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Friday, June 29th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)

empowr hour live stream -Friday, June 29 @ 8AM PST


NEW process beginning this week! We will no longer be using Menti to record questions.


Be sure to comment below to get your questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!



Note: Any comments left below that are not constructive and/or are not questions that pertain to empowr will be removed. Thank you for your consideration.


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Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks Brian for your dedication here.
Is there any scenario where a citizen has all their maturing coins accelerated to '0' day maturation , as a result of performance in the 3 areas necessary for the coin to catch fire?

17 months ago
Jo Mas

Hi Dear Brian,
Yes ,thank you to change the way in asking questions in here instead of MENTI. We all knew that there is some inacceptable questions .
I have 2 questions and 1 congratulation to make:
1-Congratualation for giving us the way , and the opportunity to pay FROM our PERSONAL WALLET on TOKEN STORE where we have EMPR coins , the AMOUNT of WHAT was DUE to be a FOUNDER MISSION role.
P.S:To whom who wants to know the steps how to pay that I may/ may not , encourage all of my Citizens / Friends to do that , is in between the hands of your SC, or also another way to know how, in if you wish with ME(IN Screenshots) because it TAKES YOU ONLY 24 hours and you are a FOUNDER as I was and as I am now.
2- My 1st Question is concerning the MOBILE phone N0 that we need to give to EMPOWR in our profile to secur it more and more ?
I am running 1 community and one country , plus my own account JO MAS.
Ok I gave my personnal mobile Phone N0,for my own account JO MAS , and the country I am with some admins running it,,(EMPOWER IN CANADA My Country ) with my Company N0,
But for the Community, I 've been asked to give a 3rd mobile phone N0.
Why ? I am still not capable to PUT the same N0 of (JO MAS) to be accepted as the mobile N0 ?.
Naturally Community is ran by it's responsible (RIGHT?) and it's real address and all in it, belongs to the Citizen who is running it. ?
Can you please review this issue!
By the way I will not buy a new mobile phone N0 for the community. Need an answer dear Brian. Thank you in advance.
3- My 2nd question/Suggestion is concerning the countries and has 2 parts:

A- What is the mission or function / role of admins in these countries. these days?
I am working on 3 accounts to keep them " alive " and not dormant, I wish in the future , giving to THE ADMINS them FUNCTIONS to help the country to be existing as we already decided when we started implementing them.

B- MY suggestion concerning Countries Basic ROLE:

Give a help to SC and answer to the new NEWBIES in a country on their answers to them questions :
Let's try and make the country as a Chat place , and also a BLOG place ,
I guess it's going to be more and more efficient than now. Like I have a BLOG above to HOW to pay FOUNDER MISSION ROLE with your Wallet in your personnal exchange place? It's going to be posted on the site easily and with a complete way how to?
What about that?
Thank you Dear Brian and all the community .
WE ARE THE WORLD! (Of Winners)


17 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

The EMPR is $1.48 as of June 27!! WoooHooo! Can you share the value target for July 31?

17 months ago
Ken Spence

I have 2 points to make

Firstly, is it time to clear the decks? Restart the marketplace afresh Clear all existing listings and only allow new listings from people who have spoken to their coach and genuinely intend to sell their items

Secondly, regarding dormant accounts. This doesn't affect me personally at the moment as I am happy to list at least 16 items a month but could it be considered for those who purchase mission roles to have the dormancy requirement reduced dependant on the mission role chosen. Maybe reduce the days by 2 or 3 for each mission role level so that those paying founders only have to hit 5 or 6 days to remain active

Looking forward to watching the recording on Sat am in NZ

17 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Thanks to the team for hard work.
Also I want to say that it is desirable to reduce the maturity of coins. 90 days is very much. Especially it concerns coins received as a result of trade
It is also possible, as a temporary measure, to introduce incentives to buyers. Since both the seller and the buyer contribute to the growth of the economy.
I propose to authorize the purchase of the role of the mission with coins that have not yet been withdrawn to the purse

Thank you for your work.

