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This week is a special live stream where we will have each of the 5 candidates speaking to citizens before the 2nd round of elections start! Remember, voting will begin directly after the live stream.

EMPOWR HOUR LIVE-STREAM Friday, August 17th 

Tune in this Friday, August 17th, 2018 | 8am PDT (3pm UTC)


Reminder: we no longer be use Menti to record questions.


Be sure to comment below to get your questions answered during Friday’s live-stream!


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Valerie Le Bihan

Hi Brian,
Why is not, the whole Platform in EMPR>>Meaning, some featyures are in $, Others In Coins... This is confusing..Here is Europe, when we went to the Euro, We had to forget to think In Country Currenty, because it diddn't make sence anymore, you understand what i mean?>>couldn t we introduce, just everything in EMPR?... This way they will not be any confusions anymore. thanks&Take care.Val.

16 months ago
Riad EZ

Hello Brian,
let's have a look at the following indicators taken from an empowr page at CoinGecko website (http://prntscr.com/kjmxsc) this morning,
-MARKET CAP :$0.00
-24 HOUR TRADING VOL: $11,633.41
-AVAILABLE SUPPLY? / 770 Million
-Gecko Rank #2304 from 2405 Total coins listed

As I am reading these indicators for the last 30 days, I have noticed the daily coin trading volume is almost the same and the range is between 10k to 13k only, this rate is extremely low compared to coins supplied in the market and to empowr citizens population. Market cap is not available in coin gecko the coin rank at the end of the list of coins and it is not in front.

I believe unless the coins are opened to others I mean investors and businessmen the coin will not move forward, they have the ability to trade in large volumes and make the difference,

Moreover, I would like to add my two cents with regards to rewarding Empowr citizens, most particularly daily goal hitters.

Since a lot of people are already holding on to their Empowr coins over the long-run, how do you expect Empowr citizens to sell their coins if some of them already spend a lot from their own pockets to create real sales in the marketplace? I don't think they will want to settle for less just for the sake of selling and creating a much larger trade volume. The rewarding process must be further simplified in order to make the selling of the coins on the exchange worth it. I propose that the coin distribution process for the daily goals take into account one's buying/selling activity of goods and services in the marketplace. In other words, a person who has contributed a lot of real money from their own pockets in the Empowr marketplace should not be penalized for not selling enough coins earned from daily goal hitting on the coin exchange unless more coins get distributed to reward such risk-taking of buying and selling real products in the first place.

I propose two alternatives. A) the coin trading requirement be lifted for Empowr citizens who buy and sell a lot in the marketplace. B) Increase coin distribution for Empowr citizens who dedicate a lot of real money to boost economic activity in order to warrant greater selling of coins on the exchange. (Selling will almost always lead to more buying). Additional steps must be taken to convince heavily invested citizens to sell and kickstart the buy-sell cycle, because as it stands currently, sellers will feel like they will have a lot to lose, and buyers will have a lot to gain if this does not get addressed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. Have a good day.


16 months ago
Nancy Bito-on

I go with you in your point, Road. I sell a lot of real goods in the marketplace but is most feeling insecure on how my selling activities will be given importance regard. I am still taking the risk of down a lot of real out of the pocket money just to help keep the marketplace alive and movement realistic. I really hope Empowr can give ample credit to my noble moves.
Thanks for pointing out this.

16 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thank you for the update, Brian.

15 months ago
Anton Goronkov

Thank you Brian.

15 months ago

Let's Make This Our #1 Priority!
Really setting the empowr coin on fire!!
There is one great way to set the empowr coin on fire - (release our funds) let us take money out of empowr!
Here are 3 easy steps to set the empowr coin on FIRE:
#1) Give us 100% of our mission wheel earnings every month.
#2) Give us 50% of our marketplace sales every month.
#3) Give us a percentage of our founder coins every month.
Do this and the empowr coin will go to the moon!!!

16 months ago
Agha Nnamdi

Hello Brian,

I bought several coins some time ago when the EMPR price was $6.90. I transferred to empowr the equivalent value in Ethereum but till this day, I have neither received the coins in y wallet nor received the promised bonus in my empowr balance.

I have sent over 10 emails to TheCoin@empowr.com but I have not seen the coins.

You can see my predicament given that the EMPR price is now $1.11 down from $6.90 when I made the payment and yet, I have not received the coins.

Please, Brian, assist me to receive the coins and the bonus at the present value.

Thank you.

16 months ago
Lady Woo

Agha, you are not alone.

I'm still waiting for coins I bought in July. I too, have emailed TheCoin@empower several times with no response.

The only reason I have EMPR in my ehtereum wallet now is because I bought some on the token store exchange. Empowr needs to fix things like this if it really expects us to invite our friends to buy EMPR via our referral links. At present, I'd be too embarrassed to introduce my friends to the coin this way, knowing that they might never receive them (or even get a response to find out why).

This issue needs to be fixed, not ignored.

