has hit his goal 3 months in a row - and with half the June still ahead of us, has already hit this month's goal -- which means he will definitely have a '4' on his profile photo during all of July.  Well done!


The empowr engineers are simultaneously working on all 3 elements of the virtuous cycle:

empowr citizens succeeding

The educational system

·    -- The success coach program is undergoing a rapid transformation to an on-demand, real-time approach

·-- -- In one week from now, empowr citizens will be able to see which success coaches are available RIGHT NOW and immediately communicate with them using text-based chat, telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Google Hangouts and more.

·    -- Students and coaches will benefit from a presentation platform, that will allow both one-to-one and one-to-many coaching sessions.

o   The first version of this platform has now been delivered to success coaches. The next phase will allow SCs to upload and share presentations with other coaches.

·    -- Success coaches most responsible for student success are now being rewarded with bonuses and real-time coin acceleration (compensation within 24 hours).

o   This is the perfect moment to become a success coach, for anyone that loves helping others and earning empowr coins: To become a success coach, speak with your success coach or May Ram


The mission wheel

Perhaps the easiest thing we could do, to ensure empowr citizens are succeeding, is to simply give them more empowr coins.

The average amount of coins being awarded by the mission wheel has increased significantly in the last 10 days...

...already a full 50% higher for some citizens...

... and it will continue to grow in the coming days and weeks (funded by citizens with dormant accounts).

Most of these coins are being awarded to the citizens with the higher mission roles.


The empowr economy succeeding

·    -- The empowr presidential election is moving forward. 

Our community will soon elect the citizen with the most knowledge and passion...

... and empower them to take all your best ideas on how to accelerate the empowr economy...

... and make those ideas come to life.


·    -- empowr engineers are working on creating more visibility to guide empowr citizens.

The issue is that many citizens are losing a lot of compensation without even knowing it is happening.

The compensation they are losing -- especially coins from the mission wheel – is happening because they:

     o   List things that don’t sell

o   Sell things but they don’t deliver

o   Deliver things but get too many refunds and disputes

o   Dispute too many purchases as a buyer

o   Fake selling (to a second account or to others) just to generate mission points

o   Earn poor seller, buyer or SC ratings

... and a host other marketplace behaviors that are quietly eating a lot of their compensation without them understanding that this is what’s happening.

By making it more transparent to citizens how the above behaviors are hurting their personal earnings and success, it’s clear that these citizens – and the empowr economy – will benefit greatly.


The empowr coin succeeding

·    -- empowr engineers will soon roll out a special customized “Coin purchase URL” for each citizen to be able to point their contacts directly to the coin buy page:

                    empowr update June 15, 2018

When your contacts click your personal “Coin purchase URL”:

·      They get 1 founder coin for each coin they purchase

·      You automatically receive 1 founder coin for EACH coin your contact purchases 

·      Within 24 hours, you also get some of your coins accelerated and transferred out to your external wallet, where you can sell or continue to hold your coins


And finally:

 “How can I transfer out more coins?”

This is a question that seems to come up often, so let’s answer it again and again:

Before the coins fully ‘catches fire’...

... we want most of the coins being transferred out to be exclusively for those citizens that are most successful in ensuring it does catch fire...

... by their results in one or more of these 3 activities:

1. helping citizens succeed by coaching them

2. helping themselves and the empowr economy succeed by boosting their personal month-over-month performance

3. helping the coin succeed by introducing outsiders to the coin


So, when will YOU have coins ready to transfer out?

Are you doing one or more of the above 3 things?

You can continue to expect your coins to be accelerated and sent to you within 24 hours of your success in that area.

The more you succeed in one or more of those areas, the more you’re creating “0-day maturation” for yourself.

Keep it up and all your coins will be accelerated within 24 hours of when you earned them.

Or, are you planning on doing none of the above 3 things?

When the other citizens (that, unlike you, are most helping the coins catch fire) have succeeded at lighting the coin on fire.

At that time – when the coin catches fire -- maturation will be reduced, accelerated or even eliminated for everyone.


When will that time be – when maturation is reduced, accelerated or even eliminated for everyone?

And again: When the coin catches fire. 

That could be next week.

Or it could be a year from now.

It could be anytime in-between, before or after those timeframes.

Given our unique capabilities and dedication to this approach, it’s only a matter of time.

If you’re not doing your part to light that fire, then please stop asking as the answer won’t change.

And until the coin catches fire, I can assure you that a growing number of people will be having more and more of their coins accelerated and transferred out daily, quietly and without your being notified.