17 months ago
Lesley Sean De Nooijer

Hello Brian, sold products but got precoins instead of coins, i gave every screenshot and information to my SC, he delivered the docs, a while ago, but still there is no information when it will be transformed in to coins. I would like to buy a yearly MR Founder position from it, but i cannot because it is not available. I started in January this year and i am Purple Star, also got the precoins to upgrade to Teal Basic but the system do not allow it, Why, i got sales i do every day my daily goals i've bought extra coins got founder coins so i did everything what is necessary to get success over here. My SC ask me to become success coach, but with my work it is not possible to do all the daily goals and my personal work and do the success coach, so can you please answer this, Lesley

17 months ago

Thanks for the great developments.

1. Is there somewhere to see what our individual Mission Goal is for the month?
2. Mission Points for my completed "Item Received" sales have not been credited for the past 3 months, so there is no color showing for me. Is there an estimated timeframe for this to be corrected?

17 months ago
Lynne Voyle

What is empowr going to put in place to stop rampant overcharging and fake listings? Millions of bids may be counted but if there are few or no positive transactions, it is a false economy. How is empowr going to deal with this? The “dormant” status of accounts where citizens are posting and sharing daily (which by empowers own words are all we need to do) is unfair to those of us who ARE working daily. Is empowr going to review this? Please explain the point of a mission role if a) precoins cannot be used to bid with or buy items, b) 30 day maturation is no longer 30 days, c) working daily seems to mean nothing and you cannot mature precoins without hitting goals... it’s a bit of a catch 22 which is not helping the average citizen succeed. While I am at one of the highest levels, with the highest mission role, I’m not seeing any of the benefits that were promised. Where are the 20,000 millionaires going to come from if the mission wheel prizes continue to be comparatively small against our daily earnings? I would also like to make a suggestion that no new changes occur until all the problems, including problems with cashing out, are resolved. Please don’t delete this. Many want answers to these questions and as a democratic society, we have a right to know what’s in it for us...not just what’s in it for empowr.

17 months ago
Panagiotis Loumidis

Since the first live video I can hardly wait for the next one. It's a great idea not using Menti anymore.
My question. Since our coin increases in value daily (yey) and the prices on the market place follow our coin price some of the products get a price they are not worth buying. As an example a watch I used to sell for, let's say $ 30 when the value of the coin was 0,50 cents, someone had to pay 60 coins to buy it. The coin price increases and reaches for example $2. The watch still costs 60 coins, an equivalent of $120. This makes the possible buyer not to buy it. Woudn't be better to input the sales price in $ and the system adjust the selling price in coins automatically with the coin's daily value?
Just a thought. Thumbs up for empowr.

17 months ago
Viktor Balashov

Hello. For more than a month, my income has not improved ... I turned to the success coach and, as I am told, my account or mail is blocked ... My page is not seen by the participants of the project and I get a second month without income, at the same time I fulfill my daily goal ... I try to fulfill all the conditions and the rules of the cumulation that I know ... I love the project but work without income to drop my hands ... I ask you, if it is possible, help me in unlocking the account or mail, I will justify your trust ... Thank you. Sincerely Viktor Balashov ...

17 months ago
Svetlana Ledovskaia

Thank you, Brian, for the update. The questions are as follows: 1. when will it be possible to purchase the role of the mission for coins.2? When will the request for withdrawal of coins, promised in June? 3. Will the manual purchase of the level become possible again? 4. Do you consider a reduction in the number of jobs when executing a bid by bid? I believe that 99 tasks on this listing are too large and not justified in consequence of their laboriousness and time spent on work and this should be reviewed, the coins will not catch fire.

17 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thanks to the empowr team for your work. It is desirable to reduce maturity of coins. 90 days is a lot. I believe that the decline in maturation causes an explosion of new members and will accelerate the economy. Thanks again for the work!

17 months ago
Irene Tatiana Lardier

Thank you Brian for your dedication here and the whole group of empowr.for helping you in doing this work !!!!

17 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

How are you planing to create demand for joining of Empowr by New citizen? I mean USP (Unique Selling Point) of Empowr platform which can further eliminate the dependency on SCs for new enrolling. As per your earlier planning EMPR value would be around $1000 by year 2020, then why people are not willing to join to multiply their money? Yes, everyone always wishes to multiply one's money. Then also why new joining is not picking up or catching FIRE? When Empowr's demand is well established, & New joining catches FIRE, then automatically EMPR Coin would catch FIRE. Let us have LIVE Hot Panel Discussion with Collective Think Tank or Top 10 or 20 performers over here on the above TOPIC.

