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Friday, August 3rd, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)


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Jo Mas

President Brian,
Dear why AM I not seeing the number 6 instead of the 1 that today I've been seen on my mission goal ring?
I had it as "5" last month and I even met my July with a score of 21 daily goal (ring was green all the month). Is this something which would need some refresh time or am I missing anything?
1- In these 2 screen shots you may remember what you , president Brian said an showed in your last great announcement that I was 5 months in row as performer.
http://prntscr.com/kdim10 and http://prntscr.com/kdinm4
2- Why I am now 1 ONLY with May Ram appearing in this screen shot? http://prntscr.com/kdious
The 6 has been done to Sabina de Nooijer, and I was 5 with her last JUNE 2018, and by the way I've been paid for my COINS sent to TOKEN STORE on my address .Do I deserve it corrected instead of 1 having the 6 (Honorific/ psychologic state for me)?
Thank you in advance, Brian if I have this issue reviewed as soon as possible?

16 months ago
Gupta Sri

Dear Brian, why I am not seeing the number on my mission goal ring? I had it as "2" till last month and I even met my last month's goal (ring was green before 20th itself). Is this something which would need some refresh time or am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance.

16 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Dear Brian, a solution for all unpaid items will be a video explanation how people can buy a product in the marketplace, with the new methode out of there Marketplace Wallet, at this time the most people get the message: sorry try again later.
The see the word Wallet and think that you mean Ether-wallet instead of Available to shop with today in the marketplace.
Then nothing happened, and the product will be made automatically unpaid. Hope this wil be looked at.
And yes i am missing it too, 5 on my circle.

16 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hi Brian, what if the same person keeps buying (not bidding) your products and making them unpaid, i reported it to my SC and she told me he did it with many others too. Is this harassment and can he be removed or can he go on and pay the fine.
I already blocked him and so he can only do this from the marketplace and then he is doing it on purpose
What can i do more then provide screenshots and proof?

16 months ago
Ajay Singh

Hi Brian,
Thank you for bringing up new improvements and I feel great for being citizen of Empowr community.
My only request, Empowr has disallowed Manual Power-up interventions, but having said that if any citizen has got much higher pre-coins , can it be possible atleast next level subscription allowed ? (Without skipping any levels ).

16 months ago
Azhar Ali

Hi Brian,
I love the platform and that's why invested time & money in empowr. I've a few issues especially in Marketplace.
> When I list something and it is sold, I get the message after it saying "your product has been approved and available for sale"
> When I sell an item and it is sold to a citizen, it still stays at Marketplace for sale and other users also buys the same product which is very frustrating because most of the time I only have one piece of the product and that's also mentioned in Quantity section. And we end up disputing with the rest of buyers, which doesn't help building trust with customers :-(
> I get more than one "Approved and ready to sale" messages in my inbox, I think that also make the item reappear in Marketplace.
> Is there a fixed date of the month when matured coins are ready to be cashed out?
> I've subscribed to Mission Founder, how much coins do I get in ACM at the end of the month? what's the amount based on?

Suggestion: For site updates there should be a section dedicated to it, where citizens can see what changes are made and when.

Thank you.

16 months ago
Riad EZ

Hi Brian, Is your latest Announcement for the following suggested solutions is still on by starting it by 5 the of August.

-Enabling transfer out of coins regardless of how they are earned
-Make it easier to hit your Daily Goals
-No more Sorry’s on the Mission Wheel
-Increased earnings for Marketplace Excellence
-Earning from Unpaid Items
-Much faster coin maturation

if it yes, I personally have a concern only about the timing of setting the empowr coin free by today voting time. Why, I will explain,

You said In your announcement today the empowr community has had a relatively ‘hands on’ approach with regards to the price of our coin, I am always believed in an open market approach, but how we will be able to stop that from happening before Actual transferring out of real coins is completed to the majority of empowr community, only a few citizens have empowr coins in their exchange wallets, are we going to base the experiment on a small group of citizens. so by implementing this today, we are still not allowing the maximum of the empowr community to participate so the empowr community still has had a relatively ‘hands on’ approach with regards to the price of our coin.

Allowing the empowr coin to rise and fall as it wants to, with the push and pull of free market dynamics before actual transfer out of coins entitlements to the majority of the empowr citizens, will not lead us to have the right results and indicators , therefore empowr management may not take the right decisions on the right time in respect of the experiment process.

