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Friday, July 6th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)



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Jo Mas

Dear Brian

I've been Green since 5 months already and even JC mention that in his announcement lately when he said on me that I was 4th with another CITIZEN and he congratulates us and we were as EXAMPLES in his Announcement..

Here is the proof of my GREEN MONTHS below:(SINCE I've been in EMPOWR never last in completing my MONTH.(Always more than 16 daily Goal a month/ In 18 months)

1st proof In Your last announcement :


And here is another proof .
In JUNE 2018. here is the IMPORTANT proof showing :

Why I DIDN'T have 5 for the 5th month in the row as performer. with the GREEN color ON MY PROFILE PIC?

I am already GREEN today for July.

Can you please help me in rectifying the issue?

Thank you in advance

8 months ago
Jo Mas

Dear president Brian,

I got an answer from my SC and it was a DISPLAY ERROR what it cause this Missing display 5 on my PIC with a GREEN Color and the system will count either what we deserve as COINS ?
Here is another proof that I was GREEN last JUNE and 4th on my pic.
But I am thinking to give a solution/suggestion as you already asked for, in many times lately.
I am an EMPOWRIAN and I want to build with all others like me our EMPOWR. I wish you consider my suggestion and I wish the NEW( replacing you as president,) will consider too.

Why should WE accept ERRORS in an OPEN ALPHA Version STILL?
Why, don't we ask only for a 5000 FOUNDERS (NOT MORE if we can't) to contribute in paying $100 to make our program a BETA finished program? I figure out if we only are 5000 X 100= $500.000.00 US dollars.
CAN WE make this program a beta with this amount?
Please consider this suggestion as is. :)

Thank YOU all, YOU president Brian and all the team.

8 months ago
Omar Faruque Siddiki

HI Brian,
my question is if anyone buys coin by using my coin purchase URL who is not my invitee or already have an account on empowr, will it count for my ACM or founder coin?

8 months ago
Sharlene Kaye

Hi Brian,
Could you please tell us how to avoid making bids on items where the bids do not count toward the daily goal?

8 months ago
Gene Aasen

Thank you Brian for the update. My question is "Do you consider it a misspelling when you are addressed as "Brain"? Just curious. :0) Anyway, as always I am looking forward to the empowr Hour where I always learn something of value. See you Friday.

8 months ago
Calvin Kleinhans

Can we change the new system of bidding. About 95% percent of members don't sell anything and it takes forever to find any to bid on. It takes forever and I am on the computer all day to meet my goals. I am not going to bid on pennies or items that are way over priced or I am not interested in.

8 months ago
Lesley Sean De Nooijer

Hi Brian, is the offer of buying a yearly founder Mission role still available with a discount of 6 month's and can we buy it with our marketplace earnings in site Empowr.

8 months ago
Rob Pyne

I NOW KNOW HOW TO BID - You must ‘list items for auction’ if you want to earn on empowr. If people can not ‘bid’ on something you are auctioning they will stop visiting your profile. So list something for auction today!

8 months ago
Rob Pyne

The new bidding requirement takes FOREVER and I do not need such a burden in my life. Will you be changing this?

8 months ago
Rob Pyne

You must ‘list items for auction’ if you want to earn on empowr. If people can not ‘bid’ on something you are auctioning they will stop visiting your profile. So list something for auction today!

8 months ago
~ Baja Steve

Can you tell us why clicking on Bid/Buy often does not bring up the items that are available when the profile has some sprinkled in?

8 months ago
George Kendall

I really enjoyed the empowr hour live stream. Brian answered many difficult questions masterfully!

8 months ago
Robert Anthony

Back again with the reverse nagging my SC.
Another thing I have just noticed is that with the restrictions Empowr have placed on Circle of Trust such as can be seen here at - http://prntscr.com/k3fptd - most of the time you only see 2 or 3 posts. You cannot get to do any bidding at all because only posts appear or are inaccessible!!!!
Is there anyone in there who actually knows what the left hand is doing? They need to weigh up the flow on effects of every restriction that they place on the system not just what they see immediately. Look for every flow on effect a decision has influence on - with a microscope.

8 months ago
Irene Tatiana Lardier

Thanks your Brian and all empowr team for this update and for your time to help us to be better every day like a coach and like a citizen

8 months ago
Sylvie Atisse

Hi Brian, can you please kindly explain where we should go to see how much accelerated coins we have when we have months in a row performance goal. Will it be clearly stated in our balance page? Does the accelerated coins go directly to our ethereum wallet or it take some days to go there? Thank you!

8 months ago
Gajraj Yadav

While transferring out the money from empowr, would it issue us the source of this Income for taxation purpose? Thanks in advance.

8 months ago
Kelly Wilfrid Fadairo

Presenting the greetings to your Excellency President Brian Woosley, in this strong devoted initiatives launched toward contributing to the introducing of new people to purchase Our Well appreciated empowr coin, it will be a blessing will a look be made on the current Gas fee for transactions on Token Store, having noticed the Gas fee having moved from the range of between 5 Gwei to 9 Gwei back two months ago in April 2018 to be now in the range of 79 Gwei to 100 Gwei (practicaly above $7+ per tarnsaction ) http://prntscr.com/k3cx00, which may become a preventing from new invitees traders to decide to trade OUr SO appreciated EMPR.

8 months ago
Eugeniy Surov

Hello, Brian!
Is there any plans for a future transition to own blockchain (for example, Empowrium blockchain)?
In advance I thank for the developed answer!
All the best!

8 months ago
Graham Howson

I do not believe the citizens need to invest any of their founder coins into the platform. I believe there is already more than enough money available now to make empowr the greatest platform on earth.

2 weeks ago it was stated that the Market Cap of the coin was at $918 million. This is incredibly good news. As market cap of a coin is calculated by the amount of Fiat currency (e.g. US Euro Pound) which has been invested into the circulating coin. Therefor as very little coin has been released to the citizens so far, this means empowr have sold somewhere in the region of $918 million worth of coin, As they state they have invested close to $250 million into the platform, they have recouped this money and have approximately $650 million of profit right now. Perhaps some of that $650 million can be invested back into the platform. It would also be nice if some of this money was used to compensate the citizens who have been investing into the platform over the past few months and faithfully supporting the platform.

What are your thoughts?



8 months ago
Graham Howson

Hi Brian.

I would appreciate an explanation of how market cap works. Perhaps you could do a blog for us. Many of us have no previous experience in crypto, so are very ignorant concerning what is going on.



8 months ago
Udofia Ernest Archibong

Thank you for the update.

8 months ago
Sayed Golam Mostofa

Hi Brian,I like your presentation very much on live

8 months ago
Sayed Golam Mostofa

Well come Brian - May we get opportunity – change the world by this platform -- ? I hope it possible

8 months ago
Aman ArorA

Thanks Brian For the update ! Would love to hear the discussion about upcoming elections and concerns which needs to be addressed. See you all there on Friday

8 months ago
Walter Leoncio Espinoza Trujillo


8 months ago
Walter Leoncio Espinoza Trujillo

empowr es una forma de interacckion con todo los que integramos , para facilitar o ayudar a muchas personas que integramos sin limite de geografia o idima raza ni religion , todos unidos con ayudA MUTUA CRECEREMOS EN LA ECONOIMIA MUNDIAL

8 months ago