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Note: I just published another post with results of the presidential election and details on tomorrow’s (Friday, August 10th) live stream.


Hello empowr citizens,

Last week we announced that we would be setting the coin free to experiment and see how it would perform on the open market.

As some of you may have noticed, the result of that experiment thus far has caused the price to rise from around $2 to around $3.00 - $8.00.

While it’s great to see that there is a fair amount of upward pricing pressure on the coin (it’s risen nearly 300% since last week) we’ve become concerned that by setting the coin free we have opened up the issue of price volatility – an issue that we had hoped to avoid so that everyone could focus on their work in building the empowr economy as opposed to the price of the coin.


What is the cause of the volatility?

The coin price volatility is caused by low trading volume on the exchange.

Many (most!) empowr citizens seem to be quite set on holding their coins as opposed to trading them.

It’s really great to see everyone believing so much in the empowr community, economy and coin!

This desire to keep coins (as opposed to trade them) is something all coins strive for, but most fail at.

Having said that, this "love for our coins" is resulting in low trading volume on the exchange, and that's something we should all focus on improving.

 Increasing the trading volume will help resolve this issue where just a handful of individuals can fluctuate the price of the coin by buying or selling just a few coins.


How can the empowr community improve the trading volume?


In this post, let’s discuss some items to help improve the trading volume:



A. Rewarding Daily Goal Hitters

B. Rewarding Mission Performance Goal Hitters

C. New features to help increase the coin supply

A.  Rewarding Daily Goal Hitters

In order to reduce volatility on the exchange by increasing our trading volume, I am asking everyone to go to the exchange and start trading some empowr coins.

To help everyone do that, we will be sending you some coins now, as follows: 

1) In the next 48 hours, every empowr citizen that has hit 1 or more Daily Goals since the start of August will have up to 20 empowr coins accelerated from their coin balances and sent directly to their Ether wallet based on how many goals they have hit.

How many coins will you receive?

1 coin for each Daily Goal you hit in the first 10 days in August.

·         For example, if you hit 1 Daily Goal in August, you’ll receive 1 coin.

·         If you hit 5 Daily Goals so far, you’ll receive 5 coins.

·         And if you hit 10 Daily Goals in the first 10 days of August, you’ll receive 10 coins.

Then, we'll double the above number of coins for Mission Founders (with applicable increases for the other mission roles).


Note: If you don’t have an Ether wallet, it literally takes less than 10 seconds to get one. Learn how to get one here, and make sure to add it to your account settings so that we know where to send your coins.


 2) We ask everyone to go to the exchange and begin trading with your coins– buying and selling as much as possible to help increase the coin's trading volume and help the price of the coin eventually stabilize.

Note: In order to trade on the exchange, you’ll need to (1) have a little bit of Ether in your wallet to pay for gas costs and (2) learn how to make instant and limit orders on the exchange.

By increasing the volume on the exchange, not only will it help stabilize the coin price, but it will also help us get the coin onto more (higher volume) exchanges which will further help to increase the coin's trading volume and stability.


 3) Next week, and possibly the weeks after that, we’ll do it again – we’ll send you more coins -- but we’ll only send coins to the Daily Goal hitter citizens that have gone ahead and transacted on the exchange.

Why does this make sense?

Since the objective of this process is to significantly increase the trading volume on the exchange, going forward we will only keep sending these coins (from this process) to the citizens that ended up trading on the exchange.

On the exchange, be sure to use the wallet address that’s in your empowr settings, so we can correctly track the transactions to you and ensure you receive more coins next week. 

The more you trade, the more coins we’ll send you next week.



If you hit one or more Daily Goals in August, tomorrow we’ll send you some coins.

We ask that you go trade (buy and sell) coins in the exchange to increase the coin’s trading volume.

If you do that, we’ll keep sending you more coins.

We’ll send the most coins to the citizens that are hitting the most Daily Goals and trading the most.

Be sure to have some Ether in your wallet to pay for gas costs. (Gas costs are the small fees that the Ethereum networks charge for making transactions).

A quick word to the wise

Think about this:  If everyone is trying to sell the coins we send them (in order to do as we are asking -- which is to trade coins) and a smaller number of people are trying to buy coins, this event may (should?) cause the price of the coin to temporarily fall quite a bit.

