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Presidential Candidate Vijay Kumar Karumuri

Hey everyone! Leading up to round 2 of the Presidential Election we wanted to give each of the second-round candidates another chance to speak their mind and tell you more about themselves. Over the next 24 hours we will be posting thoughts from each candidate for you to better understand what they expect to accomplish as the next President of empowr.

Please use the comments below to ask questions and leave your feedback.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your support and giving me opportunity to run in the second round of empowr presidential election 2018. 

We are very close to start 2nd round by August 17th, where top 2 candidates will be choosen. I am here to ask all your support again as we continue moving forward. Please feel free to give all your suggestions or questions to me anytime. 

Electing our next president is very important and coming next round is going to be crucial round to determine top 2 candidates.

As a remider, empowr is in the control of community (you and me) - It just means that a democratic leadership is going to happen in the way how business is administered and run. Please also remember that you are going to elect empowr's highest level executive (its president) to guide community, company officials and business direction. Your choice in choosing next president must be best as always. So be sure before you vote, thinking about potential growth and helping everyone.

As our elected president will be from our community - so we can be sure to aware that president has community's voice, ideas, hopes, complaints and important challenges to be addressed quickly to see potential growth. 

While I prepare for 2nd round that is coming in just few more days (Aug 17th), I have something important to discuss with you.

As a presidential candidate in the 2nd round, I understand the fact that I have privilege to vote for another candidate in addition to my vote.

Why to miss the opportunity to vote for 2 candidates?

After considering many other areas towards empowr process improvement and growth of our community, I wish to support a presidential candidate 'Carlos Andrade' in this 2nd round. 

Electing top 2 candidates is very crucial step for our elections in this 2nd round. I am here asking for your extended support to us (Carlos and me). We can be sure hearing all your ideas and suggestions while prearing ourself to next rounds.  

Are you a newbie OR Not sure whom to vote in the second round?

I just recommend you vote for Carlos Andrade and Vijay Kumar Karumuri. That's simple!   

             Preparing For Second Round Presidential Election

 In addition to this, I wish to ask many volunteers in joining with Carlos and me on all campaign efforts. We can work closely to explore more on other social sites and any other promoting channels you have. Please reach out to Carlos or me individually with all your suggestions, any support channels that you like to promote. We both can join with you - together we can reach many and helping everyone to participate in voting process without missing. We are also helping community in choosing top 2 candidates who can best represent our community. 

I wish to see raising many leaders in coming months, its also going to be high priority as discussed before if I get opportunity to run for the office.

Again here with 3 requests!

1) Voting: Please join in hands to support 'Carlos Andrade' and me by voting in this coming 2nd round. 

2) Promoting:  I request everyone if you can share this above campaign picture in your posting for next few days, or even include this blog in your daily posting, or sharing with others that you know. 

2) Volunteers: Please reach out Carlos or me individually. We both can work with you closely. We have limited time, so we want to reach many others and taking all your inputs while moving further. 

Thanks for staying with me. Please feel free to write your comments here below or write to me invididually if you have any other ideas or anything to discuss.

Do not miss voting as you were given a great privilege in choosing our next empowr President. This is something that everyone should take up serviously and help others to actively involve. 

Every minute and vote counts, exercise your power…Vote!

August 17 - Second Round Voting Begins





Now that you’ve heard from Vijay, if you’d like to see what the other candidates have to say, check out their posts here:

Annet Hoogenboom: http://blogs.empowr.com/p?tnx69-presidential-candidate-annet-hoogenboom

Bob Poster: http://blogs.empowr.com/p?pnx69-presidential-candidate-bob-poster

Carlos Andrade: http://blogs.empowr.com/p?snx69-presidential-candidate-carlos-andrade

Catherine Sandiford: http://blogs.empowr.com/p?hzx69-presidential-candidate-catherine-sandiford


Jo Mas

HEY gentlemen, Carlos and VIjay.
R U teaming up? Or you want us to vote for everyone of you and the result will be added?


15 months ago
Sabina De Jonge De Nooijer

Thank you for your presentation ,Good Luck Vijav and may the best candidate win.

15 months ago
Carlos Andrade

Hi Vijay,
It's an honour to being your partner in this round of elections. Let us spread our common ideas and motivate empowr citizens to join our vision for empowr.

15 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

I wish you very very good luck in your campaign Vijay.

15 months ago
Patric De Nooijer

It is not me, that will chose a President, it is all of us to be hearth from within our hearth's that will speak on the election day, just want to wish you all Succes.

