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My fellow empowrians,

If you’re just joining us or need a refresher on the empowr strategy, be sure to read the Guide to winning and losing in empowr.

Today I have an update for you that affects everyone.

First, some background information:

1.  Marketplace fraud

Unfortunately, a number of empowr citizens have been busy conducting the following fraud:

·         First, they buy products and services from each other or their “other accounts”

·         Then, they wait for a month or two

·         They then dispute the sale and receive a refund, which brings their full money back to their original account, with no transaction fees taken out

·         While the sale was still valid, they were earning a lot of 30-day mission points, so they were winning a lot of coins from the mission wheel based on this fraud

·         Their refund came back with its original maturation, which means it has been maturing and is almost ready to “transfer out”

·         Because of all the mission points they earned, their maturation was lowered from 90 days to as low as 30 days, so they are ready to transfer out coins

2.  Power level jumping

Unrelated to the marketplace fraud: 

A number of citizens had their old unpaid ad platform fees and utilized ad credits totally wiped out, when we moved away from the old ad credit system.

This was meant as a gift from empowr to its citizens; the alternative would have been wiping out their debt using their pre-coins.

As a result, they had benefitted from the (pre-coin) earnings without any expenses – so they were left with an abundance of pre-coins.

They then used those pre-coins to manually jump up many power levels to the top power level, in order to receive 30-day maturation.

(Note: Our investigation reveals that these are mostly the same people that were most loudly complaining about bidding at the highest levels, since they had less practice at bidding, so of course they are less effective and efficient at bidding and are not as experienced as others in the higher power levels at the concept of ‘intelligent bidding’.)


3.  The consequences

As a result of the 1) Marketplace fraud and 2) Power level jumping issues mentioned above, the empowr community will now react in the following manner:


A.  No more disputes and refunds after item is marked as received

Going forward, disputes and refunds will no longer be available after a product is marked by the customer as “Item Received”.

As a reminder, mission points are rewarded to the seller when the customer presses “Item Received”.

Therefore, by blocking disputes and refunds after an item is marked as ‘Received’ by the customer...

... it will no longer be possible for a seller to earn mission points and coins from the wheel AND while the buyer receives 100% of their original money back. 


B.  No jumping up multiple power levels

Moving up one power level at a time allows for a citizen to improve at a comfortable and gradual pace.

When a citizen jumps up two or more levels at once, they’ve naturally not had enough time to practice and become better and smarter at the requirements of the new level.

Effective immediately, the empowr platform is blocking citizens from jumping up more than one level at a time...

... unless they had previously fallen down a few levels and now wish to get back up to the highest level they had previously achieved (and have the necessary pre-coins to do so).


C.  90-day maturation now enforced with the exception of arsonists

As you know from the Guide to winning and losing in empowr plus other posts and discussions including the post titled The most stable coin on earth, the empowr community has prioritized ‘stable growth’ for the empowr coin over other priorities.

That means that, starting at $0.26 in April, we were and are targeting, for example, $1 per coin by the end of May (last month)...

... $1.50 by the end of this month (June)...

... $10 by the end of this year, and ...

... $1,000 per coin in less than 22 months from now.

Due to the marketplace fraud, thepower level jumping, and several other issues that are still being investigated, an unexpectedly large number of people will undeservingly be able to transfer out coins before you can...

... without their having followed the spirit of the early maturation process (that was created to exclusively reward citizens working their way up the power level and earning mission points in an honest fashion).

If we allow these citizens to transfer out coins before others, it will be unfair to all citizens that are not committing fraud and have been following the intended approach to power levels.

In addition, allowing those citizens to transfer out coins before you, will create an unexpectedly high level of supply for coins on the blockchain, potentially creating downward pricing pressure on the price of your coins.

To be clear, allowing these people to “transfer out” early could jeopardize the community’s incredibly unique and hard-earned strategy and capability of maintaining low volatility and steady growth for our coins.

Therefore, effective immediately, I am announcing that all accounts are subject to 90-day maturation – which is how empowr “cash outs” have traditionally always operated – until all potential loopholes are closed and the coin begins to catch fire.

Next, let’s discuss exceptions to this rule.


4.  Lowering and eventually removing maturation for everyone

Question:  What’s the very best thing we can do to lower maturation for everyone -- AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE – all the way down to 0-days for immediate transfer outs for all citizens?

Answer: Do everything in our power to ensure our coins ‘catch fire’.

After our coin catches fire, we will have lots of options available to us, including eliminating maturation altogether.