If that happens, obviously there will be some people that will understand the opportunity and will buy up much of the coins at the discounted price created by this one-time event.

Why shouldn't that (the lucky people buying up coins cheap) be YOU?!?

To ensure you're ready and able to do that if the right opportunities present themselves, if I were you I would think ahead NOW and have more Ether in your wallet (enough to buy coins) if you see the coin price dropping low enough where you'll want to buy up as much as possible.

To give everyone a chance to prepare themselves, we will hold off distributing coins until the end of the live stream tomorrow morning (specifically, 4pm UTC), so everyone has a fair chance to get more ETH, ensure their Ether wallet address is in their empowr account settings, and maybe even hit another daily goal.


B.  Rewarding Mission Performance Goal Hitters

Since the month of May, we've been rewarding the empowr citizens that have hit their monthly Mission Performance Goals for 1 or more months in a row by accelerating the coins in their empowr balance to their Ether wallet.

I’m happy to say that for the month that just ended (July) we’ve had more goal hitters than ever before – each month the number of goal hitters has grown by over 50% over the month before - and the month of August is already shaping up to be another amazing month with even faster (record) growth than prior months.

For those of you that hit your mission performance goal in July, your coins were sent to your Ether wallets within the past 24 hours. Congratulations to all of you!

Additionally, we increased your coins by up to 100% if you had one of the following Mission Roles:

10% more for Mission Supporters
20% more for Mission Ambassadors
30% more for Mission Visionaries
50% more for Mission Pioneers
100% more for Mission Founders

As many of you can hopefully see by now, hitting your Mission Performance Goal is one of the best ways to earn and accelerate coins on empowr, because you earn a lot more coin on the Mission Wheel every day and you have a growing (doubling each month) number of those coins accelerated when you hit your Monthly Performance Goal.

As the months go by, we hope to further increase how much you are paid each month when you hit your Mission Performance Goal.

If you don’t know how the monthly performance goals work, you can get a quick refresher here.

Again, you’ve now received your coins. Please go to the exchange and buy and sell some coins!


3.  New features on the way

In addition to rewarding the citizens who are hitting their Mission Performance Goals each month, as recently reported the empowr engineering team is working to deliver several features to you:

Those features are expected to be live by next week, and include:

  1. Enabling transfer out of coins regardless of how they are earned
  2. Make it easier to hit your Daily Goals
    You’ll be able to personalize, from 1% to 100%, how difficult your Daily Goals will be for the day
  3. No more Sorry’s slots on the Mission Wheel (now live)
  4. Increased earnings for Marketplace Excellence
  5. Much faster coin maturation by Mission Role (now live)
    Mission Founders now enjoy 30 day maturation

More details on each feature will be coming soon, but in the meantime if you are not currently a Mission Founder, you should consider upgrading as Mission Founders will have first and possibly exclusive access to each of these features to reward them for their contributions to the economy.



We’ve set the empowr coin free, however, due to many empowr citizens hugging their coins too tightly and not trading them, the coin is experiencing greater price volatility.

Like all challenges the community has faced, if we all step up (and do some trading) we can and will overcome this challenge too.

To enable everyone to trade coins (especially while we're waiting for the new transfer out feature to launch) we’re accelerating coins for ALL citizens that hit Daily Goals and look forward to doing it again next week for citizens that trade coins on the exchange.

In addition, Monthly Performance Goal hitters just received their coins, and we are working to deliver a lot more coins to you starting next week using new features such as more coins on the wheel, more coins for marketplace excellence, faster maturation of coins, and opening the transferring out capabilities.

As all of those features are completed, and empowr citizens step up to trade more coins, our economy and coin will benefit significantly, leading to more success for all our citizens.


Any ideas or concerns? Please include them in the comments below.

Thank you for your support – with your help, we can continue to take our citizens, economy and coin to the next level.


Your president,



Gupta Sri

Getting my Ethereum ready.... thanks for the update Brian !

