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Hello everyone!

As you hopefully have noticed, the first round of the 2018 empowr presidential election has ended with 5 candidates advancing to the next round:

Election results + Live Stream this Friday

Congratulations to our top 5 candidates for making it to the second round of the Presidential Election!

Additionally, on behalf of the entire community, I’d like to thank all 11 candidates for stepping up to run for the office of the president.

It’s clear that we have a strong group of current and future leaders in our midst here from these 11 candidates, and the empowr community will continue to grow and flourish thanks to your hard work, ideas and determination.

As a reminder, Round Two of voting will begin August 17th where we will discover our two finalists!



Election results + Live Stream this Friday


Tune in this Friday, August 10th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)



Reminder: we no longer be use Menti to record questions.


Be sure to comment below to get your questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!


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Jo Mas

Thank you Pres. Brian for giving us an opportunity to see you in the next live stream on the 10th of Aug 2018.at 11.00 ET.
1st, I wish to congratulate all the 11 candidates who had the courage of running for the presidency, and especially to the 5 winners in the 1st round. Let's be happy to end up with a great last two candidates who we are going to see them speech (Battle) livestream and watch them closely at the end in San Diego (Head Office!).
2nd: I would like to ask is about the 800 COINS that should be COINS for the LEGACY RELEASE that was 800 US DOLLARS for this month instead , and what I received was only 138.17 COINS, Can you please explain why NOT exactly 800 COINS been sent as promise?
3rd: I was waiting to receive in my TOKEN STORE wallet 640 COINS (Because I am 6 / Green color since 6 months) and my surprise was that I only received 99.0712 EMPR instead. WHY this amount? Any error is there?. BY the way last month we receive the COINS as they should be, as I was 5 (Green for 5 successive months "ACM").
4th: I've sent to Mrs Rachael Bromson a payment before the end of the promotion to be a FOUNDER for the COUNTRY that I admin and also for the amount that I 've been ask to pay and that was 13.44 COINS completed on TOKEN STORE, I wrote 2 times already to see what's happening? And since that day I didn't have yet the indication that the country: EMPOWER IN CANADA MY COUNTRY has been promoted. Can you Please take a look at this issue if possible? The amount paid was 13.44 COINS paid from my main account JO MAS with it's address.

5th: I send a form also to have the community I admin too, called : EMPOWR in CANADA The Lovely Country and never received yet the amount that I should pay for founder role , and that was the same night on Sunday the 5th.Eastern Time.
Thank you so much in advance.

16 months ago
Jo Mas

After having an answer from my SC, Mr the president , with all my respect to you, I am so surprized again in making us listening to you and your promises: You took the decision to pay us this month in US DOLLARS instead of what you had promise in COINS that was supposed to be the CURRENCY of "OUR GREAT EMPOWR" in your extended mandate and gave us a NEW ASPIRATION of a new future with the COINS? . Can you please pay me the difference of the 640 coins -99.0712coins (received) = 540.9288 EMPR COINS in my wallet in Token Store ? YES, you owe me an amount missing of: 540.9288 EMPR COINS, because I deserve it. RIGHT?
I wish you doing it when you read this message and I wish also, not to erase my demand in here.


16 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

Congratulations to the top 5 candidates.
I have 2 questions:
1) i went to Tokenstore to see my Reward Mission Performance Goal .
I had to receive 2 times 320 because as you see i am a 6 now and a founder ,so why i received only 99,0712 EMPR
I wish to know why i have been paid 640 dollar ( 99,0712 EMPR) instead of 640 coins?
2) Why was the legacy release only 138,17 instead of 800 coins just as the founder coins who where also 800 coin now,and it is
strange that the 138,17 is 800 dollar worth at the time of the release. ( I have almost 12.000 coins in my legacy )
My conclusion is that both question has to do with currency it is turned around

16 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hi Brian, very good progress and work done past week, you asked for suggestions and remarks. I suggest that you take off 30-day maturation for all matured coins and transfer them to the Ether wallet. This will reward the workers and give them some security they have earned.
I see that my monthly Mission Performance Goal of last month was a 5, and I expected to get 160 +160 = 320 coins in my wallet, I was blown away that I only see the total amount of 49.5356 EMPR instead of 320 coins as promised.
Also, for the Legacy release I got 800 dollar instead of the 800 coins that should be released, I think there is a mix-up with the dollar, I presume. I know that it will be fixed so I am not worried, that it will be there tomorrow.
I am already busy with the trading, selling and buying, so if you send more coins, I can do more trading.
Thank you for doing such a great job in bringing Empowr where it is now. My compliments to you and the entire team.