Question:  Are you a ‘coin arsonist’ -- helping the empowr coin to catch fire?

If so, then you deserve 0-day maturation RIGHT NOW.


Question:  Are you among the top citizens helping to accelerate the virtuous cycle?                                          

empowr update June 19, 2018

If so, then you deserve 0-day maturation RIGHT NOW.


If you said ‘Yes’ to any of those last 2 questions, you fall under one or more of these ‘arsonist’ categories:

A.  Citizens winning:  Educators most successful at helping their students succeed

B.  Economy winning:  Citizens hitting more “months-in-row” performance goals

C.  Coin winning:  Citizens helping our coin catch fire by introducing contacts to the coin

D.  Coin winning: Of course, everyone that purchases coins immediately has 100% of their coins transferred out plus they receive 1 free coin for each coin they purchase

These ‘arsonist’ citizens will continue to benefit from immediate acceleration and transfer outs via our ACM (Accelerated Coin Maturation) process.

In fact, the list of coin arsonists has grown by 150% since we first introduced them to you just 5 days ago.

Congratulations to all of those that are doing their part to help the coin catch fire. Keep up the good work!


5.  Up to 16 times the coin acceleration for performance goal hitters

Today is a big day... exactly 2 months since the launch of the empowr coin!


In that period, together we have gained a lot of experience with the coin and currency exchange, and we have successfully hit each of our targets with the coin. 

I am very proud of the community’s accomplishments here thus far and feel very confident about our ability to stay on track and build on our initial success.

Therefore, I’m ready to make the following commitment to the community:

Beginning today, EACH and EVERY citizen that hits their mission performance goal 2 months in a row will *definitely* have a number of their coins accelerated each month.

The specific number of coins will be determined by where we are at, together, with our economy and coin.  Of course, we will all be working to grow that number monthly. Soon, your new president will be setting that number each month, and reporting to you how we are doing.

In addition, people that hit their mission performance goal 3 times in a row, will have double the coins accelerated than those that did so for 2 months in a row.

Similarly, 4 in a row folks will have double their coins accelerated than those that did so 3 times in a row — which means that the ‘4 folks’ receive 4 times ( = 2 x 2) more acceleration than the ‘2 folks’.

And so on, and so forth until 6 months in a row. Anyone that hits their mission performance goal 6 or more times in a row, will always receive double accelerated coins than those that did so 5 times. That means that the 6 or above people will get 16 times (=2 x 2 x 2 x 2) the coin acceleration than the 2 people.

In this manner, we can be confident that the people growing the empowr economy the most, by growing their own success, are being rewarded nicely regardless of their overall maturation level.

And as more and more citizens succeed, the result will be the empowr economy will succeed more, helping the coin to catch fire and allowing us to reduce or eliminate maturation for everyone. 

New to empowr? Learn about your mission performance goal

As you can see, the number of accelerat ed coins can grow quite large as you begin to perform month after month, so beyond any coins that you earn from being a Success Coach or inviting your friends to empowr, hitting your mission performance goal really does pay.


With just 10 days left in the month to hit your goal, I strongly suggest anyone who has been sitting on the sidelines to do what you can to hit your goal this month.


The easiest way to increase your mission points and hit your goal? Get a founder mission role


6.  What’s next?

In the coming days, empowr engineering will complete a significant overhaul to our educational process...

... bringing coaches, education and answers to students at an average of 120 times faster.


Students will receive:

  • answers to their questions in less than 5 mins (as opposed to the current average of 10 hours) ...
  •  ... from the very top success coaches based on their performance (as opposed to location)


And educators will now receive:

  • As many students as they like and can handle, in real-time by simply clicking ‘I’m ready’
  • Compensation in less than 24 hours (as opposed to 30 to 90 days later)



7.  Something for you to think about

As you can see from this and similar posts and decisions regarding how to handle fraudsters and maturation...

... and from the many things we’re working on to accelerate the virtuous cycle...

... we are dead-set at hitting our targets and increasing the value for your coins.


Question: Do you believe that this community will succeed at its coin targets?

If so, that would mean that each coin you earn today will be worth about ten (10) times more in just 6 months from now.


Keep that in mind when selling your products and services.

If you believe that every $1 in coins today will be worth about $10 in six months, you should be looking to sell as many things as you possibly can to your fellow empowrians...

... even discounting items with today’s prices to ensure your items sell fast.


By selling lots, you’re also winning lots of coins on the mission wheel.

Those coins too will be worth 10 times more (again if you believe in this community’s will and ability to continue to prioritize stable growth and hit its targets).