16 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

How to sell coins if what you receive is such an infimum amount that the transaction expenses of the sales take almost the total of the sale? Why do not they release to the sellers currencies, why is it still not paying or benefiting them when they are keeping the biggest burden of the economy? If it matures and does not release the output of coins, what does it serve to mature? If that money is spent maturing in bidding every day on absurd things you do not want to buy? Nobody buys every day 100 things, or try to buy them, I think money matured in the role that pay should be released because how long it takes to mature, we balance founders leading maturing years and even then be taking on release and it goes back to mature, but spent on bids, if that money has matured and re matured to be back again at the beginning unless it is to spend and not to take those coins for that spin and fly , release something please be much better, EmPowr user is waiting to have something to hold to sell, buy and take, of course reserve for when the currency rise more. Greetings and I hope that this time they will respond to me since I am not the only one who has these concerns and wants to know what we have and where the community is going. Thank you


16 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

Thank you for this awesome update Brian. Lets Trade EMPR!!!!

16 months ago
Yolanda Marcos

Hola Brian cuando se recibiran las monedas del mes de Julio , aun no las hemos recibido , yo tengo un error que ya envie a mi SC para reclamarlo ya que son tres meses que consigo superar las ventas y me posiciono entre las 2º o 3º de mi pais y solo me consta dos meses seguidos de superacion de ventas en mi perfil . Un saludo y espero saber cuando se ingresaran esas monedas de Julio y si se corrige el error las que me corresponden por vender cada mes mas durante los tres ultimos meses Mayo , Junio y Julio .

16 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

Hi Brian, very good progress and work done past week, you ask suggestions and remarks, Please take off 30 maturation for all maturated coins and transfer them to the Ether wallet, this will give the workers some security the have earned.
As i see that my monthly Mission Performance Goal of last month was a 5 and i would expect to get 160 +160 = 320 coins in my wallet, i was blown away that i totally see the amount of 49.5356 EMPR instead of 320 coins as promised.
Also the Legacy release i got 800 dollar instead of the 800 coins there should be released, i think there is a mix-up with the dollar, i presume. I also know that it will be fixed so i am not worried, that it will be there to morrow.
Already was busy with the trade, selling and buying so if you send more coins i can do more trading.
Thank you for doing such a great job in bringing Empowr where it is now, my compliments to you and the entire team.

16 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Patric,
As discussed, every month in a row, you will earn double the amount of coins than someone that hit their goals 1 month less than you (up to 16x for a 6 month in a row achievement). We have kept this guarantee.

Given the current price of the coin, to continue paying the same amounts as we had been previously (in pure coins) would have represented a 48x increase in dollar earnings, which the economy cannot handle without severe consequences from happening. That is why your accelerated coins were less, while the dollar amount of your payout was more.

16 months ago
Mohi P

Thank you, Brian, for the great updates and features. Really exciting to get more experienced in the exchange and helping our coins future. Focusing on that now!

16 months ago
Riad EZ

Hello Brian,

Thank you for sharing this exciting news. I would like to add my two cents with regards to rewarding Empowr citizens, most particularly daily goal hitters.

Since a lot of people are already holding on to their Empowr coins over the long-run, how do you expect Empowr citizens to sell their coins if some of them already spend a lot from their own pockets to create real sales in the marketplace? I don't think they will want to settle for less just for the sake of selling and creating a much larger trade volume. The rewarding process must be further simplified in order to make the selling of the coins on the exchange worth it. I propose that the coin distribution process for the daily goals take into account one's buying/selling activity of goods and services in the marketplace. In other words, a person who has contributed a lot of real money from their own pockets in the Empowr marketplace should not be penalized for not selling enough coins earned from daily goal hitting on the coin exchange unless more coins get distributed to reward such risk-taking of buying and selling real products in the first place.

I propose two alternatives. A) the coin trading requirement be lifted for Empowr citizens who buy and sell a lot in the marketplace. B) Increase coin distribution for Empowr citizens who dedicate a lot of real money to boost economic activity in order to warrant greater selling of coins on the exchange. (Selling will almost always lead to more buying). Additional steps must be taken to convince heavily invested citizens to sell and kickstart the buy-sell cycle, because as it stands currently, sellers will feel like they will have a lot to lose, and buyers will have a lot to gain if this does not get addressed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. Have a good day.