17 months ago
Kr Hunt

Thanks Brian. I enjoy the live streams but I cannot often make them as they start at either 5 am or 6am in Hawaii time zone, depending on the time change back on the mainland. Perhaps empower should consider periodically changing the time period or perhaps have them twice a week with one starting at 8 am and the other at 8pm California time. Please consider my suggestion.

17 months ago
Danijela D

Thanks Brian for continuous live streams, that is the best way of communication with all the citizens. I have a question about Mission points problem, when will those be added to ctizens' account?
Looking forward to watching the new live stream!

17 months ago
Svetlana Kranina

Thank you, Brian, for the update. I'm waiting for live stream.

17 months ago
Shahid Ijaz Shehdi

do you think this is fair that SC,s earning go for maturation process? why you dont pay then direct in their ether wallet

17 months ago
Shahid Ijaz Shehdi

why you charge shipping fees when we bid, it should be charged when we win the auction or when we buy the product.
and why you use our most matured coins when we bid why not pre coins.

17 months ago
Milorad Glusac

Thank you, Brian, for the update. I'm waiting for live stream.
When will this be done http://prntscr.com/k01orp
I consider that the reduction in maturation causes the explosion of new members
and accelerating the economy.

17 months ago
Evelyn MW

Next question. Why must bidding now be from profile pages? This will take, unless bidding goals are drastically and dramatically reduced, mean many of us cannot complete our daily goals. And, why weren't we told?
Having completed 50 bids on the Marketplace in one day, all that effort was completely wasted.

17 months ago
Evelyn MW

My question is, why are citizens allowed to start bids for items at completely unrealistic prices? These can be too low, and too hgh. It seems obvious that they don't want to sell them. If you start an iPhone at $1, it will never get to a price such as to be sold. Even worse, they have mostly not set a reserve and i get told I have bought an item worth several hundred dollars for maybe $10. If i choose to make it unpaid, knowing that it won't be shipped, it counts against me. If i pay, i know i will wait months to raise a dispute and get the money back into my account. It does not work.

Like many of us, I bid low on the trust that I will not win the items - there are not enough items I truly want to make real bids. That is the issue with bidding.

17 months ago
Evelyn MW

Shame - booked an appointment at exactly the time of this broadcast in the UK. Wil be out of the house 25 minutes before, and back 45 minutes after! Not complaining, it would have been an excellent time for me otherwise.
I have asked the question about rewards for buying before an see someone else has too. I have bought several items that never got shipped, and know that many of the disputes i raised to get the money returned took months to come. Now that i can no longer see my balance back very far, it would be great if disputed items could be kept showing, and pending items, so that we know what still needs to be fixed. Give us the choice to delete these elements once we have seen that they have been resolved. That would be perfect for me, and lots of others too.
I would also love some time to be put into fixing the basic program. Sponsoring needs to be looked at, i am still sponsoring items that have been sold and shipped! Means more unnecessary disputes. We must be able to end or delete finished items, both the seller and the sponsor. Thank you.
Please also work on the time that purchases remain pending. I know it says 24 or 48 hours, but i have some sales still saying pending buyer decision after months, and i ended up paying for 2 items (never shipped) from my paypal which i had not yet decided to pay for or sponsor. I would really like the basic Empowr to be top priority for a while.

17 months ago
Dr. Somdeb Mukherjee

Thank you, Brian, for the update. I'm waiting for live stream. I have q question
My question is, why are citizens allowed to start bids for items at completely unrealistic prices? These can be too low, and too hgh. I thik some kind of base price for an item will be aright thing. It seems obvious that they don't want to sell them. they have mostly not set a reserve and i get told I have bought an item worth several hundred dollars for maybe $10. If i choose to make it unpaid, knowing that it won't be shipped, it counts against me. If i pay, i know i will wait months to raise a dispute and get the money back into my account.This is creating doubt in the mind of buyers which is hampering empowr economy. Is there any possibility to to get rid of this problem.