16 months ago
Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Dear Brian, Val Here...Can Empowr Please Do Something About The PENDING ITEMS?..meaning,a citizen Buy&win an aution, i was used to, That Empowr Make it automaticly UNPAID after 24 hours, want the buyer didn't came through with the paiement, But now,, its tays"PENDING, LIKE FOR EVER"...i HAVE SO MANY OF THEM...LOST THE COUNT""(...What can you do about it please?.. Sincerely.Val.

16 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Brian,
As always, I appreciate the continued good news. However, I do have a looming issue (probably a software glitch) that greatly diminishes my Mission Performance. To date, I have never received any of my monthly 1000 Mission Points Bonus, which we are entitled to as Founders. Not receiving this entitlement penalizes me not only in Mission Performance, but also in Coins received and Voting Power that currently is very important. This is evidenced by a spreadsheet that I update daily. Thanking you in advance for your considerate attention to these matters, I await your kind response.

16 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thank you for the update, Brian.

15 months ago
Ibrahim Karofi

Hi again. I don't think i have ever won coins from the mission wheel, it's always precoins irrespective of how i spin the wheel, slow, medium or fast spin. Is it my luck or something is wrong somewhere? I need your input on my situation. Thank you

16 months ago
Irina Mikhaylova

Congratulations top 5 candidates!

16 months ago
Gene Aasen

Thank you for the update Brian and thanks to all the Candidates for your participation in this very important process. Congratulations to the 5 remaining Candidates.
I have one question. When I go to the Marketplace and find an item I would like to Bid on, I click on the Seller's Profile Link and go to their Page to Bid so it counts towards my Daily Goal. However, a large number of times, on some days, the majority of times, the item in the Marketplace is nowhere to be found on the Seller's Profile All or Bid/Buy areas? The back and forth from Marketplace to Profile Page when the item is not there is a very inefficient use of my time which can be significant when I need to make 99 Bids for my Daily Goal. Plus, the Seller misses out on a Bid for their item.

Is there some reason for this that I am missing? It seems that it would be a much better use of my time to be promoting the EMPR Coin instead of searching for items to Bid on that are not anywhere to be found.

16 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

Hi Brian, I like to know what happen whit the MARKET CAPITAL? why is zero?!

16 months ago
Ken Spence

Hi Brian, last week my question was about the use of a reference currency in the marketplace i.e using US dollars to list items so that the coin value did not adversely affect sale prices. I understand the need for the platform to be fully crypto but I see this situation escalating to a point where listing low priced items will become impossible if nothing is changed.

If the policy is to continue using the coin as the listing currency, then we need the ability to list in fractions of a coin. As it stands, todays price means that items below $10 USD are already overpriced as soon as they are listed. As the coin price increases, this will only get worse

I still would prefer to see the ability to list in USD but as a compromise, could we enable listings to start at 0.10 or even 0.01 of a coin?

16 months ago
Irena V.Dragan

Thank you Brian for all great announcement!

16 months ago
Alex Alexandru

As always I thank you all for this great oportunity and platform. Im very glad to work here for about 3 years now .
As you said in the last live stream ... this week you enable the transfer out feature ! Will this happen this week as you promised or not ?

16 months ago
Olga Puchkova

Congratulations to the winners! Good luck in the next round!

