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Hello everyone!


Over the weekend, the engineering team released several platform updates.


Today, let’s review each new feature below to ensure you’re aware of the updates.


First, some background information


Recently, in a post titled The Guide to Winning and Losing in empowr we discussed empowr’s business model.


One of the topics related to empowr’s ‘virtuous cycle’:


                                empowr update July 2, 2019


As you can see, in the above image:


1.  When empowr’s citizens succeed, it causes the empowr economy to succeed.


2. When empowr’s economy succeeds, that causes the empowr coin to rise in value.


3.  When the empowr coin rises in value, empowr’s citizens (because they own coins) succeed even more.


And since (as we just discussed) empowr citizen success boosts the success of the empowr economy, we have ourselves what economists call a ‘virtuous cycle’.



Therefore, as we discussed, in order to accomplish our mission, we should ensure everything we’re doing as a community and company...


... are focused on the improvement of each of the three (3) parts of the virtuous cycle.


Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of a feature or platform improvement for each of the cycle elements.


1.  Viewing your balance in your local currency 

Citizen success


Every week, new citizens are joining empowr from nearly every country on the planet.


Many of them are not great at math. And of course many are not familiar with cryptocurrency and the empowr coin.


Therefore, to make it easier for them to understand the value they are creating for themselves and their families, it makes sense to show them the value of their coins in their local currency.


Now, everyone view their balance in over 150 different currencies from around the world.


To change the currency that your balance is displayed in, simply click the down arrow next to your balance at the top of any page; or click the currency shown at the top right of your balance details:


empowr update July 2, 2019


From there, you can choose whether you want your balance to be shown as the total of the coins AND pre-coins you own...


... OR – if you prefer -- you can view your balance based on only the amount of coins OR pre-coins in your balance.


Simply click any of the currencies listed to have your default currency switched to your local currency and/or any other currency.

empowr update July 2, 2019


Note:  Currently you can only view your balance in your desired currency on balance related pages, but soon this will transfer over to the marketplace and anywhere else you currently see the price or value of something in empowr coins or US Dollars.


This is the first of many features we will be releasing to help make the empowr platform easier to navigate for all citizens regardless where they are in the world.




2.  Fraud Fighting Update


Economy success

As we recently discussed, to keep growing our economy, we want to eliminate fraud and bad actors from the marketplace.

This is critical to ensure no one is unfairly able to transfer out coins (which would cause the coin price to drop) or take advantage of loopholes that give them an upper hand over other citizens that are simply doing their best to help the economy grow.

The first of many measures have now been put into place to block such activity, including:

A.  No more disputes and refunds after item is marked as received 

After a product is marked by the buyer as “Item Received”, the buyer nor seller can dispute the sale.

As a reminder, mission points are rewarded to the seller after the customer presses “Item Received”.

Therefore, by blocking disputes and refunds after an item is marked as ‘Received’ by the buyer...

... it will no longer be possible for a seller to earn mission points and coins from the wheel, while the buyer receives 100% of their original money back. 

Note: Soon, all purchases will be automatically marked as “Item Received” after 30 days from the original purchase date, so as a seller, be sure to deliver your products as quickly as possible and stay in tight communication with your buyers so that they do not dispute any purchases that are approaching 30 days.


B.      No more trust-built or daily goal credit for bids/purchases in the marketplace

The intent behind the bidding requirement as one of your daily goals, is to encourage everyone to build economically viable relationships with other citizens in your circle of trust.

By not just “Liking” and commenting on each other’s posts, but also bidding/buying the things others are selling, you are building reciprocity with each other that will help both yourselves and the entire empowr economy to thrive.

While the clear majority of you are doing exactly that (and building valuable relationships as a result), there are unfortunately many accounts that are using bots and other automated scripts to do the tasks needed to hit their Daily Goals, spin the mission wheel, and in essence cheat the rest of you out of coins that more deservedly belong to you.

They do this by (1) sorting the marketplace by lowest priced products first and then (2) running an automated script to bid on every listing until they reach their daily goal for the day.

To combat this behavior, starting now, both daily goal and trust-built credit can only be earned from bidding/buying on profiles in the trust flow, rather than from the marketplace.

Of course, the marketplace is a great place to visit to if you are looking for something specific to purchase. But by keeping the daily goal and trust-built credit tied to bidding/buying on profiles instead of the marketplace, it deters fraud from happening, and ensures everyone is building economically viable relationships with those around them which is how they become truly successful in the long-run.

A lot more features are on the way, to push out fraudsters, cheaters and people that are not serious about the long-term success of the empowr community and economy.


3.  Coin purchase URL


Coin success


From your account settings, you now have a customized “Coin purchase URL” that you can use to promote the empowr coin to anyone you wish:

                    empowr update July 2, 2019

When people click your “Coin purchase URL” they’ll be directed to the coin purchase page. When they buy coins:

·      They get 1 matching founder coin for each coin they purchase

·      You automatically receive 1 matching founder coin for each coin they purchase

·      Within 24 hours, you also get some of your coins accelerated and transferred out to your ETH wallet, where you can sell or continue to hold your coins

Note: Coin purchasers do not need to have an empowr account to purchase coins and receive them in their ETH wallet. They can simply provide their wallet address after making their payment and the coins will be transferred to them within 24 hours.