I believe allowing our coin to behave as it wants to, it is very important appears to be a viable experiment that, and will provide us a truly valuable experience and knowledge and, at most, will accelerate the success of our virtuous cycle.

To do that I suggest the following steps to be taken immediately before the management starts the experiments:

-list the empowr coin in many exchanges around the globe to facilitate the free market dynamics approach to reach the majority of our empowr citizens around the globe so they can participate in pushing and pulling the coin approach.

-Make sure all citizens have their coins entitlements in their wallets as soon as maturation is achieved so we can have a real and true behavior of demand and supply on a wider scale of citizens for empowering coin price.

Thank You


16 months ago

Hello Brian, really look forward to your broadcast although I usually have to watch the replay as it is broadcast about 1am here.
One question. When you talk about marking a sale as closed after 30 days, this may have an unintended consequence to us in countries where delivery often takes longer than 30 days. I understand the aim and support it but it maybe needs somehow to allow for long deliveries.

16 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

Hi, Brian, I like to know when we add another exchange?

16 months ago
Ken Spence

I see another issue which will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Currently the coin is trading at $2.20 and marketplace listings which are already overpriced are becoming more so every day. A $10USD item is now costing $22 in emprs. As the price increases this disparity will also increase. If the empr reaches the heights that it is expected to, before long the $10USD item will either cost a ridiculous $10000 in emprs or will need to be listed for sale at 1 empr cent which is currently not possible. The second part of this problem is that mission points are awarded for each empr dollar earned. As the prices will have to drop in order to make sales, the mission points awarded will also drop making targets harder to achieve. The solution to this is to have the marketplace listings in USD with a realtime conversion to emprs at the checkout. How much better would it be to buy an item at a price that we understand in USD then be pleasantly surprised at the checkout when we purchase it for a few empr dollars and cents?

16 months ago
Ken Spence

Since we are trying to jumpstart the economy, I understand the need to stimulate bidding but it seems that there is very little intention to buy. Can I suggest that whenever an item is sold and marked received, both the buyer and seller have the bidding requirement set to zero for the following day. This would allow the genuine buyers and sellers more time to interact on the social network and would ensure that revenue flowed in the marketplace as the incentive to buy and sell would be greater. I believe this would result in more genuine sales and happier bidders

16 months ago
Michael D Madsen

After several attempts, I still can't get the coin purchase to go through according to the time frame stated according to empowr. This should be the one and only priority until the system works properly.
Cashing out coins takes a back-seat to create a reliable source of revenue - I.E. Selling the coins to interested investors. It's harder to gain back trust once it's lost than to build trust from the start. Empowr has lost credibility with many potential investors and needs to right the ship immediately. One can't expect to be treated as a professional while still making amateur mistakes. This may be a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes the truth hurts.
When can we expect these basic, trust-building practices - such as honoring your word and timeline, to be in place? Time is money and money is wasting ...

16 months ago
Lady Woo

Can you please explain the benefit of being a Mission Founder? I have been an empowr citizen for about two years now and have been a Mission Founder for almost half of that time.. However, I have never cashed out as goal posts keep moving. I understand that we are still in development and that new things are being trialled all the time, but I am losing patience with paying real-world money into the economy every month but getting no real-world benefit with regard to cashing out or immediate maturity of coins (even after a successful sale). I want to see empowr succeed which is why I pay the month Mission Founder role. However, I also would like to see some form of benefit for my contribution to the empowr economy. So far, I have seen no benefit whatsoever to being a Mission Founder.

16 months ago
Lady Woo

I recently sold and delivered an item. It was marked received by the seller and I was notified that the sale amount was added to my empowr balance on July 30th.

Why do our sales proceeds go to our balance rather than straight to our wallets? Where's the incentive to sell when you have to wait for coins to mature before you can transfer them? In the real world, you wouldn't be able to continue to trade if you didn't have the proceeds of your transactions remitted to you for reinvestment in new stock and for payment of delivery costs. Proceeds of sales should be immediately available to transfer to wallets, not added to our empowr balance to wait for maturity.

16 months ago
Riad EZ

Agreed totally with you , This policy should be stopped, especially now since we are moving to free coin market , we have a main long-term goal of in developing this platform and responsibility to build up a true and giant Marketplace which will enhance the empowr economy and as soon as the coin catch fire the coin price in the market the coin can reach the targets range $1000-10000 in 4 years.
This is our responsibility to achieve that but, if we continue withholding policy, we will end up have no genuine sellers and no real market in the short term.

