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Hello empowr citizens,

A couple of days ago, I asked you to tell me what the top things are, that you want me to focus on and deliver to you before my presidency here at empowr ends.

It’s been amazing to read the feedback that many of you have provided.

Your level of passion, care, and willingness to experiment has been THE key towards our ability to constantly innovate over the years – and has allowed us to get to where we now are today.


My discussion with the engineering team

I took your feedback to our engineers and we have read all your comments many times.

Today, I’d like to share some of the initial solutions that we have come up with, and get your input.

Specifically, I’m ready to suggest solutions for:

  1. Enabling transfer out of coins regardless of how they are earned
  2. Make it easier to hit your Daily Goals
  3. No more Sorry’s on the Mission Wheel
  4. Increased earnings for Marketplace Excellence
  5. Earning from Unpaid Items
  6. Much faster coin maturation

You’ve suggested other items too, and we’re still working on solutions for those.


But first…

An update on our virtuous cycle

As many of you know, in the “Guide to winning and losing on empowr” we’ve discussed the virtuous cycle that we are working to build is the key to the long-term success of this community and for us to achieve our mission.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more


So how are we doing in each of these areas?


Citizens winning:

Over the last month, thanks to the Success Coach team stepping up combined with the live chat / presentation system, new citizens joining empowr are now THREE (3) TIMES as likely to hit their daily goals and become productive than students that joined just six weeks ago.

We have now opened the live chat system to all empowr citizens, dropping the average response time for someone to access a Success Coach from 10 hours to less than 5 minutes. We expect to see the rise in productivity continue as we continue to ramp up our capability to serve our citizens with faster education and assistance.


Economy winning:

The tripling of daily goals hit by new citizens, has resulted in a tripling of listings, bids and purchases by new citizens.  

Our new citizens are also inviting 3 times the friends to empowr as they were just weeks ago.


Coin winning:

3 times the sales and purchases in our economy by new citizens means an increase in the use of the currency (empowr coins) on which those transactions occur. Higher utilization for our coins means higher demand, which translates into upward pricing pressure for our coins.

Thanks in no small part to that increasing demand, as we approach the 100-day mark since our coin was launched, we’ve been able to hit every price target we’ve set out to accomplish:

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

With the price of the empowr coin now right at around $2 (an approximate 800% increase since launch) it’s clear to see that each of the 3 parts of the virtuous cycle are beginning to create growth in the part that follows them:

                                           Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

What this all means

The amazing results coming from the hard work by our success coaches -- the tripling of productivity in our new citizens -- is causing our citizens, economy and coin to all do better and better.

That success is directly translating to an increased ability to provide the community with more of the things you are wanting.

Let’s get right to it!


1. Enabling transfer outs

As you know, many citizens are already earning coins at 0-day maturation and are having them transferred to their external wallets daily by participating in the top 4 ways that help the virtuous cycle succeed:

A.  Helping others succeed by being a success coach - Become one now 

B.  Hitting your mission points monthly performance goal – Advance your mission role 

C.  Introducing others to the coin – Share your customized URL from your account settings 

D.  Buying coins yourself – You’ll receive 1 free coin for each coin you purchase


The success we’re having is beginning to enable us to start opening up the ability to transfer out fully matured coins, regardless of how they’ve been earned.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

The challenge? How can we distribute as many coins as possible while also ensuring the coin’s price stays stable?

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Each month, based on market factors, each citizen will be able to transfer out a number of fully matured coins.

The number of coins any citizen can transfer out will be further increased based on these factors:

  • Mission Role – As your Mission Role goes up, so should your capacity for transferring out
  • Power Level – The highest power levels will have the highest capacity for transferring out
  • Marketplace Excellence – the best sellers and buyers will have the highest capacity for transferring out. More on that in a moment.
  • Daily Goals – Citizens that hit the most Daily Goals in the last 30 days will have the highest capacity for transferring out

With this approach, all citizens with matured coins will be able to cash out coins, with those citizens that are providing the most value to the economy rewarded with the largest potential amounts.

By rewarding citizens that are doing the most for the economy, together we are motivating and rewarding citizens to do their part in keeping the demand for the coin growing (which helps the coin’s value to increase).