It’s a new month now!


Given that today is the second day of the new month (July), lets end this post by suggesting that each of you take a few minutes TODAY to plan out your month so that you can be sure to hit your mission performance goal by July 31st.


By doing so, you’ll begin having your coins automatically accelerated (matured) and transferred out after you’ve hit your goal for 2+ months in a row.


For a refresher on what’s needed to hit your performance goal, watch our recent live stream.


In addition to hitting your performance goal in July, remember that there are a total of 4 activities that you can participate in right now to have the coins in your empowr balance matured and transferred out immediately:

A.  Help others succeed
  Are you not a success coach? Become one now

B.  Increase your mission points month after month (to hit your performance goal)
            Improve at selling products and services
            Become a success coach
            Advance your mission role

C.  Introduce others to the coin
            Show your contacts the unique “stable growth” characteristics of the empowr coin.
            As we just discussed, you now have a special URL for this. Set it in your
account settings. 

D.  Buy coins now
            No easier way to own incredibly unique and stable empowr coins than to simply purchase them. When you do, you’ll receive 1 free coin for each coin you purchase.



What’s next?


empowr’s engineers are working on a bunch more new features, mostly focused on ‘Citizen success’.


Stay tuned, as more updates will be coming soon.


We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas, as always.



Your president,



May Ram

Good morning Brian. 🌻
Thank you for the updates and Marketplace measures.
We are very excited with " Coin Purchase URL".

17 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Thank you Brian and team for the new features will be waiting for more upcoming new features.

17 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Thanks for the update Brian. I support the fraud fighting initiative. I'm working on getting more friends to buy coins here. Our coin will surely catch fire. The additions to help in success coaching are commendable.

17 months ago
Gupta Sri

Hi Brian, thank you for the updates.

17 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian and team for the amazing new features, looking forward to more and staying focused on our goal :)

17 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thanks for the update about the changes. I thought it was a sort of glitches yesterday.
Thankfully my SC Catharina Claessens notify me about it and that there´s an update coming.

17 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks for introducing other currencies, restricting bid from marketplace which will lead to sensible bidding and help our coin value.

17 months ago

Thank you for the update i will do my best and help to students success to buy empowr coin and i invite to my personal friends and family people also purchase empowr coin via my empowr URL link.

17 months ago
Umair Siddique

Thanks Brian for the updates! Everyone should be super excited and focused now to promote their coin purchase URL, encouraging contacts and everyone they can reach out to purchase empowr coins - makes it easier to convince others considering that our coin is the most stable one on earth.
As for the bids, citizens need to understand that if they had all the variables and data in front, they would have made a similar decision - not that empowr doesn't care about the individual accounts and comfort level of the citizens but the whole community and the economy come first - Remember, empowr wants to deliver as much as they can afford to!

17 months ago
May Ram

Well said, Umair.

17 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

As always awesome job for the develop team working against cheaters, hope this new change allows empowr to reduce the bids goal and also increase the bids quality, I also think this is a good steep for doing so. Also amazing job trying to increase sales, now we all together must work in the marketplace quality and also in reducing the price of products in our marketplace.
Thank you so much once more.

17 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Yes, requiring me to bid on over 100 items each day and only through the individuals profile page just added hours to my daily workload

17 months ago
Johnny Cash

Steve, you are not required to do anything. empowr pays you (using the mission wheel) if you choose to hit daily goals. But no one if forcing you to hit daily goals.

17 months ago
Evelyn MW

Another unfair answer when we are judged by how many daily goal days we achieve. Choosing and being able to achieve are not equivalent.

17 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks, Brian, Viewing our balance in our local currency, Fraud Fighting, Coin purchase URL great tools\features Every step is taken for the best, All we have to do is to support to enable us to achieve our goal making sure that our coin catch fire which will also benefit everyone.

17 months ago
Ola Yinka

Nice one Brian, 30 days ultimatum to deliver item to buyers is a brilliant idea to improve stability of marketplace

17 months ago
Kelly Baker

Great Brian, I am going to love the new coins URL! I am very excited about the new features presented here help the marketplace rid of those which are not doing the coin value any good. (fraudulently) Thank you very much for this update and excited to here whats coming up next.

17 months ago
Bobbyr19 / Ruth Malanowski

The sale ads on the profile pages primarily serve to direct those interested to the marketplace to bid or buy with the opportunity to compare items being auctioned by various citizens by time left, bid amount, quality, item description.

You cannot compare from the profile page. All those things cannot be determined by just looking on the profile page and bidding there for the sole purpose to get credit for Daily Goals.

17 months ago
Vivian Bedell

You are so correct. Many times profile pages have nothing at all to bid on except a bar of soap for $40. or more. Not enough posts to like and close without biding and we need a choice. This profile page bidding will not benefit anyone and we most likely will not be able to meet our goals.