16 months ago
Lady Woo

In the past I have changed success coach in order to ensure that I have an SC that is ranked higher than me in mission role and in power level. However, my SC was changed back to someone in another country who was ranked below me. I have today changed to another SC and would like it to remain this way unless I decide to change to a new one.

My SC related questions are:
1, If in the past you've requested a new SC, how can it be permissable that the old success coach you no longer wanted gets reassigned to you without your consent?

2. Where's the logic in having a success coach who is ranked below you in both mission role and power level?

3. Why can't we pick success coach by country rather than language? If we must pick by language, why is English (non-US) the only English language option. I live in the UK, English is the native language to the UK, why is there no UK English option?

16 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

i Brian
Can you please ask empowr to update all the bid/buy pages with all the listings that is on the marketplace pages?
if you go to the marketplace page, you will see there is citizens with like 20 items or more to bid/buy,but when you go to there profile page and click on bid/buy there is no items or a few, and the prices don't match.

Can you also please tell me how many coins must I buy to qualify for 0 days maturation,or if there is not a set number, can you please explain how 0 days maturation exactly works,I sold 32 items and shipped +- 80, and would like to know, what can I do to get some coins released to my wallet as fast as possible.

Please note I don't mind the new bidding rules.I just would like to hit all my bonuses everyday and if the bid/buy pages is updated,We all probably can do that and sell more.

Thanks in advance. Have an awesome weekend.
Kind regards

16 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
2 more things about the bid/buy pages
When we bid on an item and then sponsor the item,it gets displayed on our profile page,but it is not on the profile's bid/buy pages
Also when we repost listings(someone else's listing),it is not showed there.

That is all for now :)

16 months ago
Daniel Stone

You know before these marketplace changes all started, we used to be as a community much more friendly. We posted comments, an then others did too. You would see lots of comment. You know, actual written language on the comment section type comments. But now, its extremely rare. Because of how biding is only done on the pages, people are getting their bids out, and nobody has a chance to actually look at was is being presented? Our community is about much more than our coin and how to drive it forward, and I think that we are starting to lose that. We have become a bunch of people as individuals getting their daily goals, and we have forgotten what got us here, our community! So Brian, how do we get our community back??

16 months ago
Arthur Ferguson

Hi Brian, there still is a problem with missing mission points not showing up. Haven't had mission points added to my all time mission points since February. Documents have been submitted. Are there any further updates on this issue? Thanks.

16 months ago
Shannon Dingemanse

Hi Brian, i know that you busy with the coin, but for us who are here for six months, it is still necessary to work with our earnings. i am still not paid in Coins for the products that were paid in Pre-coins, instead of coins, i ask it in previous live-streams and you said that it will be fixed, but nothing till so far, can you give an update on when this will be fixed, i know that some of us missing more then 10K on sold products. And this earned money should be transferred to coins to our maturating coins so we can use it to bid and buy in the marketplace and not be put on hold. thank you for your cooperation

16 months ago
Juergen Klein

Hi Mr. President
Is it right, that I have to pay won auctions with matured coins ? That means, that I have to make about 100 bids per day, and if I win an auction, and I have not enough matured coins, I produce unpayed items.

16 months ago
Neal Walters

For a while now, I seem to be a fan of everyone. Is that some "feature"? In the old days, we could "Fan" people, but now it always shows "You're a Fan" on everybody I visit.

16 months ago
Neal Walters

I lost my Mission Founder role because of the switch from Paypal to crypto. I sent in my Eth, and replied to the email that told me the amount to send (twice), but now for about two weeks, I have still not been upgraded back to Mission Founder. Is this something my coach can even help with?

16 months ago
Rahayu Eka Sari

Hello Brian,
Hopefully we can paid more attention regarding the marketplace. What the color showing what should be on the drop-down menu up too. Some of them have the same color status but have missing or different subject show up and it's hard to take care of what to do with the bought items since some of them not showing the same on drop down menu, just example : on white color the seller suppose to deliver product and the buyers have a chance to dispute if they don't deliver the product and the drop down menu have no option to do so, especially no communication neither from the seller if they going to deliver product or not. And so on. A lot of stuff going on to paid attention with, since bidding is part of daily goal hit, we also don't want to loose Coin while bidding and taking out our coin and when we lost we don't get our coin back and the product isn't there in I've bought page. How can we do better with marketplace?