16 months ago

Hi Brian
I have negotiated with a Cryptocurrency Exchange who would Love to have EMPR on their exchange ..The important aspect is that they are incredibly User Friendly , Have low fees, a long list of strong cryptocurrencies to trade on !! I had an initial conversation with "THE COIN@ Empowr with interest, but nothing since I sent the potential contract!

I STRONGLY believe this could Assist the Empr coin to have solidity, exposure and more buy/sells.. Let me know!
thank You

16 months ago
Lyudmila Bogomolova

Thank you Brian.

15 months ago
Ken Spence

When will we be able to pay mission roles with matured coins?

16 months ago
Sebastian Dragos

is target 10$ since December still valid?

16 months ago
zvia ben ami

I had 386 fully mature coins when the coin was almost 8 dollars, i wanted to transfer and sell but could not , this is outrageouse, we work every day just for that but Empowr did not let us transfer, it was held as hustage for the 100 biddings a day,NOT FAIR ! all my mature coins been swolowed by biddings and when returned they went back to maturation !
Empowr did not let us know that we no longer be able to pay with paypal for our mission role, A MONTH BEFOR ELECTIONS ! WHY ? Many of us never commerce with virtual coins and not so sure what to do, Empowr made an Action that brought to reaction for it favour only, not for us .some of us could not handle wallet and external wallet and Metamask and Tokenstore, we were very confused eventhogh Brian did gave instruction. So this was a nice catch 22, WE LOST OUR FYLLY MATURE COINS, WE COULD NOT SELL AND BE PAID, WE LOST MOMENTOM WHEN THE COIN DROPED DOWN, THE WHEEL BECAME SMALLER, WE STILL WORKING EVERY DAY AND IN BOTTOM LINE ? WE HAVE NO PENNY TO OUR NAME !
I say Empowr should let some of us pay mission role through paypal
I say Empowr should stop this 100 biddings a day to let our coins mature. we are almost a billion citizens, if we list 1 item per day and must bid on 1 its more then enough, most of listings have no value cause its defently clear that the seller does not want to sell and will not provide or ship it !
If i will have no coins at wallet i will not sell right ?
If i wont sell i wont have prove of payment, how would i be able to convince people that i ern money if more than 2 years have not deposit even 1 real penny to my account ?
As much as i see, people do buy coins and usualy when it occures, the coin go up so what happend ? Why did you decide to abandom the coin to do what it wants just befor elections ?

Thanks and Respect

15 months ago
CharlesYan BitcoinTravel.world

It is time to Release the citizens EMPR Coins into full circulation, so the citizens can buy, sell, spend and trade their Coins!

It is time to unlock the citizens coins.

When you put the citizens in control of their Coins, then the citizens take full responsibility for the empowr economy and the

value of the EMPR Coin.

The empowr citizens are smart and hard working and resourceful.

But you have to give them control over their own money.

You will be surprised to see the empowr economy expand faster and the EMPR coin value increase.

Give the Power back to the People.


16 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Communication is not beneficial to anyone.
The expected answers would please many of us.

15 months ago
Jenni Barley

Thank you Brian.

15 months ago
Benedicta Orioko

Great job, well done..

16 months ago
Yaroslav Novak

Thank you Brian!

15 months ago
Liliana Varga

Hello Brian!
Because coin big fluctuations, please enter the price of power user levels in dollars and deduct the corresponding price in empr.
Thank you!
Have a great day! :)

16 months ago
Ludmila Hudobina

Thanks good post!

16 months ago
Michael D Madsen

This is a great opportunity to ask so straightforward question about the new direction each candidate will take. Can we ask for the three biggest challenges each candidate feels needs to be corrected and list the priority to accomplish first? How will their experience and knowledge help to find, and implement, policies to move empowr forward? I.E. the buying process for the empowr coin needs to be streamlined ...

Thank you for the opportunity of addressing our future leader and president.

16 months ago
Michael D Madsen

I'm interested to hear how each of the candidates will address their proposed action in turning around this trend we seem to be following. Where we appear to be at for the present time is not a good sign. What steps will the new president take to right the ship; increasing the demand for the empowr coin while driving up the value, at the same time?

16 months ago
Samuel Rodriguez

COSAS DE EMPOWR !! (continuacion de mi post anterior)
1. Me parece que no es inteligente ni prudente que en esta nueva etapa de la criptomoneda (donde miles estamos invirtiendo dinero real y con mucho esfuerzo), empowr continue como un proyecto en estado "alpha", donde segun los teoricos puede experimentar , hacere y deshacer sin ninguna responsabilidad. Empowr debe convertirse YA en una empresa seria y debidamente regulada, para ganar credibilidad y buena organizacion administrativa.
2. Empowr debe contratar verdadereos expertos en marketing online para hacer una total restauracion del mercado.
3. Empowr debe lanzar YA un agresivo y muy didactico programa educativo ( ingles y español) hacia la comunidad, para educarla en todos los aspectos requeridos, particularmente en el tema de la industria de la criptomoneda. Al efecto debe contratar expertos en la materia, no debe cometer el error de utilizar a los S Coachs , porque ellos no tienen la capacidad suficiente para eso en su gran mayoria. Un pueblo ingnorante es poco lo que puede ayudar al proyecto, y la comunidad en su inmensa mayoria sabemos muy poco sobre la criptomoneda, y muchos (increiblemente) ni siquiera saben como funciona El Balance (pasan preguntando que como hacen para retirar "la plata" que tienen alli.
Cordial saludo a todas y todos.
Samuel Rodriguez