As a result, we should be able to gradually increase the max number of coins available to transfer out for EVERYONE month over month, with an eye on keeping the coin’s growth stable as it has been for nearly 100 days.


2.  Making it easier to hit your Daily Goals

While we believe that enabling transfer outs to all citizens will surely help our economy grow, another major concern that many of you have vocalized is that you’re unable to do the necessary work it takes to hit your Daily Goal each day.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

The goals have been set with a very specific purpose (to grow our economy).  The rewards from hitting those goals are quite lucrative (up to $2,000 in coins per month as a Mission Founder).

However, we also understand that building an economy where EVERYONE can contribute as much -- or as little – as they’re able to, is essential to our continued success.


Here’s how we intend to level the playing field:

Instead of keeping the same Daily Goals for all citizens every day, soon everyone will have access to a slider control that allows them to set their own Daily Goal.  

For example, as a Blue Basic Power User, to hit my Daily Goal, I currently need to:

  • Bid on 11 listings
  • List 1 item
  • Post 3 things
  • Share 180 posts

With this new control, I’ll be able to choose (adjust) the amount of work I want to do today, to hit my daily goal.... and choose a setting from 1 - 100%.

Perhaps I have less time to work today, so I decide to lower my setting to 50%.

By doing that, I will only have to do the following amounts to hit my Daily Goal:

  • Bid on 6 listings
  • List 1 item
  • Post 2 things
  • Share 90 posts

As you can see, with this new control, empowr citizens will have the freedom to set their own goals – and do as much or as little as they wish each day to hit their Daily Goal and spin the Mission Wheel.

Note: This should further solve the issue for some citizens that are concerned with their accounts going dormant. As long as they are hitting their goals regularly at any level of difficulty they will maintain an active account.


To keep things fair, we suggest that the prizes on the Mission Wheel and the amount that someone can transfer out each month be commensurate (proportional) with the amount of work they are doing each day.

That means, that all else being equal, Blue Basic Power Users that are setting their Daily Goal control to 100% will be able to earn twice as much from the wheel, and transfer out twice as many coins, than Blue Basic Power Users that, on average, had their Daily Goal control set to 50% for the month.


3.   No more Sorry’s on the Mission Wheel

Providing the freedom for you to adjust your Daily Goals should help address many of your concerns, but we also understand that no matter how much work you put in for the day, everyone would like some guaranteed reward for that work.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

For that reason, we will soon be replacing the 4 “Sorry” slots on the Mission Wheel with 2 additional coin and pre-coin prize slots – meaning that if you put in the work to hit your Daily Goal, you’ll always be rewarded for it.


4.  Increased earnings for Marketplace Excellence

To provide a better marketplace experience for both buyers and sellers, soon we will be providing better visibility into how everyone is doing with their marketplace activities compared to other empowr citizens.

Some examples of those activities include:

  • How often are you successfully selling the items you’re listing?
  • How often are you delivering the items you’re selling?
  • How often are you satisfying the customers you’re delivering to?
  • As a buyer, how often and how fast are you clicking “Item Received” so sellers can get their earnings faster?
  • And another 12 factors

Based on your marketplace activities as a seller and buyer, you’ll have a score calculated for you, called your Marketplace Excellence Score (as mentioned above in the transfer out section).

Citizens with a high Marketplace Excellence Score will also have larger prizes on the Mission Wheel, larger thresholds to transfer out each month, more people seeing their items in the marketplace, and many other benefits.

This new score will help the best sellers earn more based on the value they are providing to the economy, as well as motivate the worst sellers to either improve or leave the marketplace, as it will become less worth their while to list items in the marketplace if they are not doing a good job.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more


5.  Earning from Unpaid Items

To further reward sellers, each time an item they are selling is marked as ‘Unpaid’ by the buyer, they will earn up to 50% of Unpaid Item fees paid by buyers:

  • Mission Supporters earn 10% of Unpaid Item fees
  • Mission Ambassador earn 20% of Unpaid Item fees
  • Mission Visionary earn 30% of Unpaid Item fees
  • Mission Pioneer earn 40% of Unpaid Item fees
  • Mission Founder earn 50% of Unpaid Item fees


Why are Unpaid Items important?