16 months ago
Wilhelm Rothmann

Hi Brian
Just to make sure,I want to upgrade on 5 September to Founder mission role and qualify for 30 days maturation, will I be able to withdraw my maturing funds from July on the 5th?(The green bars on July in my maturing chart)

Have a nice weekend @all
Kind regards

16 months ago
Alexander Ksenzov

Let the worthy win!

16 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

Thank you for your announcement of the results of the first round of voting and congratulate the top five winners, looking forward to the next round and good luck to the top five.

16 months ago
Benedicta Orioko

I congratulate the top 5 winners,..I also appreciate those that didn't make it, well done.

16 months ago
Eugeniy Surov

The company is developing, and it's very good.

16 months ago
Nnorom Grace Chioma

Congratulations to all the winners of first round empowr presidential election.

16 months ago
Prashant Singh

thank you Brian for declaring the results of the first round of voting. Looking forward to the second round

16 months ago
Ernest Ngoepe

Hi guys three months ago i released y legacy coins for maturing and the 90th days was on 11 august but my coins arent on matured coins ..why???can i get help please

16 months ago
Stella Imieka

Hi Brian, thanks for the update on the coin distribution. However, I have some questions for you and I would require you/Empowr to address certain issues to which of course affect the corporate image of Empowr:

1. It is noted that Empowr mission is to help the poor. I notice that it extremely difficult for citizens without mission role to get the grand prize from the wheel despite their commitment in hitting daily goals. You said you want to accelerate their maturing coins for transfer. If they have no coin for acceleration is there any way they can be compensated for achieving daily goals?

2. In your last announcement on setting empowr coin free, you succeeded in luring citizens to subscribe for founder mission role to get their coins earned up to June 2018, what happens to that decision?

3. I noticed that in less than 3 hours of this update, empowr coins dropped from $7 to $3 while selling price dropped from $2.53 to $1.84. What is Empowr strategy to ensure that the coins price continue to go up and give value for the citizens?

3. Empowr has to discuss with Token Store to reduce transaction fee as they charge in Ether and Empowr which drastically reduces the value of accrued to the citizens.

4. Empowr should try to conclude its registration with Token Jar exchange and register with other digital exchanges to avoid Token Store monopoly of Empowr coins.

5. What is Empowr doing to address the issued raised by those three (3) aggrieved boys that commented against Empowr at Coingecko which led to demoting empowr coin from No.17 to 2,040 and removing Empowr Coin Marketcap from 75 million to $0 and coin in supply from 21.9 million to 0. This has taken over 3 weeks without resolution. One of the boys also wrote to Coinmarketcap on Monday providing them with negative information about empowr that led Coinmarketcap to do what Coingecko did to Empowr. What are you doing to redeemed the image of Empowr?

16 months ago
Chad Guevara

Dear President Brian, Thank you for your announcement of the results of the first round voting and Congratulations to the top 5 winners, looking forward to the next round and good luck to the top 5 contenders.

Going into business matters, during our interaction of episode 14 you have responded to my questions on the issues of Bidding and overcharging PU Upgrade that you are already working on it and expecting results soon. May we know the status of this issues now?

The other issue I brought up was regarding the 24-hour rule on pending decision to sponsor or pay. you responded that the rule applies to everyone and if there are cases it is not implemented, you asked that the information be forwarded to your inbox message so that you can have someone take a look at it. I don’t know where to send so I sent you a letter thru TheCoins@empowr.com

The rule is still being applied to me until lately however, I still have 25 sold items pending decision to sponsor or pay the farthest dating back as far as July 20, 2017. All reports, supporting documents and screenshots have been submitted by my SC to empowr Tech and support Team for some time now but still no action has been taken. May I request that you put a hand on this issue. Thank you Mr President.

16 months ago
Ade Kunle

Hello Brian, In the last live stream, you told me to write to thecoin@empowr.com about the empowr coins I bought in the month of June, 2018 on Empowr platform which has not been transfer to my ethereum wallet address, no reply from them up till now. Pleased personally help me look into this matter, by helping me to transfer them into my ethereum wallet address. My ethereum wallet address had already been attached to my empowr account. Thank you.

16 months ago