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What’s happening to the price of the empowr coin?

Hello empowrians,

By now you may have noticed that virtually all cryptocurrency coins are seeing their prices fall dramatically recently:

                  What’s happening to the price of the empowr coin?

This includes the empowr coin.

While I cannot comment on what’s happening with other coins, I can tell you why a falling price for the empowr coin -- uniquely -- might be a really good thing for YOU.

Here’s what you need to know

The three (3) main ways that everyone earns empowr coins are 1) from the mission wheel when they hit their daily goals, 2) from the sale of products and services and 3) from success coaching.

When the price of the empowr coin goes up, people earn less coins each day from all 3 sources (the wheel, sales and coaching).

Why is this?

When the price of the coin doubles, everyone gets half as many coins from the mission wheel.  This is because the mission wheel gives out a certain dollar value in empowr coins (based on your mission points and mission role).

Therefore, when the coin’s price goes up, everyone is earning less coins from the mission wheel. (And when it goes down, everyone earns more coins from the mission wheel).

Similarly, when you sell goods and services, as the price of the coin goes up, you are earning less empowr coins.

The reason is the same:  When you set a price on the things you want to sell, you are doing that based on what the coins are worth (in dollars or your local currency) at the time.

And coaches also earn a certain dollar amount for their results, that is converted to coins. When the price of the coins go up, they earn less coins.

Therefore, as the price of the coin goes up, everyone earns less coins from their sales, coaching and from the mission wheel. (And when it goes down, everyone earns more coins).

Now, assume for a moment that you believe that empowr coins will be worth some amount in, say, 18 months from now. Just imagine that number is $1,000 per coin.

In that 18 month period, if everyone is earning less and less coins with each passing day, because the price of the coin keeps going up, everyone will end up will much less coins in 18 months.

Indeed, with a rising coin price, empowr will be releasing less and less coins to everyone, so empowr (not its citizens) will end up with most of the coins.

A steady growth in the price of the coin is, basically, rewarding people less and less for building the empowr economy.

Do you see the problem here?


The solution

So, what’s the solution?

A couple of weeks ago, your president (Brian) asked you “What are the top 3 things you’d like to change about empowr?”.   You can read everyone’s answers here

Many of you replied that you’d like to earn more coins with shorter maturation, so you can transfer out more coins.

Well, it turns out that after consulting with our economics experts, we have concluded that the better approach is, in fact, is to give our citizens more coins – and faster.


More coins to you

As you know, empowr has started transferring out a lot more coins to you.

Last week, everyone that hit even 1 daily goal in August should have received coins on their external wallets.  Read the post “You’re receiving coins tomorrow!”

The result of sending more coins to our citizens is that the Supply of coins on the blockchain is growing.

Does that mean that the price of the coins will go up or down?

It can mean either. Here’s why:

Pushing out more coins to our citizens increases the coin Supply on the blockchain. And since the price of the coin is based on Supply and Demand, this could mean a lower price.

On the other hand, paying our citizens more coins creates more word of mouth excitement, which will attract a lot more citizens to empowr...

... which, in turn, creates more Demand for our coin. More Demand for our coins should mean a higher price.

The bottom line is that the price of the coins will now go up, and down, quite a lot more.

In the short-term, the price of the coin will no longer be very stable, especially in the short-term.

In the long-term, the price of the coin should stabilize more, because of more trading happening on the exchange. As trading volume increases, the coin’s price will be more stable – not changing as much in a short period of time.


So, how should we feel when the price of the coin goes down?

When the price of the coin is lower, everyone earns more from the mission wheel, coaching and from their sales.

So, a lower price is actually how everyone ends up with MORE coins.

If you believe in empowr and its future...

... if you believe that, regardless of short-term pricing, in the long term the empowr coin will be worth some amount – any amount that you believe....

... then, you should want to get your hands on as many coins as possible, regardless of the short-term price.

Therefore, if the price goes down, you benefit because you earn more coins every day (from the mission wheel, coaching and from your sales).

In addition, a lower coin price represents an opportunity for you to buy up more coins for less.


Our belief

For reasons we can discuss in another post, we have come to strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the future of money. 

In just a few years from now, most transactions in the world will be happening using cryptocurrency...

... as opposed to local currencies (like the U.S. Dollar or your country’s currency) and not credit cards, PayPal etc.

This belief is why we have stopped accepting credit cards, PayPal and all other forms of payment outside of cryptocurrency.

Another belief we have is that ONE cryptocurrency will likely become the dominant currency of the world...

... much like the U.S. Dollar became the dominant currency of the world in the last century.


Which cryptocurrency will become dominant?

The dominant currency will be the one that becomes the most utilized for transactions by the most people and businesses.


What will it take for the empowr coin to be that winner?

A war is already underway for which coin will become the dominant coin of the future.

Together, we should do everything in our power to ensure the dominant coin is the empowr coin – meaning that as many people and businesses are using it.