15 months ago
Sonia Madubuko

Hello Vijay 😍😍😍
Goodluck, you also have my support

15 months ago
Liliya Herman

Good luck Vijay!

15 months ago
Dr. Mahavir Prasad Bhambhu

Best of Luck Vijay!!!!!

15 months ago
Tatyana Okuneva

Thank you for the presentation, Vijay Kumar Karimuri. Good luck!

15 months ago
Ludmila Alexandrova

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation.

15 months ago
Crispina Palopalo

Awesome thought here Vijay. Good luck and may the best candidate win. Thank you Pres. Brian.

15 months ago
Patrick Ogbogbo

Excellent Post Vijay. Nice Tag Team. You and Carlos. And both of you have a strong grasp of the next way forward. Good luck in the coming elections.

15 months ago
Anna Sveshnikova

Good luck, Vijay!

15 months ago
Anton Soin

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation!

15 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Good luck Vijay, much success to you

15 months ago

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15 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation.

15 months ago
Bob Poster

Good luck Vijay!

15 months ago
Pete Moss

hi Vijay thanks for this , however I see the candidates as independent of one another , it is good to see a pairing however each one vote is for one person so i will be exercising my two votes as one and one therefore i am looking at the background experience talent and ideas of each individual and basing my decision on that in order to vote for two individuals - remember the winner will be one single person , thanks

15 months ago
Nadezda Jevstafjeva

Thank you for the presentation, Vijay Kumar Karimuri. Good luck!

15 months ago
Olga Ivanova

Thanks for the interesting ideas! I wish you luck in the elections!

15 months ago
Dr Petra Neisz

Good luck Vijay!

15 months ago
Maria Dolores Rara

Thank you and best of luck to you Vijay!

15 months ago
Tejiri Oghenegweke

This exposition of yours, has shown how much committed you are with the empowr project.

15 months ago
Aksana Nestsiarovich

good luck Vjjay.
Thank you.

15 months ago
Alexander Ksenzov

I wish you success in the elections!

15 months ago
Alexey Levushkin

Very good post thanks. Thanks for informing.

15 months ago
Ahmed Adan Kalmoy Kalmoy

Good luck Vejay

15 months ago
Grigoriy Marudenko

I wish you, Good luck in the elections!

15 months ago
Kelly Wilfrid Fadairo

Accept the Congratulations Vivay Kumar Karumuri.for your Candidacy !

15 months ago
Olena Rudenko

Good luck to you Vijay!

15 months ago
Jelisavka Pudrlja

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation!

15 months ago
Zhanna Beloshapko

Good luck to you Vijay!

15 months ago
Lyba Ctasenko

Thank you for the presentation. Good luck to you Vijay Kumar Karumuri!

15 months ago
Olga Pavluchenko

Thank you for the information! Good luck Vijay Kumar Karumuri in the next round!

15 months ago
Murad Akm

Thanks Vijay and wish your best luck.

15 months ago
Evelyn MW

I have read about fake listings but seen no mention of those who bid then don't pay. If they were all on bids, it would be understandable to some extent, but one particular citizen is saying they will buy my fixed price items, and is then not paying for them. This is really frustrating. He will have gained no bids towards the daily goal. Can I prevent him buying from me? What can we do to prevent us buying something we only bid on to meet our daily goal? I now have no money to spend because it is all tied up in sponsored items I never wanted to buy

15 months ago
Valentina Troitskaya

Successes in the election Candidate Vijay Kumar Karumuri. Thank you

15 months ago
S Tatyana

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation.

15 months ago
Eugeniy Surov

Thank you for your thoughts! Very interesting. And I would like to know more about you and your views.

15 months ago
Nelja K.

Good luck to you Vijay Kumar Karumuri!

15 months ago
Lian Batcha

Good luck, Vijay! Thank you for the presentation.

15 months ago
Engr Haruna Musa

All the best Vijay, very insightful

15 months ago
Vernatius Igweleme

Great Vijay, I wish to see you at the top echelon of Empowr presidency! Wishing you success at the elections!!!

15 months ago
Manarbek Yespambetov

Thank you for the presentation of Vijay, I wish you success in the elections!

15 months ago
Nnorom Grace Chioma

Thanks Vijay, i wish you all the best!

14 months ago
Prashant Singh

Thank you Vijay, I wish you success in elections

15 months ago