16 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Hi Riad,
Thanks for your feedback - what you are describing is what will be happening when transfer outs open up. The compensation detailed in the above post is purely a way to get coins in the hands of as many people as possible. More details will be coming soon as the list of features discussed in the post above are released.

16 months ago
Alex Aurora

Thank you Brian for the updates, rewards and the features on the way!
Maximum focus on trading now :)

16 months ago
Kelly Baker

Brian, Excellence once again! Thank you and the team for the great news for all.

16 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Thanks a lot, Brian, This will surely help our coin grow as well a practice for some citizens to learn how to trade 😍😍😍😍😍

16 months ago
Liliya Herman

Thank you for the good news! I will trade on the stock exchange.

16 months ago
Elena Ivantsova

Thanks a lot Brian and the team for the hardwork and amazing news!

16 months ago
Lana Ferra

Bravo, Brian and the team! Now it is time for us to step up and help the empowr coin to be traded and grow!

16 months ago
Sudeshna Dasgupta

Thanks Brian for this excellent opportunity!

16 months ago
Pete Moss

this is brilliant thank you Brian and all empowr team - i have been on family duty for a week i'm looking to stepping up activity now

16 months ago
Wollf Tergus

Howdy Brian,
As always, I appreciate the continued good news. However, I do have a looming issue (probably a software glitch) that greatly diminishes my Mission Performance. To date, I have never received any of my monthly 1000 Mission Points Bonus, which we are entitled to as Founders. Not receiving this entitlement penalizes me not only in Mission Performance, but also in Coins received and Voting Power that currently is very important. This is evidenced by a spreadsheet that I update daily. Thanking you in advance for your considerate attention to these matters, I await your kind response.

16 months ago
Ola Yinka

Thank you Brian lots of opportunities to have coins in wallet

16 months ago
Teri Sologoub

Hello Brian, I am a July Goal Hitter and have NOT received my coins. Maybe the process is still in progress?
I also don’t see a list of names of achievers as was the case in previous months. Thanks...

16 months ago
Elena Mazepina

Thank you, Brian! Great news

16 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Great News! I will start trading as soon as possible

16 months ago
Ludmila Voitenko

Thanks Brian, great news! With the release of ACM to citizens, the quality of transactions on the exchange will increase unequivocally, and the fulfillment of daily goals will also increase!

16 months ago
Susan O.

Thanks for the update, If I have the coins sent to my wallet, I will trade with it.

16 months ago
Regina Talamor

Thanks Brian, great information and updates everyone should contribute by trading. Let's go for trading.

16 months ago
Lyuba Kuzmina

Thank you for the good news! I will trade on the stock exchange.

16 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Great News! Thank you Brian!

16 months ago
Nancy Bito-on

Hello, Brian and all the people behind the Empowr platform'!
I am more than happy of the progress the Empowr platform is geared to. So much to look forward ahead. Thanks to the brilliance of the working minds behind it. If you can see, in my small capacity, I am striving the best I can to have an excellent performance by hitting goals day by day. Since I started trusting the platform, in my own small way, I poured effort to contribute in making it lively by selling quality goods in the Empowr Marketplace in most practical, realistic prices. I delivered, I acknowledged receipt, I communicate to purchasers. Traits to be done to make our Empowr business viable and trustworthy because I always believe that long-term business means honest and credible dealings with the stakeholders.

In the process, in records I can see I am earning. It is well documented. I am glad with the thought because I am still going to give back my proceeds to my suppliers/producers which in my case are some depressed, underprivileged group of individuals-> rebel returnees, handicapped individuals, poverty-ridden mothers and fathers, etc. Kind of good feeling that somehow through Empowr we can help them. Why wait for the target of 2025 to help the world when we can help them now? After so much confusion, I thought I understand and come into terms with the thought that we have to wait for certain maturity period from the time of acquiring the earnings depending on the Mission Role. That is why on Monday, I thought I am buying my Founders Role.