By doing what we can to ensure the empowr coin becomes the dominant cryptocurrency on the planet...

... we will have all but secured the future of empowr, its mission and its overarching goal of helping billions of people to get out of poverty.


What should we do to ensure the empowr coin wins?

It’s actually very simple:  Maximize the number of people and businesses using empowr coins.

To do that, we must now change our short-term focus from the price of the coin...

... to how many people and businesses are using, valuing and holding our coins.

The good news is that we have a head start in building a social network around our currency, as well as a marketplace, educational and political platforms – with our coins at the heart of it all.

It’s time to bring lots of new people into empowr, by giving the people what they want:

More coins, with faster maturation.

As we do that, more people will be utilizing our coins, talking about our coins and buying, holding and selling our coins.

Those are all good things – leading to more demand for the empowr coin.


So, what should your strategy be, for yourself and your family?

It’s simple: 

Get your hands on as many coins as possible.

When the price of the coin is down, don’t get sad... get happy!

1) A lower coin price means you can buy up coins for less. 

2) A lower coin also price means you automatically earn more coins from the mission wheel, coaching and from your sales.

When the price of the coin drops in half, you instantly and automatically get twice as many coins every day from your efforts. Isn’t that amazing?

empowr is the only product that we are aware of, that automatically rewards its citizens with more coins as its price goes down.


But what if the price of the coin climbs up really high?

What if the price of the empowr coin goes up by a factor of 10?

Of course that means that the coins you own, are worth a lot more in the short-term.

While that might seem or feel good, the truth is that you will instantly be earning 10 times less coins every day from the mission wheel, coaching and from your sales.


And what if the price of the coin drops really low?

That simply means you will be earning a lot more coins.

If the coin’s price drops in half, you instantly start earning twice as many coins.

If its drops by a factor of 10, you instantly start earning 10 times more coins.


Keep your eyes focused on the long-term, not the short-term.

Together, if we wish the price of the coins to be worth $1,000 or even $10,000 in the long-term, the best thing we can do now is ensure the coins get used by a lot of people today.

And since a low coin price today means everyone earns a lot more coins today, it follows that a low price today is actually a good thing for citizens, the success of the empowr mission and our coin's future.



The bottom line is that a lower coin price is not something that should get you sad...

... because empowr is already set up to ensure you instantly and automatically earn more coins when the price of the coin goes down.

A falling coin price means you (and everyone) are being rewarded more, not less.

It also suggests a brighter future for the empowr coin and it's ability to become the dominant cryptocurrency coin.


Power to the people

For many years, the top 2 things everyone has wanted has been to earn more, and get their money faster.

The time, my friends, has finally come where it appears to make a lot of sense for the empowr mission, for this community to do exactly that.

Has anyone already noticed that the mission wheel is paying them a lot more for hitting their goals?

In just a few days from now, you will also notice that your maturation will be reduced substantially.

As Brian announced recently, the engineering team is working fast and furiously on the reduction of maturation, making it easier to hit daily goals and more. We are hopeful that they’ll deliver most of those items to you this week (and next week for those features that don’t make it this week).

Success Coaches are also about to receive a VERY pleasant surprise.

(Hint: This is an incredible time to become a success coach; your own success coach can help you get started).

As soon as we deliver those most requested features to you in the coming days, the path will be clear for the launch of the empowr application platform -- so empowr citizens can benefit from applications and product features of every kind...

... and the local merchant platform -- so success coaches can quickly sign up local shops and restaurants, and earn when citizens shop with those merchants.


This is our time, empowrians

We must move quickly to exploit the advantages we have painstakingly gained, and ensure that the future of money...

 ... the future of social media ...

... and the future of digital economies ..


... and not to Wall Street and venture capitalists, not to banks and not to a small group of Silicon Valley billionaires.


Everyone stay tuned for announcements coming your way later this week.

Any questions?  We’re here for you.




Floyd Foulks

I was very saddened when my present economic situation did not allow me to buy more empowr coins. Now I am ecstatic that I will have a second chance at stocking up at a lower price. Thanks JC for that reprieve.

15 months ago
Angel Rodriguez Ortega

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Mohi P

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Elena Ivantsova

Thanks JC for all your hard work, this is amazing - empowr rocks!

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Sudeshna Dasgupta

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Animesh Garai

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Lana Ferra

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Marijke Van Giffen

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Teri Sologoub

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I'm just sad for those who will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Keep smiling :)

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Patrick Ogbogbo

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Manjot Singh

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Anna Sveshnikova

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R Sita Rama Chandra Maruthi

Thank you for this detailed explanation, we never think that our coin value dropped as you said it's good all good for us in short term as everyone will get more coins , we all assure our coin value will raise definitely in a very short period of time .

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Can't wait to hear the upcoming great features with more people joining and most awaited merchants. Thank you empowr, JC and to all :)

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