Many will be soon be enjoying 0-day acceleration – with 100% of their coins fully liquid within 24 hours of when they earn them.

Perhaps the only question you should be asking...

... and also answering for yourself...

... is whether you are doing your part -- or are now ready to do your part...

... or whether you still believe the best path for you is to just sit there and do the minimum...

... and money will magically pop out for you.


Either way, we wish you the best of luck and will continue to do everything we can to help you succeed.

Please let us know how we can help.

Yours truly,



Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks JC. This seems fair. I will continue to do my best to see the empowr coin catch fire.

18 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hi Brian, JC and the Empowr team, It's all very well explained and clear that We the People needs to act, and do our part to contribute to the succes to let the coin catch fire. I also notice that, while i was helping some of my clients with their sales going up, that you were implanting the more convenient way to communicate with our clients, Great to see also that it is appreciated by the clients. Now we need to work on that New and old are made eager to learn the system and if they do not know they ask it and have a good answer so they learn quickly how to get succes. Still wish to see the use of 30 day maturated coins from profit marketplace to Purchase Mission Role internal Empowr. This will bring good vibes with the people that the can spend their sales profits and get something back for it, just a thought, P

18 months ago
Jo Mas

Thank you JC and all the TEAM.
Yes, As You said:
-- Today, the empowr coin is the 23rd most valuable coin in the world
-- In 2 weeks, it will break into the top 20
-- By the end of this year, it will break into the top 5 of all coins

Thank you, YES and YES , I get coins yesterday night , I encourage all of my friends /Citizens to do the same.! >>>>
By the way we are 3 performers in OUR EMPOWER IN CANADA MY COUNTRY , who got this Bonus AWARD of MATURED COINS IN OUR WALLET ON TOKEN STORE.

Come join GUYS this list above , you all capable , I believe !

So Happy to see that we are in the great road Called EMPOWR.


18 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

you said it,and i also got coins in my wallet,.great achievement of our country and we will not stop .

18 months ago
Jo Mas

Sure we are proud to do that Sabina. You are a great performer and Patric too. Welcome to any who wish to be like we are. The club of performers. 3 right now.<>>>>> GO >>>>>EMPOWR IN CANADA MY COUNTRY >>>>>GO>>>

18 months ago
Johnny Cash

Jo, congrats to you -- already earned your 5!!!! We are impressed and grateful!!! :)

18 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks JC for guiding us towards building coin value and community, will put my best for it.

18 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you so much JC - I will do everything possible to light that fire!

18 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks so much Alex!
And sorry there's a bug that's causing your '4' to not show by your profile photo. We are aware of it and it will be fixed.
What's amazing, by the way, is how you never complain (you have never reported this issue) -- you just work, work, work for the success of everyone -- never, ever asking for anything or credit where credit is due....
Truly an inspiration for everyone in the community. Thanks for being so awesome. :)

18 months ago
Alex Aurora

No, thank you JC for everything you do for us ❤️❤️❤️

18 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Thank you and congrats to all winner thank you.

17 months ago
Umair Siddique

Great to see the first qualifiers for AMC - Congratulations and Well done! Thanks JC, Brian and the team for all the work and dedication. The upcoming features are awesome! We'll continue to evolve until we are THE BEST.

18 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks, JC we will keep working hard to ensure that our coin catches fire ...making sure it keeps burning non-stop

18 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Thank you for the update.
We shall keep doing what is necessary to get us to a safe haven.

18 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Jc... The coins must catch fire and I will continue to do my best to actualize the mission

18 months ago
Kelly Baker

Hello Brian, excellent updates. This is all exciting to hear! I have no other ideas for students to contact us. Thank you for all efforts! I can not wait to sell coins! :)

18 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks Kelly -- and congrats for being the very first person to earn acceleration via your own educating and, separately, as a leader of other educators! :)

18 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks JC for updating about AMC winners, I am doing my best to make coin catch fire. I am confident soon I will be in the list of ACM receivers. I am always here to play my role for the stability of our coin and economy. I am more than 100% confident that temporary hurdles can not stop us to reach our target. I am always optimistic and happy to see the growth our coin smoothly and steadily. Live long empowr.

18 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for the updates, JC! I am impatiently waiting Coin purchase URL, it is a great way to invite coin buyers and increase value of the empowr coin!

18 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Wonderful news about how we can each increase our success! Thank you! Congratulations to all who received the first AMC's! I know all of you are working very effectively, and it is great to see you rewarded in this additional way! Empowr is just getting better and better!!