Rather than removing the ability for buyers to make something ‘Unpaid’, we believe that compensating sellers a portion of the fee is a better approach.

As a reminder, Unpaid Items are important as they provide buyers the comfort of knowing that they won’t have to pay in full for something they win in an auction if they later decide they don’t want it. In doing so, buyers are much more likely to actively participate in the marketplace – which leads to more sales and a growing economy as items are promoted throughout more citizens’ feeds.

As a seller, if you don’t wish to allow buyers that have a history of making Unpaid Items, you can block them via your Buyer Requirements in the listing process.


6.   Much faster coin maturation

Perhaps the number #1 desire that many of you brought up, is for us to figure out a way to begin lowering the maturation period for coins that are earned.

Faster maturation, less bidding and a lot more

Given that we expect the above items will help take the growth of our economy to new heights, to further help ensure that enough coins are being distributed to empowr citizens, I suggest decreasing the maturation period to as low as 30 days based on your Mission Role:

  • Mission Volunteers will have 90-day maturation
  • Mission Supporter will have 75-day maturation
  • Mission Ambassador will have 75-day maturation 
  • Mission Visionary will have 75-day maturation
  • Mission Pioneer will have 60-day maturation
  • Mission Founder will have 30-day maturation

As discussed in previous posts, as the economy continues to strengthen, we will be looking for more ways to further accelerate the coin maturation for everyone. 


When to expect the above benefits

The empowr engineering team has already started working on the above features and I expect each to start rolling out next week and continue into the following week.

Given that this is a new frontier we are headed in, to be sure we are headed in the right direction, each of the above features must be released to our citizens in phases. 

To be cautious, we must do the above in steps. We cannot yet open up these features to everyone.

Then, once we are confident that no harm is being done to the growth of the economy, we will begin releasing the features to the other citizens, one phase after another.

Specifically, I am suggesting that current Mission Founders receive all of the above benefits first.

To level the playing field, we will define “current” as anyone that became a Mission Founder on or before the end of next Sunday (August 5th, 2018).

Then, only after everything looks good (which may take weeks or even months) we’ll open it up to anyone that became a Mission Pioneer on or before August 5th.

Then, everyone that became a Mission Visionary on or before August 5th.

Then, everyone that became a Mission Ambassador on or before August 5th.

Then, everyone that became a Mission Supporter on or before August 5th.

Then, everyone that advanced their Mission Role after August 5th.

Then, eventually, as we continue to succeed, we hope to open up all these features to citizens that are Mission Volunteers.

As I said, we will start opening up these features to Mission Founders next week.  But please note that the time between each of the above phases will likely take weeks and possibly a month or two, meaning that everyone that’s not a Mission Founder before the end of August 5th will need to wait some time for the economy to continue to grow. 

To be clear, right now EVERYONE has an equal chance to gain first access to the above benefits. 

If you’d like to gain first access to each of the above features, be sure to advance to the Mission Founder role before the end of August 5th.

Remember, that empowr is now a pure crypto community and economy. We will no longer be supporting PayPal and credit cards, in order to further increase the utilization and demand for our coin.

That mean that to advance your Mission Role, you’ll want to quickly learn how to buy Ether, Bitcoin or empowr coins. 


A big shout out to the mighty success coaches that have enabled the above improvements, and to all of you for your feedback on what you want to see first.


Thanks again for your feedback

The power that the collective intelligence of this community has to offer is truly remarkable.

While the above improvements only address some of the ideas you brought up in our last post, rest assured that we will continue working to knock each item off the list until you have nearly everything you have asked for.

I am rushing to deliver everything you want before I hand control of the company and platform to your next president.  I am sure that (your choice for) the next President will not only pick up the ball from there, but will bring new and elevated levels of energy and focus to take things to the next level.

Voting for your next president opens up in just a few days from now!

Thank you so much for your feedback and for your hard work in building the empowr economy and making the empowr dream come true for more and more people!


Your president,


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