17 months ago
*Blue *

Good day Mr. President , thank you for announcing the first Presidental candidate.
Congratulations for your candidature and well done presentation Catherine Sandiford . Good luck !
Your job wouldn't be easy to overtake the leadership of the company with many unresolved issues.
What I'm expecting to be considered on the first place for the new company president are the next points.
1. Change of voting process ,
Votes extracting from 300 people which are 100% SC's shouldn't be countable since there are missing the votes of thousands other community people as known any world's country votes aren't the votes of goverments and ministers only but every country cizizen.
2. Change of the rules for the presidental elections
SC's are the teachers , not the businessmen , the presidental candidate should have skills in economy ,marketing and business background at leaders position for not less then 3 years.
3. SC's cshouldn't volunteer as the educators but being paid every month with the equal parties each not based on the mission points
4. Negative comments on the announcement blogs shouldn't be removed, uncontrary those are essential for changes to be made. Negative comments are the construcive ones comparing with those seeing in the last dozen announcements where everything looks perfect from the point of the SC's while the citizens are dealing with hundreds of issues., the main issue is not being paid for over 1 year. In this way positive changes and comments can't being expected
5. Announcement blogs shouldn't look like SC's department blogs, but the voice of thousands of empowr citizens . SC job should only be concentrated on helping the citizens trough teaching and other platform help
6. The SC's department should be separated from the company leaders team
SC role is to educate and help their citizens not to be involved in creating the company rules and desitions.
6.The new president should create the team to firstly deal with the fixies on the platform so citizens could work shorter daily and be more productive
7. Every citizen should be paid monthly for their hard work , which is every company's responsibility , without payments citizens can't participate in the growth of the economy otherwise there's no motivation and the faith of success .

Hope my thoughts from the point of empowr citizen will help to select the right president who will listen the people's voice and make the constructive changes at the platform

17 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova


17 months ago
Vasilii Ivanov

Thank you, Brian, for the update.

17 months ago
Iosif Danco

I have many friends who are interested in virtual coins and would like to buy coins through my link, but they are betting as virtual coin not to be a part of the site as citizens, do not have time to build a account .
Why the URL link you are obligating to buy through empow profile, they want coin not enroll with new cont, will this be possible?

17 months ago

Dear Sir:

I had obtained approximately 2,700.00 USD in my account until January 2018.
It turns out that from a moment here, they were discounting from day to day, week to week, month to month, until my account is $ 173.00 USD.
That's the reason why I'm about to leave Empower.
I am one of the founding partners.
On the other hand: I have been planning to carry out advertisements that can attract clients, since my products are technical-dental.
In the same way I have tried to buy the virtual currencies proposed by Empower. but I have not had the respective advice.
I hope you will deign to understand all these reasons and as they have discounted me, restore the values that have taken me away.

Best regards

Fausto Vargas Muñoz
Fom: Quito-Ecuador.

17 months ago
Richard Burger

Why don't empowr offer banners for advertising on other sites like 468 x 60 banners don't you all advertise it also after all you want others to promote this site like that saying goes practice what you preach or lead by example and not just saying it.

17 months ago
Richard Burger

So where would I find banners at on Empowr Brain I haven't seen any banners listed

17 months ago
Richard Burger

My main objective is to bring in more people like us who want to work at something, roman wasn't built overnight it took a lot of hard work to get it to the city it is today. I am tired of seeing people who keep asking where is my money at when in my eyes well go get a job and work this to build something for tomorrow.

17 months ago
Empowr XTe

When will the financial statements of this so important entity be available online?
Thank you for your answer.

17 months ago
Joshua VoVillia

Has empowr thought about selling their own merch in the marketplace? Example: shirts, hats, pens, coffee mugs, etc. with the empowr branding/logo on it, even go as far as selling custom built computers with the empowr logo on it? I think that would be cool and help the coin grow even more.

17 months ago
Patience Agbamu

Thank you Brian for the change. However my challenge is that the coins I purchased are still in my matured coin balance and has started decreasing to maturing coin as a result of daily bid activities. I have tried severally putting my Ethereum public address in my Empowr Setting but there is error message that the password is in not correct which is not the case. My Success Coach and I have tried all we could including password reset but all to no avail.
Kindly advice if I should provide my ethereum wallet to Empowr Admin to enable them transfer coins to my wallet. Your advice in this respect will be highly appreciated. Thank you

17 months ago