15 months ago
Samuel Rodriguez

Con el permiso de todas y todos pegare aqui los siguientes comentarios que hace unos minutos hice en POST de mi pagina de perfil:

Con todo respeto: no soy un experto (ni mucho menos) en el tema de la industria de las criptomonedas; pero si tengo lo que se llama "sentido comun" y tambien algo de logica, veamos:
1. Estamos frente y dentro del proyecto mas emblematico de empowr en toda su larga historia : NUESTRA COIN; y parte muy pero muy importante para que la moneda subsista y llegue a mas somos nosotros : la comunidad de los empourianos. PREGUNTA: se esta aprovechando al maximo el potencial de la comunidad, particularmente en este tema de la COIN ?. R: mi respuesta es un rotundo NO.

2. Otro elemento que tambien es clave para el exito de la coin es "el mercado" ( y lo pongo entre comillas porque me parece que cada dia se parece menos a lo que se pretende que sea, o lo que debe ser un mercado). PREGUNTA: tenemos realmente un mercado serio, bien organizado y competitivo con otros mercados externos online ?. R: mi respuesta es tambien un rotundo NO.

SOLUCIONES : Por falta de espacio lo hare en un post siguiente que denominare "SOLUCIONES".

15 months ago
Samuel Rodriguez

Estimadas compañeras y compañeros !!. Tengo mas de 2 años de ser miembro de empowr y no obstante de que soy un permanente critico constructivo y de buena fe en los post que escribo en mi pagina de perfil bajo el titulo "COSAS DE EMPOWR" , es la primera vez que estoy escribiendo aqui; y adivinen porque ? (no me da pena decirlo), porque no sabia como hacerlo en este lugar; asi de sencillo. Pero ya que lo estoy haciendo por primera vez, me limitare a decir lo siguiente Y CON TODO RESPETO: En mi pais, Honduras, existe una expresion popular muy conocida y que se refiere a " NO HACER LAS DEL PATO". Con esa frase lo que se quiere significar es que hay mucha gente, sobre todo aquellas personas a las que un grupo o comunidad les ha confiado el desempeño de una IMPORTANTE MISION, que hacen las del pato; y que es eso que hace el pato ?; pues sencillamente que tiene el mal habito de que " SI NO SE CAGA A LA ENTRADA SE CAGA A LA SALIDA ", y en eso consiste ese dicho de no hacer las del pato. Entonces, con todo respeto, como una critica constructiva y con el animo de inyectarle un poco de buen humor al ambiente (que se siente fetido por causa de lo que ultimamente esta ocurriendo con nuestra coin), yo le aconsejo a nuestro estimado y esforzado Presidente Brian: querido Presidente, ud ya se va y creo que nos deja un buen legado con su obra al frente de empowr durante su mandato; pero por favor NO HAGA NI VAYA A HACER LAS DEL PATO: Si no se cago en la entrada, tampoco no se cague a su salida en relacion con nuestra Coin y otros temas del proyecto. Errar es de humanos y rectificar es de sabios.

Afectuoso saludo a todas y todos.

Samuel Rodriguez Ayala

15 months ago
Oleg Ossipov

Thank you Brian. wonderful post! good post!

16 months ago
Udofia Ernest Archibong

We are strongly waiting for the live stream, thank you for informing us.

15 months ago
Nnorom Grace Chioma

Thanks for the update!

15 months ago
Prashant Singh

Thank you Brian. wonderful post

16 months ago
Patience Agbamu

Hello Brian,
Please confirm if a citizen (like me) who hit his daily goals from August 1 to date but added Ethereum Wallet address to Empowr Account this week would received the 1 coin daily goal hit from August 1 to date or would the citizen only be entitled to coins for goals hit this week.
Thank you

16 months ago
Naveen Kumar


15 months ago
Gajanand Soni

Thank you Brian it is nice post

15 months ago
Lyudmila Sukhanova

Let's Make This Our #1 Priority!

16 months ago
Tatsiana Komarova


16 months ago
Kosten Maichenko

good post

16 months ago
@ Ankush Aggarwal

my third issue is as i belong from India where there is lack of resources. our family is also one of them i am commerce and law graduate even after i am earning less then 150 us$ per month(near about 110 to 120). there is only one computer in our home and no smart phone in our home is it allow two person( me and my father) on one computer(ip).

16 months ago
@ Ankush Aggarwal

i belong from ferozepur (india). which is near about 10 kilometer from pakistan(line of control) when i set location to my home town maximum number of people shown from pakistan. who are so far with me because of loc. it is very costly to deliver them an item so i want to built trust in India only. Kindly provide me solution.

16 months ago