17 months ago
Surya Gaire

The fraud should be kept away. New features are amazing !

17 months ago
Mohammad Imran

Thanks Brian for introducing new currencies conversion and making functional coin purchase URL. To stop fraudulents to cheat by using bots and automated scripts is also an appreciated measure. I am happy that empowr team is working hard to make the platform a better place for everyone to succeed.

17 months ago
Lana Ferra

Thank you for explanations, Brian! Awesome, we have our Coin purchase link to promote the empowr coins everywhere!

17 months ago
Adegbola Tanimose

Thanks for the updates!

17 months ago
Prabhu Eswaran

Thanks Brian for the updates on the coin purchase URL and viewing our balance in local currency..

17 months ago
Annet Hoogenboom

Thank you, Brian, for this clear explanation of the updates. I'm sure these changes are a benefit to the marketplace and the economy in the whole. We want the economy to keep growing :) To be able to see the balance value in our own currency is a really nice addition.

17 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks for the update Brian. Good progress on dealing with the cheaters. Thanks, empowr team for the hardwork and commitment.

17 months ago
Delwyn Viggars

Thank you, it was helping time wise to get the bidding done through the marketplace. I only bid on what i like so that if i did win it it would be something i would like to have or could give away as a present to others. So my bidding was more selective. It does take alot of time to bid in the higher mission roles, and when you are a coach and have students to look after and then your own account and then you have a day job it does make it hard. But the rewards are worth it in the end. Heres to a roll on of a better platform with no cheaters and scammers and fraudsters and to a better society of hard working performers. Heres to a coin catching fire.

17 months ago
Khaleeq Ahmed

Hi, Brian, thank you for the July updates we were waiting for them, I have finished my first read and understand what empowr doing for citizen success,

17 months ago
Marijke Van Giffen

Thank you for the update, Brian. I applaud every attempt to push fraudsters and bad actors out. Looking forward to what more is coming our way.

17 months ago
Omar Faruque Siddiki

Thanks, Brian for these updates, Viewing balance in own currency- that's really fascinating. thanks for the coin purchase URL which is a much more smarter way to contribute for catching fire. And we are always with the team to fight against the frauds.

17 months ago
C J Jacob

Hi Brian, This was one of the posts that I was eagerly looking forward to seeing. The steps taken to eliminate the fraudsters are praiseworthy. Now, the honest and sincere citizens can do business at the empowr marketplace without being cheated. Once the cheats are eliminated, there is high scope for abundances of genuine and real selling and buying taking place at the marketplace, which will in turn help the empowr economy grow.
Thanks for this great update.

17 months ago
Rajesh Gupta

Thanks Brian, for the update on fraud-fighting and Coin purchase URL. looking forward to other new features.

17 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thank you for a great update and very amazing for the additional features about Coin Purchased URL. Thanks all!

17 months ago

Hi Brian and team. Some good points of progress. However does this mean that bidding on sponsored items will be more difficult as they don't seem to appear on profile pages?

17 months ago
Dana I.

Wrong, Barry, they do appear (like A LOT)!
See some that I have seen just half an hour ago: http://prntscr.com/k22yfk; http://prntscr.com/k22yp2; http://prntscr.com/k22yvp
I suggest that you simply refresh the page (maybe more times)! :)

17 months ago
Pete Moss

awesome Brian and the whole empowr team !

17 months ago
Koviljka Kosta

Thank you for explanations, Brian and the throughout empowr team! We are waiting for new functions.

17 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks Brian for this update!

17 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thanks for the update on the coin purchase URL and viewing our balance in local currency and good update to mark item received within 30 days so that the sale will complete soon.

17 months ago
Yulia Baikov

Thank you, Brian and team! Awesome updates. I am very glad that empowr began the battle with fraudulent.

17 months ago
Anum Mehreen

ok.. wait,n for new features and up dates.

17 months ago
Anmol A

Thanks Brian, excited to see all the new features in place :)

17 months ago
Elena Grigorievna

Thank you for the update. I will do my best and help students successfully buy empore coins.

17 months ago
Animesh Garai

Thanks Brian and team for this steps, but I think automatically marked " item received " after 30 days for worldwide delivery may create some panic and dispute will approach. Maybe If it is possible for worldwide delivery to give some extra time that will be good for all.

17 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Thank you for updating the URL of buying coins and viewing our balance in local currency.

17 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Thanks for the updates. Great that we now need to bid from the profile as this should increase the sense of responsibility in us so that we start by listing products at sensible/fair/competitive price so that all can bid and buy and at the same time list more to get more sales.

17 months ago
Nasir Malik

A fantastic development of conversions to loal currencies. As selers we will certainly up our game in delivering in a more timely basis. The next challenge is to combat those that lists items (such as a bar of soap!) for several hundred dollars. Come on guys list products that you will sell and actually deliver. I promise that the way the platform is developing, it will be rewarding for us all

17 months ago