16 months ago
Evelyn MW

As i have sadly missed the previous live broadcasts, I trust these questions have not already been answered. if they have, please tell me where I may find the answers.
I have been upgraded 3 times recently but my earnings are going down each each time. I was earnings over 8000 each day in February, now it is down to 3000. Why is this? I have raised it with my SC, but no answer yet.

16 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Evelyn,I think it is because we earn in coins and the price has increased a lot,therefore the amount of coins will decrease.

16 months ago
Shahid Ijaz Shehdi

sir, it is difficult to understand that in a democratic state every citizen is equal, why empowr support high profiles first http://prntscr.com/kdmiui . I think 80% of the citizen,s are lower then mission founder. it means you leave them hopeless or you provide the fewer facilities. please answer me I am very confused.

16 months ago
Naveen Kumar

Hello Brian, really look forward to your broadcast although I usually have to watch the replay as it is broadcast about 1am here.
One question. When you talk about marking a sale as closed after 30 days, this may have an unintended consequence to us in countries where delivery often takes longer than 30 days. I understand the aim and support it but it maybe needs somehow to allow for long deliveries.
Allowing the empowr coin to rise and fall as it wants to, with the push and pull of free market dynamics before actual transfer out of coins entitlements to the majority of the empowr citizens, will not lead us to have the right results and indicators , therefore empowr management may not take the right decisions on the right time in respect of the experiment process.

15 months ago
Mukhtar Bhutta

Good idea.

16 months ago

Hello Brian! Help solve the problem. I bought 100 coins at an auction back in 12 June. Bitcoins were used for payment.
But so far I have not received any coins.
They are not on the balance of empowr, they are not on the ether wallet.
I gave the coach all the necessary screenshots
confirming payment
but there is still no result.
Thank you.

16 months ago
Mario Buyayo

Sir: I just voted for my candidates but I am not so sure whether I voted my 5 candidates for President. How do I check to confirm this? Will it invalidate my cast votes if in the event that I voted only 4 or say 6 candidates? Thank sir and God bless.

16 months ago

Dear Brian,
You understand that we’re investing time and money here. Personally I am a citizen for almost two years, having collected a substantial number of founder coins. Once upon a time, before the introduction of the coin, you were promising shares of the company too. The bottom line here is the following. In a way, all the citizens of empowr, we’re partners too. I’ve heard you the other day, denying access to the financial statements of empowr. Please tell me why we can’t have access to the audited financial statements of empowr

16 months ago
Александр Диваков

Новые улучшения. Хорошая новость.

16 months ago
Antonio K

The founding principle of democracy always has been one person one vote. Unfortunately this is not the case here and this is really disappointing.

Anyway, I have two questions:

1) How many votes do I have? How can I find this out? Shouldn't we all know before the elections start?

2) Communities (and / or countries) also participate in the elections or physical persons only?



16 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Antonio,
Everyone can vote - you can vote for up to 5 candidates in the first round. Just go here: https://secure.empowr.com/PremiumBlogs/Governance.aspx

Voting starts in 2 hours! :)

16 months ago
@ Ankush Aggarwal

i have one issue is listing is required for every one to complete daily goal?
this is very disappointed point why a person who do not want to sell his product required to list a thing. there are a lot of people who want to sale their products but due to unnecessary listing no one ready to purchase real and genuine products.
i tried to sell my real product even under ecoin 2 but i never get paid by anyone only a single person paid to me but she not provied her address which shows that she was not intrested in purchasing.
kindly help me

16 months ago
Doris Ezechi

Why not use other coin why only ETH

16 months ago
@ Ankush Aggarwal

good question but you can change other coin easily into other one

16 months ago
@ Ankush Aggarwal

hello sir
how can i stop a person which is showing from pakistan i live in ferozepur(india) which is 13 kilometer far from pak so most of people shown to me belong from pakistan i am very disappointed.

16 months ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world

The main problem is that there are Two (2) versions of empowr Coins:

1. EMPR Pre-Coins

2. EMPR Coins

There must be Only One (1) EMPR Coin, or confusion will continue and accounts will be unsettled.

A true Free Market currency will establish the true value of the EMPR coin.

The empowr economy can not reach it's full potential, when there are Two Coins in a Controlled Currency Market.

And, the One EMPR coin Must be treated as a Free Market currency, allowing all citizens the full and complete usage of all of their coins, all of the time.

Only then, will empowr be a true democracy.

The empowr community will grow stronger and the empowr economy will expand faster, when there is only One EMPR Coin used as a Free Market currency.

-Charles Yan

16 months ago