Well, just this morning I am kind of sad to realize that due to the requirement of hitting that bidding goal, I think almost all my legitimate earnings since the beginming will be "eaten" by the trick of bidding and the cycle of waiting will possibly happen until forever. Please, please..... the earning I mostly have are real earning from real goods, made by real people who needs our real help. I really wish Empowr can wisely segregate it and return the earnings to the people who labored for it. By the look of it, I cannot cash-out even after 30, 60, 90 days. My graph shows green graphedmearnings becoming blue after just few days. My green earnings undergoing the cycle of becoming blue. Yes, it is returned because we don't usually win with those sky-high uncontrolled prices, but it is starting back from where it started-> Day 1 of the the maturity countdown. I tried to be wise in earning, but Empowr is wiser. So heart-breaking.

Just honestly pouring my heart-out. I still love Empowr coz I know people behind it are humane and will listennto its members' woe.


16 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Just like I've been saying.
Letting the citizens take out their matured coins will not result to the crashing of the coin, rather to its explosion. The more we free the coin and teach our citizens, the more trading will become more intelligent and the coin will grow. Thanks Brian for making that connection and the determination that coin earners will receive their matured coin as promised. This is very good for our economy.

16 months ago
Manjot Singh

Thanks, Brain for great news and I have seen my rewards thanks for valuable efforts

16 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Another great and awesome update , thank you Brian

16 months ago
R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Another great and awesome update , thank you Brian

16 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Thank you empowr team and Brian.
It's an amazing news. You give us coins to learn how to use Token Store. This is great help to all users.

16 months ago
Eva Kiss

Super, Brian and the team! Now it's time for us to step up and help the empowr coin to bargain and grow! Good luck to all of us. Great news, and a great incentive to be more to achieve greater productivity.

16 months ago
Edwin Edwards

Thanks a lot Brian and the team for the hardwork and amazing news!

16 months ago
George Oliveira

Great idea to motivate and make our currencies move in the financial market. For each daily goal reached, a coin wins. I believe that the low price will cause big investors to buy low and sell high, causing in the future a great movement of our currencies.

16 months ago
Catherine Sandiford

I love it ALL!
The citizens need to be a part of the Trading process, and the personal coin management process.
We don't spend all of our life savings in our local currency at once, and we definitely will not do it here on empowr.
6 months worth of the cost of our monthly bills is considered a great start for an emergency fund.
We need to save, and be responsible spenders, when we do get the coin in our eWallets.
To our success!
Thank you Brian and the empowr team for making the updates a priority :-)

16 months ago
Naresh Patel

Thanks Brain this will encourage citizens to hit their daily goals, trading will further boost our coin and virtuous cycle.

16 months ago
Katy Tanase

These good news will lead to an increase in the empowered members' activity and also believe that it will lead to the registration of new members. Good news, as well as bad news, circulate very quickly. Succes to work everyone!

16 months ago
Peter Friesen

Thanks for the update on how to reduce coin volatility. This is great news! Also I can hardly wait for the new features to become avtive.

16 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you Brian for the update. Wonderful news.
The maximum focus on the coin trade!

16 months ago
Irina Omelchenko

Wow! Great news to keep the working spirit and our coins!

16 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Thanks for the update Brian.

I am doing my best to buy and sell empowr coins on the exchange. Thanks to empowr, I learnt to do that.

However, I bought several coins from empowr last Sunday and at this time, they have not been credited to my ethereum wallet. I have written several mails to TheCoin@empowr.com and also to Rachael who responded to the first mail but I have neither received the coins nor received any reason why they have not given me credit for them. I had hoped to trade them that Sunday along with the many others I had already bought and received in my wallet.

Please, assist me to get the coins. The value has already been eroded with the current EMPR price.

16 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

I am still hoping I can get the coins I already paid for. So far, nothing.

President Brian, please, help me.

16 months ago
Lady Woo

Same here. Waiting for 10 coins purchased at the end of July. Still nothing. No coins, no email replies... Still waiting.

16 months ago
Diane Liggins

Thank you Brian, great news and an incentive to meet goals too!

16 months ago
Yulia Baikov

WOW!!! Thank you, Brian! This is amazing news! I think now everyone should be interested
to hit Daily goals and promote Mission Role.

16 months ago
Gene Aasen

Another awesome announcement Brian! Thank you and the empowr TEAM.
I am looking forward to getting familiar with the Trading activity and now that I see the importance, look to make it a Daily Activity like the daily goals.

16 months ago