And be sure to earn 10 times more coins from the wheel, by simply advancing your mission role.

Doing that is, by far, the easiest thing you can do to earn 10 times more coins – meaning bringing you 100 times more value in 6 months – again, if you are a believer in the empowr coin and community.



8.  Would you rather not wait for your coins to be worth more?

What can you do to get coins transferred out now?

A.  Help others succeed
Are you not a success coach? Become one now

B.  Increase your mission points month after month
Improve at selling products and services
Become a success coach
Advance your mission role

C.  Introduce others to the coin
            Show your contacts the unique “stable growth” characteristics of the empowr coin

D.  Buy coins now
            No easier way to own incredibly unique and stable empowr coins than to purchase them



Despite fraudsters and obstacles, we’re staying on course with our #1 objective, as you all have made very clear to us, which is to absolutely keep our coin on its track and targets.

As long as we continue to stay the course together, and make decisions for the long-term instead of the short-term, then there is no doubt that we will find a way to reach our targets, and the rest, as they say, will be history.

If you’re just joining us or need a refresher on our strategy, be sure to read the Guide to winning and losing in empowr.


Any questions?

I’m here for you.

Your president


May Ram

Morning Brian.
Yes, our number one objective is, absolutely keep our coin on its track and targets. We are with you. 💕
Thank you for the updates.

17 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Fantastic way how you handle the Fraudsters and looking forward to become a 4 next month. Let's stay on course and put it on fire. Let us all put the good products in the marketplace and fill it up, Sell, Send it and Deliver is the message, to place a product in the marketplace and you do not send and deliver is not the way, is there a way to avoid making unpaid items, Yes, do not bid or buy on products you do not want. Your buy and sales credibility will drop. So Let's concentrate on buying products we want to buy and sell, then it will be FUN to do your Daily Goal every day and you be in the Green as Me, Might even be more fun to add a extra turn from the mission wheel for everybody who hits 16 times, This will encourage the people even more.

17 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Patric,
Well said - if each of us does our part to not only contribute to the marketplace by acting like good buyers and sellers, maintaining a high reputation, then not only will everyone benefit from more sales and a stronger economy, but the fraudsters will be pushed out such that none of their listings will ever be seen again. That's just one of the many ways we will be improving the marketplace in the near future.

17 months ago
Richard Burger

Brian can you email me personally I need your help with something I ask another one of your cabinet team members but he said he didn't have one personally.

17 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Let's believe you Brian. Congrats and keep working on the coins. Can you tell me how many coins were due to mature in July 01 before the 90 day maturation was made compulsory for all, as compared to how many coins we have in the block chain and how many empowr has released since April 20? Thanks.

17 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian, smart move - we have to make sure nothing / no one will jeopardize the community!

17 months ago
Florentina Popa

The problem is that upgrading every 15 days (instead of once a month) will cost us twice for the same PU level till we reach the maximum PU level

17 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Thank you Brian for the update. I agree that we should end all fraud on Empowr.

17 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks, this is genius was expecting something like this to eliminate people who were doing malpractice, manipulating and trying to outsmart system inturn damaging community, I am sure more is coming for them, working towards ‘arsonist’ and helping others to be so.

17 months ago
Aakash Goswami

Thanks for the new update Brian.

17 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks, Brian, is a good step to take, to ensure the success and growth of this community.whatever will help our coin grow in value that we all focus on, is all about working for the future not just for today, because of tomorrow (future matters a lot)

17 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thanks Brian, I must give kudos to you and empowr engineers for flushing the cheaters . I totally agree with you on the default coin maturation days for every user for now.... So everyone will be on a look out for our coins to catch fire .Bravo!

17 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks Brian to know that empowr is really working perfectly to make the growth of our coin stable eliminating all bad factors that can make the growth of EMPR slow or can be caused to decrease the value of our coin. i am happy to read that performers have opportunities to get fast rewards of their hard work. I am confident that together we will achieve our targets as we want.

17 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for indicating and removing the fraudsters, the empowr marketplace should be cleaned from such kind of citizens. Honesty is the best way to success. I truly believe the empowr con will catch fire, and I am totally with you, Brian!

17 months ago
Kelly Baker

I agree with your suggestion , I do agree this will also help the create a arson affect! The higher the coin value is the better it is for empowr's economy and the higher the value of the coins for us. Yaaay. I am so excited about all the plans moving forward. Thank you Brian, the empowr team and every empowr citizen for all you are doing to help create a stable coin.