18 months ago

One question is that you say I will be penalised if I "Dispute too many purchases as a buyer". But over 50% of the things I buy are not sent! Are you saying we can't get our money back if the goods are not delivered?

17 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks JC for the updates on coins. I will try my best to get the coin catch fire and Congratulations for those who got AMC recently.

18 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks JC for the update. Congrats to all the citizens who has their coins accelerated.

18 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

Great work and like the url feature. Yes we will succeed in getting to these goals i really beleive we will go far.
Congrats to all who worked hard to get the acceleration of their coins. Im doing my best at this time.

18 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you, JC, for the updates. Looking forward to starting inviting people to buy the coin and receive matching founder coins.

18 months ago
C J Jacob

Let us hope that the empowr coin catches fire soon.
The concept of performance based reward will certainly motivate one and all to work hard and enjoy 0-day acceleration. Best wishes to all.

18 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thank you for the updates

18 months ago
Shreyashi Chaudhuri

Congratulations all winners and Thanks J C & Brian for guide and inspiration to increase our coins value ,Great & Nice feature COINS purchase URL :)

18 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thank you JC for the update, We are doing our part to catch up the fire :)

18 months ago
Anmol A

Thank you so much, JC for the post. Great to see the new updates.

18 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thanks Pres. Brian for the great update. Congratulations to those who are accelerating their coin maturation. I will try my best to work harder to get there for as well by help the coins grows up Thanks all!.

18 months ago
Tam Dieu

Thanks for all new tools in helping SCs and citizens to keep contact easier!

18 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the great explanation how to catch fire and congratulations to all who already catched.

18 months ago
Shatrudhan Gupta

Thanks for the great news update and congrats to all success coach on the list with accelerated and transferred coins in the external wallet.

18 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you, JC for the update! I will do me the best for our coin ‘catches fire’

18 months ago
Omar Faruque Siddiki

Congratulation to all who are on the list. everyone should do their part right way to be on the list. And the coin URL, the great idea, waiting for it. Thanks JC

18 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Congrats to all who got accelerated coins. Thanks JC!

18 months ago
Anum Mehreen

thank you for up date

18 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Thanks JC and congrats to all who worked hard and achieved acceleration. Best wishes to everyone!

18 months ago
Animesh Garai

congratulation to all my friends who got accelerated earning. Thank you JC for this explanation to get more success

18 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Thanks for the updates. We're all working hard to make the coins catches fire

18 months ago
Willemien Smith

Thank you very much for the update JC. It is much appreciated!

18 months ago
George Oliveira

I do not have anything to say, marvel !! I'm going to start spreading this new way of earning. This will attract investors and certainly new citizens. Great idea. From then on, we will have citizens more prepared to win. Congratulations.

18 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thanks a lot, JC for this update, awesome feature of URL.
Congratulations to all who got their accelerated coins!

18 months ago
Ken Kerekes

Thanks for all the good news, JC! Thank you, Brian for serving our empowr community so well over the past 2 years. You will be missed. Looking forward to meeting the candidates as they come forward, and I am confident that there will be brilliant and committed persons that become Presidential candidates. Congratulations to everyone on the list of the first citizens to have accelerated coins! I appreciate your dedication and work! It's great to see our EMPR performing so well! Thanks to all!

18 months ago
Marilyn Trabaccone

Fantastic message. What a great way to get citizens to do their part! This should help the economy to grow much faster.

18 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Let's get going and continue the ball rolling. It's just a start of the transfer and will have more to come. Am sure everyone is doing their best and will give more our best :) Congratulations to those who did a fantastic job and got the transfer. Thank you JC for the continuous update and promise will do my best regardless of so many obstacles in our busy life. We can do it!!!!

18 months ago

Thanks for the update and we'll explained about Coin's catching fire

18 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for the update. Congratulations to those who are accelerating their coin maturation. I will work harder to get there as well by helping light the coin on fire.

18 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you for good news.
All in our hands.
If we work we earn. If we don't do anything then we wait for miracle.

18 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Let´s go, catching fire!!!

18 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Thank you JC and Brian! we can reap the fruits of our work right now and this is great! We help our clients, empowr coin success and we get accelerating coin maturation!
I wait for my “Coin purchase URL” :) empowr engineers will soon roll out a special customized for each citizen to be able to point their contacts directly to the coin buy page and this is great, I look forward :)

18 months ago