17 months ago
Surya Gaire

Thanks for the Update Brian. After looking at my 90 days maturation again, I felt a kind of demotivated. I have been working so hard and wanting to get it to 0 maturation days, effort till now seems to be worthless. Anyways , the decision might have been done on the favor of community. Hope to go well.

17 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

Yes fraudsters need to go its been a bain on this site for a while with even those who falsely sell and never come through with the product. We do so need to focus on the target of getting the coin to catch fire and take off.

17 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the updates. Fake sellers are effectively blocked from committing the fraud they were previously committing on the community.

17 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the update Brian. I agree with the suggestions to decrease fraud by increasing maturity back to 90 days until everything is solved. We have to focus on the main goal and that is making our coin to catch fire. Thanks for the hard work and support!

17 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

I am every time stunned that there are citizens that do these things. I just don't understand it. However, I totally agree that they should be stopped from being able to transfer out. For the rest of us, it will be a great opportunity to exercise our patience muscle. Handy tool to have.

17 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks Brian, all cheaters and fraudsters must be dealt with. Good to see only honest citizens will get to transfer out.

17 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hello, Brian, the most needed steps taken by the empowr now, the fraudulent for the marketplace and Power user level need a treatment and empowr down now, it's good for the coins maturity, simple earn and gets with the empowr coin get benefits,

Thank you,

Khaleeq Ahmed

17 months ago
C J Jacob

Thanks, Brian, for taking such a stern step to prevent the marketplace fraud sales. This will certainly encourage honest sales at the empowr marketplace. I had been longing for such an announcement to come. Happy that waiting is over now!

17 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks for the update Brian, Cheaters must be dealt with strictly.

17 months ago
Regina Talamor

Hi Brian,
Thank you again for this great update. I'm glad to see everything the value of coins keep being grow and stable. So excited about all are moving forward. The empowr team and every empowr citizen for all you are doing to help everybody success. Thanks all..

17 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

I am happy to see that steps have been taken to stop fraudsters. The empowr platform is complicated and I understand that it is only possible to respond after the fraudsters have been discovered. The population of empowr is probably a reflection of the world outside empowr where every day you have to pay attention that you are not a victim of fraudsters or scammers. If you want to create a better world through empowr than these measures are necessary to protect everyone. If everyone focuses on the possibilities offered to get your coins fully matured instantly, then we will certainly set the value of the coin on fire.

17 months ago
Tam Dieu

Thanks for protecting us from fraud!

17 months ago
Shatrudhan Gupta

Cheaters & fraud must be dealt with strictly. Thanks for this update Brian & Empowr team.

17 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the update and great to hear that empowr is going to take action on fraudulent people, catching fire is good as it allways it will be, hope our coin catch fire soon at the earliest possible as its very important to empowr community.

17 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks for the new update Brian. Hope scammers and fraudsters now won't able to do anything!

17 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you, Brian, for the update. It's great that we finally started fighting against scammers in the marketplace. And it is correct that it is better to wait for a little, but not to allow dishonest citizens to transfer out coins before people those who honestly earned them.

17 months ago
Anum Mehreen

Thanks for up date about disputes and further steps.

17 months ago
Muhammad N Rasikh

Thanks Brian for the update and timely decision to protect the rights of deserving citizens.

17 months ago

I'm glad I waited to comment until the live stream.
Thank you for clearing up what I didn't understand in the live stream.
The actions you have taken here make sense.

17 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

I want to present my idea. Who set the goals for a long time, how encouragement is to buy a mission from the balance of the market. The market economy will increase at times and for the coin this will serve as a success. With the rest, I agree.

17 months ago
Willemien Smith

This is great news Brian thank you!
Let's keep up the hard work!

17 months ago
Animesh Garai

Brian can you fix this part for all of us, http://prntscr.com/jxfqt1 nothing is showing here http://prntscr.com/jxfr04

Thank you

17 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Thank you Animesh - it is fixed and pointing here: http://empowrquickstart.blogspot.com/2018/01/quick-start-guide.html#a15

17 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thank you

17 months ago
Animesh Garai

It is good to see that Frauders will get hit hard, Anyways I was expecting some changes like this. Thanks. All is well. God is great

17 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

I really appreciate the efforts to get rid of those dishonest people who steal from others or game the system. While we are speaking of the fraudsters, on the other hand we also should be celebrating the progress we have been making with regards to the coins. Congratulation team empowr and thanks Brian.

17 months ago
Anthony Onyia

Thanks for the updates. We're working hard to grow the empowr coin faster.

17 months ago